We Are What We Sing

With all the discord in America, what better way to get in touch with “Who We Are” than turning on the radio? But not just  listen to today’s 2020 Top-10.  We also go back to the summer of 1985.  And therein lies a tale…

We were shocked with what we found.

First, though, some headlines, a look-see at the ChartPack and some speculation about when “Wave II” will arrive on the disease front.

And the hits just keep on comin’…”

Like Consumer prices…

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46 thoughts on “We Are What We Sing”

  1. George: Couple of thoughts.

    Seems to me defunding the police department makes as much sense as defunding the fire department and asking your neighbours to bring their garden hoses when your house is on fire.

    Score is tied but evil has the ball on the 10 yard line.

    • You misunderstand the defund movement. Riffing off of your fire department analogy, imagine rather than spending so much on firefighters, trucks and equipment money is redirected to buy smoke detectors for people, to provide fire prevention training to people, to have fire department employees go to schools to educate kids. That’ what the defund police movement is about. The largest obstacle to reforming policing are the police unions. That’s why the current system needs to be scrapped and replaced with a new and better one.

      • Sorry Organic, you missed HIS point.
        The house (hood) is already on fire. (Drugonomics rules and violent gangs – a 3-alarm freakin mess!)
        Now, you go think through whether you fire the fire fighters in the middle of burning down the House/hood.
        You want that blood on yours?

      • Apples and oranges. It’s a stark difference when a fireman busts down the door of your home, or pulls you out of your vehicle versus when it’s done so by police. One is actually trying to save your life. The other…well…not so much. You cannot give away something you’ve never possessed and no citizen has ever possessed the authority exercised by police. So no one has ever held the authority to legitimately delegate it. They are unchecked tyrants and that’s why they are militarized across the country. They mostly act as road pirates for arbitrary infractions to otherwise law abiding citizens. They’ll never recover your stolen vehicle, no matter how much registration you pay for. They’ll never arrive on time should you need someone. They are literally a false sense of security in exchange for sacrifice of liberty to defend oneself. They “protect and serve” the law. That’s it. That’s their purpose. Laws only restrict law abiding citizens and a law is only useful if the right people break it. Law abiding citizens get manipulated and controlled while criminals and police do not. Yeah…it looks like the jig is up, we can only hope.

      • Biden does not support ‘defunding the police’ (too bad he keeps his head screwed on, for all those that would scream ‘lost left liberal’ to assassinate his character)


        Democrat’s bill still needs improvement:

        Gunman who killed police officer was from an elite Air Force Security unit (me vs. them really got to gunman?), may be responsible for killing of security guard (while protests were happening in Oakland)


      • You likely will never succeed in having a 3rd party (government) replace the learned ethics of the direct family and less so the local community. Police are there to enforce the law at the point of a gun and protect the lawful from the law breakers.

        Do they even police now in some of these neighborhoods?


        18 murders in 24 hours? The people in the community have to first take some responsibility in raising their children and have them stop preying on each other before you can lower police presence? Is this a cause of to much policing in the area, perhaps that is the argument? I am certainly with you if you are also talking about simplifying criminal law. Who should be tasked with enforcing laws? Citizens arrest? Mob rule? Policing allows the weak to grow along side the strong. No police, and you have the strongest or best armed rule the area. Want a lower police presence, stop doing things that violate the law. The problem of too many police around will solve itself. If there are fewer law breakers in an area, then leaders can be more selective on who they have to put into those roles.

      • Yep I’m sure he had probable cause the State Trooper that stop a woman up on top of the hill,then proceeded to rape her she died less then a year later from the effects they said from that rape,of course he wasen’t charged with murder but he should have been.!!

      • So George, you’re of the mind that a failure to use a turn signal should null and void someone’s constitutional rights? That kind of probable cause? What is the role of government, as it relates to this country, George? They were very clear about that role in The Declaration of Independence.

        • If someone fails to indicate a lane change, they are a dangerous driver.
          Someone should speak to them.
          Under the constitution, there’s a balance: rights and responsibilities.
          Become irresponsible = loses rights.
          Same with a lane weave: Usually a cause of that: Inattention, texting, or drinking.
          A public danger in all three cases.
          Again, yeah, an adult should speak with them.
          Mind you not all cops are adults…but 95%

      • Shawn. I’ll remember that next time I have a bad car accident and a police officer tries to pull me from my burning car. I’ll tell him thank you but I’ll wait for a fireman.

        By the way, I do think that if you are deciding to defund the police, you give it a 2 week trial process. Remove all the police from 2 cities for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. May I suggest Chicago and Baltimore.

      • Smoke detectors don’t prevent fires. “Education” doesn’t work when Billy Beerbelly is too lazy to do stuff properly.

        How do you “reform” cops who, literally, can die, every time they hit the street, and unlike the rest of us, have targets on them whenever they’re in public? Police are scared, and are at the mercy of city or county officials who tell them what to do, yet have no, or little regard for how they do it, until there’s a political or social pushback.

        I don’t like the civil service unions, nor a lot of their political policy, and I don’t like the “good ol’ boys” policy which police, fire, and EMS personnel share amongst themselves.

        I also don’t like city administrations who’ve been Leftist for many years, even multiple generations in some cities, whose policies created virtually all the current strife, AND the conditions which perpetuate same, and whose policies are the ones the legitimate protesters are railing against. I especially don’t like the pols and the media playing the blame game by equating all police to thugs, and offloading responsibility for failed policies caused by Leftist ideology, onto politicians and political entities who were never in a position to challenge the Leftists.

      • Most of the problems I see with the local lawmen are at the dispatch level. The cops get fed whatever lie is phoned in, and act on it without too much intelligent supervision. The police become unknowing agents of serial retaliation and gang stalking, and the dispatchers and supervision aren’t accountable.
        Only leftist lawyers challenge law conduct locally, and if you don’t fit the leftist profile, you don’t get any assistance dealing with serial crappy behavior by the system. I have come to blame the legislature, the bar association, and the gangs, although the cops do bear some responsibility. Social media coordinated stalking and moron dispatch supervision has turned the police into enforcers for local wingnuts and gangs. From what I have seen, Texas uses victims as props in legal proceedings, and generally doesn’t even acknowledge legal actions to the victim, if the victim is not required to make a case.

      • “The people in the community have to first take some responsibility in raising their children and have them stop preying on each other ”

        Unfortunately JoeDish.. that went out with deregulation.. before deregulation.. mom stayed home with the kids.. then as prices outpaced income ratio’s mom had to go to work.. the argument made was equalization.. now as prices still outpace income ratio.. part time jobs become the way to equalize that.. or go on public programs to make up the gap..
        the people become dependent on those rather than working day and night.. I chose to work.. so much that an eight hour day was a day of vacation and yes I worked all seven days of the week and didn’t have a holiday off in over thirty years.. audio books became my escape along with written books.. no television.. I use to complain about not seeing television then when I could I realized there wasn’t a dam thing on there that I wanted to really watch LOL..
        our children are being raised by daycare facilities for the wealthier people… for the poorer ones.. television, computer games, and local gang members..
        hmm.. want better babysitter.. have violence and crime reduction reforms on television and games..

      • There you go George, using that guise of “safety”. So a police officer has to risk their own, the driver and everyone else’s safety several times over to pull someone over and “talk”. Ridiculous. Your opinion about what’s a dander to society holds as much merit as your opinion on adult police…it’s baseless. They protect the law, and you don’t know all of them. You couldn’t. But not knowing can’t be used as defense for commoners. Experts like police seem to get a pass. You’re guilty of something, somewhere, I assure you. You menace to society.

        BIC, they day you have to rely on a police officer to be at the right time at the right moment to pull you from a burning car…please. That false security isn’t worth having organized criminals holding authority, and operating out of bounds of the US Constitution.

    • PRIVATE police dept. NO PENSIONS….NO UNIONS….NO IMMUNITY…….RUN as a business..BONUS…for CRIMINAL arrest’s…NOT parking tickets…and NO Beholding to POLITICIANS..written into CONTRACT….along with a citizens committee…again NO POLITICIANS…and KEEP IT LOCAL….many smarter people around than I…so details aplenty with the right agenda which is pro citizen and business and anti criminal….way better than what we have today…as anyone can see….imo

      • NOT private police. A Chief or Commissioner answers to elected officials, a brigade commandant doesn’t answer to anyone.

        You can flush the union, but no pension = no cops. Ya gots to give ’em something to make it worthwhile. However, a 40% pension would be better than an 80% pension for a lot of reasons, non the least of which is it might keep the pension funds from going bankrupt.

        The problems are PDs ARE political. If yer not of the Mayor’s or town council’s Party, you are not getting a raise or promotion, regardless how good a cop you are.


        Residents get p!ssy when they get taxed out their asses, so police have become generators of free revenue (don’t worry that the numbers don’t work out — they’re different parts of the budget) so the pols can buy new, fancy, unnecessary street lights or sidewalks without raising taxes.

    • I for one welcome the Dims social experiment in Bolshevism. Let all the big cities wall themselves in to keep out the deplorables and abolish the police. And while they’re at it, defund the rest of government also. Some things have a way of correcting themselves if left alone.

      In Seattle the ‘Capitol City Autonomous Zone’ has been established by the antifa droids. For now things are great, groovy and exhilarating. But in a few days their mommies will get tired of dropping off lunchables and bottled water. Then they will slink back to their basement wombs and hook up to their virtual world again. Who knew the real world could be so hard, so cruel, so… real. It’s just not fair. And what’s with that hot, burning, bright thing in the sky. “Arrhh, it’s making me sweat, I’m going to die!”

  2. Yo G – Dog,


    Sounds like U guyz still be “peaking&freaking” on Covert19/Wuhan Wok-in Pneumonia/AirborneAIDs.

    U might want to consider coming on down to Belize – it is simply Un-Belizeable!

    No COVERT19 – like ZERO – and it is a toasty time of year – sunshine and heat while U be “watching the world wake up from history.”J.Jones.

    Banana and Citrus trees abound, tons of tasty fish around barrier reef, cheap weed, rum & coke, low taxes..medical is slackadasical at best so med back up plan would be essential.
    Hell G – u could have Ure own reggae band down here like my main man – Peter Tosh..

    “..His mother told him, “Someday you will be a man,
    And you will be the leader of a big ol’ band
    Many people comin’ from miles around
    To hear you play your music when the sun go down
    Maybe someday your name’ll be in lights
    Sayin’ ‘Johnny B. Goode tonight!'”

    Go go
    Go Johnny go!
    Go go go Johnny go!
    Go go go Johnny go!
    Go go go Johnny go!
    Johnny B. Goode! -C. Berry

  3. Can we get back to absolute equality any time soon…please??? No preference, just everyone judged on equal standards? Merit? Hard work?

    I don’t think so. Each year more and more encroachment to freedom and individual responsibility is codified into law. Who could bring about a new wide spread desire for people to be free? Large groups of citizens have been told for decades, they cannot pull themselves up, the deck is stacked against them. It is a much easier life, short term, to blame the boogie man vs taking a hard look at your personal decisions and changing your behaviour. We see more and more single parent families. I think this is the root of many cultural issues with black families and is also becoming a cancer for white families as well. Is there something in our water that has caused us to be terrible about choosing our mates and parents of our children? Is that even a consideration? Without hard working, driven, family role models, how will generations have these values instilled? No, we will have to collapse once again and hopefully come out of that with a majority of freedom loving, self sufficient citizens that will drive the reset.

    • “Can we get back to absolute equality any time soon”


      It hasn’t happened anywhere in the world, at any time, save only the last couple years of Jesus’ life, and amongst a really small cross-section of society.

      “Large groups of citizens have been told for decades, they cannot pull themselves up, the deck is stacked against them.”

      The racists would say that is a Black issue. It is, but it is also a White, Red, and Brown issue. Poor Whites were slugged as hard, percentagewise, by LBJ’s “great society” as poor Blacks — and yes, that’s where the economic crap went orbital because that’s when the nuclear family died.

      ” Is there something in our water that has caused us to be terrible about choosing our mates and parents of our children?”

      No. Along with the incentives of becoming single parents, the “great society” ushered in the age of “disposable relationships.” Before 1964, married people tended to stay together and “work things out.” After the “summer of love” came the idea of flushing the relationship, rather than trying to maintain it. The five years in-between were the breeding ground for this “change of ideology.”

      There IS, however, something in our water which has caused us to be terrible at selecting our elected representatives. I personally think it’s the fluorine…

    • RE: “cultural issues with black families”
      From my 13-year experience of raising kids in a 50/50 integrated neighborhood of large, beautiful old homes with mostly two-parent, working, middle class families, both black and white, I concluded that the “race” problem is mainly a cultural one within the black community itself. The kids aren’t raised in a manner that benefits them or society, even with intact, financially stable families. They’re raised to fight about everything. Fight, fight, fight?that’s about all they do. Once outside their own homes, they become like wild animals. Jesse Jackson and Bill Cosby both chided their brethren about black culture, but apparently nobody listened, especially whites. Whites are certain that the problems stem from inherent racism, poverty, and lack of opportunity and would have apoplexy if it were pointed out that a change of attitude and child-rearing practices would take them further than all the money and opportunities with which they’ve been provided. So as Joe points out, the issue is cultural, but single parenting is not the main problem.

      • Fighting is deadly, yet sometimes necessary. While we must be prepared for a necessary fight, it should be realized that the results will never be good, even for the winner, and when forced, one must fight with sufficient ferocity to totally destroy the enemy. That’s why those who are able to prevail and have been there will be slow to anger. Engaging in an unnecessary fight is the mark of either an amateur or an immature.

    • Joe and Ray, the nuclear family was nuked on purpose! America was mostly Christian, they were imperfect but understood morals and values. The Father was the provider and protector. Before Johnson’s travesty on the American people 95% of AA homes had a Father in them; now 95% of them are headed by a single Mother. Whites have followed suit.

      The culture, oh, the culture! You mean taking Christianity out of the schools, and everywhere else hasn’t had an effect? See, what’s been coming out of hollyweird for the last 40 years? See ANY examples of a good Dad and Mom lately?

      Economics, we know why the woman went to work.

      But, again, HEAVILY influenced by Women’s Lib; telling her that being a wife and Mother was just a slave for a man. Oh, and WHO PAID for the women’s lib movement, Gloria Steinheim and all that? Ever Wonder?

      We know how the corporations have fleeced the American worker for the last 40 years keeping those wages low, bringing in low wage earners to compete with the citizens, while the government has been working behind the scenes to fund the invaders while leaving the citizens high and dry.

      We’ve watched several administrations increase the H1B Visa and other holders to keep the high-level invaders coming in taking our jobs;

      Everyone by now should understand that we are under a UN Mandated Population Replacement Program and it doesn’t matter if it takes 100 billion, Squillion Trillion Dollars to effect this on the US population, it is going to happen whether you wake up tomorrow, work tomorrow, don’t work tomorrow, etc., it is the dirty little TRANSFORMATION SECRET SECRET!!!

      We’ve watched the colleges give a free education to ‘others’ while making the American citizen with a Social Security Number or Home Equity pay for their children’s education.

      We’ve watched the massive drug invasion coming in non-stop across all borders with nice new crops coming in from AFGHANISTAN!

      What a drug war has done to the USA, just introduced DRUGS to EVERYONE.

      The MEDIA, let’s not leave them off. That media, owned by SIX corporations and they spout lockstep across all markets in all states, the same message, all of the time. Propaganda, and brainwashing.

      The tv programs that are so violent, immoral, demonic, hateful, and disgraceful; full speed ahead there, who PROTESTS the filth on the tv, in the movies, in the video games, anywhere? Anyone??

      The Education System; yeah, you can really tell that’s an oxymoron, you can’t find many young people OR OLD Democrats, who can even tolerate someone else’s OPINIONS and please don’t try to discuss FACTS….FACTS are opinions by another name!

      Work Ethic: How are you supposed to teach that to the young boys, when the FATHER was taken from the home! Even the people working in the wild life refuges in Africa found out the HARD way, that you don’t remove the BULL ELEPHANTS, as when you do, the young bulls start trampling and killing animals that they normally wouldn’t quarrel with unless threatened. BUT AMERICA HAS REMOVED THE FATHER FROM THE HOME AND THE WOMAN HAS BEEN BRAINWASHED THAT SHE DOESN’T NEED A FATHER FOR HER CHILD OR A HUSBAND FOR HERSELF.

      Oh, yeah, just so you don’t think I am picking on the woman, let’s go back to hollycrazycultureweird again and watch all those movies where they just screw each other but never get married or raise a stable and happy family.

      Vaccines: OMG, those vaccines that are causing autism to the tune of ONE MILLION KIDS AFFECTED A YEAR AND RISING, buy hey, let’s not blame the vaccines!!! Let that unknown, unseen, not talked about vaccine court pay out in the billions like heading to vegas baby, except it’s your vaccine damaged child that’s being played AND that’s only if you make your case in time, on time, and gots lotsa proof!

      The Federal Reserve: You know the unaudited federal reserve that loans money to all of their friends to buy out ALL of the great ideas and companies, lickety split, one by one. I mean come on, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, etc., they did NOT FUND THEMSELVES!!!! That’s has to be one of the BIGGEST jokes on America and the world. Yes, we see, you Federal Reserve!!! We KNOW what you are capable of, we have watched, for over one hundred years, the fruit of your labors and they have come up severely lacking in doing God’s will in America and on EARTH!

      The United States Military Industrial Complex: The underbelly that rules America; we see, you, too, we see that our country is just the MILKED Xitch to do the elite’s wishes on earth. WHEN DID THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTE TO KEEP OUR COUNTRY IN NEVER-ENDING WARS??? WE DIDN’T!!!!

      I could list these massive social EXPERIMENTS that have been PUT INTO PLAY IN THE USA and show the results of that to our fellow citizens. You get the picture, add your own.

      The point is; this PLANNED DESTRUCTION of the USA is going on but there ARE solutions and they ARE simple, IF THE WORD COULD GET OUT TO THE MULTITUDES!!!

      The SAD GLAD thing about a collapse, is it can be possible to have side effects, after the criminal effects have worked themselves out; people pulling together and sticking together, forming bands all over again.

      So, marxist/communist ,ADD THE NEW DEMONcratic party, to DESTROY in order to rebuild. Order out of CHAOS.

      WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

  4. George,
    You must have missed the 60’s and 70’s and the anti war songs and protests. Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, solo and with CSN. Even the Temptations With “War” and other songs had an edge. Throw in these Lyrics And what goes around comes around.

    Bob Seger

    All I know is that I’m young and your rules they are old
    If I’ve got to kill to live
    Then there’s something left untold
    I’m no statesman I’m no general
    I’m no kid I’ll never be
    It’s the rules ?not the soldier
    That I find the real enemy.

    King Crimson 21st Century Schizoid Man Lyrics:

    Blood rack barbed wire
    Politicians’ funeral pyre
    Innocents raped with napalm fire
    Twenty first century schizoid man

    CCR’s Fortunate Son

    Some folks are born made to wave the flag
    They’re red, white and blue
    And when the band plays “Hail To The Chief”
    They point the cannon at you

    Richie Havens

    Hey, look yonder, tell me what you see
    Marching to the fields of Vietnam
    It looks like Handsome Johnny with an M15
    Marching to the Vietnam war, hey marching to the Vietnam war

    Country Joe and the Fish

    Come on mothers throughout the land
    Pack your boys off to Vietnam
    Come on fathers, and don’t hesitate
    To send your sons off before it’s too late
    And you can be the first ones on your block
    To have your boy come home in a box

    Bob Dylan

    You that never done nothin’
    But build to destroy
    You play with my world
    Like it’s your little toy
    You put a gun in my hand
    And you hide from my eyes
    And you turn and run farther
    When the fast bullets fl

    And Steppenwolf
    Don’t forget the draft resisters and their silent, lonely plea
    When they march them off to prison, they will go for you and me

    Shame, disgrace and all dishonor, wrongly placed upon their heads
    Will not rob them of the courage which betrays the innocent

    • While we likely agree on much of the capitalistic war model (Deathinger et al) I chose 1985 for the comparison because we were NOT in that way so much and we’d begun to move toward disco and healing.
      I’d remind you that at the height of the VNW people were not “talking to their guns” like they do today.
      Calling sick when we sees is…
      And with 111-million views might we offer

      • Fair enough George,
        But…there are a lot of echos that are eerily similar to the 60’s and 70’s today. Johnson, a Democrat that was in power when the Vietnam war started followed by Nixon a harsh and empathy challenged POTUS is a lot like Obama, followed by Trump today. The anger was started by Johnson, but reached fever pitch after Kent State, and, combined with a politically incorrect POTUS in Nixon, who didn’t always say the right thing…things got crazy.

        Sound familiar? We are reaching that same fever pitch. I see absolutely no difference in the late 60’s and 70’s and what is going on socially, musically, theatrically, and politically today. It kind of got better during the Carter years, but the economy, because of the oil embargo went kaput too, so that didn’t work out. It took Reagan almost 3 years to dig ourselves out of that hole. Will it take that long for us today to dig out of the hole we are digging?

      • “if ol slojoe wins, the fuse is lit for China war with US…”

        I dunno.. but my thought is .. if it escalates to that level…. WE WILL LOOSE….
        a look at Covid19 and the toilet paper shortage will show you that.. they make the vast majority of everything… I went for some muffins.. that my grandson loves.. they aren’t around.. but.. if I go over to a Chinese site.. I can buy the very same muffins from china because that is where they are manufactured.. creepy huh.. how can they make them there and ship them here.. and they still maintain their freshness..
        they produce our military equipment and our medical equipment.. every aspect of our lives.. go to war and blow up the manufacturing plants that produce our weapons.. they push education to.. we do not..our society is written on a social class platform.. so an education that should be promoted is discouraged via money high interest loans.. or if you like the cartoon cutout.. BC ..
        Oh hey those issues are what got Adolph in power to..

    • Mark
      I was there! The music you list was played but majority of listeners placed their attention elsewhere. This is easily demonstrated by looking at the billboard top 100 for each year (ad homenum remark self censored).

      The Democratic party took us into Vietnam, lest you forget. Individuals in my cohort will remember George McNamara the bleeder of the land.

      I really like Pete Seagers music and his public persona. He was a long time protester and a member of the Weavers (google, read, learn.) There are some good videos about the Weavers on YouTube for those who want to walk down memory lane or broaden their horizons.

      • I was there too. I am in my 60’s remember. I recall them as very popular songs. But, yes, Nixon tried to censor them. Just like Trump is trying to regulate Twitter who is fact checking him and Trump, in return, want them to only post his crazy tweets…nobody else’s. (In theory…it will never happen) An example…Nixon vs John Lennon. Remember, Woodstock was a top draw and a top 10 selling album after they recorded and pressed the vinyl.

  5. Defund the police. Now there is a novel concept that is sure to be popular with law breakers and miscreants of all stripe. What a wonderful world that would be for them! A life free from consequence!

    Personally, I would love to have to have a tax decrease because we no longer are funding police and we could totally do that. First, all we need is for the aforementioned law breakers and miscreants to leave their life of crime behind them. So, as soon as people stop committing crimes we can get right on that.

    I’m guessing the odds of that happening are right up there with a unicorn flying out my a$$.

  6. Just replenished my popcorn supply so will sit back and watch the idiots preform, Should be a great performance, While keeping my powder dry and larder well stocked,

  7. I think this is a way of just silenceing the intelligent and guruing the zombie vegetables into gold and stocks .. ah well after George joins em they are all there with bobby prechter and ramper moriarty and hippie dalio telling stories .. come on boys give us more patriot tales and keep that chaos program going !! urban survival site is broken and bought out

  8. “Defunding” police will accomplish nothing, except to ensure those who’re weakest will be dominated, abused, and taken advantage of, without recourse. If “counseling and education” worked, they’d have shown some measurable difference, societywide, over the PAST 5 GENERATIONS! With a psychopath or psychotic they never can. Speaking of 5 generations: 5 generations ago, eugenics and sterilization were both legal in some States, and were the preferred way for society to deal with “N3gr0es and wh0res,” as were forced lobotomies, for the “criminally insane.” Margret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to “take care of the N3gr0 problem,” after courts invalidated States’ eugenics laws.

    A police officer is a guy or gal with a job to do. Their job is to enforce the law. If’fn they’re constantly up in everyone’s grill, maybe it’s not because they’re aggressive, but because they have too many laws and rules to enforce, and would like to make it home, alive, after their shift ends.

    Somewhere between the Magna Carta and World War I, some damnfool screwed-up and called a legislator a “lawmaker” — and it stuck. Ever since, the legislative “class” have felt a need and obligation to create ever-more laws, regulations, rules, etc., to make it so the civilian population can do ever-less, without running afoul of said rules.

    Maybe if cops had 90% of the rules they’re tasked with enforcing simply go away, they could do more, and better “community policing” and “community outreach?” (not that it would help… bad people are going to do bad things, and if someone is so-indoctrinated and invested in the downfall of the U.S. and its replacement by a despotic regime that they “don’t believe in bad”: Yes, some people are bad.) I’ll bet there’s that high a percentage of laws, ordinances, and regulations in most jurisdictions, that are both superfluous and unnecessary.

    As for PDs having too much money, ever price police gear? Their personal radio and bulletproof vest each cost north of $3000. Their TASER is on the salty side of $1000 and so is their bodycam. Their Glock is 5-bills, but the M-16s the SWAT teams carry are nearly 7-grand.

    Emergency responders MUST have equipment which does its intended job and is as reliable as it can possibly be made. That reliability costs money.

    Some numbnutz drives by the city or county garage and sees the HMMWVs (and in the city nearest me, an MRAP) and thinks the po-po are spending a fortune on MIL-stuff. They don’t care to know that FedGov may have saddled the American taxpayer for 180 large for a HMMWV, but the local constabulary or rescue squad bought that $400, $500, $700 thousand worth of rolling stock for $1000 per piece, or less. They’ve got less money in their FLEET of HumVees, than the cost of one flashing lightbar on one cruiser.

    I’ve heard a lot of sheeple whine that the police are “too militarized.” Perhaps da po-po just want to make it home, alive. I don’t like the jackboot, paramilitary thug which police are coming to strongly resemble… but I understand it. Cops are scared. The police have been chasing criminals’ materiel advantage from behind for 90 years. Every time they hit the street, they do so wearing a target, which more and more “people” in today’s “society” (to use the terms loosely) feel they have a right to take a swing, or a shot at. When the cops had .32s the crooks had .38s. When the cops got .38s the baddies got .357s and AKs — and PCP hit the street, making bad guys also bulletproof & 10 feet high(sic).

    • Emergency services must have equipment that is “good enough”. It doesn’t always have to be gold plated and branded with the most prestigious name in the field. Yes, it needs to be of high quality in most cases, but certainly doesn’t need to be “the best”. That’s fallacy. Vehicles don’t need to be washed every day. The equipment needs to be mission capable. That is all.

  9. “Which reinforces our ongoing advice that CV-19 is not to be trifled with (or ignored).”

    Mankind has “modernized” sufficiently that we take for granted we’re all going to live forever. CV-19 is an excellent means for Mother Nature to clue 5bln people into the fact we aren’t (not that I actually believe CV-19 is a natural coronavirus iteration or mutation…)

    “And that people who were arrogantly NOT using PPE were having a momentary mental lapse.”

    …That the World is a dangerous place, and the real, harsh, true World is incredibly unforgiving of mental lapses.

    “They failed to realize that medical issues do not translate well into ideological/political issues.”

    Because of the coronavirus, Darwin Award candidates for 2020 will not be announced until September 1st. The Darwin Award Committee feels it would not be fair to make their nominations at this time, with so many exciting new candidates lining up at the World’s riot centers for consideration.

    • “and the real, harsh, true World is incredibly unforgiving”

      AMEN RAY…..

      in this world where it seems as if we have control over everything.. we have all fooled ourselves.. People seek green paper and cartoons of gold coins.. I think its that we all have illusions of its ok we are in control.. in reality that illusion is just that.. any time you think you have total control your only living within your own illusion.. or box…. that is one main reason why our Congress is so wonderful… LOL…(yup I was being smug.. they all suck in reality) the reason is they live within that small area or bubble of illusion.. and listening to the devils whispers on what is seen as going on.. has no reflection of what is really going on in mainstream life…..

      • The hell is, as we, as a species, move away from our deity of choice, we move into a place where we believe we, ourselves, are gods, complete with every super-ability and super-power imaginable.

        We can fool ourselves into thinking we are in total control of our environment.

        We can’t fool gravity,
        or chance,
        or the innate frailty of these bodies,
        or the myriad of things which can’t be controlled, but which can break, crush, burn, electrocute, or short-circuit them.

        We especially can’t fool Mother Nature, and She answers to a much higher power than humans will ever be.

        In the end, the only thing over which we DO have control, is personal stupidity. We can control it, limit it, or ignore it to our peril and depend on “blind luck” to keep us safe, healthy, and cocky.

        I am not a lucky person.

        Therefore I personally choose to limit my “dependence on luck” to a bare minimum…

  10. “Clearly the agenda is *(and without a vote) to reduce former “majority America” to minority status as soon as possible.”

    I couldn’t care less what color or ethnicity Americans are. I simply care that they are U.S. Citizens…

    “Maybe you’re old enough to remember “Quiet Village” by Martin Denny. In the mid-1950’s it was played at a quiet restaurant/club on Oahu. But it got legs in pop culture and became a national hit.”

    Ugh, don’t do that. One issue with having been a musician is I can hear a song, tone poem, or even orchestral work one or two times, then play the entire thing in my head, separating the voices as need be to explore passages, and I can do it, AFAICT, forever. I got The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Andy Williams’ version, from 1958 — Dad had the 45), which I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard since I was 7-8, stuck in my head for five days last week (they usually only stick for three…)

    On the bright side, I doubt I’ll EVER get any modern Billboard chart-toppers stuck, since for years they’ve been either formula pop generated from exactly four (endlessly, mindlessly) repeating measures, or rap, which is a 90yo art form, not music, and not musical (although some of the backgrounds are.) I’d rather blow my mind up listening to EDM or metal than either, and I’m not generally a fan of EDM…

  11. I don’t sing and never have, so I suppose I am nothing.

    I rarely listen to music, but this typifies what music should be, IMHO:


    Anything harsher(or faster) than that gets turned off.

    I loved the energy of the hippie girls of the 60’s, yet I could never deal with their total irresponsibility, leftist attributes, and lack of ambition to even create a paid for domicile and lifestyle. They could never deal with me either. Individual action matters, and groups always have occult agendas.

    Today we have horrible noise masquerading as “music”, and very few innocents(or not) that dare to dream of and work toward loving kindness.

    At least I have a paid for domicile and lifestyle. Being solitary in the extreme can be sad, yet interacting with the current crop of humans can be far worse for the psyche.

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