Wartime Investing

We don’t like to think about War as a condition under which investment decisions must be made.  But things are going quickly in that direction. Driven by the historical usual suspects; namely race, religion, and real estate/resources.

This is all made worse in the present conditions because we are in highly politicized times and the Internet has been weaponized on all sides.

We jump into this after some headlines and data.  Plus, the ChartPack where we will  sketch out more possibilities of what might be ahead.

As long as we’re at it, we’ll even explain a 1970s event once called “Chippy Thursdays,” too.

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55 thoughts on “Wartime Investing”

  1. Combine this: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/6869/text?r=1&s=1

    with this: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2022/03/21/president_biden_theres_going_to_be_a_new_world_order_and_america_has_to_lead_it.html

    and then toss in this: https://usdebtclock.org/

    with this map of who sanctions (note the grays): https://i0.wp.com/www.aseanbriefing.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/maplarge.png

    This is some quick reasoning of why things are the same as they ever were, with the various countries merely changing positions or allegiances. Seriously, congress wants to bring back Letters of Marque to legalize piracy? Then again, they also are pushing this one:


    So from where I sit, nothing has changed from the time of Mark Twain…

  2. Wartime investment – in a nuclear war, there will eventually be no supply chain as we know it – everything will be local, so ‘investment’ some type of barter with one’s neighbors.

    But as we know, the PTB don’t like big wars to destroy massive infrastructure, so they prefer small but very expensive wars like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and now Ukraine.

    Now, what’s the difference here? Well basically, this is the first major war the US is going into with a failing currency – let’s read that as eventually hyper inflation. I suppose we should call our friends in Venezuela as they understand ‘investment’ in a hyper inflated environment. Do the lights stay on? Do school busses role. Does ‘public transport’ work? Do lights stay on 24/7? Can people purchase gas to go to their job at the grocery store? These are just a few of the the relevant ‘investment’ questions.

  3. Happy to report that there is still come common sense and compassion in the Agriculture Industry.


    And as I have no idea what “Chippy Thursday” means, I looked it up. Well, after all the Fish & Chip restaurants mentioned, I came to an article about FSU Football …


    From the article —>

    “As FSU head coach Mike Norvell put it, it was “spirited.”

    After a practice Wednesday which Norvell said was one of the best during his time at FSU in terms of workload, the Thursday practice was high energy but not in all the ways that Norvell wanted.

    “There was not a lack of intensity today. I thought our guys brought intensity,” Norvell said.
    “It’s just the controlled intensity is what we’ve got to work on.”

    Not knowing if I’m on the right track or not, the term, “controlled intensity” seemed to stand out.

    That’s exactly what the Media does – Controls Intensity of any given event/issue they present to us. Making mountains out of mole hills, belittling and censoring other things/people that are actually relevant.

    George, even when your post is brief, it still helps me learn and become more aware of something. – Not that I didn’t already know the media’s control, a new term helps with how I sift and think about it.

  4. We are G,
    self evolving that is, otherwise to the “tween”..the Arimanic “sub” dimension wit youse..artificial everything.

    Know you are correct regards frequency
    manipulations of Human DNA.
    Old Sol reflects these levels with sunspots&storms – correspond with increasingly “frequed out ” Humans – This is exactly why I am alwayz preaching ABC = alwayz be closing. Ancient Daoist knew about these Sun energies messing with their mindz, went to great lengths to mitigate the deleterious affects.

    * Wednesday fairy tale – once upon a time in land far away and friggin cold, there appeared some kind (benevolent?)strangers from star system far far away. These rather nice and intelligent little “grays’ after having been rebuffed by Ike and his generals, made a protection deal with the peoples of the cold cold Rus. main stip. No Offensive use of new tech, only for Defensive purposes. The End.

    IMHO all anyone ever needs to know regards Mr Pooteeen is contained in quote from his recent speech to Russian nation..
    – “When real crisis strikes, there is only 1 universal value left and that is Human Life.”

  5. If Governments aren’t enough;
    if you can’t trust you drug company…..
    Pfizer is a Criminal Organization.
    Pfizer has been cited over 80 times in the last 22 years, about once every quarter. They have paid over $10BB in fines. They hold the record for the largest CRIMINAL fine with their Bextra fiasco. Falsifying records, testing, clinical trial data. They eventually had to withdraw it from the market. They paid a $1BB civil fine and a $1`.3 BB CRIMINAL fine, the largest criminal citation in history.
    They lie, they falsify, they say anything to get sales.
    They are as immoral as the crack dealer down the block.
    I would sooner take a shot of Zyklon B from I. G. Farben as a shot of anything from Pfizer.
    And I have told my Doctor this and have had it put in my medical record: NO PFIZER.

  6. “US House passes CROWN Act that would ban race-based hair discrimination – CNNPolitics”

    WTF is “race-based hair discrimination?”

    I’m anxiously waiting for someone to point out to the mushy-headed ones that tattoos are SE Asian, body-piercings are Central African, and their use by outsiders is “cultural appropriation.”

    Our society has gone from a “melting pot” to a “distilling pot” in a single generation… SMH

    • So if I, as a White man, decide to wear an afro, is it protected “free speech”, or is it “culturally inappropriate”? I suppose race based First Amendment rights allocations are the next new thing? That’s not my understanding of the libertarian value system I was promised as a kid!

      I may look like I have an afro when I first wake up, but I’d never do that in public – just because I don’t want to look that way. I prefer to blend.

  7. G,
    heads up from the simian gongs channel – monkeyworks reco..

    Bivy stick – Irridium 2 way communicator on Irridiums global vs equatorial Sat networks. Monthly subscribtion $50.00/mo gives 24/7 world wide comms (text only).@thesatillitephonestore.com

    SOS button on bottom of small device (1/2 size of cell phone/100 grams) connects to World+Rescue – who you register with before every trip.
    – They WILL medevac Ure ass outta just about anywhere -savings can be astronomical compared Uninsured need for medevac out foriegn country. Seems like there is a limited amount of these devices avail currently. Other people in Ure phone tree, family network just need the Bivy app to communicate – which you register with the Bivy owners account # and then download app. Monkey has video overview with product rep up on monkeyworks.com Very cool kit!

    ordered mine yesterday..
    peace of mind

    • ECU,

      Kudos that you have found a supplier for your “now” needs. However once Starlink gets connected, will you want their promised millions of bits per second capabilities or Irridium’s thousands of bits per second?

  8. Comrades,

    And…there you have it – a treatise on the hammer and sickle from campfire to ploughshare to battlefield, steppe by steppe.

    Why did Stanley Kubrick base his “A Clockwork Orange” movie on the 20 chapter American violent ending version rather than the 21 chapter contemplative mature outlook UK edition ending of Anthony Burgess’ novel? Well, whoever wagered ideas to have planted lily of the valley for this spring looks to be onto a bumper crop spreading like wildfire. I guess we’ll find out if they figured out how to hybridize a puritan out of a putin. Anchors aweigh! Wishbone, anyone?

    • Comrades,

      Care to flip the switch on your top level domain from .ua to .ykp? Out of the blue, word shows up today that alleged Capitol rioter FBI fugitive Neumann has been granted political asylum in Belarus. Is there shock and awe from the land of the free? Coverage by “The New York Post” is worth a look simply for the pictures. The fugitive is portrayed at the Capitol barricades wearing an orange scarf with ethnic Ukrainian insignias and a Maga hat. Rewind the leaky tape. Stir kuchmagate with orange revolution to make a maga pie?! Is the Kremlin serving up an appetizer of cold kolchuga to Mr. Zelensky? Mercy sakes, grab a good viewing spot for his address tomorrow to the Nato summit.

  9. George et al

    Arabi, Good Old Arabi!

    On it’s west boarder is New Orleans. On it’s east boarder is the land where the Battle of New Orleans took place. Now a national park. I grew up in Arabi.
    Now a big chunk of it is in shambles from a tornado last night.
    So many good memories of growing up there. It’s one of those little places in America that made this country prosper.
    I have hopes that Arabi will always exist!

    • LOL LOL Yeah @Mark in the old line state.. they mentioned that on.. a MSM network.. LOL LOL I swear I thought she was getting a tear in her eye over having to admit it LOL LOL…
      NOW will this go after the big guy.. over all the alligations of massive corruption.. and why is the DOJ and alphabets caving in and giving up the kid at this time.. millions has been spent covering this crap over.. had all the MSM news outlets keeping the positive perspective on sainthood…. is he just a sacraficial pawn to keep the big guy from having to answer questions… OR did BO just realize his daughter is in the video’s to besides all the corrupt family business dealings.. what I didn’t know was that it supposedly even includes fun family activities with more than a niece..
      Its been a couple of years why now.. is the question.. Is there going to be a huge mash up over the BEST CANDIDATE ever…
      Well is it time for BLM and Antifa starting their riots again pretty quick LOL LOL LOL
      Never fear Brandon’s here…https://youtu.be/Pa1fH0SvGPg

      Now for our more affluent… I wonder if they have a superman costume to wear… when Brandon takes us to the point where its all going to light up and the cities are attacked or bombed with nukes… I think out of pure giggles I would want a suit on.. that way when the survivors are going through the rubble and see .. what is this.. superman didn’t even get out of his suit in time to save the day LOL….or…… like in other countries like Hiroshima and Nagasaki imprints on the concrete was like a negative.. dam is that superman…

      years ago when I worked waste.. we had to destroy a bunch of old old old phone booths.. well we would disassemble them and scrap it out.. one gent that owns a bar wanted one.. I said absolutely.. how much … nothing but you have to hang a superman suit in it.. to this day in the lower level where the toilets are is that phone booth and hanging in the corner is supermans outfit LOL LOL

      • “is he just a sacraficial pawn to keep the big guy from having to answer questions… OR did BO just realize his daughter is in the video’s to besides all the corrupt family business dealings.. what I didn’t know was that it supposedly even includes fun family activities with more than a niece..”

        Yeah, when I mentioned the clan’s paedophilic tendencies I may have (BTW intentionally) forgotten to mention that incest runs pretty strong & deep through the clan, too…

        Oh, and yes, he’s the sacrificial pawn. The Dems would literally lynch him or stone him to death on national television, to keep him from talking. DoJ can suppress the laptop for the time being. They can’t suppress its owner’s mouth.

    • I find it somewhat troubling that I’ve not been able to get access to the raw data! There’s no download site for the actual uncurated total files from the disk, yet many different “sources” seem to have selected ones. I have no doubt that HB was wallowing in all kinds of both illegal and enjoyable experiences, but we’re only getting a select sampling of whatever’s there. I’d much prefer to draw my own conclusions from the totality of the evidence.

  10. The US$, economy, and other thoughts for Ure to tell us, at least me, about.

    A backgrounder:


    The US$ has been the Covid-19 mask; those in authority say it’s good for everyone, but the truth is it’s lie and has always been a lie. If you won’t wear one (use the $$) you are fined, jailed, cast aside, your economy ruined.

    But the reality is it (overuse of the $$) unbalances the economy, ruins the wearer and the wearer’s economy it’s said to protect. When the honey liquor of money is no longer served, how will the wokes and some others respond?

    Money supply does not affect only Texas, it affects Zimbabwe.

    US$ share of world economics, 96% “Americas”, around 80% other.

    Doesn’t inflation adj money supply have to equal US$ value of world economic activity just to maintain the status quo, i.e., not less than increases equal to inflation.

    However, the U.S. balance of payments has to run negative to provide $$ to the world and for the U.S. to import their goods, often energy. We have to buy a lot!

    US$ ? Essentially going sideways since 2015. Futures, lows around 89, high around 101, now around 99. A break either direction implies a multiyear trend in that direction.

    Don’t fundamentals indicate the $$ should be heading down? But, the world in turmoil means the $$ is the prettiest pig in the pigpen.

    The growing loss of use –looming collapse of the petrodollar, will make a difference. Because the U.S. is half-brained on good days, using the $$ as weapon, increasingly nations and individuals everywhere are beginning to price commodities and assets in currencies the U.S. cannot weaponize.

    And places like India using the ruble to buy oil. Others gearing up.

    The good news is the weaker $$ means U.S. exports are easier for foreigners to buy. The less good news is the imports are more expensive and the U.S. living standards begin to rebalance. Inflationary! $8 gasoline to start. Fewer dollars going offshore.

    Oh my, treasuries will yield more (bond prices falling). The FED and innocent homespun folks probably the only buyers. How will the U.S. manage it budget? Ouch.

    Since the world percent of US$ use is high, 80 – 90%, it could take some time before this really hits.

    But in certain commodities, oil, food, scarce offshore commodities, be quick to change currency and the negative effects on the U.S. -and world, economy rapid and widespread.

    Think of the U.S. as a 3rd world nation.

    My guess is that it applies to gold as well. Non U.S. nations, India, Russia, China, et al, are and have acquired tons of gold. As a consequence, more war-like behavior, the U.S. has tried to close the fx markets.

    Keep in mind that, I believe, the U.S. once had 23 (?) or more tons of gold. Now it’s around 2 – 3 tons. Nations have gotten smart and want gold in their own storage vaults.

    I think there is also some collateralization uses, but that’s getting beyond this note. Derivatives.

    World inflation adjusted GDP, ~$87T; /12 = $7.25T/month. Inflation adj world GDP has fallen for roughly two years. Economies weakening.

    FED non-inflation adj monetary base: $6,040 (Feb 2022). 7.25/6.0 = 1.2 turns /month. What happens as the US$ is used less in economic activity? The $ deflates, the ‘adj GDP’ does what?

    Inflation is running, pick a number, almost 8%. (Shadow Stats; true inflation is likely 13% – 16%, but is behind paywall).

    Money supply is definitely trailing inflation and economic activity. Ergo, increasing inflation and / or deceleration in economic activity.

    What is the repo window saying? FED borrowings have dropped about 25% in three months. Is there a connection?

    The FED was buying $40b of securities, then more recently $20b per month. The latest plan is to buy any that come up for sale. That number could be much high or somewhat lower. There must be a schedule of securities coming up for sale.

    Thanks for enlightening me, us.

  11. Hey, G!
    I seem to recall you pre-paying like 3 years of taxes. With hyperinflation on the horizon (already beginning), what happens when your “prepayment” turns into a “down payment?” (e.g. your Starlink adventure). And, if your Ponderosa looks appealing to the local PTB, a MEGA payment? Was pondering using your approach, but maybe just more beans, band-aids and bigger garden plot might be a better investment. ??

    • Actually, I have tried several times to prepay but no one will go for it.
      (crestfallen look).

      So I have the money (and make money with it…) but it’s a damn shame government can’t precollect so another stressor can be removed from our lives.

      • Tax bills here in NM were delayed from last year into this one, so there was no way to pay them in either year! Some story about a new law and of course, covid. Eventually the bills came and I paid them, but they sure screwed up planning. I completely understand the stressor factor!

      • Years back, I followed George’s advice to get the ‘Senior Homestead’ property tax break. It exempts a few hundred thou of assessed property value if you are old, retired, and living in your homestead. My taxes are the minimum administrative fee of $200 per year. This would not apply if I had a million dollar mansion, but I could afford more tax them, obviously. But my modest little ranch on the volcano (that no one will insure due to ‘lava hazard’) is just plain tax cheap for the foreseeable future. Many of the properties destroyed in the 2018 eruption here were bought back by the county at assessed value using disaster relief funds. One just has to tolerate the minor earthquakes , and learn to do the ‘lava avoidance dance’ from Madame Pele.

  12. Love the gold circus . Makes you feel how bullsheeted you were for 25 years . All those old gurus can F off

  13. Dear George,
    Nope I did not have any problems with Drugs in the 70’s,EVER. I remember the 1960’s cause I never drink to get drunk orother reasons.I just had a beer 1 and then got to drive the drunk guys and Gals home.I was 12.I learned a lot……Did not smoke dope or OJ’s while in Vietnam for 19 months as a Medic. Still only have a beer or mixed drink 1 then switch to diet coke, or cold tea.
    Follow the Money!!! Those in power need a diversion.Covid pandemic, War, Famine.. Russia and China are declining. USA IS DECLINING.. Piss poor leadership… Maintain power!!
    Remember how 1990’s and the Lame Stream media just marveled at the Clinton ability to LIE TO YOUR FACE.. The Media thought it was wonderful..That was when I and every other Veteran were labeled as domestic terrorists.. DDSD, SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY.. FOLLOW THE MONEY,EVERYTHING IS A BUSINESS MODEL..Government,WAR, Industry,Religion, Education,Medicine. Your web site… LOL,LOL….
    Most folks want to be left alone..Some folks want to mess in and tell everyone else what to do.. That causes war…. causes Business.. WAR IS TERRIBLE,


      LOL LOL LOL… years ago.. I worked with this guy.. BIG guy.. fat… smelly.. bald.. not that bald is bad.. but he had scraggy tufts of hair .. he couldn’t hardly read.. we gave him a reading test to see what level he was at.. about sixth grade level.. smelly dam he was smelly.. smelled like OLD SWEAT… and sweaty.. dam never seen a guy sweat like he did..
      anyway he would come and say.. his girlfriend.. and how many girls he had that wanted his body.. we of course laughed.. because we couldn’t believe it..
      One day we went out for breakfast after work.. in walks one of the most stunny ladies I had ever seen in a business suit.. she walks up to him.. and plants this big kiss on him and gives him a huge hug.. we of course asked who was that.. one of his girl friends.. after a while another one.. by the time we left six beautiful knock out ladies invited him over for sex meals etc.. it was crazy.. I told the other guy after he left.. dam we need to scrape some of that sweat off of him because it has to be that smell.. LOL LOL It wasn’t.. it was a business model.. he had every dime he ever made.. didn’t spend anything at all..and all the ladies worked at the bank..

      another story is he would come in and say.. god dam.. should I paint my car.. he had a huge boat.. built of real steel and iron… big enough to be a tank.. it was long .. but ran nice.. so for months every day he came in he would say the same thing.. god dam.. should I paint my car.. one day he had off.. and I asked the other worker.. Ok.. I have a question for you.. should he paint that boat of his.. the guy looks at me like I was nuts.. I said seriously until he decides one way or another we will have him asking us over and over.. so.. it was a good car.. in great shape.. purred like a kitten.. we decided ok.. maybe yes.. so each day he came to work .. we dumped a gallon of gas in his tank.. after six weeks.. he came in and said god dam should I paint my car.. well I don’t know lets check it out.. it looks good.. sounds good.. what kind of mileage are you getting.. so we figured up his mileage.. well heck.. your getting five hundred miles to gallon.. if it was me.. I would..
      So he got his car painted.. later after he had it the guy that worked with us said.. hey we dumped a gallon in his tank every day for weeks.. isn’t it kind of like a bank.. so he would siphon a gallon out of it every day..
      a few weeks later he said.. I think my carburetor is all messed up.. I am getting rotten mileage.. we went out and it purred .. LOL LOL LOL
      don’t know it sounds good to me.. LOL LOL LOL..
      it was a rotten trick to play on him.. and I have since regretted it.. but .. it was funny at the time.. seen him a week ago…. yes he has a different car..
      It doesn’t make any difference what you look like.. women go after the shallow guys first.. because of ancient instincts.. but eventually some come around.. muscles turn to fat.. as the body ages..

      • I was never shallow – big mistake! I’ve tried to be for the longest time but somehow the depth comes out. If I could have been truly shallow(and pugnacious) in my teens and 20’s, life would have been very different.

  14. George, I understand the need to modify the format of the Urban site to match current conditions and expectations. I’ve tried to use the new home page format and it’s been quite difficult to scroll to back issues – even this week. Today for some reason I can’t even scroll or link to March 20. I’m not sure what’s happening – perhaps Ure working on the system. If I go to page 2, it jumps to March 9. I actually liked the old system as it was quick and intuitive. The extra click was NBD. Previous comments and writings are really valuable to all of us. Please share your thoughts. Thanks!

    BTW, I really do appreciate keeping the name and email saved in the browser. It saves a lot of typing. I’m using Brave on a Win 7/8 system for now, FWIW.

    • I will work on that. Meantime, the having the two most recent posts on the page has increased web viewership – seems people are too lazy to click the headline to the underlying post and that’s where a huge fraction of reader fall off was being noted say the SEO codes

      • Fair enough. Perhaps another heading title next to home could be a list of links to back issues with dates, like the PN master index. Ure choice of course, and hopefully it would be automatic so as to limit Ure work. Thanks!

  15. EU stockpiles iodine pills and nuclear-protective gear

    In light of the Ukraine conflict, the European Commission has hastened plans to improve the bloc’s incident response mechanisms.

    In early March, there was a fire at Ukraine’s Zaporozhskaya nuclear power plant, which has been seized by Russian forces. The blaze was swiftly extinguished, with the International Atomic Energy Agency saying there had been “no critical impact on safety” at the plant. A few days later, Moscow announced it had prevented an attempt by what it called Ukrainian radicals to cut power to the former Chernobyl nuclear power station, which became the site of the world’s most devastating nuclear disaster in 1986.


  16. The Future Is Here: Dystopian Movies Fit for a Dystopian World

    We have arrived, way ahead of schedule, into the dystopian future dreamed up by such science fiction writers as George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Margaret Atwood and Philip K. Dick.

    Much like Orwell’s Big Brother in 1984, the government and its corporate spies now watch our every move.

    Much like Huxley’s A Brave New World, we are churning out a society of watchers who “have their liberties taken away from them

    The following 15 films may be the best representation of what we now face as a society.

    Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

    Planet of the Apes (1968)

    THX 1138 (1970)

    A Clockwork Orange (1971)

    Soylent Green (1973)

    Blade Runner (1982)

    Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

    Brazil (1985)

    They Live (1988)

    The Matrix (1999)

    Minority Report (2002)

    V for Vendetta (2006)

    Children of Men (2006)

    Land of the Blind (2006)

    All of these films—and the writers who inspired them—understood what many Americans, caught up in their partisan, flag-waving, zombified states, are still struggling to come to terms with: that there is no such thing as a government organized for the good of the people. Even the best intentions among those in government inevitably give way to the desire to maintain power and control at all costs.

    As George Orwell warned, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.”


    • Ray: Oops, I missed four of them. Have to catch up. Good list! My favorites is Soylent Green–fits in nicely with my view of the future environment. I think I would have added “On The Beach” and maybe “Don’t Look Up.”

      • I haven’t seen “Children of Men” or “Land of the Blind.” “Brazil” is the one which sticks with me the hardest, because it is a demonstration of a society that’s so bogged-down in bureaucracy, surveillance, and propaganda programming that no one can do anything or accomplish anything, ever, and we could morph into this society really quickly.

    • Eyes Wide Shut, there is a message in there somewhere about how to-illuminated”..so youse can start “working” on allocation of “resources” and the attendant Wars too.

      – A Boy and His Dog” – young don johnson starring…

      ending bends Ure mind a lil..

    • Good list. I’d also add “Dragon Day”. It goes by some other name too, and I think it came out around 2012. It sheds an interesting light on the other shoe aspect of the supply chain.

    • Y’all follow the linkback and read Whitehead’s column. It is a lot longer than my c/p and a lot more detailed.

  17. hey george you and the gurus insert. your a cameelion . you will do or say anything for a buck . 4×2 in yah .. your not young for 73 , old 4×2 never change

  18. remember star trek, where it took a nuclear war and the collapse the existing social order to finally allow humans the freedom to evolve to the next phase?

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