Welcome to 2023 – Personal Notes

A lot going on this week and so no “ShopTalk Sunday” until next week.

With the papal passing, we were dealing with our own loss locally.  Our beloved Zeus the Cat passed quietly last night after a long illness.  He was 96 in people years.  A good run for a feral cat lucky enough to find a home with a nearly democrat handout plan.

His successors, Sam the Siamese (male) and Sylvestrix (long hair female) were by Saturday morning to pay respects.

A word for a smooth afterlife would be appreciated.  Zeek was one-of-a-kind as pets go.

We use his passing to think deeply on populations of pets.  We firmly believe if you ever want to have a pet, please get a rescue pet. Life is worth saving.

Personal Year in Review

Our odd view around here is centered around the idea that seven major systems define our physical wellbeing.

  • Food & Water
  • Shelter
  • Transportation
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • and Finance.

Every year, we look at our position in each of these systems in order to plan ahead into the coming year.

Our workplans in 2023 go like this:

Expanding Food Growing:  Just finished up our USDA Farm Census on Saturday. There’s a potentially high payback ahead in growing a major part of your own food.

Shelter:  In good shape now since in 2022, the guest room roof was repaired, and a new roof was put on the main house.  A modest new deck and cosmetic projects will be the focus this year.

Transportation:  We still have the same two vehicles, an elderly Lexus 330 of the made-in-Japan 2005 variety with about 117,000 miles on it.  Barely broken in.  The 2001 Dodge pickup has yet to turn over 90,000 miles.  Not much on the docket in this category.  We keep thinking about a Toyota hybrid, but for the home stretch of life?  For the bump in auto insurance?  Plus, there’s the environmental impact of a new car… We’ll keep the maintenance up on what we have and apply the occasional carwash.

Communications:  We will be dropping one Century Late landline in early 2023.  The overlap between Starlink and ViaSat will continue until we get a better bearing on communications risk during war fighting and Musk attacks by the Powers.  Redundancy is a key part of life at this stage.

Energy: Two of the 24V grid-tied solar system (peak power is only about 6 kW) charge controllers may be upgraded.  The main power change will be cutting down two large trees between the house and shop.  Because they are 60% shading the solar arrays for another month or two of winter.  We will also be cutting down several other large trees since an analysis of low garden yields kept falling back to “Less than 5-hours of full sun is not enough!”

Environment: We will do a preventative maintenance on the a/c system in April.  But the biggest change will be G2’s planned new home construction on the lower 16-acre piece.  But his construction pace will be tempered by work and school plans. A 50-hour serious medic/fire job plus doing any kind of medical schooling is a full load.  I figure I’ll set up the local chapter of Habitat for Relative – which we’ve done before.

Finance:  Our annual Net Worth worksheet got done this week.  Rather amazingly (I’m easily amazed, mind you) our net worth increased 8.74769 percent which is remarkable only because it is within an RCH of the Social Security Increase – in theory.

Some years, net worth doesn’t do so well. In 2012, for example, we booked a drop of personal net worth of 15.14 percent.  Other years, when I really pay attention and focus on trading and strategy, gains are far above this year. 2021, as an example, our net worth calculation was up 40.28 percent.

Kind of like the Trump tax returns, lol.  All over the place.

But Seriously?

The next day, or two, around here the Focus will be on “recentering” to make sure our actions planned are aligned with our goals.

Which include things like maintaining good relations with the kids, finishing various art, hobby, construction, and personal growth projects.  Reading more while (almost paradoxically) getting even more exercise.

In the end, this is a great time this weekend not just to review financial performance.  It’s a grand time to answer the question:  “What am I buying in my Life?”

See, money is only a tool.  Like labor, in a sense, money can usefully be thought of as “stored work.”  Whether that’s your own work turned into money (and equivalents) or being able to hire someone else to work for you.

One thing seems clear:  We will continue socially isolated.  Because the biowar is a very uneven affair and we’re still open to a (non-mRNA) vaccine in the future because of statistics.  We don’t have a problem with stats – which is why we keep up our pneumonia shots, for example, because the stats on older people dying of pneumonia drive only one decision, as we judge things. Notice I don’t fly the plane anymore and I’ve been off motorcycles for more than 20-years.

The good news is social isolation has its upsides.  If you don’t have strangers coming around and no one has a clue what you have, your odds of certain crime categories can be lowered.  Automatic weapons and bear spray at the door to greet visitors also helps, too, of course.

2023 is a major marker for us in a sense.  It has now been a full 20-years since we decided to “walk the talk” of downsizing.  We realized long ago that 8-billion people is too many and that as pressurization of society continued, the best place to stand was aside.  Out of the line of fire.

To accomplish this, we looked for the best agricultural self-sufficiency area with the lowest taxes and operating costs we could find.

We’ve both changed out here in the woods…a lot.

Elaine’s gone from Disco Diva, and I’ve evolved from being C-Level Corporate Suck-Up to the happy couple focused on each other and living some genuine golden years.

Yet even the Golden Times have potholes every year, or so.  2021, Elaine had two hips replaced – which worked out grand.  2022 was incident free and damn near ideal, at least until last night.

Which reminds me: time to get more coffee before the sun comes up.  I have a hole to dig in the family plot.  And when that’s done, puttering in the shop with no particular agenda and cooking with Elaine may be as good as it gets for the day.

Life’s hard and then we die.  But the stuff in between start and finish, we’re assured, is the lesson material. We come to this Life to Learn. 

But I’ll be damned if I can grasp the need in everyone’s Life for lessons in loss and grieving.

Seriously.  What the fuck?

Write when it makes sense,


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  1. Really really sorry about your cat . Ours passed 5 weeks ago . She was 20.4 . We had to euthenase our girl . Very dignified passing and a shrine for ashes and a candle and some fur and a paw print highly advised . Yep she is still here. But really sorry feel your loss . Lots of folks I know I would celebrate their death . But a pet and a loyal cat are priceless unmatched friends . Thoughts to your wife as well

      • Me too George. I have had a lot of cats, mostly big Toms, and am pre-grieving over the current best.cat.ever. It’s hard out-living the nine-live kids (though the alternative isn’t desired either). Hang in. blah, blah, blah, Egor

        ps – planned to detail my year-end routine (similar to yours) but then read about your loss. Maybe next year?

      • Sorry to hear Zeus passed but he must have used up the 9 lives each kitty gets, and now he’s moved on to the “Heavyside Layer” as they sing in “Cats”. We lost our two longtime cats in 2020, “Kittyboy” a Maine Coon, and Crystal, a very vocal Siamese, both to cancer. They were both about 18 and both adopted us.

        We’ve now rescued two short-hairs from the same feral litter, plus we have two semi-rescues who swing by daily for grub, a beautiful little gray girl we named “Smokey” and a big black and white male we’ve named “Sam the Sham”. I’m long on Friskies and Iams!

      • So sorry to hear of Zeus The Cat…he had a wonderful life with you around to care for him. And of course they always enrich our lives in so many ways. After losing my daughter to a fall on the ice! I was inconsolable (of course..she was the best person I knew), my cats were such a comfort . My sons were too but they were hundreds of miles away in opposite directions. Thankfully, my oldest son moved to Austin then Kyle and convinced me to move closer to him. I’m now back in Texas hill country and loving it! I’ve read your many stories of the Zeus adventures and enjoyed them so much!! So sorry he’s gone! Karen

    • Well, dangitall, we knew that was coming but still hurts when you lose one you give a damn about. The thing is new ones come and fill the void like bullets from a never-ending magazine on a Thompson. They know a vacancy is about to occur. The old oak tree in the back yard has some very fertile ground to live on and the line of dogs, mostly, at the ranch keeps growing but there always seem to be one or the other around the outside door.

  2. Happy New Year.
    Doom is here! I have to wonder… how many people are making serious preparations? Any guesses percentage wise?

    G.A. STEWART: I am wrapping up The Nostradamus Phase of my life. Doom is here; I am just measuring where I am at on The Nostradamus Timeline that I first published on this website in 2007. People in the West should be making serious preparations for what is coming.

    George Ure at UrbanSurvival.com has lived and provided the model on how to prepare for “The Big One“. I have been a long time subscriber to his private website Peoplenomics.com, and I have long respected his technical knowledge and advice on preparations for this point in time.


    • Not Many JC… in our church the estimate is what six percent.. and they preach prep all the time..
      the problem is you cannot prep for everything.. the estimated survival of what could come.. is a mere fraction..so you prep for those that survive the aftermath or if you are one of those to make it. not to be the survivor..
      since our countries business plan is to fill big buck billies pockets .. rather than to have a country secure..
      Notice we don’t have ghost cities and we are not building power plants ready to take over the load when the time comes.. no solar dispersed across the nation..instead we hear discouraging words on their use.. and plans to limit those that do..
      anyway I could get in my old decades rant but it isn’t needed..

      I have been telling my kids and grandkids to put in a gravity heat source..
      you can burn just about anything in that..
      for solar.. an additional battery bank would be nice
      but getting a home kit would get you through a day of essentials.. ( without heavy use items like an electric stove or dryer, airconditioner etc.. )
      that one would keep the fridge on and a light..
      or a generator.. multi fuel would be nice but natural gas if the gas lines are still operational and not damaged the federal guidelines is to keep the taps open.. you can make your own lpg.. but that takes power as well to do it..
      In the USA we have never seen any of the drama in our life time.. we live in a time of easy money .. a few radical elements like the terrorist activities of blm and antifa.. that destroyed cities.. but nothing like what is going on over in the other countries.. because of that.. those that prep are prepping to have all the modern conveniences that we are all lucky to have continues on..
      toilet paper should have been the sign.. we seen how people reacted when toilet paper wasn’t available.. its something we grew accustomed to having.. very few know how to make toilet paper.. and around here there were even knife fights people robbing others to get it.. the same with bleach and alcohol..
      so what happens when the lights go out.. think about that for a moment..
      anyway my kids think I am overreacting to what I see.. I am still trying to get the boss to let me buy a generator or put in a smaller solar power off grid system .. but she won’t do it.. she says we have enough.. yes we do have enough but nothing for backup..

      • “so what happens when the lights go out.. think about that for a moment..”

        ‘The Twilight Zone’ episode – The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street.

        The citizens of Maple Street are enjoying life as usual, going about their business on a late summer day, when they all hear a roaring humming noise pass over them, afterwards lightly dismissed as a meteor. Soon, all electrical objects, telephones, radios, and automobiles stop working.

        As chaos engulfs Maple Street, the camera pans out to reveal the surrounding streets silent, peaceful and with power. Further out above the town, upon a hill are two humanoid figures observing the slaughter going on below. They are the true aliens, manipulating the power of Maple Street deliberately in order to trigger the peoples’ suspicions against each other and resulting panic, thus slowly but surely conquering Earth one street at a time. One alien remarks that when deprived of power, “[humans] pick the most dangerous enemy they can find and it’s themselves. All we need do is sit back – and watch”. Their mission accomplished, the aliens board a nearby spaceship and depart to outer space as the episode ends.


      • I tell you, last night was almost that quiet around here. Couldn’t believe it. Usually on the stroke of 12 the skies erupt with fireworks but the only ones of note happened about 10:30 or so and almost nothing at midnight. It was so weird. The bar on Main Street was closed as was everything else and the place was dark. It was a very A-typical New Years last night.

        My guess, however, as to how many are truly, seriously prepping is in line with LOOB’s and if they think about it at all they’re main plans are to go house-to-house begging for one thing then another until they hit the mother load. You have to ask anyone that approaches the question “WHAT are you bringing to the party?” – even your best friend. You have stores? Skills? Extra shelter …. something? Make them think if you’re REALLY a friend.

      • “in our church the estimate is what six percent.. and they preach prep all the time..”

        I thought “preps” was a “requirement” for LDS households?

        “natural gas if the gas lines are still operational”

        In a “grid hard-down” like a HEMP attack, they won’t be. The pumps, valves, and taps are all computer-controlled… If the electricity, the network, or the computer goes away, so does the gas. There’s nothing like having an essential system with multiple points of failure…

        “those that prep are prepping to have all the modern conveniences”

        My prepping involves chucking all modern conveniences it’s possible to eliminate without causing problems, and living under a different system to see what’s easy, what’s doable (what the kiddies call “difficult” or “impossible”) and what breaks.

        During the cold snap we had a couple weeks ago I shut off my furnace. It was -12°F. Using my 4th system (3rd backup) my house was 74° when I turned the heat down (I fired the heater up when my house hit 50° at my interior hallway wall) and I cooked on a kerosene heater. I’d never done that before, and wanted to make sure it’d work — it did (I sent George the pix…)

        Something the kiddies don’t know, and many of our chronological peers have forgotten: WE are adaptable. Mother nature isn’t. We can create false, fake, nonsensical rules. Nature does not, and if you don’t know or don’t follow the natural rules, you have real, true, and unforgiving issues.

      • Considering the sorry state of our electrical infrastructure (see Ted Koppel’s “Lights Out”), I foresee the grid going down for years, not just weeks or months, so I don’t understand why people prep for keeping their electrical appliances working. Their generators will run out of fuel eventually. Solar power banks and lights–in fact, all things solar– will also be worthless if even one monster volcano goes off and dims the sun for a year or more, as has previously happened.

        I’ve been prepping for the eventuality of permanent grid-down, since that will encompass almost all potential disasters. I do have many solar gadgets, but am uncomfortably aware that this is not an adequate solution. The only good solution may end up being the caveman’s firepit, or our revised versions of biomass burners such as rocket stoves. It would be interesting to learn how the elites’ bunkers are equipped. I presume they have more advanced and expensive doodads than are available to us, even though we paid for them.

      • “I thought “preps” was a “requirement” for LDS households?”

        No it isn’t a requirement.. and the preaching the preparation all started because of the trials that the pioneers had on their journey.. since then the church pushed having that little extra..
        similar to anyone that went through the depression.. if you knew someone that went hungry during the depression.. they had a full pantry.. stuffed money in socks and drawers buried it in jars..

        the big issue is.. todays child.. todays child living in the USA has not had to walk to work.. heck they jump in the car to drive across the street.. we haven’t had really bad winters that they can remember.. I think the last bad one was in 94 or 95 if they were born after that.. they don’t know about it..
        money.. credit has been everywhere.. money flows like milk and honey.. from the spigots of plastic cards.. the days of wait and save your money till you can afford buying one is long over..Mom and dad works multiple jobs to make a living.. and the Newwork televison stations and local gangs raise their children..
        daycare is another full time job.. all on its own..
        the church suggests it.. but the child today has only had good times to reflect on.. My grand daughter was telling me.. my great grandson that is seven went over to scoop an elderly neighbors sidewalks and steps so she wouldn’t fall..
        How many kinds today go out and scoop snow.. or mow lawns.. do odd jobs..
        One of my most memorable lessons was my father telling me to save my mowing money.. I was twelve.. My first job sacking groceries was at twelve..anyway he said save ten cents out of every dollar and when it came time for school clothes we could go and get some.. I of course didn’t.. I spent it on candy and pop .. when it came time all I had was two dollars.. so we went to the salvation army.. I got the ugliest pair of yellow pants and lime green pants.. that was all I had money for.. kids today.. they have cell phones lap tops cars.. I had to earn the money for a car.. no one bought me one.. I had to do it ..
        I try to teach the kids and grandkids different things.. this year it will be high pressure lamps and heaters.. make mantle lanterns and lamps.. I do have to confess.. when I teach them how to make a pencil.. we do use modern equipment.. I use a drill bit..


        but do they know how to make a mold and deckle.. for toilet paper.. Yes you to can make toilet paper out of credit card junk mail.. or you can make fuel out of the black liquor that is the residue from making pulp.. ( hemp is easier to work with cheaper to make the products with fewer steps)
        the thing is.. the church recomends they do it.. all because a few hundred followers went through some difficult times.. some of the church leaders have even suggested that those that do prep.. prep for those that didn’t.. the church has set aside a few things but they can’t prep for everyone.. NOW what I would like to see them do.. is create their own insurance for the members.. we spend a fortune on insurance.. the lutherns have one.. I forget what it is called.. but it is only for members of their church.. I think Ray suggested it a few times.. I tried to get it.. because instead of a couple grand a month it would have been about four hundred a month for the same coverage.. but they said no.. and the Mormon church hasn’t considered it..
        I have also suggested they do zoom sunday school and zoom events for those home bound or those that work essential positions.. that cannot attend.. but they don’t do that either..
        the kids with children.. they more than likely don’t have anything set aside.. even with the free money and big money jobs.. the vast majority are those in my bracket.. but without the life experiences I have had..
        My kids all think I am Over reacting to what I read in the news.. they have never had struggles.. I worked day and night to try and give them the things I didn’t have.. the USA has never had a war in our lifetimes.. the closest we have had was the terrorist activities of blm and antifa.. that destroyed billions of dollars worth of infrastructure.. terrorized neighborhoods.. pillaged violence and rapes.. horrible stuff but nothing in comparison..
        when the real chaos hits.. it will be night and day.. money will have no value.. its a dam number LOL.. like the weimer depression.. night and day.. one day you walk into a store and its forty million dollars for a loaf of bread..
        we shcedule things around the business model of stuffing the pockets of big buck billies..

    • Zeus could not have had a better Life than with someone of your character George. May Zeek rest in peace knowing the providence he expounded through your words.
      A toast and raise it high-
      Here is to us
      Like us damn few
      And theyre all deid
      (Robby Burns)

  3. Good morning George and very sorry about Zeus. We know the feeling of your loss!

    Want to thank you for both of your websites. And a thanks to the commenters for their insights and links. Wonderful info from a variety of viewpoints.

    Looking at the next Two Years it seems a bit gloomy to say the least. But, if we make it through things might begin to improve for the betterment of mankind or at least I hope so.

    To me improvement all starts with ourselves being more “Unselfish”. Doesn’t all problems come from Self as in selfish? Greed, power, etc?

    Best to all and a Healthy New Year to all.

    • “Looking at the next Two Years it seems a bit gloomy to say the least. But, if we make it through things might begin to improve for the betterment of mankind or at least I hope so.”

      what’s the nostradamus prediction..the one to follow will be worse than the first..

      the question I have is this one the first or the second?

  4. The Cat is dead. Long live the Cat. Sorry for the loss of Zeus. May his memory live on in your hearts.
    All of our cats have been feral. Our favorite, Sheila Matilda, appeared as a young kitten in front of our house one night crying her heart out. We brought her in and gave her a home in our house and hearts. The vet said she was a Norwegian Forest Cat. After he neutered her, we found out her babies could have been worth $500 each. But she was priceless.

  5. George and Elaine, I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of your feline friend, Zeus.

    I wish you all the best in 2023 and I second your message to adopt shelter animals. We’ve also been doing that with a few unwanted, elderly dogs over the years. We try to help them live their best lives until they pass over the rainbow bridge.

  6. Condolences to you both on your loss. He may be gone but you and Elaine have your memories with him. Stay safe.

    Peace. 73

  7. My sincere condolences to zeus’s passing..

    Its harder to loose a trusted furry friend than most anything else.. I agree all of our furry friends have been rescue.. usually just before they were planned to be put down..

  8. George. So sorry to hear about Zeus. Zeus stories have been part of your column for a long time. We will miss him too. It is a sad day but a day to reflect on the unselfish goodness that pets bring to our lives. They don’t show up on our net worth statement but are very much a part of it. The memories live on.

  9. “If you don’t have strangers coming around and no one has a clue what you have,”

    everyones purchase history is on the cloud.. had a talk with a govt employee gentleman once that overheard my conversation with some other people on what I seen coming.. several years ago.. he pulled me aside as I was leaving and we got into a deep discussion.. he showed me what he had on those in our area.. it was pretty intense.. they knew how much fuel you used on a regular estimated year and how much you had been purchasing.. so.. the average jim or tom down the street may not know but big brother is keeping an eye on that for future aquisitioning..

    • “everyones purchase history is on the cloud”

      Except things purchased in-person, for cash or barter… which is why governments would like to eliminate these forms of commerce.

      • TPTB can limit options and make things highly inconvenient for cash and barter, but that will never be fully eliminated. At one time the drug types were trading Tide detergent. Perhaps the still are.

        It is essential that we maximize our interpersonal skills to pull that one off. It’s a challenge for some of us, and well worth doing.

      • Best friend’s ex-wife is a Brit. After they split, she ran off to kneelerland. Boyfriend she had 15 years ago had a vehicle with a false bottom. Trip to France every week. I think he ran cigarettes to the mainland, and he ran wine back through the chunnel. Probably ran drugs both ways, too. They were shacked-up and living fairly well on ~£1640/mo, but he was reportedly pulling in ~£2400 with his side hustle, although I don’t know if that was weekly, monthly, or what, because I thought it imprudent to ask her. Point is, not a very bright dude, but he found a way to make many trips between two different countries without getting busted, and a network of buyers who wouldn’t rat him out.

        If governments nix private commerce, individuals will find a way to continue the practice…

      • I actually put video security up when someone I barely knew that works for the govt.. had a better idea of what I have than I do.. How did he know..

  10. So sorry for your ‘less than happy beginning to the New Year’. Loosing a pet is so hard. Wishing you the best during this time, and the rest of the year! I so appreciate your thoughts, and ‘all’ of the commenters on this site. Wishing all a wonderful New Year! Also wish to acknowledge and thank you for the hard work of moderating such an unruly herd of cats, er commenters!

  11. Godspeed, noble Zeus!
    George, my condolences on his passing but I am sure his loving energies will continue to bless you, Elaine and your homestead.

  12. Hey George

    Very sorry to hear that Zeus has passed on. My condolences to you and Elaine. I loved hearing about his antics and he was a fine contributor to your writings … and your everyday life. Death is a sad thing but I’m sure he’s sitting on The Dude’s lap, getting petted and enjoying the finest catnip. :)

    Good Blessings Always, my friend.

  13. Sorry to hear about Zeus. I hadn’t read your site for years but I’m pretty sure I remember him being mentioned back in the Great Recession and the predictive spider bots doing their thing.
    As far as life I find it a bit of a paradox–are we here to learn or to experience? A Zen saying: If it’s a paradox it must be true.
    It’s the nature of Duality to have loss unfortunately , we just lost our 21 year old cat so I too feel your pain. Sorry yours happened on the New Year. Peace.

  14. George, I used to think something was wrong with me when after my dog died last year, I felt more grief than I had ever felt for anything or anyone. Maybe it’s their innocense or the way they were always glad to see you and they never gave you any stress. The grief subsides enough over time to get on with things, and the best we can do is remember that everything in this plane is temporary. Kind regards, sjkb

  15. Sorry to hear about your cat Zeus.
    One comment, if G2 is thinking about going back to school, one thing he might want to consider (if he hasn’t already) is PA (physician’s assistant) school. I was in the medical field for over 40 years in Radiology and wished I had gone back and became a PA.

  16. Condolences on your loss of Zeus. We lost 3 seniors in one month this last summer. Each and every one of yours and ours is hard. Listen for him in your dreams.

    • Never realized she died that way. Hell, I was young and unaware enough I didn’t even know she was a newsnerd.

  17. Sorry to hear about the passing of your cat.

    I agree 100% about getting a dog or cat from a rescue shelter. Makes perfect sense.

    Over the past 20 years we have taken in 3 cats and one dog that just showed up at our house. We just lost the dog last year which was sad but she had a good life. My wife spoiled her to death! I still remember when she showed up. She was not quite a puppy but very young and skinny as a rail. I think she had been abused by a male because it took her a long time to be comfortable around any male. Anyway she got lucky and came to the right house!

    We currently have two of the cats left plus a feral cat that has started coming around for (free) food that my wife puts out. He won’t let us pet him yet but getting closer.

    Here’s hoping that 2023 is healthy and prosperous for us all!

  18. he was able to die at home without intervention. that’s beautiful. it’s what we all want for ourselves.

  19. George,

    I’ve been with you since the Clif High days and I’ve always enjoyed reading your comical outtakes of Zeus the cat. My condolences to both you and Elaine. I will miss Zues’ commentary.


  20. George,

    Keep up the maintenance on the Lexus and Dodge.

    Buried deep within the massive infrastructure legislation recently signed by President Joe Biden is a little-noticed “safety” measure that will take effect in five years. Marketed to Congress as a benign tool to help prevent drunk driving, the measure will mandate that automobile manufacturers build into every car what amounts to a “vehicle kill switch.”

    As has become standard for legislative mandates passed by Congress, this measure is disturbingly short on details. What we do know is that the “safety” device must “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.”

    Everything about this mandatory measure should set off red flares.


    • Need to have a LBAB2 who does car electronics.
      Whatever they put in can be bypassed. First mod on his turbo 4 mustang a couple of years ago wa to go into the computer and pull out the SIMM chip (yes, just like in a cell phone). Car runs fine anonymously.
      They are talking on the news about tracking the “killers” elantra.
      They can’t do that without a SIMM card in it.

  21. Loss and grieving teaches us to value what we cherish in our given time. Without it, we value nothing. :)

  22. Eclessiates tells us that nothing the Father creates is ever lost. We know that there are animals in heaven. Lions, lambs, horses, birds,and everything in between will be there to greet us. Be peaceful and content knowing you gave the old boy a great life!

    • Great Memory/Recall ya got there KS. Ure “knowing” is key, most telling.
      One of a kind, very,very few People alive today have any recall or memory of past lives or past Anything. Awesome, you should share more info regards your recall experiences and abilities., please.

  23. Happy New Year George!! At least I hope it gets happier after the unfortunate passing of your beloved Zeus. Family pets are still family, no matter the make, model, or breed!!!

  24. George,

    Sorry to hear Zeus passed. Clearly he gave you and Elaine good references such that his two apprentices are considering a trial residency at the ranch.

  25. Praise Zeke ! good Dude, I dont imagine he went gently into the night..RIP. Said to be sentinels of the underworld, held in very high regard in ancient Egypt.

    will miss stories about “fatso” tripping over the fur ball in middle of night, and getting “hissed” at for the offense of youse tripping over him. It is said the animals just go and return..just like that
    , no bardo, no death traps, no warm lights attracting them like a moth to a flame, No Soul zapping, no AI voice of god(s) in your consciousness, no “work to do/improve”/experience..hahahahahaahah “such an imprisoned mind.”

    Truely saddening, to not even know what all the Wars/Wars in Heaven be about – DOMAIN..resources – we be a big one, got in their way, or both .

    All good – read The book some moar, fall back asheep.zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Happy New Yearz – resolution for the new year – “Lite em up,up,up – Lite em up,up,up” the darkies that Is. https://youtu.be/9ILulofUx0w

    Haunted become The HunterZ


  26. Consider the Gadianton robbers of the Book of Mormon. They made secret oaths and worked in the dark. They lived in the mountains. And the only defense was to withdraw into a condensed group, withdrawing all the robbers’ abilities to have sustenance without attacking a formidable force. Their food ran out in the mountains, and they could not maintain.

    It seems most of the prepper focus/psychology is to think temporally. There is also a spiritual element to survival, and accessing the powers of God brings a promise to you and your family and loved ones. Having a knowledge of God’s covenants/promises is one thing, accessing them is another.

    When I read certain sites, I can see a lack of hopefulness in the editorials. There seem to be missing elements such as the Latter-day David ((temporally) the Jews still wait for him), having the powers of Enoch, Moses, Abraham, Noah, bringing forth new scriptures, the return of the Lost Ten Tribes, and powers being given to God’s servants to withstand the forces at bay. Of course, a 3 1/2 year cleanse takes place before this exodus to make way for something better, which gives an opportunity for us to decide which side we stand on spiritually and prove faithful or not to God’s promises/covenants that we make. There are keys that show when we see certain things, we will know it begins.

    Have faith, my friends.

    Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  27. George and Elaine,

    Sorry about your loss. Your use of Zeus in the occasional newsletter postings was always fun. He will be missed by all of us.

  28. Mark Twain said:
    “Heaven is where all the dogs you ever had run out to meet you.”
    I am sure that goes for cats too.
    Following your reports on Zeus these past months has made me more observant of our Tuxedo cat Sabrina. She is having some of the symptoms, weight loss, arthritis, etc.
    Fortunately, another Tuxedo female about the size of a teacup approached my daughter in the Winn-Dixie parking lot last summer. So now we also have Dixie, who is full grown and learning to be a yard cat like her mentor.
    We had Sabrina when we got Gracie the German Shepard, who was here eleven years and has been gone three, so Sabrina is getting up there. Zeus’s path has been instructive and has prepared me some for what will come. I have kind of taken Dixies appearance as a sign, like the appearance of the new cats in your life. The new can never replace the old, but help you recover from the loss a little better.
    My Condolences, and Happy New Year to you and Elain.

  29. Hi, George,

    I am so very sorry about the death of your beloved Zeus. Animals are wonderful gifts and can become such amazing friends. I have had three cats and five dogs in my lifetime, and I treasure their memories, as I know you will, too. Thanks.

  30. Sorry for your loss. I do know the feeling. Lost my ‘Backyard Buddy’ a while back. For 18 years she followed me everywhere. No matter what I was doing, working on, or building – she was right there. I still miss her. Never felt the loss of anyone more than her. Greif sucks !
    – Zeus will be remembered kindly.., can we ask for any thing more ?

  31. Personal Existence in an “afterlife,” itself an oxymoron, seems about as unlikely as Existence in any manner — considering the 11 dimensions, and all the specific fine-tuning and Genius touches such engineering requires to make Universe function at all.


    If, perchance, these IS a Heaven, and if The Lead Engineer is kind, then perhaps our closest animal pals will again sit contentedly on our laps and purr. “Monty” passed here last year. (He rescued me in return in a real way.)

    Maybe there really IS a “Rainbow Bridge,” and maybe, if God is kind and allows, we will all be together again. (Else, what’s a Heaven for?)

    As irrational as it may be Scientifically and Philosophically, even so — maybe it is true. We’ll know soon enough.

    One can hope.

    • We know there are animals in Heaven.
      There are Ivory palaces, and so Walruses and Whales.
      There are pearly gates and so oysters.
      God has a Bow, so must be a hunter (Goodie!).
      That means he will have Dogs, the Dogs have Cats, the Cats will have the occasional rat. The Rats ate the Cheese, so cattle, goats, sheep, and other milk giving animals are indicated. We could go on but you get the point. The indications are many if the text is read carefully.
      I ended the debate of animals in Heaven with my pastor many years ago by turning to an Elder and asking “John, will there be fishing in Heaven?” He turned to the Pastor and said “Jerry I think he has us cornered.”
      Happy New Year!

    • “If, perchance, these IS a Heaven, and if The Lead Engineer is kind, then perhaps our closest animal pals will again sit contentedly on our laps and purr. ”

      IF… I am teased quite often on my belief and faith.. my academic friends all give me the logic.. of yup there is an invisible man watching over us..
      My life experiences.. I have had three times where someone or something intervened just in the nick of time..
      One time was I had a perforated bile duct.. I was bleeding internally.. not doing good.. I was working day and night to survive.. anyway.. while they had done tests and no one was around I snuck into the chapel at the hospital.. where I nealt and prayed.. it was a silent prayer.. putting it all in heavenly fathers hands..
      they had me all drugged up and tubes going in everywhere and late at night in the ICU.. I groggely wake up to see a shadowy man in black trench coat..with a hat on.. no distinct features.. and he laid an envelope on the bottom of the bed..
      I assumed it was a dream.. asked the night nurse in the morning if they allowed visitors.. she said no at night it was closed off and that wing only allowed family during certain hours of the day.. I went for tests.. got back and the housekeeper told me.. I put your mail in the drawer.. in there was an envelope..
      No one knew my situation but me.. there weren’t any visitors.. that we know of.. and yet there it was.. who it was..
      then this last time.. my wife had only worked for her company for twenty years.. if she had been there for twenty five years then she would still be there.. but twenty and below medical facilities flush out the higher paid employees to make budget.. and get cheaper younger people.. you don’t get unemployment.. we didn’t qualify for any of that free money.. so it was up to us.. my wife would tease me about my insistance for a food supply.. Now she helps.. anyway we went a year without an income.. I was in a wheel chair.. and using a walker.. and the wife had this brave look.. but late at night when she thought she was alone.. she would sit and cry.. your unemployable from the age of fifty to sixtyfive.. and job service was the first one to say taht.. that is the biggest discriminated group out there.. you have obligations.. you could be the one living in a card board box.. and there isn’t a thing you can do about it..
      one day.. in the mail is a card with a note.. it said.. you are going to think I am nuts but I cannot quit thinking that you need help I pray about it and you keep filling all my thoughts.. I hope this helps.. and he wrote out a check.. it was just enough to get us through till we had an income again.. there was twenty four cents left in the bank..
      I have seen people that have been diagnosed as dead jump up and ask me why I messed up her bed.. heard an exercise bike start peddling at night.. seen apparitions of people walking.
      YES I believe there is something more.. that there is a heaven or maybe a rhealm similar to what the eastern religions teach.. that we all have angels watching over us.. waiting for our time of dire need.. ever walk into a neighborhood or place that you instantly know you should not be there.. the gentle touch of god giving us the indication that we should seek a safer place..
      lately with the morons in control now.. I feel that nagging feeling that the time is near..
      a harvard professor in one of his lectures brought up this story that we have all heard for a conversation piece..
      ” (Matthew 25.1) that the kingdom of heaven is like this:

      “Ten virgins took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise.

      The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise ones, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.

      At midnight the cry rang out: “Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!”

      Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. The foolish ones said to the wise, “Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.” “No,” they replied, “there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.”

      But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.

      Later the others also came. “Lord, Lord,” they said, “open the door for us!”

      But he replied, “Truly I tell you, I don’t know you.” (Matthew 25.1-13)

      Weird indeed. Think of the details, like no wedding you’ve ever been to: there is a wedding feast, but the bridegroom has not arrived, even by the middle of the night; no mention is made of a bride or of other guests; the “virgins” — young, unmarried women — are waiting for him, but without any indication when he is supposed to arrive or why there is delay; the foolish young women go off to buy more oil for their lamps in the middle of the night; when the bridegroom arrives, he rushes inside with the wise young women, and locks the door; he is then harsh toward the others who arrive too late with more oil in their lamps, rebuking them through the locked door: “I don’t know you.”

      Such is the kingdom of God, Jesus tells us. Really?”

      the part that frustraits me.. is everyone preps not for the shtf scenario but for the shtf scenario that has all the things that we take for granted daily.. we have hot water.. good clean water we have heat gas etc.. in a real shtf scenario.. it will be naked and afraid.. with only what you know and can make ..
      I believe that thes shows were created as a social experiment to see if mankind can survive in a chaos situation..

  32. Sorry to hear about the loss of Zeus.

    May he come to comfort you both in a dream, happy, healthy, vibrant, alive, and well and showing that he is filled with gratitude for his life with the both of you. He knows he was loved and he loved you both. He experienced the greatest joy on earth thanks to you and Elaine.

  33. Just woke up bright and fresh having a coffee and couple of smokes . Read all because I turned in last night after hearing of Zeus . Yes it’s tough the death of a loved one . When my father died in 1995 he was murdered in a hospital . Political choice of the dark side I thought and cried a lot . But guess what . Time does heal . Eventually george all the good times and great life of Zeus will come back and flood your mind with happier days . You and Elaine are grieving it’s natural for good folks but in time you will share a laugh and memories of your friend . Do it for him go forward

  34. Really do hate going on . But met a lovely women across the road a few days after death . Told her and my friend that I could hear footsteps and meow for food . She said I needed a shrink . I said thanks darling but she only comes when I’m alone and it’s the old John Lennon song . Whatever gets you thru the night .

  35. So sorry for your loss. Mark Twain said, off dogs, that you know you are at heaven because every dog you ever had will run out to greet you. Cats wait patiently for your arrival. Both, I believe, are sent to us for our support and to lead our thinking into paths that might be unexplored otherwise.

  36. We have had a mix of 20 something dogs and cats cross the bridge over the years, and it is never easy. But there always seems to be another one waiting in the wings, not to replace, but to help fill the gap. The sorrowful memories will fad and the new furry friend will help make new happy ones.
    Thanks for sharing all the stories of your editor in chief. Maybe the next one will help improve your spelling.
    Wishing the best for you and Elaine, and all the great folks who make these comments so enlightening.

    • ” Maybe the next one will help improve your spelling.”

      LOL! But some people are incorrigible, you know.
      Ure blames his radio newsman background, and I understand completely, having worked around these people most of my life. Many still spell things phonetically for radio pronunciation.

  37. When someone tells me of the loss of family, whether animal or human, my response is this: First, you will see them again. Second, think of those who will miss you in the same way, and give them good things to remember while you can.

  38. “We realized long ago that 8-billion people is too many and that as pressurization of society continued, the best place to stand was aside.  Out of the line of fire.”

    AMEN! I grew up in a small town in the midwest. Enduring the population pressure of a small island with a million residents, and some six or eight million visitors a year was gruesome at times with hurricane strikes and power outages. I kept thinking. “What if the supply ships fail to arrive for a few months?” Yes, I am overjoyed I made it to retirement age and retired to the jungle boonies, with lots of water and garden space, and few people crowding in.

    “…if you ever want to have a pet, please get a rescue pet. Life is worth saving.”

    I have a little parrot, a green-cheek conure, who head-bombed me in the laundry area in Honolulu. Someone let him get free, and all he knew is he wanted to be with a human. So I adopted him, learned about them, and trained him. He’s bonded to me now and I am the love of his life. What a rascal. I cannot imagine losing him now. So I have empathy for your loss of Zeus. I’m sure he’s in a better place now.

    Filing cabinet day. Out with the 2022 tax files to work on. Install new, empty, 2023 file folders in the drawer now that I have lots of space again. I would wish everyone a Happy New Year, but that remains to be seen.

    Look on the bright side, George. At least now you can work easily without that pesky ‘executive editor’ insulting you. ;-)

  39. Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, “Wow what a ride!
    Hunter S Thompson

  40. Zeus. Valhalla has a new addition to the crew. El Gato to the end. RIP and a sharp salute. I’m going to miss you.

  41. My condolences/sympathies to all of Ure – George, Elaine, and the remaining felines! Zeus was one of a kind, and reminded me so much of one of my dearest cats, Isis! She was my daughter’s cat and became my companion when the family went their separate ways. She was black, like Zeus, and lived with me through some of my most difficult years. It took months for me to recover, and I felt her presence in the house for almost a year. Interestingly – my daughter adopted yet another stray who is as black as Zeus. She’s getting older and we’ll have to plan on losing her in the next five years or so. Black cats seem to be less visible to owls and other predators. Perhaps Zeus might visit in the realms – especially since you and Elaine are so tuned in to such things.

    Regardless, I wish for his next life to be as lucky for him as this one was! I wish the best for the newbie cats – they have big pawprints to fill. Hopefully, one or both will get sterilized when possible without unnecessary trauma, though covid might have already accomplished that for you.

  42. The god Zeus is the sky and thunder god. We trust that Zeus the Cat will now be fully roaming the heavens and causing shockwaves of fun and mischief throughout the cosmos now that it has been freed from it’s earthbound fur suit.

    Cats are the most spiritual of animals. You never know what goes on behind the cute face and whiskers exterior all day and night. They love to probe and seek and delve into things (unlike most human beings). They can take a ordinary box or tin can and turn that into a magical place of mystery and fun for hours on end. It looks like they are always pondering and thinking (unlike most humans). A cat can be deliriously happy with just a bowl of milk many times (unlike most humans).

    Cats are independent (unlike most human beings). Cats will not tolerate being told what to do (unlike most human beings). Yet, cats can be the most loyal and loving of all creatures once they get to know and like you. But you can never take cats for granted because you don’t know when they might change their adorably independent minds about you. Got to work to keep their loving eyes.

    Cats like to nap (like most human beings). Cats like to cause trouble sometimes (like most humans). Cats do not like taking trips to the Vet (unlike those humans who eagerly line up at Their ‘Vet’ for their Injections of Massive Health-Wreckage).

    This is a much better World with cats in it. I wish the same could be said for many humans today.

    We’ll all be seein’ ya one of these days, Zeus. Save some ankle rubs for us, will ya? Take care and enjoy all the new cosmic places and boxes and flavors of the milk of Heaven you now have to enjoy.

    And say hi to all the beloved cats and other pets already up there you’ll meet and make friends with in the vastness of the Great Heavens.

    A hearty ‘Meow!’ to you all.

  43. My condolences on Zeus’ passing. His (mis)adventures made some interesting reading these many years.

    I used to have a cat. Her favorite place was the back of my chair while I sat at my computer. My ex took her during the divorce. She was around 15 at the time (got her as a kitten).

  44. Read this long pean by Christopher Smart (1722-1771) The first few verses are made familiar as set for solo voice in Benjamin Britten’s mid-Twentieth Century cantata ‘Rejoice in the Lamb.’


    Smart was consigned to a mental asylum at the writing, with his cat in residence. His daily observations of Jeoffrey suggest their mutual awareness of another Realty, into which cats regularly enter. Aren’t we supposed to follow them?! Zeus – and Erebus and Solesmes and so many other waiting for us!

  45. Sorry about your loss George. Even after a long and good life losing one that we care about is tough. If there is a Rock and Roll Heaven then the must be one for pets too.

  46. George,

    I am so sorry to hear about Zeus passing away. I truly understand the loss you feel. I have a pet cemetery in my yard with 10 markers for beloved feline friends that have passed over the years. This doesn’t include the several friends that just decided to disappear to spare me the hurt of watching them slowly decline.
    My current best buddy, Gandalf the Grey, has been slowing down lately. No major issues so far, but for 14 or 15 years I guess that is to be expected. Gandalf, like all my other feline friends, are rescue cats that found me. I have two rescue dogs as well. The German Shepherd is 7 and started her journey to my home in Carrollton, TX. I know this because she was “chipped” as a pup there. Checked with all the appropriate agencies and after no one claimed her, my veterinarian submitted the necessary paperwork to have the “chip” registered to me. Dog only weighed 40 pounds when she found us. She had been cast aside and Vet said she would not have made another week if we had not taken her in. “Baby” as my wife calls her, now weighs the vet advised 70 pounds; and spends her nights in my wife’s quilting studio. First dog I have had in 40 years. Sweet animal and considers the cats her “babies”. Baby even has a new doggy friend, Bobbie (short tail), that appeared here last summer. As is my normal practice, animals go to vet shortly after they arrive. Bobbie had already been spayed before someone “threw her away”. When I put a collar on her, you would have thought I had given her a diamond necklace. She looked at me as if to say, “I really am yours now, you do love me”.
    May the Great Guiding Spirit help you during your time of loss and may he welcome Zeus into a better afterlife.
    Best of luck to you and Elaine during the coming year.
    Lloyd Snider

  47. George and Elaine, I’m so verry sorry to hear about Zeus’s passing. He was a dear cat and most certainly much loved. Don’t be surprised if he visits for a good while.
    I can understand your feelings of loss. My little adopted schnauzer passed in a very traumatic and unexpected way last spring. Not two days before he left for overseas, my son buried him under the magnolia tree next to his predecessor. (It’s OK to cry.) Higs’ best bud had been adopted, then he was adopted and returned because of a torn ear that had become infected. They didn’t want to deal with it. I had just missed adopting him the first time and when I heard he was back, I had to get him. He was old already, at least 11 years. We were together four. Of all the dogs and cats in my life, his passing was the hardest. I still miss him terribly and he still visits. Higs probably helped welcome Zeus on the other side of that old Rainbow bridge. They’ll all be waiting because they miss us, too. My sympathy to you both.

  48. It was a cat, George. A much loved cat, but a cat.

    In the 24 hours that Zeus died, 692 (est) combatants & civilians died in Ukraine.

    29,793 (est) human beings died on Planet Earth.

    See where we are?

    It’s late in the day for us both so if you feel uncomfortable, feel free to ban/block me if you haven’t already done so. I won’t take offence.

  49. As many have said already my Condolences wrt Zeus. A furry friend is often, well usually, a better friend than a two legged one so it is often hard to say goodbye to one.

    On another note: Happy New Years to you and Elaine!!

    2022 is past but I like many here are dreading what may be coming with 2023. 2023 unfortunately is looking like with a train wreck that you can often see develop before it happens but you know there is nothing you can do to stop it.

    We are passengers on the 2023 train and there there is nothing we can personally do in order to get off of it. Maybe change our location on the train a bit, such as moving to a less risky place than our current abode location, but other than that we are on the train of 2023 for the ride.

    IF (really WHEN imo) nasty events start to happen don’t count on our normal everyday lives to continue as they have been, or for them to return to “normal” again for some time … maybe ever for us older people during our remaining years.

    Electricity is a “gift” of living in a stable society … don’t count on it to be there all the time if nasty events start

    Running water from centralized water systems is a “gift” of living in a stable society … don’t count on it to be there all the time if nasty events start

    A working sewer system to take away our waste water is a “gift” of living in a stable society … don’t count on it to be there all the time if nasty events start

    Natural Gas for heat /cooking delivered to our homes and businesses is a “gift” of living in a stable society … don’t count on it to be there all the time if nasty events start

    Telephones, Internet, TV, Radio, Postal Service, Public Schools, Fire /Ambulance Services, Hospitals, Prescription Drugs, Medical Services, Societal Infrastructure such as roads and bridges … ALL of those are a “gift” of living in a stable society … don’t expect all OR ANY of those to be there all the time if nasty events start.

    Like many here I am NOT young anymore, have mostly lived my life, so I am willing to face what may be coming without panic/distress. What bothers and worries me are the younger people, in my mind my own family first of course, but really all younger people and the journey they may be about to be forced to travel over the next 2 to 3 decades. It is looking like it will be much more unpleasant than the journey of life I was able to take.

    On that cheery note …. Happy New Years to old, and may YOUR 2023 be a year when your and our fears are NOT realized and life continues on it’s merry way

    • Stephen 2- You have been around long enough to remember living and working before the internet and the associated media circus came to town. I remember working in offices with no desktop computers, no printers, no network, no email, and stacks of multi-part carbon forms to be filled out and filed.
      Industries like business forms that supported that way of doing work have all but vanished, their offset printing presses sold as scrap, replaced by laser and ink jet printers. Pressman are no longer trained in mass. Draftsmen no longer know how to operate a drafting pencil or pen. Kids barely even know how to write without a keyboard anymore. Coworkers sneer when I do hand sketches and take notes on paper.
      We have transformed society in the space of a generation to something that cannot function without the technology toys. And in doing so, we have transformed the younger generations into hapless tech worker bees. The idea that we can readily adjust to even early 20th century living conditions, much less 18th century, is delusion. Industry will grind to a screeching halt without electronic order entry and tracking systems, even if power is restored.

      • “Coworkers sneer when I do hand sketches and take notes on paper.”

        I carry a spiral 3×5. Frankly, unless it is something incredibly complicated, I can hand-sketch a part faster than I can boot Autocad. I can write a note faster than most kiddies can whip out their electronic brain substitute, let alone type on it.

        Western society has been conditioned to accept thought-degradation, social-regression and celebrate mediocrity.

        I refuse to play, and accept the fact that our kids may be the last generation that’s even heard these concepts. I don’t like it, but I can’t fix society and will never be able to fight a Jew-hating NAZI like George Soros and his pervasive social poison.

        I pity my progeny and those who may (or may not) come after. I will be on this plane of existence, several generations not long enough to make a difference, outside my own family, and little enough, within.

    • “IF (really WHEN imo) nasty events start to happen don’t count on our normal everyday lives to continue as they have been, or for them to return to “normal” again for some time … maybe ever for us older people during our remaining years.”

      according to all the academic studies that have been done that the moron.. I mean legislators refuse to read.. (why spend millions on a study if you don’t give a shizt about what it says) .. and the estimated survival.. the odds are way more favorable that you will win the lottery…
      you don’t prep to survive.. but prep incase you do happen to survive.. the other stuff is just for short term episode’s of shipping logistics being interrupted..
      I have tools that I know I will probably never use.. the thing is.. IF the studies are correct.. I more than likely won’t be one of the survivors.. if your not invited into one of the dumbs they have built… the odds are you won’t be one either.. but for someone stumbling upon it.. and being able to use it to rebuild their community.. which is why I have along with the shtf scenario tools.. a set of instructions printed out on how to best use it and what it is for..
      the kids always give me a little guff over what I hand them for xmas.. this year it was a flash light keychain.. ( dual purpose) one is to use it to see the keyslot in a door lock late at night.. the other is once the batteries are dead in a shtf scenario.. it can be used as a wich holder on an emergency candle heater.. the other came from a fiend in the Rangers.. I asked him in all the countries and all the different situations he had been in.. what was the most important tool he had in the jungles and cities etc..( they were out all the time every year) he said a multi tool pen knife.. cleans sand out of gun works etc.. so everyone got a small multi tool key chain.. most of the people will toss it in a junk drawer and that will be it.. but like myself I keep one in every car.. the other that will go with next years is a steam punk trench lighter..
      the discovery of fire.. was and is the most useful tool.. you never know when you will need it..

      • “you don’t prep to survive.. but prep incase you do happen to survive.”

        That is an amazingly prescient comment.

        Thank you.

        p.s. I may steal it…

  50. Y’all knew it was coming…

    2 foot long “clot” pulled from a living person is the new normal if you are vaccinated

    These odd rubbery clots are now happening on a regular basis in not only the dead, but the living too. For some reason, they are only affecting vaccinated people. Weird huh? I talked to a nurse with 23 years of experience and she never heard about clots longer than a few inches in her career until the vax came along. Now, we are seeing blood clots in kids as young as 8 -12 years old, but only if they’ve been vaccinated.


    Warning from Ed Dowd: 7,500 Americans are killed or disabled EACH DAY as vax jabs take heavy toll

    Each day in America, there are about 2,500 excess deaths and 5,000 excess disability victims due to covid-19 vaccines. This means, on average, about 7,500 Americans are removed from the potential labor pool each day. Granted, not all 7,500 are currently working, but most of them theoretically could contribute to the work force if they chose to.


    • Anot her brand we won’t buy, then. You see, we are old school. We buy things for their utility value (as in shoes) and not because they signal any particular social agenda.

      Products are products until they become tools of the State and Agenda – in which case we will make do without.

      • Ditto. Social commentary and political bias have no place in manufacturing, industry, OR COMMERCE. When you adopt an agenda, you alienate a segment of potential customers. From an economic standpoint, this ranks somewhere between stupidity and suicide.

        I, too, will never buy Crocs, nor anything which features their name or logo.

  51. H.G. Wells Wrote an ‘Open Conspiracy’ for the Committee of 300 that Perfectly Outlined the New World Order

    Wells—who literally wrote a book called The New World Order in 1940—went as far as to write a short book dubbed The Open Conspiracy: The Blue Prints for a World Revolution, which outlined “an open conspiracy” to shape the future of the world by controlling the size of the human population, as well as establishing a singular “concrete body” with “collective control” over the planet.


  52. Ukraine SitRep – Counter Artillery War – Financial Disaster

    Lacking real fighting capabilities the Ukrainian artillery has switched towards easier fixed targets. In late November it again started to intensely bombard Donetsk city with artillery and missiles. As there are few military installations or even barracks within the city this clearly was a war against its civilian population.


    • I believe that that is exactly why the vast majority of the citizens of Ukraine went to Putin and asked for help..

      what our media sources are trying to paint is that this is a war from some maniac which I bleive that this isn’t what this war was about.. one purpose was to bring it back under the control of russia.. and hey its citizens asked him for help.. would we not rush to one of our countries aid if they asked for it..
      I believe we should be protecting cuba.. making sure their people are safe etc.. we won’t but I believe we should be..
      Now what the general says isn’t surprising.. heck everyone knew it before hand.. it wasn’t a secret.. I have visited with people from the country long before any of this nasty war hit.. and it is a war now… and the stories I heard from them then.. made me want to cry because of how horrible it was for them the kind of thing that got them to go ask for help.. why I believe that we are there is only about the top tier creeps of this worlds business model that they don’t want to loose..

  53. Feel good news:

    NFL quarterback and brothers carry out jet ski rescue of four from helicopter crash

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Blaine Gabbert and his brothers rode jet skis to rescue four passengers of a downed helicopter. Gabbert is being hailed a hero for his quick actions following a helicopter crash into Hillsborough Bay in Florida. He and his brothers were enjoying their time off on their jet skis when they heard a “faint noise” south of Davis Island.


    • Yo Chef Tell,

      Whats up wit lack (read suppression) of terrorist bombings news outta Sweden ? Stuck in a feedback loop while reviewing latest pics of members of Swedish Bikini Team? I gotz peeps up my ass about this last several days at the intel sharing drop site (local rummery named after local burds). I guess No news is Good news, so Yeah ! keep up the oriffical suppression.

      • “Swedish” is no longer the predominant language in Sweden, and few Swedes remain in shitholes like Malmo.

        You won’t read that stuff in the MSM either.

        I hope your Swedish Bikini Team members have learned Farsi…

    • the other thing you forget.. is.. an ev doesn’t pop drifts.. are way to light.. and hang low to the ground.. LOL
      the wife dries a prius.. nice car.. I think I have driven it five or six times LOL she says I am to messy.. HOW DARE HER IMPLY SUCH DASTARDLY MENTAL PHOTOS OF THE WAY I TREAT A CAR LOL lol lol lol but I have an old pickup that the kids gave me..that I had a new motor put in it.. its nickname is the beast.. LOL that is what is driven in bad weather..

      • “Way too light”

        With a battery pack in it…?

        The Honda Accord gas vs hybrid curb weight is 3150 lbs gas, 3326 lbs hybrid. I didn’t look at Toys because I don’t know their chassis-equivalent to the Prius. They DO set low, though…

    • the problem is like most of those sleek monsters.. they are so low to the ground that I would have to roll out of it in order to get out..LOL LOL LOL LOL
      what I find ironic is.. it is run on PLASTIC garbage.. so if you are to shuffle plastic bottles styrofoam etc.. into the onboard digester.. ( It would kind of look like a flux capacitor ) you are still driving it on petroleum LOL..
      just like cotton candy that is nothing more than crystalized sugar that is heated and spun out or a spiders web.. plastic is nothing other than spun and stabilized petroleum.. that we can recapture the original product via digestion.. NOW I would be interested in seeing how they do it.. in some countries ( NOT THE USA though.. it isn’t allowed..LOL except for the one in washington state university that bought it before they ban) they do sell a small home unit that you can put on your counter top like a coffee maker that distills waste into oil and its by products….
      similar to making paper.. LOL you get the black liquor that can be evaporated and burned like coal or reprocessed into other fuel products.. dam carbon it is everywhere LOL none of it is written into the business model though.. we have the business model of stuff big buck billies pockets LOL LOL

      • “NOW I would be interested in seeing how they do it.”

        You and me, both.

        I know and understand the concept. What mystifies me is: How close can this car do it on the fly? Can it produce diesel at such a rate that it makes a sustaining amount of fuel while it is simultaneously burning it to propel the car. (The answer is “no” because this is entering the realm of the perpetual motion machine. However, it would be interesting to see how close the Italians have gotten, and under what specifics…)

      • “What mystifies me is: How close can this car do it on the fly? Can it produce diesel at such a rate that it makes a sustaining amount of fuel while it is simultaneously burning it to propel the car.”

        @Ray I am going to venture a guess.. when you break down wood to get to the pulp.. it’s done in a couple of processes..one heat and the second chemical …
        you can do the same with plastics to speed up the process.. what baffles me is ..space.. the small home units take a great deal of time to break down the bonds of the stabilizers used. and similar to distilling alcohol for seven gallons of product its broken down to a fraction of the original mass..
        I’m going to guess that seven pounds of trash would break down to less than a quart.. I have thought about making one but the boss would have my butt if I wrecked one of her pans in a grampa spearmint…
        now cranking out vegitable oil is easier and the refuse is a usable byproduct

  54. “We keep thinking about a Toyota hybrid”


    Just no…

    Hybrids excel in city transportation. They suck in rural or distance transportation. The electrical subsystems discharge, and do not charge, unless you’re braking (or decelerating, when the transmission is in “battery mode.”) On the highway you don’t do either, and the (underpowered) petrol engine can’t move the vehicle as it needs to, so the electrical system is always discharging a little, at speed, even on level ground with the cruise control engaged.

    Also, if you live (and drive) until you’re 140, for the amount you and E drive, you’ll never recoup the environmental impact of the construction of the vehicle, let alone, its upkeep…

    • Good advice. But, a man sitting on fat wallet wants to open it, if for no other reason than to get more comfortable. Remember, we have solar and our typical trips are 33-miles total

      • Do you have enough generation capacity to daytime charge an electric, and keep your home batteries up? You probably can’t make a case for a fulltime electric commuter, but I would think that having sufficient excess generation that would allow you to make, say, two 33 mile trips a week, would come in handy with very tight fuel supplies.
        I haven’t really kept up with the hybrids enough to know if any of the ones external charging have that sort of range on straight electrics?

      • @n____

        “I haven’t really kept up with the hybrids enough to know if any of the ones external charging have that sort of range on straight electrics?”

        They do not, but close. However, despite the TV commercials, their propulsion management systems don’t allow “stealth mode” for more than few hundred meters at a time.

        George could actually make a full EV work, as long as he kept the Lexus and mothballed it, but again, it’s neither cost-effective, nor an efficient use of that stuff you can only spend once. He would have to put a good quality (like a Rotary or Bendpak) garage lift in his garage (4-post, if he has the ceiling, that way he can park/store a car on the lift, and still have his parking space on the floor, under it.) The battery pack in a Tesla is a thousand pounds of Samsung 18650 Li-Ion cells, padding, and wiring, in a combination armored steel container and belly pan. I would assume everyone else’s is proprietary, but the same.

        One bad cell causes the battery pack to shit itself. George is uniquely-qualified to find and replace a dead cell without having to waste time at Lincoln Tech to get a piece of paper which says he can do it. If’fn he’s gonna spend 80 grand on a car, he needs to spend the 5g’s more for the lift and a modified transmission jack, so he can do the repairs himself. Driving an EV to Glendale, Aridzona in July, in limp mode, and paying $8k-$14k (2020 prices) to have a flashlight battery replaced, is not MY idea of fun…

        What he could do is rent one for a week or a month, to see how it fits his lifestyle. This is what I’ve done before purchasing a car, for over 30 years now. It is not cheap, but it’s a lot cheaper than making a long-term mistake…

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