War Next Week? Housing Data Pending

Since I’m in semi-retired mode – with a million projects going on here, some of which needs to be done before nukes fly – this will be a very direct summary of events to kick off your day.

War Just Ahead

Covering up the global financial systems implosion is not going very well.

A number of scapegoats and distractions have been wheeled out:  Covid (and checks) and now war in Ukraine (and checks) all trying to get the financial system past the long-wave economic interest rate cyclical bottom.

The idea of many learned people – including former Fed Boss Ben Bernanke (who I admire greatly) – was that if you wanted to defuse a deflationary depression, all you would need would be (famously) “helicopters dumping money.”

Where Bernanke – and other great economics, like Keynes for example, in the previous Depression – go wrong is with the basics.

The purpose of an Economic Depression is to destroy savings.  Where Bernanke’s logic went south is that money-dumps actually increase savings (because things like home values (due out in a few minutes in part 2 of this morning’s rant).  It doesn’t destroy concentrated wealth, but that’s exactly why simplistic solutions like the WEF’s bullshit “Great Reset” are easy to pass off as “answers.”

It simply isn’t.  Theft?  Environmental Communism on a Global Scale with its own party apparatchik? Well, sure, there is that, of course.  The whole Woke Movement is merely a cover op for the loser socialists to “shame and blame” their way into power. We are a country of suckahs to dignify it.

The problem – along shortly – is that in effort to dominate the end-stage of Globalism, the U.S. (and Europe) are trying to line up resource and both Russia and Ukraine are “hot dates” on Resource Night.

Economic Cycles Work

I am not a financial advisor.  Nope.  Just a beat-hardened long-time reporter with a good ability to spot bullshit masquerading as “news.”

BUT somewhere in the MBA program late 1990’s, I really got into cyclical and longwave economics.  And some of America (and Canada’s) best minds shared views on the University of Colorado Long Waves group.

If your theory and reality didn’t match ex-freaking-zactly, this was about the most brutal peer-review you could get.  My consigliere (tax attorney and CPA) was one of the brightest minds there and super-deep in his own cycles work.

Back in 1979, his work had already identified the “power rolls West” movement.  Where, following the 1930’s Depression, power rolled to the USA.  China is likely next.

That was the good news.  The bad is that we’d have a war in Asia after the next Depression.  Which we are quickly moving through.

Hiding Depression in Plain Sight

As demonstrated following the Internet Bubble collapse (2000-2004) the financial industry will kill its own children to save its own backside.  When some $5-8 TRILLION in market cap collapsed, Wal Street simply changed up its pitch and sold Blue Chips and mainstream companies for a while.

The Tech Wreck wasn’t so bad, was it?  Except that misleading accounting called EBITDA largely ignored the real income and real profits problem in lieu of the holy grail of finer code.

My reaction was to evolve a “BS Lite” Aggregate Index to smooth out some of the lying by the Street.  It was a very useful reality check at the bottom of the Housing Bubble Collapse in March of 2009.

Since then, we’ve been on a drink the Kool-Aid roll.

That is, until last November 8th.  Then our Aggregate Index peaked.

This goes as far as the early futures pricing today – a couple of hours ahead of the open.

The large, shaded area (with the biggest “1”) is our problem.

See, we also developed a simple Elliott Wave ranging spreadsheet.

Because since Elliott is somewhat predictable, once we can nail down the first move of a wave, then we can estimate where it will terminate, generally in a C or 3, or an E or 5th wave.

Here’s what our Peoplenomics subscribers get updated a couple of times a week: (Pay attention to the yellow arrow I scrawled in for you…)

At the whiteboard (after a few dutiful huffs on the marker) the explanation would be:

“We have been in a major Bull market since 2009.  All Bull markets end.  This one appears to have topped on November 8th 2021.

Since that time, we did a 5-wave decline.  Which in the top chart is the major 1 down.  Presently, odds are fair that we are in a Wave 2 Rally.

We have already completed a 50 percent retracement from the high-to-low bottom, and we are above, so making a run at a Fibonacci point six-one-eight retracement.

Worse, though, once we are done with the 2-UP that we’re still in, the Wave 3 down will be strong and violent.  With the odds of a 50-percent market wipeout, even with massive intervention – by the end of THIS YEAR.”

The End of Wave 2 UP?  Gas War

Which could come as early as next week.

Russia is demanding payment for its gas sold to Europe in Russian Rubles.

Europe is balking, talking poor, and acting like what aristocratic erudite entitled pricks do:  They think the Russian gas is theirs.


When payments for April Gas are not made in Rubles, Vlad Putin (despot, nut, or whatever the Western-corporate owned media is selling him as) is simply going to turn off the gas.  He’s on a “show me the money.”  And that ain’t slow Joe’s paper.

Conveniently, we have the Ukraine “Kindling War” already smoking.

While the West’s media runs stories like Russian death toll rises to 17,000 as Putin’s forces fail to make any ‘significant’ progress, we’re keeping tabs on another story as a possible “canary in the coal mine” pre-indicator: Putin cowering ‘in bunkers amid fears of nuclear war’.

While the war in Ukraine has already been costly, there has been a lot of economic firewalling.  Sure, energy prices are up, and that means fertilizer (which requires natural gas to make and diesel to deliver) will push food prices.

But it’s not a “big enough” problem to destroy most people’s savings and “till the ground” for another generation, or three, of growth.

So, what we could expect?  Some upside action – as we drive toward that point six-one-eight retracement.  And then, off goes the gas Sunday or Monday.

Already showing up says Robin Handler’s Options Signal Service which headlined in their overnight run “April 4th +/- 1-day continues to look like something is going to happen. It is more than just bitcoin. “

NATO will find a no-fly pretext, and by the end of next week, the reason for the Russians “going to ground” might be clear to America’s woke townies with their heads rectally held clinch.

Not pretty.

We’d just as soon Putin give away free gas, Europe ends its bureau/aristocratic mindset, and Biden learns to check himself.

Absent that, we’re eyeing short side entry levels when we see how this blow off finished for the week.

Short Takes

Lemme see:  Risk of nuclear war, finishing the filtered air garden room… I’m, having a hard time figuring out what’s most important in all this.

Which Big American City will be the first to Default?  New York has 454K fewer jobs from pre-pandemic era, new federal data shows (nypost.com). We told you townies this would be along.  (My two-cent win ticket is on Chicago with place tickets for Seattle…)

Speaking of Lori Lighthead; Lori Lightfoot has secret detail of 70 cops protecting her as crime in Chicago spirals | Daily Mail Online.

Also, in today’s Daily Mail Google billionaire Eric Schmidt has PAID the salaries of staff inside Biden’s science office.  So where did the budget money go?

But mainly, today is about market hype:  Stock futures rise as Dow and S&P 500 aim for 4-day winning streak (cnbc.com).

ATR:  The Major Adventure 3

If you’re joining us in process, last week my lifelong buddy, the Major and his doctoring (ex Captain) wife, were in Mexico.  Then Wednesday, her appendix exploded.

Emergency stitchery in PV (laparoscopic) and a planned flight home Friday.  But then an A320 glitched out, so another night in Mexico.

Finally, back in the States late Saturday, she was back into the ER Sunday.  Monday, a couple of drains were installed to get out excess fluid from the abdominal cavity and her breathing should have returned to normal overnight.  It was poor and low O2 because of the fluid pressures…

So do keep her in your prayers, another few days.  We’ll keep you posted on her recovery.

One other healthcare note:  Yes, G.A. Stewart knows his website https://theageofdesolation.com is down. But, he’s in surgery today, as well (add him to your prayer list, please) so he will fix it as time and health permit.


Check back in a few minutes for the Housing report.

Ahead of them, Dow futures were up nearly 300 – heading for that ideal 0.618 from the lows on the 13th of this month.  Go Dow!  Go Brandon!  Go Jerome!

Write when you get rich,


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48 thoughts on “War Next Week? Housing Data Pending”

  1. Nuclear war?? Biden may want it, but the US military does not. In the end, the local commanders control the nukes – that means the nuclear sub commander and the Captain or Major on watch in the nuclear ICBM bunkers. There is no ‘launch from Washington’ technology that by-passes local commanders.

    Most military officers that I have had the pleasure to know are generally not stupid or foolish. They understand what ‘turning the launch keys’ means for the future of them and their children. No, there will not be a nuke war. Most likely a US contributing to a long and bloody civil war within Ukraine – like Vietnam, like Afghanistan. You see the pattern here, right?? Smaller more profitable wars! You don’t want to kill the golden goose, and a nuclear war kills the golden goose.

    • If those officers are first informed that Russian missiles are already inbound, they will turn the key. Not saying that a report of Russian missiles inbound had to be true. Just like many years ago people believed our military would not fire on civilians. Now the powers that be only need to insert the word, “terrorists”, and almost anything is possible.

      • I am NOT talking about a first strike by the Russians – the Russians have more sense than to initiate a nuclear war. It’s the moronic US government that you have to worry about – you know, the one’s that started unnecessary conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and then supported the Ukrainian army to shell the people of the Dombas. Yea, those people who we supposedly voted for.

      • It’s what saved everyone from nuclear Armageddon during the Cuban Missile Crisis, remember? It came out later on that one Russian officer refused to launch a torpedo on the U.S. ships in the blockade of Cuba. Of course that was then, at the height of the Cold War, and this is now.

      • “They’re humans with families, too.”

        Except unlike us, they’re humans with families, with well-stocked bunkers.

        Again, EVERY nuke scenario we have gamed against Russia, that I’m aware of (you’re presence is requested here, Warhammer, since this was your gig and you’d know much better than I) involves them throwing a nuke, then us, then them, then us, and so on, escalating along a roughly hyperbolic curve until we each start nuking everything in sight.

        What if the game is wrong? What if, when pushed beyond a certain point, Russia’s initial launch is not one nuclear missile, but 1000? Suppose they target our known silos, our c&c, and our 30 (or 50, or 100) largest cities, all at the same time? Vlad isn’t crazy, and he isn’t stupid. He also can not lose in Ukraine, nor allow NATO missiles in the Baltics or Eastern Poland. Russia sees this as life & death (with Vichy Nuland on the loose again, it undoubtedly is), and they WILL do whatever is necessary to ensure the successful achievement of their goals.

  2. Looking for advice. If I don’t have a bunker, basement or root cellar, what would be best prep for when SHTF? Is an “interior hallway” my only option? The budget won’t support anything too expensive. Thanks.

    • Very good question. Are you referring to a nuclear SHTF ? Surviving the blast? ., or surviving the immediate fall-out?

      • I’m hopefully outside of a blast zone, so I’m thinking mostly about radiation. So I seal the windows. How much protection is a standard one-story roof? How long do I have to stay in? I have some iodine tabs.

    • grab Ureself a widemouth bottle of bourbon, spark a dube,

      .. and kiss Ureass goodbye -hahahahahahahahah.

      suggest a full bathtub of water to immerse Ure-ass in, while flashes and waves buffet the neighbohood..

      • Nobody survives an all out nuclear exchange that resides in the northern hemisphere no matter how you cover your doors and windows. You need a bunker with 10 years of food and supplies. You may live 10 years but there will be no resupply. Everything on the surface will be destroyed or contaminated. Most survival models are based on 1945 nukes, the weapons today are much different. Imagine 6000 warheads 1000 times more powerful than Hiroshima hitting the US over the course of an hour.
        Nodody survives
        Everybody dies

        If you live in the southern hemisphere you may survive 6mos to a year but the fallout will find you, watch the movie “On the Beach”.
        There will be detonations in the southern hemisphere, don’t kid yourself.
        This scenario can not be allowed to happen PERIOD

    • I will close all the doors in my house and stay in the interior hallways and center bathroom with no window. I have heavy painter’s plastic and will use that to block the end of the hallway. I will put towels under the bottom of the doors since they have big gaps. Otherwise you could use duck tape. I will turn off the heater/air conditioner and cover the vents with heavy plastic and duck tape.
      I have some food put aside that doesn’t need to be cooked. I have bottled water. The 5 year old will go in the tub with assorted toys and a blanket. A long, narrow dog bed will go in one end of the hallway to give one adult a somewhat comfortable bed. A chair will go at the other end of the hall for seating for an adult (toliet is additional seating).

      Dogs/pets can’t go outside. My puppies chew everything and are dominance fighting….too annoyingly to be in a confined space with 3 people. They will be shut in the laundry room with the window covered in heavy plastic. They will be given water in a large bin but no food. Food equals poo.

      Supposedly the first 24 hours are the most important, but if you can last a week that would be great. Don’t drink or use the bathroom water. You have no way of knowing if it is contaminated.

      If you are outside during a nuclear explosion take a shower as soon as possible. Do not use soap, shampoo, or conditioner. They will just encourage radioactive particles to stick to your skin.

      • If you are in the blast zone … well good luck. First you have to survive the blast.

        The first three rules of survival of a nuclear war, per the 1960’s recommendations were:
        1) Get out of the cities
        2) Get out of the cities
        3) Get out of the cities
        (obviously this also means do NOT relocate to a rural First or Second Strike Target area!! A missile silo may be rural, but it is NOT where you want to relocate next to!)

        If a city is bombed remember … even if you personally survive the flash much of the city will eventually become a city wide firestorm, ala Dresden or Tokyo in WW2. You most likely STILL have to get out of the city even AFTER it is hit!!

        Radiation protection:
        Protect yourself with DISTANCE or MASS from where radioactive fall out might land.

        If in a house with a basement … obviously get into the basement and shovel some dirt into the window casements. If you have some sturdy tables or can make something quickly to serve the same purpose get some MASS above you between you and the roof. Dirt in a cardboard box and then stack those boxes above you is a relatively easy way to get some mass above you.

        Ditto wrt mass between you and any outside ground level dirt. The more mass the better.

        (if have time and materials can build a quick “Lean To” and place against a basement wall with the top o fthe lean to a couple of feet below the outside dirt level … then fill the voids in the braces with dirt, and pile more dirt on top if you can – protects you from radiation from above and radiation from the side – bricks and paving stones are also good protection. If planning ahead making up oodles of sandbags ahead of time can allow you to quickly make a sandbag type of room to protect you)

        If in a multi story building go to the middle of the building at a middle height floor level – again get as much distance from both the roof and the ground as you can get.

        Kids … they are young and need to be protected more than adults (imo) so make sure as much mass as you can is over them and beside them sheltering them from any outside radiation fallout. Having them sleep UNDER a strong table with stuff stacked on top is one of the old tricks in the 1960’s fallout manuals.

        Water … have LOTS, 2 qts/day per person minimum. Remember survival is 3 minutes no air, 3 days no water and 30 days no food. Most of us adults can survive quite some time with our built in “Survival” stores (ie: fat!! LOL) Kids not so much, you do HAVE to get them food regularly. Most adults can easily go a couple of weeks with no food, NOT KIDS!!! (the Sawyer water purification devices are the best inexpensive ones out there today – at least one should be in your preps, about $30)

        Bucket, and trash bags to line bucket with, for toilet needs.

        Man, this is stuff I haven’t thought about since the 60’s.

    • Say a prayer and thank God for a long life.

      Think next best thing for a catastrophe — tornado warning, hurricane warning, dericho warning…

    • “Looking for advice. If I don’t have a bunker, basement or root cellar, what would be best prep for when SHTF?”

      Well.. the best option is to move as close to the Brandon homestead or anywhere in Delaware…. get it over with quick.. or close to one of the main targets..
      You cannot prepare for a full out SHTF Nuclear scenario.. if you survive.. then your time is limited.. if your far enough away from the blast zone.. then you could get by like those living close to fukishima or Chernobyl… one report I read on the Fukishima was the high levels of radiation on the PNW.. well they kept that hushed.. but there has been some studies being done on how fast cancers will kill off the people.. ODDS are in a full blown nuclear war you could put in a great deal of time.. before you succumb to illnesses from the radiation.. with my issues.. there was a study being done on people that drank whole milk straight from the cow.. seems that the radiation fallout dropped in our area from the white sands testing.. then again I scooped by hand hot dirt.. so who knows how much my body has absorbed.. of course for day labor they didn’t give us any protective clothing or even the sensors on how much radiation..
      So move as far away from a target zone or as close as you can to a target zone.. otherwise.. do exactly what George is doing.. setting up a greenhouse.. grounding the house from and EMP and putting solar power in.. you cannot outrun radiation.. or microwaves..

      This is a simulation similar to the one that the BBC put out a few years ago.. the only difference is..I have been told in the past that in a real situation they would NOT announce it..
      I can’t find the study right now.. I could have sworn it was stanford that did the study..
      An EMP would be the worst and the best…. shut your power off and see how long you can go.. Nuclear Winter would be the worst in a full scale shtf scenario.. at least that is what I got out of the studies that the USA has had done.. which is when you would want to have the green house and an Earth bermed home.. what is the temp minus eighty celcius in a nuclear winter.. with an EMP.. the people would be shoved back to the stone age before the flood.. then Nature would do the most of the damage to the people that are not able to survive without skills…. after a year the winner come in and be the hero to the people that survived.. the ground is all ok.. the only difference is the people that don’t know how to do anything and are dependent on the luxuries that we have now and take advantage of would not be able to survive.. sewer and garbage.. the average human puts out seven pounds of trash per day now take away all forms of being able to dispose of it.. no water.. no sewer.. what do you do.. a big city since it is a concrete jungle is its worse enemy.. the grid since we don’t want to make it secure by adopting solar and wind and dispersing it along the line.. ( I know an old gripe of mine) would go down in no time.. the cascade affect would be horrible.. and unlike the hundred year winter storm in texas.. I think this would take out the nations power system in one chunck.. gas for heat.. it would keep running until the pumps froze up.. building solar towers at transformer stations starting with the furthest from the main source and working backwards to the main power station.. promoting solar to home owners.. all of that would strengthen the grid.. but we are one that loves to control and make money.. not security..
      greenscaping cities.. would lower the temp in the cities by ten degrees or more.. but this is something that would not go good with control or the business model to make money..
      the issue is all of this is made in the countries that brandon is trying to pick a fight with.. we are screwed..in my opinion..

      • “an Earth bermed home.. ”

        I cannot even tell you how many times I have thought about putting up a retaining wall.. around the one side of the house.. then putting a roof up to the peak of the house.. or maybe a two foot thick wall up to mid window.. super insulated.. easy to do.. and you can heat your house and it stay about sixty degrees year round.. https://youtu.be/pUSxcjR7qFw
        I use to know the mother of a guy that he and his wife got an old house to be moved and started to make the basement.. they ran out of money so they put a roof on it.. and finished the inside
        they loved it so much they never did move the house onto the basement.. instead they added on.. a courtyard greenhouse with a pool in it.. and a root celler basement.. the place is beautiful.. and all it is is a bermed basement wall with a roof overhaning far enough to keep the water from the walls.. I was told that they could didn’t really have to heat or cool the house..

    • https://www.homebiogas.com/product/hbg4-biotoilet/?variant=32198&campaign=US-Shopping-Toilet&adgroup=US_-_Shopping_-_Toilet&utm_country=1019973&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3IqSBhCoARIsAMBkTb24Luif81ZXqtqI6xaMMGIUEQ3fliZ-ZeO6ELSDAzUuHlyQOMFDjEEaAmpAEALw_wcB

      That’s a start.. gas for heat and cooking operating a generator etc..easy setup and self sustaining.. .. or a car..
      Of course the closer to ground zero the less likely.. but for those who survive.. you will need energy..

    • Here’s a discussion on current perceived U.S. targets and their effects.

      One thing that is an additional worry is what happens when nuclear power plants go down? Very. Ugly. Situation. and is talked about in the above website.

      Personally I doubt there would be a Russian first strike but if there’s anyone I DON’T trust its the blithering idiots in D.C.

      • “Personally I doubt there would be a Russian first strike”

        the Annalists all say he isn’t bluffing or lying.. unlike someone else we all know of..
        But he does know the severity of the situation.. and I believe he would have to be forced.. just like he was forced to go into Ukraine after months of pleading with the US and NATO about removing the nukes from their borders.. getting ukraine to agree with the agreements they already made and security that there wouldn’t be any eastward movement of NATO.. The protection of his people and his homeland is the highest from every study done on him.. He is an officer and will defend his people to the death…. from what I read because of the fears that We would pull a black flag event trying to blame Russia and get the backing of the people to go to war..That they enacted the Perimeter defense system.. NO ONE would have to push a button.. Its the Dead Hand defense system..

  3. Morning George:

    When you think about healthcare and how it’s declining, it’s a blessing that some things happen now, rather than later … as healthcare declines further.

    Sometimes we don’t understand The Dude’s discretion. Like why does an appendix burst in Mexico? Might be a reason only The Dude knows, and saved someone from something worse.

    I never get upset about being delayed to be somewhere, specially when I find a really bad accident on the road when I get there, that I might have been involved in if not for the delays.

    I admit, I pray for everyone on this sight, quite often. I don’t say anything about it because, well it’s just a personal thing I do because I’m grateful for the knowledge and some friendships I’ve come to know here. They’re worth the extra (positive thoughts)

    God is good, and so are those who write here.

    Amen Brother. Have a good day, Buddy. (wink and a nod)

  4. Truth be told the nudge to going nuclear will not be a rational action, but rather a limited exchange to help facilitate the “great reset” and remove the last vestiges of the Bretton Woods and the petro dollar.

    • Frankness: Exactly, and if it’s later reported to be a “mistake”, all the better.

  5. Dont know about Analyst G, but I do know a deathcross when I spy one….

    ?Can bankofamerica slam PAPER price Silber by end of Day Thursday ? Official date close of silber derivative book for public disclosure – notice the slamming activity as we approach the date..started yesterday.

    Ohh how 10 year yield tells the tale..of pending Woe.

    Knit 1, pearl 2?? wtf is a pearl 2 ? prolly a loop of some sort, but the pearl by the sea? hmmmmmm
    Wondering here the strategic value of the Ukies warm water port in Odessa. Can you say “landlocked” ?

    After watching vids of cheering crowds in Mauripol jeering the parade of POW azov Nazis in the street..on their way to a Siberian Work Camp =FNS

    Frozen nazi scum – poetic justice that. .

  6. G.A. STEWART is in the hospital, and his Age of Desolation site goes down the same day?

    What dark forces are in play here?

    I’m praying for him, I hope everyone else is.

  7. It must have been a rich moment today for the president of Nato member Turkey to have presided over Ukraine-Russia ceasefire negotiations in Istanbul. The talks were held at the Presidential Offices in Dolmabahçe Palace whose construction costs bankrupted the 19th century Sultan.

    Reuters noted the attendance of Russian oligarch Abramovich in the second row with a picture attributed to an “anonymous third party”. One imagines the oligarch will be able to enjoy good ol’ Russian home cooking between rounds on either of his two super yachts anchored in Turkish safe harbour with secure communications to Moscow.

    Hopefully Nato has at least a cheap seat ticket somewhere in the crowd for keeping up purposes.

  8. For those that think consumer savings were destroyed ‘purpose of Depression is to destroy savings’, please remember it was the Democrats that gave consumers the big bump (not the stingy Republicans) with the stimulus checks, and around a third of that stimulus check is still in savings!!


    Trump (and Republicans) didn’t want to send out larger stimulus checks to people that wouldn’t vote for him:

    • Your ignorance is outstanding. You sound like an adult child living in it’s parents basement.” MOM, I need more allowance”
      The government gets it’s money from your pocket. How much money went to the politicians buddies who then feed money back to the thieves in CONgress election funds, GEEES , orange man bad syndrome is still eating you alive. Follow the money spent in the bills and Know instead of relying on the Corporations news propaganda to tell you the whole truth. They tell you just enough to get you pointed in the wrong direction. Who made big profits from the scamdemic?
      Only people who have more money than they need to live, put stimie money in savings,,, learn to think outside of the box.

      “Trump (and Republicans) didn’t want to send out larger stimulus checks to people that wouldn’t vote for him:”
      C, that is a baseless statement, but you swallow it hook, line, and sinker and it has infected your thinking process. Hope you get to feeling better

  9. “So where did the budget money go?”

    That’s a great question!
    Without any checks and balances.. no real accounts of who benefitted with trillions from the free willy printing presses. It could have been given to anyone..

    • breakaway civ. (private/corp/mil)

      really think tech/spaceflight has gone backwards since the 70’s?

      we know magnetism twice as strong electricity in electromagnetic field..flywheel/flying-lodestone.. Our entire systems built on the Hot side – where resistance exists?=InfraRed Band, instead of the Cold Side/Ultraviolet band, no resistance..all in front of our senses, yet we have allowed “them” to herd us into current “primitive” technologies.
      puny Humans = silly creatives https://youtu.be/eEep67akIn4

  10. Wales introduces ban on smacking and slapping children

    Smacking and slapping children has been outlawed in Wales, with people told to contact social services or police if they see a parent or carer meting out physical punishment.

    But critics, including the Welsh Conservatives, expressed concerns that it would criminalise parents trying to do their best and create a “Stasi culture” with people “shopping” their neighbours and even making malicious allegations.


    Hitler’s gonna win the War, yet…

  11. Ukraine conflict could spark food riots in poor countries – WTO

    The conflict in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia from Western countries are driving up global food prices, as Black Sea ports used to export grain remain blocked. The situation could lead to hunger and food rioting in poor countries, where food security depends on imports, the head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala told the Guardian on Thursday.


    I’m SO GLAD the WTO is on top of this…

  12. Top civilian commander at US air base led child sex abuse ring

    The US Army and the State of Arizona missed multiple red flags that allowed a senior civilian commander at an air base in Afghanistan to lead a child sex abuse ring over the course of a decade, according to records reviewed by AP.


  13. Ray,

    You are reminding me of a classic Dr. Spengler line from ‘Ghostbusters’ – “Ray, this is incredibly bad…”

    The “bumy” suffix link by rt is certainly a coinkydoink. It seems “Bunny” is a Russian term of endearment for children. The local Arizona msm paints quite grotesque scenes. The base’s Military Intelligence Army Corps Band formerly cover for one of the convicted officers was inactivated due to Army funding cutbacks. Another convicted and imprisoned base officer still has his ex-spouse employed in the NETCOM structure.

    I wasn’t sure what NETCOM is but arcyber army dot mil says the Arizona group is “…the Army’s single information technology service provider for all network communications. A major subordinate command to U.S. Army Cyber Command, it maintains and defends the Global Network Enterprise to enable information superiority and freedom of access to the network in all phases of Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational operations…”

    Oh, great. Sounds like Western communications took a mighty big kick in the head.


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