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  1. Maybe this time.
    But don’t minimize the human capacity for self-delusion (e.g. crypto’s and nft’s), as well as the wide-spread use of legal and illegal drugs, to keep the party rolling. Looking for a chair when the music stops.

  2. Not able to make sense of todays stock market anymore. “Scary” news goez by every hour, news items that used to tank the markets all on their own, no longer cause a blip on my screens.
    Locked down city’s – whole friggin cities locked the F down. Ports Closed/Quarantined in land of the dragon throne. Entire populations of real Human Beings brutally ENSLAVED ..organ harvested on the regular – on LIVE victims..ALL Day Every DAY in Xi’s Kaummunist Chynah.

    ..and YOU SOULLESS bastards are worried about where Ure foodz&comms going to come from – when the SLAVERS come for YOU- Israhell/Saud, Chynah/Germany..Priceless!

    To Accept it is to Own it…We bee owned, and apparently you bee happy about it.

    Pleasant Dreams dreamers

    Nope ! Still no magic number digital tulips 4 Ure… dont want to get involved in cutting up the golden”Pi ?- Im sure you’ll get a a “fair” share of the “reset”, by doing Nothing.

    * in light of recent/pending space- nazi activity, Name change to protect the smartazzed.

    My apologies for 4 anyone offended by last name of BCN.


  3. One of the main reasons I come to this site other than to receive pearls of wisdom from George is to hear and dialogue with people that seem to care enough about each other to share their observations and feelings.

    I think it was Warhammer yesterday that said he reads left and right wing media as do I. Somewhere in there is the truth and it can come surprisingly from a source outside your bias. I occasionally read the comments on other media sites just to understand how biased, rigid and hateful people can be.

    Thanks to all who post here, even the ones I totally do not understand (names withheld) and the few trolls who post. I am still learning even at this late stage of life.

    P.S. Hope you are feeling better LOOB. You and your tweezers haven’t lost your sense of humour (Canadian for humor).

  4. System demolition. It’s gotta happen. The alternative is to bailout another generation of GM stiffs. Amtrak has been doling it for over 50 years, over 20% of the time America has been. The lady who started at Amtrak when she was 25 is now 75. Her grandbabies are now grown and doling it on the tracks. Sign us up for another 50?

    Some of the posters point out China bio-attacked the U.S. and the U.S. military stood down. For whatever it means Trump was toothless or in on it. Trump is gone, Fauci remains. None of the world leaders said much about the attack in fact they took the Vaxx in front of us. They must be in on it too.

    With that in mind we have to accept the destruction is an inside job.

    Look to the people of Syria or Palestine for ways to prepare if you plan on living. Somalis know how to operate a black market and keep their mouths shut. No White Knights or Karens in Somali.

    Vs the “terrorists” (Cruz) who were turned in via. website by their friends and family.

  5. While getting seeds in the ground at the proper time and subsequent proper care is good to know the main thing that skewered my friends’ efforts at growing green stuff were the pests that ate everything to the ground. One suggestion for a topic to write about would be how to mitigate these problems if there’s no pesticides any more – if at all possible. If we’re talking “sustainable” here crop growing post-industrial break down and peak oil production, since oil is the main source of our pesticide chemicals and fertilizers (I think), would be a neat and necessary trick to pull off. We almost had a locust invasion this past couple of years but it wasn’t just one species of ‘hopper – it was ALL of them going to town on everything. The good rains we’ve had up until now I’m sure contributed to this. One friend had a beetle infestation that took out his beans and root crops, too.

    There’s a difference today from the first panic buying sprees of a couple of years ago. In the first shut-down and stocking up episode I was impressed that people were stocking up on good stuff like canned meats and other truly high-nutrition items. Yesterday I was noticing a lot of the lower quality, cheaper things were gone like the Maruchan and Nissin products. Either people are feeling the burn on inflation or they’ve done all the stocking up of quality items a couple of years ago and are now concentrating on the less expensive stuff. Things may vary in different readers’ areas, though.

    • Re: cheap food disappearance –
      OR it could simply be the supply chain problem of getting the noodles in from over seas.

    • Bill,

      I think the Internet needs “Paste-its” with short preparedness ideas.

      We’ve read a comment, “Prepare”. That’s means something to the writer. How usable is that comment to an audience?

      “Grow a garden” says the writer. Maybe the audience will plant a carrot and potato garden in rocky clay. Slow death for the audience. The writer wasn’t helpful in this scenario.

      The writer might say, “Stock up on food.” What does that mean to the audience? We should provide short Paste-its.

      I made a food list which is below. Someone might comeback and say there’s no fresh food. “I like fresh food.” That last sentence is for them.

      WMT is doable and fine for no frills emergency planning.

      Like the old Soviet Union, “today” WMT had 28 ounce cans of chicken and pork for $6.98 each. Beef was $2.00 more, $8.98.

      10 cans of each (30 total) is 50 lbs of meat.
      60 cans of vegetables.
      60 cans of fruit.
      60 cans of soup.
      60 pounds of rice and noodles.

      Throw in 60 boxes of ‘just add water’ bake mixes.

      2 peoples for one month should be fine.

      Some people like to eat fresh and wouldn’t consider cans. They can eat the bushes, cats and drywall during the emergency.”

      For a garden.

      Get ready to build a garden this summer. Learn which grow zone you live in and determine which plants thrive in the area.

      Designate an area in your yard where you will plant the garden. Get soil samples to the university for testing to find out which plants will thrive in your soil conditions.

      What do you think? Should was waste our time putting together copy and paste-its?

      • Was over looking at the Morman site wrt food storage and I was SHOCKED by how much beans they were saying one person needed per month at survival nutrition levels.

        10# of grains and 5# of beans per person per month!!

        OH … and as most know UNGROUND wheat can be stores for literally decades GROUND wheat that has been converted into flour has much shorter shelf life. (they said 50+ years for unground wheat)

        Everybody have a HAND grinder for wheat/corn? Even if you haven’t stored much UNground wheat or corn you may need it for future grinding efforts of stuff YOU and your friends have planted and harvested!!

      • Tips are always welcome for anyone interested in gardening. West Texas can be a Garden of Eden or a wasteland at 100 yard intervals. The farther East you go into George’s territory things become much easier with increased rainfall and less rocky soil. The one time I had a serious garden in the back yard the plants that grew without any problems were sweet corn, pinto beans, okra and all kinds of peppers. You couldn’t kill the pepper plants if you tried. We’ve still got free-range chili petines that we make hot sauce out of to this day. The radishes had some kind of black stuff radiating throughout the root which could have been some kind of fungus but didn’t affect the flavor or make me sick. I forget what else was out there but it didn’t fair very well. I don’t recall having much of a problem with pests, though, which may have been due to our location inside our small town whereas my gardening friends are all out in the hinterlands that were previously pasture. The bugs still consider it their territory evidently.

        I’m still thinking about a garden at the ranch but I’m going to have to build an 8 foot fence like Ft. Knox to keep the goats and deer out and then it’s going to take a daily effort to keep it going. Wish we lived on the ranch but I burn a lot of diesel going back and forth just to take care of the livestock. The back yard is kept in reserve to take care of dogie goat kids that we have every year so that location is off the list now too. I guess in the SHTF scenario most of us see I can envision a select bunch of people being allowed onto our ranch to take care of a garden area for community food efforts. It doesn’t take much to get more than you need out of a garden which is why people wind up giving a lot of it away or selling it. Given the newbies in our area who don’t have a clue what it means to be part of a community other than waving at your neighbor as you go pick up the paper in the morning there’s going to be a vertical learning curve they’re going to hit if we actually do get into that situation. The sense of entitlement they’re carrying around with them will have to be dealt with and my diplomacy skills are limited – intentionally.

      • to Stephen2:
        10# + 5# = 15 pounds / 90 meals per month = .17 pounds per meal x 16 oz = 2.7 oz per meal.

      • to Stephen2:

        10# + 5# = 15 pounds / 90 meals per month = .17 pounds per meal x 16 oz = 2.7 oz per meal.

    • Plant a few Cherry trees and some daisies…

      Boiled Mayan Cherry root yields pure rotenone. Dried pyrethrum daisy (also known as dalmatian chrysanthemum or painted daisy) blossoms are the source for pyrethrin. Fruit tree netting may keep more than fruit trees pest-free. For fertilizer, look up “green manures…”

  6. Public schools went virtual Thursday and Friday due to high absentee rate (about 50% of administrators and 50% of teachers in some buildings out with Covid). The local University has stopped in person classes for the rest of the month and also gone virtual. The free testing drive in site had a four hour wait yesterday and I heard they closed after doing 800 tests (all they had). We are in southern Oklahoma close to the Texas border.

    • It’s happening everywhere and it’s going to run its course no matter what TPTB want you to do. They’ve shut school down here, too. It’s also Winter. People get all kinds of stuff during this time. The one and only time I let myself get carried away with the fear porn was when West Nile virus was running around and I had to talk the doc into giving me the test for it. Everything has totally reversed now so if you do talk to a doctor you’d, more than likely, have to beat him off with a stick to keep him from shoving a swab up your nose. Ain’t happinin’ here. We’ve all got chest congestion in the aftermath of the virus but we found that TexaClear (an antihistamine designed for our cedar wilderness out here) and some kind of Guaifenesin like Mucinex does a great job in fixing that problem. A the very worst we get into old prescriptions of cough syrup.

  7. If you are aware of my handle and what thread I post on from time to time over at glp, I cast my consciousness in meditation 5 years from now and looked back.

    You may find or may not find it interesting, what I saw.

    Last thing i will give you because I’m going to learn the ancient languages and be taught the origins of power and creativity.

    I distinctly saw the Trump Jr and Kennedy ticket win by a landslide over the Biden and Harris campaign in the next US Election. I looked 3 times and that is what I saw.

    Donald Trump Senior of course not running in the next president election due entirely to health issues developing now.

    I didn’t have to come back and tell you or them that. I’m not obligated to give you the future. It’s really good. They think I’m some kinda willy Wonka / Bat man or something. Lol. Me? Andy? Willy Wonka? Batman?

    OK, I been called alot of things in this life. I spose that is fine as well.

    It is so.


    With that, I bid you all fare well.

    Truly I am Blessed and HIGHLY FORTUNATE! It is my hope, you are as well.

    Cue: ~ the candy man can ~


    Sammy Davis Jr.

    • Donald Trump, Jr. ? Whose only credential is his father’s name?

      Inconceivable! The only remedy would be isolation which on a national scale would be secession.

      Andy, you should save these kinds of posts for October. :)

  8. Comrades,

    You may wish to consult PN Issue 6/6/2020 for past planning ideas to amend your digital garden soil. Usual caveat things can change. Oh, yes, do not water.

  9. I want to build on Out of Work Steve’s post. Find your agricultural or cooperative extension service. You are already paying for it so why not use it. Find out about soil testing. Regardless of fee or free you need to know what’s going on in your soil before you spending hard earned money on soil amendments. The extension service is a great source of info on what grows in your region and how to grow it. The extension service provides information about fruit growing, nonchemical pest control, how to use chemical pesticides, food preservation, and much more.

    Concerning organic matter, back in the day the host of the Public TV program Crockett’s Victory Garden extolled the virtues of organic matter in garden soil. If good compost was not available he recommended using peat moss (the kind that came in the big compressed bags). A viewer wrote in and asked how much to use. His response was “how much can you afford”.

    Winter is a great time to read up and to find online seed catalogs and see what is available.

  10. Black Monday 24 January 2022 vice Black Monday 19 October 1987.

    Black Monday 24 January 2022

    Is the global macroeconomy – whose valuation growth is qualitatively propelled by debt expansion and qualitatively limited by bad debt accumulation, overproduction, and over valuation – is the global macroeconomy a quantitative highly ordered self assembly system conforming to very simple time dependent laws of valuation growth and decay which correlates the system’s maximum asset valuation to its maximum bad debt load(unpayable debt) accumulation?

    Jimmy Carter lost the 1980 election in a landslide fashion, not primarily because of the Iran hostage crisis, but rather because Paul Volcker’s Federal Reserve increased the prime rate to 21.5% to control inflation. This rate very effectively shut down the US economy.

    Black Monday 19 October 1987 resulted in a one day 22.5% devaluation of US equities. It occurred within less than 20 percent of the time span from the November 1980 presidential election 21.5% prime rate to the current 2021 3.5% prime rate with 2021’s even lower 30 year mortgage subprime rates underwritten by Federal Reserve backed securities.

    The composite Wilshire comprising all US stocks peaked at 49.17462 trillion valuation in November 2021 following a 31/62/62 month :: x/2x/2x three phase fractal growth series from its March 2009 low.

    From 20 Sept 2021 to Monday 24 January 2022 the composite 47-49 trillion Wilshire 5000 is following a 17/36/37 day :: y/2y/2y fractal decay series.

    Black Monday 19 October 1987 occurred on day 10 of an interpolated 21 Sept 1987 4/9/10 day:: y/2y/2y three phase fractal decay series. (The complete 4 phase series was 4/9/10/7 days)

    Black Monday 24 January 2022 will occur on day 10 of an interpolated 20 December 2021 Wilshire 5/11/10 day :: y/2y/2y decay three phase fractal series. (The complete 4 phase series is expected to be 5/11/10/7 days)

    The 19 October 1987 crash occurred in the early portion of a 13/29 year :: x/2-2.5x fractal growth series starting in 1982 with cascadingly falling lower interest rates from President Carter’s election day 4 November 1980 21.5% prime rate provided by Paul Volcker. Politically facilitated global central bank ex nihilo trillion dollar money creation started via the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act on 3 October 2008, continued for years with a series of quantitative easing federal reserve strategies and has exploded since the appearance of the covid pandemic crisis in March 2020 resulting in the current equity and commodity superbubbles, the later associated with the highest inflation at the consumer level since the Volcker 21.5 percent prime rate.

    Black Monday 24 January 2022 will not be equivalent to black Monday 19 October 1987 which occurred in a relatively healthy 1980’s economy with miles and miles ahead of cascadingly lowering of the peak 1980 Volcker prime rate. 24 January 2022’s Black Monday is occurring at the end of a United States 1807 36/90/90 year :: x/2.5x/2.5x maximum valuation fractal growth expansion with peak Wilshire composite US equity valuation occurring on 8 November 2021 at 49.17462 trillion dollars. The Buttonwood agreement in 1792, 16 years before the 1807 initiation of America’s great three phase x/2.5x/2.5x fractal maximum growth series served as an initiating 16 year fractal to the flow-on 1807 36 year base fractal.

    Black Monday 24 Jan 2022

    A 65 trillion dollar equivalent property bubble in China is past its peak valuation and will wreck havoc on the population’s predominant investment vehicle. Evergrande, already with a 90 % devaluation over the last year is following an 8 November 2021 to Black Monday 24 January 2022 decay fractal series of 9/24/23 days :: y/2.5y/2.5y. The Shanghai property index is following a 30 July 2021 to Black Monday 24 January 2022 22/46/56 day ::x/2x/2.5 xy decay series terminating in a 17//(12/29 =40) day 56 day third subfractal and a terminal 30 December 2020 3/8/8 day :: x/2.5x/2.5y 3 phase decay fractal series..

    For Bitcoin in US dollars: Black Monday represents day 46 of a 29+/73/73/46 day 4 phase x/2.5x.2.5x/1.5 xy fractal series and Month 27 of a 27/59 :: x/2-2.5x) month fractal series with an expected low in October 2022 (27/68 months:: x/2.5x) From its nadir valuation in March 2020 Bitcoin in US dollars is following a 7/17 :: x/2.5x fractal series of an expected 7/17/10 month series ending in a low of October 2022

    For Gold in US dollars Black Monday 24 January 2022 represents day 12 of a 5/12/12 day :: y/2.5y/2.5y three phase decay fractal series and week 11 of a (7/18/15/11 of 11 week) 4-phase fractal series :: x/2.5x/2=2.5x/1.5xy Gold in US dollars nadired in 2000 and is following a x/2-2.5x/1.6xy :: 5/11/8 year fractal series.

    From 1994, the Shanghai 29 year equivalent to the Wilshire is composed of two subfractal series of 3/7/4 years and starting in 2005 3/7/6/5 years.

    The global economy is interconnected. Black Monday 24 January 2022 will be a global event of historical import.

  11. Hawaii busting records. 5977 new cases today, 790 here on the Big Island alone. Omicron has not peaked here yet… still rising. Stupid tourists? Still coming, too. I gotta stop watching TV news for these numbers. It’s insane.

    • They’d be higher if everyone was getting a test but most people I know shy away from them. It’s too easy to cure to put yourself under the microscope of the local bought-and-paid-for medical establishment.

      • That’s true, Bill. I know two households cluster-infected that know they all have it, but will not go for the tests. So it is VERY under-reported. Which only confirms my fears that there are very many more cases out there than what is reported. Hawaii Health Dept. is so inundated they cannot keep up with all the reports, and have opted to ‘temporarily’ stop reporting and integrating ‘negative’ results into their reporting system.

  12. The Metaverse.

    At this point we type messages back and forth. Emojis are important in helping project tone of the message.

    In the Metaverse our avatars will show our emotion. Our avatars will also be recorded, as these messages are recorded. Look up old websites you posted on and look for your old posts. You’ll find some.

    In the Metaverse we’ll be able to obverse and review our historic interactions in 3d. In addition to thinking about a memory, we’ll have the ability in the Metaverse to re-watch the interaction.

    We’ll tell someone, “I was interacting with so & so in the Metaverse.” They’ll be able to review our interaction in 3d.

    Jealous boy/girlfriends will drive themselves crazy demanding to review Metaverse interactions looking for clues.

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