Damn-Mob-Crazy vs. The Republic

For Which It Stood

The Election Doesn’t Matter.  Food matters, water matters, your personal stores of consumables matter. 

But, the Election?  If you even care about it today, you don’t understand we could be in for weeks of conflict.  What you should be worried about is what “comes out the other end” of that process.

In a word?  Depression.

A few old man remarks on the Fall of America, if I may?

This is  by far the worst election in 3/4th’s of a Century.  When I was born, Truman was president.  He was followed by Dwight Eisenhower and things went down hill from there.

While Kennedy got himself killed (we think by crossing the wrong  Powers) the ‘lone gunman’ story doesn’t past the smell test.  It’s in the same league with “Pull it” and WTC-7 falling in an oh-too convenient a manner.  Point is, Americans are – in my view – lied to on a regular basis and they don’t seem to care.

Tomorrow “Stupidity Culminates.”  We may transition from being a “democratic republic” to full-on “Digital Mob.”  Both parties – and the arrival of mass media’s sell-out to corporate empires – is to blame.

We’ve been sorrowfully right too many times this year on socio-economic matters and on coronavirus, too, if you’re keeping count.

  • Someone told you coronavirus would keep growing.
  • Same fool has been right about acquiring Clorox and toilet paper.
  • Worst of all, he doesn’t think this is Wave 2 – yet.  End of winter – sometime in 2021 for that to end.

This rips into the economy:

  • We told you the crooked political parties would never come together for a stimulus before the election.   (Hated being right on that one.)
  • Now I regret to inform you that regardless of the outcome tomorrow – which won’t be confirmed for weeks and maybe months – that another round of stimulus is extremely unlikely until at least late January.

Scorched Earth Politics

The basis of this last point is simple when viewed from the chess play level.

What is Donald Trump’s incentive  to hand out money to people who didn’t support him should he lose?  Frankly, I don’t see one.  Sitting in the Oval, I’d look at unsupportive digital uprising liars and prevaricators (Adam Schiff comes to mind) and light an economic fuse.  I could see Trump thinking  “Screw these people – they want Mob Rule they can have it…”

We are suspicious that democrats will win.  In boxing could not be called a “Clean fight.”  Absolutely not.  Biden’s now got the patina of crime family, thanks to the antics of son Hunter.  But TDS – spread by the commie supporting (and white shaming and ‘losers are really winners”) social media – has turned this into a referendum on Trump.  Not a steely-eyed appraisal of policies.  Biden only has one, near as we can figure.  Send some up to pops.

Notwithstanding, until January, democrats don’t have a prayer of getting a lame duck Trump to sign anything beneficial.  What’s more, if the Senate flips, nothing will get through there, either.  Until at least January.  A little “scorched earth” goes a long ways.

A friend of mine – economic prof – sent out notes to a few colleagues this weekend reminding us of the “sage guidance of the century:”

Print the money or trigger the revolution – Liaquat Ahamed”

Trump has no incentive to print after tomorrow.  Let the lawlessness begin.  We have a lot of “catching down” to do in order to equal the lefty’s goal of America as Venezuela II.

Oh…and if the name Liaquat Ahamed isn’t familiar?

We’re Going to Fix That

Liaquat Ahamed wrote a prescient book “Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World.”  The Wikipedia entry for this gem says, in part:

Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World is a nonfiction book by Liaquat Ahamed about events leading up to and culminating in the Great Depression as told through the personal histories of the heads of the Central Banks of the world’s four major economies at the time: Benjamin Strong Jr. of the New York Federal Reserve, Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, Émile Moreau of the Banque de France, and Hjalmar Schacht of the Reichsbank. The text was published on January 22, 2009 by Penguin Press. The book was generally well received by critics and won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for History. Because the book was published during the midst of the financial crisis of 2007–2010, the book subject matter was seen as very relevant to current financial events. “

His book is only $10-bucks on Kindle.  If you haven’t read other chronicles of how economic collapse comes about, you need to read it.  In a very odd way, Depressions are logical things.  They follow a “logic” that leads to horrible consequences, but it’s “logical” within bound.

In this Great Turning, NYC loses economic superiority to Hong Kong and Asia.  As American took title from the City of London in the Great Depression.  Power moves West – for reasons that no one’s really sure of.

Why Read it NOW?

Because – simply – Depression is likely in 2021 and on.  Regardless of “winner” in  the aftermess of tomorrow.

Most people drank the Kool-Aid and believed that the March lows of this year would be “IT” for a while.  But, one of the charts on the Peoplenomics subscriber side I don’t share often publicly, reveals just how close the line-up between present day and the post-crash period of 1929 was.  From the Crash in October ’29 through today, things line up remarkably well.

IF, that is, you take Fed Money Printing into account.

In the following chart, I line up the 1929 era day-by-day and lay it against our Aggregate Index. The Fed has made up 35% more money since the March Lowers this year.   The results are instructive to say the least:

In our work, Ahamed’s contexts are instructive.  This “papering over collapse” eventually ends.  Which is why stare for hours at those two green “trading boxes” as future history unfolds.

With Dow futures up this morning, we are drawn like moths to a flame:  Today?  A spectacular “relief Rally” is likely.  But in the end, unless Trump defeats an overwhelming mob, we will likely stumble along the tracks into the Second Great Depression.

If he wins, the coup leaders will take it to the streets and martial law may be used to put down what will essentially be a communist revolution by stupid local proxies.

Headlines Then?

Prepaid taxes, seeds, fuel, winter clothing, good walking shoes, a water source in winter?  You really care about these?

Foreshadowing here? “We’re Not Guinea Pigs!” – Brazilians Protest São Paulo Governor’s Mandatory Vaccination Push.

With another nod toward our “Barbarians at the Mall” report of several years ago, it’s all coming to pass. America’s malls under pressure: CBL, Pennsylvania REIT, file for bankruptcy.

Or, instead, find more forward thinking mirroring ours in Brace yourselves for the coming days.

Not much in the way of actual financial news, but once the election is over, the Fed is meeting Wednesday, ADP job numbers come out, as well.  And then Friday we’ll get the Federal job report.

For now, time to put on the feed bag and await whatever.  Quality time with people you love and who love you back – that’s the wealth to acquire.

Write when you get rich,


74 thoughts on “Damn-Mob-Crazy vs. The Republic”

  1. Alinsky #9: The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

    Don’t be intimidated. Be wary, but go about your business.

  2. Morning George
    Great analysis. Would love to read the link but it’s broken :
    Brace yourselves “
    Thanks and I wish us good luck !!

  3. Stimulous? Where to you read in our founding documents Feds have any authority to take money from one citizen (taxes) and give to another citizen because they have fallen on hard times. There is no authority for this and it leads citizens to look to the Feds to solve all their problems. This situation sucks, but making more people reliant on the Feds will not help. People need to participate in their communities and church’s and whatever other local organizations that offer help. The items should be voluntary for citizens to provide assistance to their fellow citizens that want assistance. Those organizations are best to evaluate if those folks are deserving. And no you are not deserving for simply existing. Do they offer any value to help others or their community. This robinhood mentality has to end. We are supposed to be a republic of free people not of thousands of little dictators.

    • You, Joe, are far too rational for irrational times. The coup has already claimed success, stonewalling Trump by denying him a full term in office – one cut short by 75% by infiltration, subversion, obfuscation, and ‘lies oft told.’

      It is harvest time.

      It is right to fear for your country but also to prepare for your family.

      When the do-overs end, a scuffle follows.

      • You wrote “denying him a full term in office” so either you have had a woo-woo dream that he won’t make it until the next inauguration or you’ve drank the Flavor Aid. (It was primarily Flavor Aid in Jonestown, plus some Kool-Aid.)

        Regardless, you’ve had those lights on your noggin a little too long if you blame other people for the problems that were created by Trump, day after day, hour after hour, tweet after tweet.

    • And where in the founding document’s does it say that they can steal from the citizens and give it to the to big to fail,use it to bail out the banks,buy the politician’s to pass laws for only their benefit,our dictators are that special group that buys up the government and all its branch’s,here in this state they suck up anywhere from $4-$5 billion dollars in every budget and people still don’t get it that the complete government is corrupt on every level corrupt to the bone, as they rush to join the circus every time a politician comes to town and regardless of the party,and its getting worse with every circus that comes to town.Do people know it of course they do but its been this way for so long that they think its just the way of doing business, and that’s not going to change for there are always excuses for their man,and now the parties hate each other and what’s that going bring as the country circles the drain.Order your seeds early your going to need them and include some popcorn for intermission.!!!!

      • I agree.
        I contend that, no matter how honest a person is when they throw their hat in, the system will corrupt them over time, and no matter how well-meaning they are, they will eventually sell out to their Party.

        I personally know exactly one politician who was honest going in, remained honest through two terms, and resigned, an honest man… He’s also an ex-SEAL who took his oath with the seriousness intended.

      • “I contend that, no matter how honest a person is when they throw their hat in, the system will corrupt them over time, and no matter how well-meaning they are, they will eventually sell out to their Party.”

        I agree Ray.. not a one of them entered the office intending to be corrupted.
        It doesn’t take much the lulling effect and the fact that they are in the bubble..snd only hear or see one side.. my hope and dreams are that if my friend gets elected that he is able to maintain his honesty.. I have my doubts I could though since I’m pretty sure that I’d even be swayed. Both sides can be debated and the constant ffg low of cash and gifts vacations etc. Aling with being disconnected from reality of the peoples needs.

    • Joe, when I was a kid, “welfare” was something administered and distributed by the local churches. It was not just the Amish who had “barn-raisings.” If someone needed help, the congregation would help. When someone else needed help, those who had received were expected to contribute. People would take turns at the community soup kitchens, feeding the poor. If someone became destitute in their old age, they went to live at the Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian (etc.) home.

      Then came State Departments of Public Welfare, and folks could get stuff for free, without the “give back” expectation of the churches… And THEN came “The Great Society,” Lyndon Johnson’s Federal takeover of the State’s DPWs (among other things.) If you read or listen to Black pundits, they will pound LBJ for the breakup of Black families. However, the “Great Society” affected many more Whites than Blacks (not by percentages, but by sheer numbers) and contrary to what the pundits say, was not therefore primarily racial in its effect.

      What it was, was the onset of “classism” in the United States — throwing poor and LMC people of all ethnicities into a new “bottom caste” of society from which escape would be very difficult. I remember hearing a lot of kids talk about their parents divorcing, to live together, because of the tax advantages. ‘Thing is, once legally divorced, there’s a lot less incentive to put in the work required to maintain any relationship. The kids’ parents would argue (as all people do), one or both would play the “divorced” card, then a parent (usually the father) would leave.

      • “People would take turns at the community soup kitchens, feeding the poor. If someone became destitute in their old age, they went to live at the Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian (etc.) home.”

        Amen Ray… when I started working in healthcare..it was a volunteering event.. the pastor would get up and say mr. Smith is staying at the home he requires more assistance than the daughter or son can give.. you went and helped out..you weren’t paid ..it was a gand given.. if you needed a hand on a project the same thing. Jerry needs a hand shingling his house.. everyone came..
        I just dropped off a months worth of food this morning to a young lady that has lost her job frustrated scared and no unemployment compensation in sight because of covid19.. I will help her with this months rent and utilities as well.. just to ease her burdens. It’s how it should be done.
        The mormon church use to be like that but a lot has changed in the last few years..

  4. Whoa Nellie

    Starting the week with nice fat helping of negativity – cheers Grumpasoreass.
    – its always darkest before the dawn, or its always darkest before a Trump landslide victory.

    See Ya lil evil goblin of a globalist, dr. falsie.

    Bribem is soo lost – yesterday in PA, he held up the embroidered Blue Hen (Univ Delaware Mascot) on jacket he was wearing to show the Pennsy “crowd” he was Wearing his E-A-G-L-E-S jacket! duuhoh!
    The man has 2 brain cells Left in his swiss cheese brain, one is Lost, the other is out looking for it.

    G – got any thoughts on why Arctic Ice Sea Ice did not freeze this October? Salinity change ? Nope – below average this year.

    At the same time Greenland Ice Sheet (August) All time record Monthly Gain in surface ice. Algos unable to compute data for Aug2020 correctly. They R unable compute the Ice gain, only Ice loss. duuoh.

    Hey Mike, Can you & 99 Engineers splain dat? While Ure at it – U all splain how the Antarctic Sea Ice Extent 2020 is Above the 1981-2010 benchmark Avg?

    G -as a student of the Cycles, Grand cycles ect, howz about a little breakdown the
    12k year Earth/Sun Cycle ?
    Reason for the “squeezing” dundunDUN! The Gothenbrg Event.

    – When ? What is Magnetic Excursion?
    “Darkly he thought”.. what the hell is going on up in the Eurasian Basin/Gekel Ridge? Global Current models are currently blocking out data/North Pole currents. There have been screen shots captured&saved of Redhot – Straightline current shooting out of blacked out area..
    Wanna to hazard a guess as to what cracking the Earths crust up at North Pole will do to planet? Earths crust could never do a 180 and put the Poles on the Equator ala Ure GCE ? Head hurt yet?
    good – says here we going HIGHER after the Election..as my lil buddy Buz liked to say ..”to Infinity, and Beyond!” 40ThouDowNow.

  5. Heard over the weekend that the bookies in London have Trump at 80% for a win. Lets hope they’re as accurate as they were in ’16.

  6. Americans — probably all people, everywhere — want fast solutions and simple answers to frequently complex questions.

    Not. Gonna. Happen.

    Lots and lots of pure BS are flying around right now — some of it extremely scary.

    Mark Twain famously said, “In my time, I’ve had many problems, but fortunately, most of them never happened.”

    Here is Wisdom:
    We will know very little of any use before Wednesday or Thursday at the very earliest. So why get yourself into a lather before then?
    Prep? Sure. Perfectly prudent for many possible Bad Days. But keep it between the lines until and unless a Truly Horrible Situation actually begins to unfold.

    Until then, it’s all talk and anticipatory hysteria.

    Most of the Talking Heads on TeeVee are full of shit, and have no better idea than you do as to what will really happen.

    Most likely, a lot of shouting and hollow threats, and Not Much in Reality.

    Call me Friday.

    Nothing EVER happens just like you think (fear) it will.


      • Got a full gallon of Tanguray (or however they spell that) and plenty of limes and tonic wasser.

        Also got plenty of crucial paper in rolls.
        Fukkit beyond that, until TSHTF.

        Listening 269.3 MHz as POTUS approaches KFAY. Nothing heard yet. But if I was CommBoss, I’d make them use a “funny” 300 MHz channel. Too many goddam scanners in the world…

        11:30am Nov 2

    • Love the Mark Twain quote! Yes, we are living in the time of Hyperbole!! We will be fine. Maybe a few urban areas get a few more tries at looting, but hey, that’s been happening for decades now. Maybe, some folks will decide that large metro complexes may not be the best place to be.

      But yes, life moves on. I watched the 60’s unfold as a young boy – protests, lots of rioting in nearby Baltimore, but I was always safe and sound. By the time I was in late high school, it was like, ‘the sixties?’ ‘Oh yea, I think Vietnam happened. Yea, that’s right. ‘ By the fall of 1976 (my freshman year at Duke), we were all dancing at fraternity parties to Bozz Scags doing the Lido Shuffle. The 60’s were forgotten.

  7. Come on people…chins up. My broker just called me and said the Street is already celebrating a Biden win today. Every news site and Cable biz network is saying the same thing. I am all in. Why? Jobs will skyrocket under Biden. New long term paradigm shifting jobs in AI tech, greenTech, space tech, EdgeComputing, VR/AR, Cybertech, Blockchain 2.0 and Bio-tech. There Re country wide manufacturing opps for all too…Silicon Valley is setting up a minor league system in small cities around the country to compete and the reward is the big, big money on earths most beautiful region…Northern CA. Silicon Valley isn’t just the South Bay anymore. It encompasses the more affordable areas such as Tahoe, Shasta, Napa, Sonoma, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Sacramento regions as well. I am on One of the Peninsula panels to make it happen. I see only positivity in my future and the future of this great country.

    . Don’t be led astray by what Garbage the alt right Is feeding you. There’s always opportunity at every turn…Even despite the curveballs Trump through at us. California made the adjustment. There’s just more of that open source opportunity with Biden/ Harris. That’s a fact folks. Don’t be fools and vote in another 4 years of BS and chaos. Please!!!!

    • You may be absolutely, totally right.

      But, lemme tell ya a very short story:

      On election night 2016, a pal in NYPD told a spooky friend of mine at 3PM on election day — 3PM note that carefully — that the Klintoons had just CANCELLED the Big Fireworks Display scheduled for the NYC river (I forget now which river) as part of their huge celebration.

      3PM. If you know how Event Insurance works, you’ll instantly know why.


      They knew at 3PM, and strung us all along — including Rip Reed of See B.S. and all his mediawhore pals until much later.

      Thursday. Maybe. Much later, more likely.

      What will be, will be. (Either way.)

      Deal with it.


    • I would get a new broker – Immediately.

      If they actually told U that – 1) should be selling Used Cars. 2) should be selling Real Estate 3) In congress Selling the “green new deal”

      “the Street is already celabrating a biden win today” – Pure comedy gold..

    • Mark,,good to know, we need more George Soros, Open Society, and Lincoln Project and not more of this evidence shown here

      I mean, after all we are best friends with China and their head spy, are we not?

      The Roths like to bust the economy and buy cheap when the blood runs in the street. History, anybody? Soros is part of Rothschilds rule

    • I don’t know what broker you are talking to but the big money win’s with Trump.
      Biden is crook and an idiot. Give me break.

    • “Jobs will skyrocket under Biden.”

      You truly believe this, Mark? I don’t. You should reread William of the Radio Ranch post. He’s making more sense than 99% of posts written these days.

    • I had already figured he was the next president by hook or by crook..

      Always remember what my wise ole Daddy always said..
      Be careful what you wish for young man.. you might just get it..
      and you have been a wishen and a hopen for a long time now.. even when he comes right out and says he wants what you have.. he sure in the heck doesn’t want my good tupperware.. he can get butter dishes at any landfill

      You have been wishing for the democratic party take over for a long time now.. and as we all know.. historically all the really bad things happen under a a liberal regime..

    • wise and informed investors hate chaos and uncertainty. they prefer the candidate who brings stability and certainty.

  8. What incentive does Trump have to do a stimulus? Well, to do his frickin job for the people, for a change. Hasn’t done it for 3.5 years, I suppose he won’t start now.

    • “Yes.”

      It is actually newspeak. If one digests “Progressive policies” they will soon see that they are not “progressive, but “regressive.”

      “Progressivism” is a political ideology which deigns to drive (or regress) a population into a completely centralized system of governance where a single person has absolute authority over each subjects’ life, health, and actions — Just like an absolute monarchy.

  9. When investing you can’t point both ways & hope to make money. And making money is what it is all about. No matter who wins, the Fed money machine won’t slow down. That says UP. What’s will be hot…tech & bio. Follow the money!

  10. I think it is safe to say that all the liberal cities on the East and Left coast know what is really going to happen i.e.; a Trump win. Why else start boarding thing up days before the election? The polls have been crap and provided to discourage and assuage Trump voters from voting. From all indications today, they underestimated them again. most people have turned off the CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC & ABC. They are literally the media arm of the left.
    It also appears that Biden/left underestimated the blame and hysteria regarding the pandemic. Young people do not want another economic shut down. Young people will be driven to vote for Trump/Pence for that reason alone. Then there is the oil comment disaster. Biden stepped in it and the left, along with anyone else with a brain knows it. Stopping oil production and Fracking in 10-20 years is not doable.
    I say all this to support Ure in understanding what is going to happen. What happened this past summer in the riots and cancel movement was a trial run of what is to come when Trump wins. Only this time it becomes full scale armed revolution and insurrection. They are planning on it and are mobilizing for it as we speak. If you’re not prepared you will be at risk!!
    2020 ain’t over by a long shot!! 2021 won’t be much better!

    • I think you nailed it Wayne. My Liberal friends have been telling me that the Coronavirus is going to bring Trump down. I told them it is the opposite. The left wing polls are really missing this one!

    • IMO the “demonstrators” are going to hit the streets and riot, regardless the apparent outcome tomorrow, or the final outcome (whenever.) They are salivating over the prospect and I don’t think even a Trump or Biden landslide would deter them. The Presidential Election nor its outcome is not what motivates them…

      Mr. Trump being forced to declare martial law is a possibility, but I believe he’d pursue the Insurrection Act instead, thereby not “punishing” those parts of the country which remain peaceful. OR… should he lose by a landslide, saying: “F’em all, let it burn…”

      I believe Trump will win the Election — That doesn’t mean he’ll be re-elected, after Cleveland, Miami, and Philly count 104% of their Democratic votes and Chicago raises the dead again, and the 50,000 Philly wannabees around the country “count” their ballots.

      I also believe if Biden gets in on a “hanky” after-election count, it will create the rift which will ensure the downfall of the U.S.

  11. re your comment: “What is Donald Trump’s incentive to hand out money to people who didn’t support him should he lose?” Well, there is no incentive, especially if one trying to follow in the footsteps of countries like North Korea – countries with dictatorships.

  12. “Point is, Americans are – in my view – lied to on a regular basis and they don’t seem to care.”

    They don’t have time…..
    When I was young.. my parents would read the paper sit around after supper and discuss the worlds happenings.. stores were all shut down on sundays so that family day could be there.. Mom stayed at home with the kids as the adult influence..
    it was that way when I first had kids to.. mom stayed home dad worked.. everyone had insurance for medical part time anythime full time you got family coverage.. for part time you had to purchase it..
    after deregulation and the Reagan recession NAFTA and the outsourcing of jobs.. times changed.. Mom had to go to work.. dad works two jobs… now theres one out of two dependent on social programs to just survive..
    they are forced to go with the system.. accept it or you don’t make it..
    they care but don’t have time to really listen or read about what is going on.. so they listen to the mainstream media sources.. they connect to family and friends on the go via facebook and social media..

  13. My loved one lives 2K miles away and won’t move. I did visit her last month for as long as possible consistent with maintaining my own secure space here. That was worth all the Covid and other risks I might have incurred. Some people cannot understand real risks and really important things, and all we can do is love them regardless. Perhaps her priorities are right for her. I’m concerned that travel will become increasingly risky and difficult as the country becomes less stable. Her location is IMHO, unsustainable in bad times. I’ll be paying my RE taxes for the year this month, but that’s as far in advance as we’re able to in this state. Acquiring seeds makes sense, as does topping up food, tools, supplies, etc. Water is not an immediate concern for me here right now, but the potential for stupidity and violence is present everywhere. Desperate people who lose everything will certainly lose it emotionally! Pay special attention to security matters – you will have to sleep sometime. Compassion is important, as are boundaries and priorities.

  14. Watching from Canada, I see thousands show up for Trump, yet handfuls for Biden. The only conclusion frightens me. People are not voting for Biden, they are voting against Trump. That kind of mindset leads only to self destruction. Unless you are voting policy that moves forward, your choice destroys. The left needs to wake up before they commit suicide. One only has to see the path communist China went down with the death of millions in their experiments, to see how bad things can go in the hands of the untrained.

  15. “I could see Trump thinking “Screw these people – they want Mob Rule they can have it…”

    I still can’t figure out why Mr. Trump wanted to run again anyway.. its obvious our whole economic system is toast.. we don’t have enough revenue in the usa to pay off the deficit.. the interest is going like a blazing flash and our industry lies in shambles sent off to another country. the hourly wage earners are in a state of poverty and now after the covid incident and leaving the velocity of cash moving they are even more dependent on the resources available..
    His family his friends and he has been under constant and attacks that should horrify anyone and discourage anyone from even wanting to be in office since before he even took office..
    the choice pick from the media is one that is suspected of some pretty horrible crimes.. that has the connections and the power to nullify those crimes and make it seem like they are sanctioned not only by the country but by every legal system this country has..
    I would have walked away.. let them have it..
    Even If trump does win.. he cannot win the citizens of the country loose in the end…. the democratic party has already demonstrated that they are willing to spend countless billions of dollars to discredit anything he attempts to do to fix the broken system.. the people are to dependent on the system for their survival that they will follow whatever they say..
    the correction has to happen.. we have kited the economy to the max the country is split on a variety of issues.. the economy and the dollar will fail I see a Weimar depression coming. my guess is they will push for a war someplace to try and lift the countries economy .. lets face it.. DJT had a false flag event every three months trying to get us in one.. a war and deaths from covid will cut back the population letting illegal refugees storm the borders and take funds and jobs that could help the citizens of the usa.. just a minor hickup to push the average wage earner deeper into poverty and dependence..
    I know I am dependent.. I will do what they say.. no arguments.. and so are the vast majority of the rest of the wage earners..

    • BLPG…
      Unfortunately if it deals with the corrupt few.. it will all be hidden and forgotten..
      Deemed fake news.. the Russians did it.
      Or there will be a huge misdirection staged to point the attention to another area..
      When someone has that kind of power and control it’s pretty much useless to try and correct it..
      The beltway bubble..

  16. George is absolutely correct that this is the worst election of our lifetimes. In my 68 years I have never seen such appalling political behavior. The minority party used to be called the ‘loyal opposition’… because although they opposed the party in power, they were still loyal to AMERICA and all it stood for. No more. The power wielding, corrupt politicians and deep state operatives are having an absolute hissy fit and don’t even try to cover up or deny their intentions.

    The so called ‘antifa’ idiots would do well to consider that they are an integral part of the present FASCIST union of corporations, media, and deep state bureaucrats that think they run this country their own way.

    I don’t often express my politics, but I grew up in the midwest with what are now called ‘conservative’ values, so I know the mindset of the ‘flyover’ states. Trumps first win was a resounding vote AGAINST the liberal idiocy and corrupt Clintonista politics. Then we got to witness the demonrats sedition, treason, and attempted COUP against a sitting president. The DISLOYAL opposition. The liberal left has now gone farther out into left field than ever before, and they don’t seem to realize that their ‘acting out’ now is EXACTLY what fomented the Trump revolt among conservatives in 2016. It should be apparent now comparing the crowds at Trump rallies versus Biden rallies. The left desperately hope that even running a corrupt, mentally deficient candidate doesn’t matter if they whip up enough TDS to gather ‘anti-Trump’ votes. And oh, yeah, steal a few thousand fraudulent votes and pack the ballot boxes, too.

    I don’t vote. It would be useless for me here in this single party Democrat-machine state. Hawaii will send democrat electors no matter what. We are the home of ‘Crazy Mazie’ Hirono in congress, remember. I support Trump, but a vote for him here is worthless. It is apparent to me here that Trump has massive popular support. He may not be the best president, but he is the ONLY thing that stands against all the political corruption that runs this country now. If the demonrats manage to steal this election with their corrupt and fraudulent ways, I mourn for this country. Either way, it is going to be a very rough ride. Prep up and fasten Ure seatbelts!

    • HANK,,,go VOTE,,make the bastards count your vote,,it will never change if you do not stand up and make your voice heard

  17. Comrades,

    As previously noted, adult ghosts and goblins had erected a seasonal display on the front lawn of the provincial first minister on Saturday evening.

    Today, on the first day of the second covid-19 Code Red dictated to the region by the Public Health Officer serving at the pleasure of the first minister, the latter took to the moving pictures. Expressing dismay at reports of Saturday evening parties in what should have been a time of sombre, solitary reflection, and the issuance of only three (!) covid-19 violation tickets through all of last week; he advised that he is considering the rollout of a night-time curfew because he has the hammer to do so, no doubt a reference to his curling game. One thinks he nailed it.

    • Halloween is one of my favorite hollidays.. I love to see the kids roaming around with their costumes on.. this year.. I just placed a big container of candy out on the porch with a sign saying happy Halloween help yourself.. I did see a couple of the kids though.. one was a big teddy bear it was one of the cutest costumes I have ever seen.. it was a blow up costume..
      from what I heard that is what the vast majority of the people did .. set out a bowl of candy.. they also had a drive through Halloween display.. at the end they gave every child a big bag of candy..

  18. “Point is, Americans are – in my view – lied to on a regular basis and they don’t seem to care.”

    They might care, if they knew they were lied to, but they don’t.

    “In a very odd way, Depressions are logical things.”

    I agree.

    “They follow a “logic” that leads to horrible consequences, but it’s “logical” within bound.”

    I don’t agree. A “depression” is a recession + a famine (and you didn’t include this with your definition) PLUS a series of stupid or irrational decisions by people whose jobs or personalities are at inflection points, where their influence is outsized or exaggerated. You have to have horrible decisions, or an Act of God, (or sometimes both), to create truly horrible consequences…

  19. “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”

    -Abraham Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois, January 27, 1838

  20. absolutely astonished . screw the election . I am in horror at the numbers on my work .. is everyone asleep, vegetables? do you know how bad the numbers are ? do people think that we just guess ? self interest that great garbage that dalio and salty use is worthless .. I think I have tried long enough to warn people . this is the greatest setup I have ever seen .please just go outside take a deep breath and think that something is really wrong . please

  21. I will only add one thing to the discussion.

    3 months ago I attended a beautiful womans life celebration by happenstance. I just happened to walk in and it was happening. Very Physically Beautiful woman. She was married.

    Last night I found myself again in exactly the same Beautiful woman life celebration. Very Physically Beautiful woman.

    Eveything was almost identical except I sat on the other side of the room. And this time she was engaged.

    Someone changed things. Glitch in the Matrix? I do not know. I do know I was in the same exact celebration 3 months ago. Everything everyone said was the same. Except, it was 3 months ago and I sat on the other side of the room and she was married in the first event in the second she was just engaged.

    It was like the most mind bending dejavue I have ever experienced. Same exact event twice just a little different. I don’t know how it happened or why it happened or who caused it to happen again. Reality is a tricky thing.

    How could I experience the same event twice with a few details changed. The same event 3 months later and nobody around me none the wiser?

    Unless someone change the past and how can I be the only one who knew it happened or that experienced it 3 before.

    Butterfly effect? Plausible.

    The funny thing is. I’m not surprised any more by this stuff. At all. Although last night’s reoccurring event was truly remarkable.. my humble opinion is that they happen more often than not.

    Brings “Time Monk” in to a whole nother perspective and definition.

    Qui Gong?


    Beautiful Action. Well done.

    • 1111 at my 9 month anniversary of my 12th NDE dude. I give birth to what I created in my mind. Currently setting the stage and arrangements, opulence, decore, most excellent and effective service and delivery. Elegant and yet humble.


      It will be for the thinker. Who sees deeply. I imagine. With Sure permission, I will post the link here. All else, it shall stumble upon it. For I do not link myself to just any. One.

      Deliverance will be spuratic, phantastic, phenomenal, spuratic and sparklingly at first. This is a knew venture for mio.

      We shall see.

      Trip the light Fantastic.

      Have a wonderful election day. I know I will.

  22. All of you procrastinators get out and vote. The rest of you have a good day.

    I personally intend to use the power switch on my TV to filter out all the hateful partisan political talk. I will check a website Wednesday morning for the election news. I haven’t listened to the evening network news in months. BP has been better for it.

  23. Moriarty is a female organ . He sold out the old gold bulls with his new manure mates. This is. Tragic . Rack off moriarty

  24. “All of you procrastinators get out and vote. The rest of you have a good day.”

    Wow N_____ today I went to vote like I always do….
    I usually walk up and there might be one or two in front of me but am in and out in less than five minutes.. today..
    there was a line.. almost an hour wait to get in.. I have never in my life seen a line like that at the voting booth.. maybe in the big cities but here.. not so much.. it was insane everyone and their pet dog is coming out to vote today..
    young old and in between..

  25. LOL. Finally.. my wife has finally discovered Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus Hulu and Peacock. She has changed her television viewing choices to them rather than Cable.. give it a few weeks and I think I might be able to finally dump the expensive cable …

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