A Time Machine Project Update

A new kind of Grand Unified Theory appears in our meta data work. Our work here at Old Man Labs is loosely based on the idea that there is an acoustical “trap door” to space-time.  In a review of extensive anomaly reports, cross-tabbed to religious traditions, we seem to have uncovered possible “pay dirt.”

Today, we’ll go through things semi-sequentially so you can follow the evolution of this most novel thought.

As you will read, some of the pieces fit so damn well together  that we’re inclined to relabel the work from “crack-pot theory” to “pending experimental confirmation.”

Importantly, this changes our instrumentation plans dramatically…such that we’ve started research on optical scatter, scatterometers and difusion meters.  Because opening what we had considered a “time portal” is not an instantaneous.  In data, such events seem to take a few minutes to measurably begin and longer to become fully manifest.

First, though, work before pleasure (which is what research is, after all!).  A few headlines and trends and a walk-though of how the markets are holding up the weight of the circus tent…and fresh consumer price data just out.

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21 thoughts on “A Time Machine Project Update”

  1. Good Morning George, referencing your work today: Might humidity be influenced? What was the humidity range the three bladed aircraft props were operating in? You are monitoring the temperature, so maybe the same for humidity?

    Another way to create similar flight conditions would be with a wind tunnel, model plane and gas engine with a three bladed prop.

    Additionally, in the bible scenarios you mention smoke. If everything is still and quiet, smoke would just hang in place, where if there was any type of breeze the smoke would move. So, it maybe they used smoke as a tattle-tail like ribbons are used on a sail.

    • 30% may be ‘way too moderate. I should think Bermuda anomalies would be close to 100% RH, desert (was the Middle East a desert, millennia ago?) would be close to zero.

      I think about “The Andromeda Strain,” where the two survivors were a colicky baby and a Sterno-drinking bum — one acidotic, and one abnormally alkilinic, and consider whether certain experimentation needs to occur within a specific range (of whatever variable can effect it.) In the book, the strain killed every creature whose body ph was between 6.9 and 7.1, and had no effect on anything not within that range.

      Is it possible that your experimentation may require RH that’s 90%?

      Yes, if RH (or absolute humidity FTM) is a factor.

      ‘Guess what I’m saying is: Be open-minded — don’t assume an experiment is a failure until you explore EVERY variable, including the ones you didn’t realize were variable, when you delineated the params of the experiment.

      I apologize in advance, for the headache this is gonna cause you…

      • “Is it possible that your experimentation may require RH that’s 90%? ”

        should read:

        Is it possible that your experimentation may require RH that’s less than 15% or greater than 90%?

        I used the GT and LT brackets, which WordPress interpreted as a line of html code, and deleted…

      • The, kind of “deeper thinking” we love on this particular topic. Thanks to you both.
        Hedre’s the thing: The “tribes” we usually moving during the day, so the religious activities would be around nightfall (or after, hence the lampstand focus). In this case, while RH was likely around 2-5 % daytime, as the temp drops, the RH rises.
        OTOH in the Gernon flight from Andros, the RH very well COULD have been in the 30% range because what I didn’t put into the details of this AM’s report was that there was a strong Northwester in play in that timespan with RH dry air from the NW coming down and doing some atmospheric “tumbling” which is why there were other big clouds in the area, though not the attaching/cloud kind.
        I think it’s a valid research point, so when I do all this testing it will be another variable to control. In order for it to result in anything meaningful (scientifically) it would need to be repeatable and if RH matters (as it will because RH also impacts speed of sound and in extension the Doppler note shifting, Its on the list! My shop dehumidifier can keep the room at 30% for several days in advance of testing to stabile things, but I may turn it off an hour before actual test runs in order to support the hypothecated multiple kindling pathes – need some stability of homogeneity of the suspended particulates.

  2. I looked at the IG Fisa report yesterday and found the 149 instances of “Corney” and 0 instances for “Comey”. I looked at the report again today 12/11/19 and found 163 instances of “Corney” and 0 instances of “Comey”. So it looks like the report changes from day-to-day but the mispelling is not corrected. WTF? It would be interesting to do a file compare of both versions.

  3. Good report, G.

    You’re good at breaking things down.

    My only comment is the Cain and Able offerings story. Perhaps there should be a consideration to the type of smoke involved.

    To me it seems Cain made smoke from plant matter while Able made smoke from animal matter.

    Smoke from from animal matter was looked upon “favorably” while plant matter smoke was looked at unfavorably and outright rejected. This of course led to a tif.

    • For clarification:

      “Now Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil. 3 In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. 4 And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, 5 but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast.”

  4. Extraordinary read this morning George! I’m just glad that I’m in the right mind frame to relate to it. There’s a lot to ponder, and I’m graced to be able to follow much of what you’re describing.

    One thing we can all work on is allowing multiple theories of reality simultaneously. Consensus reality if taken too seriously can be a very limiting belief. That said, it does have its place.

  5. I have been euphoric about the market for the last week or so. I am never right, so it is time to be cautious. That is why I buy & hold, I haven’t a clue on what’s happening.

    Recession, Impeachment, Trade War: There’s always something to make people be afraid to hold their stocks. Though hold you must to make big money in the market. Wall Street Motto: Shake out the little guy & then run up the price. Buy companies whose stock is going up, whose earnings are increasing, & is in an in demand market, & sleep easy.

  6. Why the hell are they covering the country side with 3 bladed windmills?
    I don’t know, just the question that leaped into my pea brain.

  7. Last week I bought some oil stocks I follow when they fell below their buy now price with a 100% chance of making money. It is good for 2 or 3 times a year. It has made up for all my trading experiment disasters.

  8. George,

    All of this is damned interesting and there’s a lot to digest. Honestly, I’d need a couple of days of in-person conversation to even get close to absorbing all of it. One thing that caught my attention was the ‘electronic fog’. You’ve talked about this before, and me, being the problem solving type, spent a little bit of time thinking it over. The first culprits that came to mind are plasma and/or ionized air. I realized the problem here is that the witness reported a yellowish color and ionized air usually manifests in the visible light spectrum somewhere around blue. Not being anything close to an expert on the topic, I did a quick search and I found this:


    This part specifically caught my attention:

    “Rydberg atoms, generated by low-frequency lightnings, emit at red to orange color and can give the lightning a yellowish to greenish tint.”

    And here’s some info on Rydberg atoms:


    All of this is generally out of my wheel house, but I thought I’d pass it along.

    • The whole (mostly mind-blowing) part of my work is figuring out (from Gernon and other reports he and macGregor cited) that what we’re really onto here is the “stuff of God”. Remember, the “cloud” is what Moses climbed up the mountain into. And the whole purpose of the 70 pound pure gold “lampstand” was to enable priests to see when they had begun to make “the fog” appear in the holy of holies – and it is from this “fog” or “cloud” stufxf that God appears.
      So really what this points to is that they may (and likely IS) a dimensional layer we don’t see (dispersed plasma beings) who can “condense” and shape what happens here. And, it adds immensely when you look at the history of sun worship (Egyptian) and see “sun eaters” and other such in religions both old and new.

      The Cloud, is thus quite the magical stuff and that’s why rediscovery of the “sound that calls God” is actually not a bad pursuit. Whether we have enough to get much out, we don’t know yet.

      And still, as mentioned in the report on the PN side, we do see now how there may be a link between “westerly” movement and going forward in apparent time, easterly to move back, and the north-south directions within “the cloud” may be from whence levitation arises (as in the Tibetan dencheng blowing of trumpets.

      There’s an odd correlation between such farty sounding trumpets and disappearing ships (northbound, if I’m not mistaken) of the Cyclops…and so forth. Back to the soldering irons!

      • Ure right, that’s some mind blowing stuff.

        When I was in college I was having an off-the-cuff convo with one of my professors. One thing that he told me was that he had an idea that the Ark of Covenant was actually a large capacitor. I was gobsmacked! It was like an eureka moment for me because it made SENSE because it would easily explain many of the ‘magical’ attributes of the object and why and how it had to be handled. I really do think that you’re on to something with this and it really is the stuff of ‘God’.

        • Intuitively, then, it would follow that (summoning plasma beings and demons from other realms) that they might be coaxed or assigned a “waiting place” until needed. That as the Ark, more than likely.
          Get some of that “cloud stuff” to shove energy into a killing box, cover it up quick, and move it with two long sticks to the site of battle. Close eyes, open box, smote the baddies.
          Once used, stop blowing the horns to keep “it” kindled, out it goes job done.
          Yeah…more than fiction – POSSIBLY.
          But not a capacitor – it’s more like a lead-lined box – which is what gold is very near on the atomic chart.
          Radiative energy of some kind and the Ark was a containment vessel

      • George – Eastern Mysticism has covered these topics quite well, especially using specific mantras to call specific Gods (or what we call archetypes). Check out seed mantras for Genesha, Maruga, Lakshmi, etc. This vedic knowledge is very old, but we have become so enamored by what we think as ‘science’ that we are not willing to look into ancient knowledge. Believe me, we are missing a lot. Want to know a secret? Think vibration and frequency.

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