Election Day: Pump and Dump?

“Best President Money Can Buy”

A report on  CNCB caught my eye while the coffee was kicking it today:  A hat-tip to CNBC.  Because in their article “Here’s the final tally of where tech billionaires donated for the 2020 election” they out that 98 percent of tech chiefs threw in with the socialists democrats (pardon my confusion!).

And while online media bias has plagued the eyes and deadened critical thinking, we keep wondering why the evidence found on the Hunter laptop was buried?  Is there an ongoing cabal in the FBI not-yet revealed?

We have a hard time believing the FBI could have had such dynamite evidence and sat on it.  But, then again, wrongful convictions are a kind of style in ‘Merican juris-Just-Us.  And there was that hate-group after Trump in the Comey bureau, so no telling.

We just wish this was all on eBay so the results would be reasonably transparent.

Stox: Election Pump and Dump?

We were shocked to see the futures up anothere 400+ in the early slog this morning.  To us, it seems like a Wall Street “pump and dump” operation. 

With odds reasonable that the “Buy the Rumor, Sell the News” template is in play.

For those who are looking for rational bases for 900 points of 2-day rally?  Good luck with that:

  • As we said yesterday, the center of the financial world is moving to China.  Shanghai to lead with show action in Hong Kong.  You can pencil in Shanghai as the next New York financial district.  While Hong Kong will serve a kind of “Asia Chicago analog role.”
  • Earnings?  A little this and a little that:
  • Then there is the Fed meeting tomorrow.  And, if we’re right, we would expect the Fed to slow the rate of money growth in order to retain some semblance of value to the U.S. Peso – which it has rapidly become.

Sketchy Future Out There

The world isn’t going to be saved by “phone apps.”  It will be saved by returning to “the basics” like hard work, personal accountability, actual savings, reduction of debt… 

Oh, and inventing the new dispersed manufacturing model based on 3D printing I’m pushing over on our Ultra-Make.com site.  With some solar, some gardening skills, and local making there’s hope.  4-thousand mile salads and a cruise ship mentality?  Not so much.

Where Trump has failed (along with Biden, even worse) is neither has articulated the next American Vision.  In our view, living on semi-self-sufficient acre-sized property in undesirable areas served by high-speed LEO 5G constellations is how we move beyond cities…but who listens?

For now, hype & circumstance on some good earnings.  We’ll stick with companies that share via dividends, though.  And smoking something besides hopium.

Virus Worse?  (Or Transition to Global-Socialism?)

My consigliere and I spent 37-cents of our annual high-dollar retainer Monday pondering whether there’s an under-reported aspect of the American Take-Down that has been glossed-over by media (which is in the corporate pocket, too).

Specifically, we were analyzing the CDC ban on evictions.  This was published in the Federal Register September 4th, and I’ve been meaning to mention it to you.

As you know, the CDC eviction-stop was aimed at specific persons:

“This definition is based on factors that are known to contribute to evictions and thus increase the need for individuals to move into close quarters in new congregate or shared living arrangements or experience homelessness. Individuals who suffer job loss, have limited financial resources, are low income, or have high out-of-pocket medical expenses are more likely to be evicted for nonpayment of rent than others not experiencing these factors.”

Here is the Problem:

This thing called the Constitution.

You see, the Independence Institute explains on their site that the Founders were very clear that  your property is just that:”  YOURS.

* They denied Congress and the states authority to pass ex post facto laws (I-9-3 and I-10), a ban that some of the Founders thought would protect property.

* When it became clear that the ban on ex post facto laws was not broad enough to protect property, they partially plugged the gap with the Fifth Amendment, which (1) prevented any person from being “deprived of . . . property, without due process of law” and (2) required compensation when “property [was] taken for public use.”

What my consigliere and I were pondering was where is the “due process of law” since the Constitution doesn’t say “The government can take small real estate owners (thinking a couple of rental houses or a triplex) and  force them to offer free housing.”

It’s an oh-so interesting (and oh-so  Venezuela)  kind of question.  The government declares its power in 42USC 264(e) as:

“(e) Preemption
Nothing in this section or section 266 of this title, or the regulations promulgated under such sections, may be construed as superseding any provision under State law (including regulations and including provisions established by political subdivisions of States), except to the extent that such a provision conflicts with an exercise of Federal authority under this section or section 266 of this title.”

The CDC Order Includes This

“Therefore, under 42 CFR 70.2, subject to the limitations under the “Applicability” section, a landlord, owner of a residential property, or other person with a legal right to pursue eviction or possessory action shall not evict any covered person from any residential property in any State or U.S. territory in which there are documented cases of COVID-19 that provides a level of public-health protections below the requirements listed in this Order.

But, here’s where we got stuck.  42 CFR 70.2 addresses only…well, read the title:

“§ 70.2 Measures in the event of inadequate local control.Whenever the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determines that the measures taken by health authorities of any State or possession (including political subdivisions thereof) are insufficient to prevent the spread of any of the communicable diseases from such State or possession to any other State or possession, he/she may take such measures to prevent such spread of the diseases as he/she deems reasonably necessary, including inspection, fumigation, disinfection, sanitation, pest extermination, and destruction of animals or articles believed to be sources of infection.”

Logic Problems

If the CDC hasn’t figured out how to control the disease, how can they make a determination that what states are doing is “insufficient?”  Moreover, were States able to mount a rebuttal?  Not so far as I could figure it but we’re still researching.

It might also be argued that evicting people doesn’t force them into moving between states, for example.  So where is the federal issue?

Essentially, the government’s anti-eviction move (and mind you, we’re not saying its  bad per se) seems to be weak (or lacking) process in the “taking” and “compensating” department.

Of course, for the most conspiratorially-minded (people who have read on the low accuracy and false positives issue) wouldn’t CV-19 be a dandy way to screw the emergent rental housing entrepreneurs who have purchased a few rentals as an “onboarding step” to jump on the socio-economic conveyor belt?

We’ve heard rumblings, and lawsuits on this seem likely play out in coming years.  Long after harm’s done to people trying to invest in rentals, especially for at risk persons who don’t have a six-month (or more) payment cushion as back-up.

Conspiracy Grist?

Conspiratorially minded, or not, a read of “The estimation of diagnostic accuracy of tests for COVID-19: A scoping review” is worth your time too if you’re curious about testing accuracy.

Our concerns about the fate of small landlords was recently echoed in the Brookings Institution in “An eviction moratorium without rental assistance hurts smaller landlords, too.”

Brave new world, or a way for government to elbow into new public housing and bust the chops of small real estate entrepreneurs?  Should become clear in coming years.  Depending on the  coup outcome, of course.

AWC Paper to Read

A very good paper on the Army War College site we think is worth your time to keep an even-keeled perspective on things (including the virus):  “The Information Apocalypse Part VIII:  Civics Lessons.

It’s a thoughtful article – better than most (partisan, both sides) media.  Have a look.

Another one – this on First Monday – peer reviewed and focused on the Internet – is “Characterizing Social Media Manipulation in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Right on cue comesRussia’s Election Panel Criticizes ‘Alarming’ U.S. Mail-in Vote” in the Moscow Times.

And already, the well-orchestrated attack of big city interests on rural landowners is clearly seen in stories likeThe U.S.’s Electoral College is an epic design fail.”  No, it’s all about checks and balances…

Coincidentally, while the NY Times Biz section was asking today “If Restaurants Go, What Happens to Cities?”  We might ask the same “If too much government wrecks farmer’s futures, and the Electoral rips their rights, what happens to cities?”

None of this is the stuff of “click-bait media.”  Instead, deeper thinking and serious depth.  You’ll be much more rounded for the effort.  Though taken as a whole, it’s not particularly encouraging.  Platforms herd people, but we’re still a herd.

This’s and That’s

Down to practical:  Where to watch results tonight.

In our weekly topping off at the store:  7 bottles of champagne.  Toast to a Great Country (while it lasted?).

Setting up the Next War, are we?  Given defense stocks and democrats we’re eyeing this  Forbes piece with suspicion:  “Could A Prolonged Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Result In More Foreign Military Involvement?

Fresh Solar Cycle Data

Just out from NOAA’s Solar Weather Progression work:

We will keep monitoring this, but three takeaways:

  • The climate skeptics who have been  pitching the New Solar Minimum and global cooling had a losing month.  The data in climbing as projected.
  • Second thing is it’s good for agriculture.  In fact, a 1976 paper from the US Dept. of Agriculture noted that:  “Texas wheat yields declined 7 percent in periods of low sun- spot activity while output rose 4 percent during highly active periods. For Kansas wheat, results were not consistent enough to hypothesize a relationship. Corn yields in Illinois averaged a drop of about 8 percent in the year of lowest sunspot activity in each single cycle.  Years of high sunspot activity were associated with higher than average yields.”  Slow those famine expectations a bit, but keep your eye on diesel and economics.
  • Third – best part of all – ham radio conditions on the HF (3-30 MHz bands) ought to continue to improve.  And that’s something we really look forward to…

Off to enjoy a perfect fall day:  Neighbor may come over with his stump grinding monster and clear up some of the new fairway  here at the Cottonmouth Creek Country Club, home of Ure a Wild Man Golf for East Texas.

It’s a small club:  4 holes, two members, no green fees, and cold beer.  Not open  to the public, though.  And Orange Vests required.  Since the shooting will be starting right after the election.  I refer, of course to the Texas white tail deer opener this coming weekend.  Not that MSM hyped-stuff.

Write when you get rich,


52 thoughts on “Election Day: Pump and Dump?”

    • The electoral college is electoral socialism. Let me explain. George, if you ran a company of widgets and built a growth business where you earned economies of scale to purchase raw materials at a quantity discount, allowing you to sell to your consumer at a low price and thus increasing market share…you would say that you earned every access to that privilege.

      But then, here comes the government, messing in your business and saying it’s unfair To your competitors that you have special Raw material pricing and thus, we are making that pricing available to all of your competitors, because we don’t want the Privileged Few controlling the market. You would be pissed, because it was your business savvy that created that pricing. In addition, the raw material people are pissed, because your pricing was based on economies of logistics. Now they have to ship to dozens of other locations for the same price and lose money. The government just created a lose/lose.

      It’s the same with the electoral college. The big states and cities worked hard, built vibrant urban centers, gave tax breaks to lure them and Fast tracked building permits to ancillary support businesses to Keep them. Others followed, restaurants, entertainment, sports, media, art, museums, cultural facilities, convention halls etc. millions followed the money and it became home to the majority. Then the government got involved and said…you know you 40 million in California and 20 million in New York and Florida and nearly 30,million in Texas…despite the fact that you all are responsible for Over 80% of our federal tax base….we are taking power away from You and giving it to some of the less fortunate states that don’t give a crap about growth And sustainability.

      That’s democracy?

      • Sorry, Mark. You and your dem buddies are totally wrong in thinking you’re smarter than the founding fathers. Wrong….dead….stop. What you propose (getting rid of the electoral college) would result in one party rule (dems) forever into the future. You guys think we don’t know this. Idiots!

      • MARK,,we do not live in a democracy! We have a democratic REPUBLIC. Your attack against the electoral college, is an attack against our contract, between STATES, the electoral college was established to prevent your kind of thought process. You have shown yourself to be a traitor in your past posts, Guatamala caravan support and antifa/BLM and Sorass lover. Move to China , they already have your preferred gov.

      • Um, we live in a Republic, not a Democracy.

        Democracy is mob rule, Republicanism is structured representation.
        Personally, I’d like to see each and every State establish a State Electoral College based on their Counties, for determination of State Legislators. There’s no reason or justification for NYC to run Upstate for the betterment of NYC, or folks in Carbondale to suffer the foibles caused by Chicago…

      • Look guys face reality Liberal ISM is a mental disorder. You also must obey the law of you can’t fix stupid you can only take it out before it multiplies (fortunately most of the females will not breed with it). Last if you really think your vote actually matters the do you think our MASTERS would let us do it? Now sit back with the bottle of Screw B@ll whiskey and have a bottle or three. Promise you will feel better after a few days or so.
        P.P.S Mark there is still a chance for you and those who think like you.
        Repent! Your mind can be restored by the creator.

      • The only sane way to apply electoral votes is in proportion to each state’s popular vote. No more winner take all. So if one candidate wins 555% of the popular vote of some state, they would receive 55% of the electoral votes. The other candidate would receive the other 45% of the electoral votes. That way the 4,500,000 people in california who voted for trump in 2016 and the 450,000 people in SC who voted for hillary in 2016 wouldn’t have their votes ostensibly thrown out. Every vote would matter. Every state would matter. Now the candidates can ignore 45 states and court the five swing states. That skews policy.

      • Other folks have said it better then I, but no, we are not a democracy. A democracy is 2 sheep and 3 wolves voting on what is for dinner. We are a constitutional republic, and the electoral college is a wonder of thought to keep power from centralizing to the population centers. Those population centers have power through the House of Representatives. This is why we should never have sent to much power to the Feds. Almost none of the garbage they have taken control of should reside there. I agree, let the states run their medical, welfare, education, un-employment, energy programs and fully fund them at whatever level they want and take that power back from DC to distribute the payola to buy votes. All the states agreed to the electorate process when they voted to become states. Have your representative propose an amendment to how the President is elected. It was done for senators, (another bad amendment in my opinion, so it can be done).

      • You seem to support the old axiom, ” The rich get richer & the poor get poorer. That’s democracy. Let them eat cake.” Your motto has brought about the TRUMP REVOLUTION. So be it. Let the whining begin.

      • No we don’t have a republic that was lost long ago what we have is a democracy or mob rule,or we could say we have a congress who are like the hookers for they sold themselves so many times that they don’t even know who they are,and the other branch’s are no better what you are headed for is a fascist type government and many will welcome it with open arms, including both parties for one is no better then the other as they whine cry and slobber to see which party will get to put the lipstick on their pig,then we can wait for the next most important election ever.!!!!!!

      • @JoeDish

        The 17th was certainly bad law (thank you, “regressives”). Senators are supposed to represent the voice of each State’s Legislature; Congressmen, the people directly. Having the people directly elect Senators kinda dilutes the bicameral process…

    • Lol… I remember visiting with a gentleman that was telling me about how great the market was doing… he made a huge profit and was so happy. Went home the next morning he was penniless.
      As long as they dump water on the table the noodle will float..stop the flow and the noodle tears apart…add to much and the noodle gets mushy and falls apart..(hyperinflation)

  1. “A report on CNCB caught my eye while the coffee was kicking it today: A hat-tip to CNBC. Because in their article “Here’s the final tally of where tech billionaires donated for the 2020 election” they out that 98 percent of tech chiefs threw in with the socialists democrats (pardon my confusion!).”

    What baffles me is.. WHY…
    When everything that is said says they plan on taking away from their life’s achievements.. while he has had a civic job for decades without accomplishing anything at all.. Hate the way the president acts but look at his life’s achievements..
    It just baffles me

    • I’ve heard stories that Albert Einstein could barely tie his shoes. I also saw a show on the early days of Microsoft. When major meetings were scheduled, somebody had to tell Bill Gates that he needed to take a shower. Anecdotal, yes, but it drives home that reality that superior capability in one area does not translate into competence in any other area.

      • Definitely, I work with tech people who are incapable of tracking their own everyday work. They want an Analyst to come behind them and remind them of everything they should be doing at any moment like someone’s ‘Mommy’ reminding them to clean their room everyday.

      • “They want an Analyst to come behind them and remind them of everything they should be doing at any moment”

        My wife does that…

  2. “the Constitution”

    The Constitution was designed to protect the state. I think the Whiskey Rebellion is the first piece of evidence.

    Rittenhouse is the last.

  3. Yo G –

    Its Election Tuesday and UrbSurv is not admonishing Us to Vote early and Vote often ?

    Gotta get out the vote, and vote for a Patriot (worries about future), and Leave the Politicians (worries about own dammed selves) off Ure ballot/vote.

    Better yet – vote 4 the candidate that money has a hard time buying..BITCOIN!

    * BITCOIN 4 President!
    – helluva lot Smarter than slo joe rutabegga, by a loong shot, and it will not stand around in parking lots, incoherently shouting at a couple of parked cars. Cant be watered down, like bribems intellect. Cant be double spent, like Everything else previous – in the World of Finance. Cant be Corrupted, unlike the ruttabegga

    Guess who Mr Narrator voted for… No BTC 4 U!

  4. the CDC guidance only applies to HUD housing. that is landlords who accept section 8 vouchers.

    case law is also clear that a government taking has to eliminate all economic use in order to be unconstitutional or be a physical invasion of property.

    we don’t know if the CDC guidance will withstand court challenge so you may want to reduce the histrionics.

    • You are 100% WRONG with your statement.

      In my office building is an attorney who does evictions … and he can NOT get any evictions through, even for normal leases that has nothing to do with Section 8 or ANY government rental program, if the person raises the CDC requirement.

      His SMALL time landlords are being forced to provide FREE HOUSING to people who will never pay them back … while still having to provide all the services that he as a landlord is required to provide PLUS NOW having to ALSO pay out ADDITIONAL money for the gas and electric bills, which his tenants will NOT PAY even though those bills are in their names, so that the properties will continue to have heat (lack of heat in this climate in the winter will destroy a property real quickly).

      Up until now his clients have had enough personal money reserves or work income money to keep up with their payments, but if this lasts into spring some of their properties will be going into foreclosure since not all of them have the financial resources to carry the COST OF SUPPORTING several additional families in addition to their own

      (his small time landlords work at REAL JOBS – for them the rental business is a side business – one has even had to pick up a second job so as to PAY the bills that his tenants will NOT PAY)

      You need to read up on the REAL IMPACT of this CDC ruling. You are totally WRONG with your blanket statement that it only applies to Section 8 housing.

      • you’re correct. the CDC guidance applies to all tenants. I had it confused with the CARES Act that only applied to HUD section 8 tenants. Oops, you like CAPS so HeRE GOES. The TENANTS are still RESPONSIBLE for PAYment of RENt uder the CDC GuiDAncE. SoUNDs LIkE the LANDlords ARE TOO heavILY LeveragED. ALL jobS are REAL JoBS.

      • Nasty business – rental props as a sideline. Can be managed okay in my area- if U have 1 or 2 “fixers” on Retainer.
        “fixers” fix it so that current deadbeats move out – Pronto Quick!
        They also are worth their weight in gold if in U happen run any other “side” businesses..

      • OK. But who pays the water bill, the electric bill, the gas bill, etc etc ?
        Just because the tenant isn’t evicted doesn’t mean the rental unit is fit to live in. In Texas, most rental units are metered separately, and billed directly to the tenant. And what happens when the landlord goes bust? Is the mortgage holder for the building required to keep the facility open, or do they simply say, we’re closing up shop in preparation for bulldozing the building?
        I’m not really taking sides in this; but how long does the CDC think they can keep doing this without causing the entire real estate credit system house of cards to collapse? I’m thinking this is an extreme credit deflation scenario. Rental units everywhere but no credit or paying customers available to open them. I read somewhere that 1/3 of rental housing is already owned on government paper. Sounds like we are headed for 100%+, with 100% vacancies.

      • “His SMALL time landlords are being forced to provide FREE HOUSING to people who will never pay them back … while still having to provide all the services that he as a landlord is required to provide PLUS NOW having to ALSO pay out ADDITIONAL money for the gas and electric bills, ”

        Frustrating as hell isn’t it.. lol…
        We found that out the hard way.. my wife moved out of a rental forty years ago.. thirty years later she gets a summons to court.. goes to court to see what in the heck it was all about.. it was about the place she moved out of thirty years prior.. it was about unpaid utility bill.. what that isn’t my bill I moved out of there thirty years ago.. court date 1
        can you prove that.. yes I can I have the documents yet saying I moved out ..
        court date 2 … shows the judge the paper work.. this is obviously not your bill case dismissed..

        court date 3…. the collection agency for the utility company had penned her name at the bottom of the summons and sent it to an address certified that she had never before lived at.. the letter arrived at the post office.. obviously they didn’t have a clue who in the hell she was and sent if back unaccepted..

        she gets the garnishment of income at her employer…
        what in the hell is this for.. frustraition..

        go to the court house to find out what was going on.. oh you didn’t show up for your court date.. what court date.. then shows the paper showing where they penciled in her name and a bogus address.. I never lived there.. well that is the only address they had for you on their files you didn’t except your mail.. petition for a new court date.. court date granted..

        court date 4 .. judge haven’t I seen this case before.. judgement for the collection company does anyone else have anything to say about this.. I raise my hand..
        what do you have to say about any of this.. Isn’t it fraud to pretend you are someone else then send the summons to an unknown address.. If you say one more word I am going to have you thrown in jail for contempt of court.. case dismissed..
        we head up to the utility company.. they show us that they have a stack as big as a cord of wood.. all envelopes the same thing.. people using fake names to get utilities in dead peoples names etc.. then find out that when someone calls a utility company pretending to be you and talks to someone in india or other place that it is regarded as the same thing as you being the one that called..
        We paid the damned bill then called all the rest of the utility companies and found out that the same thing was going on there to..
        I petitioned the PUC to try and get that changed that if you move out of a residence that an ID would be required to restart it up not just a phone call..
        NOPE not unless the power companies want it.. the power companies shortly thereafter changed and offered people to pay up to the next dollar for those not paying their bill.. ( yup ) most frustrating time of my life..
        I have known people with rental property to that ended up having to demolish the property because of the people that had rented.. totaled out their property getting it condemned.. sad but it is the way of life and times..

  5. Comrades,

    The BBC is reporting that the rollout of potentially the world’s largest stock issue in Shanghai and Hong Kong overseen by Chinese billionaire Mr. Ma is on hold. Apparently the company needs to “…adapt to and embrace the evolving regulatory framework….and fulfill (their) responsibility to society.”

    One imagines that The Party will sow the dividends for Pop’s proletariants.

  6. Supposedly, 79 – 89% (weird percentages) of all Covid testing are false negatives, meaning nearly 9 out of ten positive test turn out to be negative. If that is anywhere close to being true, are these numbers being subtracted officially from all the test given? If not, why not? Is this to contrarian of a question to ask?

    • Of course not that would ruin the narrative – just like reporting the percentage of those surviving. We were supposed to have 2 million dead in the states a couple of months ago and when that didn’t fly they turned to cases. Be very afraid – if your Gov’t.

    • Yes – All about Quality of Data Input/Sample Quality. PCR Test – only Tests for Corona Virus – ANY one will read Pos.
      – and Exactly why I give G so much Scheisse regards Covert19 Infection/Mortality Rate Spreadsheet.
      I make a living knowing the Probabilities – Options Trading – of Calculated Risk taking. Absolutely can not calculate correct Probabilities with corrupted/bad .

      Corrupted Input is the mainstay of hack news people Everywhere – WEAK, at best, Evil at its heart .

  7. Having owned rentals in my former life, I’ve chosen to avoiding renting out some properties. Now at least, I don’t have to be concerned about non-performing tenants, though there are tradeoffs. I’m thoroughly disgusted with the degree of regulation heaped upon landlords and the near total immunity to liability for tenants. Freedom and sanctity of contract law has been subsumed to paternalistic protection of tenants, regardless of their degree of irresponsibility.
    Landlording is a thankless job, for the most part. The real payoff is if you can sell at a profit. Rents generally cover current expenses if you’re lucky. For now, my extra property is being used for my own purposes.

    The “right” to dictate the use and possession of personally owned property by others via a bureaucracy in D.C. is or should be of great concern to any freedom loving person in the USA!

    • “The “right” to dictate the use and possession of personally owned property by others via a bureaucracy in D.C. is or should be of great concern to any freedom loving person in the USA!”

      BIG AMEN! I’ve owned rental properties in CA since ’76 and have experienced gov’t encroachment on landlord property rights decade by decade. The balance has shifted heavily in favor of tenant rights…to the point where I’m gradually selling off the portfolio and cashing in.

  8. “A report on CNCB… in their article “Here’s the final tally of where tech billionaires donated for the 2020 election” they out that 98 percent of tech chiefs threw in with the socialists democrats…”

    The techies’ ultimate wet dream is a communist technocracy, run by them, which can dictate policy worldwide via “tech extortion.” Trump is a threat. (What happens to them if the gummint goes all antitrust on FAANG’s ass?) ‘Thing is, if he’s re-elected, both suits and multiple successful breakups are likely, because their abuses are glaring and obvious to anyone who’s tech-savvy.

    “And while online media bias has plagued the eyes and deadened critical thinking, we keep wondering why the evidence found on the Hunter laptop was buried? Is there an ongoing cabal in the FBI not-yet revealed?…
    …And there was that hate-group after Trump in the Comey bureau, so no telling.


    Mr. Wray is a swamp creature from under the same cypress as Mr. Comey. So are some of his underlings.

    IMO FBI leadership should be via internal promotion of Field and Special Agents and based on merit, not ascension from Washington’s “career bureaucrat corps.” It is a law enforcement agency — it should be run by cops, not lawyers or paper-pushers.

    • “Is there an ongoing cabal in the FBI not-yet revealed?…”

      Seriously how do you go after somebody that pays your paycheck and secures your way of life.
      In retrospect of that pizza Scandal here few years agoand all the alleged activities when it’s tied into all the important names power structure shat does an honest man or woman do.
      It sure doesn’t take much to realize just how important it was to those investigating it as to their present and future financial and physical welfare.. so It was all buried instant fake news pretend it doesn’t exist, even the newspaper articles before the story came out saying that such a group existed vanished. . I still think the release of all the emails and all the incriminating material surrounding that issue was spotted by an investigator or investigation team that had been investigating that very issue for years. Then Realizing that the trails leaded back to those associated with their lively hood had to make a crucial decision. Pretend it doesn’t exist do a slight of hand … or let it out anonymously and pray that someone does something.
      Then with all the muggings and suicides surrounding the situation.. it just vanishes..
      Now theres the hard drive..thousands of photos of sic sadistic pedophilia photos and videos even including underage family members drugs along with documents mapping the trail of inappropriate business dealings.. what would you do..turn it in snd loose your job or worse.. so truly who cares about someone else’s child or that their contact information and their compliance is for sale and has been.
      I think Two years from now..it will all be just fake story from the past..
      Someone else will take the blame and there will be an image of a saint in its place..

    • Lettuce not forget Barr and Von Mueller are long time, tight buddies having worked together on multiple cover ups…thats what the fumbling bumbling idiots do -everyday.

      for the stinkin swamp
      runs deep into bowels deep
      baar, von mueller stink

  9. “the Constitution doesn’t say “The government can take small real estate owners … and force them to offer free housing.”

    We are witnessing the DREAM of Communists everywhere … the total destruction of PRIVATE OWNERSHP OF REAL ESTATE, the most basic and underlying “Property Right” that the founders of the country tried to protect, AND what is the underlying basis for the protection of ALL Property Rights that allow the Free Market System to actually operate.

    DESTROY Private Property Rights, as this CDC Order is doing, and you basically destroy the entire Free Enterprise System since NO property is ever after secure from Government Taking WITHOUT RENUMERATION.

    The Socialists, Communist Wannabes, at the CDC did an end run around the Constitution and unilaterally decided to END the Private Property Rights in the United States … and are getting away with it!!

    • They did an end run around the constitution back in oh 1950 with the War Powers Act which brought us endless wars,I guess its just who’s ox is getting gored.!!!!!!

    • Ownership of Property Rights (real estate) implies the right of use/disposal as the ‘owner’ sees fit (providing this does not negatively affect those nearby). The property titles issued were “Titles in Allod” aka “allodial titles and many were actually signed by the President. Allodial titles are ‘Titles-in-Law’ and cannot be liened nor confiscated for non-payment of taxes.
      This changed radically after the “War of Northern Aggression” where-
      a. The Country was transformed into a ‘Democracy’ from a ‘Republic’.
      b. Allodial titles were no longer issued, but were replaced with ‘Titles in Equity’ that CAN be liened and confiscated.
      c. Indoor display of “American Flags” are now adorned with gold fringe on three sides and two gold tassels each with gold cords attached and adornments on the flagpole (not authorized within 4-USC). This flag is a ‘Flag of Admiralty’, a BRITISH flag.
      As a result of ‘c.’ The British won the “Civil War” and we, once again, became a British Colony! They make the rules, use their Banking System and fight their wars. This is the oft-mentioned ‘special relationship’ where they are on top and we are on the bottom.
      The goal of British has always been to ‘rule the world’ and they have not given up on that goal.
      Give it up, serf – you lose!

  10. More evidence? The tent city on the streets of Portland. The state has given these people a place to live, on public property. When does that turn to private property?

    There’s literally nothing that could stop Portland or Seattle from forcing residents to support the tent people directly in the form of real estate, i.e. their yard (access to the water hose, trash can, and electricity comes with that).

    It would never happen in SF, because they have better lawyers, and no yards. LOL.

    But following the pattern, once the state has “guaranteed” a living for these people, it can only continue that support, and improve it.

    And besides, there is zero incentive for anyone in government to solve any of the problems that keep them in charge:

    When life’s worry list reads like Report from Iron Mountain, you see it’s all just a business model.

  11. this is the worst display of American evil ever . how is the market up 556 . how . can somebody explain please

  12. Some landlords in MI are getting paid by the State. It’s called “eviction diversion program”.

    If you’re an LL check if your state “laws” offer the program and grab the free loot.

    “State officials say evictions in Michigan in September and October were about half what they were during the same time period last year.

    It’s also due to a state program that uses CARES Act funds to pay 90% of someone’s rent, if the landlord agrees to forgo the other 10 percent.”

    “The state said it has so far spent $13-million out of its $50-million eviction diversion program.”

  13. Like I said. What is mine is mine and what is Ures is Ures. What! You don’t want me eating a bag of Pork Rines, kicking up my feet in Ure Lazy Boy and farting? Or Rollin out in Ure old Lexus on a hot date with Megan down to the Circle K for a Epic Ice tea?? Nope.

    Rather have me over at my House doing
    Driving Megan around in my own hoopty! Yes siri bobby.

    Simmer down old dude. Trump is winning. They said California voted for Biden 20 min after one county was 50% tallied. Ha ha ha ha. I looked up Riverside County to see where the Old Money was casting their vote if in they claim residence. Hasn’t even been taken in yet. You know how things are down on Bob Hope Drive. Lol Hot! Haha.

    Spooling up energy? What a great idea.


  14. What a joke! Who gives a flying finger fish about the the election . You are all vegetables . Get it your country is finished . About. Time. You made a nation by evil . Now you expect gold to lead you out . Desperate scum that sent the world to the greatest depression. Who cares . Kill each other

    • Wow. A resident CCP troll giving you a lecture on American evil. I thought Aussies and Chicoms had that Most Evil Tailgunner title sewed up. You are moving up in the world, G_____ .

  15. and now the potass wants to call the election off while they are counting .. sounds like a hollywood psycho script ..

  16. “Remember a country Divided against itself will fall.” That is Biblical.

    You didn’t really want Me Sanders to be president now, did ya. He is the next one. The one after Trump.

    If you really read what I wrote on 04/16 at the other place I don’t go to anymore. I mentioned Joe Biden and Trump in the post about Trump winning against that rachet clinton. I also said first term. Implying there would be a second.

    My Biden has lost. The Media doesn’t want to admit it. However, it is so.

    Everything is unfolding as was stated.

    Sanders will be the next president. After Trump. He won’t last a month in office.

    We will see another round of Stimulus on 11/22. That will stave off the Civil War for a bit. Free money always makes every one happy. I like Money. I’m happy. Money for nothing.

    I just felt a very large earthquake. Must not be here. The trees are barely moving.

    That aight to do it.

    My condolences to the sorrows family.

    I ain’t always right. I was wrong about May 2019 being the economic down turn. Or was I? I don’t care. I make mistakes too. There is no owners manual seeing the future. I am aloud to change my mind about things. After my recent survey, There is still a lot of good people in this world.

    I’m on to do my own thing. I have been told since I was 13 years old I should do radio. For 37 years I ignored that. Today I am moving forward.

    It’s a brave new world for me. I am afraid of it. However, I will not let fear hold me me any longer.

    It’s Harvest season. I have been sowing for 13 years. Like a good weaver, places some errors among the Tapestry to not insult God. Because only God is perfect. I’m putting down my loom and picking up my Cycle. How many knots have I tied or seeds have I planted in the last 13 years? Only God knows that.

    There is a time for sowing
    And there is a time for reaping.

    now time to reap.

    Que: “Van Halen – Unchained (HD)”


    Clique 316!


    • “we have is a democracy or mob rule,or we could say we have a congress who are like the hookers for they sold themselves so many times that they don’t even know who they are,and the other branch’s are no better what you are headed for is a fascist type government”

      Bluedog… you hear the story about the two veteran congressmen standing in the hall of the capital visiting… when a new member of congress just voted in walks by..
      He farts a little bit as he passes the two senior members.. one looks over at the other one and smiles as he says… he’s a virgin

      Lol lol ..thenyouknow that wouldn’t ever happen three congressmen in DCduting fact finding or recess.. unheard of lol

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