WGMGD: Forget Hillary and Trump

Yeah – it’s all a distraction.

As we explained in our Peoplenomics.com report Wednesday, we have much bigger fish to fry, not the least is which is the potential for nuclear war over the U.S. ongoing efforts to change out the government in an independent country against whom we have not “declared war.”

The debate last night is a huge distraction from the reality of what’s going on. As we have explained for months, a nasty nest of neocons in the U.S. State Department, that has swung with every change of president, is the reason that we have seen no major differences in America’s direction ever since the Bill Clinton administration.

These people are a runaway branch of government that is running things their way and is not inclined to follow clear-cut rules laid down by America’s great Founders who made sure that “wars” have to be declared by congress.

This may sound like a niggle, but the fact is that police actions by the runaway chief executive have been responsible for some of the biggest foreign policy blunders in our lifetime.

Now, we’re hip-deep in the crap with the American people being led sheep-like into a major conflict which could quickly become – as explained in the Peoplenomics report – Global War on Election-Day.

Russia’s Warning to the West

The first data point to consider is that Vlad Putin is sending the U.S. a very clear message: Do NOT attempt to manipulate the U.S. elections in any way, shape, or form, because we have no other way to get the nasty nest of neocons removed from the State Department other than threatening – and if necessary – going to nuclear war.

Evidence of this is seen in the U.K. Telegraph today as we read how “Russia taunts U.S. with biggest military offensive since the Cold War.”

Even more alarming is the headline in the UK Sun that blares “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE KIDDING, MR PUTIN? Royal Navy pledges to ‘man mark’ Vladimir Putin’s fleet as Russians begin TEN-SHIP pincer move on the English Channel.

Is Putin ready to go to war, really?

Well, Russia has a problem with the thug & bomb approach to foreign policy. They are also quite aware of the contents of many U.S. emails on the political side and we have to assume have a lot of intelligence info that has not yet been released about how the US fights ISIS in one place, but funds and supports them in other places. That is, when it fits the neocon regime change agenda.

And THAT, if you haven’t read the Seymore Hirsch book on the killing of Osama Bin Laden, is really what is going on. I think Hirsch is spot on and that the regime changers in State are trying to oust president Assad of Syria so that the West/House of Saud can control oil coming out of the Middle East and up through Turkey. Problem is, there is the country named Syria, that doesn’t want to play nice.

The further problem is the Russians already have Syria in their back pocket. Russia has pretty much free rein over the Syrian port of Tartus on the Med.

Since the regime changers tried unsuccessfully to bring Ossetia under E.U. economic domination, the Russians want another warm water port since what they had is obviously a target of the E.U./West.

Oh-oh…didn’t understand the regime change crap in Ukraine? Don’t feel bad. Most Americans were kept in the dark by the mainstream and paid-off corporate media.

But let’s drop back to Ukraine because that’s where the neocons set up collision with Russia.

Here’s a snip from a USGS paper about a major petroleum and gas area in eastern Ukraine which the neocons kicked off by passing out cookies in Kiev:

“The Dnieper-Donets basin is almost entirely in Ukraine, and it is the principal producer of hydrocarbons in that country. A small southeastern part of the basin is in Russia. The basin is bounded by the Voronezh high of the Russian craton to the northeast and by the Ukrainian shield to the southwest. The basin is principally a Late Devonian rift that is overlain by a Carboniferous to Early Permian postrift sag. The Devonian rift structure extends northwestward into the Pripyat basin of Belarus; the two basins are separated by the Bragin-Loev uplift, which is a Devonian volcanic center. Southeastward, the Dnieper-Donets basin has a gradational boundary with the Donbas foldbelt, which is a structurally inverted and deformed part of the basin.”

The whole document is available for download here.

The other big energy play which the neocons would love to get their hands on for corporate interests is the massive gas field find off Lebanon called the Leviathan. Syria, to the north of Lebanon is in a powerful “influencer position.”

Once again, the Congressional Research Service does a much better job of outlining what it at stake with a document over here.

“Since 2009, a series of large natural gas discoveries in the Levant Basin have altered the dynamics of the Eastern Mediterranean region. Israel’s discovery of the Tamar Field and subsequent discovery of the larger Leviathan Field created the potential for the country to become a regional player in the natural gas market. Since the initial Israeli discoveries, Cyprus and Egypt have also found new gas deposits in the Mediterranean. The Aphrodite Field was discovered by U.S. firm Noble Energy in Cypriot waters in late 2011 and the massive Zohr Field was found in Egyptian waters by Italian firm Eni in 2015.These discoveries create the potential for Cyprus to export gas and for Egypt to meet more of its domestic gas needs. Lebanon has not yet discovered recoverable gas reserves, but geologic data indicates that there is the potential for Lebanon to possess significant gas resources. Israeli gas discoveries have been contested by Lebanon, which disputes an area of about 300 square miles along the countries’ unsettled maritime border. The Administration has sought to mediate the maritime dispute between Israel and Lebanon.”

As you know, I have been warning for more than a decade that the West is in a period I call the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars. This is the resource grab that runs all the way from the gas and lithium reserve of Bolivia to anywhere else in the world.

If you read deeply into that Congressional Research Service report, the real reason why the neocons want to change regimes in Syria comes into start economic (Everything’s a Business Model) focus:

“There are a number of factors in Lebanon that could potentially inhibit future progress on the exploration and development of possible gas resources.18 First, more than one million refugees displaced by the Syrian civil war have entered Lebanon. The state has had to divert substantial resources to address the refugee crisis, and persistent Syria-related domestic security challenges may distract from efforts to develop gas in the Mediterranean. Second, the Lebanese parliament has remained gridlocked and has failed to elect a new president over two dozen times since 2014. Until a political compromise is reached, the gridlocked parliament may have trouble moving forward with an agreement to grant exploration rights.”

What the C.R.S. report glosses over (inconvenient truths are ugly this way) is that there was no “civil war” in Syria until the neocon agenda was implemented. But leave that aside for now.

I wanted to lay this all out for you as “Big Picture” so you can follow the importance of what else is going on in background.

Ugly Hand of Soros

Donald Trump managed to get the name of financial manipulator George Soros into the debate last night.

If you want to understand why Vlad Putin is so worried about U.S. politics, it is easy to see over in this article which explains how a Soros connected company has supplied voting machines to 16 states.

Does this mean the election really is rigged?

Well, I assume you have been to www.wikileaks.org and done some searches on how the HRC/Podesta tribe is trying to influence reporters, right?  And the undercover video of how paid fomenters were used to try and rough up Trump people…

Does it all matter? Well, yes…and no. Which gets me to the part of this morning’s rant (which is the point after all) where we get down to practical solutions.

WGMGD: The Election Doesn’t Matter

But Congress does.

Unfortunately, the left and corporate interests have already hijacked the rag-tag, sorry-ass remnants of what was once the Republican Party. Party of of Lincoln. Party of small central government, balanced budgets, progressive on civil rights and strictly by that marvelous Constitution of ours.

That’s the used to be.

Now we have turncoats while Paul Ryan masquerading as a republican – a term which doesn’t deserve to even be capitalized today.

But there is a FIX.

WGMGD means to all of us retired management/consulting jocks: What Gets Measured Gets Done.

I want you to carefully think through this next part because it is key.

The president is the “chief executive” and it is his job to enact the will of congress. OK, so president Useless has hijacked the concept, but it’s still there.

Congress could – any damn time it felt like – start doing what I recommend to consulting clients: Measure the damn process and stick to it.

Here are a few simple metrics that Congress COULD REQUIRE of the President and impeach him for failure to comply:

1.Cap US immigration as xxx people per year.

2.Not unvetted entrance whatsoever. Explain what “vetted means” because the current occupant is a lawyer and lawyers can’t be trusted. They need hard numbers…caps…limits.

3.Such a measurable H.R. approvable plan could include operate a balanced budget. Ban off-books accounting. No more black budgets and so on.

I could rattle on endlessly on this, but you see the point. Congress words things all mealy-mouth and so Useless sits down, makes up a signing statement which twists things up, and then does what he pleases.

This is utter and complete bullshit.

Next time you get pulled over for speeding try telling the cop “Oh, sure the sign says 55, but I think it means 65 and so realizing the true intent of the law was 65, that’s why I was driving 70.” See what happens.

If you’re president and making up signing statements, you get a pass – no ticket, no probation…just a few picks from the right where people remember that Constitution of ours…

But that’s how things work, you see? Congress has no balls (not to mention brains) and doesn’t realize they have the power to impeach to make the propagandizer in chief toe the mark.

Which means what?

It’s all one great big swindle and the major media including the big paper in New York, papers in other parts of the country (and nationally) have all signed on to the conspiracy to commit corporatism because yes – everything in America must be monetized. Including our values.

That, boys and girls, is why it’s all a charade, except for the part where Putin has about had it. And as we explained yesterday, that’s why the Russian war ships are headed toward Europe, in case the seismic option doesn’t work out..or maybe for use if it does.

Short Takes

Futures are down 15, which is noise trading.

Philly Fed Business Outlook is out:

Results from the October Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey suggest that regional manufacturing conditions continued to improve. Indexes for general activity, new orders, and shipments were all positive this month. But firms reported continued weakness in overall labor market conditions. Firms expect continued growth for manufacturing over the next six months and are becoming more optimistic about employment expansion.

Which means a rate hike is coming, watch the 10-year. But not until you have been suckers into the illusion that voting matters./

Putin knows better even if we don’t.  He’s in the business of knowing.  We used to have a press corp in America that was once, as well.

Call that progress?

37 thoughts on “WGMGD: Forget Hillary and Trump”

  1. George, ignoring the fact that I don’t agree with you about President Obama – It does take a long time to impeach a government official, not to mention a president . . .

    If you are so determined to impeach a president – work on President Clinton when she is elected.

    Like I’ve said of numerouo7s software implementations: It’ ain’t the software (or in this case the Constitution) that’s the problem. It’s the implementation team or the client that is the issue. Look around you…seems like a client that ain’t driving the implementation team, to me.

    • This is why you can’t work for me (or I wouldn’t hire you until you read and catch the UrbanSurvival attitude a bit more).
      This is NO — repeat underline large font – NO REQUIREMENT that anything take forever. If it does it is because of political BS>
      An impeachment could be done in an afternoon…but no, we go through hopeless layers of bullshit trying to justify our decision.
      This kind of attitude is what the left has instilled in America. No more sign of the can do, let’s get it done that made this country great.
      nope. now we have hopeless layers of self-imposed bureaucratic shackles that has ruined the country and stolen our ability to wage anything but bureaucracy.
      Seriously – don’t mean to come across as harsh but doing things the same old way to protect the same old cobwebs just ain’t cutting it.
      If Ryan didn’t need testosterone shots, he and the senate would have already cleared the way to to the two week impeachment. But like I said, if they were skilled managers, it would be an email and a sign off.
      When someone screws interns in office, should it take months?
      Nope. One day, maybe two.
      “Wek have screwed ourselves and don’t realize that we’re turning the screwdrivers!”

      • For all the posturing in the Congress, when corporate interests want something, the House and Senate can sing in harmony pretty quickly.

        They just can’t get together on anything that might help the public. It is all corporate all the time.

      • Hey, I don’t know how but the third part of this statement I didn’t write and it was attached to my comment somehow – what I was trying to say was look how long it took to even consider both Nixon and Clinton – Nothing happens in Washington over night!

        And no, I am not applying to write for you . . . (The Watergate hearings drug on and on and on while I was both working and school . . )

    • And don’t cite the Old Way of Doing Things (OWODS). Innovate for crissakes!~ This used to be America, remember? Takes a licking and keeps on ticking and all that?

    • When you say that you don’t agree with George about Obama you are saying that you do not agree with the truth. His failures can all be demonstrated with Foodstamp usage, labor participation numbers, employment stats., and on and on. What’s not to agree with?

  2. Democracy, defined as ‘two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner’, is not what is on the ballot. We were once a Constitutional Republic, and what is left of that is what is on the ballot. Unfortunately, there is no good vote. However, I believe congress would monitor Trump closer than they would Hillary. What to do – what to do?

  3. RIGHT ON GEORGE!!! This election doesn’t matter. It’s a Hollywood production, Craig Hulet has been saying this for years. The fix has been in since 1963, when this country turned its back on the truth. If this were a “real election” in a “real democracy” a criminal and a crazy man would not be on the ballot.

  4. George,
    YOU are correct, it has been smoke and mirrors for a long time, and yes it has been and still is about the OIL! and the scumbags who are driving this country are ALL tied to OIL dollars and ANY country who gets in the way WILL be removed! Gaddafi was a little more as he not only refused the oil pipeline he was also starting his own currency and so he had to be removed! Our country WILL NEVER EVER recover UNLESS these scum are removed! period end of story! I know you know this i am venting this morning as it just makes me sick that there are so many people who are asleep and can’t get off the couch to see what is really going on, worst part MOST of them don’t even care!!
    have nice visit with your friends!!

    • its ignorance…. years ago I had a friend running for a position.. I was going to one of the fifty dollar a plate dinners to show my support for him and the party..
      I had to work late.. got there all dirty everyone in nicely pressed suits with the campaign buttons on.. so I thought I will go sit at a corner table away from everyone eat quick then get the heck out of town ..
      I sat down.. pretty soon here come two of the candidates along with the guest speaker our Present senator at the time.. one of the candidates asked him.. What should I talk about??? His answer.. Hell give them a one two three speech.. they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them..
      Needless to say.. its gotten even worse since then.. we are doomed..by incompetence,slothfulness, ignorance and greed not necessarily in that order.there isn’t anyway that one could write a several thousand page bill in the twenty eight days they work and they will be the first ones to say they don’t have any intention on reading them.. we are totally screwed IMHO.

  5. How can you think elections are rigged when entire cemeteries in the past have voted for their favorite candidate.

  6. One thing I loved about my city was after a couple close council, and school board elections and the inability to retrieve electronic votes from messed up (lost votes) “voting machines” they went to paper ballots again. Sure they are scanned electronically but there is now a real paper trail if needed to verify votes. Shows that some local election boards do listen to voters’ concerns and admit that a change was needed and implemented it.

    • don’t worry homeland security is all about protecting our shared values and is working on a plan to federalize elections , i feel so much safer knowing this

  7. the United States Senate Report 93-549 has a 16 page introduction that confirm President Lincoln exercised presidental executive orders under a suspended constitution due to insurrection of the southern states and have never gone back. under what was called ‘trading with the enemy act’, pres roosevelt renamed to the emegency powers act in title 50 of the united states code…”found an old statute under which the President could proceed without fresh authorization from Congress”[page 7]
    under TWEA – emergency powers the president does NOT need to get congress’ approval to “assign military forces abroad”. that is why congress only whimpers for a few days when the president does such. PLEASE google ‘senate report 93-549’ from 1973 and read what congress has placed in the public record… congressional acrchives… and does not want the american people to discover.

  8. I still feel it is such a shame that Ron Paul chose 2012 to run for Presidency instead of this year. If he had waited, I feel he would have such a great chance of pulling the vermin infested rug out from under these two bozos.

    Lamenting this fact won’t do anything for the fiasco that is Election 2016, but it sure would have been nice. Speaking of a Paul, notice there is absolutely nothing from Rand Paul speaking out against the circus? Either he’s playing the game or he’s turned his back on it and ignoring it because it sucks so badly. Any which way it’s looked upon, it’s just a sad state of affairs.

  9. “to follow clear-cut rules laid down by America’s great Founders who made sure that “wars” have to be declared by congress.”

    HUGE QUESTION… DID THEY COME BACK TO WORK.. or are they still out to Play

  10. George, Im just suprised Planned Parenthood isnt part of the voting process. Handing out condums to person with a stamp on them that says “I voted.”

    You know to help cut down on the metephorical STD’s.

    Well Off, to grab the cat by the tail.

  11. George, I couldn’t agree with you more on each of your statements. The BS that has been put in place by this regime, by unelected hacks has been the reason we haven’t seen any type of recovery. That “Mr.Useless” and his team haven’t been able to get our economy going, after 8 years! Should tell anyone with any objectivity, they are failures. That an economic recovery was never a priority for this group. If you measure what was done, you can argue that this group has bailed out the banksters; funded their cronies in “alternative energy”, attacked small business and anyone that is successful. In fact when you measure their results you can say they have systematically and possibly “fundamentally” changed the country. And not for the good of the people but for the good of their doner class and the pepole they claim they want to “tax” the most! With a opposition party that has been more in lockstep than opposing anything. You say they have no balls or brains. I say it is a modern day miracle the republican leadership can stand without a spine!!! Trump was not my first choice. By un unindicted fellon who by all rights shold be in prison was never an option, nor should she be for anyone that believes in justice or a Constitutional Republic!!

  12. Bob Dylan should get with this election and pen a new song. “How many times can a sheep be sheared before it realizes it has been skinned!”

  13. New word for the day. KAYFABE.
    In professional wrestling, kayfabe /?ke?fe?b/ is the portrayal of staged events within the industry as “real” or “true,” specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not of a staged or pre-determined nature.
    You think elections really matter?

    They really don’t mind because we really don’t matter! Just tax slaves on the plantation to be used and abused till there is nothing left to drain us of.
    The republic formerly known as America is DEAD!

  14. God help this country. I pray daily that he grants wisdom to the people of this country to know the truth in all matters.

  15. For all those that agree with obama and hillary about anything they do or have done….how about traveling to Libya , Iraq or Syria…and taking up residence there for a year…and then maybe you might cherish liberty and freedom a tad more..even though under both of them….we the people …here in the USA have ceased to be free to enjoy ..what we want to…in our own house on our own land with our own money….(while not bothering anyone else)…without a ‘government law regulation or PC edict…allowing same..imho

  16. Some problems can only be solved with 25 cents between “los ojos,” JMHO! It may sound cruel but other options are??

  17. George, I received Trump’s e-mail asking for suggestions for his cabinet. May I put you down for Treasury Secretary?

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