Where is Irwin Allen When We Need Him?

Gosh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned Irwin Allen since back the night I dreamed of the Offshore Horizon disaster (and posted it) 18-hours before it happened.

But with this being the start of the Fed Meetings, it seems like what we need is a good “disaster artist” to set the mood. I can think of none better than Allen.

“Irwin Allen was an American television, documentary and film director and producer with a varied career who became known as the “Master of Disaster” for his work in the disaster film genre. His most successful productions were The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and The Towering Inferno (1974). He also created several popular 1960s science fiction television series, such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, and Land of the Giants.”

See what I mean?

Look at the content he’d have to work with today:

Land of Shut Up and Deal with it Jill” named after the court decision yesterday shut down yet another Stein effort on Hillary’s behalf.

Another scary adventure might be “Traitorous Paul and the Crooks of the old GOP.” This one would include special guest star Mitch McConnell who would – with complicity from Ryan – steal away the tax cuts that Trump is dreaming about.

Need more? “Jurassic Oil Meets U.N.Zilla” which would star T. Rex….the other one. The plot here is a corporate dinosaur saves the Financial District from responsible development. But only until the financial implosion…but we’ll get to that before this time next year.

Meantime, the real horror story is the one that pseudo-greens and Muddled Millennial fear most is that horror show in-the-making called the “Stalag ’17: The Carbon Tax Conspiracy.”

A few prequels are out, including “Canada Moves Ahead on Carbon Taxes, Leaving the U.S. Behind…” but this flick, released a week ago, was only a hit at the Tax Office. Box office sucked.

In fact, a competing story line (heard long ago on UrbanSurvival) was that people would rebel against the global plan to use Carbon Money to fund Global Government via the “Climate Change” bait-and-switch as the excuse to grab power.

In the sequel to that, as soon as Global Carbonment is installed, there is a bureaucratic coup and the global goes down the road of Europe.

In the final film of the series, Global Carbonment announces the consolidation of global power was all the plan of the Aliens – who are introduced as having been here since the meeting with Eisenhower in ’54, and we all line up for soul harvesting by the grays…

So in response to the prequel, round one of the Global Carbonment take-over, nearly 1,000 people showed up at a hotel in downtown Calgary Alberta last night to pan the plan and damn the scam. A blam from ‘Bam, a ram from Rahm, and the great unwashed masses will never know what hit ‘em.

Or, at least they seem largely incapable of dealing with new information, so far.

Alas, we run out of disaster news, except for ICE dumping more illegals in San Antonio, just in time to answer first question of any importance we asked this morning: Namely “Where is Irwin Allen when we need him?”

Dead, unfortunately. But it’s a tax-free outcome we all have ahead, regardless of how many pension fund managers and how much compound interest we dream of.

Sans Irwin, near as I can guess, that leaves Donald Trump to edit the B-roll on all these disaster flix…all of which seem due for release during his visit to Washington.

More Seriously (aw, do we have to?) Peoplenomics tomorrow gets into yet-another disaster no one it talking about. This one has to do with realistic rates of organizational change which is where the REAL disaster comes from. Despite the appointments of a “Few Good Men” the Shadow Government it turns out still controls the swamp.

Fortunately, they’re easily identified because they are bureaucrats of the highest order, tightest with DC law firms, and have first names that – rather curiously – begin with the letters G.S.

They are also easily learned because of their wanton use of one word above all others:


It’s like Tourette’s Syndrome, but not a protected class, except by civil service rules.  And God knows there’s plenty of ‘em.

The Globalists in Panic Department

When Foreign Policy, the official rag of the Council on Foreign Relations last time I checked (but my memory isn’t perfect so check me on this) runs an article like “The Only Way Forward

Can the new world order be saved by humanism?” you should be very worried.

Because they are not talking wild West, wide-open, creativity, disruptive business-models and massively re-engineered government from the ground up.

No sir. They are talking the “special” humans who can repeat blatherspeak without question and who will bow down and offer to the Seizers, that which is Seizer’s.

“Minority Report” Going Live

Remember the “Department of Pre-Crime” in the movie?

The article here proclaiming “Three-year-olds can be identified as criminals of the future” misses a key point: The real crimes aren’t coming from three-year-olds.

The real treachery sets in when first elected. For the first time (in how long?) we don’t have a previous officeholder in charge. “Any port in a storm” is the saying, I believe.

Meantime, Obama Disinfo Outed

Ooops! Missed it, did you?

We applaud Reuters for reporting that the “Top U.S. spy agency has not embraced CIA assessment on Russia hacking – sources.”

Which means the disinfo on elections came from where? (Hint: The Lame Duck’s joint…)

You have to remember months back I told you Paul Ryan was really just a tool of Obama and headed the Obama Wing of the GOP. And now he’s joined by Mitch McConnell who are trying to gin up a probe into the Russians.

Obama apologists (and media friends) are trying to cast the probe as resistance to Trump, by-the-by.

We tend to think of it has power-crazy old guard folks not wanting to try something new, for a change.

Notice how we can investigate Putin all day long, but not Hillary, the emails (still missing), and the Clinton Foundation? Tisk, tisk. Say, isn’t that sex discrimination? Get the Lynch mob on the line…what, no interest?

That, dear reader is because we live in a Cashmocracy. In a land where you can take the money and the Fifth, what could possibly go wrong for those on top?

Thankfully, we’re about Economics

But other than the Fed meetings starting today, and some import-export prices, not exactly a bumper crop of news yet.

So, how ‘bout them import prices?

“U.S. import prices fell 0.3 percent in November, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, following increases of 0.4 percent and 0.1 percent the 2 previous months. The drop in November was primarily led by decreasing fuel prices. U.S. export prices also declined in November, edging down 0.1 percent, after a 0.2-percent increase the previous month.


All Imports: The price index for U.S. imports declined 0.3 percent in November, the largest monthly decrease since the index fell 0.5 percent in February. Prior to November, import prices had trended up since February, with the only decline coming in August when the index fell 0.2 percent. Despite rising throughout much of 2016, import prices remained down on a 12-month basis, declining 0.1 percent between November 2015 and November 2016. The last over-the-year advance in import prices was a 0.9-percent increase in July 2014.

Fuel Imports: Fuel prices declined 3.9 percent in November, the largest monthly drop in the index since a 6.8-percent decrease in February. In November, a 4.7-percent decline in petroleum prices more than offset a 10.6-percent advance in natural gas prices. Natural gas prices increased 68.4 percent over the past 5 months.

Import fuel prices advanced 2.7 percent for the year ended in November; a 2.4-percent increase in petroleum.”

Meanwhile, an hour before the open the markets were what?

Up again…and yes, this is what a blow-off top is all about. The ONLY undecided is whether it goes to the middle of January, sometime in March, or late July/early August before falling over.

And that will largely depend on the Gooney Bird Ballet around the edges of the the Great Swamp. Bullshoi or something damned near like it.

26 thoughts on “Where is Irwin Allen When We Need Him?”

    • What does George Soros have to gain if the pipeline is stopped?

      Yeah, the oil company is a bunch of monkey minds for being willing to make extreme money for their executive worship without due diligence to do everything possible to conserve the environment of their consumers.

      If they built a better pipeline, sought public attention and praise for cleaning up any spills and their operations, shared the profits without so much self-adoration and over-rating their personal worth, and showed how they were improving the world overall, no one would protest their efforts.

      Then again, Soros does want to muck with Donald.

      If the protestors were on trespassing on my property, eating my pets — despite my Native American genes, or my disabled vet husband, or my ire against corporate sleeze, or my disgust with environmental irresponsibility, the police would be the least of the protestors worries.

    • That seems to be a lefty rant if I ever saw one. Trump is playing his cards carefully in order get what really matters at the possible cost of goodwill and understanding. It’s a dangerous game, but who else has the intellect and passion to see it through. If we don’t make our country great again, we’ll be just another country in a sea of homogeneous other countries. Without being exceptional, we have no bragging rights or American Dream.

      I’m not saying that Donald Trump is the best person for the job, but he’s certainly the best that actually ran, and he did win.

      • Keep reading, you might learn a thing or three. Reality does have a well-documented liberal bias. And I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the life experience of someone who was disabled in the service of this country.

      • Thank you, New Mexico Mike, you summed it up nicely. The protests we are enduring from the top to bottom riff raff is a fearful Trump ending their feeding frenzy. They are afraid he is going to disrupt their cash and haul lines.

  1. The MIT guest story on Canadian carbon taxes is simply wrong. Two provinces are not opting in. In two other provinces, the populace is in open revolt against the carbon tax. Ontario is one of them. Prior to the green revolution, Ontario was the economic powerhouse of Canada. Since then, it has accumulated the largest debt per capita of any political entity in the world. Industries are fleeing to Michigan, and Ohio. It has the highest electricity rates in North America, but is selling off surplus to NYS and Ohio at 4% of what Ontario residents pay for it.

  2. Re: Russian hacking. They all agree that Russia was behind the hacking of the emails. The issue is one of establishing intent.

    For me that both repubs’ and dems’ emails were hacked, only emails damaging to dems were released and that they were released in dribs and drabs over a large period of time to cause the most damage establishes intent even if the head of the NSA disagrees.

    Do you think the email disclosures helped one candidate more than another and hurt one candidate more than another? That was the clear and obvious intent. We have to learn to accept facts.

    • Frpom the Reuters story:
      The overseers of the U.S. intelligence community have not embraced a CIA assessment that Russian cyber attacks were aimed at helping Republican President-elect Donald Trump win the 2016 election, three American officials said on Monday.
      While the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) does not dispute the CIA’s analysis of Russian hacking operations, it has not endorsed their assessment because of a lack of conclusive evidence that Moscow intended to boost Trump over Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, said the officials, who declined to be named.

      Looks like Trump-b ashing 2.02 from Outbama

      • George – from your article, from any article really, there is no dispute that the Russians were behind it. That’s been agreed upon by 17 different .govs. The only issue is “intent” whether Russian intended to help one candidate or harm one candidate.

        Please tell me what you think the “intent” was in only releasing emails harmful to one candidate and releasing them in drip, drip, drip fashion over many weeks.

    • The GOP was NOT hacked according to Priebus. But then, the DNC was NOT hacked either; Podesta gave up his password in a successful phishing attempt; the rest of the DNC emails came from an insider turned rogue. Maybe that guy who turned up dead. In any event, the Russians have nothing to do with any of this.

      • exactly It started with an internal federal investigation on email’s on private servers.. In my opinion concerning the Podesta’s, weiner and his emails. even though their release has caused a huge problem and many conspiracy theories stories of evil and illegal actions by everyone involved there is one huge thing no one is talking about.
        If any of the stories about the emails and the Posts on the twitter accounts for the individuals and companies involved has any truth at all in them.. Then in my opinion they won’t have to worry about the alphabet organizations or the john doe from the hills for retribution for their evil actions.
        the ones they have to worry about retribution from is the guy with the ten thousand dollar wrist watch and expensive suit standing next to them, the person that wants and demands total control..
        If the tower begins to crumble I think they would not hesitate to clean house of any one that could put them in the limelight where they can be pointed at.
        Just research what has happened to those investigating these issues and those about to give testimony on an issue and what has happened to them.
        There isn’t anyone that is to important that they can’t be tossed under the bus or sacrificed to save the vast majority of those involved.

  3. Jeez George, So all of a sudden the National Debt does not matter and the Ruskies are our best friends? You call Rand Paul a “traitor” because he’s concerned about the National Debt. And call Ryan and McConnell an “Obama tool” because they are suspicious of the Ruskies? Jeez Louise, George.

  4. The gullibility of the American people never ceases to amaze me. We have a few anonymous sources inside our intelligence agencies that have some spurious evidence that the Russians, through hacking, influenced the outcome of our elections. The same intelligence agencies that have lied us into how many wars? Assange was quoted as saying that the Russians had nothing to do with the leaked emails. This was back months ago, when more emails were to be released, and then were not. Since those comments, Assange has gone dark, not even a proof of life for months. TPTB are desperate and may just succeed in an election overthrow coup. And the majority of Americans are falling for it. Personally, I am way more afraid of my own government that I am of the Russians. Then again, most Americans are not aware that the US and NATO have Russia surrounded by military bases and nuclear missiles, not the other way around. The craziness is escalating and this ride will get wilder.

  5. Regarding hacking of DNC emails and Hillary
    s messy server: There is one group that seems to me fell out of favor with Obama and would probably do so with Hillary at the helm. Not the Russians, but Israel. Israel has the most sophisticated Cyber-security programs has shown repeatedly they will act in their own interests. Could they have made a decision that after 8 years they din’t feel they could have survived another 4 years or so with Hillary?

  6. In response to all posts today:

    “The universe is a war between reality programmers”

    Robert Anton Wilson

  7. There are a bunch of 35 to 40 year olds living in mom and dads basement hacking emails. Right here in America.

    • Not to mention the many many honest people that work in that field of gathering discreet information and hacking information for the powers that be that see something that disturbs them enough that they share it to the general public as a way to enlighten the public on what those in power being influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups are up to. those in power very seldom if at all write or read the bills that they are voting on and haven’t got a clue what is written inside them. Rand Paul tried to get a bill through that he wrote himself basically saying that there would be a time limit on a bill and every bill would have to be read by members of congress before voting on it.. it was voted down almost unanimously.. people like Snowden that see and share disturbing news are usually branded traitors.

  8. The NSA and FBI both dis the evidence-free CIA Russian hackers cr*p. But who cares because the Trump presidency will be stolen in Electoral college reaction to Russian hacking anyway.

  9. Hi, have been trying to set up a treasury direct account. So far, it s been established but occasional “lost connections” have made it annoying. Also tried to deposit savings bond because beneficiary has passed on. It s been like a tennis match with paper work , sometimes duplicates sent back and forth with one added “fill in the pink. have you found an easy way ?? thanks

  10. How anyone can defend Trump is beyond my understanding. Times are a-changing but I’m afraid not for the better. Not that I like Hillary either.

  11. I jumped into the fray…and even dreamt I. Allen (or G. Ure)visited my home last nite, had a dark blue rusty vehicle (if that makes sense)…

    Yes, I’d like for America to remain beautiful, and not turn into a polluted hellhole like China (thank you Pres Obama!). What’s Trump’s record on the environment? (p.s.28$k solar panels to run a home and website?? Can’t it be done much cheaper?)


    However Obama was another Monsanto puppet/figurehead on the labeled GMO issue….

    And BTW, maybe other planets are warming too, but we can still improve our technology (or we’d still be driving Model T’s with 20mpg!!) I happen to believe both sides of the coin are right: Intense warming caused a lot of moisture to precipitate & freeze those woolly mammoths with a spring meadow meal in the stomach!! (Warming can trigger an Ice Age!)

    • I invite you sir , to first watch “who killed the electric car” followed by “gas hole”. Then come back in and tell us your thoughts.

      Seriously , PLEASE !!!!

      ( p.s. No SUV’s on Mars or the gas giants , or , or … )

    • Speaking of Monsanto puppets , so was Clarence Thomas ( big time ) and Hillary Clinton.

      But no worries , Monsanto sold to the Germans , throwing a wrench into the lawsuits. ( World Court anyone ? )

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