Who is “Corney???” OIG Punked

Hats off to NM Mike for the tip on thisWe just downloaded the official report of the IG from the DoJ Website here and and there is, indeed, a telling misspelling of the former FBI Director’s name.

There are 149 instances of it being spelled “Corney” instead of “Comey.”

See how much the font looks like an M, but really isn’t?  Look at what happens when a search is done for Comey:

NM Mike’s view is it’s a very clever use of a font…but toward what end?

We know that subtle mis-direction is often how the Powers That Be communitcate in public….so write down Corney, not Comey and ask what’s being said?

Oh, and watch for the file to be changed, sooner than later…

In the meantime, someone should call Mr. Snerdly!


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  1. That’s a good catch, by NM Mike. I was made aware of this yesterday and there’s possibly more of this type of thing in the report. The interesting thing here is that there have been several references in the past several months made by anonymous sources on Twitter and some of 4Chan/8Chan boards in relation to Comey and ‘corn’ harvesting. Somebody already knew about this long before the report came out. Damned interesting!

      • Excellent site, I take it seriously. Jim has requested those who read it to share his findings, but not his site, since the publicity causes more difficulties for him. I have a lot of respect for any man that will put that much on the line for others’ info.

    • Yes it is damned interesting and nothing any of us could do or say about it.. it’s a story that you’ll never hear on MSM and it to will also vanish in lightning speed..
      Deemed fake news

  2. Qanon on my friends,,,( Q+++) on Q drops has always been considered by us Q followers to be President Trump , his self, yesterday President Trump said PLUS PLUS PLUS, on national TV, Q followers everywhere jumped with JOY,,,public proof,,,or lets just say it is a start of a coming out publicly
    who is Q?
    in the Q drops they have stated,,,they are less than 10, mostly military,,,
    THIS IS A MILITARY operation,protecting our Constitution. They have this thing about oaths and honor, thank God! and those good gentlemen. And do not forget that the deep(dark) state has it evil fingers into the military also, they will be purged also
    Yup Corney is a way to hid stuff in plain sight
    How do you harvest corn?,,with a reaper, a grime reaper
    How do you catch a wild animal? with a trap! the House is their trap, Trump did not campaign for Reps in 2018 mostly senators, the Senate was the target, mean while the Dems rejoiced when they got control of the chicken coup,, and have drawn public attention to their misdeeds with the impeachment scam, and they are trapped ! they have to attack Trump for their survival from the STORM, time for my happy dance

    • 17 = Q; and we have several mentions by Trump of “17” in the last few months in his tweets or while speaking.

      • It’s not a coincidence that all 17 “mistakes” made by the FBI benefited the Democratic Party per POTUS

    • OF COURSE NOT, in 50 yrs most of us will be dead :-),,,but our grand children will learn about this GLOBAL movement, it will be BIBLICAL. It is world, wide in every corner of this round ball
      Even in Iran,,, the UNIVERSE is watching

    • Of course not.

      Unless there is a proper housecleaning at State, Defense (y’all DO remember all those General Officers Mr. Obama fired, right?), DOJ, DHS, and Congress, and a bunch of former and current employees swing, figuratively if not literally, the only historical mention will be Mr. Trump’s “impeachment.” Liberal college professors will write the “history” that grade school kids are taught, and it may well be written in Cyrillic or Mandarin…

    • It took a lot of effort to make an “honest” mistake repeatedly and identically 149 times! Buzz today is that the intention is to defeat FOIA and other search requests. I can barely imagine how many times this document was reviewed prior to publication by rooms full of lawyers. In politics, nothing happens by accident.

      • Mike did you see the post that Obama had been written Obarna in the same document.. now that’s some funny stuff there

  3. Update……
    I sit here with a true tear of grattitude….
    A little over a week ago a young lady about the age of my granddaughter asked if if I knew how her sister could get help.
    She wanted help but was running into roadblocks everywhere.. hopelessly addicted to heroine..
    I thought I could help a little so I aske a friend.. he did what he could but found out the young lady was not only broke but homeless luving in the big city cold streets..no money no help..

    I felt frustrated someone wanting help and none available .
    I had failed.
    I called again and asked come on guys this young girl is at the mercy of the streets..shes been overdosing wants the help.. seldom does an addict ask and beg for help to grow the tree of life. Isn’t there anything that we can do..
    Update.. SHE,’S IN…and the assurance that she will be in a great transition facility afterwards.
    She won’t sleep in the back of an old car tonight..the odds were withought help she would have been dead before xmas..either from an overdose or from exposure.
    Her sister was crying in gratitude.. both are in their early twenties.. so much to live for. All she needed was a hand up.
    Thank god for miracles…
    One of the best xmas gifts of all time.

  4. “See how much the font looks like an M, but really isn’t? ”

    Lol lol you can do that if you half space the two letters..
    But then that would make it a deliberate thought out act.. and we know no one in an office like that would stop to that depth of depravity

  5. George, another bizarre super public shooting incident, and you’ll notice that this week’s events have been ramping. The events are getting stranger and more violent, and the media is acting more interested. We’ll see how this one goes, but we are in the window still. Compared to the last “pair” of events it’s much more this period which has me worried about what the finale is going to be this week. Hopefully today was it, but don’t count on it – today was another flub IMO.

  6. Sir,

    Wikipedia offers an instructive explanation of homoglyphs and their provonance. There’s even a greek, cyrillic and latin venn diagram decoder ring included for the crackerjack crowd.

    The Royal Page’s final entry prefaces an ode to joy in 6296 confusables, and was released upon the masses last April Fool’s Day.

    We now return to Beethoven’s Ninth already in progress…

  7. Corney could be spell check “correct all” after Comey being flagged. Obama to Obarna would probably be deliberate though; unlikely accident.

    • That is so true..lol lol lol
      I totally love spell check and hate it all at the same time..
      I wonder what other errors thereare in the document..
      I find it all hillarious.. I am also ashamed of the democratic party.. especially since they started after the presidential before he won the election.. and camped up their efforts after he told another candidate he thought they should be invested.
      The whole thing is a joke unfortunately I think it’s the people that will pay the price.

      • I just d/l’ed again and now MSFT counts 163 Corney up from 149 Yest. No Obarna. But strange…thing is, is it meaningful? Reality by a thread lately!

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