Whee!!! Making Up Money! Strange Attractors

We will be posting in two parts this morning – this being the first.  Housing will be out from Case-Shiller/S&P/CoreLogic (and whoever else has a hand in it) in a few minutes.  As – they say in Europe – Czech back.

Funny Money Rocks

For those slow-on-the-draw with  Excel, the Feral Reserve’s H.6 Money Stocks report of last week may seem the most boring number in the Universe right not.  But, when the print rate of M2, not-seasonally-adjusted is almost doubling when you annualize the most recent one-month gains (171% annualized), the reason for the stock market to “go ballistic” this morning is pretty obvious.

I expect ANY HARD ASSET WILL RISE – for a while.  Stocks, Housing, tools, almost anything you can think of has a good reason to scream skyward.  The stock prices are just an indicator of how “Made-Up Money Leaks.”

Strange Attractor Theory

I mentioned this a while back to subscribers to our  Peoplenomics website.  There is almost  a Strange Attractor phenomenon being revealed in how we’re Replaying 1929.  Take a look:

(As Ure huffs the whiteboard marker to start the week….)

You’ll see three yellow boxes.  I call ’em “trading boxes” because I’m a dim-witted soul who doesn’t like long Elliott Wave count descriptions.  There’s a green circle, upper right, and that’s where the punch bowl is loaded for this morning.

The “Strange Attractor” part?

We figure the Fed has spent some trillions of Digi-Dollars trying to keep the economy from imploding which it should have done long-ago. That’s why the dollar is worth less than 4-cents compared to the purchasing power it had in 1913, for example.  It’s debt-logged.

Now, notice in the chart we are almost up to the red “line in the sand” which has been acting the Strange Attractor role.

We offer the opinion that while the Fed has managed to “save the day” they are facing a much larger problem:  They need to “save the year.”

Which is why the Future is up in the air.  The “goal line stand” 500-Dow points, or so up from here will not only define whether you can gift some college to the grand children.  It will also determine if colleges will even be around.

Failing Scams

Long weekends offer a break to contemplate the Big Picture stuff in Life.

One I’ve played in is higher education.  We know that there’s plenty of OpenCourseWare from places like M.I.T.  When comes right down to it, the whole notion of going to an over-priced post-secondary school is toast.

All we need is a “national competency test” and colleges would go bust overnight.  All that saves them are accrediting agencies that essentially believe you can’t get knowledge except with a student loan.  Horse-pucky, o’course.  ALL accreditation means is a good “we’re holy academics” charade to get federal loans.

Ever notice how schools magically inflate costs?  You can read a 99-cent book on Kindle.  But if it’s a (bow down, now) TEXTBOOK, the book is suddenly $100-$200 dollars!!! How do them ankles feel?

The biggest threat to misnamed “higher ed” is YouTube.

The Education Scam

The lockdowns just rolled it out where it might be seen.  No classes in person?

Same with massively expensive K-12 public education.  Home schooling with online lectures and activities works fine.  So why do property taxes need to go up astronomically to fund schools? When parents are supervising recess for their home-schooled darlings?  Writing checks for computers and ISP’s…   Especially when  “the system” delivers near- zero-cost digital content?

Sure, sure…there’s a place for teachers. Tutoring the slow…fine. But remember, Yoda didn’t have the ‘young Walker’ fill out a promissory note on his home to dispense wisdom.  Teach kids to read, support their natural sense of curiosity…

Yet that’s what happens when the world doesn’t have the good sense to work on worthwhile projects (recovering “magic” – like telepathy and honing psi skills – and lost ancient knowledge, purifying and improving our hearts…). Go really colonize a planet instead of 3-companies wasting equal resources each, I mean WTF?  When do we become a cooperative culture?

The momentum of the crooked games inflates into the stratosphere.  Ergo, this morning’s futures prices.

Dead and Dying

The CV-19 deaths continue to mount up.  So does the politicking over what’s a  medical problem.

One outcome?  Cash goes out of style says an article in  Fortune: “The post-pandemic customer experience will be cashless.”

Another?  OK:  As is typical in all Depressions,  fashion stops being a growth industry.  And see here: “Gucci slashes ‘stale’ seasonal fashion shows.”  Who needs clothing at home… I mean with good HVAC, right?

And if you don’t drive as much, do you really need to pop 50-big for a new set of wheels?  No sir.  “Aston Martin CEO Steps Down As 007 Carmaker Hits Skids.”

Others will follow.  But they will be the “too big to fail” because absent a Big Useful Goal, governments at all levels will have no option but to keep funding the old, worn-out broken paradigm.

Bigger problem for government?  All this deficit spending means they will  have to raise taxes and that, in turn, means you will be paying through the nose for things like property taxes shortly in order to pay retired public employees, which is the closest thing to a class of royalty you can find in America.

Not saying it’s  wrong, but if 30% of Americans lose their jobs, where’s the 30% cut in government?  No, the PLAN is to keep government growing through programs that divide the population (race, gender, climate, you know the list) all the while pretending there’s a point to continuing what’s broken.

Gotta love it.

Just Out:  CFNAI

Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator:

Say, you don’t think that’s a problem, do you?

“Led by declines in production- and employment-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) fell to –4.19 in March from +0.06 in February. All four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made negative contributions in March, and three of the four categories decreased from February. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, decreased to –1.47 in March from –0.20 in February. Following a period of economic expansion, an increasing likelihood of a recession has historically been associated with a CFNAI-MA3 value below –0.70. “

Nothing to see here.  “Playing through…”

What Can You Buy?

Honestly, not very damn much.  Reason?  If you already own a home, you can sit back and if you can keep your Jones in check, all you need to do is wait for inflation and use the cheap money to become debt-free.

If you can lock-in a dream home at 2-3% interest and inflation of 15% and higher is ahead, you really will be able to pay off your note with “cheaper money” in the future.

Companies and pension funds have the same problems you do, except they’re trying to find where the hell to put all the “made up money” sloshing around.  Did you see where “Swiss banking giant UBS to launch venture capital fund targeting fintechs?”  Oh God…is this desperation, or what?  A bank setting up a fund to invest in new financial technologies…tell me they are brighter than this?

No, sorry, seems not.  Continuation bias – inertia – is the order of the day.  System cracking up?  Let’s do more, more, more….

Still Times Are Good – Today

Though there are troubling reports around the fringe.  “Singapore Warns Of Worst Economic Contraction Since Independence.”

OK, and the nursing home industry may be DOA since as CNN headlined it “The world sacrificed its elderly in the race to protect hospitals. The result was a catastrophe in care homes.”

OK, and so what if UN Says Both Koreas Broke Armistice In DMZ Shooting…a war in Korea would be a nice change-up.

I get sick of climate peddling stories like “Human activity threatens billions of years of evolutionary history, researchers warn.”

You can safely bet we’re all completedly  hosed when it’s more important to “safe the Mary River turtle” than to stuff the at home gene splicing and disease making industry back in a bottle.

Especially since  SkyNews reports “Coronavirus may have been a ‘cell-culture experiment’ gone wrong.

You really need to watch that report because it makes the strong case (which we’ve held to on purely statistical grounds) that The Virus is a bioweapon.

Kind of like arguing about whether the detonation of a Nuke was accidental or on purpose, except unlike radiation which cools over time, no sign of cooling on the pandemic front.

Medical Not Political

The heart of “What’s broken” here:  While a past head of CBS news says the media’s seriously left-leaning now and will do anything to screw Trump, what is a core MEDICAL problem has been cranked into a POLITICAL FOOTBALL and everyone’s fumbling the mental acuity play.

We’ll go collect a few zero’s in the market in coming months, but our focus here is prepping for the downside further along.  Because while you can find happy-talk bullshit stories like “For Economy, Worst of Coronavirus Shutdowns May Be Over” in the Big Business Press, the logical extension of data is a downward spiral.

In the last five days globally, 23,444 people have died of the virus and 625,719 news cases have been confirmed.  And this is on early data for today….

If you’re not STILL in serious defensive mode, we’re sorry to advise that you may not have what it takes to be a long-term survivor.

As we see it, there’s been an accidental bioweapon released and because of how this one works (slowly) the long-term die-off is only getting started.  That’s not political…just the statistical inference.

Denial in the face of statistics is deadly.  This is Russian (ne Chinese) Roulette.  A few more cylinders, but are you in that big a hurry to pull the trigger?

Pay heed to stories like “‘I’m looking for the truth’: States face criticism for COVID-19 data cover-ups.”  Yep, may be worse than reported.  China doesn’t own that play.

Welcome to a Monday on Tuesday – write if you get time…


38 thoughts on “Whee!!! Making Up Money! Strange Attractors”

  1. Teach kids to read, support their natural sense of curiosity
    George, William Penn said exactly the same thing in the first volume of the Harvard Classics. You are in good company!

    • Once the student loans disappear and the value of the existing loans goes to zero, we will then see the true value of a collage education. No doubt the Federal Governments massive subsidy of providing support for student loans has allowed the ponzi scheme to continue far longer than it should have. Btw, I have no problem with a wealthy family sending their kid to Princeton to study French Lit for 90K a year or whatever. It’s their money and they can blow it anyway they want to and the family will have to subsidize the kid post Princeton.

      Now, having a middle class kid borrowing 200K for a Princeton degree in French Lit? That’s a problem because now we have a situation where the kid will have to tackle the huge loan on his/her own, and probably will not have the family backup to pay the loan off or give them the connections to get a very high paying job.

      The market actually works quite well in distributing services when left to its own devices. Colleges and Universities will go out of business or have to drastically change their teaching model to stay in business. That’s what it’s about – Innovation and adaptation. Collapse tends to do that.

      • I have told the kids if you want a great education. If your poor go to india..the education is free and you have a better chance at nailing a good job.. if you go to England or germany if you can get in at oxford or cambridge the cost is a third of a comparable education in the us. With great living accommodations for.less money lots of perks.
        European countries push an education where th he USA discourages the common citizen from obtaining one. They discourage this through costs and high interest loans. The loans push the wage levels down to that of a common laborer. All of these schools are great.
        So far two kids that I’ve given the recommendation to have chosen to go. The rest chose to go locally..

      • Now if your grade score is high enough an education at a school comparable to any of the best in the world in russia is about five grand that includes room and board books and materials in china it’s two thousand. The.problem with an education in those countries is they are very aggressive about learning and students from the USA are not and usually fail at keeping up with the education. Only the best can keep up.
        That’s why I never advise anyone about attending those schools. Go to the uk germany or the USA..
        And never take a year off..if you do life usually hits you and its over.

      • Levenski…that’s wonderful..I didnt know that..and I have an acquaintance that graduated there..
        You can bet I’ll razz him about not sharing that tidbit of information..
        They have an awesome library and research library..

  2. 14 yr old kids can make great policy too.
    The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Idea

    Then the CDC or career dumb commissars can spout silly things too
    Or for more fun in the dark!
    Anti-fertility vaccines Bill Gates is such a sweetheart!

    Tom T Hall had it right about the four things. Faster horses, Older Whiskey,Younger women and more money. Your order may vary.

  3. George

    “We know that there’s plenty of OpenCourseWare from places like M.I.T.”

    As I have mentioned before a hurricane nailed my house near New Orleans. In that house was a safe with many documents. As I was living in Napa Ca. at the time (2005) doing consultant work I was not able to secure the documents from flooding. One of the documents was a college transcript from NTU, National Technical University. That was a private setup that provided Remote Learning via taped classes. I had taken the 401 Microprocessor Design class and earned a B. The company I was working for paid for it. That document was turned into pulp by the flood waters. I tried to get a replacement from NTU but they had been sold to another corporation and none of the old records had been saved. Bummer!!

    The gist of this is that there needs to be a central storage system for any school records so that people can have a permanent record of their work separate from any institution that was involved.

    • RM… I think that just like birth and death records ..someplace those records exist..
      For the free courseware unless you pay.. you dont get a permanent record.. you can pass the course but you don’t get any credit for it..theres colleges all around the world that offer these to .
      It’s sad that the world values the paper more than the knowledge.
      Where you learn is through real.life education on th he job..

  4. Wow.. Great post George.. it covers a lot of the questions that I have been coming up with for quite a while.. keeps me busy..
    online schooling and colleges.. The piece of paper you get to go and stick it out and party at some college is well worth it.. is it truly worth thirty years of serious debt.. that is another question..I have held the point that efficient schooling would be computer classrooms.. teachers have always bitched about wages.. they don’t make enough and I agree.. to babysit a bunch of kids and try to keep them focused when all they can think about is getting laid and going out with the group is a tedious frustraiting task.. but with an online schooling then you are faced with the mom having to stay home.. or finding a babysitter that also offers that sevice.. (I actually love that idea.. sure a teachers wage would go up.. but the cost of the education would cut property taxes to well over a dollar an hour in income for the average home owner) then of course one teacher could actually handle several thousand students on her over the air classroom..
    I fear the rising prices.. luxury items are way down.. practical items are increasing at a phenominal rate.. priced hamburger lately..
    weather change and the velocity of land consumption.. well.. most of us realize that we are in a change.. I don’t believe it is human related it is a cycle.. I do believe that because of the masses we do have an affect to the regular cycle.. and I believe that we may have .. what is the term.. eaten ourselves out of house and home.. the earth will shed us from the face of the planet.. I believe that mankind is one of the species on the extinction list. from visiting with other people that teach this stuff in school.. well they are pretty much on the same page..
    I have been rooting around in the opus archives looking for something interesting to read on sumarian texts..what an interesting place to read.. many of the ancient texts are some of the oldest on the planet.. some I have seen but so many I had no clue that they existed.. great place go check it out if you like to read.. https://www.opusarchives.org/
    I am just waiting for the rock to tumble down the slope..Seriously.. the Fed and their print to the moon strategy is quite a bit like giving a baloon to a child then sitting under it and keeping it afloat by blowing on it.. Now how long can you keep a balloon floating by blowing on it..How long can you keep pushing a noodle with a table filled with water.. both are good examples with the same end results..
    Working at home.. how long can a person work at home.. I noticed the fuel costs rose about thirty cents a gallon.. what was the total travel for the holiday.. was it comparable..
    Wages and the cost comparison to past.. I did my best at 1.75 an hour.. today at todays rates.. you can’t touch it.. cost of insurances cost of taxes.. utilities.. groceries at one point was seventy five dollars for a family of four for a month.. today I am sitting at two grand.. all meals ate at home.. all snacks.. that is what is budgeted.. three fifty per meal and three snacks at a dollar.. I had someone tell me that I budgeted to high.. that it wasn’t a feasible number as they ate a fast food burger frys and coke.. I asked what did you pay for that lunch.. they paid just shy ten bucks.. see you spend the same thing..
    utility expenses increasing with more home use.. yup people never calculate that either.. the vast majority of their utilities are paid for by the places they work.. they go to work the house shuts down.. now that they are home.. I believe you will see a spike in home energy costs.. more garbage to.. average is seven pounds of trash per person per day..from my point of view I expect to see garbage collection bills to increase..
    can we continue to live where we do.. after they thought I might have had pancreatic cancer.. I did a survival budget for the wife.. OH NO.. there isn’t anyway that she could manage the house on what income that she would have available to her.. she would have to sell out and move.. the same thing if she passed on.. I would have to move.. with what is the statistics of retired.. the vast majority are in the same boat..
    then the reboot.. eventually like a computer filled with viruses and spam ware the new systems coming into being and them discarding the old software.. the computer will need to be totally rebooted to fresh.. its is coming.. in a reboot.. a lot of the things that we rely upon will be gone.. Like social security medicare police and fire etc etc.. schools.. all of it that is paid for by tax dollars.. as income goes down so do services that the tax dollars can pay for..
    our local parks and recreation are not going to be open.. they don’t have enough coming in from tax revenue even if the virus threat wasn’t there..
    should we let the old die and keep the velocity of cash.. my guess is that is the plan now.. stop all information or corrupt it with missleading data and try and reboot the cash flow.. go option three.. that is a double edged sword as well.. in nursing facilities.. the profit is even lower than that of a grocery store..and historically a grocery store makes a penny in profit for every hundred spent.. in most nursing facilities.. at least every one I ever worked in.. when you are three beds down.. everyone looses a half hour of work time..if its five beds down.. there is a witch hunt and the highest paid employees that are still to far away from retirement they are sent home.. of course no unemployment either..
    now some of these places are twenty or more beds down.. I can only imagine what the outcome will be.. dam I am rambling on again..

    • I must be old. Our city school H.S. lunches back in the late 60s, early 70s were .50 cents/day. I played s sport every season, and I had a paper route to foot my bill, so some days I’d purchase two lunches. According to the U.S. inflation calculator, a buck in ‘69 would be worth $7 in 2020. Sounds about right, since gas cost 25 cents or so a gallon before the Arab oil embargo, about $1.75 in today’s coin.

  5. I am not at all convinced that so called Covid 19 is a massive medical problem that demands that we keep the ‘lock downs’ and the continuing of so called ‘social distancing’ and masking. Our world is not set up for an economy of lock down and so called social distancing. Btw, I have been giving ‘boots on the ground’ reports from FL. I have a very extended network of family, friends, neighbors, and business colleagues and I am happy to report that no one has even had a bad cold this winter/spring. I frequently ask my neighbors who they know who has died or had covid – no one! At best, people say, ‘yea, I know a friend who has a neighbor…..’

    While the US is in deep doo doo lock down or no lock down, certainly further Covid nonsense will only impede efforts to at least mitigate the damage. I know it’s hard for people to override the impulse to believe the fear porn coming out of the MSM, but the very existence of our economy depends on them not participating in this Psyop. Things may go VERY badly anyway, but post collapse, the ability to be free and unimpeded in our economy may be the only way to move toward a viable future. Freedom = eventual prosperity. Lockdown = immediate and permanent poverty and despair. No two ways about it.

  6. George, RE: the ‘culture club’ bioweapon theory, from where I sit, any ‘released’ evidence about the virus’ origins is still largely circumstantial to this point. I firmly believe the evidential scatter graph has clearly circled in and around Wuhan. This includes Trump’s blooper weeks back that the virus was a lab designed virus.


    The President receives daily classified briefing for which the info briefed still remains classified, even if Trump should blab about it during one of his ‘I know everything’ outbursts. He did not make up the lab scenario. Pompeo totally and publicly backed Trump’s claim. Add the disappearance of the Chinese Dr. that broke the details on the virus outbreak in China, disease spread patterns, and the coronavirus’ penchant for infecting humans, and there’s reason for suspicion. Will it hold up to scrutiny in The Hague? Not yet. But give it time.

    • Propaganda at it finest is the play of the day, as one says this and the other says that ,Pompeo is well known for his lie we cheat we steal from his own mouth so there’s no credibility there, Trump of course is running with the only thing he has and that’s China did it, I see WHO turned him down so WHO will be the next culprit for his next post on twitter,then we throw in the war ships to intercept the tankers from Iran to Venezuela,that’s headline news for a few days to throw into the mix,somewhere out there in outer space is the truth but the ones on earth are not privileged to receive it.!!!!!!!!!

  7. George,
    You’re right on about higher ed. It’s a big racket. Where else in world can you get life time job security with no regard for job performance. Where else can you get a good salary for actually working 30 hours or less a week with summers off. How about a half year paid vacation every 7 years. Back in the day higher ed used to teach students to critically read a text, write intelligently, understand different modes of thought and begin to master an actual body of knowledge. Employers used to regard a bachelors degree as an indication that an individual would a good employee. This reminds me of a conversation I had back in the day with a college administrator who remarked that higher ed had become the home for people who were fundamentally unemployable.

    About the morass of pseudo data surrounding covid19. As Mark Twain said “there are lies damnable lies and statistics” . There are credible reports that there are pressures on hospitals and doctors to over report deaths from covid19. There is no way an intelligent person can verify the validity of the reports in the media. Also, we never get the statistical information necessary to evaluate the results of models (the probability the results fall within what range of possible results.) It is also useful to remember that the weather service discovered that every time a model is run the answer is different. Ever look at the spaghetti models for hurricane paths. Finally, all my adult life I have wondered how we are supposed to arrive at concrete data from a line of reasoning containing the word assume or assumption.

    So endeth the rant of the day.

    • An Old Librarian,
      I come from a family of teachers at all levels…elementary to college and it’s laughable that you think Teachers work 30 hours a week. Most teachers in my extended family and educators I know personally work 10 hours a day….and do Sumer school, after hours and summer tutoring and in the case of my college professor friends and family, use the time to do research and partner up with corporations as consultants. Are there under-performers as teachers? As in any industry, there are always going to be bad eggs.

      Most I know are over achievers and most have to be, because they get paid so damn little, they need to find alternate sources of income. Our education system is the embodiment of our dominance as a nation. And…don’t downplay the importance of a college education. I will never hire a person without one. That, I can assure you. There are experiences beyond the literal education that college students have that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Are there exceptions, of course…but the numbers themselves favor the educated.

      • Mark,
        I spent the bulk of my working life in higher ed. My father had a PhD from the u of Chicago and spent his entire work life as a teacher or administrator. I have heard a lot and seen a lot. Yes, there are many hard working profs in higher ed. BUT these folks are a silent minority. How else did we end up a system that prides itself on its intolerance of different ideas. Why do we have system that is geared toward political indoctrination and graduates students with useless xxx studies degrees. The paper used to print a document suitable for hanging can’t even be used to wipe your ass. Speaking of high school teachers, many of whom are hard working, they still graduate way too many students who are not prepared for higher ed. (This has been going on for more than 30 years.) I have witnessed a library system that has spent hundreds of millions of dollars buying, cataloging, and storing useless materials produced by higher ed.

        Story. Back in the day a major aerospace industry in the largest population center in Pacific northwest was on strike causing local economic problems. At the same time the faculty at a major state university not a thousand miles away from here voted to allow them selves to stack their teaching load into two quarters so they could have two quarters off (at full pay) for their “research”. This did not sit well with the locals. That said, can you explain that with all the hard working teachers we have we are graduating so many people who still can’t read, write or speak intelligently. BTW one can get a fine education for free at your public library like Eric Hoffer did.

      • Back in the day when I used to own a couple of taxi licenses (when they were worth something) I would sometimes hire college students to drive. They wouldn’t last long. Just couldn’t learn the street smarts someone like Andy has!

    • OL.. in answer to your question….

      “You’re right on about higher ed. It’s a big racket. Where else in world can you get life time job security with no regard for job performance.”

      CONGRESS… its a life long job.. doesn’t matter that you don’t do anything and you have a little over eleven months off doing fact finding trips..

      It is a racket though.. four year education will cost you about a grand a month if you figure in living expenses on the loans.. or you take a chance at having to do more years if you hold down a job to pay for them while you go to school..
      today they are pushing so many positions that use to be on the job trained..
      I remember when being a hospital floor tech was a volunteer job ( I have some great stories about some of the volunteers they got to LOL..).. no pay.. then they paid you minimum.. now you have to have a certificate.. to wipe butts and empty urinals.. a certified and licensed butt wiper what is it they call it now.. oh the one college calls it HEALTH ADMINISTRATION SERVICES LOL LOL LOL LOL….. ( well lets be real the job is way more than that.. it always has been.. ) back in the day we passed meds did dressings rehab and even drew blood start iv’s etc etc etc..one of my friends when she was a child.. was apalled that she was doing physical therapy.. went off when it became a field and now is the area supervisor for doing what she did for free we joke about it all the time.. they hand you some exercises.. you do the work for tweny four physical therapy sessions was just shy sixty grand.. they could have bought me a family membership at the health center they also have and gave me the very same sheet of paper…… there was one nurse on the floor the techs did it all.. it is still like that but now you have to be certified..
      universities have so many positions goodness how many massage therapists do they need in the world.. ( only one that can at times get a HAPPY ENDING is the customer )

  8. “School texts”

    Oh, yea – big fat scam. One college level course back there (communications). The book we had to buy was written by the instructor. And the instructor would change some key text in the book every two years then republish. The “used” books, forget it. There ought to be a law!

    Those nursing homes are chock-full of rape and brutality. Luckily, only public pensioners and pensioners from companies that were bailed out can afford such lux, so hope they get what they deserve. The rest of us get the back bedroom, what we deserve (i guess).

    I’m still furious for the Internet stealing your book material, G. I can relate. Back there in time during the RE collapse I was ghetto cruising in Detroit. I took a bunch of pictures and was sharing them using Flickr.

    Within a day or two after uploading the pictures I saw one in a Yahoo story. I was steamed but couldn’t do anything. You guys know how picture taking is. You can take 1,000 and not have a good one in the batch. It’s difficult to get a good picture.

    Did you guys see the White House answer to the Pelsoi Bailout?

    “Written by Andrew Biggs and Joshua Rauh, the plan calls for allowing Americans to choose to receive checks of up to $5,000 in exchange for a delay of their Social Security benefits. The so-called “Eagle Plan” proposed an overhaul of federal retirement programs in exchange for direct cash payments to some workers.”

    Basically, the underage for SS can get a $5,000 loan against future benefits. When the time comes to collect the benefit, one waits until the $5,000 w/Interest is paid back before receiving actual SS direct deposits. Like a 401K loan, but different? Retired but the entire benefit is taken for loans.

    Bad things are coming.

  9. George,
    You said, “Home schooling with online lectures and activities works fine.”

    For whom? Certainly not the Parents. Nearly 50% of households have two income parents. The biggest symptom of the pandemic is loss of parental control when it comes to schooling. This is especially true when Both husband and wife have equal paying jobs and have to share the schooling duties in between zoom calls, coding, analytics, business planning, etc. here in the Bay Area, that two-income HH number is more like 75%.

    I have three parents with school aged kids on my staff and they are exhausted. They are doing two jobs, working harder and are stressed beyond belief. They are three examples of millions across this country going through the same thing. There are support groups To help parents cope with this added stress and an uptick in zoom psychiatrist calls to help with the deterioration of marriages and help with family relationships.

    One of my clients told me that the one thing she has realized is how under-rated and underpaid teachers are. They realize how rough and tough this job is…but more important…just how crucial and critical it is to the growth of our children.

      • You can’t actually compare what happened two hundred years ago to the realities of today? His early child years of self teaching would not be tolerated today…nor should it. Lincoln wasn’t all self taught. Most of that is lore. His first teacher was Zachariah Rainey and later attended a school kept by Caleb Hazel. He studied mathematics and literature in New Salem, and joined a debating society.

  10. Happy twos day. Two is the perfect witness. Moon day fer the markets. Wowza, CFNAI is a doozy!

    I ain’t wearing a mouth diaper. If you feel ya should? Who am I to say ya shouldn’t.

    Anymore than if your definition of the Creator is: Infinite Intelligence, The Sunshine of the spirit, CEO of Heaven Enterprises, God, Jupiter, Zues, Love, Alah, YWYH (abriviated name for the Hebrew God), Sky Daddy, Elohim, Creative Intelligence, Great Eagle, Odin, Onar, Ra or Ming.

    The Creator speaks English to the Elgish, pigmnese to the Pigme, numbers and equations to the Mathmatician, Beats and rythem to the drum circle of Shammans. All shap-shots taken in a 360° view of the same mountain durring differnt seasons or “Ages” of souls.

    I have devoured everything from
    The Pistis Sophia to the Christian Bible, the Koran to the Law of One.

    Way I see it. Is if it’s my time to go than I’m good with that. I have had a spectacular life. My expiration isnt my buisness. My buisness is to live.

    Speaking of Trig and The Pistis Sophia,

    The co-V-id virus is a sine wave, bruh.   (s?n)

    n. Abbr. sin

    1. The ordinate of the endpoint of an arc of a unit circle centered at the origin of a Cartesian coordinate system, the arc being of length x and measured counterclockwise from the point (1, 0) if x is positive or clockwise if x is negative.

    2. In a right triangle, the ratio of the length of the side opposite an acute angle to the length of the hypotenuse.

    [Medieval Latin sinus (mistranslation of Arabic jayb, sine, as if jayb, fold in a garment), from Latin, curve, fold.]

    The word Sin comes from the Babalonian word for the moon. The first planet named “venus” back in the dawn of antiquity.

    The virus has a colective frequency. A “consiouness” to it. A mathmatical order of multiplication. A predetemined final equation.

    All matter is vibration at its core layer. All vibration has a heat signiture. all vibration can be distorted through re-verb-beration.

    A verb is? is a word or a combination of words that indicates action or a state of being or condition. 

    So to the crown virus I say,


    At 00 two doo it.

    A joke, before I leave.

    A tall wise man walked into the barn to see the baby the star lead him too. When he hit is head on the rafter beam? He exclaimed Jesus Chtist! Right then Joseph looked up and said, whoa old woke dude! I like that name much better than Clyde.

    Been saving that word fer a while. Lol. I suppose I should it now.

    Que the song, Rockstar by nickleback.

    Morse code in beats and sting.

    • ( I left a couple r’s over on my other post) for the st_ing.

      I’m a spiritual Christian. We all have a wick within us. It’s not my job to stand on the stage and marvel at my own light while you stand there with an empty flame. If one uses their flame to light another candle and on to infinity? I reckon none of us will walk in darkness again.


      I’m just another bozo on the bus. I’m flicking my bic so another person can find their contact lense they lost. LOL. Anything I can do? You can too. We are all on this little blue speck together.

      You dont need to see the light. We need to be the light. When the stars in the sky look down on us? May they see the reflection of the tribe of light upon the earth in their stary eyes.

      If you are ever in need of a new grocery getter? Or just wanna kick some tires? I can be found down at the I-10 Ford dealership in the Auto mall, cochella valley, California. you know my name and I hide not. I will help ya as best I can. We got some really good deals.

      I start on monday. I will be the handsome blonde fella wearing the Cypress Point golf shirt. I named my new Mustang GT350 Betty. Hahah. Get it. Betty ford.

      I got jokes man. Hahaha

      You come with ill intent? You might walk away with a new friend.

      KlicK 116!

      Infinitely Now!

  11. Leapin Lizards Gman!

    – the market is running on Aviator Fuel!

    Av Gas baby – makes your scheisse go VROOM! “To the moon Alice, to the moon” .

    The fed be BUYING – the coot be BUYING… wheeeeeeeeee the markets go higher.

    Does making money get any easier than follow the fed? Matter fact Buying Silver/Gold might be..

    Take the Chi Coms, please.

    .. “just give round-eyes some $$ – they will sell it to us, and what ever they wont sell, we can just STEAL IT – ala the HIV “spiked” coronavirus samples.

    Latest greatest tale is one of “alien” intervention causing the “accident”/equipment malfunction at Wuhan lab, that directly lead to the virus in question being “released” into the wild.

    .. too far fetched for common sense? Why did Wuhan run a Live Fire Anti- Ballistic Missile Test during the official lockdown/sanitization “all hands on deck” Operation?

    ONLY 10 FRIGGIN DAYS of LOCKDOWN for ALL of CHINA – sans Wuhan/world capital for Fentanyl manufacture.

    WTF is going on in AMERICA ?

    • Interesting caveat in Conditions of Use


      “Accuracy of Content and Information on the Site
      8. The Open University does not represent that information contained on or available via the Site is accurate or complete and accordingly it should not be relied on as such. You should not rely on any such information. Any arrangements made between you and any other person, using or named on the Site are entirely at your sole risk and responsibility.”

      Also, as a UK non-profit they list as a secondary activity…

      “The Open University is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to its secondary activity of credit broking.”


      So, draw your own conclusions about the honesty, accuracy and completeness re: money & finance courses. The rest might be fun, educational?, but certainly interesting to peruse.

    • Kewl. I’m 13 chapters deep in a dozen books all written in differnt time period. Seemingly unrelated but juxtaposition ever just so. Hope to compile them all in the hopper, running through the blender and make a snootthy.

      Thanks for the link. Booked and will check out later.

      I’m still reading my big TOE. Which in footology is where the brain is. Lol. T.O.E. Theory Of Everything

      • Damn, Andy, you’re starting to convince me you can see through the wires :-)

        Yes, I think both you and Tom spend an equal amount of time in the Alterverse. If one day Amtrak resumes semi-normal operations and face diapers aren’t expected, I will extend my trip to San Diego with a rental car for a day and visit Fiesta. A nice afternoon drive past Palomar for an evening of sippin’ whiskey and talkin’ trash.


    Total cases: 643 (0 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 81
    Honolulu County: 414
    Kaua’i County: 20
    Maui County: 118†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 83‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 593§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 26, 2020

    ZERO new cases… three days in a row!

  13. It’s delightful reading that Mr. Gates eldest child was able to attend Stanford on a full scholarship. Graduating without student debt sure must take a load off. I don’t know what the situation was for former First Daughter Chelsea when she studied there.

  14. Even the Chinese are disputing the leftist plague narrative:


    More researchers are coming to the same conclusion as Professor Luc Montagnier did in April.

    While I don’t favor lock downs, I do favor intelligent use of appropriate PPE, and I favor mass media being held accountable for censorship and propaganda that endangers the lives of millions. The “let’s not start a panic” meme is looking more like a license to kill than a public service. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outfits must be held accountable.

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