We begin this “summit week” with a few notes about the online digital revolution that’s underway.  What we shorthand as The Webolution.

For new readers, there are now two governments in most countries of the world.  A constitutional government (old paradigm) and an online government (new paradigm).

The difference is simple:  Constitutional governments can run things like republics (which the United States happens to be) ]”to the Republic for which it Stands if you’re brain-dead”]  The advance of Digital Mob Rule on social media, however, is selling the broken “direct democracy” paradigm.  That has NEVER worked in history because when you have democratic mob rule, things ALWAYS end up with the mob allocating everyone’s work product to themselves.  Which is why democratic republics have much better “staying power.”

Today’s abject lesson is how “digital mob is attacking the core of America may be found in this morning’s report in The Daily Mail that an IDENTICAL LETTER was published in 21-US Newspapers – all signed by different people.

Take a deep breath and think about this:  It informs us that the US is under attack by the Digital Mob which is using the Internet to orchestrate attacks and obstruct the Constitutional Government.  The means are simple:  You collect a bunch of lefty-liberals in  an on-line sucker’s forum… tell ’em to all send in the attack Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh – and presto!  Bullshit in print.

From here, it gets worse.  Much worse.

Any investigative reporter worth a damn would already be on the blower to the papers which got suckered – again it’s 21-newspapers – and they ought to be asking them to track back to the source.  It shouldn’t be all that hard – the emails had to come from somewhere, right?

This is why Anonymity on the Net has to Go!

We continue to stand-by our enduring prediction that as soon as we get the major break in the economy, there will be new federal licensure requirements imposed on the Internet.  This is a prime example of why this is long overdue.

When a person has a legit bitch about something, let them put their real name on it (which we do) and let the chips fall where they may.  It’s useful – as part of the NY Times v. Sullivan line of suits – to know that when once pursues something out of malice (as in the attacks by Trump-haters, as a for instance),  then malice tips the scales of Justice.  Corporations, by the way, are “public figures.”  It comes with them demanding to have “human-like” rights to free speech.  Good discussion in an old Minnesota Law Review paper here.

Thing is, getting rid of anonymity doesn’t kill Free Speech.  Remember that absent malice, reporting Facts (however dis-convenient, lol) is still permitted.  A Trump High Court will likely strongly defend the point that Truth is the ultimate defense against libel.

In our view, this is the BIGGEST story of the day…and yet it is being carefully swept off the websites of co-opted partisan media.  They don’t want We the People to see how this is a perfect injection (except for being caught) of how “thought control” works in America.

Like I said, track it back to source and there’s a real Pulitzer grade story.

Which is why the mainstream media will continue to sit on its collective ass  – and embarrassment to the notion of a “free press.”  On the other hand, it’s why astroturfing them works.

Hell in Helsinki?

Gamers will be entranced with the high-level gamesmanship about to be displayed in Helsinki.

According to our trading models, we should see the markets begin to call squarely on-butt by no later than mid-week (though, as always this is not financial advice).  The reasons are complicated.

We note with some interest that Donald Trump is going into the discussions with Vlad Putin by referencing Russia as a competitor, much as he’s just cast the EU as a competitor, as well.

‘We Agree.’ Russia Chimes In After Trump Blames the U.S. for The Countries’ Bad Relationship.”

Poor move on Trump’s part, but understandable when we put on our Game Theory hat.

We think Russians will “win” in Helsinki based on the player backgrounds. Putin being the Machiavellian ex-KGB chess player.  Just to live through all the changes in his country is a monumental testimony as to Putin’s gaming skills.

Trump, on the other hand, is a well-qualified Monopoly player IRL.

So for us, it comes to a simple mental framework:  Given a match does one bet on a well-experienced chess player who has been pulling global level moves for how long, now?  Or, does one bet on the Monopoly player who is always ready to roll the dice.

Expect, therefore, better than 50-50 odds of “hell from Helsinki” and that to be used as yet-another attack vector by the proponents of Digital Mob Rule (DMR).  It’s early for popcorn and beer.

Retail:  Up – But with Concerns

Press release just out from Census:


On paper up 6.6 year-on-year.  but looks to us like general merch this month took a dive and that could be a harbinger that we are to the “the rump of the bump” so to speak.

Sanity Optional

This is options expiration week.  Something to consider while judging markets:  A lot of daytraders have been (mindlessly) buying long positions expecting a summer rally.  And buying close-to-the-money call options close in (as in expire at the end of this week) is a no-brainer.

But here’s the thing:  The S&P will open this morning around 2,800.  Last option expiration it was down at 2,782’ish.  Just something to keep in mind.  Taking money from bulls is considered good sport.  But, we shall see.

Screwing Stupid Brits

I assume you know how government operates?

When an inconvenient vote is cast by Voters, what do non-responsive bureaucrats do?  They hold another vote to screw the people.  In fact, they dig in their heels and do everything in their power to preserve the old paradigm.

A fine example is beheld in BREXIT where statist Theresa May has been sabotaging the will of the people ever since late June 2016 when the British people voted to stop bending over for the Brussels sprouts.

Now we read this in the British press:  “Justine Greening: New Brexit referendum ‘is only way to end deadlock’.”

This “screw the will of the people” is a global tactic.  We see it even at the local level when a certain bond issue is turned down – it keeps coming up again  especially when the powers-that-be in a community have some skin in the game.  (Think back to using public bonding authority to build pro sports stadiums for the rich boys…see it now?)

Sad that the UK – one a land of smart people – have been bent over by a crooked ruling class…but we’re in the same league, anymore:  dimwits with their faces on social instead of looking up once in a while.

The Private Property Lie

You know you don’t own your home, right?  Just try not paying property taxes and you will learn who really owns it.  (Hint: Not you!)

I mention this because the Burssels Sprouts are working their magic to screw people (further) out of using their own property as they see fit.  Read ’em and weep over here:  “Airbnb breaches EU consumer rules, must fall into line: EU.”

Why is we not surprised, Daisy-Mae?

Ear-dropping OK, Faces not?

Sorry, oh Sons of Cortana...I see a lack of mental clarity in Microsoft calls for facial recognition technology rules given ‘potential for abuse’.

You know most cop cars already have auto license plate readers that will scan roads for non-compliant citizens already…which was the self-righteous outrage about THAT?


(Which is more polite than Useless Shit To Fill Your Brain and Keep You Distracted.)

Bruce Willis ends debate on whether ‘Die Hard’ is Christmas movie.

City Council candidate accused of posting wife’s topless pic after restraining order issued: report.

With Flags, Song and Pride, France Celebrates a Unifying World Cup Victory. Bread, circuses, and sports…but now that I think about it, maybe Rome might have survived if they’d had a few more major league franchises, know what I’m sayin?

Elon Musk Calls a Diver That Rescued Thai Soccer Team a ‘Pedo’ on Twitter.  Um…how about turn off the TV and go watch the stock price?

And with all the stupid crap in the world why is BBC rolling ‘Why I keep my vasectomy a secret’?

Dow futures are up 14 but we’re making book on a decline today.  Can markets remain irrational longer than Ure can remain solvent?  Tune in for tomorrow’s next exiting chapter of “A fool and his spreadsheets are soon parted…”

Moron the ‘morrow, as it were…

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