Independent Human Research Groups (IHRGs)

Tired of wasting your time on social media and election jitters? This morning we outline a new concept to evolve the “next big steps” in human evolution.

While a lot of Americans have been wasting “personal processor clicks” on fears of riots, insurrections, and voter fraud allegations, we’ve been working on a tool that could be spun out of social media.

In a nutshell, insight and intelligence do not live on a Bell Curve.  Yet, as humans, we organize ourselves as-if it were the only way of ‘being.’

I assure you, it is not.

So, this morning, we begin inventing a new “system of inventing.”  One that harnesses the power of large bodies of humans and their intelligences in a way that’s never been done before.

After a few comments on elections, headlines, and our Aggregate Markets view of finance.

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58 thoughts on “Independent Human Research Groups (IHRGs)”

  1. NO TRUST – Mr G!

    There is NONE – it is long gone in this Country – LONG gone.

    WhyTF do U think we gave U Bitcoin/Cyrptos ?

    HUman nature is Laziness & Untrustfulness ..

    The only way forward – via great scientific advances & outstanding innovations is thru the “gauntlet” .
    – in other words, Humanity will need to be “hammered” down hard, to set up the situation, of forced by necessity To Invent great, new scheisse.

    But what does the LCN know – only the Top – The Best Preforming asset of 2020 is BITCOIN!
    * Bewares December is A Delivery Month for Silver. Patterns suggest Price Suppression activity leading into Dec delivery date..SLV Puts placed near recent Highs??

    Perhaps just maybe George has been a good enough boy this year to make Santa’s Good Bitcoin list ?? nope- wrong tulipman – NO BTC 4 U!

  2. What the country needs now is catharsis. A slow depression might do it; a heated war will not.

    I imagine HRC has a call in to DJT just to goad him, “How’s it feel now, fat boy?” Thanks to DJT’s whining, we have no choice but wait for every last ballot to be counted. If we stop now, JB wins because uncounted Republican ballots could have made a difference. If we continue, JB wins because he is winning now and more likely than not, the remaining ballots are Democrats because wiser heads voted from home while the MAGA’s played roulette with the virus and stood in lines.

    I say we split the outstanding electoral votes and give the Democrats three Senate seats as consolation for Republican poor sportsmanship.

    I noticed you didn’t mention the two apprehended in Philadelphia “trying to plant false ballots” were associated with Q-Anon.

    As for DARPA, I’m pretty sure there are many more projects not being reported because they’re classified.

    • “I imagine HRC has a call in to DJT just to goad him, “How’s it feel now, fat boy?”

      OTFLMAO….. I am sure the call made was the SLOW BURN OF DEFEAT… the maybe I won.. Maybe I lost.. of the counting of the mail in ballots…torturous slow.. LOL it would have been hell if they had drug it out for more than just these past few days.. that was all there was on Television.. it was bad enough that we had to go through this damned election this long.. Now we respect the vote and the ones voted into that distinguished office ( they are the best of the best that this country has to offer).. If I had been trump.. I would have caved in on a lot of the things that the opposition was trying to pass.. now we wait to see if the run off elections will flip congress

  3. Some number of us here belong to a Mastermind , Peer-To-Peer, cooperative mentoring area of interest. Ham Radio.

    None of us knows “everything’ about “doing” ham radio — but most of us belong to a group or club where mutual assistance, learning, and sharing take place.

    I learned to drill & tap by hand a threaded hole for a machine screw.
    I learned how best to cut and shape rubber foam.
    I learned how to neutralize a 6146 final amplifier.
    I learned how to build complex electronic devices, like receivers.
    I learned how to design and layout circuits and etch copper-clad boards.
    …how to make antennas —
    …how to “work the weak ones” for DX —
    …how to efficiently run or participate in an -n-air “net.”
    …and many, many other technical and operational skills.

    And I’ve passed them on when and as able.
    And I’ve invented things and built Clever Devices.
    (Most of us also work public service as auxiliary communicators when the wires go down and the plugs go out in emergencies — it’s simply What We Do.)

    It’s a broad-spectrum and lifetime of learning and teaching “hobby.”

    It’s possibly a model for what you’re suggesting.


    • I totally want to get involved with that Mastermind group.

      I was gonna do a go fund me page to get my website up and running because I can only so much on a a cell phone. I have a hard time asking for funds. It’s a foreign concept. Then a Someone (I actually been crushing on for a while but HAD a boyfriend) just walks into where I am at says she is now single and she asked me if I wanted a full desk top computer last night. Not a crummy one. A gaming computer with 2 monitors fully loaded with Editing Software etc etc. For Free. The mentioned I started a website. And have some ideas. She tells me she got the latest and greatest and she has new printer so I can have her old lazer printer.

      About an hour later a friend says, I got a computer desk that I need to get rid of if ya know anyone who needs one.

      Okay, I will take it. Ha ha ha

      I would love to participate in that Mastermind group. My grand father taught me alot of cool stuff. Like how forge a knife, weld, work, start a business chopping wood, work a forge, build a black powder rifel, make my own tools like barrel wood stove, a rocket stove, build model rockets, fab my own Engine block stand.

      Hopefully I can join your group in the future at some point.

      Whooooa a whole murder of crows just landed around my car. I mean like over a hundred of them. I just sitting up on South Hill over looking the Valley like I do every day. Never seen any crows up here before. They are all over my car and everywhere. I don’t what that means. Some say Crows are angels. Some say sky rats. Or is that pidgens or seaguls that are sky rats? One things for

      Ohhhhhhh a giant raven just landed on the hood of my car. That is not a crow at all. That is a Raven. Big difference.

      I guess I best get. See ya all around.

      • “I have a hard time asking for funds.”

        there use to be a man that sat out side of the Riggs national bank in DC at the corner of Wisconsin and K street.. LOL I sold t-shirts and jewelry at a table out there.. well there was this guy.. he was a pitiful site.. I felt sorry for him.. there was a lunch bar down the street that had great steak sandwiches.. so I would go buy him a sandwich and a cup of coffee.. when I could afford it.. then one day on the front page of the newspaper was his picture.. he had died.. the story was have you seen this guy.. come to find out he was a multi millionaire and did that to get spare change LOL ceo of several companies.. that was his hobby.. so go for it Andy.. who knows maybe you would snag someone like I was back then to buy you sandwiches LOL…I still have a giving heart but do a little research first before I give out.. make sure it isn’t just to be used..

  4. Trump could crash the markets at any moment for spite.

    Possible crash in Q1. Trump proved the COVID is real. Biden may turn off the economy again because of the COVID numbers going up, up, up.

    We need see what America’s minimum monthly payment is after the Christmas binge. Payroll taxes double January 1.

    “All eligible employees will be enrolled. There is no option to opt-out. The elimination of the social security tax withholding for applicable employees will be effective the pay period ending September 12, 2020. Employees impacted by the payroll tax deferral will notice the tax savings in their September 22, 2020 pay checks. The payroll tax deferral will continue through the end of calendar year 2020. Any deferred payroll taxes not withheld from employees’ wages during 2020 will be repaid from wages between January 1, 2021, and April 30, 2021.”

    On the other hand Kamala Harris campaigned on retroactive “Economic Crisis Support Act” payments of $2,000 per month payments to most U.S. residents during the pandemic and beyond….. that’s the $20,000 a piece check were all expecting “if” Biden wins.

    So the market may never crash.

    • Steve,

      Where the F are the Democrats getting enough money for a $2000 check for “eligible people”?

      I guess we working stiffs are gonna just be left sucking hind teat again.

      Hey, at least they may wipe out my $60K in student loans…that would be quite a relief for me. I mean, especially if they take out money from my check that I budgeted for paying them.

      • All part of Zimbabwenomics, Tam. We’ve been writing about it for months. Now, maybe, we can see how it plays in a non-3rd world setting. We know it didn’t work there…

      • “All part of Zimbabwenomics, Tam. We’ve been writing about it for months.”

        just printed up numbers water on the table to push the noodle along.. .. what is a loaf of bread down there now.. thirty nine million dollars.. won’t be long now.. for america..

      • if they want to toss me an extra four grand a month until the dollar folds.. and we have to use the Juan.. I could pay off the loan I have LOL…get what I can..

  5. U such an optimist. Maybe even optimist prime? You think the election is a social contract False Flag event? Seems fitting.

    Second place is the first looser according to Nascar Legend Ricky Bobby. Ya see how hard to see the future to sort out when you one person declairng Victory and another declaring victory and you impeachment language from Ms Pelosi, Bernie Sanders going viral with his comments about the who is winning the Election and the Hunter Biden story and over night locations finding 187,000 ballets and coincidentally not one of them being for Tump? Not to mention Trump saying I ain’t stepping down and Biden saying stupid shit all the time and can’t even figure out what planet he is on let alone what state and with Wave 2 of Covid ramping up, the Fed buying stocks (talk about insider trading) to prop up the stock market which isn’t the world economy but is a metric.

    It’s such a mess. And my little pea brain has hard cyphering it all out.

    U know which one will replace the holla LCN? I do. But I ain’t saying yet. I been asked many many times. However, I ain’t saying until I get into position. Which happening faster than I like I’m just holding on to the Oh shit handle as Jesus takes the wheel and mashes the accelerator of my life.

    I mean dude,

    We have the Weyland Corporation duking it out with Skynet for the future and We have R.D.A trying to push the Navi out of the way to mine unobtainium. All the while a few shire folk are trying to make it to Mount Doom to destroy the “one ring to rule” them all in middle earth. Ever Notice Nancy Pelosi looks alot like Shmegal? As she holds in her hand the commie agenda “my presiouce! My precious!” As we await a stimulus deal and Ghaldolf screams, You Shall Not Pass! A line from the
    Biblical Scripture of Job 38:11 I believe.

    Quite the assortment of activities. Not to mention Neo who’s name is anagram for One and Mr Smith duking it out to rule the Matrix.

    I sure miss the 80’s. Lol tupperware parties, Avon and Amway. The simple things like Finger Banging a chick in the back row of the Movie theater while watching “Return of the Jedi”, Them Duke boys and Boss Hog, The Bandit and Jackie Gleason soooooommmme bitch! big League Bubble gum, no doz and Jolt Soda, History of the World part 2, “Everyone jumps the Queen”, And of course Steve Miller, The Joker, Van Halen 1984, Hot for Teacher, and the Knack.. mmmmm mu mu my ish shaaaa Rona…

    Ahhhhh chew! pfft pfft!

    What are we going to do with this world? Can we go back to the Eighties please. Such a warmer temperatures back then. Life was simpler playing space invaders while chewing a whole pack of Hubba Bubba.

    • Well, young son, if you’ve been following the recent themes in Peoplenomics:
      1. When “money” isn’t based on anything, its attainment means “nothing.”
      2. What matters most is that which we create, grow, and share.
      3. (referring to today’s piece) We need a useful (productive outputs from) alternative to social media.

      Computation with no goal in mind is no different than masturbation.
      People need to “bone up on thinking” instead of getting boned by monetizers wasting the planet.

      • Skill

        U can learn how to do just about anything, make anything – Tons of content.

        superfantastic resource for “makers”

      • Hmmmmmmm…… Novelty.

        The Renaissance followed the Black Death. Industrial age emerged after Civil War. The atomic age after WWII. The age of information and internet after
        The Korean Conflict, Vietnam. Free love, MLk, Human Rights, the hippy moment and nomadic dispora. Et cetra.

        When we look at History through Elliot wave specticales. We see the Movement of the waves being Grander in Peaks and Valleys. As well as Shorter in distance between each ‘state’ of occurances. Time is Plastic and reality maliable. Events are scrunching together. Increase tempo and accostics. Becoming more Choppy in relevance. It could be that we have multiple waves colesquing in the themes of social, religious, financial and political spectrums. As I look to the Modal of Complexity we see the emergence of the “Renaissance” template in the appearance of a singularity novelty… In order for the template of complexity is simplicity collapsing within and exploding our word into further complexity using itself as a template… is established first through the collapse of the a previous form within itself and that is accomplished by negative or yin wave surfacing within itself. Mindful that it is negative emotions collapse the wave and it the rate intensity that accerates the swing the arch. All things being of spiral and Mobius form since it is the template of our material galaxy. Remember waves are not linier in form but echo in Trajectory like pebble dropped in the primordial sea moving in all directions simultaneously. That is the how phenomenal reality moves in conjunction to its creators. We should see the emergence of Men and Women who will rise to the forefront of the tide of everlasting being as it caresess the shores of forever.. formed as the simplicity moves a much faster tempo towards the next Renaissance.

        According to much wiser and older rave of people than I. The Hopi say this is the end of the 4th world and the Emergence of the 5th. On the 5th day God (which is a plural) created creatures that live in the sea and creatures that fly.

        Through our Elliot Wave Eyes, using the Simplicity/ Complexity model of our material Galaxy ie “The Milkey Way” and our Biblical Understanding of the Creation Model. We should note soon…… The emergence of a

        Novelty. That is it’s occurance. “time” and “Time” again. A singularity novelty. And anommolly. That anomaly will lead the way to the “Golden dawn” or “Golden age” or “Renaissance” era or Something to the effect. As we have a proven example of its occurance through out history of Phenomenal Reality.

        Hmmmmmm… have a good day dude. Thanks for the food for thought.

      • Definetly interesting times. Fun to participate in. Everyone wants to feel good. Good vibes is the Emergering theme.. in the form of “memes” the Yang.

        it is important to R emember that the collapsing yin is happening at the same time as the emerging yang. Due to the nature of the complexity modal both waves happen simultaneously. One may seem more prevelant in the collective psychie of humanity as it seems the Yin is.. however the Yang is moving at the same are in cunjuncture.

        We see much evidence of this as Gender identity confusion is a result of both waves crossing simultaneously. These agendas surface within the collective as the waves of feminine and masuline merge passing by each other like that “Kodak Moment” of two cars passing each other on the freeway. One wave collapsing and one emerging. For lack of a better Analagy.

        Same with the sprits of Authority and rebellion, Race etcetera etcetera..

        How long is the Kodak Moment? Short in relation to eternity. As E=MC2 teaches us all things being relative

        Put your hand on a hot stove and a minute seems like an hour.

        Place your hands on a Hot woman and an hour seems like a minute.

        Okay okay. Time to get busy. Later dudes.

      • Ohhhh that is how the Novelty is created. In that moment of both waves passing by each other. Whooooa that has never occured to me before. Hahahahahha yes! That is how singularity bus accomplished. Zero point energy! Binary electricity via plasma aka the Aether!

        Whooooaaaa I never thought about that before!!!!!!!!

        Binary not bring just on and off but being, 2 relating to, composed of, or involving two things.

        Yah! The Yin and the Yang is a Wenkle motor! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA


        Today is a good day!!!!

      • I remember those ’80’s. True, I wish I knew then what I know now!

        Your comment about gender identity got me thinking. There is an up side to this. We can’t tell people to go screw themselves anymore because it’s no longer an insult.

        There’s always a silver lining…

    • Dude you guys are sooo smart. Thanks for the revelation!!!!! I can see the Democrats and Republicans crossing that “Kodak Moment” as both waves cross. WOW! As well as all these transitions of polarity shift.. WOW! SUPER COOL!

      thank you! I can’t believe I never noticed how the Novelty of singularity occurs. It in that “Kodak Moment”.
      Of feminine and masculin, yin and yang and all these other examples on all platforms of consiousness within phenomenal reality.


      WOW! Now the Question is, can it be replicated in a micro and macro level???? Me thinks Yes! I can create it!!

      Thank you soooo much!


      Wow! Thank you!!!!!!

      • Dude! That is the TAO occurance! That is the Kodak Moment of the TAO! They is the TAO.

        Wow! I’m just awe struck. Just Wow!

        I’m sorry I’m kinda a slow learner. Today is a good day to be the grasshopper. I’m sure this is all old news to you fellas. Wow! I have disfovered the TAO! or uhem, it Discovered me. Wow!

  6. Today’s column was perfect George. A bit of Dean Radon, a little Stephen Pinker, a toss of Richard Dawkins, a dash of Michel Pollan, with a pinch of Neil Shubin thrown in for good measure. Now that we will be free of Tweeted distractions, we are on our way to enlightenment!!!!

  7. If G_d had a sense of humor, she’d set off the SoCal inland sea creating EQ, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone at the same time. Wipe out the entire West Coast in one go. “I wonder if they understand satire? Let’s see..”

    • An event that dramatic might have secondary effects such as setting off Yellowstone and maybe even triggering New Madrid in the Mississippi valley. Tertiary effects might be volcano eruptions or other EQ in the Caribbean Sea and Central America. Everyone in North America would be affected.

    • ‘they” took out the Dino’s & other “repto’ like Sentient Beings ala Asteroid Redirect to Create a pair of dice for Us..- thats kinda funny -not I guess..pissed those repto’s off but good…or something like that..

      • A few years ago, somebody uploaded on 4-Chan a hi-def trail camera photo of a Reptilian taken in Arizona. There was a tremendous effort for two days scrubbing the event off the internet. It looks like the Hollywood SFX folks got it right…

        I recommend you see the movie “The Arrival” starring Charlie Sheen if you haven’t already done so. The Retilians are taking Earth back, gaslighting the human race and creating global warming. It’s a Charlie Sheen movie but the storyline is intriguing. As “they” like to say, the truth is right in front of us in plain sight…

  8. Hey, now that the coups d’état has been accomplished, what will Zombie Joe’s title be? General Secretary or First Prefect?? First Defect??

    Probably General Secretary Xi II.

    Mini-Xi? LOL
    China totally own you guys!

  9. I miss Lan Roberts (Lanny Lipford). In a lifelong broadcast career, he was one of the outstanding ones. A real hoot to work with… as you well know.

    • First Saturday morning on-air newscast with Lan on KOL in Seattle, there I was. Totally hung and barely able to stumble through the first “KOL 20-20 News” report at 6:20 AM.
      As I came out of the newsroom (smaller than a bathroom, lol) I was nailed by this wild-eyed dobberman screaming his fool head off and baring teeth like I was breakfast.
      Lan came out of the control room laughing.
      “It’s OK Kobalt – he’s not a burglar…he’s a news guy.”
      Kobalt and I were buds from then on.

      Then there was the time at KJR when in the middle of morning drive at 8 AM, Lan turned off the AM station transmitter for 5-minutes so people could listen for UFO’s that had been reported the previous night up around Mt. Rainier…

      Yeah, we don’t have ’em like Lan, anymore.

      Formulaic bullshit? Got that by the ton.

      • Friday nights the radio crew would go out for ‘Happy Hour’ that invariably closed the bars down. And guess who had the 6am sign-on shift for the FM? OMG I hated Saturday mornings! More than once I just crawled back to the radio station and slept on the rug… after putting a note in the log for the overnight AM jock to wake me at 0550am.

  10. The Polaroid Corporation used to hire non experts ( average folk) to develop new innovations. Edmund Land felt that experts would trod down the well worn paths, and not develop much! A person not well versed in field of devlopment would be more prone to try new things. A funny thing happened, this method worked very well!
    This method may work with Independent research groups as well..

  11. Comrades,

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!

    Find your covfefe here!!

    What’s old is new. My mind was wandering back to the early days of postal history when it took weeks for the great sailing ships to deliver news from Nieuwe Amsterdam to the Knowne Worlde. This morning, only four days after USA Election 2020, I tuned in for a moment to a lead CBC news anchor who noted that a batch of mailed in ballots had been delivered “overnight”…”and they were all for Biden”. The hyperbole flashed a Kevin Costner The Postman wormhole by me. One could imagine that the mailed in strategy reminiscent of turtle versus hare went from apple in an eye to a slow but sure outcome. Amazing to think such simple technology could have defeated The Sands of time.

    Back to the pandemic, and 5 days ago the BBC reported on a MIT study carried out during last April and May which claims a success rate of between 98 to 100% for covid-19 detection when an AI algorithm reads humanly inaudible characteristics of subjects’ coughs. The BBC article has a link to the study published Sept. 30th in the “IEEE Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology”.

    Something to peck on the keyboard with – what comes first, an App or a Vaccine?

  12. I’ve been meaning to post this.

    The “Great Conjunction” on Dec. 21, 2020 will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Jupiter and Saturn together through a telescope.

    Get ready for the ‘Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn

    In their closest encounter since 1623, Jupiter and Saturn appear as a single star in the evening sky next month.

    “Most of the time, when Jupiter overtakes Saturn, they usually are separated by more than a degree. But come Dec. 21, they will be separated by just about one-tenth of a degree or 6.1 arc minutes. To gauge how close that is, on the next clear night, check out Mizar, the middle star in the handle of the Big Dipper. A fainter star, Alcor, is positioned only 11.8 arc minutes away and the ability to perceive the separation of these two stars, was once considered a test of good vision.

    And yet Jupiter and Saturn will approach to within about half that distance!

    That’s just 0.102 degrees

    This means, under high magnification in your telescope you’ll be able to see both planets — Saturn with its famous ring system and Jupiter with its cloud bands and Galilean satellites — simultaneously in the same field of view!

    How great is that?”

    • Wonder if it will ignite Jupiter? Remember the old conspiracy about lighting off a mega ton bomb to light off Jupiter since it is the same matrice as the Sun. It’s just the fuse never got lit. Maybe that whats onboard Elons tesla floating out there. Probably playing “Come on baby light my fire” looped in on the driver’s Walkman?

      Hey George, did you hear that? What was that? Was that an elephant? And all the people of whoville yell, what is an elephant? I sure Hope the story is correct and Horton isnt an asshole. Lol

      One things for sure. There something going on that has yet to be seen. I have a nagging feeling about it and it is beyond the scope of my ability to grasp. There is an elephant in the room and like the Aztecs who could not see the ships because they were so foreign to their understanding. They thought the Spaniards were walking on water… It was an optical illusion to them. I can sense it is there but I can not understand it or percieve it. And I’m pretty open minded about potential and or the unimaginably bizzar. What is the elephant in the room?

      I’m not talking politics and many times I have asked myself if I’m the elephant. But I don’t think so. This is something else that I don’t think many know about if any.

      Hmmmm thanks for the jogging my memory about Jupiter. Funny you should mention it. I watched Jupiter aecention with that Milo chick the other night. Pretty trippy movie. Out here on the Loosh farm as they say. Nah. That could be all bullshit too. Because I know this little speck we are on from my trips accross the Veil is more like the Garden of Eden than a Loosh farm. We sheltered from a much greater evil. Like the movie Event Hurizon type evil. The world in which we came from to this world is much much worse. And there is a barrier between it and it coming through to us and and us from crossing back to it. The ancients long before Atlanta’s made it and the knowledge was long forgotten.

      Nothing i can do about it at the moment.

      Thank you for your comment. I need to step away to ramp my new venture.
      That is Enough distraction for now. Dinner is on the table and I have a date later. Hmmmm.

      And yes I notice my name is now golden. :)

  13. jesus Christ ill pass on all this stuff .. worlds finished but I aint getting involved in mumbo jumbo voodoo psycho .. beer , music and short for me

  14. Comrades,

    I was impressed with today’s crossing the streams televised optics of President-Elect Biden descent from the heights by stair with Mrs. Biden, and notably he had swapped his blue tie for a red. Conciliation is in the eir!

    Thank goodness everyone will have the remainder of the weekend to process the new timeline going forward of President-Elect Biden. Now while the corgis of Windsor have been retired from Duty to The Commonwealth, Molly – corgi to horror writer Steven King – has been known to tweet that Mr. Biden is a “lesser of two evils”. That coupled with last Sunday’s Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror XXXI” broadcast could have been a difference-making woowoo moment. So there you have it; Ted Nugent and Kid Rock will not be playing at the 2021 inauguration.

    Make busy and stay tooned!

  15. My take on the recent events is to never underestimate the power of large numbers of stupid or gullible people.
    I wonder when our 299 days begins? Refers to a book series about a socialism led economic collapse of the US by Glen Tate. Always thought it was somewhat far fetched. Not any more.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

  16. now with a communist administration and madness on steroids the salesman are out there today selling inflation stories and prosperity ahead . maybe that’s why all the real gold bulls use to live in remote places like Colorado mountains .. like why bother . the madness greed and delusion is just another colour with some old bloke from weekend at bernies .. gees take it easy veges

  17. I was in one of the Smithsonian museums in Washington a few years ago . the one where the original American flag from fort McKinley is .. suddenly all the people started humming and singing the anthem that was penned there .. I think this is a time for George to put background music of anthem on site so we can all sing and plenty of flags to unite . that’s my contribution to this new America idea .. like its a new America new communism . fathers like elders jim cramer , ray dalio , elon musk , jeff bezos , Robert moriarty, Robert prechter.. just assemble all in philidaephia get a giant buzzer not bell and pen the new world .. like the prez says hey man peace brother

    • 1) Stimulus, baby!
      We don’t have a new Administration for 73 more days, but we have a new Congress in 57 days. If McConnell/Trump don’t pass Nasty’s current stimulus package, McConnell(Harris)/Biden will pass her “enhanced” stimulus package on 1/20.

      2) Gov’t subsidized housing & free food.

      The city nearest me has a pop of around 50k. It now has subsidized apartments for 38k, most built within the past two years, and construction companies are building more at a breathtaking rate (as in, I rarely visit this place and not see a new development being puked out of the ground, somewhere within its borders.) If $700/mo in EBT debit cards isn’t enough to keep the po’ folks in junk food & candy bars, the gummint will bump it higher.

      3) Mugabe…

      The Government and the FED will live in the float, goosing M1 and kiting a new round of checks every few days (kinda like we’re doing now, except exponentially worse, as a function of time…)

  18. Also George my contribution to the new world communism forum in philly for the gurus would be it was all downhill from the first Hollywood epic the moon landing 1969. Plenty of other good films . War , regime change , Europe and of course the biggest epic sep 11.look this economic madness hasn’t improved one bit .QE on a reflective Sunday is the max deflation you can throw at economy. Plenty of far better ways. But you must inject capital at strategic bottoms not mad moments to protect the emperors. Good idea but self interest must be jetisoned

  19. “despite the claim that CERN was the birthplace of the Worldwide Web”

    I never heard that one.

    “IHRG” Are these supposed to be commercial for profit groups or just regular folk collaborating on a website? Recall colleges days collaborating on a keg. The person who chipped in $2.00 drank the most. They were entitled.

    Classic Movie Line #3

  20. further but very important is the lack of empathy , commonsense or natural acquired knowledge in time of artificial intelligence and robots that you propose to bring together factions and ideas . doesn’t work because of no real concept of time and history in programs, no ageing process , don’t see old grey wise robots . look you all do what you like but this is it .. last chance sanity monday

  21. IMO 18 members is too many — you’d never get a consensus. The 8-10 seems about ideal…

    “CERN was the birthplace of the Worldwide Web, when in 1989 Tim Berners-Lee had the brilliant insight commonly known as HyperText Markup Language”

    IMO, while Berners-Lee created the concept of hypertext markup language, it was the bright boys at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois (Champaign) who turned TBL’s concept into reality when they created NCSA Mosaic — the first application capable of reading hypertext markup and executing hypertext links… I have a copy of Mosaic on my (long-defunct) ftp site, along with the original Compuserve and AOL browsers, MSIEv1, and Netscapev1.0, all of which were originally based off Mosaic (IIRC Netscape was formed by four of those Mosaic authors, to find a commercial path by which to use and market HTML clients.)

    Good stuff, and happened years before the dreaded “browser wars…”

  22. waste of time .. the imperial force and red white and blue will never listen . futures up 355 . waste my breath . vegetables . greedy ones as well . later

  23. Comrades,

    Apologies to Doc Tim, time to toon in. From Venus with love, the sixth wealthiest woman in the world can quietly oversee the 46th presidency? Her sister-in-law is portrayed as Bart Simpson’s grandmother on Homer’s side in “The Simpsons”? In the 2020 sweepstakes, it’s looking like cannon-fodder late-show errant tweets from the WH bunker didn’t have a hope of holding up in the court of public opinion trenches against precise AI algorithms from the three gamers’ matrix embedded up top the Palo Alto ivory siege tower. They held the high ground in this amazing race.

    While perhaps water under the gates, one imagines the outgoing administration would wish to secure the unheard 196 taped WH events allegedly held by a former Director of Communications who perhaps holds pride of place for being fired by Mr. Trump both from public service and from a reality game show.

  24. did that sewer system in japan ever have any worthwhile contribution to the world apart from performing deeds on American masters . eh only 1 enola gay . nearly as bad as the sewer I live in oztralia . 90 % of country on benefit and gone beyond vegetative state . now like zombie apocalypse .

  25. Ozzie, you are in much better shape than the U.S.!

    U.S. 31% of world debt, Australia only 0.8%:

    In fact, Australia lends the U.S. money to pay it’s bills! (not vice versa), and that sewer system Japan keeps our Social Security checks flowing (U.S. Revenue does not cover all costs):

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