Three Tripwires for Trump

With the market soaring along at new all-time highs, what could possibly go wrong?

I mean besides the Fed decision due out in about six hours, or the Electoral College results coming Monday, or the problems of the National Debt and of course, all the dirty backroom politics of Washington, right?

We delve into that after we bring you up to speed on the Electoral issues just ahead. 

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2 thoughts on “Three Tripwires for Trump”

  1. The Russians didn’t do it. It was an inside job by a disgruntled (probably) Sanders supporter that had access to all e-mails:

    Either way I’m sure Putin got a big laugh out of it and it still exposes the level of corruption that goes on in the exalted halls of government that -almost- deletes the ability of the voters to elect their representatives.

  2. “Trumps popularity is in approximately the same position as R Nixon’s popularity in Jan 1973. In that month, Nixon’s approval rating peaked at 66% as the Dow reached a top. The index then declined 45% from 1052 on 1/1/73 to a low of 577 in 12/74. Nixon resigned in disgrace by 08/74 as the market’s decline accelerated. The next bear market will be of a higher (Elliot Wave) degree than the one that accompanied Nixon’s fall, Trump’s popularity plunge should be even more dramatic”
    from 12/2/16, The Elliot Wave Financial Forecast

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