Window for RFK? Can the Middle Be Saved?

Hold on to your chair – the world is about to go seriously nuts right after next week., The reason is the (mislabeled) “Presidential Debate” last night was a farce.  But, virtually none of the mainstream has offered useful guidance as to the Future.  We fix that.

The Highest Level – 60,000 Feet Global

So, let’s pause, put on our thinking caps and digest what has happened.

  1. The Biden administration is about to leap into a second third major war. Supporting the Israeli invasion of Syria and Lebanon which has (another) genocidal agenda: wiping out Hezbollah.  Toward this end, the U.S. has anted up 3,500 more bombs. US begins evacuation of thousands of civilians: Israeli army to invade Lebanon and Syria simultaneously to eradicate Hezbollah. We mention this development because while yes, the Election is important, we have said for many months now that “events may give an excuse to postpone the election.”  this is how we get onto that “on-ramp to future.”
  2. This is also a huge victory for G.A. Stewart’s interpretations of Nostradamus predictive quatrains.  A post by Reader J.C. – here – lays out some of the background and looks ahead.
  3. We can see the mis-named “debate” as good news for people on both sides of the front line in Ukraine.  With a suddenly improved chance of Donald Trump going back to the White House, the Russians may be somewhat constrained – playing for time – in order to avoid the path into tactical nuclear weapons use.  Though that still looms in the Middle East because Iran could jump in on the side of Syria and/or Lebanon in coming weeks.,
  4. China, too, will be in a “watchful mode” now.  Because while the strategic (oil) reserves have been drained, the U.S. sending more and more arms to Taiwan, China may wish to throttle until election outcomes are clear in America before acting in its own self-interests.

That’s the high-level view and – as you can see – the debacle last night may result in some “course changes”.

Mechanics of Disaster – 10,000 Ft. View

Officially, the White House offered a (bullshit) excuse for the slow Joe: Joe Biden ‘has a cold’ as excuses thrown up already for president’s debate struggles.

About the only more absurd assertion came from a former Obama servant: David Axelrod Tells GOP Strategists, If Biden’s Replaced, ‘You Guys Are in Trouble’. The logic of which totally escapes us.

Let’s see who is standing in the debris field today:

  • Kamal Harris  whose accomplishments (other than skin color and gender) amount to a goose egg.
  • Gov. “Grabbin” Newsome has almost single-handedly taken California from Golden State to a potential rust belt wreck with free spending with a double-dose of pandering.  If he runs a state into the ground, imagine what he could do with a whole country? With his loosey-goosey on reparations, would he usher in “reverse slavery?” And what a Court packer he could be…
  • Representative Dean Phillips  seemed like a nearly rational alternative – but he dropped out on March 6th.  Might he (or Marianne Williamson) do a Lazarus act at the Chicago train wreck? Not likely.

We see one potential track which might be OK for America (not the arguing blamers and victim groups, but the whole entire country): Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. might make sense.

He doesn’t seem to be “as Woke” and he has some creds for being the most honest of all on things like Covid.

But the problem is that ex-Chicago political huckster who has a record of radicalizing in order to divide and conquer, politically. His action – and what we have seen of his involvement with the (46) operations, leave us fearful the war and hate party will do what it has traditionally done: Divide and conquer.

This is not (at least completely) crackpot ravings: How Democrats would replace Biden as their candidate if Joe steps aside after debate disaster – and how the Obamas will play a key role in the decision.

And that could be ugly. With the next round of Kabuki due on the 11th when we think the (term loosely used) “judge” in the Kangaroo misdemeanor case seems likely to get “Trump off the table” by sending him to Rikers.

Here, all these years, I though the novel (and movie) Seven Days in May was about impossible events.  Nope.  It erred on the light side, it’s turning out.

Seven Days in July ot August could be about to appear.

Braced for false flag potential from the first week of July on?

In the novel (and movie) there was a plot uncovered – and seems to us the odds of such a thing – with Marxists, Soros pals, the illegal imports all over the place – might be reaching about as close to a viable “coup point” as has been present in my lifetime.

“(General) Casey stumbles upon evidence that Scott is leading the Joint Chiefs to stage a coup d’etat to remove Lyman in seven days. Under the plan, disguised as a training exercise, a secret army unit known as ECOMCON, training at a secret Texas base, will take control of the country’s telephone, radio, and television networks while the president, participating in a staged “alert,” is seized. Scott, who is busy advancing his charismatic public persona through nationally televised anti-treaty rallies, plans to head a military junta. Although personally opposed to Lyman’s policies, Casey is appalled by the plot and alerts Lyman.

Still somewhat skeptical, Lyman gathers a circle of trusted advisors to investigate: Secret Service White House detail chief Art Corwin, Treasury Secretary Christopher Todd, longtime advisor Paul Girard, and Raymond Clark, the senior U.S. senator from Georgia and a close friend of 21 years.”

So, we’re left pondering: would forces that are fundamentally opposed to the originally constituted government of America seize (a now looming) opportunity to use a false flag (and a wide-open convention) to create (manufacture) a power vacuum which the corporate-socialism alliance could then reach in and fill…

See why we didn’t sleep well last night? Clean Democracy doesn’t live here anymore.

Market Madness

New Records today.  You might think mumbling and “Joe to Go” would panic the markets. But, in fact, just the opposite with futures up nicely.

Whether the strength of the market is due to “Oh boy, he’s off the table, now we can get something done” or whether it’s “He’ll bounce right back” remains to be seen.

Whip-Ups and Distractions

Notwithstanding the odds of Russia awaiting the American elections this fall, Russian Defense Ministry announces the risk of war with NATO.

Election results this weekend out of Iran will be worth watching: Iran’s only moderate presidential candidate who slammed brutal hijab protest crackdown takes shock lead in opinion polls over feared anti-West ex military chief as voting gets underway to replace leader killed in helicopter crash.

Mongolian BBQ notes: Mongolia Election: What to Know About the Democracy Between Authoritarian Giants. Yes, the country plays a kind of “wedgie role.”

Bitcoin continues to suffer around $61,600 with the happy-talk choir tuning up: Bitcoin miner sell pressure ‘weakening’ as BTC withdrawals drop 85%.  I have been making up “secret numbers” all over the place and none of mine seem able to fetch…how much was that?

Drugstore dangers in this economy: Walgreens Announces Major Store Closures Amid Business Challenges.

And is there a quake coming?  You know – big one this summer in the Pacific Northwest?  Well, every time we see major train derailments, we begin to wonder if the ground under them rails is in motion… Freight train derails in Illinois prompting mass evacuation for residents within a mile as hazmat teams rush to ‘leaking cars’.

And our “climate scare of the day”?  New Research Uncovers Potential Climate Tipping Point in Antarctic Ice Melting.

At the Ranch: “Why I Support Joe Biden.”

I’ve been meaning to lay out all the reasons he’s worth supporting for another term in office.  Here goes…




















Hope you enjoyed it.

Write when you get rich,

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74 thoughts on “Window for RFK? Can the Middle Be Saved?”

  1. After watching last night’s Joe Biden performance and then watching his wife help him shuffle off stage, there is only one question to ask. Is there no such thing as elder abuse in the USA?

    • Elder abuse ?!?!


      -try 4 years of Citizen-Taxpayer Abuse. At least he didnt take a Squat on stage and soil himself, as he somehow managed to keep it contained and restrained in his Swiss cheesy brain.

      Its a dammed DISGRACE, outrageous..

      ..that sound you may be hearing, off in the distance, is only the sound of the Tree’s of Liberty..
      -Screaming “Let the Blood Flow”

    • Now I wish I had tuned into it.. I watched Hallmark channel and Disney plus.. instead…

      • LOOB; pay attention.

        WATCH the replay; it’s worth it.

        Go to, as long as that channel is still live, there’s excellent commentary and contributions on there.

      • You are the first person I have ever heard that admits to watching the Hallmark Channel – lol !

        • Lol lol yes I watch it regularly.. what I like is all the movies have the same people they mix it up a generic plot same end is my favorite channel..mainstream media has what a few hundred horrible murders an hour , bashings, rapes game shows that have the winner being the one that demonstrates sociopathic skills..
          kids watching and being raised today have the main stream media as their adult guidance..
          I use to do crime scene photos. like you I seen shit that people do to others that haunted me..the horrific tradgedy.. I do like action films but slash sally ..won’t ever be played on tv..your children can watch what we do..
          I do like woodworking shows..

      • Yeah I hear you LOOB. I’ve been watching crypto updates on yew tewb, and sampling the front nine and back nine today. Absolutely beautiful day ! Been thinking about new life strategies upon writing when, soonly. I’m channeling Gratitude.

  2. There is NO inflation. There is NO inflation. There is NO inflation.
    Government would never lie to me.
    Famous prophet: Where to build your new factory?
    How about Fantasy Land!
    Bought two, two year batteries for P/U.
    $415.00 with core return. Two years ago. Just under $200.00. Keep reporting the great economy.
    If repeated often enough some might believe it.

    • Here’s a case of inflation:

      Basically FL subsidized setting up a commuter train called Briteline. In the beginning Briteline sold

      “….40 one-way tickets for $399 to all destinations between West Palm Beach and Miami.”

      So people got jobs near to the train and planned around this cost for their commute. But then…

      “Beginning June 1, Brightline will offer packages of just 10 tickets, and are offering the first 10 for free.

      However, after that, the 40 tickets will cost commuters $1,400— a 251% increase. Commuters are stunned.”

      Now people are complaining:

      “”The key word is budget. The budget is blown,” Laurie Williams, whose husband and son both commute via Brightline, said.

      “I can’t afford this commute anymore,” Cy Caine, who commutes to Fort Lauderdale daily, added.”

      • This is why the future of the personal automobile is assured. The cost of running rail transport is VERY HIGH, particularly if it is “heavy rail”.

        ALL the European countries subsidize their passenger rail service because of this, high speed passenger rail wouldn’t exist in Europe if not for the heavy government subsidies to both build and operate those rail system.

        The only places where “heavy rail” or even “medium rail” makes any sort of sense is to and from the few remaining cities that have densly packed urban areas where people live and work relatively close to the trains’ station locations.

        If a person has to drive 30 minutes to 45 minutes at each end of the train ride to ride a heavy or medium rail train on a trip (plus the time to park and walk to the train station from the parking lot/garage) suddenly the time to ride the train for a trip goes up substantially.

        In the US the Northeast Corridor has that kind of density. Metro Chicagoland partially has that kind of density since so much of business is still dowtown (but less and less over time). The rest of the US with our spread out suburbanized cities not so much. Ever been to LA?

        What good would heavy rail do in servicing metro LA for shorter duration trips even if they put TWO stations in the urban area? Most of LA would still be a 30 minute by car, or 1 to 2 hours by bus, commute to get to and from the train stations.

        Locally they are talking about a new Amtrack route to connect several of our mid US cities … but for cities here that are only a 2 to 3 hour drive apart it makes little sense since most riders would have to commute 30 minute to get to the train station at one end … and at the other end then rent a vehicle and then drive 30 minutes or more in order to get to their destination (unless they wanted to spend 2+ hours via public transit with multiple changes).

        The operating costs of heavy and medium rail are very very high (light rail less but still expensive even with NO driver on board). Yep, Briteline trips ARE going to be expensive, it costs A LOT to run that kind of system unless the government is picking up lots of it’s operating costs, which as I understand it they are NOT.

        Want LOW commuting costs on Briteline? The government is going to have to step up and start subsidizing it to the tune of MANY TENS of millions per year.

      • OOWS.

        The FRN is no longer backed by oil… Whats it worth ? Well if everyone outside CONUS has heard the news get out of $’s. How many more paper chits you demand in exchange for something that you have that has a use case ?[insert fav commoditized hard asset here,includes select crypto].

        I think Hyper inflation is here commencing Mid July, a 12 month evolution.

        Mr Ure, I think it prudent to check on our replacement parts stock. Oh yes thats right, you’ve got a 3D printer. Kudo’s .

  3. if they want to put the final nail in the coffin – Garland will release the Hur interview. I think perhaps the Whitehouse physician should have his license revoked. If the Clinton machine no longer wields the power it use to have Newsome/Michelle ……. What was the Redoford movie – “All is Lost” comes to mind…..

    • It has been suggested by the (FOX or NewsMAX — can’t remember which channel the tube was on, last night) Right talkers that the Hur audio would be the first step, should the Biden clan not seek retirement, followed by ever_more_distressing very public information bombs from Hunter’s laptop and mainstream pubs of the “daughter diaries…”

      What gets me is all the people who believe the utter shit the mainstream puts out, when they know better, until they’re absolutely bludgeoned by it in a manner too obvious to ignore.

  4. First thought, RFK Jr. isn’t a today type Democrat, can’t be controlled and is smart enough to surround himself with his own people. He like Trump are not going to win. This is most likely Hillery’s to lose… again
    Biden was probably sick, and his medical team could not top him off as much as necessary for the task at hand without jeopardizing his overall health.
    I’m overly aware that the bag of sh*t has been thrown at the fan and it on the way right now. If it hits the fan everything will be negatively affected. Life as we know it will be altered.

  5. “Walgreens Announces”

    From what I see folks who do meds are on maintenance plans and get their meds by mail. Folks who get one-off ‘scripts have the doc Internet it in and drive-thru. Less and less people go into the store.

    Walgreens should change their model if they plan on staying in the drug dispensing game.

    Replace the pharmacists with a back office robotic machine and kiosk. Shrink the floor space and replace the aisles of shelving with a wall of kiosks for their top 100 highest margin products. Why waste money on coolers/people stocking items/loss leaders/taxes on land. Automate.

    I just visited the Walgreens website and it sucks. I wanted to know what people are buying. The message is:

    “We are unable to display a circular at this time for the store you have selected. ”

    The place is a mess. I’ll never visit them again. They deserve to go out of business. Dopes.

    • Meds by mail.. its all in the business model.. they are allowed to negotiate for lower prices.. OPEN the borders.. one of my past medications was one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars a month.. I could buy it in canada pay for a clinic visit communications between the labs and the doctors here.. over night shipping.. all for under two hundred dollars.. and generic under a hundred.. we as a country give companies grants.. to do research yet we are the ones that are being raped at the checkout counter.. tylenol generic.. under ten dollars a huge bottle.. but one patient was paying twelve dollars a tablet at the pharmacy.. go into a long term care institute and you have to buy the medication from their pharmacy..
      the whole medical system is broken.. I just had a conversation with a secretary at the electrician.. she doesn’t even make enough to pay for the insurance policy.. so she goes without.. with prices ten twenty and up to a hundred times more… my ex had a simple same day surgery.. we went through the free clinic.. the tests were all suppose to be reduced.. a member of our church had surgery the same day same doctor just three hours difference…. his total cost was under ten grand at the time.. the surgeons for my ex was more than that alone.. and the hospital was twenty times more than his total cost.. I resurfaced his parking lot by hand in exchange for his talents in labor.. my trade was labor for labor.. and I buy all the supplies.. ( never will I attempt that again .. ) the wife now had had a stroke .. ( back in the eighties..) the hospital she worked for downsized her position so she couldn’t get the insurance.. ( the first thing that happens.. all the time.. can’t do the job off the insurance and give us everything you own)
      they took every dime she made except for five dollars a month to live on.. so she was worried about me being my charge nurse.. came to help.. we became friends.. the hospital gave me every excuse.. called every hour and at the end every half hour.. the things they said.. why did you even seek medical care if you didn’t have the money to write a check.. sell your car.. why do you pay rent.. etc.. I started to feel sorry for myself.. then one day going into a local gas station seen a quad.. total paralyzed had to steer her wheel chair with her tongue.. she was crying.I went up and asked.. hun its none of my business but can I help at all.. what happened.. she worked at one of the top one hundred hospitals in housekeeping.. on new years eve late night shift she was off on new years day about midnight on her way home when a drunk driver hit her that didn’t have insurance.. the drunk driver didn’t survive.. she had the insurance.. but that was HEALTH insurance not accident insurance and she had liability only on her insurance the drunk was uninsured.. they took every penny out of her checking account except for seventy five cents..
      When I got sick.. they downsized my wifes position to get us off of the insurance.. because of her stroke and my medical issues.. they wanted us off of the policy at any cost.. ( standard actions even by hospitals) that is when we discovered at fifty to sixty five you are uninsurable.. we went a year without an income.. luckily I have this obsession with prepping.. we made it.. someone that I hadn’t seen from the time he was six or seven after his prayers couldn’t get me out of his mind.. he kept getting this thought I was in need.. he had to do a search to find where I lived.. sent a card saying.. your going to think I am nuts but I cannot get this out of my mind.. I hope this helps and a check.. he saved us… when the wife finally got a job again.. ( I was still in a wheel chair.. had to learn to walk all over again long story) we had twenty four cents left…
      My prayers had been answered.. late at night when the wife thought I was asleep.. she would break down and cry.. the futility putting in thirty plus applications a week no unemployment is granted.. you are not on the statistics..
      we decided to open up our homes extra bedrooms to those in similar situations.. had a guy that called the dumpster behind the television station home.. one gent raised and trained race horses.. his wife.( I worked with her.. an RN) same thing she got cancer.. and they booted her off of the insurance.. they took his farm his rental home his business everything he came with only the clothes on his back.. nicest guy you could ever meet..
      NO the medical system has some serious issues.. if your rich or have a great deal of money.. they will see you right away.. otherwise the wait time is one two years .. my recent surgery was four years wait time..
      open the borders.. a policy in texas or new york should be available anywhere.. the same with medications.. we should have open borders..
      of course that is why we have one of the worst rated health care systems on the planet..
      Remote area medical does more work in the USA than any other country.. they took the video of the show off the internet..
      One gent was suppose to get VA covered cancer treatments.. covered by the VA medical system.. he eventually got them.. but at First the hospital sent him a letter asking for his deposit on his future medical treatmenst.. well fifty thousand is a good starting point and hey he was living in our spare bedroom he didn’t have that.. he was in dire need… he got the treatments.. three months later.. It took a lot of doing to get them to see him.. he went in for his first treatment and was told to go home.. social workers got it settled.. and they did the treatments.. but it was like a huge situation.. my first time for the surgery that just was done.. the doctor was a no call no show.. its always about the business model.. always..

      • “they downsized my wifes position to get us off of the insurance.”

        I worked at a place that had decent medical insurance. A lady there had a baby which stroked-out within minutes of being born. The lady told me about the hospital costs insurance was covering. The costs were about $100,000 a day.

        I thought to myself this baby is eating months of medical premiums per day.

        The next year all the employees were asked to fill out medical surveys in attempts to lower medical insurance costs. The year after that the place was sold. I think that lady’s child unintentionally wrecked the business.

        What can we do?

        Biden is another dilemma. In Biden’s mind he’s fine and a world class leader.

        It’s like hopping into an Uber then finding out the driver is high on Meth and won’t stop the car.

        What can we do at that point?

        • It is my pet peeve .. the reason it is is i have had a great deal of medical expenses and worked the foors for over fifty years…What I believed..
          was a basic care universal policy..then sell sub policies for the more lucrative like cosmetic surgeries.
          take the VA healthcare system..fully staffed all the time.. the reason..the costs are split among 700 million.. getting care there is faster than any other ..
          at a for profit care center.. they have a great deal of extra expenses that a federally operated facility doesn’t have.
          they negotiate for best drug costs..take my surgeon that was a no call no show..
          ok I get it he’s only being paid a ha!f million a year for two days a week of work for his skills..but he isn’t paying wages rent equipment supplies etc. his school loans forgiven he gets free medical the rest of his life and a lucrative retirement.
          My podiatrist gets 16 weeks of vacation.. every federal holiday off..only one day every three months to work a weekend as on call.. he can stretch that vacation time to just about double his weeks off..
          at a for profit..if a person makes minimum wage the company has all those expenses not associated with a VA medical center plus the wages.. they need to clear five grand plus for one Minimum wage employee for one 8 HR shift..
          a man getting a measly half million they have to clear a million plus.. instead of splitting that million among 700 million its split among a few thousand at best. insurance companies make .money when they don’t pay..that’s why we have adjusters.. drug companies give us citizens the highest prices because there’s no limits.. I believe I read once that Canada only allows drug manufacturers a fifty thousand percent profit magin.. a 600 dollar inhaler name brand 20 generic substantially lower.. its the business model.. my wife’s company gets sold every few years.. federal price limitations every for profit hospital works short shifts.. to make the money to pay executive wages they cut staffing at the nonessential level like house keeping.. when I worked the year in exchange for the surgery bill for my ex wife. the first area I worked was housekeeping.. having managed cleaning crews a comment was made..we was windows once a week.. you do.. that’s a once a year job if you don’t hire it done..but f your real efficient then twice a year.. I use to put face prints on windows that were to be washed.. a piece of popcorn in an area to be vacuumed..
          that was forty years ago.. for five years I watched one piece of popcorn drift across that floor.. except for where they renovated every one of those face prints are still there..
          the security guard and I would joke about the popcorn lol he would say I’m gunna pick that dam thing up and toss it.. it vanished after I got sick..he claimed the 5th..when I asked him.
          there are pros and cons..long wait times well we have that here to..unless your rich enough then you’ll get all the care expectantly until your money is gone..then you end up with the rest of us..
          the only fault I can see about the VA healthcare system is its operated as a government office instead of a medical hospital clinic..
          then that is just my opinion..

  6. A possible answer to Winter’s question “What if it’s happened before? I’ve pondered this for a lifetime” yesterday. Read the book “The Book of Truth” by Thomas O. Mills. It discusses the ‘former’ worlds on this little rock.

    If I understand it correctly this is all because we (the humans) have forgotten to be ‘Thankful’ for all that we have. Food, clothing, beer, and a dry house. Reflect for a moment on How Many People DO You Know that says THANKS to the Creator each day? We have forgotten to be thankful and become over consuming selfish people so we must be punished and start over. Simple and remember the last world was ended by a flood.

    We are also in the years (2024/25) of the Deagel Report where 70% of the mainland of the USofA disappear to where I have no clue. An article here:


    • “..,so we must be punished and start over.”
      – Speak for yourself.
      – You can castigate those around you all you want. Pray all you want. Please keep it to yourself., and pass me the ammunition.

    • Your here spewing.. – guess the World didnt END, did it ?

      what an offensive POS this diatribe of Ures is.

      Creator ?? WHO – WHAT – WHERE ? Got a Name ? a Likeness..

      Hebrew – No -manual on how to deal with elohim, all include a Zodiac/?
      Greek – No – manual on drugs, pedastry, and drug usage – and how the Romans cleaned up the Bacchic cults, and civilized the unwashed masses..via organized religion.

      No older bible source on planet than Leningrad Codex – NONE.
      * And there is ZERO archeological evidence of any of that is true, ZERO .

      FEAR is Ure Reality – you luv It, You EAT IT.

      PS – I live in a state of PROFOUND Gratitude, as have all members (100’s of 1000s) of the association for 20 years or was our last instruction from ” Our Advisor”, prior to disbanding the association.

        • Imperial Credits – Star Wars clue ?
          Ceres Colony Cavalier – Tony Rodriques said same thing regards crypto & PM’s. Farsightprime folks did a project on that dude – the Interplay of 2 projects offers unique insights into the Thing we call TIME and the manipulation there of.

          “Walking Among Us” – The Alien Plan to Control Humanity. David M Jacobs, PHD – according to thousands of testimonies taken by Dr Jacobs (Temple Univ) – they use Platinum as payment/currency(who Owns majority of the Platinum mines in world?) .
          All said the same scheisse – Ure growth plates are somehow -reversed/opened, thus start Growing again. Eventually growing too tall, and go full time into the program..

          Mind is Open, hopefully nothing falls out, cept for any bad thoughts/ideas.

          * Hand held Laser pointer – see thru the illusions/holograms and “bluebeams”..
          **Shotgun -Aim for the Hover board, forget the Rider, wearing hitech bodysuit/armour.
          …alien invasion may be fake, Remington 870 is very real..

  7. Should he be deemed unfit, everything Sleepy Joe signed off on should be considered null & void; of course the Democrat shills will defend it all with the usual “racist, homophobe and white supremacist” labels slapped on every detractor. “Bread and Circuses”, indeed…

    I’m curious if the Deep State© will unleash some of those secret DARPA weapons, should Vlad decide to open a few cans of sunshine against the barely concealed NATO operations in Ukraine.

    Keep your head down and don’t look towards the flash.

    • (“the Democrat shills will defend it all with the usual “racist, homophobe and white supremacist” labels slapped on every detractor. “Bread and Circuses”,”)

      what gets… IF… this is the poison pawn trap..and this administration did assist a Trojan horse enemy army to enter.. and ..IF.. the member of the FSB and a General did slip..and they have seeded the US coastline with club k and nuclear bombs..
      then if it lite’s up and everything becomes a shitshow.. the politicians pushing all of this is actually putting themselves at risk.. one from naturalized citizens of the country .. we put everyone everywhere and what they face above the taxpayers needs..our infrastructure is crumbling from neglect..our national security is at risk..our grid that everyone is depending on is extremely vulnerable..
      2. look what happened to politicians in countries that we helped overthrow to put in a puppet leadership to help the few gain more. in their business models..
      what happens to them and their families if the results Of their actions ends in what their own analysists are telling them is totally a possibility..
      the day I worry is the day the pilot for the private plane our congressmen get from lobbyists says he has to move the congress mens families to safety..
      similarly.. a member of the gay liberation was telling me last week that Biden was for gay.. but depending on which country our administration is bringing over illegally.. depends on what possibly be future laws if they are successful in overtaking control of our country..
      the best answer is we start taking the USA and the needs here first..if your weak at home how can they expect the laborers that aren’t making it now to pay for it.. there’s less than a months diesel fuel left.. there’s been no interest to refill our strategic reserves..our reserved defensive arms are now so low that everyone is saying we are not able to defend ourselves for any length of time..
      yet you’ll hear political arguments that are not thinking survival but political alliance that what is going on is right..
      Red dawn great movie.. imagine if it was a real possibility..

  8. I’ll be very surrprised if Cho-Bi-Den is still president in two weeks. (Maybe a bit less. The panic runs deep, and tempis is fugiting like crazy.)

    Mocow and Peipeing (or however we spell that now) are watching for a window of likely paralysis.

    • Yes.. I read an article that said they were calling to get the 25th and get him out..but who would the democratic party replace him with..kammy, hillary, Michelle

  9. Good post today, George. Thanks.
    Got out of my trade – ‘puts’, on Monday [ +4.1%] and bought S&P ‘calls’., rode it out all week., just closed ’em out [ +8.2% ] Right now I don’t think I will be holding over the weekend., though something, in the back of my mind, tells me I should be “in the puts”. Just a gut level feeling.
    We’ll see………….
    I did not watch the debate last night.., I made 50 pot-stickers [ 25 shrimp & wild rice – 25 ground sausage & mushroom. Left-over mushrooms, wild rice and sausage will go into a soup today and the extra shrimp into a salad fresh from the garden.] I figured the kabuki theatre will be thoroughly covered all day today. Then sat outside with a double bourbon and pondered the fate of the universe, as I know it.
    The very first article in my news feed this morning told me the whole story. “Can Biden be replaced at the Democrat Convention?” – Pretty much covers it.

    • Aw man, wild rice is all but unavailable here on the island. I have to wait for the annual native American pow wow for my friends to bring some from northern Wisconsin. Suppose I could mail order some, but you never know the quality.

      • Equatorial climate and lots of rain? I’d have thought rice could grow there. I’m not much of a gardener, but I thought half the world grew and ate rice.

        • It may grow here, but I know of no ‘rice farms’ in Hawaii. Not a profitable crop, I guess. Requires lowland swamps, as I understand, and we have few of those here. Those are designated for other conservation purposes.

        • Rice needs a silty loam – Hank has grades of gravel with some leafy stuff in it. A little flat ground would be good too – buddy – ex fire chief up here – grew up rice pulling in Galeveston area. low, silty, wet, and oh yea, miserable effing work

    • Dam ..pot stickers..already made or make it yourself…
      I’m still waiting on a local ladies pot sticker recipe..she used rotisserie chicken.. and some Asian salad dressing.. but I don’t have a clue what her recipe has in it..

  10. remember the card game Go Fish
    well did we drew a get of jail free card? with the Supremes today,,, this will help the J 6 defendants and D.J.Trump with his Jack Smith lawfare attack
    and another blow to UN constitutional un elected Bureaucrats with,
    Zippity do dah zippity aye my oh my what a wonderful day!
    just the other brother Darrell, cheers

    • The Loper Bright case overturning decades of precedent is nothing but a smash n’ grab by the court to instill itself with more power. Now the power is with judges rather than experts like MDs, veterinarians, scientists, PhDs, economists, aviation experts, electrical engineers, et al. No, this will not end well when a case comes before the court and rather than having someone with expertise say in infectious disease or banking chiming in we’ll have judges who lack subject matter expertise making decisions based on what the constitution meant in 1800.

      • in reality,,, it is the court stopping the over reach of feral agencies inside the 2nd branch, with the power of the US Constitution, that gives the power to the 3rd branch, that it is exercising. Not a smash and grab as described by you or who ever wrote, what you just repeated. It is just a return of the delegated power stolen by the 2nd bunch.
        You been using slo joe debate coach?
        Why do the far left liberals hate the US Constitution?
        Have ya read and understand it?
        What the demonrats fail to understand is,,,
        OUR RIGHTS ARE OUTLINED IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT LIMITS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, as concentrated power corrupts, and the US Constitution divides it into 3 with limits on each.
        We have a democratically elected representative Republic
        Note,,, it limits the Federal government, but not the States

        it is the lawyers job to bring in expert witnesses, not the exec branches job to decide as judges.

      • truth, I see that Barbra said pretty much the same thing,,,
        Barbra Streisand
        The Supreme Court overruled 40 years of precedent and overturned the Chevron decision. It makes judges and the Supreme Court the regulators of laws passed by Congress rather than the scientific expertise at federal agencies. This is not democracy but rule by judicial order. The only beneficiaries are big business and polluters.”

  11. Biden apparently is not dropping out and wants a second debate – at this point Trump should just say there is no sense in a second debate Biden is clearly not capable of performing his duties now or ever

  12. I can see a Mattress Firm commercial devoted to people who can’t sleep because they watch presidential debates.
    I was on the parking lot shuttle returning from a week of vacation. There was an airline employee watching the debate on his cell. I laughed at him, and not too quietly. Slept great.
    My vacation was an opportunity to try out some new travel widgets. I have a newish 65L wheeled pack. It performed well in wheel mode. I took an ultralight insulated air mattress to use as a topper. It worked well too, and didn’t take up much room. Also took a Klymit seat pad. Those work decent, but have to be replaced frequently. All new packing cubes and organization were in play. The cheap Zon packing cube sets work fine.
    My objective was to reduce weight while still allowing enough for a one to two week jaunt, and still be reasonably clean and comfortable. When I was younger, I traveled a lot for work, with 2 and 3 week trips the norm. I always carried too much luggage, and was at the mercy of whatever sleeping accommodations the employer booked. I am learning to pack smarter and lighter, with better functionality. I used the smartphone and left the computer at home this time. Worked well enough. Used cards and left the checkbooks at home. Still, next time I will bring a travel register to record bill paying, rather than trying to reconstruct after the fact. I stayed with relatives, and spent about as much as normal, with exception of the refundable airline ticket, which was paid for a month in advance.
    Now I am looking at a transportable folding bike. Prices for a really good one with 1.5″ 650b or 700C tires runs $2K. It goes on the list.

  13. (“Hold on to your chair – the world is about to go seriously nuts right after next week., The reason is the (mislabeled) “Presidential Debate” last night was a farce. “)

    Are you sure.. we are not somehow stuck in the Twilight zone… Or some lucid nightmare..this sure feels like the twilight zone..

  14. re: Is the Sky Falling?
    feat: shanghai’d


    Today msm informed the populace of yesterday’s meeting in Bishopsgate between Mr. Gates and Prince William. The latter addressed Founder Gates’ “Breakthrough Energy Summit”. The invite only conference included Mr. Gates right hand climate czar from Cascades days as well as Mr. John Kerry, former climate czar of America.

    Preliminary Friday web meanderings for giggles would appear to indicate the confab may have occurred near the tower standing in for a Shanghai twin in the 2012 “Skyfall” movie. The estate was developed in the early 2000’s by British Land whose roots date to 1856 and little people property holders. Apparently a George Soros property development fund purchased a then-anonymous position some 30 years ago in the British Land company via a Cayman Islands front.

    Following the welcome respite of rioting in Nairobi, one must be grateful for the near-simultanrous arrival in Port au Prince, Haiti, of a Kenyan security force.

    Do enjoy a pleasant weekend, everyone!

  15. I live relatively close to the Southwest court house and county jail, a well struck tee shot from my driveway. I have a good view of their loading dock where they unload deliveries of mostly food for the inmates. During Covid they parked a 48′ trailer with extra food with the refer running 24/7 and every few days they would replace it with a full one. That went on for 2 years During Covid and then it was gone with regular deliveries occurring without leaving trailers anymore. Yesterday I noticed they had delivered 2 53′ trailers with refers on each end of the loading dock, markings on the trailers said Cold food storage. Whats interesting is these containers are flat on the ground, no wheels no axles, appears those trailers are going to be there for a while.
    Not sure what that means but I doubt its good.
    Bird flu for the upcoming election OR
    Fill in the blank at your leisure.

  16. (“We can see the mis-named “debate” as good news for people on both sides of the front line in Ukraine. With a suddenly improved chance of Donald Trump going back to the White House, the Russians may be somewhat constrained – playing for time “)

    I believe that is one reason why chat gpt Ai 4.5 when asked When the WW3 began it gave the answer .. November.. but something about Germany attacking Russian soil first..
    I personally believe that the damage done by this administration is way past the tipping point. the dollar is destroyed… With all the thread analysts saying that they believe between a half million and a million elite military has already crossed in holding the director of HS hand or getting direct flights in..
    in what what it right after the port deal done.. an FSB officer slipped in an interview and mentioned that they had seeded the US coastline with nuclear bombs.. then a few weeks ago a general had slipped in an interview and restated this.. Now was that a slip up .. as a big question.. or did they really seed the coastline of the US.. we will never know.. they are to busy worrying about their business model to care or give a dam about it..
    since no one in this government cares to listen to their own threat analysts and generals.. spending like we have unlimited resources.. it just gets uglier.. even if they dont have a million military soldiers sitting idle waiting.. the cloward piven strategy of 68 will destroy the country..
    As for the election.. they have spent billions of dollars in attempting to destroy Trump.. the hatred is so intense you hear it on mainstream media every few minutes.. its amazing.. why in the hell are we going to attack syria.. jiminy Christmas.. our military is out on so many fronts now.. and who is minding the home base..

    I have thought for over a year that the election will not happen.. if the USA is under a national threat.. the election can be put on hold.

    I don’t believe that they will ever let Trump take the seat again.. they have spent so much money they could have fixed the infrastructure.. or fixed our horribley poor medical system.. the interest on the deficit is taking off.. we are so royally screwed..

  17. re: alpha to oMEGA


    The six month rotating presidency of the EU’s European Council baton will pass from Belgium to Hungary on July 1st. “France24” notes that Mr. Orban is promising to –
    “Make Europe Great Again”.

    • re: citizen cane
      feat: penny drops


      Former CBC journalist and Canadian writer Louise Penny’s crime mystery Parisien thriller “All the Devils Are Here” was released a year before her “State of Terror” co-written with Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

      This week the latter held engagements with msm. It would appear the pair have written another tome to be released on Sept. 17, “Something Lost, Something Gained”. Apparently two months after that, on November 19, President Clinton will release his next book entitled “Citizen”.

  18. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. might make sense.

    Only if you like illegal aliens,
    and don’t like guns,
    and eschew personal property rights,
    and hate petroleum-powered vehicles.

    Please don’t let RFK’s stance on medicine and forced medications cause you to overlook the fact he’s probably, in aggregate, more of a hardcore Marxist than Biden could have been when he DID have a working brain.

    • I actually like Kennedy.. I know he will never make it as president.. the kennedy Curse.. in the book double crossed Sam Giancana biography .. it covers why the kennedy’s wont ever be a president again..
      one of two for the book..
      two of two..
      this book is on my scariest books list.. the first time I read it was back way back.. and during the re read of it.. I could watch it play out in the media.. similarly I can see the book adolph hitlers second secret book zweitzbuch
      the problem I see is.. his goals for the USA has what totally appears to bein the process right now.. we have one party that is slowly merging into a phase and acting similarly to the NAZI party.. this time the appearance is middle class citizens are the ones being targetted.. Adolph had a hatred for the upper crust and went to steal what they had.. growing up with an uncle that beat him.
      I knew a jewish woman that was a staunch supporter of adolph hitler..they were members of the nazi party.. her husband was an affluent lawyer.. once the real feelings of adolph came out they had to escape the camps.. and hid in culverts.. and other peoples home as they escaped to the USA.. they didn’t have a clue that he hated affluent people and especially the jewish community..
      she would always wake up and think that the ones checking on her were nazi’s coming to take her and the kids to the camps.. it was sad her daughter and I were good friends she was a professor in an upper NYC collage..

    • I hear ya Ray…. I actually can’t believe that what we are seeing is the absolute best the this country has to offer.. what I see is over indulged multi millionaires that could give a shit about anyone working for a living..a congress that is inable to do a thing.. not one dam thing.. the only thing that appears to be is they are worried about their next day off.. not actually doing their jobs.. Of all of them I do have to say that as obnoxious as his personality portraits him.. Trump did do exactly what he said he would do and he has proven over and over that he has a heart of gold.. not just a faucet.. Congress keeps showing that they have the inability to get anything done yet even with their poor work ethics and inability to do their jobs.. they keep getting voted in over and over and over.. .. they sit on a mountain of evidence that would put any one without the political clout in prison for a lifetime.. and everyone says poor boys.. leave them alone.. finally starting to feel better.. all this crazy wind and rain the weather patterns had my joints all inflamed.. phew sucks big time.. you forget how bad things can be until the next one comes along..

  19. “And that could be ugly. With the next round of Kabuki due on the 11th when we think the (term loosely used) “judge” in the Kangaroo misdemeanor case seems likely to get “Trump off the table” by sending him to Rikers.”

    Won’t happen. I expect the judge to sentence Trump to at least a year behind bars. I expect Trump’s legal staff to have the paperwork at the Appellate court along with the (undoubtedly exorbitant) appeal bond before Trump leaves the courtroom. Any other outcome will demand a USSC “fast track” legal intervention, and a possible incarceration of both Bragg and this lameass excuse for a judge, on charges of election tampering and interference.

    • Pathfinder Ray, that was a good link, but look what it led to a MUCH BETTER LINK:


      Listen to a person who actually knows what she is talking about:

      She is just talking about ONE year; just imagine the billions and billions spent since 1996. NAFTA; THAT OPENED THE FLOODGATES OR THAT GREAT SUCKING SOUND OF OUR JOBS AND COMPANIES LEAVING THE USA, AND THE IMPORTS OF THE ILLEGALS.

      • the cloward piven strategy…
        here is a guy I totally love to watch explaining the cloward piven… I remember the day his show follow the money was taken off the air.. I of course didn’t record it.. where the party leaders were explaining they didn’t care if great grandma had to work to support the illegals..

  20. Commercial Real Estate …. city high rise offices are a DISASTER!

    “Moody’s Predicts 24% Of Office Towers Will Be Vacant By 2026”

    “A new report from Moody’s offers yet another grim outlook that the commercial real estate downturn is nowhere near the bottom. Elevated interest rates and persistent remote and hybrid working trends could result in around 24% of all office towers standing vacant within the next two years. The office tower apocalypse will result in more depressed values that will only pressure landlords.”

    “Combining these insights, with our more than 40 years of historic office performance data, as well as future employment projections, our model indicates that the impact on office demand from work from home will be around 14% on average across a 63- month period, resulting in vacancy rates that peak in early 2026 at approximately 24% nationally,” Moody’s analysts Todd Metcalfe, Anthony Spinelli, and Thomas LaSalvia wrote in the report.”

  21. Uvalde police cheif has been indicted – Arredondo is facing charges of abandoning/endangering a child, a state felony, alongside Adrian Gonzales, a former officer.
    – I don’t know about the other officer., but Arredondo is a flaming coward.
    – Good job Grand Jury – good job.
    – Now – convict this slime covered P.O.S.
    Law enforcement waited 77 minutes before entering the classroom where the shooter had barricaded himself. All that time, officers stood in the hallway, on Arredondo’s orders and listened to the shooting as the massacre took place., killing 19 4th graders and two teachers.
    Following the shooting, Arredondo said that he didn’t know that he was in charge of the response. He is the Chief of Police – who else would be in charge !??
    – In case you can’t tell…, I really don’t like this guy.

    • It couldn’t happen to a nicer douche…

      Maybe I’ve seen the Die Hard movies one too many times, but there is no frickin’ way I’d “stand at-ease” in a school hallway while some wackjob of a social turd executed little kids in cold blood, one door away.

      What’s the worst that could happen?
      I shoot a couple of the hostages.

      Second worst?
      I am shot and killed.

      Either is vastly-preferable to standing around for 77 minutes with my thumb up my butt until all the kids are dead.

      150 years ago Uvalde was a gen-u-ine badass town. I guess they got civilized, then allowed Californicators to come in and unwoke them.

      I still wonder how that kid could afford to purchase multiple guns, any of which cost more than most of the cars I’ve owned…

      • (“Maybe I’ve seen the Die Hard movies one too many times, but there is no frickin’ way I’d “stand at-ease” in a school hallway while some wackjob of a social turd executed little kids in cold blood, one door away.”)

        AMEN I am with you there ten thousand percent..

  22. “New Records today. You might think mumbling and “Joe to Go” would panic the markets. But, in fact, just the opposite with futures up nicely.”

    Son watches the afterhours’ religiously. I was in the neighborhood, so dropped in on him last night. He asked if I were watching the debate. “Of course not. Why?” He showed me his crypto chart: “See the vertical spike? That happened the moment Trump started speaking…”

  23. Michelle Obama stated today that she will not be campaigning for Biden., and rather defiantly. That raises a question – then who is she going to mouth-off for?

  24. They have a “Plan B” No way his handlers would let him do this if it made any difference in the Plan. In other words, I don’t think there will be an election, or one like the elections we used to have.

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