Woo-Woo:  A Report From The Realms

Introduction: By day, that is, when awake, I’m a pretty normal 70-year old male.  Writer, beautiful wife, and semi-retired on 29-acres of state park-like land among the towering pines of East Texas.  By night, however…well, let’s just say things change.  I’m a oneironaut; one who  has lucid dreams, many of which are remembered upon return to “this side” of the waking/sleeping divide.  Occasionally, I will share one when the content seems useful, entertaining, or both.

There had been a tragic fire.  A small barn, perhaps 20-by-20 feet had burned to the ground.  In it had been a horse.  Due to the nature of physics in The Realms, there was nothing of the horse left, but his “essence” or spirit.  Because of my abilities, I had the duty of removing this “essence” for burial.

The barn was set on a low, rolling hilltop.  Green as an emerald and it felt like springtime.  As I entered the building’s smoldering ashes, dragging a red hand truck behind me, it didn’t take long to find the “essence.”

In these worlds, an essence – the spirit remains after a death – are more apparent than in the waking world.  The horse’s was about the size of a small pillow; the size you’d find on any sofa in the waking world.

Two things were surprising about its essence, however.  First, it was clear.  Almost totally transparent.  To such a degree that if you weren’t looking directly at it, moving your head just-so, you’d miss it.  Secondly, it was very heavy.  Transferring it onto the hand truck, it occurred to me it must weigh 40-pounds – much heavier than expected.

There was a “knowing” that came with all this.  As I’d written in my book Psychocartography, in the waking-state, we don’t find, let alone see, such spiritual essence.  It’s there, but due to  waking world physics, it’s different here.

In The Realms, though, apparent weights vary.  Depends which world you’re visiting.

Another knowing from my sad disposal duty was realizing this matter of “spiritual mass” (as in physics, not Catholicism) was the reason witches formed into covens.  If a spirit is strong (as this horse was) it had greater spiritual mass.  In order to overcome this, and work evil, it takes multiple evil-workers to overwhelm a positive essence’s mass..

Ignorance of these spiritual mechanics in the waking-world is widespread.  Yet, on inspection, people “attend church” and participate in “civic groups and clubs” at an almost unconscious level.  Grouping instinctively to counteract a pernicious evil set on global (waking world) domination.

What’s a shame is that the waking world is not aware of such spiritual warfare.  Indeed, a read of headlines supports the notion that evil has been slowly breaking-down any bright spots of spiritual light-working.  They focus on specific groups (*in sequence) to undermine and subvert the “good” groups, along with their teaching and ideals.  They don’t want “good” in the waking-state world.  Distraction and division are their tools.

Spiritual Dowsing

My visits are usually not so morbid.  The feeling quickly passed, knowing that my spiritual “work” was done.

As soon as complete, I had became aware of a female spiritual presence – it was my wife Elaine.  We’ve been working on a technique I call “dreaming over.”  (It was the basis for my first novel of the same title.)

She looked different on this visit; another “trick of The Realms.”  We often encounter kindred-spirits from our waking-states.  But, they don’t appear the same in dreams.  Yet, once you touch their essence, you can identify them.

Elaine (in this lucid dream) was asking me to explain how I could see the essence of the horse.  She’d been standing nearby and hadn’t seen it.  From her perspective, there may have been something heavy on the hand truck, but she had a hard time seeing it.  Only a fleeting sense now and then.

I offered her instruction on how to find essences.

You begin with a spirit dowsing-stick.  We looked around for what seemed like five-minutes, until I found a suitable candidate.

The spirit dowsing-stick should be a bit weather-worn, but not so much that any rot has set in.  The bark should be gone.  And if must be absolutely dry because when dowsing for essences, even the tiniest hint of moisture will “short-out” the dowse.

I did my first dowsing (in the waking-world) when young.  My late uncle Stanley had given me a pair of thin 3-foot long brass curtain rods and instructed me in the art.  “Walk across the yard,” he instructed. “You’ll know when you connect...” he chuckled.

As I did, there was a point where the rods seemed to come alive and “take on a life of their own.”  They crossed – it was strong too –  and I was flabbergasted.  It wasn’t me, it was them. It was like they had plugged in to an energy source; independent of me, but somehow I was part of…well, what?..

In The Realms, it’s the same effect;  similar in that one-with-the-energy way.

Holding the spirit dowsing-stick.  One cubit, i.e. from the elbow to longest finger in length, one can feel something like “small winds” – essences –  move the spirit-stick this way or that.

Essence can be gently prodded and they will delicately reveal themselves as small local perturbations in space-time.  Which  what  we “essences” are.  Space-time wrinkles.

Held at the middle, the spirit-stick can guide you to your next destined adventure.  Holding it tightly in the left hand, you’ll feel a strong wind when the time of action is at hand.

The knowing is that you walk directly into that wind blowing the spirit-stick.  The greater the resistance the more “on course” you are.  It was fun showing how this worked.

In a twinkling, we found ourselves… on a houseboat???

Aboard the Houseboat

Word of our arrival at the houseboat preceded us; because  there were a dozen, or so, locals including a couple of politicians from Arrival City, who’d come to by to visit and introduce themselves.

The condition of the boat was poor.  It was straight enough, and certainly not rickety. Deck was sound. But the inside was a mess.  The furniture was dusty, the cabinets had dirt, bits of food, and even what looked like a cigarette butt or two.  Curiously, though, there was no smell.  Just the fresh-air scent of being back on the water.

Elaine sizing-up the shabby dining area and immediately got busy “projecting” (thought-sharing) how she would add some of our own furniture and decorations.  She had a great design in mind; deep reds and browns with an almost regal feel to it.

Suddenly, I snapped back to the (dream) reality, realizing the guests were leaving.  Seems most were disappointed by the appearance of the houseboat.  We assured them we would have it up to snuff in short-order.  They’d be back.

The Curious Cruise

Events took a turn now.  We were moored as the outer of two houseboats along a shoreline next to a freeway.  The freeway headed west, up a hill and over a bridge through a cut in a low-lying hill.   The neighbor’s boat was between us and the shoreline.  We had mooring pilings on the open side so our spot was well-secured.

We had boarded via a “gang plank” from shore to the neighboring houseboat, and then a second over to our houseboat.  With the neighbors gone, we seemed stranded.  Then instantly a small dinghy materialized.  We went ashore to deal with an electrical issue.

Seems our houseboat had an electrical source that needed servicing.  Someone (not us) had given permission for the unit to be taken to a shop.  This shop owners were crooks.  They had plans for our unit.  Electrical sources are highly valued in this world.  The shop planned to repaint our unit and sell it to the government for a big profit.  The planned to give us a third-rate replacement..

I put a stop to that demanding they return our unit or I would call the authorities.  When they balked, I pointed out that neither Elaine nor I had authorized the equipment’s removal.  We;d see them in jail in short-order.

Their next ploy was to claim the unit was too heavy to move.  These sources are about 3-feet by 3 and 2 feet high and weigh about 250 pounds.  “No problem, I will move it myself…” Which I did.

A knowing about “old man strength” came with this.  As we get older and our spirits more in charge of our bodies, we get tougher as we age.  There are stories of it in waking-world, like this one.

Elaine had put the houseboat’s bow over to the shoreline enabling me to reload the electrical source.  That done, we were able to get underway.  Taking the houseboat out would be fun.

Our neighbors had departed to the east and we headed west.

If you’ve been over the Evergreen Point Bridge in Seattle, the scene was similar to the stretch from west of the Arboretum (westbound) over Portage Bay and up into the hill crossing under Eastlake.  Day residue?  From 30-years ago?  An oddly stylized version, it wasn’t the same – quite different.

Passing under the bridge and along the shoreline,  we saw the most curious thing ever – and remember, we’ve spent a lot of time on the water.

There was a small boat coming by us, passing starboard, that looked (at first) like a huge nuclear submarine’s sail.  What the hell? This was at least 35-feet tall.

But, as it passed, it was revealed to be someone’s idea of a joke! The whole 35-foot towering structure of the sub’s sail had been built on a 26-foot long, very wide beam and extremely low hull.  Real low, like 8-inches of free-board, or less.

At first glance, though, it really looked like a real nuclear sub.  But when it passed, the illusion broke down…

Watching it go by, I was taken by the thought “I wonder if the US Navy has such craft?  It would be cheap and effective as a ruse…

One could make the “fake sub” out of the same “blow-up fun-house material” that you see for kids to play in.  Except it was super-thin fiberglass-like material.  Looked real as all get-out. From the front, anyway.

Then another knowing showed up:  There wasn’t just one such craft, but actually two.  Only one was present.

At this, I made a note to myself to jump back to the waking-state side and write down these adventures..  None of us get off this world alive, but learning to “jump worlds” via dreams seems a useful strategy to hold onto..

The thing about being a oneironaut is this kind of adventuring happens almost every night, if you work at it.  On waking, you might remember only three or four dreams with this level of detail each week.  It’s more than enough.  Like going to your own Indiana Jones adventure when your eyes close.

Somewhere in the process you realize that when you die, you might be able to stay in one of these Realm adventure worlds.  If you’re having grand ones, how cool would that be?

Give yourself time when you wake in the morning and try to recall your dreams.  Before sleep, work to make sure you don’t live an “angry life” in the waking-state (because that will totally pollute your adventures in The Realms).  Centered here, centered there.  Angry here and the anger will turn on you in your dreams.  There’s a balancing act between sleep and waking worlds.

In your dreams, give yourself permission to be a co-creator with the All Powerful and yes, give yourself permission to journal it and sketch it.

A fine bit of woo-woo everyone can work at. Part spiritual instruction center and, who knows,, perhaps a bit of remote viewing…,  Since last Sunday morning, I’ve been scanning headlines for word of two submarines.

You never know.…

Write when you get rich…


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  1. I know where this is. New London Connecticut electric boat builds submarines across the river from the Academy

    • Hi, Marianne –

      Interesting you know where Gereoge’s place is, collaboration. Post a linky to the Google maps. :)

  2. your group spiritual efffort sound like the callahan’s pub series by spider robinson.

  3. I saw the exact picture that you saw except it was on the internet somewhere just yesterday I think but it was I’ll try to find it it was a fake submarine it look like a submarine but it was really not a submarine

  4. George – your comment – ‘you might be able to stay in one of these Realm adventure worlds.’ How do we know that we have not already died and we are in a dream realm? I suspect we are already in a dream realm, and for some people, a nightmare and for others, a pleasant dream!

      • You know, eye uhh i uhh aya I been ME and me and Mii for a long time, one could day I been all 3. Ever been to ‘pleasantville’ George?

        What color was the submarine? What color was the house boat? Color or colours tell us certain things, in them realms. Uhem relms.

        Ive been working with number so much lately my head is just swiming with them. Ever notice license plates on cars? I see them by the hundreds of thousands every day. They tell ya many things and there is numbers all around us all the time, eveything from addresses, id numbers, license numbers, bus route numbers, hwy numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers written on walls by graffiti artists, sports players and phone numbers, #’s like the pound sighn. I was noticing that license numbers are like hexadecimal. and a few other things. All these numbers come in differnt series and combinations, like a sea of perversion, all bidding for attention. Each color is represented by a tone and a planet. Like dark blue is also Saturn, yellow or gold the sun, grey mercury, red mars etc. Etc.

        So what was the address of this house boat? What color was the Sub? They say the “devil” is in the details. What color was the address on the house boat? i presume the Barm was red, red is mars the God of war among other things. War horse is dead?

        Since you are “economic driven” mind set. Got any details???? A fals sub could mean a false flag attack, or a false economy with no depth? Or a false economy that will not sink? Depends alot on the colors and numbers given… and a few other things.

        I got something wrong the other day. Yep, it happens.

        The power ball is the female. and megamillions is a male. The power ball is the egg. I had them switched around. The mega millions represents the seed and is Blue. Blue for boys. Red is for girls,
        they blead once a month, and the little egg fals out.

        However Jesus is known for Red too. Since HIS words are always highlighted and read in Red. Red also means closed, stop, wait, danger, hot!, inaccessibility etc. Etc.

        Geen means go, open, proceed, safety, cool, living, etc. Etc.

        I am uhhh reinventing myself.

        Remember way back about, i guess its been about 8 years ago, i had my location as 888 and my avatar the Alchemy symbol for gold and the sun, and i had my title as ‘powerball’ on the old bot forum. Seems like alot of that is manifesting in my life correctly and currently.

        Im by all means being redesigned, may haps a new rate of vibration and frequency. Un s-ure yet.

        So spill the beans,

        What color was the sub? Address on the house boat? Color of the house boat? Color of the barn, the coulors in the house boat? Color and name on the house or noat next to it. Etc.

        Sorry, so long. Im righting yhis with my eyes closed, usimg the mind of my soul to see.

  5. google us coast guard academy Thames river new London. Switch to satellite view and you will see overpass and small marinas down river from sub base

  6. As for the horse and barn, what about that Preakness Stakes race yesterday? Bodeexpress threw its jockey at the starting gate and proceeded to run not one but two laps around the track on its own. It didn’t join the herd until the straightaway when all the horses picked up speed. That horse will be remembered on the ‘net far longer than anything else about the race.

  7. It would seem you are not only seeking an understanding of the spiritual realms, but are practicing the mechanics of such as a schooling experience. The messy boat might be a metaphor for the work you still feel you need to do. Your understanding of the corrupting effect of the waking world on what we internally know to be true about the spiritual world, is the dichotomy of our lives. Perhaps even in the garden of Eden, when being cast out, Adam and Eve suddenly needed clothing. Would indicate they started seeing themselves as only physical beings rather that totally spiritual beings. But that conundrum would need the paper of volumes to document. As for the submarines, I might say the spiritual realms have many borders and many levels, both accessible and inaccessible, depending on your internal thinking. As you have stated, anger or other negative emotions restrict accessibility to many levels. Possess a pure, kind, and radiant heart and all can be revealed to you. Perhaps the submarines are essence of George and his fixit guy nature. A nature curiosity about how things work.

  8. It is funny.. I am Razzed all the time about my faith..as a supposedly logical person..


    But I do… I have faith and I will tell you why.. is it woo woo.. is it divine intermission.. some leak in the veil in time .. or some inter dimensional being..I don’t know I don’t understand it.. but I know it is there.. dreams.. same thing..Have you ever dreamed of some place then found yourself there.. I have it is freaky.. to know what is in drawers or behind doors.. wow.. scary….


    then consider.. past writings..


    my first encounter that I know of…my guess is there are way more than I can count..

    wife had an experimental medical device implanted.. it was causing a lot of troubles she was sick all the time.. I worked in a nearby town.. the car broke down.. I had to walk in cold weather.. it was a really cold fall that year sub zero weather.. I froze my feet and hands no gloves or boots.. the plant closes..we almost starve to death I scrape grain up off of the ground for crude gruel.. and someone comes up and out of the blue.. not ever knowing who saves my butt..and my families.. best and worst christmas ever…

    the second time.. I am now working several jobs.. running a photo labe selling xmas trees and stocking shelves at the grocery store.. and working as santa clause at the mall.. tough times.. I of course didn’t really share any of them with anyone.. its my rodeo and I will ride that bucking bronco till I get to my winning moment.. then I thought I had the flu.. oh my god I had the flu sicker than heck..for a week I was nauseous didn’t eat because it would be coming right back out.. on that friday.. I had loaned my car to someone.. and they wanted to go to the store.. I was hungry.. boy was I a hungry boy.. I told them.. hey would you run to burger king get me a big wopper and fries and a coke.. I am starving.. they brought the food back..I wolfed it down finally feeling full I had a few hundred rolls of film to go on the dip n dunk.. so I run back into the darkroom and am putting the film on.. I pass out.. I am now sicker than I have ever been in my life.. it was horrible I couldn’t even stand up.. get out and tell my boss.. hey I have to go home.. I have the flu and boy am I sick.. I give my friend with the car a call and tell them I gotta go home.. he comes by and takes one look at me and says.. oh my god.. you look like you just died.. I am taking you to the hospital.. I get to the hospital and they rush me in.. seems I am bleeding internally.. after the exam they tell me you are being admitted.. they are going to start pumping the blood out.. but I know I have to come up with cash in four days or I will be evicted.. not to mention all the other bills.. and I don’t know what I am going to do about it.. and now the doctor is telling me that I will be in the hospital for some time..
    I go to the chapel.. a nice private place..I am the only one there.. I kneel and say a prayer.. a silent prayer.. and in the prayer I say of father.. I have been trying to ride this bronc myself and I can’t do it.. I don’t know where I can come up with the money so we can survive.. but I am letting you take care of that ride.. its all in your hands..
    three am.. I have a g tube in pumping the blood out and an IV in etc.. and I wake up.. god this is a dream.. but there is a guy standing at the foot of my bed.. he simply says.. here you need this more than me.. lays an envelope down.. I am instantly back to sleep.. the next morning.. there is an envelope at the end of the bed.. the nurse comes in sees it and says oh this must be yours and puts it in the night stand drawer.. I later open it and in it was just enough money to get me through till I could get back to work.. who was that shadowy guy.. I haven’t a clue..

    the third time happened not that long ago.. eleven percent medicare cuts.. they do the cut back higher paid employees.. my health had gone to hell in a hand basket.. and they had been for months trying to get me off of the health insurance.. my wife our soul income gets cut.. she has had a previous mini stroke that affected part of her hand on one side.. but now she is unemployed.. no income at all but we own a house car and crap we could sell.. you don’t qualify for any of the so called give away programs.. we did have a food stock and savings..It was horrible..we were running shy of cash when out of the blue someone I hadn’t seen since they were six or seven sends me a check.. in a note he says this may sound crazy but I had a dream about you and when I said morning prayers it came that I needed to send you some money.. just enough to get our household back up on its feet.. there was 49 cents left when the first new paycheck came in….

    NOW this week..
    My wifes coworker called the wife had off and she tells me her daughter was in this horrible accident.. would my wife come in and take her shift so she could run there.. ( the woman is notorious for finding reasons not to work.. it is the medical field and this is common)
    the next day I run into old co workers of mine that work in the field of emergency response.. I ask about this young ladies accident..there wasn’t one.. the coworker had made up the accident story but.. he starts to reminisce about an accident a few months ago where a young lady was taking her daughter to school and got hit by a drunk driver.. the drunk driver didn’t make it.. they thought the young woman was dead and the young child was ok but seriously hurt .. when they seen the womans hand move…and she was taken to the hospital where she was flight for lifed out to a regional hospital.. (after several surgeries and in intensive care she pulled out.. )
    I of course looked up the accident.. and was reading the newspaper accounts of it.. and my grand daughter came in.. she said oh yeah when she was at college this young college girl was the girl in the accident.. it was sad..

    now two days ago.. I was on line and seen this post made by a young woman.. beautiful young woman that says something about big and smelly guys.. it struck me as humorous.. so I had to tell her about a big smelly guy I worked with that had women crawling all over him and I was going to sell his sweat as a cologne .. ( seemed it wasn’t his sweat.. just that he had the first penny he ever made)
    later she responded and said that was the funniest story she had ever read and how much it made her laugh.. we got talking and she was telling me about her having to go to therapy.. blah blah blah.. stuff I did when working..
    and then she opened up.. sent me a picture.. dam it was that accident..
    in the process of her venting..No real family and she wasn’t sure what to do.. etc.. a good talk..
    Her situation I had seen myself.. I could relate to her situation..
    I prayed about it.. and decided that it was time the big fella listened to the obvious message.. and went to the land lord paid her rent so she has a place to live till she gets a second paycheck..

    Now woo woo.. do we listen.. I totally believe that we are sent messages.. people are given the answers.. but do they act on them..
    if in a dream I see a deer jumping in front of a car.. I watch for that deer.. god or angels.. they move among us.. dreams.. to many times..
    I for one if it slaps me in the face try to see the reason why I was given that message..
    god isn’t a wish book.. sometimes he says no. and years later we realize why he said no.. so if something like this young woman slaps me in the face.. first by a first responder talking about it then the grand daughter reminiscing about a classmate.. then get into a deep heart felt discussion where some young woman is venting on her life and find out it is the same woman you have never seen before.. and you are able to give that hand up.. who am i to say no to the big guy.. especially when he has been there for me..

  9. Dishevelment in a dream refers to stinginess, love for hoarding money, doing little for others….(usually related to your hair, extrapolated to state of boat)….most likely tied to the 2 narco subs because you sense the lingering pain the Coast Guard was put through during the shutdown, they intercept tons of contraband……Trump gave the narco subs a free pass during shutdown, but the Coast Guard had to use food pantries to feed their children…

    page 120 Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams

  10. I used to just notice the numbers on license plates when they said like 222 or 1111 or 7777 or 8888.

    I started noticing the letter and using numerology and other things like examining the hexadecimal numbers and their meanings. Along with corisponding color frequencies, which planet and which layer in the light spectrum and corisponding element. Along with the letters and their numbers and corisponding stuff.

    Like 777 = (309)16 in hex
    (1411)8 octal or base 8.

    There is a certain algorithm in this relm i had never noticed before. Im kinda an idiot at times, i mean its always been there and im am super paying attention to a bunch around me, just never noticed so much available information,

    Like the dude just rolled up and on his car is 777 in hex. Trippy.

    I bought a Honda Pilot instead of the Stang GT. Seats 7, awd, has the v6 Vtech in it. I dont know why i need a vehicle that seats 7. But i just do. LMAO!

    I dont rememeber my dreams, hardly ever. Most of the time i dont think i fully sleep, just hang on the balance. Transfering informarion from each side to the other and back and forth. I slept 12 hours last night, that never happens. Just zonked out.

    Ive really been digging that Eminem song, “without me”. Which is Odd, cause i mostly listen to country.

    Anyways, all thes numbers have a meaningx a place, a when, a where, a what, are cosign frequency identifiers, even the letters have numbers associated to them.

    I think you could technically “hack” the matrix, by pulling frequencies from certain items and places and whens and where’s like pulling from certain scriptures, phone numbers and address and zip codes etc

    I dont know. Im just trying to figure out how to get to the following address at a predetermined, predefined and predestined moment using certain frequency found within the matrix.

    11/4/19 – 19 id an address, a date, has a phone number and is a what, where, when and why. Just dont know the How. Im a me and how do i get me to that location by certain combinations of designators. Hmmmmmm

    Im not sure if that makes sense. It makes sense in my mind. Lmao!

    • Out number system is a base 10. All ohone numbers, scocial security nymbers, and addresses top oit on a base ten shceme. Even the license places are base 10. Addresses etc.

      There are 8 planets in our system plud the moon and the sun making 10. Our system is base 10. We have base 10 alphabet with 20 consonants and 6 vowels. And 4 combo “tones” example: oi that make unique tones. Oy as in the Name Troy.

      20 is 10 base just a replication of 10 base combinations. 10 is a complete bumber structure.

      F*ck maybe im crazy old dude. Probably. 100 is base 10. And 10^ of 2 makes 100. 10 to the power of 20 is a little less than a sextilliian. So the tonality of our 26 letter alphabet is a little less thana a totality of 1 sextilliian letter combination multiplied by the 10 tonal combinations.. still base 10 though. And a certain combinations like OO makes ewww in google. Caries a certain feequency at moment and time to become a successful placard or buisness and dominate phrase in the human psyche.

      Ahhhhhh sum! Hmmmmm..

      Anway, i will go bak to heing quiet. Would love to know why you choose Urban Survival as a name for your website. Errrrr baaaan sssuuurrr vIv aaalll.


  11. Yeah dude. This whole relm is a base set of 10. Which is super simple. Really. Like, i think you can hack the matrix. I really do.

    Like the whole calander is 365 days except every 3rd year is a leap year which makes it 366. There are 2 solstice and 2 equinox. Thats 361 or 362 on leap years. Minus the one day for our birth date. Equils 360. Or 36 times 10. Minus 26 letters including 6 vowels and 4 combo vowels equals 0. The planet is measured in hours, min, seconds for total of 360 degrees. 360 divided by 10 is 36. 24 hours the totality of 60 min, 60 min of 60 seconds. Or 18 times 2 or 9 times 6. 54 – 24 equils 30! 54 (9) times 24 (6)!!!!!!!!!, equals 1,296 or (10)!!!!!! divided by 360 equils 3.6 years. The equivalent of one presidential election. Hmmmm whoooooaaaa. Wow!

    One president election is 360 × 3 plus 361. 1,441 (10) plus 4 X4 solstice and equinox, plus 1 leep year and 4 birthdays. Equals 21. Or 7+7+7. In numerology 7+7=14 or 5 + 7= 12 or 3. 21 in numerology is 3. 777. 21 or (3) plus 1441(10) equils 13! 12 colonies! And breaks down to one term 4!!!!! Or D! DC is 43 or 7. Uhhhhh. Whoooa….. or G! The masonic symbol. Trippy! DC is 43 Bush was the 43rd president and IMHO he is the reason we are in this mess. That f’ng guy! He was the worst! Kayrina disaster, started 2 wars that has lasted almost 20 years… 9-11 was an inside job, dot com bubble collpase and the 2008 bubble collapse. Etc. Etc.

    Whoever is the next president competes the base 10…. of 40 years. The amount of time the isralites where in the desert, 40 has a huge significance. Hmmm.

    40 years ago in 1979 The United States and the People’s Republic of China establish full diplomatic relations. Iranian revolution, year of the child and Unisef, pluto moves into Neptune’s orbit and becomes its moon, the very first sexual sexual identity replacement surgery reveals her identity in playboy. China invades north Vietnam, peace treaty with Israel and Egypt is signed,
    According to the poem about Columbus, 3 mile island occure, Soviets accidently release an unknown amount of anthrax killing 66 people and an unknown amount of cows, the Una Bomber hits his first victim, Sadam Hussein comes into power, lots of major EQ’s and comercial plane crashes, birth of ESPN, ****South Atlantic Flash!!!! An unknown nuclear test off the coast of Africa, near Antarctica! (Funny the global warming people fail to mention this)

    Anyway, every 40 years is a cycle and it all aligns numerically. i wont do the rest of the researxh for ya. Looks like too many damn coincidences for me.

    We agree to a relationship with china, 4 months later they put a beat down on N. Vietnam? 10 presidential cycles or 40 years later we start a trade war with them????

    “For 70 days he sailed,
    For 70 days he sailed,
    Columbus sailed across the sea,
    For 70 days he sailed.”

    I read someowhere that the concept to sail around the world that columbus sited was from the year 1441. But it was a concept that the earth was much smaller of a sphere. Pretty trippy.

    Trump is the 45th president or 9 in numerology. the 46th is number 10. DE. Completes rhe cycle. Are you following me on this George????

    I read somewhere the original alphabet had 4 other letters in it. VV, XV, VW, VZ. 2 of which were vowels. But they got removed from the alpha-b-et.

    I think you could technically do the math and figure out the exact day you die physically. You could figure out the exact day of the end of the world etc. Etc. kinda trippy.

    Im thinking i am going to have a smoke and go to the taco truck down the road and think about something else for a while.

    Data is cyclical! We know that much from experience, forsure. Its not linier. Its MOEBIUS and cyclical.

    Ok im done for a while. Thanks man for listening.

    • Oh yeah, The first Beast that comes out of the water in revelations is a Christian who was baptised, silly people. Dont ya know. Judas the betrayer was baptised.

      Hoe canbya say that the US isnt in the boon of revelations when our President election process is every 3 and a half years!!! Sure the THe, hmmm servers fer 4 years, but the cycle for deciding the presdident is evry 40 months and the first debates are ysually around 3 and a half years!

      Whoooooaaaa im trippin hard. Whoa i best not say anything else till i figure this out on my own. Knowedge is ‘power’ they say. LOL!

    • Ohhhhh yeah dude! Check it out!!!!

      So Trump is the 45th president, right????? 45 [or 9)] divided by 9 is 5. Half of 10. So from. The fifth fricken president to president Trump is 9!! Presidential terms. Just discoverd another cycle!!!!!

      The 5th president is James Monroe!!!!!! His presidential term was known and get this as:

      “Era of Good Feelings1815–1825”

      100 years later We get Trump!!!!!!
      SEEEEEE!!!!! I TOLD YOU cycles are cyclical and MOBIUS! That means they flip! Like the cycle of of ISIS the God of the Down Trodden became a symbol of terror and the Swastika which every fricken tribe around the world has from china, africa. Sanskrit in Babylon, The Hopi indians, the myans the Aztecs and even the fricken aborigines had it in their culture LONG LONG before telepehones and the internet! It is was originally a symbol for iniversal love and power of eternal Love.

      When Hitler became a ruler the symbol did a mobius flip to a negative or opposite meaning! And it was about racisim and death and cruelty and division! Wow!

      Tump marks not only the completion of a 100 year cycle or 10^2 but also the completion of 9 cycles of presidents. HOLY COW! WOW! This is crazzzzzzy!!!! 5 cycles of 9 or 9 cycles of 5… uhhhhhhhh. Wow! Which is 14 or 5!! Another wheel. A wheel within a wheel whithin a wheel. Jupitor is the 5th planet. Counting the moon and sun in the olden way its Mars. God of war and Zues! Wow!!!!! Jupiter the Big God and Mars the God of war! Whoooaaaa!

      Either i discovered something great! Or my brain is done gone kaput from taking one to many hits of acid when i was a kid. Ha ha ha.

      I gotta go be normal now! Later old dude!

  12. Obviously this is not a good day for owners of Huawei products as they can look forward to being bricked out of Google, etc.

    Cyberwar has escaped the lab? Welcome to live theatre in 5K.

    In other pending supply chain news…
    “Dear Apple, …”.

    • Hawaii’s not technically a state. Its an occupation, an Armistice is still an Armistice. If yoi are in a a game of chance like 3 card monete, pay attention to the hand thats not moving.

      Google is now run by the greasy little fingers of ‘mad men’. No longer a search engine but a “home shopping network’. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. ;)

  13. I have just finished a commissioned painting depicting the passing of a horse as envisioned by an accomplished animal communicator. With an awe inspiring message from the animal. Never done anything like it before, had Weird and amazing things go on while I worked at getting it like the Horse wanted it. Finished product makes people cry. Not that I am a good painter – but they Feel the spirit in it. They don’t even have to know the animal but it brings them to tears.
    Color me humble. And mystified!

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