PopDrop and SynGro

Two big stories this week frame a change in how the US Economy works.  The CDC reported the American birth rate is now down to the lowest level in 32-years.  At the same time, claimed president Trump Thursday, smuggled children constituted almost 65% per illegal border crossers this year.

Here’s the problem: We have a population drop (PopDrop) problem at the same time we need synthetic growth (SynGro) to keep the economy from imploding. 

The MainStreamMedia is either deliberately lying about what’s going on, with the battle for  future of tax revenues, or they are incomprehensively stupid.

Notwithstanding the Stanford-Binet’s,  a tale of two economies today, as we sort through the idea of merit or just keeping the doors open to everyone.

After tea and crumpets (OK, coffee & charts, then) of course.

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28 thoughts on “PopDrop and SynGro”

  1. Old saying in need of minor revision;

    Gold is the Money of Kings, Silver is Money of Gentleman, Barter the Money of CommonFolk, Debt the Money of Slaves.

    Debt is still and will always be the Money of Slaves .

    How could the above “old saying” be reworked to include The Digital Currency – Bitcoin/Litecoin ?

    Yeah, yeah “the Money of Fools” does not work – obviously the Fools are the ones who…

    * new financial system? sure how else we going to pay for the Asteroid/Alien Defense System? – see US patent electrostatic generator..pushes 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (28 zeros) watts per sq. yd.
    Betcha we could capture and “throw” an asteroid with that kinda power!

    • Bitcoin is the money of Millenials.

      As I wrote whem Bitecoin was about $5,000 a little while back.. “The bottom may be in and a bull market starting. Millenials think of bitcoin as the new gold. They would rather buy bitcoin than gold, & there are 93 million of them in America alone. With interest rates steady & low, a finite supply (21 million), & an increasing # of millenial buyers globally, equals an increase in Bitcoin price. There are 21 million bitcoin available, 17.5 million have been mined, so only 3.5 million are available & @ 1,800 are being mined a day. At some point when the supply of cheap bitcoin is sucked upped, then when the demand comes in, prices will skyrocket.”

      Bitcoin is an inflation based dollar, or a scam. I don’t know. I would rather own PayPal.

      My house in NC was bombarded last week by a hailstorm. New roof & siding on the way. Auto’s look like someone used a hammer on them.

      • ED…. if you check.. all of the efficient energy devices are patented by the us gov.
        Herman Anderson ( water car museum tenn.) So far was the only one to enjoy his parents and die at a ripe old age.. but his what 1600 plus parents were given to the us Gov. As long as he was allowed to experiment.

  2. White women or more accurately, all women in the middle to middle upper class aren’t having babies because of AOC or social media shaming…That’s just plain nuts.

    First…they aren’t having babies because we live in a society where the empowerment of women has them seeking careers first and families second. My own daughter is one of them and that’s OK. I embrace that wholeheartedly. And, even once they find a male partner, the couples usually hold off on kids to accumulate their wealth and establish a beachhead of real estate and job security.

    Second, it’s not just the women. My two sons..one in his mid 30’s, the other a few months from 30 have no desire to start a family anytime soon. Again, they want wealth first and family second. Many of their friends that did get married early are on their first divorce already, so there’s that bit of fear that’s causing them to act cautiously.

    Thirdly, when they do settle down and decide to start a family in their late 30’s or early 40’s, they have one child…negative population growth, because the stress of having more than one with both balancing their careers and parenthood is just too much to handle.

    90% of my clients in real estate…and that’s a real big sample…fall into this category. I have hundreds of clients that are couples in their early 40’s with toddlers looking, buying, living in a home in a good school district. At my firm, we track this weekly throughout our network of agents nationwide too and the metrics solidify what I wrote here today.

    Now my real estate firm operates exclusively in the top 20 economic markets and resort towns of America. We are strictly mid to uber luxury/urban real estate company. We do see that this doesn’t always transcend to the rural markets. But we do see the rura markets shrinking and migrating more to the urban core. And when they do, they start to mirror the trends of that core…due to higher stress jobs and standards of living.

    So, when you hear of migrants being secretly moved to states aground the country…it’s the states that want them…especially in many rural, agricultural states where they need the labor to replace the exodus of young people fleeing to the urban cities. And it’s not a new practice…this has been going on for over a hundred years. First it was the poor European migrants, then the poor Asian migrants and now we have poor Latin countries coming to…all doing the jobs, long time Americans don’t want to do anymore….and this trend will continue forever, because as each generation evolves, so does their education and assimilation into being everyday Americans…just like my grandfathers dirt poor family did from Sicily over 130 years ago.

    • Too much B’s. We noticed you conveniently ignored ALL other more valid reasons for this trend so you could support the illegal alien invasion and ongoing trafficking if humans, and the resettlement of for profit refugee resettlement programs all aligned with the UN population replacement program and your nice icing on the cake disparagement of work Americans don’t want to do, which is a LIE. Why is it that the minorities can BREED without any financial worries? I have to say, one day soon, your whole WORLD paradigm is going to shift so severely, you will never sell another house again. Then YOU and your big team and company will get it, but it will be too late.

      • I don’t know..Raison.. I’ve always been in favor of an even trade.. since we’re willing to import people to take the jobs of the average tax paying working class.. why not send the tax paying workers down there.. hundred thousand in and a hundred thousand out..

        My concern is life styles.. Warhamer could probably give a better explanation to this..seems women and children don’t have any value and many times will be used to destroy troops on the ground. I have a friend that is a decorated ranger.. had a tough go over just that issue seemed while all the old men were sitting in safety they sent four and five year olds with guns and bombs.. they have a complete different lifestyle..are you religious.. then sit down and re-read the old testament., the torah( basically the old testament) the Quran ,jubilee etc etc.. even though the real refugees are fleeing their country and homes because of their religious laws.. they still live by them. Check out the crime tape and domestic violence increases since other countries welcomed them in before making sure that they have decided to live by our laws..
        Crime has run rampant..
        Now my major concern doesn’t even revolve around the true refugee.. it revolves around the leaders of the militant factions.. they have been straight forward and honest with us..they came right out and said they were planning on sending in fighters terrorists posing as refugees. It’s a ploy as old as history.. in fact that’s where the phrase a wolf in sheeps clothing comes from. It’s also one of the main reasons why the refugees aren’t welcome in their neighboring countries.
        It’s not because I don’t want to see people suffer.. but illegal refugees is just that. An invading hoard..if they want to settle here come in and welcome but do it legally.
        You don’t see them crossing into China or Russia..they come here so the taxpayer that’s already over burdened can support them.

      • You think Americans want the jobs migrants are taking?It has been proven time and time again that is not the case…Mississippi being the latest state to try it…When they opened up Agricultural jobs to American born citizens, few applied and those that got hired, quit within weeks.

        We need those immigrants. We have for hundreds of years. Nobody, that has legacy here in America wants their kid to labor in the field. It’s a first generation job only. Always has been…always will be.

      • Mark…..
        I am the guy that walked to work several miles one way.. scraped the fat off of the hides of road kill.. scooped hot dirt.. and steam cleaned blood tanks that had traveled across the usa through deserts etc.(I can smell it now just mentioning it.. three feet deep of magots the stench of dead..).not to mention some of the other chewey jobs I have had trying to make a living….. YES… Americans would love to pick fruit or work in a factory..

      • Mark.. when you clean those tanks..and yes they have to be cleaned.. where do you think the beautiful makeup your women wear…. you open the pit cock drain the maggots.. then crawl inside…through the bulk heads etc.. back then there wasn’t air breathers.. or face masks gloves don’t do the trick your up to it hip deep.. same thing with stinky road kill.. to get the furs ready for leather…
        Been there done that..
        that isn’t even the job that gave me nightmares…or made me cry.. there are proud americans that through either no fault of their own or from making a bad choice cannot find any work at all.. they hit the bottom.. shoot I have an engineer living in our spare bedroom that hit the bottom from no fault of his own..but because he did the right thing… Yes from the bottom.. why give a job to an illegal.. not immagrant and …..ILLEGAL…. entering our country by force jobs that an american or someone entering legally could work.. we give them our jobs and pay their way…..

      • the reason why corporations love the illegal and refugees.. they can pay them nothing.. they don’t have to pay any taxes at all or supply benefits.( a thing of the past already) not to mention.. they get the whole family.. mom dad the baby and the kids in between for the same price.. like the sweat shops of old.. take home assignments..
        one of the first jobs I had was making variable resisters…we had a specific number of them that had to be made to get an hours wages.. you would pick up speed.. get that number then they would increase the number.. with the illegals.. they send home work home with them..
        if you want to control it.. go after the pocket book like you do clerks and companies selling booze to minors and drug lords.. a corporation hires an illegal.. go after the ceo and board of directors not just the clerk doing what she is told.. if they do it more than once seize their assets and put them out of business till they can comply.. guaranteed some ceo getting a twenty five million dollar bonus will think twice if his condo in the islands is seized.. or his bank account tipped for several million or seized..
        do that to the slum lords as well that charge these people ten times what the rent for the dump is worth..
        Americans put to work first..before an invading horde entering illegally

    • Mark: If you lived in NC, you wouldn’t assume all Middle Class or Upper Middle Class women are white. In other states, all races are considered equal, but In CA, Whites just pretend that is true so they look like they are a caring lot.

    • Currently I’m reading “A Field Guide to Lies – Critical Thinking in the Information Age” by Daniel J. Levitin.

      Perhaps this thread can be filed under Part 3, Chapter 3: “Knowing What You Don’t Know”.

    • “we live in a society where the empowerment of women has them seeking careers ”

      Actually mark.. the women were forced to seek careers under the disguise of empowerment because of deregulation.

      Before deregulation mom stayed home and was the adult presence in children’s lives..then deregulation of necessities. And outsourcing of jobs forced mom to seek employment and dad or mom to work multiple jobs to support the family.
      It has been accelerated now to the point one in three have to seek public public assistance.
      Social security funds were taken out of secured untouchable accounts added into the federal budget and distributed to bail out the to big to fail. It stopped us from going through the correction at the time..but now citizens that should have retired in dignity are looked on as leaches of the society. Even though if the funds they had been forced to pay in had been paid in to a secured fund would have retired with millions. Did the figuring once I personally with just wh as t I paid in would have had between twenty five and fifty million as a retirement nest egg.

      • A part of it is deregulation, most of it is women wanting rights and equality. I know a lot of women, including my own mother who hated that mom at home lifestyle. She did it for a while, because it was a societal norm, but once my youngest sister, who was and is 5 years younger than me entered third grade and I was old enough to babysit, she took off for a career. At 81, she just retired…. because she loved what she did…not because she had to.

        Are you saying though that deregulation is bad? So, you are saying more Government is better?

  3. drop the books on the kitchen table.. shuffle them into categories.. I can’t see how there can be any growth.. it looks exactly like a black hole of economic despair and decline.. a thread on a screw as we spiral down the back hole circling…
    Seriously I can’t see it ever being pulled back ..

  4. The clearest understanding of the current migrant tolerance comes from the last paragraphs of this issue. I do think we have a real problem with assimilation and need to indoctrinate migrants to this requirement. If they can’t or won’t at least attempt assimilation, they’re a poor fit for our nation.

    And just why are we referring to our country as “the homeland” instead of “our nation”?

  5. Dam well ok.. I at least feel good about it. .

    A couple months ago.. a young lady single mother was hit by a drunk driver as she was taking her little girl to school.
    She was in intensive care had several surgeries almost died. They actually thought she was dead at the scene.
    Etc.etc. sad story..nice kid..her story was brought to my attention last night..she is finally back to work but no paychecks yet the landlord served her with eviction notice she had till Tuesday to come up with the funds to stay in her place..
    She applied for assistance but like I found out that’s not for anyone until their income meets what their assets can’t cover..got a car or anything else to sell..
    So she was at whit,’s end..
    Well I am officially broke now but she will have a place to live until her paychecks come back in.. it hurt but for me a feel good hurt to help someone by giving them an anonymous hand up.

    • “single mother” first you have to take responsibility for yourself before you can rely on society to take care of you. ‘One for all, all for one’ that’s what’s wrong with socialism. People want the benefits, but don’t want to contribute. JMHO!

      • In her story bruno.. she is a single mother by fate not by choice..
        The father of her little child passed away a couple of years ago.
        She’s been trying to rebuild her life on her own.

      • Sorry for my post! May have left the wrong impression. Just that too many landlords have NO compassion for tenants in need.

        Btw. Had the “feeling” of a cold last 3 days.

    • Send me your address, ask George to email it to me. I will contribute to you.

      • I do appreciate the offer.. I prayed about it and I am an anal budgeter I will survive..
        I love to be able to give someone that truly falls through the cracks a hand up this one was really a good one.. Sadly there’s more that do fall through the cracks than is known..I hate to let them know who I am though.(unfortunately she now knows its me).its one thing helping another to be drawn into the dynamics.
        The funny part is all the programs in place to help those don’t help the ones that truly need it..

      • I am fairly confident that I can guide her through the next couple turbulant months..if you want to help theough..contact a local mormon ward. And make an anonymous donation to their welfare fund..
        They do so much yet so few donate to it which limits their ability to help..
        Thank you hsin and God bless

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