Digital Uprising, the Power of Silence

Sanna Marin – remember the name – she is being sworn in this week as the new prime minister of Finland.  Normally a “who cares?” except for one thing:  Age 34.

This triggers a whole lot of optimism around here, but for reasons that are non-apparent, though she did make the  NY Times for her efforts.

What makes her a “special case” in our view of things, is that she seems accomplished and (dare I write this?)  normal.  From Wikipedia…

“Marin is the child of same-sex parents.[10] She has one child with her long-time partner Markus Räikkönen.

How’s all this to be a block of building optimism around here?  Seeems to tell us the  political pendulum may have reached it’s extreme and the end of the “me, me, me” generation could be at hand.  Might there be an emergent new (global) consensus is out there someplace?

Still, the Digital Uprising Ain’t Over

Although Elaine and I have hope based on a lot of Millennials we know, one of whom we will be visiting with tomorrow (intensively interested in the  immortality, by the way – which gets to the “digital ascension” discussions we’ve had):  There are basically three waves in society right now:  Oldsters, a class we belong to.  The 40-somethings, many of whom are totally spoilt, self-important, egomaniacs.

Yet the third block (which we suspect Marin in a “first case” of) is something new.  M’s are coming. With a lot of makers and people who have spent tons of time online questioning the old ways, they are now rotating into their own.  Bringing refreshing “new takes” of way and values held by the Oldsters, to another iteration.

In all six groups.  Good Old/Wise, Bad Old/Programmed.  Good X, Bad X, Good Millennials, and Bad.

Present times present an echo-effect of birth control (1960’s-1970’s) and the following divorce explosion (1970’s-1990’s) and the resorting of sexual orientations.  See it in drug use, for example, too – not just relationships.

It’s like we Oldsters  discovered ganja, the 40-something entitled tried to “own it” yet here come the NM’s (Neue Millennial’s) with the implementation ideas and plans.  Don’t forget to share a bag of shake with the old folks!

Global stuff, but a few high-level examples.  

Take Nancy Pelosi.  Like so many oldsters, she (like Donald Trump) has not discovered when to STFU.  In fact, reading over “Pelosi Campaign Launches ‘Don’t Mess With Nancy’ Merchandise After House Speaker’s Viral Rebuke of Reporter…” we’re struck that Ms. Pelosi is doing what all [old, over-bearing, self-important]  political figures do:  They pivot, shoot, and monetize.  All “hunters?”

Got news for the Old Way’ers (Pelosi, Trump, and Schiff who we’d lump in that self-important middle Bad-X demo):  Learn the digital age “Power of Silence” – because people aren’t stupid.

Example #2:  Joe (who should also STFU) Biden.  Because he’s making the same Pelosi mistake – he’s trying to bullshit his way through familial bad behavior when found out.  Doubt it?  Take a gander at “Biden Gets Hostile With Axios When Asked About Hunter, Pledges Family Will Not Conduct Foreign Business If He’s Elected.”  No-Go, Joe.  Quick “Name that Tune!”

Biden may be able to slip his “bad-baby-all-grown-up-now bullshit” (about not knowing what Hunter was doing with Barisma) to Bad Olders (pre-grave democrat zombies) and self-important X’ers.  But here’s the news flash:  The M’s get it.  Oh, and they’re sick of it, too.

There is, of course, a complex calculus going on.  You have Wise Olders along with Malfunctioning Oldsters. More than a few Good X’ers, but if they spend more than 2-hours a day on social, Bad is their more likely label.

What’s optimistic is the LARGE and growing numbers of M’s who are using their data time to listen to podcasts…and that’s why the up and coming hero’s of change are people like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson.  No bullshit deeper thinking, – questioning everyint – and exploring ways of looking at life that are (again, dare we speak truth to Digital Mobs like this?) very much in alignment with the Wise Elder’s view.

Ah…for those who wonder what the backside of a Depression will be like, the people aspect is beginning to come into focus:  The Internet may have actually improved the world after all, though it may yet break (which would be dandy for the Bad-X’ers and Bad M’s.

On this point, did you see where “China orders officials to remove foreign tech from computers ?”  This matters how?  Gee…let me count the ways:  For one, the Chinese are in a trade war.  This is payback and we know what is payback, class?  (“Payback’s a bitch, teacher!”)

Extra graham crackers, a second milk,  and you can vape at recess today.

Into the Economic Trenches, Then

Big cover-up this week will be the inspector general’s report.  As we have been telling you, the IG reports both to the Attorney General but also to Congress and what’s the old saying about “serving two masters?”

OK, why?  A Wise Elder type might be tempted to quote Mark 6:24 in the Bible:

“No man can serve two masters: for either he. will hate the one, and love the other; or else. he will hold to the one, and despise the other, Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

A Neue Millennial’s (Good M’s) view would tend to be more open.

“Dude!  It’s the gig economy…what’d you expect? Get a grip – or change it!”

While the Bad X’er and Bad M’s would ask:

“What does any of this have to do with me…me…you listening m-eff’er?”  “Hey…I’m talking to you….”

Ah, the  road rage generations.  I often wonder if too many video games and too much social media has led to this national epidemic?  50.1% of road rage is Bad M’s and 21% Bad X’er’s.

Skeptical?  Digital Media Expressing?  Well….Sansone and Sansone (back in 2010) described road rage as having?

“Associations with Axis II disorders. Borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is an Axis II dysfunction that seems to harbor the relevant prerequisites for road rage. This disorder is characterized by impulsivity (e.g., reckless driving), intermittent intense dysphoria, inappropriate intense anger, difficulty controlling anger, and transient paranoid ideation.

Sounds really close to social media addition, to us simple grays.  What’s on social media and acted out by young people with crappy older role models.

Wait – You Missed the Economic Trenches!”

Sorry, you’re right.  Indeed, I did.  But there’s not a lot of “hard data” to drive markets this morning.  We expect CNBC will find a market moving trade story today…but other than that, seems to me we are in a Wave iv which could get complicated until early January since the wave (ii) up was simple, we expect wave (iv) to draw out and frustrate.  Like so…

90-minutes ahead of click-time, the Dow futures were down 20.  More interesting is Japan up, China flat, and Europe down a bit.

The bigger news will come tomorrow with the Productivity and Costs report and the Small Business Optimism read from the NFIB.  Other than milk-toast, I’d be hard-pressed to find two more non-urgent numbers.

What Matters is Famine

Lest you think Ure has gone slightly nutzo today, not being his usual skeptical self, let me reassure you, doom and gloom  is pending for humanity.  But, we can’t focus on that every day, day in and day out.  Get’s old.  Besides, there are some proper M’s out there who will have the ability to “come to the rescue of the world” and they will be aided by the (disappointingly small numbers) Good Gen X’er’s

If you get nothing else out of this morning’s column, par attention to this:  The world is “going cold” – climate change hype is about exactly upside down – and when it gets here, global famine will be BRUTAL.  Reminding you of this because the NOAA Solar Cycle Progression is just out.  It plain  sucks:

In case you’re not sure how to read this, the data (and projections) are continuing a track to a new Modern Minimum.  The reciprocal of Global Warming.  Solar System Cooling – and we’re part of what?

You remember from school the average solar cycle length is about 11-years, right?  When you look at the charts, such as one we did recently on the Peoplenomics side of the house, it becomes clear that the “big solar peaks” are gone – they drove the climate-change hysteria which mined moolah from the gullible cause victims.  The forward data projections may be found over here and you can run them yourself.  Pepto at the ready.

If you’ll take my word for it, the December 2022 expected sunspot number of 0.2.  Contrast that with the high during recent major peaks in solar irradiance which was in the 170 range (some of the data here) and even higher (220)  in previous.

These are data sets that you will want to keep because governments won’t want people to panic in future years, so – like temperature data supporting climate hype – we would somehow not be “surprised” if un-altered data sets begin to disappear.

We are working on some of the implications of this – Sun getting more yellow and cooler than the recent whiter/bluer, higher UV output periods.  You know, of course, that yellow suns are good for tree and stalk growth (our tree farming should be great and celery looks like a coming crop…).  Blue/whiter/hotter Sun temps produce more flowering and tons of grain.

Looks to me like that will be going away.

As my friend Robin Landry says, what turns a recession into a Depression is a food shortage.  In the 1930’s we were in the Dust Bowl and that ruined agriculture along with bankrupting of farmers.  All driven – in part – by the traction motor (tractors) coming to the farms and replacing the draft animals, that were still commonplace in Big Cities (like NYC and Chicago) until the mid 1920’s.  (Street sweeping was a bigger deal with horses around!).

We haven’t got a model of the future implications of “global cooling” yet but we have a few ideas you might begin thinking about:  There’s the matter of solar panel outputs will be reduced.  The amount of wood for household heating (and hot water) could decline, so it’s a fair time to think about a solar water pre-heater for the home and lots of other formerly “fringe farmer” kinds of tech.

Earth sheltered homes will roll back into their own, I expect, as well.  You remember that the semi-sunk-in sod homes of the Great Plains were a good survival platform.  Sunk into the ground, a home halfway under would tend to cool in the summer from ground temps and would heat in the winter.  Why, just imagine how with perimeter insulation well-below the frost line, how efficient the modern remakes could be?

For now, we are coming up on the end of a major real estate cycle, too.  When it begins to break, you could wake up one morning and see the market down 2,000 points.  But, not before we get to the final, blow off market highs.

In our work, there’s a small – yet non-zero – chance the market could work sideways until the first few weeks of January and then begin a screaming rise.

From there, a rally into May, or so, and then a Wave 1 down from June into next Fall – perhaps around this time a year from now.

At that point, “normalcy” may be able to hold on and people will think “Gee, that wasn’t so bad…”  But then – as Wave two up (the bounce) from that fails and we begin down again, that’s when the skyrocketing price of food will likely reveal what we’re looking at in the Sun data right now:  Decreasing solar irradiance and less food.  A LOT less.  Like famine-causing less.

Just ravings of an old man?  Well, I’ve been slowly working on insulating the open parts of the shop – spray-in insulation for gaps around doors and such.  On wide temperature swings, the changes have resulted in being able to maintain a 5-7 degree warmer shop by just using windows and vents.  May not seem like much when its in the 60’s around here at night presently, but with cooler summers and colder winters seemingly implied by the solar data today, we’re looking at moving our garden to a new, high sun availability, part of the property.  We’ll be thinking that one through since the alternative would be cutting down a dozen trees and we don’t abide by “going Brazil” on trees.

Lots to think about and only an hour to the market open. BYC’s are in the $7,500 range and given long-term trends,, they won’t look interesting until north of $11,500.

All of which makes it a horserace, doesn’t it?

Not to be a nag, but drop by tomorrow for another dose of common sense, if you can handle it…

If not, you can go follow the new Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi on Twitter over here….We hope she’ll get around to saying more than “ Be Kind” but what the hell, in today’s world, that seems a good place to start, doesn’t it?

Write when you get rich,

39 thoughts on “Digital Uprising, the Power of Silence”

  1. Speaking of silence, a hold-over from Silent Generation. Detroit gets its water up river so the city would be fine. Downriver though. The Detroit River eventuality meanders into the NY water supply.

    Uranium-contaminated site collapses into Detroit River

    A Detroit property contaminated with uranium and other dangerous chemicals partially collapsed into the Detroit River on Nov. 26, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy has confirmed.

  2. Who are you and what did they do to George? This is probably the most impressive column you have written in 10 years. I too have a lot of faith in the Good Millennials…many of them live here in the Bay Area, But there is greatness in every country…especially the inspirational story of Sanna Marin. I have two millennials on my real estate team and both are hard working, focused, ex- corporates that I would gladly hand the baton off to someday.

    And yes, Pelosi, Schiff, Trump, Biden and let’s add McConnel and flip flopper extraordinaire, Lindsay Graham shall we, are part of the BadX demo. It’s time for a shift. We really need someone who talks less and does more.

    Funny how Biden says he is a straight shooter, but he must be using bent, rusty iron sights on his Colt 45…because I don’t see him hitting any meaningful targets when he speaks. We all know what a dumpster fire Trump is when he speaks. I wanted to throw my I-phone off the Golden Gate Bridge after watching his inexplicable rant on toilets and water flow at a business round table.

    But who from the Good Millennials can lead the United States? Finland has far less people than the Bay Area. Is that minute experience scalable to a country of 327 million?

    Aren’t there any oldsters that aren’t Pelosi/Trumpish?

    It was interesting to me as I was watching one of the best NFL games of the year when the Niners won an epic battle vs the Saints, that Michael Bloomberg had about 6 spots running through this nationally televised game. His ads were not patriotic or jingoistic, they were written like a business plan that was divided into categories like Career and technical education, Housing, education and college access, equal rights, Foreign Policy, health care, job creation etc.

    I am not saying Bloomberg is the answer, but he did rid Manhattan of much of its Homelessness…was a champion of job creation, higher teachers salaries and focused on educating the very millennials that this column is about today…One thing that stands out to me since I used to travel to New York hundreds of times in my corporate days…he transformed Times Square from a seedy, dystopian nightmare to a vibrant center of New York. He is a true self made billionaire, sharp witted and focused on solving problems and not causing them.

    There’s hope for the oldsters…It’s a shame we had to go through a whacko from that generation to figure all this out.

    • Rudy Guliani transformed Times Square & 42nd street when he was mayor from 1994 to 2001. Like all criminals they found a new home in Brooklyn. Bloomberg was more concerned with sugar drinks & fat people. Bloomberg undid a lot of the good Rudy accomplished. As usual, you don’t know Jack.

    • @markz

      Hating Trump and supporting ‘bloomie’……just make sure you are standing next to Bloomberg when he and his bought off politicians attempt to confiscate Law abiding citizens firearms…… the TRUE meaning and use of the 2 nd A will be explained to the ‘commiecrats’……Semper Fi

      • d,
        Hating Trump and just admitting he is an idiot are two different things. I can unjustifiably hate someone and that makes me the idiot. But Trumps incredulity and numbnuts brain activity is as obvious as the air we breathe. What is better… good hearted politician like Bloomberg that can use his influence to get good things done, or a train wreck, bumbling boob who has Kompromat tattooed on his forehead?

        And stop watching Fox and listening to high school and Junior high dropouts that pretend to be conservative voices. Hannity Limbaugh and Beck are a disgrace to journalism. A pock on humanity and charlatans of lies. Nobody is taking away your guns….NOBODY! Even Pelosi keeps repeating that over and over again. You don’t hear that on Fox.

      • “What is better… good hearted politician”

        Hmm..What an interesting thought which is better? A politician or a concerned citizen with the passion and drive but lacking in the political skills..
        What is a politician?

        “A politician is someone skilled in oratory, flattery and invective; evasive in discussing vital issues; promising everything to everybody; appealing to the passions rather than the reason of the public; and arousing racial, religious, and class prejudices—a man whose lust for power without recourse to principle leads him to seek to become a master of the masses.
        A leader who gains popularity in a democracy by exploiting emotions, prejudice, and ignorance to arouse an audience, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation.

      • Really Mark? You DO realize Bloomberg has spent over $80mln on gun confiscation propaganda alone, notwithstanding the megabucks he’s poured into anti-firearms initiatives and into elections in support of anti-firearms mayors and prosecutors, don’t you?

        I ask again: Why do you have such an obsession with Fox News?

  3. Its all about the Ukraine G – looks like several Dems got caught with their greedy mitts in the cookie jar!

    Why is George Soros in Ukraine?, who else just visited Ukraine ? The Panic is REAL – their masks are starting to slip – wonder why they were so adamant about taking down 8chan – or attacking/ trying to debunk Qanon – its all just a LARP, right?

    IT IS ALL one big sick disgusting JOKE .- on the PEOPLE.

    Fauxcahuantus, Mayor Buttplug, BrokeBack Booker, Sleepy Joe Bribem, Bernie Sandernista – really?

    What happened to the Children Hilary ? Nasty Nancy knows – why do U think her vineyard is next door to Kate Spades ranch..wonder who else has property adjacent too..oh wait Kate committed suicide – just like Epstien – cept she got a red necktie for the occasion – she always had certain style and flair – no?

    No worries mini ice age – just dont look at historical data- do not read any accounts from John Adams -#2 or Thomas Jefferson #3 regards growing seasons never getting started – frozen ground and whatnot. 42nd degree parallel was the line for last glaciers – Im sure you can grow all the iceberg lettuce Ure ever going to need in that soon to be perpetually frozen ground – no worries.

    • I’ve never read anything from Qanon or 8chan ..hear about it a lot. I just never knew where to even find it on the internet.. and never searched for any of it.

    • The only thing that hasn’t been revealed as yet is how many Republicans had their hands in the Ukraine cookie jar. And now it appears the whole Afghan thing was a bunch of bull as well …….. 2,400 lives lost ……

      • …Depends on whether Neocons like Kagan and Nuland are considered “Republicans,” or simply “enemies of the State…” (although I believe Bob Kagan will trace back to lots of bad “diplomacy,” I don’t believe he was involved in Ukraine. However, Vicky Nuland, his wife, is up to her neck in Kiev slime and Soros’ effluent. — Remember “Vladivostok?” You can bet’cherass Putin does…)

  4. I’m cautiously optimistic on the Neue Millennial thing! I’m graced to know quite a few, some of whom are actually offspring. There is new life being breathed into a couple of small town governments that I watch(along with the concomitant risks of overreach and corruption). There are also the strikingly successful NM businesses(and some less so) imagineered by the NM’s. Net-net, I’d say it’s an improvement. I can see this moving on to higher levels as experience in life is gained. I do see what appears to be an extended childhood among many of the NM generation, but they’re mostly good people – perhaps with a bit too much innocence. What is interesting is when I get into deeper conversations and they blindside me and force me to up my own game. Some can think very quickly! I generally hold my own and we have interesting discussions, but I know I don’t dare blink. My intention is to remain with worthy peers regardless of chronological age or relationship. The bittersweet reality is that sharing the same goals and aspirations means that I’ll likely not be with them when their train reaches its more interesting terrain.

  5. George;
    Were the 7 years of plenty and 7 years of drought from the bible related to sunspot cycles?
    I and my wife have Never smoked marijuana or coke or any other drugs. I can get Hi off 1 beer.That is enough,no long term effects but does reduce your lipid levels if done several times a week. A max 2 drinks for a guy,1 for a woman,less body mass in females compared to males. That is daily, safe and may be helpful.
    LSD and Mescaline,peyote ayawaska? is being studied for treatment of depression. Some are using it to gain deep insights into the universe. May help in depression for after 1 trip for many people there is a High that persists for about 9 months. Elevated mood,more optimistic outlook,then may need a repeat trip. I have not seen any profound truths, or scientific breakthru’s from any of its use. Personal understanding of yourself? maybe? Might it open new doors? don’t know.
    I do know that after marijuana use there is a long history of Psychosis,new onset of it in young people, some violence and that is showing up in ER’s and starting to be reported in literature.several good books on it 1 Tell Your Children, is very good. Good studies reported. The Feds need to allow MORE drug research in Marijuana, so people know safe use, and possible medicinal use.
    No drug can make you feel ,like you feel Holding hands or talking to your Spouse, girlfriend wife, no drug can make you feel the way you feel watching your first or 5th child come into the world, but there is a lot of drugs that can take all that away from you. We had 12 guys in my childhood group of boy scouts, 4 or 5 of us still live 1 guy drowned at age 11,one from childhood leukemia,age 20, rest died from drugs or alcohol or both. Everything is a business model.

    • alcohol is a poison, but makes good fuel,,,cannabis is medicine,, hemp is better for making plastics than oil,Henry Ford knew,,it was the deep(dark) state that stole them from US for their patents to make more profit..DAMN them back to hell
      Rockerfellowers and Dupont families

      • I thought it was because a billionaire seen he could make huge profits off of the new product toilet paper. and had a pile of sawdust to make the new product , and felt that hemp would give him to much competition because it cost more to process sawdust into paper than hemp.

    • Marijuana has seriously mentally affected 3 siblings, who cannot work, and are on family support for life. One sibling used it as a gateway drug to harder stuff now has Hep C. Also, one niece has been seriously affected, so far not looking good. DEFINITELY a genetic disposition for mental illness, and, MJ is NOT safe for ALL persons who try it. Nothing good ever comes from drug use, regardless of what Timothy Leary tried to promote. All of the higher spiritual experiences can be had with effort and NO drugs. Our body, mind, and spirit are a spiritual machine, an incredible God seeking consciousness missile!

      • that is true.. out of a million there will be seven that will be affected by it statistically.. like everything.. there is good and bad.. statistically the good way out number the bad in the thousands.. those addicted.. will be statistically addicted to something else because that is their trait.. sad.. but true..

        Now I do have a child that has an addictive personality.. I know the frustraitions a parent has.. I have been down that road of worry..statistically Hard drug use is down in states that have legalized marijuana.. it isn’t a cure all.. legal or not if they are wanting it.. they will take it or get it.. and if you want rehab.. you have to pay those that cannot will not get speedy help..
        trust me I feel your pain and frustraition..
        drink to much water and you can get drunk.. drink way to much and it will kill you.. same thing different addiction

      • Speaking about addictions and the addictive personality Sadly.. a little over a week ago a young lady I know was worried about her sister that has a serious addiction.
        I thought I Could help visited with someone I knew..he had the connection to help he thought members of his team.
        Found out the young lady seriously wanted to get the help and he set her up. It was looking as if she would be admitted into the facility last monday that could help her get the help she needed and wanted….
        They ran into the same issue that hits so many catfish..she is a bottom feeder and doesnt have insurance. It’s not looking promising..sadly I failed no cash no help.
        I even was working on making sure she wouldn’t be thrust right back into the same life environment shes been in. Make the positive environmental changes that she will need once she has the tools to work with to keep her out of danger..

        And she wants the help with something she doesnt know how to deal with


      I totally get the studies.. as with any of these for depression.
      Safety precautions and only used by clinicians that are experienced in a safe environment.. it also depends on the patient and their chemistry.

      Even though Both of those are not considered poisons under low dosages. With high dosages death has occurred.

      All drugs should be used under the guidance of a physician
      JMHO here..

  6. “You remember that the semi-sunk-in sod homes”

    My dream home… if I ever come into some money that’s what I’ll have along with a agrotunnel.. also sold by this same company..

    I had a friend who’s son was given an old farm house.. while working on the basement they started to run out of money so they finished off the basement and put a roof on it with the thought they’d move the house the following year. Theyived it so much they never did. Today I hear it has a solar heated swimming pool in a sunken courtyard and they can grow their garden year round.

    My great grandma’s old soddie on their homestead was a state museum for years . I remember the photo that my brother has been searching for.. my grandfather playing in the front yard of it.
    So far we haven’t been able to locate it. I think my sister took all the photo we are pretty sure that’s where it is..
    The way I heard it she wouldn’t move and lived there.

  7. Patty Greer is giving up her crop circle investigating. She said on Coast that the scientist she had worked with, now deceased, Levengood, had discovered that seeds taken from a design and processed in a specific way gave yields up to 400% higher than normal with a significant increase in nutritive value also.

    There are answers to our problems that have either not been widely published or found.

  8. Excellent commentary. One minor point: the physical mechanism by which the solar minimum results in colder climate is still undetermined. Increased cloud cover is still the favorite. Solar minimums affect magnetics much more than radiance.
    Landry’s comments on famine being a factor in a depression is valid. We already have the unemployment camouflaged by perenially cooked statistics, and the homelessness as well. The credit deflation and mass foreclosures are looking more plausible in the agricultural sector.
    Defining a depression has to address quality of life for the average Joe. Food on the table is a very basic measure which is hard to chart. The number of families on food stamps is a clue. You are looking in the right places.

  9. Out of Order Comment: Tonight/Tomorrow/Wednesday night….get up high, wherever you live, so you can see both the Eastern and Western horizon. You will see the full moon come up in the East with the huge sun setting in the West, for a while in time, they will balance there…It is truly a beautiful sight to see. The sun tonight was the largest I have seen in a long time, HUGE. This is Central Texas Reporting – Pedernales Falls State Park is a great destination to view this beautiful sight.

  10. In my area Kia is having a big sale. Up to $6,000 back in rebates….

    Kia is also offering a “cash back” option on the rebate. Pay “full price” for the car and you can pocket the $6,000 rebate in a separate check. The kicker is Kia will structure a finance deal with the cash back (negative equity) built in.

    “Spend it anyway you want

    Go on a Christmas Shopping Spree
    Payoff Your Credit Cards
    Take a Vacation
    Save it for a Rainy Day
    Use it as a Down Payment”

  11. Yesterday, the so-called IG-report came out regarding various improprieties within DOJ and FISA. After years of delays, this thing has a very nasty misspelling of Comey’s name – spelled Corney, yet in a font that is indistinguishable from Comey. This is so subtle that it’s hard to believe that it’s a real error rather than a designed in one. The pdf can be downloaded from the DOJ site and it’s there, but you’ll have to search or copy/paste to find what’s going on. A search will find no instance of “Comey”, yet 149 instances of “Corney”. Knowing the detail that law demands, my gut says there has to be a reason, though I can’t quite fathom it.

    I’ve seen no reference to this glaring error on any mainstream site! If it was not a legal proceeding, NBD, but this is an inquisition! You’d have thought that the children in CONgress would want to get it right, unless there really is a purpose here.

    • The IG Report is not actionable. Durham’s investigation IS, and ’twas noted months ago by the lamestream that it had become a criminal investigation. I suspect the IG’s Report was fabricated with this “spelling error” to give Horowitz an out, if/when Comey is indicted.

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