The Future that’s Coming for Us

But we  may have another week or two before the wheels come off. For today, then, a quiet mid summer weekend with a major problem becoming visible in our charts.

Giving us time to reflect on the “bow waves” of the future.

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16 thoughts on “The Future that’s Coming for Us”

  1. Soy sauce
    now I don’t have a clue why but I dreamed I made soy sauce in a lucid dream.. interesting in the dream I added a carrot and an onion.. so I will whip up a batch and see..

    4 cups soybeans
    4 cups wheat flour
    Koji starter
    1 gallon water
    3 1/2 cups salt
    Soak the soybeans and wheat berries separately.
    Cook the soybeans until tender, then crush them.
    Mix crushed soybeans, wheat berries, and koji starter.
    Ferment the mixture for several months.
    Press the fermented mixture to extract liquid (soy sauce).

    faster imitation Vegan soy sauce

    1-1/2 cups boiling water
    4 TBS beef bouillon granules (lower sodium works too)
    4 TBS cider vinegar
    1 TBS dark molasses
    1 tsp sesame seed oil
    pinch of black pepper

    Whisk all ingredients together until dissolved and pour into a bottle with a tightly sealed top. May be refrigerated indefinitely. Makes 2 cups.

    the other thing I dreamed about was making yeast balls..

    2 cups of rice ( wash the rice )
    soak over night and the next morning bring it to a boil cook until tender.
    Drain the water out into a bowl.. add a half cup of sugar ..mix until its dissolved.. bring to room temperature.. add 2 tsp of yeast or one previous yeast ball..
    let it sit once bubbling add one cup of rice flour ( give or take or half and half with the blended cooked rice )
    stir it should look like a sticky pancake dough cover and sit on the counter overnight..
    mix thoroughly with another cup of rice flour still a wet dough not to stiff.. roll it into walnut sized dough balls.
    now.. most bakers yeast is yeast and cornmeal mix.. I take these balls roll them in bakers yeast or cornmeal .. you can individually put each ball in a small zip lock bag or you can just layer them in a jar..the ancients use to string them like beads and hang them in a dark room temperature spot..
    To use a dried yeast ball
    cook up a little rice..
    Crush the Yeast Ball: Begin by crushing the dry Chinese yeast ball into a fine powder.
    Mix with Rice: In a sterilized mixing bowl, combine the yeast ball powder with cooked rice. Add around 1/2 cup of cool boiled water.
    Mix Thoroughly: Use a sterilized utensil to mix the ingredients completely, loosening the rice grains to separate them as much as possible.
    Fermentation: Allow the mixture to ferment. The yeast ball will help saccharify the starch in the rice, and wild yeasts will ferment the sugar.
    I believe A yeast ball is also known as Jiugu. These small dried yeast balls are used in Chinese alcoholic drinks, aiding fermentation. One popular Chinese drink made with these yeast balls is rice wine. the process involves a mixture of herbs, rice flour, and water. The herb mixture can include ingredients like garlic, ginger, white pepper, and cinnamon or raisins sugar boiled and then fermented.
    After forming your rice dough, and you make them traditionally the balls are left to dry for about a week at room temperature and then fully dried in direct sunlight. They can be stored for up to three years in an airtight container at room temperature… To use them, you can grind a yeast ball into powder and mix it with rice, raisins and sugar to make rice wine. enjoy and Cheers!

    • What no Sake recipe, oh Fermentationman ? What gives ?

      How is an obnoxious/offensive asz like myself supposed to make “Sake Bombs” without some good homemade hooch?
      bombs away..-

      Of course the Irish Car Bomb is one of BCN’s favorites, note * Never order on of these in Ireland..ever.
      Unless of course you wanna get banned or worse made to watch and consume a Flamin Tower -


      • 5 lbs rice
        5 lbs sugar
        2 cups of raisins
        5 gallons of filtered water
        1/2 cup of koji spores

        was the rice then cover the rice with water over night..
        cook the rice and drain the water keep this water..
        add the sugar to this water and cook the raisins with it.. put in carboy and seal.
        take the koji starter spores and add to the cooked and drained rice.. mix it well…cover and set it on the counter..let it set over night old tradition says for three days.. if you want the traditional grain only then ten lbs of rice..
        After the overnight you can see the spores growing in the add this rice keeping some out for future use..
        to dry koji spore put some of the koji rice on a plate to dry.. cover with a towel and let dry..
        take and add the remaining koji rice add it to the rice raisin water fill it to the five gallon mark and cover let it ferment for a couple weeks with airlock..
        strain the mash out of it.
        whip it with your stirring paddle in the secondary fermentation carboy. add the camdin tablets.. let sit.
        put your clarifying agent let it settle .. you can back sweeten it from this point..
        it gets better as it ages..

        to make it

        1/2 cup of your home made soy sauce..
        1/4 cup brown sugar
        1 1/2 teaspoons fresh ginger ,minced
        1 teaspoon garlic ,minced
        1 tablespoon honey
        1 teaspoon sesame oil
        1/4 cup water mixed with 3 teaspoons cornstarch
        heat until thickened strain and bottle..

      • re: Festina Lente
        feat: “make haste slowly” soy sauce


        It has been a slow boiling affair in the French courts. However “France24” notes that a verdict has been reached in the matter of French opera “Boléro”. French copyright will not be extended to a new claimant of an alleged Russian-creator-descended line.

        Interestingly Ravel’s “Bolero” was commissioned by an Orthodox Jewish heiress from one of the wealthiest Imperial Russian families. Ida Rubenstein was born in Ukraine and grew up in St. Petersburg.

        She decamped to London in WW2 to conduct good works. Her stay at The Ritz hotel in Piccadilly enjoyed support by The Lord Moyne of Dublin’s Irish Guinness family. Lord Moyne was assassinated in Cairo by Jewish terrorists belonging to the nazi-turned-bolshevik militant Lehi group in 1944. According to Wikipedia, Lehi was absorbed into

    • Astute observation..very astute.

      Tells you a lot about the Man, and the Commenter.. : )

  2. China has expelled two former defense ministers, Li Shangfu [Current] and Wei Fenghe [former], from the ruling Communist Party amid allegations of corruption, which could result in life imprisonment, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday. They will be tried by the Liberation Army Tribunal., which already means – guilty.
    – Looks like President-For-Life Xi is still cleaning house and consolidating his power.
    – How far and how long can you squeeze before the whole thing just pops !?

  3. George,

    For the SPX, 28 June 2024 met the technical criteria of a Bear Key Reversal Day.

    Synergistic SPX 1982 13/31 year and 27 October 2023 to 28 June 2024 55/114 day synchronous terminal portions of second fractals may expectedly produce a flash crash in the very near term.

    • S&P500 set an interim record high on the 28th – passing 5,523., but pulled back and closed at 5,460., on very heavy volume.
      – I almost., pert-near., came close., to jumping in on the “put” side to hold over the weekend. Just couldn’t quite convince myself – maybe I should have.
      – For some reason, I am getting little hesitant to hold any position over a weekend. Not too sure why.

      • Oddly that was the same thought process that kept me out – as explained on the PN site – The real fear is that we will have a typical preholiday rally. Going short this coming Friday might be more appealing, but we shall see..

        • Understand your concerns. You should get a preview of Monday western markets looking at the Shanghai Comp , BSE Sensex , and Nikkei.

          Old Joe’s debate performance was scary, which could be a post hoc propter hoc rationale for a (albeit a wrongfully ascribed causation) global stock sell-off. (Market valuations collapse when there is buyer saturation). The long term – short term yield US sovereign debt inversion stands at 600 days equal to the 1928-1929 inverted run.
          After the devaluation there should be a good counter rally beyond the election and ideally to a time period near the January 2025 inauguration: corresponding to a Oct 2023 13/30-32/26 week growth fractal series

  4. Tropical Storm Beryl is expected to form into the first hurricane of the season – by Sunday night.
    – First Track show that “Hurrican” Beryl will pass directly over Haiti., as it heads through the Caribbean., smacking Cuba and into the Gulf of Mexico. [ not up the Atlantic seaboard.]
    All of those course predictions are preliminary as the potential size of Beryl is just now being measured.
    National Hurricane Center stated that TS Beryl does have the potential to become a major hurricane as it has formed far enough out into Atlantic to gather enough energy as it makes its way across the warm shallow waters of the Caribbean.
    In other words.., it will form into a hurricane – how big and path is till up for determination.
    – Heads-up, George…….,

  5. re: bow wave
    feat: be it resolved…


    A mouse roared? Don’t launch the doomsday lifeboats yet? A day after the American debate joust, the President of tiny Slovenia happened to be in Kyiv for a catch-up conversation with President Zelensky. She stated that the Mr. Z. and Mr. P. will have to meet at the same table sooner or later to hammer out a peace deal. The expressed sentiments don’t seem to be reverbrating into western media. Russian-founded and now Kyiv-headquartered RBC-Ukraine offers some newsbytes –

  6. I read an article by the gentleman writing this one..
    I do think they are prepping to take him out of the race..
    like hur said.. his mind obviously appears to be to far gone to get a jury to convict him of the obvious crimes they uncovered..
    my guess is they will toss the perv and brother under the wheels ..will they toss the three blind mice under the wheels of the bus as well..

  7. “1. Will Joe Biden Resign?

    Hasn’t happened – but it doesn’t mean it won’t. Biden acknowledges weak debate performance as Democratic questions swirl over whether he’ll stay in the presidential race, For now, he’s still in. But ahead of the Chicago democrat convention, the speculation is building that he could become a one-termer.”


    Just no…

    Joe Biden is the 3rd most racist national politician of the last 60 years. He is a pathological liar, a thief, an obscenely egotistic prick, and not very intelligent.

    These negative traits were widely-known, both inside the Beltway and across the U.S., at large. George Soros selected Biden as Obama’s running mate because he knew he was going to have Obama do some things which were patently illegal and unconstitutional, and he knew nobody in D.C. [who was] in their right mind would ever consider impeaching Obama if it meant that Biden would become President.

    Fast forward to 2020 and the Democrat Establishment (and Soros’ kid) have to choose between Bernie the commie and Joe the lying, plagiarizing, “n___ hater,” because Hillary is still butthurt over 2016 and no one else has name recognition.

    In the three and a half weeks between the New Hampshire primary (beginning of February) and the South Carolina primary (end of February) the Democrat spinmeisters and the mainstream media made millions of voters, including the Black voters in the Carolinas, forget that “Obama was clean” and Joe “didn’t want his kids going to school with Black kids,” and that “poor kids were just as smart as White kids” (and they disappeared all the n-bombs Joe dropped in the ’70s, while they were at it.)

    The average CONUS inhabitant who’s under 50 has no idea Joe is a plagiarist and likely believes the seven lies he got called on during this public spanking (the ones SO egregious that CNN and MSNBC HAD to mention them) are the only ones he’s ever uttered. His past Presidential runs are mentioned, but rarely is it mentioned that he dropped out because he stole people’s speeches and got caught.


    every regular here knows about all that I’ve written, and knows it to be true.

    Since the American voting public has proven it can be gaslit and completely brainwashed, in very short order, is there really anyone here who’s either so naïve or so stupid that they believe the afore-mentioned groups can’t brainwash the Democrat voters into believing President Houseplant is in complete control of his faculties, and even that he won the “debate” handily?

    Different States have different rules. After midnight, (last) Friday, Joe Biden is the only Democrat who can receive delegates from the states of Nevada and (I believe) Arizona (unless he dies between now and the General Election.) Other State Democratic Committees have similar rules which kick in at times specified by them, not a National organization (“Republican” and “Democrat” are capital funding corporations, remember?)

    Biden is currently running so far behind that virtually every pollster is projecting a Trump landslide. Does anyone believe the Dems, in such an election nightmare, would eliminate the possibility that Electoral College delegates of a number of States could go to their candidate, by replacing that candidate?

    As I said: “NO!”

    Biden will be the Democratic candidate, unless he dies in the next 18 weeks.

    He is also very likely to win, if Trump takes his right foot off the gas (and his left, off Joe’s throat.)

    Never get suckered by the bluff, or overcommit to the feint…

    • “Different States have different rules. After midnight, (last) Friday, Joe Biden is the only Democrat who can receive delegates from the states of Nevada and (I believe) Arizona (unless he dies between now and the General Election.)”

      After midnight yesterday Wisconsin went off the table. Biden is now the only Democratic candidate who can win in Badgerville.

      Conservative “media” are idiots; Leftist “media” is conniving. They’re all going to be talking about “replacing Biden” for the next week or so. Presidents Clinton (Tip O’neill wing) and Obama (George Soros wing) know the States’ election rules and they know the Dems have already lost these three, all of them “swing States” and vital to the Election, if they replace Biden. They will lose three more next week.

      Biden will not be replaced, unless the Dems can figure a way to win after giving the Repubs a six State handicap. Their only out which preserves the ability to possibly win these States is if Biden dies after the Convention but before the Election.

      ‘Hope nobody inserts Hillary into the chain of succession for Democrat candidate…

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