Running of the Bears

WFA (word frequency analysis) time as we assess the week’s damage to markets.  When headlines begin to appear on major (MSM) websites like Drudge, we know enough to be on our toes for a turn…

The constant chatter, however, is only one indicator of the changing relationship of “fiat” to Reality.  The overnight dip of BTC under $35,000 (briefly) is another indicator to be incorporated into our future view.

Only a few headlines this morning, because the ChartPack commentary is long and kinda complicated…

If you’re a bear, though, pay attention.

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George Ure
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64 thoughts on “Running of the Bears”

  1. Yo Luddy G,

    We gotz some deep scheisse to get at this weekend, and you bee screwing around wit market directions ..comeonman! The direction is DOWN . FED screwed the pooch..again, quick look dumbfounded..AKA as Bidenesque

    Historically low rate on UST, raging inflation, supply chain has a big broke dyck, (Vjayjays are indestructible – just ask Betty White),and food supplies starting to show some strain.
    Coot was selling SPY Jan 450 Putz at $10 per yesterday ! Bot those puppies at $1.50 on the 18th. Someone getting slaughtered on the “otherside”. Blew out Everything in Trade book yesterday – “nice ups” – to Buy The Dips in Cryptos, while I wait for certain names in PM mining marketplace to come down a lil bit more in price..then I will pounce ..5 on my radar all paying over 2% div and under 20 on the P/E ratio.
    Re provisioned the “boat” with SPY Feb 360 Puts for avg cost of $.29 per, going into weekend, and USO Feb 65 calls for avg cost $.90. No joy with cyrpto – cant say whether or not or at what prices..but the coots main investment theme – Cost Average Down.

    Where is Kazaria?, what was Kazaria? who were her people?

    Where do the nogoodnics/sloped/ cone heads stash their “cash” ? Where did we just see a popular uprising/insurrection in the streets..involving a Bio Weapons Lab and Ruskies “2 the rescue”?

    Repeat after the coot – K A Z A R I A S T A N/ Kazakhstan. This bee Big time CLUE – deep intrigue going on…follow de MONAY!

    * Luddy = luddite, back in the day …Rorer/Lemon 714 U know where he originally got the name – G DoggyDog.

  2. Are you saying mushroom clouds over Europe are bullish? Thats an interesting perspective, to be sure. Then again after the smoke clears from a tactical strike I can see Europeans freaking out and sending any money they can to US and Asian markets. Crypto might benefit. Honestly, though, I’m not looking for a major war in Europe to save my portfolio.

    • No, not saying Mushrooms are bullish. BUT in any violent market decline, equally violent reversals are a recurring theme which is semi-predictable and, in my view, we’re in the “due somewhere in here” zone.
      Hence, cash positions in our accounts.
      “Peace talks” is reason enough for an oversold mkt to rally.
      Shrooms with the main course, not the appetizers!

      • I think you’re right-ish with the market call. Down Monday then a counter-trend rally to reset the bear. Bears must burp.

        “All gaps must be filled.” There was a gap back in 1932 that needs to be filled. I’ll try to find the chart again. With this in mind we’re going back to a pre-WW1 setup. So this makes a lot of space to retrace.

        The folk with paid-off houses will be the “Lord of the Manor.” They’ll lord over the freeloading subjects in the Manor. Mini-empires if you will.

      • in the 20th Century every big war was preceded by peace conferences. As an example there was a major NAVY treaty in 1911 prior to WW1. Prior to WW2 there wasn’t a peace treaty Hitler wouldn’t sign. He signed lots of them the most in famous being Peace in Our Time and The Hitler Stalin Friendship Pact to Crush Poland. There was also a NAVY treaty that recognized among other things that the Imperial Japanese Navy would be limited to a Navy 2/3 the size of the USN and that the size of its battle ships would be limited by tonnage. The Japanese violated that immediately. Also somewhere in there was the Kellog Briand Pact outlawing War.

        The Cold War had Yalta.

        So I expect if we are following the 20th century precedent prior to any War between NATO and Russia there will be peace talks of some kind. Then again there has already been the Minsk Agreement so perhaps the peace treaty portion has already happened.

      • OOWSteve, the people in paid off houses are only safe until the Monied CarpetBaggers arrive looking for their pieces of silver.

        They wanna buy cheap from desperate peeps; IF there is still a system in place to manipulate for taxes, and unknowns including door to door.

  3. Amazing that when given a deadline to respond to the Ruskies we keep coming up with stalling tactics and now just a few more days to respond – come on – just more time to advance weaponry into the Ukraine – Oh and the Ruskies can’t report what is in the response?????????

    • “Amazing that when given a deadline to respond to the Ruskies we keep coming up with stalling tactics and now just a few more days to respond – come on”

      AND.. your point is why…

      The monkeys have done everything to try and force putin to jump.. we cross their borders .. we brought in missile launchers and planes .. nato has moved ships and men etc.. the main monkey keeps trying to bitch slap him to force him..
      Well in the sixties we did similar actions over oil and built missile bases in turkey.. at the time a missile base was formed in cuba as a symbol .the time is more dangerous now. And to many people are trying to force the other to make the first move.. ours is a bully the other is a street fighter and trained in combat..
      Neither want to go down in history as the one.
      Since Putin and Xi are thinking men.. I think they seen these moves coming..
      Look what’s been paid, what’s been given. What move if you were playing ches would you do..
      Look for the easiest move that would make the opponent player make the worst moves…

      How much has to be paid to those authorities to get that kind of action and release those types of funds to illegals.. then sneak in hundred of thousands and millions of illegals.. all from countries with extremists that have openly said that was how they would start a jihad caliphate within our borders.
      On top of it we had extremists tearing apart our country defunding the protection for the most vulnerable of our society..
      I think the beginning of the new cold war was when all the smaller countries that were bullied into giving up th er it raw resources started signing alliances.. seriously who gave that really nice diamond to the kid as a gift for being him..out of curiosity was it one of the vulnerable countries with the extremists.
      I had read one gave a couple million a few times.. it’s all for sale in a pay to play city…that’s willing to undermine their own country for temporary physical pleasures.

      “Don’t worry about investors,” he said, according to the executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing fear of retaliation. “We’ve got people all around the world who want to invest in Joe Biden.” a quote from the politico.. cashing in..

  4. A few comments:

    Waveform matching. My gut feel is that it isn’t reliable to try to map one jaggy curve from nearly a hundred years ago to a market performance curve of today — and, I’m NOT saying you’re selling that. It’s tempting, though, and the human mind LOVES searching for and finding patterns, relationships and dependencies. It’s one evolutionary way we beat the dinosaurs in dominating this rock. (The small, speedy rock from outer space sure helped.)

    Things — “stuff” and communications — move much faster now than they used to. The delays from cause and effect are shorter. The gestalt system of systems is running very near, or just at, unity gain. A teensy bit more, and she’ll break into oscillation and feedback. It won’t take much.

    There seems little doubt that The Russ will take Ukraine as soon as their tank treads won’t sink in the mud. Gotta consolidate by Spring. Now, would be good. This allows a month or two for locking the result in.

    It seems reasonable China will move almost at once, and let the Russkys take some diplomatic outrage and fire (and provide useful distraction and fear) away from the sudden absorption of Taiwan.

    …and where do ya suppose the much-vaunted supply chain will go then? Electro-chips, drugs, all-the-Krappe at Bed-Bath-and-Beyond — are certain to become unobtanium. And, YEARS from opening factories back up in the good old U.S.A.

    It will take a LONG damn time to “recover” from that — IF it’s even possible.

    I’ll be grateful to make it to summer. Don’t even think about next winter…

    – 73 –

    • Fifty years since Henry the K went to china to meet with Mao and give him the ‘keys to the kingdom’.
      It will take 50 years to get it back.
      Trump tried to begin but was cut-off at every turn.
      But as Confucius said: A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step!

      • “Trump tried to begin but was cut-off at every turn.”

        Lol lol..

        And now we have Brandon and the brotherhood to look up to… their message…drop your drawers bend over spread your cheeks and say AWWW… oh and dont forget to give the kid a few bucks for good measure….

  5. Historically, when SHTF happens, investors dump stocks and move to bonds, especially UST’s. This over-demand drives down interest rates regardless of what the Fed may desire at the time.
    Given the current low interest rates, do you think that the same thing will happen, perhaps even taking interest rates negative?

  6. Hong Kong’s leader has ordered a cull of pet hamsters according to the BBC. An outbreak cluster of delta variant covid had been traced to a pet shop worker handling what turned out to be covid positive hamsters in Causeway Bay.

    Hopefully the situation is contained and does not flea the area.

    • Rats; when a hamster meets a rat meets hantavirus carries fleas, we got problems. The real plague.

  7. Recall the dog convo. Unsolicited dogs show up, people touch them not thinking the dogs could be contaminated by the ‘enemy’ and then everyone dies.

    Below we have a monkey group on their way to a lab and their transport crashes. The monkeys scatter. Now, will the local folk who see the monkeys act suspicious or welcome the monkeys into their homes? “Oh look, a cute monkey. It must be a an escaped pet or circus animal. Let’s lure it in with banana pop-tarts.” Now everyone is dead!

    Truck carrying 100 monkeys crashes in Pa., and now some are missing: police

    “The truck had been on its way to a lab, Pelachick said.”

  8. I don’t think Putin will use nuclear weapons. When asked about using them in an interview he said “God Forbid ” or something like that and talked about not wanting to start a global nuclear winter. He will bluff his way into the Ukraine.

    • Putin will use them, just like we, the Chinese, Brits, French, or Israelis will use them, but only if we’re losing a war, badly. What makes Iran so scary is most people believe they will use them to initiate a war, where everybody else would only use them as a last resort — Kim is a special case, because all concerned believe NK to be a paranoid – psychotic nation and regime, and liable to do anything, at any time, possibly even on a whim.

      With that said, nukes will not be necessary in a Russia/Ukraine war unless some insane NATO general goes off the reservation and launches nukes on Russia (like WE(s) would’ve done during Serbia, had a Brit general not taken the keys away from an American general / NATO Supreme Commander whom the Democratic Party now parades like he’s a hero…)

      • No military officer among the U.S., UK or France has ability to arm a nuke and then launch it. There’s this thing called ‘positive control,’ where the elected leadership of each nation holds the arming codes/keys to initiating Armageddon. If a general wants to launch a nuke missile or drop a nuke bomb, the warhead will not be armed and, at worst, it will result in only a ‘dirty bomb’ detonation, where the conventional explosives surrounding the nuke material does not explode in the precise geometric manner required to initiate a fusion reaction in the Plutonium warhead. So without proper codes, the conventional explosive surrounding the Plutonium goes off none-the-less, but non-sychronous, scatting radioactive matierals in the detonation area, but not producing the ‘crowd pleaser’ full-yield mushroom cloud explosion. The UK and France traditionally defer to the U.S. on matters of nuclear arming and execution, unless the U.S. is rendered asunder by a surprise attack. Then we can place our full trust in the UK’s PM Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and France’s President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron.

      • “No military officer among the U.S., UK or France has ability to arm a nuke and then launch it.”

        SO…. who would you trust more.. the military officers that make critical judgements daily.. OR.. someone with the mentality of the one that has control of ours now…..

      • “No military officer among the U.S., UK or France has ability to arm a nuke and then launch it. ”

        Oh, I know. That’s what made the Wes Clark affair so noteworthy…

    • E, Russian business interests are already suffering losses on the ‘frontline’:

      S-400’s not in place till Feb 10th, calling up needed Russia military reservists not popular, getting ‘stuck’ in March mud thaw a problem, and Putin’s lost his element of surprise:

    • Putin will have to consider the winds aloft if he’s going to use nukes. Starting Thursday, winds aloft over Ukraine are forecast to be from the SW, which will blow radioactive fallout toward Moscow to the NW. Russia has to be careful not to pee in its own swimming pool wrt nukes..

      I’m of the opinion that Russia will paralyze the Ukrainian economy by taking down their eCommerce and banking, blockading Black and Baltic Sea ports and air capping Ukraine’s major military and commercial airports.

  9. stay short . rsi navigation. short hard . who cares about ukraine , covid or commie dopey brandon. f them . payback

  10. Crypto is where your crash is (imo)

    The decimation of the last few days led to carnage on Friday which has now continued since Friday’s close.

    Crashes occur from deep oversold conditions … and Crypto went into deep oversold condition on Friday and since Thursday then has broken MULTIPLE BIG support lines.

    I do NOT have a good handle on the “leverage” in the crypto market but do get the feeling that virtually all of the “Bounce Buyers” have now done their buying and are now ALL IN so that money is no longer available to serve as buying power.

    The same situation appears to be the case with the funds that went into Crypto … they are also now nearly fully invested, and have no cash left for buying (unless their bankers will LOAN them NEW funds, which most bankers will be unlikely to do).

    NON Crypto Investors have plenty of cash … but little inclination to get into the Crypto Game, or they would already be there.

    Are there Crypto SHORTS out there which will eventually come in to cover their shorts, which would provide buying power?

    I assume there are some, but with the way cryptos work with high upside volatility I doubt there are many … AND … some of the Crypto Clearing Houses MAY now be technically INSOLVENT because of the rapid decline which could further prevent Crypto Investors from deploying more funds into Crypto (during the 87 crash a number of clearing houses became insolvent … but in that case the Fed came in and opened the vault and liquified each and every one [stock, options, futures] for purposes of trade clearing – doubt the Fed would do that for the Crypto houses).

    Going to be an interesting day on Monday. Crypto has already been slaughtered more since the close (NY) yesterday Bitcoin down ANOTHER 9.5%, $3600 since then and many margin players (have no idea how many and how much – info like that is hidden wrt Crypto) are going to have Banking Margin Calls at the open on Monday, which is now 41-42 hours away as I write this (2:45 PM EST Saturday). Calls will go out ahead of time but money probably needs to be in their bank accounts by 10:00 AM Monday Morning or the Crypto Collateral WILL be sold by the lenders on those margin accounts.

    I have personally seen THIS MOVIE before …
    Crypto Land is looking just like Chicago Board of Trade Land going into that fateful day in October 1987. It looks the same. Feels the same. Systemic risk (to the clearing houses) also looks and feels the same. Will the FED even DARE to venture in to protect a totally unregulated market and unregulated clearing houses like exists with Crypto?

    Going to be an interesting 96 hours coming up!!

  11. “as the war potential goes front burner and Russia moves shortly thereafter. They need to make their moves before winter is over,, so a good timeframe for them would be now until the middle of February. After that, it’s less predictable from the “mets and weps” dudes”

    Hmm..I think they are waiting on Brandon.. everyone knows Brandon would and has sold out everyone for his personal gains..sure they can squelch that information and get people to believe that group is all innocent.. but other countries have published a bunch of the sordid stories.. published photos documents and the family wasn’t shy about publishing home videos of themselves doing a variety of perverted sick activities..All while Putin and Xi don’t usually march in unannounced..they wait till they’re invited.. the buildup i believe is due to our buildup of military equipment and trying to cross their borders.
    So will brandon jump. He says he does pushups… if brandon doesn’t jump then i think they will wait and let Brandon and the irresponsible members of the grand brotherhood to totally destroy our nation’s economy through their irresponsible actions.
    Keep the supply line broken .. let the country implode.. no shots fired and we are deep in a depression that will make the Weimar depression look like a visit to Disney world… the standard has historically been that war builds an economy.. it’s up to Brandon.. I believe they’ll buildup in cuba to make Brandon and the brotherhood nervous.. either way all the chess pieces are in place and its Brandon’s move..

  12. So, would this be an appropriate time to mention that thanks to China’s “Belt-in-Mouth” initiative being incredibly active on (skimmable) public works projects within its borders over the past eight years, Ukraine is bankrupt and owes their ass to the PRC?

    • The Ukraine is not alone. I’m thinking Uncle Sam presently owes a large portion of it’s collective financial derrière to China.

      • Yeah, but we’re not doing B&R. We’ve merely sold China a trillion or so of our debt (and control of a number of our Ports of Entry, and most of our meat packers, and…)

  13. The real issue with crypto is that as Bitcoin falls, Tether blows up. Tether is just smoke and mirrors now, but once its Bitcoin profits disappear, it goes belly up.

  14. I just got a “Winter Weather Advisory” because we have a possibility of 3″ of snow over the next couple days.

    Three inches is nothing. Folks living south of the Kentucky River have issues because y’all lack the equipment to handle ice & snow. WE DON’T, and consider 4″ or less to be “teaching moments” for our progeny, so they learn how to drive in light snowfalls and powdered slush.

    In years past, we have not gotten a WWA for snowfalls of under 8″ in a single day unless we were going to get high winds (and then we’d get a winter storm warning or a blizzard warning.)

    Apparently yellow journalism and fear porn have migrated from the political side of NOAA to the forecasting side at NWS/SPC.


    I do storm spotting, 7mos per year (weather permitting!) Like 30,000 others who do this shit, I depend on exact, accurate information to keep me from being an unwilling participant in a BJ or having my fire lit by an oversized vacuum tube. Stuff like this scares me, because I wonder whether my NWS feed will get socked by political correctness obfuscation, where I have to suffer 28 seconds of BS out of every 30 seconds of transmission, or put on rose-colored glasses to see my radar feed…

  15. I was @ the WMT today and noticed the bicycle shelves/racks were full.

    Moreover, I did a canned meat recon. The store still has canned meats (B, P & C) on the shelf, link below.

    This is the ‘good’ made in U.S.A. stuff. Expiration date is 12/2026.

    What do you guys think, buy all the canned meat ASAP? If nothing happens I can start eating it in two years or donate it in three years. If something does happen I’ll have premium barter items.

    Keystone natural beef is fully cooked

    • Walmart has the Keystone meats to.. I like the hamburger… what I do is freeze dry them if things start to get close then put the packages in for long term storage. ( they are a wonderful group… and you can put it on layaway.. which is how I got mine.. I have two of them.. a regular family will throw out the cost of a freeze dryer a year.. instead.. package them for instant meals.. camping or like us this last couple of days..most of the house was out for activities.. so it wasn’t economical to cook a meal.. instead.. out comes the heat and eats..meals done.. hashbrowns and potatoes french fries.. just about anything you would like are but a soaking away.. then soups stews .. I did raw steaks to see if it would work.. it does.. I love to have hamburger freeze dried.. then package them in the hamburger helper meals the whole meal in one small box..
      fortunately.. since we eat all our meals at home very rarely do canned goods get to expiration..
      this is what I have in the pantry.. each of the can rotators holes one flat of food except for the soup.. each one of soup will hold two flats….
      these are for bulk items.. each one will hole four tiers of can goods.. very nice.. newest goes on the bottom .. buy new it goes on bottom move the bottom up..
      For rice.. this can’t be beat..
      then bulk goes into five gallon buckets with oxygen absorbers.. if you don’t have oxygen absorbers.. salt and iron will work.. in tea bags..
      our groceries doesn’t last.. Most people don’t get that the cup of coffee at the starbucks and a biscuit is almost a days total food costs for one person.. I budget fourteen dollars and fifty cents a day per person for groceries.. 4.25 per meal and .50 per snack.. the cost of snacks are going up.. until I see the end cost increase it will remain the same..

      • Good work!

        I live equidistant between WMTs and did go back last night. I hit them for all the Keystone beef and pork cans, no chicken. There were no other brands of beef or pork. There was other brands of chicken. They’ll be gone as soon as the first bomb drops.

        WMT has an accurate online inventory system. When I got home I checked the website and after the next whole hour, WMT showed they were sold out.

        I’ll let you know how long until the shelf stock is replenished.

        The main reason I bought is because China is slowing down their ports again. Instead of battleships blockading our ports, China just doesn’t send from their ports.

        The blockade may impact the $1.25 store food products. As those become unavailable the consumers will slide up the chain so I headed them off at the pass.

      • “oxygen absorbers”

        I’m indifferent towards rice and noodles because the bags are supposed to be sealed air tight.

        What do you think about putting rice/grains into a large garbage can then setting a board on top of the goods… then setting dry ice on the board. Place the garbage can lid, tilted open, onto the can and let the dry ice sublime/melt. This should displace the oxygen from the can. Then slide the lid closed and seal with Gorilla tape?

      • Oows…
        Retort can.. get retort bags. If you have a vacuum sealer.. take your retort bag. Put your product in.. then take an iron and seal up the bag except one corner.. put it in the vacuum sealer a d vacuum it out. Take your iron and seal the corner.
        Place vertically in your pressure canner pack it th ight fill with water and pressure can it according to directions..

    • Walmart’s website lists every Keystone meat as “out of stock.” Does anyone know if Butterfield Farms Roast Beef (Sam’s Club) tastes good enough to buy?

      • Buy one of the smallest of whatever and give it a try. If you like it, load up. If you don’t like it, you’re not out much.

      • “Does anyone know if Butterfield Farms Roast Beef (Sam’s Club) tastes good enough to buy?”

        Yes it does…I like it.. use it for quick hot beef sandwiches..

      • Retort can..
        Season it your way .. I retort can.. carp is wonderful.. use olive oil.. comes out tasting like tuna..

  16. The tide of contagion spreads. Now one of the health regions in BC is permitting its hospitals to mix covid posititive patients with non-covid patients who are double vaxxed but not necessarily boostered in the same room. Health officials note that beds will be at least 2 meters apart. It’s absolutely ludicrous.

  17. Just had a thought: what iffff………….
    the “war” is just a smoke screen for an actual civil war between the America loving US military and the elite controlled US military on top of trying to move our attention off of the vax deaths?

    A thought on crypto…in my humble opinion, it will NEVER replace anything fiat as long as it has the same market cycles as fiat backed things. Meaning, gold is gold, Silver is silver, but crypto has no physical meaning and may be worse than fiat…at least some people will still accept fiat cash over the coming few years because they’re ignorant…no one can accept or trade crypto if the internet crypto switch is turned off (remember, china flipped the switch at will). Consider that maybe crypto was just a way to introduce the concept into our minds/acceptance with the goal of full federal reserve authority via a block chain closed crypto system that cuts out the local, commercial and investment banks. Will the fed blame the catastrophic crash on the banks so the people rise up and call for the end of the ‘bad, bad’ banks? Here’s the chair of the sec lecturing about it at mit (the sec now has a contract with mit for setting up gov’t block chain):

    Will bitcoin fill the gap from back in July 32900-34450 before taking Ure rally back up?

    According to this guy, large US military is being moved within the US, some of it is NOT to other military bases…it’s not national guard (controlled by the states).

    Thought on China/Taiwan…China has to wait until after the winter olympics…so, will that be the timing for russia also?

    • “maybe crypto was just a way to introduce the concept into our minds/acceptance”

      My view was that Crypto was a lot like Air America and how they could funnel funds and goods from one place to another without being detected no checks or balances..
      Crypto was described to me as an anonymous group where dark pool money was moved around.. off of the dark web of the silk road. you could and probably still can buy anything you would like. You would need to just follow kid pedo and you could get an idea where they are doing it now.. the money would be laundered and then could be used to pay for anything …
      similar to a bank except it doesn’t have any of the checks and balances.. you don’t know who is using your money. Where with a bank locally they have checks and balances for it and accounting you know who the bank is giving your money to even there they can and do skim off of the bottom. do we really know where those trillions went that they just printed checks and balances its open season on the people of the country.. When the lights go out there it is the same as bitcoin… Where with bitcoin you don’t even know where it is even kept.. the lights go out it is gone you can’t even flip off the banker that was managing the bank…. You would assume you had given it to brandon and son enterprises and didn’t even get his scooby do coloring book page or a home video although until they took his accounts down his Sick perverted home video’s were free to watch.

    Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 22, 2022
    A Hallmark of Covid-19: Cytokine Storm/Oxidative Stress and its Integrative Mechanism
    by Richard Z. Cheng, M.D., Ph.D.

    OMNS (Jan. 22, 2022) Cytokine storm has recently been recognized as the key pathology responsible for the severe symptoms of Covid-19 and other viruses and non-viral agents. The underlying biochemical cause of cytokine storm is excessive oxidative stress. Cytokine storm and its associated oxidative stress appears to be a universal non-specific mechanistic pathway common among many causative agents, for example viruses, that leads to severe clinical disease.

    A biochemical sequence known as “lipid peroxidase chain reaction” (LPCR) plays a critical role in oxidative stress and cytokine storm. Prevention and blocking the occurrence of cytokine storm/oxidative stress appears to be a logically sound and effective strategy to prevent the severe symptoms of Covid-19. If this could be performed world-wide, it could reduce the devastating medical, economic and societal impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Preventing or blocking LPCR and the excessive oxidative stress requires intact antioxidant systems, especially the antioxidant vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins C, E, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione and niacin (to promote NADP+/NADP), selenium and others. Insufficiency or absence of any of these antioxidant agents may render these antioxidant systems ineffective, which may be responsible for the inconsistent results of antioxidant therapies in the literature.

    Here we propose an integrative and systematic therapy that includes these antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The “universal and non-specific nature” of cytokine storm/oxidative stress makes possible a pre-emptive treatment to prevent or block cytokine storm/oxidative stress induced by severe diseases, even before full recognition of the underlying causative agent. This is very significant because it allows us to potentially prevent and block a pandemic of a new virus or a new viral mutant when it happens without requiring the extended time needed to develop a specific drug or vaccine treatment. With the seemingly endless mutations of SARS-Cov-2, we may still have time to apply this strategy to break the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Entire paper may be found here:

    FWIW I will be modifying my antioxidant regimen next week…

    • Dam…. thanks for sharing that Ray.. I hadn’t read that one… great information..

    • Thanks Ray. Downloaded for reading. A quick once over hangs together with much of what I’m doing anyway, but I’m curious about the details of their study and what I might have missed.

      • Same here — ordered Mg and Zn supplements of a different isotope, changed my glutathione to liposomal, and also ordered a bottle of 1000iu Vitamin-E and some 10,000iu D3 (I take 5000iu BiD normally) just to have on the shelf… Oh, and got some “chewable C” just in case I need to nurse a grandkid.

        I found OMNS in early February, 2020. I’ve not regretted joining their mailing list.

        FWIW I ordered most from PipingRock last night at ~0100, got shipping confirmation at ~0700 — had to order L-Glutathione from Amazon because both PR and Vitacost were out.

  19. Chamber of Commerce Cheers Biden’s Expansion of American Job Outsourcing for Amazon, BlackRock, Facebook

    The United States Chamber of Commerce is cheering on President Joe Biden’s expansion of a visa pipeline set to deliver more foreign competition against American professionals while cutting costs for the nation’s largest multinational corporations

    They’ve been neocommunist for years — Hopefully now, a few people will recognize that the USCC does not further the best interests of the United States.

  20. Highway robbery! Armored car company sues authorities for roadside seizures

    Civil forfeiture practices in several states have come under fire in recent years in disputes triggered by controversial cases that involved the seizure of homes, cars and even cash from innocent people. The concept is that authorities should be allowed to confiscate money used in criminal activity. But victims who lose money, and never are charged, much less convicted, accuse the police agencies of utilizing those laws, which give them a percentage of the take, to boost their budgets.

    Perhaps illegally.

    • No “perhaps”. Asset theft under color of law has been condoned by “authorities” and courts, and is against everything that America holds dear. If something is illegal, it’s on the “authorities” to prove it beyond reasonable doubt in open court. Until then, they have no business stealing it, and IMHO, there’s never a legitimate reason to steal it. If it’s stolen goods, it needs to go back to the rightful owner. If otherwise, leave it alone. People need to be secure in their possessions under the fourth amendment. It should never go to the state under any circumstances.

      Grasping actions on the part of government at any level encourage citizens to do the minimum and produce nothing. They can’t take what doesn’t exist.

  21. Official WEF partner Reuters ‘fact checks’ Great Reset ‘conspiracy’

    As awareness of the globalist “Great Reset” agenda grows, the worldwide news wire Reuters has decided to publish “fact checks” to dismiss concerns about a secret plot to increasingly shift sovereignty from nation states to global entities and “reset capitalism.”

    It turns out that any Reuters “fact check” must take into account the fact that the news wire has an official partnership with the purveyors of the “Great Reset,” the World Economic Forum.

  22. Horowitz: The very concerning data from Scotland

    “The vaccines are incredibly safe. They protect us against Omicron; they protect us against Delta; they protect us against COVID.” Those were the words of fully vaccinated CDC Director Rochelle Walensky while testifying before the Senate Health Committee with two masks on her face on Jan. 11.

    Scottish data shows that the COVID-19 age-standardized case rate is highest among the two-dose vaccinated and lowest among unvaccinated! It further shows this trend of negative efficacy for the double-vaccinated persisting for hospitalizations and deaths. Something is very wrong here,

    See my post from Orthomolecular News…

    • Um, could it be because you’re like, 93, and have had to swim upstream in a river of BS for over half your life…?

  23. The other day I mentioned something bad would happen on 1/22 around lunchtime.

    The monkey crash, if it develops, was

    “The crash happened around 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, that’s when the three monkeys got free in the Danville area. Police say the driver who was transporting the monkeys was charged in the crash.”

    – 1 day ago

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