A comment to a Reader: Follow the Money (FTM)

Normally I wouldn’t take the time to write a “Dear Jon” response, but the holidays are a slow time around here, and after sitting for two hours Monday while teeth were cleaned and a crown for a back molar were prepping, the pain must have put things into perspective.

Let me start at the beginning of his comments:

“I am a new reader, and if things don’t improve, I may be a former reader. A friend that I used to work with reads this blog and I thought I would give you a try, but after just a week, it seems to be just another blind, alt right disinformation rag.”

Well, since UrbanSurvival is about both going rural and sustainable, and predates the last couple of presidents (being first first published in 1997) I feel that’s a troll-like thing to say.  I like emails that begin “Howdy!”

I would propose that since we have been writing about the dueling dual-business model war since 1997 that there is no “Alt-Right” bias here.   In fact, I would suggest “Alt-Urban” would be a better and more honest fit.

When this site started talking about going rural and sustainable, we were the only outpost tying economics, new rural, and alternate energy and lifestyle.  Ex-Urbans, that’s us.  Since ’97, we have been ripped off by (pardon the spin here) the alt-left and the alt-rippers.

“A few things…It hasn’t been called Global Warming in over a decade. We have rightly corrected that broad term and the proper terminology is Climate Change, which is a disruption of climate patterns caused by man made pollution. That could mean more snow, rain or even drought like conditions. It’s a disruption of the weather. I don’t understand why that is so hard for you alt-righters to understand. There is not a scientist on this planet that hasn’t been bought out by big oil that would ever dispute climate change. “

Climate change has been ongoing for millions of years.  Read that several times.  It is only since the Obama-arranged funding of the Carbon Exchange that it has become a grown up business model.

No one pay attention to YOUR distinction, Jon.  Google has 72.6-million hits on Global Warming. 118-million on climate change.

Near as I can figure it, we have seen Climateers spend $1-trillion (plus or minus a peanut butter sandiwch) to shift Google results.  If it will make you happy, though, I am pleased to say Global Climate Change, but since that is a million-years old (and occurring on other planets) the distinction is absurd.  This is Alarmist found-out, pure and simple.

The easiest cover-up?  Walk-it-back and relingo it.  Works every time.

Arghh! You started off with a bad premise (being apparently wedded the “George is an alt righty” ) before noting we have been around since long before.

AND you show tremendous ignorance of how public perceptions and agendas are manipulated. Your loss, but no, Big Oil doesn’t run around passing out checks. We have lots of friends in the oil business, starting with the 600 acre oil reserve across the street from our property here in East Texas. Rig engineers, geologists, why these people have been gipped by big oil!  Tell us where to get the money, please!

You should understand if you’re going to continue reading this site a couple of important facts about our take on things should be recalled.

1.This is probably the only site you read that is actually powered by solar panels. Yessir, since 2008 we have been making 3.5 kWh of power for as long as the sun is out (and at a reasonable hour). So my first introduction to UrbanSurvival should include mention that yes, we are greener than all the other sites you’ll run across. This is not to say our servers are, sadly. These live in a dual-access colocation center. But the office and basics here are as green as can be. And yes, we took $28,000 and built grid-interactive in 2007/2008. We knew costs would come down, but we do like to keep a small carbon footprint.

That wouldn’t make me an alt righty, would it?  How many watts of solar do you have installed at your home?

2.The second thing I would point out is that my wife and I don’t just live the “sustainable talk” existence. She drives a 2005 Lexus, which makes it 11-years old. I drive a 2001 Dodge pick-up which is 15-years and turning 16 by model year. Please advise us what year auto you drive. I’m frankly curious.  Small side wager says you drive a newer car.

3.Finally, Urban is not about right/left. We call conservatives and liberals the right and the left because they are all tools of the really rich. In our world, yes, we have droughts, yes we have floods. But floods and droughts appear in Biblical times, see other notable floods in history here.

Since you’re offering to help re-edjumacate us, inferred by taking the time to write, can you please explain to us which of these floods (and the biggest droughts over here) could have been prevented by “raising public awareness” and trying to roll out a carbon exchange and tax scam?

The recent California ands upper Midwest droughts are explained by El Nino/La Nina movement in the literature. Syria is from ongoing deforestation and desertification similar to what’s going on in the Amazon. But these are not “Climate change” issues.

You see, at the heart of it, these are business-model induced disasters with the Amazon’s yet to com. We anxiously look forward to your help understand the man-caused aspects of the other droughts on the list and I’m sure our other readers do as well.

You then continue:

“Second, if this is supposed to be an intellectual exchange of ideas, you need to stop acknowledging that Trump has any signs of an intelligent thought in that pea brain of his. “

This is just my opinion, but that sure sounds like an anti-Trump ad hominem attack. Aren’t you supposed to be “above” such things?

Back to your note:

“I travel abroad a lot. I am tired of answering the same question over and over from international business colleagues. “What the F…. were you Americans thinking?” America is a world wide joke now. One Swiss friend told me that Europe sees Trump as that spoiled, obnoxious and grossly underachieving class clown that happened to be born into money.”

I would offer that people in Europe have swallowed the bitter marketing pill of the Globalists to their own detriment. None of the Swiss bankers I know would make such a foolish charge, so I must assume you are in medicine or manufacturing (IT?) not finance.  Work for an automaker and deal with dealers and you may not know when you’re being worked over by them… . Some people will say damn near anything they think the audience wants to hear.

People in Finance recognize that the leaders of Europe have sold the region down the river by a) installing a second level of bureaucracy that sits atop national interests and b) have perpetrated pro-Islamic immigration policies. Have you forgotten the French riots of several years back?

You must understand that one’s ethnic and cultural heritage is a kind of power-base when looked at through the economic prism. Thus, it is entirely understandable WHY the globalist minions are so anxious to keep their take alive. Divide and conquer, rinse and repeat.  Screw the  borders and the laws, lol. 

Take a good look at how it works: The UK has voted to get the hell out of Europe (BREXIT vote last summer) and yet the globalists have kept the flow of money going (and favors and whatever) such that now even though the democratic processes of the UK have voted yes on a referendum, the next layer of power up has said (in so many words) “screw this, you’re not going to be allowed to trigger Artlcle 50..” People in Europe are living in a morally decayed sewer and they just keep drinking the globalist Kool-Aid; failing to see how divide and conquer really works in their own back yard.

That Donald Trump has a different view must be reviled and hated to keep Europe from coming to its senses and remain broken. m We understand.

“There is a growing worldwide revolt that revolves around Trump and his alt right leanings and this WILL and already has had an affect our ability to export and market our brands. We all have heard of the term, the Ugly American? Well, we just got a lot uglier. I know…That’s a big part of my job.”

Again, I ask you to reconsider, Jon. The ONLY worldwide revolt is the one presently aimed at Electors in the U.S. who are being subjected to extreme pressures to change their vote for a crooked woman of “questionable foundations” who, as we learned in the campaign admits to being two-faced with the “public versus private” positions discussion. Think she’d be any better?

“As a branding expert, this will eventually destroy American made and invented “must have products” mystique. “

I too an a branding expert but I have a different take on things than you. My surveys (airline passengers on international flights in the Caribbean) showed me in the mid 1980’s what the problem was. It’s NOT the “Ugly American” crap that you lean on (which means you are likely over 40). No, it’s that we don’t make (language alert) really great shit like we once did.

Cars? Lexus hands down.

Phones? Apple (made by Foxconn in China)

TVs? Korea, Japan, Thailand

Refrigerators? Korea.


You beginning to get the point??

The high-end “gotta have it” stuff has nothing to do with Trump or which party. It’s all about battles of the bottom line and a tax program that encourages cooking the books through tax havens and so forth. My counsel to you Jon would be look at revenue more closely, how it’s routed, how it’s taxed, and so forth. I think it is there you will find the root of many of Americas problems.

“Since, we have elected this idiot, we are being depicted in the press in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America as as a bunch of brainless hillbillies. This has already been reflected in the retail sales of American made products worldwide.”

Jon, I expect I’m older than you.  Might have a few more data points to assemble.

We have always been the whipping boys of the alt-left press. Especially in Europe. 

Some things just never change. And yes, we do have a bunch of brainless hillbillies at times.  Take that Arkansas crowd.

But as I reminded my marketing director (a former British Lord, BTW) in my airline days “Ask your people in Europe is they are such a bunch of kick-ass do-gooders, why did we, the USA, have to bail their sorry asses out of not one, but TWO WORLD WARS?

People of Europe are, as Elaine’s saying goes “very proud of their pride.” It’s rooted in quicksand, or slow-sand in the case of the EU implosion.  Did you know paper and ink can float a whole consortium of broke countries for several decades?

“It is starting in the combustion engine Auto industry, because of Trumps unwise choices for the EPA and climate denying statements. This is more apparent in Europe and Asia. They get the problem…Asia is living the problem with the planets worst air quality. They want change and they feel that Trump will reverse the positive impacts of cleaner air and are ready to boycott traditional Detroit made products that they feel are the crux of the problem. That said, The world IS embracing our electric cars like Tesla, Chevy’s Volt and Bolt and can’t wait for Faradays introduction into the auto race. Those are the anti Trump products. Which gave us an idea.

You see, while others see a problem, I already know where the big opportunities are and our focus will shift at least globally. We have made the short term decision help market those aforementioned anti-Trump products and minimize our exposure on products that represent Trumps policies. We are already focused on ground breaking software and hardware technology, (machine learning, AI, etc) but are making a major, major push into alernative energy, wearables and other innovative and disruptive products that are antithetical to the Trump agenda. “

Says who? I haven’t heard Trump say it, and his choices for office won’t stop your new product roll-outs. And like I said, I too are into green and going greener.

I will grant you I like the EU’s ban on styro packing – good move.  But tearing down borders?  27 kinds of dumb.

BTW, since we do share an interest in lower energy-per-capita, you will really enjoy out “How Windows Became Obsolete” article from November 7. (It’s hard to paint us firmly into an alt-righty box when we too go chasing the same future… As I once told a strong-ego’ed colleague, though, just remember the future is a shared result and no one person or organization has a lock on it.

“Most of these are West coast or New York/ Boston-companies that overwhelmingly voted against Trump. That will be the key to our success abroad. “

No, companies do not vote. I know I take that out of context but the reason so many of the sillycon valley kids and the software forest and robotics groups voted against Trump was because of the beautiful smears that were done. Easy? Sure. Most employees in these outfits are under 40 – the most gullible age of all.

“While American heartland products are now being vilified overseas, most coastal companies will still represent America proudly.”

Again, check the facts. American heartland products include this stuff called “food.” I expect after three days of principles the vilification of American-based grains will go the way of the balance of American-hater bullsh^t.

“The only good to come out of a Trump presidency is being able to rid our portfolio of our low margin, low tech, products and switch to more high margin anti-Trump innovative technology products that could actually turn around our global presence.”

Maybe for your company. But see our work on how we are echoing the run-up of the US Market in 1929 as more cautionary. 

Jon, it is “Not going to be different” this time.  It will be worse.

We heard it all the way to the top back at the top of the 1920s “Buy Radio Trust!”

Sorry to burst the bubble, but when you get older (much older) you will see more clearly how the fashions in politics go and how the cash paintbrush of the alt-rich-f**ks is applied to all those not running the stampede in their direction.

But thanks for writing and you have good, although youthful and you do not question enough.

References to Global Warming/ Climate Change have not disappeared.  They are being mixed with every intensively-marketed paradigm out there, like LBGT:

Try this quote from November 18th on this site: “Today is gender and education day at the COP22 in Marrakech. Gender equality and the empowerment of women is written into the preamble of last December’s Paris Agreement, the climate treaty that President Obama ratified without sending to the Senate for its advice and consent. ‘Gender justice is climate justice,’ as one feminist NGO puts it.”

I admit to getting old.  Blatherspeak like “Gender justice is climate justice” using linguistics rewrites as “Sex justice is weather justice!”  Yes, let’s promote Global Sex Change!   Am I getting it now?

Oh, wait, that’s already being marketed.  Silly Ures truly….

Your generation doesn’t know much about “justice” sad to say.  But gender-flipping sloganism,well, yes, your generation does seem to have that down.

I will tell you with near-certainty that what Obama has done on climate is ILLEGAL. A treaty NOT being referred for ratification is not optional. It is therefore not law, not matter how Obama may posture.  Trump seems to grasp that.

Please refer to the U.S. Senate documents here.

“The constitutional requirement that the Senate approve a treaty with a two-thirds vote means that successful treaties must gain support that overcomes partisan division.”

I hope you have enjoyed your brief visit to this site but I am disappointed with your brash labeling and lack of economic discernment at the macro level.

There is an us (poor) and a them (rich) and you have fallen into their (right) versus (left) trap which is the classical answer to how the rich remain rich and we remain poor.

P.S. if you are in an auto-related field, could you tell us how powder-coating wheels black or gray actually justifies a $65,000 price tag for a #x$$#%^ 4X4 pickup?  I’m having a hard time keeping up.  Is there some magic to this or (as I fear) are people really that stupid?  Another buddy of mine just bought a decked out Denali that was pushing six-large.  Thanks.

And thanks for being a reader for both remaining seconds.

Missing Toy Name

Elaine and I are stuck for a toy name. 

Seems there was a toy back in the 1960’s or 1970’s that was made of a material and when you put it on your arm, it would move when petted

I thought it was Mr. Snuggles, or something like that.  So if you remembers it – looked like a pink or blue snake made from fabric, please let us know?  Thanks.

Oh, now you wonder why?

Well, Elaine bought this new microfiber blanket which seems to move in the night due to natural motion.  When put on the bed one way, it “moves” over to her side of the bed.  (who’s would blame it?)

When put on the bed the other way around, it moves to my side – which h is nearly incomprehensible.

So both of us remember there being this toy that you would put on your arm and pet – and it would move.

But here in early-onset aging, damned if either one of us can remember itts name.  Again, thank you.

Gone the way of the Ch….Ch….Ch….Chia Tree, we fear.

Write when you get rich,