The left-leaning press and crooked politicians (left and right) are scared as hell about what’s going to come out if the digging into Ukraine and the “international manipulators” gets too much further.  Game-on for the Durham grand jury, as we see it.

What you can read, studying the headlines (as one would scan a  libretto for clues to the how following scenes will play in an opera), is a plot-less wonder with a deranged cast of characters; none of whom should be nowhere near a public stage.  Both parties.

But, let’s back up.

I told you to expect a whitewash by the “serving two masters, AG/congress)” Inspector General report out Monday.   Exactamente!

And, as usual, we see media bias (and an inability to get to the heart of this train wreck) all over the place.  “Report on F.B.I. Russia Inquiry finds serious errors but debunks Anti-Trump plot” says the NY Times.  We thinkk they’re being hasty.

More evenly, Mediaite rolls with “Lou Dobbs: DOJ IG Report a ‘Whitewash,’ Shows ‘The Deep State’s Awesome Control of Our Permanent Bureaucracy’.

There was painfully little coverage in the Digital Uprising’s press about one other biggy (lost in the clouds of battle, was it?):  The president of Ukraine again trying to pop the left-wing media bubble by saying (to the void):  “No one pressured me…

But no, that’s not enough to pierce the LWMB (left wing media bubble).  Instead, we get stories, like the  Washington Post’s “analysis” (we read: spin) “Why Ukraine’s president said there had been ‘no pressure’ from Trump.”  It’s a dandy attempt to re-write history by making incomprehensible references pretending to explain what “pressure” means to Ukrainians.  (A five minute ViseGrip application after reading it and trying to follow its…whatever…. snapped me out of it.)

Mostly ignored, though not by honest media like the  Washington Times which (in predicting a whitewash, as we did) hinted at how it all seemed choreographed in that “Nowhere in any of the stories did anyone bother to ask the question: What precisely triggered the need for this investigation of the investigators?”  I’m back to reading the IG Report as soon as this morning clicks out.  I haven’t found it yet -if you do, send me the page number.  So far, it looks like that was totally glossed over.

Predictably, House Bolsheviks are pissed that both Durham and attorney general William Barr aren’t rolling with their Deep State whitewash. Sometimes digital uprisings work, sometimes they don’t.  Call Hong Kong for details, Nancy!

Main point of this note is to advise that this is all far from over.  Two reasons.

  1.  As the “Legal Insurrection” blog points out “Durham’s team “advised the Inspector General that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.”  If you follow any news site, and they didn’t cover (already) the oddity of a prosecutor with a sitting grand jury calling bullshit on Horowitz, it’s time to GTFU and find yourself more reliable news sources.
  2. The second act in the Impeachment Circus will feature the House Judiciary Committee  still only able to come up with two fluffy charges against Trump.  One is that he “obstructed Congress.”  Hardly impeachable because it’s a given that democrats have historically had a dogs-chasing-cats relationship with republicans.  Notwithstanding, Trump will almost undoubtably be impeached in the House –  where the dogs of politics are in charge.  The Senate, though, is a different veterinary setting.
  3. Second “big deal charge” is Trump’s alleged “abuse of power.”  Another Nancy note is in order:  “Lady, he  is the freakin’ President and, OMG don’t look now, but obvious in the released transcript was he was doing his job  and in bounds.”

Incredibly dumb move by the dems.  Besides, as we have been saying, this is all a show to sell tickets for a rematch between Hillary and Trump as that’s what the polls dictate.  See “Hillary Clinton emerges as top choice of Democratic voters in Harvard-Harris presidential poll.”  A Clinton-Bloomberg ticket is how we see it today.

Yep – a sham of an impeachment and a scam series of “debates” by disposable wannabes who will be leapfrogged by the Big Shots who really run things.  You’ll see.

Meantime, why haven’t any perps been jailed, if there were all these “failures” in the FBI? BTSOM.  Horowitz is trying to play Deep State Marriage Counselor, in our analysis.

Because, dear reader, the Swamp takes care of its own.

As Trump rolls into the final year of his half-presidency (due to the insurrectionists), despite plenty of promises and rallies about “draining the swamp,” we got us something far-different, instead:


Breaking Economic Data

NFIB Optimism screams higher:

Small business optimism posted the largest month-over-month gain since May 2018, rising 2.3 points to 104.7 in November. The exceptional Optimism Index reading was bolstered by seven of the 10 Index components advancing, led by a 10-point improvement in earnings. Owners reporting it is a good time to expand increased by 6 points and those expecting better business conditions increased by 3 points. The NFIB Uncertainty Index fell 6 points in November to 72, adding to the 4-point drop in October and the lowest reading since May 2018..”

And Labor’s Productivity and Costs report is just out:

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 0.2 percent in the third quarter of 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 2.3 percent and hours worked increased 2.5 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the third quarter of 2018 to the third quarter of 2019, productivity increased 1.5 percent, reflecting a 2.3-percent increase in output and a 0.9-percent increase in hours worked.”

After the data, Dow futures popped positive, but Europe was tanking.

Fed Repo Depot report here. ($41B in repo’s)

So, what time do they play the “trade deal” card to cover up?

Digital Uprising Notes

Ahead of some devastating future news story, that will be so BIG and so SCARY that Internet licensing will become mandatory, we can still see the pieces falling into place.

Take, for example, how there’s been  an ongoing cyber-attack against the city of Pensacola after a Saudi national dotmil trainee shot up the naval air station killing three sailors and injuring others.  Remarkably, local officials don’t see a connection.

Meanwhile, the Pensacola perp isn’t the only cyber perp-problem for DoD – check the Army Times report on how an “Army Cyber Command major jailed on federal child porn charge.”

Sounding  like long-term readers of this site, The Interpreter is calling it “Share, like, comment, attack: Social media as weapon and battlefield.”  Oh, and less obvious than Catcher in the Rye.

Alfred Labrano of the Philly Inquirer sums the year up well in “Unhappiness from social media, addictions a legacy of 2019.”

Jubilee Marketing

We’ve been writing, as you know, about long wave economics and past practices to ameliorate the damage from Kondratieff economic cycles – driven in part by compounding debt – for 20+ years now.  This is why are we not surprised to see the Jubilee as written in the Old Testament book of Leviticus, coming back around again…  Why, next thing you know, there will be stories about Ecclesiastes’ “No new thing under the Sun…

Trends for Friends

Words are the fence lines of thought.  As ‘They’ named Merriam-Webster’s word of the year.

One of the most-searched stories in trend studies overnight is how Honeymooners badly burned in New Zealand volcano. 13 people are feared dead.

New Cold War on resources?  Not unthinkable since the Moscow Times frames $740Bln U.S. Defense Bill Targets Russian Pipelines.

Where there’s smoke, there’s….Thick bushfire smoke blankets Sydney.  Another higher albedo, cooling event…

Save us from Political Correctness Disease (PCD) as the new whine is Golden Globes criticised for all-male director nominees. FMTT, does everyone have to be a victim and belong to a “protected class,” anymore?

Off to work on Peoplenomics where we see a Grand Unified Theory starting to arise out of our “time machine meta data studies…”  We lay that out for subscribers tomorrow…

Betwixt then ‘n now?  Write when you get rich,