Markets Flop: We Told You This Was Coming

And whether we like it, or not, the high-risk window for a regional war in Europe is here.  Reprising, along the way, an event set-up very reminiscent of The Guns of August.  Hand me an Archduke?

Three, Three, Three Stories in One!

Like the Mighty Circus, it’s hard to follow what’s going on in all three rings of this sucker.  But let’s give it a go:

  1. Bitcoin is crashing.  Down to the $38,000 region.  All because?  I mean at least in part:Federal Reserve is taking the next step toward possibly launching a digital dollar.  They have no reason to convert in from anything not of their own spawn.
  2. There is War in the air all over the world.  Donbas update: Russian mercenaries breach truce five times Jan 20.  And while the U.S. had military trainers in Taiwan, where the chips could fall later this year, our next-door Canucks are training Ukrainians: Canada to continue UNIFIER military training mission in Ukraine – media ( which has been extended for another six-months.
  3. Last, we have the Vax Breakdown.  England has let it out while it’s all-over popular media. Pandemic Pessimism Grows Amid Omicron Surge (

Notice something missing?

Economic Collapse Card Turns

When did we tell you to brace?

I told you Nov. 26 (yeah, last year) the odds were that we would not be having a good turkey in 2022. December we wanrs of war late Jan to early Feb.

History Rhymes

Our subscriber site, Peoplenomics.comfollows a crackpot economic theory of mine that economic cycles are reasonably self-similar.  Here’s today’s pickle:

That “Landing Zone” in yellow could be hit in as little as two weeks, IF we don’t get a “miracle save in the end zone” in here.  Otherwise, war on!

Our Wave Count:

There was a possible 3 (4) during the rally yesterday.  That rally allowed some of us “Die hard with a Checkbook” Bears to re-enter short positions with the S&P 40-points up at mid-morning Thursday before collapse into the close ending down 50.

My projected trend channel for this wave down is only based on the flimsiest of notions.  Specifically, when markets are operating in reasonable channels, they tend toward being of similar size.  Refer to the two vertical yellow double arrows above.  The left arrow measures the eyeballed width of the Wave 1 down channel.  The right one, supposes a similar channel width which – in turn – provides for a lot more downside action ahead.

And this is all leading up to the lower green arrow as a possible short-term rally in our first chart.  Congrats to the Financial Fractalist, my deflationary pal Jas Jain, and even Len down in Lockstralia which dropped 2-1/3 percent overnight.  Every6 so often, the Bears get fed.

Just remember what the Economic Fractalist thinks about this coming Monday. Which will have me cheering the Bull’s for a week ending rally, we hope.

Sounds terrible?  I guess if you’re not agile it was a bloodbath, perhaps.  But, in the event of actual war, this (argues the first chart above) this is only foreplay.

Yet, George is not the lone nutjob. “We’re in a “superbubble”, says Jeremy Grantham – so are we heading for a “superbust”? | MoneyWeek”  Good company.

Problems of the G20

Look for huge pressure on the G20 to open the money spigots.

See how the US has dropped below the lower support line?  Can you imagine a low taking out the early 2020 levels?  Be patient and watchful.  Discerning is good, too.  The G20 will have to turn on all it has shortly, as we see it.  SuperBubble is in danger of collapse so we must print and gimme to spend our way into prosperity, isn’t that it?

Crooked Data Dept.

OK:  So with the reports piling up all over the net that vaccines don’t seem to work – especially with OhMyCon, how do the vax makers keep the charade going?

Well, as these latest stats from the UK point out, let’s only track people with three or more shots and make THAT the baseline!  Scare the remaining stupes.

Also, mid right side, absolutely NO reason to vax kids yet, but that’s really subserviant to the marketing problems which are bigger.

And in Other News?

OK, Chris Tyreman (The Chronicle Project and books on Amazondropped us a video with a note:  “This man needs to be your president.”  We wholly agree, someone should be President nowadays!

(Or, for Mike who blocks videos:

Normally in here, I would cover a lot of other “stuff and things.”

But there are no major economic news items to drop (besides the Netflix disappointment)

Short column this morning.  Ure is in a trading mood. All the charts, a good bit more commentary and more thoughtful this weekend on Peoplenomics.  Time to get into the Scrooge McDuck suit.

Write when you get rich,

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60 thoughts on “Markets Flop: We Told You This Was Coming”

  1. Maybe this time.
    Have you ever considered putting all your rhymes into quatrains?
    I’m waiting for the Peloton “going out of business” sale to get a deal on a new tricycle.

  2. Great post today George… It makes me think this could cause a run at the store and I should have gotten the vegetables yesterday than to wait till next week..

  3. “Markets Flop: We Told You This Was Coming”

    Indeed — for all the years that I was reading your (depressive!) stories ;-). Hope you’re getting rich.

  4. G,

    Isn’t the anticipation so great you desire to jump ahead a few days, not to take advantage but to see. You’re the best hope for a Time Machine. Emoji.

    I think this is going to be the Mother of Crashes. The Mayan systems “just ended” one day. Today we have WMDs. And that’s what’s going to happen here. There’s nothing left to save and everyone knows it.

    Bailout the bag again Boeing Amtrak and GM. I’ve never been on an Amtrak.

    • “The Mayan systems ”

      Lol lol read that and the first thing that popped on my mind.. was their raft lol.. now I’ll think about that and the hanging gardens of Babylon. .

  5. Yep – had a very good day trading yesterday. My.., All Knowing., All Seeing., All Powerful “Index” is down 8% from its Nov 8th high. OK.., it is actually 7.94 %, but what’s a few billion amongst friends.., right? Still pondering / working a weekend trade / set-up for Monday. Don’t quite ‘see’ it as yet.
    Is it just me., or is China being kind of quiet lately ? Still no word on Russian Reserves. And in case you were wondering., you were wondering., weren’t you? Canned ‘Spam’ has hit a record sales volume over the past 90 days.

    • “Canned ‘Spam’ has hit a record sales volume over the past 90 days.”

      Dam d… that reminds me i have to get a case of spam to…I personally love the tulip brand they sell that at Costco.. I’ll pick up a case of chicken. I really love Costco chicken breasts to..they individually package each breast.. I wish they would get back the fish patties.
      They have a tomato Basil soup that’s delicious to. I must be feeling like eating..

  6. Thank you for your link to “Charles Eugene “Chip” Roy is an American attorney and politician serving as the U.S. representative for Texas’s 21st congressional district. A member of the Republican Party, Roy took office on January 3, 2019. Before his election to Congress, he served as chief of staff to Senator Ted Cruz and as first assistant attorney general of Texas.”

    His 15 minute diatribe is fantastic. All true which makes it invisible and soundless to most of the House and Senate much less the President of the US. He is speaking in an empty House which does NOT want anybody to hear the TRUTH!

    George, your comments about what is going to happen this year is also being ignored by our government system. But, the people on the streets of our country are responding to all the lies being told. California people leaving like lemmings to red states. Shootings, rapes, robberies without any governmental response in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, etc. People in the small towns, suburbs, inner city hovels are buying guns at a huge cost to protect themselves. Deaths by illegal drugs have skyrocketed and senseless murders, shootings, are in the news every day.

    Yet, as Chip Roy makes it clear, the politicians, the media, the Federal Governmental groups lie and ignore the TRUTH. People are scared and reacting to protect themselves. The pot is boiling and will explode. May God have mercy on us all.

    • “California people leaving like lemmings to red states.”

      Better check with Mark on this one Jimbo. According to him, multi-million dollar real estate is booming on the west coast blue states. Things have never been better since Biden took over the reigns. The rest of us here are just living an illusion.

      P.S. LOOB. Really sorry you have struggled so long with the ‘rona. Can you advise if you had the vaccine shots? No judgement at all. Just the never ending scientific interest in me.

      • I live in Maryland, a blue state, and from what I’m told, an expensive place to live. The neighbor just sold his house. If I get what he did, I can pay off the mortgage and pay cash for my next house somewhere down South. I’m thinking of retiring and heading to Florida.

        However, I read an article the other day that said Floridians are leaving the state because they can’t afford to live there anymore. Also, if McConnell’s Freudian slip is an indicator, the Confederacy is on the rise again!

        Point is, relocating is not an easy thing to do anymore.

        I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

      • Doesn’t take a genius to look up the fact that there is no illusion in the way Bay Area Real Estate is on fire right now. Google it. In San Mateo County…the average sales price of a single family home is $1.8 million. The average cost for a condo is $783,000. In Santa Clara County it’s $1.68 million for an SFR and $790k for a condo. In San Francisco its $1.7 million for an SFR and $1.3 million. Alameda County…it’s $1.2 and $649k respectively and on and on.

        That’s sound like an illusion to you? Average days on market are around 2 weeks. They get listed and with multiple offers they sell right away.

      • “According to him, multi-million dollar real estate is booming on the west coast blue states.”

        Me too bic.. I did.. I am fully vaxxed.. wife works healthcare so everyone gets the vax..its kicking my azz to.. I do feel better ..some difficulty catching my breath.. no fever but then no energy either.. no taste or smell.. the thought of food is nauseating..( probably a great diet) the good I’m the only one that caught it in the household..
        And I take C, selenium ,zinc, d3,etc.. no one else takes those..
        I did order ivermectin now I’m waiting for it..
        As for Sanfran… I looked at one of the houses..15 million it was nice but nothing special… no yard..needed some work…in considering property of that value.. what would a payment be…
        I know a guy lives in Alexandria.. his home is 400 square feet.. his house payment is 7600.00 a month.. what’s not being discussed.. is selling a dozen houses a run on housing. What about the millions that only make a quarter mill a year or worse these people get food stamps cant afford an apartment.the janitorial staff that make twenty bucks an hour..
        I watched one show on rent and new prospects on the housing delima in Sanfran that had bunkbeds.. your apartment was a bunkbed ..2 grand a month.
        So..since I know I couldn’t afford ramin noodles in Sanfran.. if I was there I’d move a couple hundred miles..
        I think it was 5 years ago now there was a go fund me drive for Sanfran. In homeless shelters for the tent cities of homeless.. the shelter design was quite a bit similar to one I submitted for the devastating earthquake in I donated some money to it..
        As for our realtor friend . He lives in an area where it isn’t obvious.. doesn’t matter if its plastered on every news outlet.. if your only looking at a bullseye you miss the rest of the target.
        It’s like the definition of a depression. And it a recession.. it it doesn’t affect you it’s a recession if it affects you it’s a depression..
        The can man lived in our spare bedroom.. nice guy. Hit with the one two punch of fate.. had to live in a dumpster. He hated what happened couldn’t do a thing about it. Without a physical address or more affects how much you’re going to get. Or if you’re going to get an offer. If you have no job an employer will choose you last.. we went a year without an income.. my wife was dedicated to her employer for a couple of decades. She Couldn’t get a job cleaning cages. Unemployment benefits are not there .. the one two punch . Everyone you depend on runs.
        We had a gent.. more degrees than the wall would fit.. was a big name engineer for designing deep water oil drilling platforms. Hit by Katrina then a platform catastrophic event and fire. Huge spill.. was given the one two punch..
        It happens a lot.. so you have to give mark a break.. he’s blinded by his success and seriously doesn’t know real life experiences of the average wage earner.

      • I struggle hard to figure out this COVID sh*t LOOB. People don’t get vaxed and they get it. People get vaxed and they get it. Hospitals were full with Delta patients. We were told OMICRON was mild. Hospitals are now full with OMICRON patients. I got double vaxed and boostered. I still got it but it was mild (headache from hell for 5 days and constant nausea). Some of my friends (fully vaxed) were not as lucky. Now we are told that even if you are double vaxed but not boostered, you are sure to get it and even if you get it, you can get it again and again or get “long COVID” for the rest of your life. What the hell?

        This has long since passed my scientific ability to understand and I am convinced it is part of something far outside the realm of legitimate science. “Gain of function” viral research is and always was evil, plain and simple. The genie is out of the bottle and humankind is suffering the consequences.

      • From The Corner:

        U-Haul put out its annual review of interstate moves in 2021, and Texas and Florida were the big inbound winners:

        California, however, bled outbound citizens so badly, it broke U-Haul’s ability to measure — because the company ran out of trucks to rent:

        California is 50th and Illinois 49th on the list for the second consecutive year, indicating those states once again witnessed the largest net losses of one-way U-Haul trucks. . . . California remained the top state for out-migration, but its net loss of U-Haul trucks wasn’t as severe as in 2020. That can be partially attributed to the fact that U-Haul simply ran out of inventory to meet customer demand for outbound equipment. [Emphasis added].

      • I am eith you BIC fully vaxxed and was so sick.. luckily I am improving.. but dam..
        Its beyond me and I’m afraid its here for ever now.. fast mutating.. the way it was described to me is that every few months we will have a new one and they can’t vaxx on the whole virus just parts of it..
        I ordered a bunch of ivermectin just in case.. I don’t want to go through this again .unfortunately I didn’t qualify for the antibodies..

  7. Yep. Made about $800 this week. Mostly sitting out as shorts requires more “attention” bandwidth than I can devote to watching the needle move up and down right now. And inattention can quickly result in bad outcomes. So I’ll take my money and be happy.

    Interestingly, my PM plays have not gone up (actually down this morning).

    It ain’t over.

    • might try “Front Running” it used to be illegal, now it is encouraged by Regulators – great advantage locking in guaranteed profitable trade by front running by milli seconds Retail order flow.
      I use historic paper price charts to identify the bullion banks Buy and Sell signals and front run accordingly.Need the month custodial reports -which bank is short/long who is swapping reciepts with who. No Bullion ever moves -just paper receipts. Regulators are still 100% captured and DO NOT work for the average Taxpayer-Investor – they work for WallStreet ..just like Ure president – kiddie luver Stepford Bribem .

      Persoanlly make more Selling Short PM’s (Paper contracts) and buying and taking delivery of Physical PM’s. Like cyrpto’s – if you hold in it in Ure possession, U dont own it. Beware

  8. In other news, the 173rd in Aviano is packed and on standby for a move to Ukraine if Russia goes over the border. 5,000 troops can be on the ground in 3 hours. They would have to hold on for 18 hours until the 82nd could drop in with 15,000 more, and then however long it takes the tanks to roll east from Germany.

    • IF the US does that then we face a General European WAR.

      In a US or NATO involvement in Ukraine the key early elements are going to be control of the AIR over Ukraine. The lessons of the 1st and 2nd Gulf War still apply … massed ground troops and armor are merely going to be hamburger without AIR CONTROL.

      Airfields all over Europe, and Russia, would be bombed so as to try to eliminate the other side’s air control over Ukraine. Also our floating airfields would be targets since those airfields could be brought to bear also (our aircraft carriers, LHDs, LHAs, LPAs).

      Once all that starts happening just like in WW1 where one action begat a reply action, it can spin badly very very quickly, and probably would.

      For those reasons I think the US will stand aside and just provide weapons to the Ukrainians, no actual involvement by US forces.

      fwiw … the heavy tanks we have moved into Europe over the last 45 days have NOT been going to Germany. They have been coming into Europe via a port in NE Greece and apparently are being repositioned into Bulgaria and Romania. The Turks estimate that we brought in about 1000 tanks plus all of the support vehicles and equipment necessary to support that number of tanks (3 tank divisions or 2 tank divisions plus 2 heavily armored infantry divisions). Remember … the US drew down to just ONE armored Brigade in Europe, stationed in Germany, bringing the rest of our prepositioned armor home, and the Germans have reduced their armor to just 500 tanks.

      • Wait, there’s more! The Turkish economy is a mess. If NATO gets bogged down in Ukraine, there is nothing stopping Erdogan from putting on his Sultan hat and decisively annexing Armenia, some or all of the -stans, and probably Syria, and “taking care of the Kurd and Armenian problems”. He might even lay claim to the Aegean and sink the Greek navy. That gas field off the Turkish coast looks promising.

        Italy will then occupy western Greece, Europe will ostracise the UK, France will defer to Germany and then we’ll see how reincarnation really works.

        Iran will act up, Israel will be compelled to respond, and then we have a real mess. Oh, wait. That’s the week after next. Sorry.

        This would make a really cool board game…

      • Them’s big numbers. Not sure we can deploy an armored division from the U.S., let alone two, without garnering press coverage. That’s a lot of equipment and rail traffic.

      • “Airfields all over Europe,”

        Considering that Stephen 2..I read that China and Russia have been busy signing agreements with the smaller countries that have been invaded so raw resources could be stolen.. all over the globe. The poison pawn trap.. there was money donated to get refugees smuggled in to the USA ..even though everyone knew that was the plan by the smaller countries. Seeing how everything turned out in countriesthat did open their borders really should have given them an idea… all they had to Do is find some despicable low life to agree to sneak in people. I believe that When the balloon falls it’s going to be from multiple angles at one time.. why wouldnt kim go after SK or iran after Israel … if we are busy in fifteen places and have all our resources scattered to the four corners of the planet..seriously just how much could we help. China now has the club-k the usa has container ships by the thousands surrounding the country..and we only check what 1 percent of incoming goods.Dam we would be chasing ghosts like keystone cops.. then I think that when it lights up overseas and our resources distributed all over the planet…then the big boys that signed agreements with the smaller countries that we devastated and they sent refugee warriors here posing as desperate displaced families.. well let the refugees that are warriors that were smuggled in go ahead and have their day of jihad from within the USA borders. Just like they told everyone they would do. I don’t think they were lying I think they gave us their honest plans as a warning..Seriously there is a reason we have the vetting process. Instead there were idiots that threw that out the window for a few silver coins, some drugs, women children and access to every perverted disgusting desire..
        Then consider that the supply lines are broken.. manufacturing is owned by the countries we oppose..
        I think we as a country are more screwed than we know at this point. War or let the dumb ones spend us into oblivion and we destroy ourselves without a shot fired….never ever should a politician be allowed to be swayed and boughten.. they should write the Bill’s they vote on and then read them.. sit around and discuss them then vote on them how their conscience leads them.. they need to work 200 hours a month not 200 a year..
        Federal employees and politicians should have their retirement funds distributed and handled by the same entity that the peoples funds are..a flat tax. Take off national poverty level then tax everyone the same.. no deductions..if you make a buck you pay a tax on it. If your caught hiding money then it should be confiscated.
        Then Again that’s all just my opinion from what I have read. We just have to survive another 2 years 362 days of this FUBAR administration.

    • Those amount to 20,000 of our best who choose to be crippled for the glory of our fatherland ;-) ?!

      No doubt we’re all familiar with the TV-ads about the crippled soldiers that need our $19 for support.
      These are (US-army) volunteers, or?

      • and of that 19 dollars.. just how much of that actually goes to the wounded warriors..
        LOL..Years ago I had a friend that had a set of collection containers that he would go and set up at local merchants.. for what cause I am not sure of.. but at the end of the year.. the actual donation to those charities was like a dollar..As for me.. except for the salvation army, the shriners hospital, and St. Jude and even with them.. I am reluctant.. I don’t give a dollar to any of the big charities that have a lot of television commercials.. and the few thousand calls we get a day not a penny.. When I go to give someone a hand up.. I do it anonymously and someone local that I have met.. or seen and know their story.. in all the years I have only been scammed once that I know of.. and that was by someone I was reluctant to assist in the first place.. they were worried that they wouldn’t have money for a holiday meal so I paid for the meal.. ( and I didn’t mind doing that even though they used it for something totally opposite.. )

    • We don’t have a Patton on the payroll. If they went in like that, the Russians would strictly avoid them if possible, and massacre them if they engaged the Russians.

      Assuming Russia runs a blitz like we did in Iraq, they could be in control of between 75% and 80% of the country in 3 hours — including Kiev. They’d pwn everything east of Khmelnytski and we’d have to land in Lviv if’fn we wanted time to unload the materiel brought in with the 173rd

      Simple pincers and they’d launch from Belarus and Moldova as well as all along the Black Sea and Sea of Azov shorelines. Follow that up with a bum-rush right through the center of the country and the fight could be reduced to an asymmetrical urban action in less than a day. Russia studied the hell out of what we did in Iraq, both the War and Desert Storm. You can betyerass Ivanov, Makarov, and probably Gerasimov have read everything Schwarzkopf wrote, and nothing Millie has written.

      If they want Ukraine, they’ll take it, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We have no interest there, other than the puppets Soros and Nuland installed, and Hunter’s buds. We are friendly with Ukraine, but not statutorily allied (AFAIK, and neither are any NATO countries) so, other than because Democrats desperately want a war to get people looking at something other than the bumbler in-chief, and neocons want to vicariously kill a lot of people, why the hell are we even contemplating an action that could make us all dead before our air raid sirens can activate…?

      • “Assuming Russia runs a blitz like we did in Iraq, they could be in control of between 75% and 80% of the country in 3 hours”

        I don’t think it would take that long. The people asked Putin for help.. if you have the majority of the population in favor of having Putin’smen come and help them..the way I understand it. theres more fear over what NATO soldiers will do than Russia.

  9. Here’s my prediction.
    1. Russia’s intimidation will fizzle…as it historically always has, based on lack of resources, money and an exaggeration of their military strength…reminiscent of the 80’s…
    2. China needs the westernized countries to survive. Don’t cut off the hand that feeds you.
    3. The markets here in America are run by bots and the bots sense a string of fear induced sound bites and are rearing accordingly. But in a character challenged, twitter induced world, we will forget about what happens the past few days…bargain hunters/bulls willmprvails and the markets will soar to new heights next week…Rinse and repeat…

  10. * * IF IT HAPPENS * *
    I have a notebook., one of those large 5 Subject types., it is my Prep-Book. In my hands paper addition., and not on any computer. It is getting pretty beat-up., probably 40 to 50 added computer printout pages., dozens of dog-ears., dozens of Port-It Notes. This velcro-strap notebook is the culmination of eighteen years of research and work. Eighteen years of prep. And it is not finished., never will be. Things change. Times change. People change. Ideas get changed., because circumstances force change. [Adapt, or Die – ?]

    Are you ready for this? How many people do you know., and how many of them have no preparations at all ? No mind-set, for preparations – survival. How many of them are going to be knocking on your door? How many can you afford to help? Will you help?

    A year, or so, ago I read an article that sounded very true. By a retired Army General and a group of data crunchers.,[ I believe it was from Jane’s.] Within 72 hours of a major economic collapse in this country [.,and the trucks stop rolling.,] every major city will be on the verge of collapse., and within a week every major city will be a war zone in total chaos as they now realize that no one is coming to help, the trucks are not going to be rolling up and restocking the grocery shelves. That they are., on their own.

    I am not too damn sure I want to listen to any of that on my HAM. I’ve witnessed cities fall and populations panic..,[. but I was armed and had a secured plane on the runway.] and I am not sure I want to hear about it happening here.

    Sarcasm – I will miss my garlic stuffed green olives from Italy.

  11. It sounds like players are building a tidy stack. Noting in the Twitter public domain that the RAF supply flights these past few days are not flying in a straight line from UK to Ukraine and back. Someone in NATO still believes in negotiation?

  12. George, your comment “They have no reason to convert in from anything not of their own spawn.” is most accurate. But digging deeper, as per U.S. Constitution Article ONE, section 8, paragraph 5, and Article ONE section, Section 10, Paragraph 1, A major question to be answered is the legality of DIGIT money. In fact while I believe you could stretch the gold and silver coin definition to cover gold and silver certificates I do not see how Federal Reserve Notes are even legal within the framework of the Constitution??? (they are neither legal or tender) (Hell why not Bank of America notes? ) Fortunately while other states have toyed with the idea, only four States have made gold and silver coin legal tender within their states. Wy. Ok. Az. and Ut. Texas has not yet addressed the gold/silver coin issue directly but Tx did write and pass a precious metal depository law but I have no idea as to the progress on the construction or operation of the depository.
    As to digit currency, remember any thing man has designed , man can hack. That should make every one fell warm and fuzzy in the security of their digit money. Plus there is the added “advantage” of the government knowing exactly what you are doing at all times and being able to interfere with your personal funding if they don’t like what you are doing. ( think China) Digit money could very easily lead to the biggest flea market / yard sale / barter / black market, the world has ever seen.

    • From which rock did you just crawl out from under ? The US Constitution ? AYFKM ? PTB been wiping thier asses with that document for 50-60 years now. Remember Citizens United case before scrotum court ?? Clintons,Obongos, DeepState wipe their dark nasty asses daily with Constitution..

      In the Upside Down Age – there is No Virtue to be found in ANY OF THEM GLOBALLY – PTB/Davos”lizardlickers”/IntelAgenciesDeepstate.If you plan and act accordingly – it helps from keeping Ure head pop off in frustration everytime you have to interact wit one or their evil lil minions.

      • horribly remiss in leaving off/out of list of Constitution Killerz – diabolical Bush sr. and his evil spawn, a true malogeneon, Bush the studpider..

    • The term “legal tender” means that the government has DEEMED it to have the functionality of extinguishing all debts. It need have no intrinsic value or represent any store of value. It’s fiat, pure and simple, but it does have the value of eliminating all debts that are owed and denominated in or convertible to it. The ethics of this are debateable, but the reality is not. The courts recognize it.

  13. In a show of force Russia, China and Iran are having wat games, now that should be of interest to you all. As it is a factor in this mess. If Biden (actually who ever is really calling the shots) and NATO are stupid enough to push this to war and any of us survive, then you need to remember who started this and who needs to held accountable after it is over, IF anyone is left, OH and I don’t mean the left as in the current scumbags are referred to.
    Also the test pilots have been flying twice as much as normal and have been for several weeks now.

  14. On the NASDAQ Index., they 30 Day MA has just dropped below it’s 85 Day MA. For the first time since May of 2020. That’s about a 13.5% drop from its high on 11/19/21 .

    • Massive market correction will lead to revised IRS revenue projections which will lead to widespread government employee furloughs which will further result in massive job losses in businesses and towns supporting the government activities, leading to social unrest, resulting in seceding and McCullen becoming a president with Manchin his VP, then… Ugh, my head is starting to hurt. Time to go watch “Young Sheldon”. Whoo hoo!

  15. alpha male . being the ultimate alpha we can tell fakes . but george is the real deal . yep the ultimate compliment !! he is the fella i want in the trenches with me . 25 years a mate . thats strong in this farked up world ..

  16. Mark- Your predictions are in line with conventional mainstream talking-head economics, and I would only make a few dissenting comments:

    1. I hope you are correct on your Russian fizzle prediction, but the second Russian tanks roll across the frontier, ALL of yours and the mainstream’s predictions for 2022 become moot.
    2. China’s real estate market(s) are poised on the edge of the depression debt liquidation abyss. No amount of Western capital will stop the implosion once it starts rolling.
    3. Prechter & Company have predicted the most severe across-the-board nowhere-to-hide bear market(s) of all time for 2022 – 2024.

    From a hopium induced state, I wish you the greatest of success as a fortune teller in 2022. What comes in April will be known soon enough.

  17. Yo Jorge, I don’t think I will be flying anytime soon. Seems the airline industry is having an innordinate number of emergency squawks.
    As far as nukes are concerned, they are beautiful to look at: props to Vera Lynn , Stanley Kubrik and Dr. Strangelove. Updated color footage from the original.
    Beautiful yes, but extremely destructive and should never, ever be used again. Difficult to live in a radioactive wasteland.

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