Markets Get Data, Oscar Uselessivity, the Bully’s Mouth

With Oscar insanity now past, we can get back to the real job of wrecking America.

I don’t say this lightly.  But, in our unflinching view, the Oscars have become a Woke-Racist marketing platform.  Mainly, it has become more about race and gender anymore’ not the craft of acting.  It has been years since anyone gave a key insight into a role.  Shout-outs and nods – worth no one’s time.

Were someone to check with grownups around Tinsel Town, there might be consensus.  Is uselessivity a word yet? The Oscars are the use-case.

The media, however, won’t mess with that.  Especially with headlines like Will Smith Strikes Chris Rock At Academy Awards After He Joked His Wife Looks Like G.I. Jane.

The Ures spent last night in a dandy family conversation – one of the forward-looking what’s next? – discussions.  The Hollywood Reporter‘s view probably sums it up well in:  94th Academy Awards Show Review. But a pull quote from Daniel Fienberg’s review will definitely give you the flavor:  “The 94th Academy Awards Were Already Bad, But Then They Got Worse.

The U.S. – for those unfamiliar with history – seems to be replaying 1970’s China.  Except instead of a Red Guards, we have woke idiots, intent on restoring racism, and installing their own “quota systems” for everything from skin color to carbon footprint.  Reprobates like me  will just grow trees in the woods, harvest solar power, and grow a little of our own food.

Meanwhile, though, Oscars are a security concern: ‘Woke’ Oscars ceremony shows why Russia and China think the West a ‘pushover’ | Daily Telegraph.

Pretty clear: We don’t need a Nanny State, pass-through president, or racism reborn to figure out where the right future is.  We already know it’s not in the city; not among the woke idiot/children.

But ya’ll keep flying over; please.

Data Week

Some International Trade numbers in a sec.  But let’s high-level the week:

Tomorrow, the Case-Shiller (S&P, CoreLogic, and whoever else wanders by) Housing numbers roll.  At some point, the Fed’s recent lightening up on the money printing will begin to drive up rates (it has) which will change the dynamic of house-buying a bit.  Prices won’t change – at first – but the “cash to seller” will begin to decline.  The Money-Changers will make a little more.

After that sinks in, we’ll be on to the ADP Jobs number Wednesday.  Don’t look now, but any weakness there could worry markets – a lot.  Thursday the Challenger Job Cuts report will be along.  Followed by the Official employment numbers Friday.

So much for the high-level.

On the Ground Today?

Just out:

After the data, markets were about flat.  On the commodities side, the energy complex was weak, down in some cases around 5% for a while.

Eventually, the overspending of our government of largess – which doesn’t have the sense to have secure borders, yet to the Babbler-in-Chief, somehow borders matter in Ukraine – WILL result in the end of U.S. Dollar hegemony.

No one likes to talk about it – and a number of key players (China with what were once American factories, and the Saudis with their oil, are all trying to figure out which International Currency makes the most sense.  It isn’t BTC – though it continues to hold in the mid $47,000s range.

Yet, given that it once traded almost $20,000 higher a while back, this is sure looking to us like an extended sideways rally before it will eventually collapse.  We’ve been wrong before, but it’s axiomatic “Government Hates Competition” and someone else’s currency is not pleasing to the 30-hours a month political megalomaniac class.

Gaping Mouth Idiot

Open Mouth – Insert Foot.  The Slo on the Go makes Woe.  Calling for the replacement of a foreign head-of-state (Biden on Putin) is not only poor form (dems own that already); it’s also nearly a declaration of War.

Which is why headlines assaulting us include Secretary of State Blinken walks back Biden remarks on Putin ouster.

But yes, he said it.  Yes, he’s an idiot.  When the NSNWs launch, we’ll remind you who got us into this war while leaving security of our border with Mexico nearly non-existent.

Sour Grapes

The Russians – so far, anyway – have been measured in their response to our Big Mouth Bully.  Fighting back in media with stories like The number of biolabs financed by Americans around the world is revealed.  30-biolabs funded in Ukraine, for instance.

On the other hand, more along the lines of agitprop, The West Miscalculated: Six Reasons for Vladimir Putin’s Stability in Power.

Fact is – near as we can figure – we don’t need Russia  – or China, for that matter – to destroy America.  We’re doing fine on our own.

Ukraine media is a mixed bag.  While claiming 17,000 casualties on the Russian side – and saying victory will be along any minute – there are admissions like Zelensky to Russian media: Volnovakha, Mariupol and small towns near Kyiv no longer exist.

Nothing else new, really.  War is always about killing people, breaking things, and destroying savings.

Our military affairs contributor warhammer is properly worried about how this is laying out:

“I literally got a chill down my spine when I first heard Biden proclaim to the world (RE: Putin): “for God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

First thing I thought was “Vlad’s going to put a hit out on Old Joe.” But it’s far more likely Putin will use the gaffe to patriotically motivate a demoralized military and rally the Russian masses behind him.

Boiled down to basics, Putin is an egocentric psychopathic despot.  Image and perceived power are everything to him, at home and abroad.  Make no mistake, Vlad is steaming mad.  He will definitely take this as a personal diss by Biden on the world stage.  As a result, I anticipate Joe’s impromptu diplomatic diatribe will soon be amplified by orders of magnitude as it churns thru Russia’s propaganda machine.

BOTTOM LINE:  This conflict just got personal.  Biden literally poured fuel onto the fire raging in the Ukraine.  Way to go, Joe!”

Today, the Bidenista’s will try to walk-back, un-say, pretend-it-didn’t happen – and continue their insulting lies to American voters.  Tigers and bullies, stripes, kinda thing.

In the meantime, you know things are bound to get worse on reading Heineken exits Russia in wake of Ukraine war.

Marginally Useful

Study of the day: Just ONE serving of vegetables a day enough to boost mental health! – Study Finds.  Whenever we need vegetables, we turn on CNN which parades them throughout the day – non-stop.

Bugging out to El Salvador is off the table:  El Salvador: State of emergency declared after 76 gang-related killings in just two days -Sky News.

Not that Mexico is any better: 19 killed in shooting in central Mexico – Raw Story.  Thanks, we’ll just do the bunker-hunker here…

Australia is in China’s sights:  Solomon Islands security deal with China prompts Australia to lobby Fiji, PNg to oppose it ( Sure, sure, reunification with Taiwan (neutering the US manufacturing capability even more) is a given.  But this story emphasizes our long-term view that China WILL eventually take over Australia.  It’ll be their Lebensraum.

Don’t know why these jumped out at me:  520 People Killed In Road Accidents In Iran Since March 17.  Along with Kuwait: 29,378 Traffic Violations Issued Last Week.  Driving, Middle East?  A meme hidden in this?  Time will tell.

And does the world really need ANOTHER social platform?  Elon Musk is serious to build a new social media networking platform.

ATR: Major Adventure, More

Been keeping you posted on my buddy The Major and his doctor-wife who had a burst appendix in Mexico (PV),

They were planning to come home Friday, but when they got to the airport, the plane took a mechanical, So an A-3-something worth of people stayed another night. Finally got in Saturday night just before 11 PM.

But his adventures aren’t over yet:  You see, she was in terrible pain, so Sunday morning, it was off to the hospital (again) and another CAT scan, and last I heard, she was doing OK, but had some lung signs that might be a lead-in to pneumonia. Overnight, I think.

The Major meantime is still in good spirits, but he’s been really focused on the accounting end of all this.  Turns out the cost of an exploded appendix in Mexico was around 135,000 pesos.  That $6,742.18.

Which isn’t too bad – if it had healed right.  But, from what I hear-tell, the PV airport was like 65F and you know how going hot and cold, dry and humid can light up lung issues.

Our prayers continue.  But the takeaway from all this is?

If you’re a doctor, work a 24-hour shift, fall off a ladder passing out from fatigue, then fly to Mexico, blow out your appendix, and then hang around frozen airports and tons of people, don’t plan on jumping right back into more 24-hour work shifts right away.  Take care of getting out of the hospital and winding the body up a bit, first.

G2 Adventures

George II was down in Elkhart, Texas 3-days this weekend (with about 50 other firefighters from around the region) for Advanced Vehicle Extrication training.  This isn’t simply your Jaws-of-Life basics.  No; this was fine surgical points of where to cut the dash, deactivating airbags, rolling vehicles back upright and a ton more.

Actually, sounded pretty damn cool. Set a car on fire and rescue the dummy. N100 when smashing out windshields and all that.

Worst Plumbing Job – Ever

Was working in the veggie grow room when I noticed a single drip from the swamp cooler water supply input line.  “Shoot, I’ll just give that an eighth of a turn and that’ll fix that…”

Well, uh, NO.  The rate went from a drip every 30-seconds to a drip every 5-seconds.  “More Armstrong!”  Except the further turning (yes, it was the right way) made it still worse.

What followed was 2-hours in a 90F grow room down on hands and knees replacing everything.

Eventually, the problem was solved with a) new copper fitting (female 1/2″ NPT to female 3/4′ GHT), b) several slatherings of pipe dope, c) cut off the end of the hose and put on my own replacement male hose end…

I have had some miserable plumbing projects over 73-years, but this one about took the cake. God-awful only begins to describe it.

I’m over it this morning.  I bought myself a present to reward my tenacity and eventual success.  So, we’ll see a new HF DC TIG welder show up shortly. Good topic for ShopTalk Sunday…

Off to introduce myself to the riding mower, which like a horse, is mounted from the left-hand side…

Write when you get rich,

72 thoughts on “Markets Get Data, Oscar Uselessivity, the Bully’s Mouth”

  1. “With Oscar insanity now past,”

    ?????… WHY do the Oscar’s hold such an estemed place in American History?
    When was the last time you were asked to give your opinion on what was a good movie or television show?

    what you have is a group of extremely overpaid people that get all dressed up to parade around and look important. they didn’t do much at all.. If you have ever seen many actors and actresses you would get the same opinion.. there are a few that are truly nice but for the most part..
    I use to joke that IF.. I ever won the lottery I was going to hire a crew of paparazzo and have people run up to me and ask for my autograph.. in one of the hot spots for spotting celebrities.. and ignore them.. you truly don’t think they put fishnet and parade around naked to avoid being noticed LOL LOL… I beleive that is why there are so many of them that have homes around here.. no one knows or cares who they are.. want to have a nice quiet family life.. this is the place.. had one that kept telling me.. do you know who I am.. I finally had to tell him yes the creep that keeps trying to keep me from doing my job.. I don’t care who you are or what movie you have been in.. then there are others that are so nice down to earth and dam funny to boot..
    Its usually the vast support crews that weave the film makeup story line etc.. to make the entertainment.. they are just photogenic and remember their lines.. even there there is someone to remind them what they are to say…a friend that does editing for the music and film industry was telling me I would be shocked at what they have to do to put out a hit.. A model photog.. has his job on the line all the time because he has to photoshop out all the tattoo’s.. he has more than once told me.. dam I wish I could find a decent model that wasn’t covered in these hideous tattoo’s.. so why the big who-Ra over a bunch of overpaid actors and actresses parading around.. it has always seemed to me to be a pat myself on the back opportunity and of course I never watch them.. now I would if they sent me a film and asked.. so what do you think about this..
    Does the opinion differ from someone working at McDonalds because they are an actor. It is the same with all breaks in society though..and is probably why this insistence to helping Ukraine.. its the business model. We didn’t rush to the help of a country where the women were being raped and people clubbed and hacked to death because of their tribe.. but we rush to assist those that have a deep reputation of being corrupt in many area’s.
    No it only has importance because they are noticeable or the money they can make for someone else.. all because of the paparazzo the minute they are no longer noticeable.. then they loose their station in life..

    • Speaking of those few denizens of Hollyweird who are actually decent, I had the pleasure of meeting one about 35 years ago. I took my commercial photography students to a park in Dallas on a nice spring day so they could photograph beautiful flowers and scenery. One of them ran up to me and asked if it was OK for them to take pictures of a movie star. That took me by surprise, so I followed her to the alleged star. There stood Mickey Rooney, glad-handing the kids and posing for photos. He engaged them in conversation, asking about their classes, etc. and told them about some of his favorite roles. All the students and I were very favorably impressed by Mr. Rooney!

      • Fortunately they are not all bad… One old guy that I had the pleasure to meet that was really nice.. had a love for cooking.. LOL LOL.. I still use his alfredo recipe.. it was and is the best so is his tomato sauce recipe.. down to earth.. super nice guy crossed my path when I worked in healthcare.. ..
        I was to do a photo shoot of one when I was going to school for a story in a paper.. the guy was so rotten I left and did a story about butterflies instead of the celebrity.. the sad part was as a child the actor I was suppose to do a photo shoot of was one of my idols LOL LOL… years later I worked head of maintenance and batman was suppose to come do a commercial.. the boss said hey wanna meet batman.. NOPE not a chance….. two rotten eggs would be to many child hood hero’s to destroy in one lifetime..

    • Can’t say why ( strong NDA ) I say this , but I can count on one hand how many of the Holly-weirdos I would say are decent people with high morals. The stories are utterly amazing. And these are people that are looked up to for some reason. People fall in love with others who pretend to be somebody that they are not. Acting ! I dare say that if people knew the REAL stories behind it all , their true personal lives , that we wouldn’t be enamored with them at all. We would be disgusted.

      Ever ask yourself why the paparazzi always seem to know when and where these people will be ? Mostly it’s the publicists. The paparazzi help them do their jobs.

      Ohhh , there’s so much more , I will stop !

  2. Interesting that Will Smith laughed at the joke, then got the cue from his wife that the joke hurt her feelings … and Will’s response set him up for every comedian in the world write material about him. Can’t wait to hear them. Lol.

    Chris Rock took the slap like a man. I give him credit for that. Could have been a real brawl on that stage.

    Better than Zelenski’s comedy … saying, the west doesn’t have the courage to fight Russia for him.


    Speaking of WORST PLUMBING …

    I thought I’d try making a flower pot candle heater, last night. Wanted to make it hotter, so I got some quarter in copper tubing I had, cut off a piece and spiraled it in the bottom flower pot.

    Put 2 candles under it and got a lot of black smoke. Thought, “We’ll, guess I should have trimmed the wicks … but that wasn’t the problem. Problem was, when I let it cool down and looked at the copper tubing, the “copper” had burned off and the tube was silver.

    Funny, I’ve used butane torches on copper tubing but I see that 2 candle flames are more powerful.

    Wow !! I’ll never do that again. I always thought copper tubing was all copper. Guess not. Don’t think I want this stuff used for plumbing jobs where drinking water will be running through them.

  3. Warhammer said…” Putin is an egocentric psychopathic despot. Image and perceived power are everything to him, at home and abroad. Make no mistake, Vlad is steaming mad.”
    Then he disses Biden for his Putin must go comment? Seems to me, Biden got it right. Do we want a psychopathic despot running a nuclear power? America already had 4 years of another psychopathic despot wannabe…and cut from the same cloth, Putin appears to be just as delusional. Maybe Bezos can pretend to honor both Putin and Trump to be on his next ride to space…and then cut the cord to join Musks Tesla Roadster/Starman in the far reaches of space. Both would be stupid and egomaniacal enough to accept the ride.

    • I met Jeff twice over at Climate Pledge Arena. Seems legit. Lol

      It’s so funny when you actually meet people and talked to them mono e mono. They don’t seem like eveyone portrays them in the news. Lol.

      Of course we didn’t talk about his rocket or any of that. More hey Jeff. How are ya? Good good good. You? Oh you know keeping everyone safe, from eveyone else and even from themselves is full time job. Even you. He laughs and says thanks for protecting me from my self and everyone else. I said you are welcome. I got my eye on you. He laughs and I said well. Good talking to you. Enjoy the show. He just laughs.

      I don’t think to Many people call him Jeff. Probably call him Mr Bezos. Or boss. I iust call him Jeff. Because. I don’t care how much money he has.

    • “Do we want a psychopathic despot running a nuclear power? ”

      We have one now…

      Did Donald Trump bang your wife, or something? There’s got to be an explanation for your psychosis. Nobody with a functional brain could have TDS as badly as you, without there being an underlying reason…

      • LOL,

        Finally, a “call out” on TDS. Let it go Mark. If you are not a ‘bot, you are becoming one. Get over it. Give it a break.

        There are more important fish to fry at the moment.

        “Crispy Critters” in San Fran for example? Courtesy of Let It Go Brandon?

        Yee Haw!

      • Nobody in their right mind would ever question someone who hates Trump. Did you bang Trump and that’s why you are bothered by my main stream and sensible comments? To
        each his own I guess.

      • “The MK is deep on that one.”

        I know…

        I keep telling myself intelligent people can’t be that stupid, then they set out anew, to prove me wrong…

    • I respect your opinion, Mark, but I hold fast to my comments. I hate Putin too, but but Putin controls nukes and is extremely unpredictable at the moment. Fact is, like it or not, Biden violated diplomatic principles with his advocacy of regime change in Russia. And just about every Western leader has since distanced themselves from Biden for his gaffe, for which Blinken and Biden have both publicly ‘clarified’ (i.e. ‘walked back’) to claim Slow Joe was not REALLY advocating regime change. Hell, even CNN admits Joe made a huge, head scratching diplomatic blunder on the world stage. And please stop bringing Trump into every ‘fail’ Biden delivers. The Donald is not the president, he did not offer his advice to Joe (nor would Joe take it) and he is totally, 100% irrelevant to the current situation that Biden created all by his stumbling, bumbling self.

  4. That appendectomy was a great deal! I had one in Marble Falls Texas last year and the bill was $45,000. At least my insurance carrier thought it was worth every dime and I walked (uh…was wheeled) away in pretty good shape. Extended vacation too.

    • The bill may have been 45K, but I bet the insurance carrier paid much less to have it go away. Insurance carriers get to pay far less than self-pay customers for medical services, and IMHO, that’s a travesty of justice and fairness. Regardless, you’re well and that’s what matters.

  5. Me coming in from morning chores: I know, I know, don’t track pop in my kitchen.
    Wife: Did you see what happened at the Oscars last night?
    Me: Who are they?
    Wife: Very funny. (Proceeds to recap the event and somebody’s terrible fight with hair loss) in minute detail. I know better than to do nothing less than stand there and listen.
    Me: So some asshat bitch slaps another asshat on national live TV? OMG! I wish I had spent my precious time watching that.
    Wife: Oh don’t be so elitist, and take off your hat, it has cow poop on it.

    • “don’t track pop in my kitchen.”

      LOL LOL LOL LOL one of my hats was maintenance of a department store.. LOL LOL once a month they would give popcorn pop and ice cream to old people to get them to come in and shop.. LOL LOL LOL
      you could track where someone dropped a little on the floor throughout the whole building..
      OH MY I can’t believe you got some Brandon on your hat.. I tell everyone when walking in the dogs mine field.. watch out for Brandon’s and don’t step in them.. the wife hates it when you step in on a brandon and it gets tracked throughout the house.. stinky mess..

      • “Actually, she was just lovingly calling me a”

        My wife isn’t as nice as yours JIM…. LOL LOL… she gives me that look.. and I instantly know what is best for me…… shes my ground rod..

  6. Well G, – is it a bird ? a plane ? a friggin asteroid?

    IDK – but at 0.04 lunar distance buzz-by, feeling like a “burma shave” is close at hand…not that anyone will be able to discern an asteroid ripping across the sky with smoke trail – not a chance.
    ..wondering when the richard e lugar ctr for horrifically murderous research in Georgia gets “Kinzaled”?

    ..educated guess the same time nato hq gets leveled, hopefully daytime launch as to eliminate as many enemy combatants (employees) as possible.. ; )

    Ure cold warriors take of Russia/Pooterz still same old wrong headed, misguided, clueless analysis of Russia/Russians..none of which has changed in 60 years..see that fat load of a disgrace to the uniform vindman(s) – you all remember that slimebag from ds/demonrat KILL TRUMP (at any cost) operation? Dont think any traps were set back then..Nah.

    Big $ question today …Why is/would larry fink/blackrock be Acquiring/Buying out
    ohh wait – wrong one – here try this – XRP/ripple
    “the transaction coin” going forward..?

    ..”2 times they will fail – to back their evil bullscheisse, peeps not so sheepy going forward- will not accept Un-Backed, fake Money anymoar. 3 is the key, after the 2’s are done…

    “i keep my eyes on the price, on the long fallen skies
    and I dont let my friends get hurt
    all you back room schemers, small trip dreamers
    better find something new to say
    cause your the same old story
    its the same old crime
    and you got some HEAVY dues to pay”- Stevie Guitar Miller

    * dont look glencore/trafigura – fugly wouldnt cover that clustrF -house of killeray besties – guess gotta be a “mark” or “rich” to get a pardon for massive financial crimes.

    • “a space cowboy
      March 28, 2022 at 08:55
      Well G, – is it a bird ? a plane ? a friggin asteroid?”

      OH heck its just some joker from the fiftieth floor with a superman suit on showing off his superman flight simulation.. LOL LOL LOL for those at ground zero.. what who burned that negative image on the concrete LOL LOL LOL LOL

  7. If only the satanic pedophiles of unholywood would have let Ricky Gervais emcee the event, it would have been great
    on the pedophile/satanic note
    look at mins 8 through 12 mins bad sick stuff, the first 8 min is just comments about some of the Q posts,, after 12 mins it becomes a religious theme talk

    • Not recommended.

      I saw some of the pictures of Epstein’s catacombs (and the children in them) before the dude retired to Clinton’s Costa Rican ranch. Once you do, you can’t unsee depraved shit like that…

      • I once read a criminal investigation report done where they found childrens bones off of the island..
        Of course today that is all deemed as fake news.. the investigation the photo’s even the video’s that divers made while searching.. gone in history.. Similar to another instance of news stories and investigations on a suspected child trafficking and pedophilia ring in the NE.. as soon as it was seen who was suspected as involved.. it all vanished even the old news stories that had been done for years became unsearchable.. sad.. but it is the extreme double standards that have been around for years..

  8. “I literally got a chill down my spine when I first heard Biden proclaim to the world (RE: Putin): “for God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”
    First thing I thought was “Vlad’s going to put a hit out on Old Joe.”
    BOTTOM LINE: This conflict just got personal. Biden literally poured fuel onto the fire raging in the Ukraine. Way to go, Joe!”
    Today, the Bidenista’s will try to walk-back, un-say, pretend-it-didn’t happen – and continue their insulting lies to American voters. Tigers and bullies, stripes, kinda thing.”

    OH.. the chill I got was when they went and hurled insults at Xi.. and Putin and did everything they could to keep this escalated to cause this to evolve into a military action to protect a group that is so corrupt that it is amazing that we would even want to defend them.. even now.. they keep pushing the War scenario by supplying arms hurling insults and rattling swords at their border… directed at the two major players keeping the planet from becoming one new world order monkey slapped and insulted…. then doing the exact same thing they did to Russia and move nukes into position on China’s border I frankly am really surprised that xi has kept his composure on this.. or Putin keeping his composure..neither one of them looked very happy for obvious reasons and china is really being quiet not a word out from them…. This whole she-bang makes me sick.. If they don’t take us down with war.. then we have ole printem that will take us down with the worst depression since the human race began using money as value…. now with the Saudi’s questioning why the dual standards.. why are a bunch of criminals more important than others suffering in other countries., Who knows how this will go down..I fear it isn’t going to be pretty in the end..and truly sad part of all of this is that I believe that the corruption that caused all of this will personally affect each and every one of us not just those that it should affect…

    • Putin and Xi are soldiers.

      Biden is a blowhard. He will lose his cool a dozen times over, before either of them even gets irritated.

      Because of that, he is more dangerous than they are, combined.

      • “Because of that, he is more dangerous than they are, combined.”

        AMEN…. scares the hell out of me that all of humanity is going to be affected over their business and personal activities.. all while trying to paint the picture that it is the others that are tainted.. what was that old biblical saying..
        “John 8:7
        King James Version
        7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”
        or Matthew.. For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye?…”
        As he trys hard to look like a good guy.. there are those countries now that are questioning why the USA now has double standards and why we can jeopardize the whole population of the planet over such a corrupt area when they are trying to clean up that corruption yet forget the needs of others that truly could use our help..

    • Dam dam dam and double DAM! WTF over!?

      Timeline published/laid out for all to review from Maria. Zakharova “bidens biowar ties”. heinze kid and bribems kid @ rosemont seneca -Black&Veatch, Metabiota, DoD,EcoHealth Alliance =30 bioweapons labs..”10% to the bigguy”

      the probabilities of Belgorod simultaneous multi nuke carrying drone launch Delaware Beach, underwater Internetz cables, – just went up biggly. no wonder he “wants ” Vllad the Mad disposed of..

  9. Martin Armstrong says…

    “The Neocons have accomplished their objective. They dethroned Trump and installed the senile president who will go down in history as the President that began World War III. His name will be remembered in infamy because it is always the president to history remembers – not the dark figures behind the curtain prodding him on every action. They know the risks that have now unleashed upon the world. Biden’s trip to Warsaw to convince the Polish people to surrender their lives for the dreams of the American Neocons was interestingly marked by Biden flying on the “Doomsday” jet. At the same time, Biden tells the American people there is no risk of nuclear war. Their actions say differently.”

  10. I got another reminder yesterday about ya never know who you are talking to George. I’m always so busy. Run to work, run to get the kid, run to the stadiums for some event or concert. Run to the gym or tanning. Run to the store. I’m a busy dude.

    I never really met my neighbors. I was talking to one yesterday. Really nice lady except those lime green crocks. She says, Andy you need to quit smoking. I said what are ya doctor or something? She yes, yes I am. I’m a brain surgeon over at Harbor View. I said I never seen a brain surgeon wearing lime green crocks before. She said, it’s a messy job. And now you have Andy. I bust out laughing. I said Imagin so. A couple other neighbors came out 2 doors down and we were all talking. All of them told me. You gotta quit smoking Andy. I said what you doctors top? 3 of the 5 neighbors on my block are doctors. The other two, one is a big wig at Google and the other is a Criminal Defense attorney.

    I guess im not the smart kid on the block. Huh.

    Hahahah. Good. When you are the smartest man in the room? You are hanging out with the wrong people. LOL

    Ohhh the Chinese and Russia and eveyone else trying to figure out which is the next world currency.

    You know I got alot of events. There are 3 I really like. EDM’s, College Basketball and MLS. Go Sounders. Them kids out there playing major league soccer are so fast. I never seen anyone ever do burst of speed on two legs like those guys do. It’s site for sure. It’s almost unreal how fast those guys are.

    I wear a sounders every day. I buy a new one at the start of every season.

    There is only one sport on this entire planet that brings the entire world together. Not boxing. Not NFL. Not track racing. Not bike racing. Not swimming, surfing, auto racing, snowboarding, hockey or even the Olympics. Not even the Olympics.

    There is only one sport that brings the entire world together. Everyone from China, The US, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Greece, almost every nation in South Africa, from India, Egypt the UAE, Canada, Mexico and every country in South America will be there.

    One sport. And only one sport. Bring the world together and everyone has an equal chance of winning. Greece could kick Canada’s ass. Norway could have bragging rights over Russia. Poland could stomp the shit out of Mexico. Nigeria or Portugal could tell the world! Fuck you! We are the champions!!!!

    Every single person has the same chance.

    That my friend is Fifa. World cup. Comes every 4 years and there isn’t a country that doesnt play. Even Iran sends a team.

    Now the thing I notice about going to all these sports events and concerts and shows. For a moment. For a few hours. The world forgets about the plan-demic. Every cheers, and dances, etc etc.

    And all the stadiums are no cash facilities now. You can even pay cash for debit card in these machines that will print one for you, Johnny on the spot.

    Did you know that tulip ticket CRO is the official Fifa World Cup sponsor? One crypto is the fifa world cup sponsor. And it’s not bitcoin.

    I got the impression, all merchandise will be sold to people by using that crypto at the world cup. They will be able to transfer euros, and denari and us dollars in to that CRO and make their purchases using that crypto.

    Pretty interesting to me. Pretty damn interesting.

    While China and Russia and everyone trys to figure out which crypto is the one the world will use.

    Hmmmmmmm. Wonder which crypto will be used in the world.


    Journey is in town tonight. I don’t want to go to the Show tonight. But I may. I have lots of friends there. Billy Idol was supposed to open up for them. I guess it’s toto now. Toto is in the Emerald City. You can’t make this shit up. It’s too real. Haha

    Pretty funny DUDE!

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope! You are as well.

    Que: ~ Hold the Line ~


    • They arr going to funnel all those different currencies into Cro’s, at the Fifa World Cup. It doesn’t matter if you got Dollars, renmebis or euros or rupels or loonys. We got you boo. Just put your card in this machine and we will convert what ya got to Cro’s to make your purchase.

      Yes Sir! And Yes Mam You need Cro’s to buy everything from your favorite players jersey to hot dogs and waffle fries. We got you. Just stick your card in this machine and it will do it for you.

      The wonderful world of automation.

      I find that very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

    • Kids driving by think you’re a Fonz update or something, and want to smoke to be cool like you. If you won’t stop smoking for your own sake, then do it for the poor ignorant bastards who smoke one pack and are hooked for a short life of misery. Just because your system can take it doesn’t mean others can. Don’t be the neighborhood anti-hero when your off-duty; make being the hero a full time occupation.

  11. I haven’t much cared about the Oscars since the 90’s. I officially boycotted them since 2008.., When ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was nominated for Best Picture – yet it was another week before it even showed up in theaters. That did it for me.
    I’m watching for cyber attacks, world wide., right now. Directly, or by proxy Putin is not going to take Biden’s threat/insult quietly.

  12. Right after I posted that, i went outside to talk to the trees that are still blossoming. And a school bus with a shit load of kids wearing soccer shirts drove by. Bus number 777.

    Wonder what that means.

      • My ex served Boeing its ass about the vaccine mandate they wanted to do. Not only did they drop that idea they gave her a raise after.

        She is a force to be reckoned with. I know. Hahab that is why she is the mother of my children. Even the President and CEO of Boeing got to a very close in counter or why we had a very cordial divorce. Hahaha he ended up saying after he told her she was fired for not getting vaccinated, said your right Mam, we don’t need masks and we need the vax to work here. Infact. Here is more money for you. Huahhahahah

        I’m sure that that personal law suit that was sitting on his desk saying he had to pay her $100k a day until she could to return to work for violations against her right medical privacy.. was the turning point in they working relationship.


        I don’t know where bus #777 was going. But that their Elon coin i bought a bunch of? It’s going past the moon right now and heading to mars.


      • Ohhh you are hilarious dude! You a freaking hilarious. I just realized what you meant about the dreamliner and how that relates to my old website and its mention there.

        Ha ha ha

        And it is.

        Truly wonderful George.

        Thank you!


      • Well we will see about what THE DUDE, has to say about it.

        Just know, IF it belongs to me? And someone takes it. Well the last fella who did that was in my office having a doughnut begging me for a job, looked like he walked out of Ausshwuits. Had a new lease on life. A totally different perspective. And he only too $30 from me.

        According the sliding scale of justice. I imagine anyone who robs me of a blessing could stay out there like that fella did for a lot lot longer. It could be a couple hundred life times like that. I don’t know. THE DUDE decides. They may think they are getting away with it. Trust me. They are not anymore that fella who thought he was the man and took my $30.

        He was turned away when he asked me for help the next time. But I did pray for him, gave him a couple doughnuts, couple smokes and coffee.

        And who knows. I like what I do. But I could be doing something completely different next week for all I know.

        I’m a good neighborhood that is forsure. Flirted with the Brain Surgeon tonight. She is cute.

        Have a wonderful week.

  13. George

    She who must be obeyed had pneumonia seven times over a two year period. The doctors finally figured out that her immune system was not working like it should. She was put on a serum to replace what her body stopped making. Once the copay shot up to $22000 per month we switched to colostrum at $50 a month. It works just as well as the serum. She has not had pneumonia in over four years!
    Your friend might get his wife to have her immune system checked just to be on the safe side.

  14. “Today, the Bidenista’s will try to walk-back, un-say, pretend-it-didn’t happen – and continue their insulting lies to American voters. Tigers and bullies, stripes, kinda thing.”

    Which will work just fine, with us. The commie propaganda machine (mainstream media) will kick in and play to our notably short attention span, and all will be forgot here. Except it won’t, everywhere else, especially in Russia.

  15. “And does the world really need ANOTHER social platform? Elon Musk is serious to build a new social media networking platform.”

    No, but it needs an honest, open, and ideology-free one.

  16. “I literally got a chill down my spine when I first heard Biden proclaim to the world (RE: Putin): “for God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”
    First thing I thought was “Vlad’s going to put a hit out on Old Joe.”


    One (or more) of Creepy Joe’s offspring or sibs may have a sudden, fatal heart attack, but Joe will be left alone to bask in the thought that he caused their demise.

    There is nothing Biden could do which would make Putin angry enough to want to have to deal with half-wit Kammy.

  17. Oscars: Didn’t see, don’t care. But congrats to Will and Chris. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! You got us all talking about YOU. But then, you are ACTORS after all. “The key to success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”
    Biden v Putin: It’s a toss-up. I give the first round to Vlad based on his in-your-face “Master of the Universe” attitude going in. But Joe’s a wiry old cuss, good in the clenches, and he knows how to push the P-man’s buttons (“Oh, you ARE standing”). Might depend on whose pacemaker shorts out first.
    “Every city, the whole world ’round,
    Will just be another American town.”
    Economic advice: I prefer to NOT get mine from convicted felons.

    • “Economic advice: I prefer to NOT get mine from convicted felons.”

      So, you wouldn’t use Bill Gates’ FP guru, if he offered…?

  18. I have never been able to get into a public show which involved a bunch of people sitting around and patting themselves on the back.

    I believe the last Miss America I actually saw crowned was Phyllis George…

    Pageantry ain’t got nuthin’ on me, and vice-versa.

  19. Another round of new stadiums is on the horizon.

    “Buffalo Bills Strike Deal for Taxpayer-Funded $1.4 Billion Stadium. The agreement calls for $850 million in New York State and local funding”

    Buffalo’s “Per capita income in past 12 months (in 2020 dollars), 2016-2020, $25,654”.

    Like they need a stadium.

    • Maybe they want a dome?

      –Just saw the renderings. I guess not.

      Personally, I don’t believe they need a new home. I prefer games at Lambeau, Soldier Field, and Foxborough — and Orchard Park, because I like it when the home team has an actual weather advantage. I think the Lions and Vikings sucked harder, after they went indoors.

      Yeah, there was that thing a couple years back, where Buffler got 7′ of snow and it took two weeks to shovel out Highmark Stadium, but still — WHAT a home field advantage that could be…!!!

  20. Gas payments in rubles would backfire on EU sanctions – media

    The bloc will have to buy rubles from Russia’s central bank

    The switch to rubles for gas payments, announced earlier this week by Russian President Vladimir Putin, would force the European Union to circumvent its own anti-Russia sanctions if it wants to keep the gas flowing in, Germany’s Der Spiegel reported, citing economy experts.

    G7 rejects Russian demand to pay for gas in rubles

    The Group of Seven major economies have collectively agreed to reject Moscow’s demand to pay for gas imports from Russia in rubles, according to German Energy Minister Robert Habeck.

    Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Russia will stop shipping natural gas to countries that reject the demand.

    Time to fire up the Jiffy Pop and see whose nuts freeze first…

    • “Gas payments in rubles would backfire on EU sanctions – media
      The bloc will have to buy rubles from Russia’s central bank”

      We were thinking about buying a bassinette for a future arrival online.. the price was in Rubles… which is ok with us.. But.. when we went to pay for it.. can’t do it…it shut us down because of the war and they couldn’t fill the transaction because of the USA sanctions and shipping.. to bad to it was one of the prettiest I have seen for the money they wanted..

  21. ‘Lest we forget:

    Mar 27, 2022
    Good morning from the Armenian city of Goris.

    Just across these mountains is the border with Azerbaijan & the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, where there are warnings a full-scale war could break out.

    Yesterday, Russian peacekeepers, who have been tasked with holding the contact line under the terms of a 2020 ceasefire, reported Azerbaijani troops had carried out drone strikes…

    In a rare show of unity, the US & France have joined Moscow demanding Azerbaijani troops return to their starting positions.

  22. Fix a plumbing leak? “I need a new TIG welder”!

    Insights to the mind of a Tool Slut… :-)

  23. From a year ago. Write when you find something in these facts or this perspective has changed.

    Your government is still trying to kill you, and succeeding. But first, they want to suck every dime from you. 31% of Americans who died in 2020 had zero or negative net worth.

    The Oscars, just the circus part to distract you from the fact soon there will be no more bread (that you can afford).

    The gangs in El Salvador are financed with drug sales in the USA, BTW.

  24. The BBC newsfeed on Ukraine includes this European Pressphoto Agency picture of Mr. Biden holding his large print “Tough Putin Talking Points” cue sheet towards cameras.

    Meanwhile over at China’s CGTN, the broadcaster lamented Nato strategy in the Ukraine. They then segued into a commemorative of the now 23rd anniversary of the Nato bombing campaign in the former Yugoslavia. Citizen sentiment was further stirred with mention of the US bombing during the operation of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.

    • Ain’t nothing wrong with carrying cue-cards to a speech.

      Something BIG wrong when the cue-cards tell the speaker how to react/respond to each question and when to use each talking point.

      Cue-cards are a speech outline. They make it so you can speak honestly and sincerely, almost but not quite “off the cuff,” without wandering too far from your topics. They are not answers, quips, or rebuts.

      What made Reagan, Clinton, and Trump so popular amongst their followers was their ability to talk “off the cuff” without cue-cards or a teleprompter. What made the Bush’s speaking bad, and Obama’s, boring, was their handlers, not allowing them to do so.

      The only speech W gave which was a genuinely good speech was the one from Ground Zero WTC, a week and a half after the towers went away, where he went off his handlers’ rails and spoke, off the cuff… remember now?

  25. Food garden victory! The Taro plants were huge, so got harvested. This is a native polynesian staple. Root bulbs are pounded to paste called ‘Poi’, or you can slice and cook the root like potato. The leaves are also edible when cooked. Stems peeled also have pithy centers that can be cooked and eaten. So with the harvest, we also collected the fatty pork (local wild caught!), some Parker Ranch Beef from the island here, and some local chicken, and we made ‘Lau Lau’. The fistful of meat is wrapped in Taro leaves, then wrapped in Ti leaf, and steamed for 4 hours. The Taro leaf cooks down to look like cooked spinach, wrapped around the meaty bundle. Local delicacy. We made 12 of them. Fine ‘subsistence’ Dining! Served with cooked taro.

  26. Tonight’s visit was to Sputnik:

    North Korea Launches ‘New Type’ of ICBM Capable of Reaching US

    North Korea first demonstrated its large Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, the Hwasong-17, in 2020. According to South Korea’s military, the range of the latest launch was estimated to be 6,200km which confirmed the DPRK claim.–1094176308.html

    Russian MoD: Bodies of Tortured Civilians With Carved Out Swastikas Found in Mariupol Basements

    Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), with support from Russian troops, are currently fighting remnants of the Azov nationalist battalion in Mariupol.

    The bodies of victims of Ukrainian nationalists have been found in the basements of buildings in Mariupol, some of them severely mutilated, the Russian Defence Ministry has reported. The ministry clarified that the basements were previously occupied by Ukrainian nationalist forces.

    Petro-Ruble: Why Western States Will End Up Buying Russian Gas for Rubles

    Russia will not supply gas for free if the EU refuses to pay in rubles

    “The sanctioning countries that have breached all their contracts with Russia have no right to complain that Russia breaches one in return”, says Dr Paul Craig Roberts, US economist and ex-assistant secretary of the treasury under Ronald Reagan. “If the countries refuse to pay, Putin should immediately turn off the energy. Indeed, he should have done so before launching his military operation in Donbass. It is nonsensical for Russia to keep alive the economies of countries that are sending weapons to Ukrainian Nazis to kill Russians”.

    ‘Freeze for Freedom’: Minister Calls on Germans to Sweater Up & Get Used to Cold ‘to Punish Putin’

    Despite initial calls to abandon Russian gas, oil and coal supplies as soon as possible, the members of the EU postponed the decision, aiming for 2027. The change of heart came due to Europe’s high reliance on these supplies, with Russia contributing to nearly one-third of the bloc’s gas imports.–get-used-to-cold-to-punish-putin-1094271373.html

  27. Good morning. I read this this morning. Probably one most profound things I ever read.

    “Perfect humility would be a full willingness, in all times and places, to find and to do the will of God.”

    That is greatest hope. That is meaning behind my saying, “Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate.”

    The first words out of my mouth every day when my eyes open are.

    “Good Morning DUDE, thank you for another day of life! Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! Im excited to see what you have planned for the day. May I extend the hand of loving grace you so freely gave to me to everyone I meet. Increase my understanding and decernemrnt, permeate the very fabric of my presence with your living energy so that the world around me will flourish with eternal vitality. May increase in Your favor DUDE. Multiply my reputation in buisness and success this day. Keep me in your perfect will DUDE, and grant me the power to create wealth. ”

    Those are the first words out of my mouth. Every day. No matter where I Am, no matter who is in my bed or the room with me.

    So far, so good.

    Super busy April for me. We have a lot of concerts, sports and other events here in The Emerald City.

    If you are ever around. Be sure to stop and say Hi.

    Best get busy being about it.

    See ya when I see ya.

    Until then,

    Infinitely NOW!


    • It is understandable that anyone who rejects that, not receive until they too are willing. I fault not a single man or woman who rejects that prayer. Everyone eventually finds hope, in those words. The gift of desperation is chosen by many as the way. However, it is not the only way.

      I too, am not exempt from the miracle of redemption. And…

      Thank THE DUDE, for….. that!

      Cue: ~ it’s all right ~

      The Impressions

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