Wait for Housing – Inflation’s Revenge – Over the Top

Two statistical realities will pop today.

First will be the Case-Shiller/S&P/CoreLogic Housing data.  We will cover that in a special second update.  But without looking, we are certain that the picture for Housing has never been brighter.  People who own property profit from inflation.  It’s why government can “get away with it.”

Where “it” is watering down the purchasing power of money.  So it takes more  worth less paper to “buy” the same goods.

As we have explained previously, there is a very high correlation between the growth of America’s “monetary base” and the “price rise” in housing.  With the monetary base up 31.4-odd percent in the past 12-months, any fool can see that Housing prices – at least in the “Hot Markets” should be up this much (and more!).

Over the Top

Simple math lesson to begin the morning.

Let’s imagine the Dow Jones average exactly one year ago closed at 27,685.38.

Since we know that the Fed Monetary Base is up 31.47% in the past year, this would potentially press the Dow up to what?

Ure’s crackpot inflation is reflected in stock prices idea says (27,685.38*1.3147=) 36,397.97 or nearly  that.

However, since we closed yesterday AROUND 35,741 we could have a bit more upside to go just on inflation-adjustments.  Or, my crackpot theory is deficient because the balance may have gone into salaries and bonuses for people smarter than me.

Or the annual rate of hype & print will be revealed a bit lower in this afternoon’s money stocks report (H.6).

Still, up 8,056 points in about 252 trading sessions is +31 points a day on average.  So that futures were +122 ain’t hardly surprising.

Something Troubles Us, Tho

It’s summarized in one of our twice-weekly Peoplenomics charts.  Shows how the market (which based on reality should be worse off in real terms because of bioweapon fallout), has gone up.

By how much?  Well, we reckon with only honest money the markets would be about 30% lower, prices would still be falling, and the obvious long-term economic depression would be evolving.

More people would be unemployed, homelessness would be higher, and consumers would be “sitting on their wallets.”  Because with prices coming down – and money getting “tight” (meaning it will buy more as its purchasing power is restored) people will have no incentive to spend.

Today, we have a Fed which is trying to “inflate their way” through this Second Depression window.  Every morning, we religiously check Ben Bernanke’s blog waiting for him to offer us “little people” some clue as to how this all works out.  So far, we’ve been disappointed.

The Decoupling Problem

While Housing will get the market’s attention today (prices up, maybe with a splash less mania) the REAL story of monetary inflation will be told when the Fed releases the (now) monthly H.6 money stocks report.

We have been profoundly disappointed in Jerome Powell‘s performance as
Fed Chair.  Since (like the miserable data-hider Alan Greedspan) he ended honest H.6 weekly reporting and delays reporting to a monthly basis.

Still, if you know where to look (we do) you can see the Great Decoupling risk evolving:

We have contemplated a class action lawsuit against the Fed for its lack of transparency and how this screws the small investor (but not market-trading Fed chieftains) who may trade better due to knowing the real score on money relationships.

Trading on non-public information is – near as we can figure it – insider trading regardless of what the “information itself” is – even something as innocuous-sounding as money creation run-rates.

The Ure family, of course, knows that in any dispute, the side with the best counsel almost always wins.  And we can’t out-bid the Fed when comes to litigation.   Think I’d get anywhere asking Perkins-Coie for some pro-bono help?

We can, however, sketch out “How the con is being run” to anyone wandering by.  Along with explaining there are two castes in America.  The “Made” and the “Great Unwashed.”  This latter includes all of us.

Your only way out of ALC (America’s Lower Caste) is to own a supply chain and energy railroad, a ginormous software company to fund supervaxxing by needling everyone in the world, or staying in the House long enough for the spousal unit to make some super-money.

Are we having fun, yet?

Distractions Matter

No, we don’t need stories like Stop the gay superman social engineering. Though the polarization is certainly the first step toward monetization (which perhaps a comical company, Marxists, and Antifa plus the climateers have figured out).

Instead, the public’s useless energy can be burned off  by adding heaping spoonful’s of additional complexity.

For example, two “BLM” stories today, lead to a discussion of abbreviated thinking.  In one, BLM means…well, see if you really need help on this one: The BLM reminds the public to recreate responsibly in the Imperial Sand Dunes | Bureau of Land Management. Recently, the other BLM meant something else.  As seen in stories like Indiana Ave. paving project to cover Black Lives Matter mural.

Battle of the Brands, anyone?

Let’s keep wandering through our growing fields of monetization’s, right?

Gender-bending may be a good thing (for the planet).  Takes a little explaining though because science has come out with a WTF?  Gender Myth Busted: Men and Women Show Same Emotional Variation | Technology Networks.

Point is, though, one-size fits all is far more efficient than a whole rigged and cockeyed “fashion industry.”  So along comes Fashion Designers Strive to Upgrade Gender-Neutral Clothing – WSJ.  Wait!  Wasn’t all this in like, oh, the first Star Trek episode  aired Sept. 8, 1966.  We’ve all been slow apes figuring it all out, huh?

Fools Born Every Minute meet Lies Oft Repeated.  Story about how Majority in US concerned about climate, poll finds | RochesterFirst.  The scary part was how many people would “pay a dollar a month” to “fight climate” change.  What we have to ask is pretty basic (dime store MBA thinking here):  What exactly do people (who swallow climate pandering) think they are buying?  See my earlier remarks on America’s Caste System and refer to previous rants on gullibility.  WT(actual)F is the deliverable?

When we step back, climate pap appears geared towards people who can’t research living in sustainable areas and then band together to bitch about it and try to stick the rest of us with the tab.  “We’re special so you owe us” is a growth industry worldwide.

Social and Search should be public utilities.  How many times have I told you that?  Well, in the latest revelations Takeaways from the Facebook Papers – CNN.  Makes the case.

Actually Useful

The “FluffPo” has a good one in 7 Mindless Habits That Are Making You Unproductive At Work | HuffPost Life.

Breastfeeding for the brain?  Breastfeeding may help prevent cognitive decline later in life – Study Finds

And a statistical change is being noticed: Once practically empty, ERs struggle with a surge of pent-up sickness : NPR.  A lot before we “covid” because of all the dough involved….

Off to refill the bean cup and wait on Housing numbers.  Clam chowder or a cheese and tomato omelet  – tough call.

Write when you get rich,


38 thoughts on “Wait for Housing – Inflation’s Revenge – Over the Top”

  1. “Bomb Cyclone” and “Atmospheric River” aka a low pressure system and a band of rain. And all the climate disaster porn in the runup to the climate summit. Sheesh!
    “If you think you’re being played, you probably are.” – Gibbs
    You can’t shame the shameless.

      • I say bring it on. Should be a wakey wakey moment for those pushing battery powered everything when we get a massive storm that disables all those nonfossil fuel toys.

      • Good!
        That means they can stop spraying the skies with God-knows-what and stop their “GeoEngineering” global pollution programs, save a ton of money and thereby lower fuel costs.

  2. Those “Once practically empty ERs, struggle with a surge …” Kinda strange when Media has said hospitals were completely FULL for over a year. Well, that’s what they said. – people I know who work at hospitals said, that was a lie. But who’s gonna believe a frontline worker these days? They’re just supposed to get the jab and shut up, or get fired.

    Can’t say we didn’t expect this new surge. Anyone who did thorough research knew that eventually that (ADE) thing would happen, and elective surgeries and such which were put on hold, would eventually take its toll. And nobody wants to go where covid is … cuz you might catch it or worse, they might admit you and … well, you know. End up on a ventilator giving someone $39,000.

    Went to a meeting last night. Listened to an attorney talk about the mandate and exemptions. Very enlightening. Seems we still live in a free country … many just don’t realize it. The attorney showed pro Bono and packed the house. Wasn’t looking for new clients but rather showed the personal path to success. Beyond that, call an attorney if you fall a bit short.

    One thing he said, “In the coming years we will look back and see this period as the biggest civil rights movement in history.” – I’m inclined to agree.

    • If by “civil rights movement” he meant the average American Citizen making his God-given rights stick again then I hope he’s right.

    • PB,
      A little trade secret: “pro bono” is when a lawyer represents an indigent client without charge. What you experienced was “trolling for clients”.
      Free legal advice is worth every penny.

      • Another George

        “trolling for clients” was exactly what I expected … but I don’t believe that was the case. He was from quite a few miles away and it would be ridiculous to even think of hiring him for that reason. He wasn’t passing out business cards either.

        He explained the law regarding religious and medical exemptions.

        Religion is regarded as “a firmly held belief.” in legal matters. And it’s not just about fetal cells, nor is it about being part of any religious group. It’s about your firmly held beliefs.

        We were given knowledge of things to do and not do, even before such a mandate is (imposed) upon an employee … and to (clarify) any online or given questionnaire by employer about you feelings toward the mandate, in writing and sent back to them certified. Keep a paper trail. – same with any “retaliation” imposed for not getting the jab.

        Attitude should be assertive, but friendly.

        Basically, you set yourself up well if you have to hire an attorney, but the point was … to simply show your employer that you are knowledgeable and prepared, if need be. – Getting them to understand that some of their actions are illegal, and once they know that you know, they just might back down.

        To report breached legalities, we were told who to report to … it’s not more attorneys. But, it’s where attorneys listen and freely mediate.

        Just knowing things like that and the detail presented, gave a lot of folks the courage and peace of mind they were looking for. I know I feel better.

        One thing I keep in mind, attorneys are people too, and many don’t like these mandates for their own personal reasons. When his daughter was going to be denied finishing nursing school after 3 years of study, because she refused to get jabbed, it pissed him off. That’s what got him into all this.

    • My “exemption” is: “I am extremely pro-vaccination. As soon as one is created for COVID, I will be at the front of the line…”

  3. Humanity is at an inflection point on this rock. It’s been coming since the dawn of the industrial age. I became interested in SciFi as a young boy (H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison) because, growing up in a steel town city, I wondered what possible futures might look like ‘in my lifetime,’ not in the unrealistically utopian 23rd Century of Star Trek. I admired Chuck Heston for breaking out of the traditional H-Wood leading man mold to take on controversial movies like “Planet of the Apes,” Soylent Green” and “The Omega Man.” Heston was at the top of his game when he began making SciFi films, but he could see where the trend was heading for humanity under the ‘warlord’ leadership/sheeple masses’ model that steered humanity for the past 5-6000 years. Edward G. Robinson jumped on his ‘elder mentor’ role in Soylent Green because he knew he was dying of cancer and the movie would be his last. He wanted his last movie to send a message to those in the present as well as in the future. It began to slowly dawn on me that SciFi was more than escapism. In many cases it faithfully attached various logical progressions and outcomes to time validated elements of human behavior, painting the possibility of a dystopian visions for “the shape of things to come.” Humanity is not by any means disproving the visions of those Scifi and acting greats. We humans have been and remain quite predictable. So too, then, is our future, unless we grab the reigns and quickly jerk ourselves onto a radically different course. The clock is ticking. In the words of Rod Serling, “That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone!”

    • The key to Star Trek utopia was the replicator technology. Once the first replicator was invented scarcity ended.

      The Star Trek holodeck is almost here. Right now we need gear for VR. Brain chips will change that.

      Immersive experiences that feel like the future

      Sandbox is a futuristic VR experience for groups of up to 6 where you can see and physically interact with everyone inside, just like the real world. Inspired by Star Trek’s Holodeck, our exclusive worlds let you feel like you’re living inside a game or movie, and are built by EA, Sony, and Ubisoft veterans. See why Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Kevin Durant, and Will Smith support us. In here, it’s possible.


      • We already have 2 replicators here at the ranch – printing pla, pet, and abs plastic
        One of these days I will get the scanner hooked up.
        All that’s missing is hotter print heads for metal and lower for proteins!

      • No Shitski! replicator tech is the key to mRNA vax as well..

        gazillions of copies..wonder why Humans would need so many copies of the toxic spike protein in their systems? so they have enough to share with their neighbors? naahh

      • “The Star Trek holodeck is almost here. Right now we need gear for VR. Brain chips will change that.”

        It has been for many years now.. if your under fifty then it would be before your time.. I was in RD and they had a live hologram of the earth in real time. So I can in all honesty say.. I had walked around the whole earth in less than a day..LOL most of the time I was being amazed at what I could see….It is and was probably one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.. then about thirty years ago.. I was with my grandkids and we were in a tech show wandering around.. I do love that stuff.. anyway there was a booth that had the funkiest set of goggles.. they were bug shaped and earphones etc.. putting them on.. if you have ever seen a viewmaster.. well this was that.. but it was way more.. putting the goggles on you would have sworn you were standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. the bird flying overhead turn to the left turn to the right up down it was amazing.. the only thing missing was the breeze that rustled the bushes.. now if someone had put a fan.. you would swear you were there.. if someone had given you a shove.. you would have had a heart attack because you would believe you were falling into the grand canyon.. it was also one of my most favorite things.. I have often wondered why they haven’t come out with theatres like that.. or sold more television shows.. you would be right in the middle of the movie..
        I have seen the advances in robotics.. yup.. they do have animatronics that can replicate people.. so far as I know they are still on cords but I think it is close to being able to buy the cherry 2000 lol.. https://youtu.be/BR542tQhXJo
        considering that.. what implications would there be to having either a bionic man or woman.. ( new modern prosthetics are almost there now)

      • consider the bad side of robotics..
        Do you need a soldier that cannot be turned away from an objective? or have the ability to run up a stairwell at 37 miles an hour.. there are plenty of old video’s of what they had ten years ago.. the advancements since then are amazing.. I am still waiting for the cherry 2000 honey I just got us a new maid LOL Just kidding there.. that would go over like a rock LOL LOL LOL.. its a family joke.. a few years ago on the shopping list as a joke was 1 wenty five year old blonde must like gardening LOL LOL LOL so it is the number one family joke here.. yeah what you going to get.. well I am still looking for that 25 year old blonde just can’t seem to find one that likes to garden LOL LOL LOL…
        I have a wonderful wife and I wouldn’t trade her in at all for any younger models..

      • LOOB, I’d love a Cherry 2000 for real, but the tech today is all about AI in essentially doll bodies who can’t even move their own arms and hug, or any other part that I’m aware of. Boston Dynamics has Atlas and the mutt, but they are ugly and in no way female. They’re working on all the wrong things, like pretty dolls that talk. Designing and manufacturing a C-2000 in low numbers would be prohibitive in cost and time. Chatbots exist online but are rather pointless. Real people are always available to talk with and exchange ideas and conversation., for those who simply want that.

        If you have a real wife or GF that you can stay connected with and can grow together with, you’re blessed.

      • “AI in essentially doll bodies who can’t even move their own arms and hug, or any other part that I’m aware of. Boston Dynamics has Atlas and the mutt,”

        Yeah I know the ones we see are decades old.. those are ugly but rest assured.. that is what we can see… the Kids at BD have a lot more than that..
        way back in the early sevneties.. I was with a boss and we went into this shop in DC… they had edible cherries for drinks.. I have a pair of glasses around here someplace that has a video recorder in the frame.. I was given it to play with.. but never have.. don’t even know where it is..
        Back in the mid nineties.. I was shown a video.. of a family sitting down eating a thanksgiving dinner.. the request.. tell them which one I thought was the robot.. it was on wires and you couldn’t tell.. I couldn’t tell…. another one was of a wale.. swimming.. was it real or was it robotic.. so the tech is definately here or really really close I have seen more and think about it.. what we can see.. is years before.. not todays products.. they are still considered best not to know….

        Are you Impressed yet Steve.. needless to say.. I no longer get calls from the kids.. use to be is someone had a thing that they were confused about some joker would tell them to call this idiot they knew or heard about.. which I don’t have a clue why.. I could tell by what they would call me.. Dex or poin etc.. then I at least had an idea.. but those people are now old , retired or dead.. so time moves on..
        Now.. years ago I use to have ethics arguements.. the ones that I would get back is.. you have someone that is a quad and now they can walk or live active lives using an exo skeleton or a life saver that can rescue someone from a burning high rise.. but consider this.. a self healing robot.. or one that has all the information of the cloud at their whim.. that is scary stuff.. Hive technology.. the cherry 2000 is closer than you think.. give it ten years.. it will be here if we aren’t shoved back to the stoneage by a bunch of idiots..

    • Even today, people don’t give the f/sf writers their due. One needn’t visit Trantor! I still tout Arthur C. Clarke’s short story collection “Tales from the White Hart,” written in the 1950s, and divining near-future breakthrough technologies like biofeedback, ocean water mining, and audio noise-canceling, which were impossible when he wrote the book, yet are so common as to be taken for granted, today…

      • “Tales from the White Hart,”

        I totally loved Arthur C. Clarke’s writings.. totally before his time..

  4. Yeah yeah – dont worry bout a lil Inflation, it never really hurts anyone..my ass!

    Goodness me the “UpsideDown Times” are making me lose my lid – what with this horrible “Stupidity Disease” seemly infecting upwards of 95% world population..

    CEO of Exxon raising salaries in hopes of stemming the tide of employee exodus, after they cut bennies during/due plandemic missteps.
    Exactly like mutual fd giant Vanguard – slashed retirement bennies, after always citing them in ALL Employee yearly reviews as part of Ure compensation. CEO’s at VGD are all dartmouth edumacated, I guess where a person goes to school seems to affect their ability to ward off the Stupidity Disease.

    -Ivies are simply the best..for producing the most arrogant- real world idiots..see falsie, for evil dirty desk warriors..great disease indeed! Evil shit using OUR tax reciepts to torture Beagle puppies to Death! WTF people-wakeywakey maybe?????????? someday ???

    I cant wait to bump into that beady eyed hobgoblin on the “street” one of these dayz…EVIL POS.
    Our national disgrace of a president who just cited the “stupidity disease” as reason for thwarting law to release Kennedy assassination files – just like Rumpt didnt do = TRAITORs .

    Not Upside Down enough 4 youse ?

    3 examples of how upside down the US Nay has become under stepford bidem..”hey slo, hows that MIT “storm” drug treating u?”

    1)1778-JPJ , “I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast for I intend to go into harms way.”

    2021-ADM. RL, “I wish to have no connection with any dick that does not remain flaccid, for I intend to put my lady bits in harms way.”

    2) Capt James Lawrence, “Dont give up the ship!”
    ADM RL, “Dont give up the Estrogen”

    3) Oliver Hazard Perry, “we have met the enemy and they are ours”
    ADM. RL, “we have fled the enemy, and they are males.”

    More upside down observations – the biggie -” Inflation is transitory – no need to worry, try to profit off it”
    -It is a Tax, a viscous never stops kinda tax, in addition 2 dims a new line item tax on Ure pay stub, in addition to SS tax, U soon be paying UN-Realized Capital Gains Tax – 4 that camel nose is in the tent already…

    Call the space cav, and get me outta hear, this place is Nucking Futz https://youtu.be/SkZ7tprcq40 “in the round.”

    • Been watching this. Five years ago it was over 70.., just a few minutes ago it was 7.78.., lowest in five years. Fits well with a couple other indicators.

  5. RE: Taxing Unrealized Capital Gains

    So if they are taxed, and then the gains are lost in a subsequent financial event…
    surely there will be a provision to recover the previously paid tax, right? Shurely??? Shirley??? Yo dog!, what is happenin???

    • This seems like a throwaway bargaining item. I fail to see how it could possibly be implemented across the board, though for systems such as stock investment through various platforms, it might work, with resolution perhaps once per year. Of course, it would destroy the idea of long term capital gains, and the kind of investment that’s necessary for big projects. Capital accumulation would be affected and there would be a rush to less regulated platforms, or at least those that require less personal time to deal with. Taxing unrealized real estate gains would probably destroy the markets for any investment real estate since keeping gains unrealized is a major part of the game. PM’s and cryptos would probably benefit, since they can go dark for as long as necessary – even across generations.

    • Bwahahaha, Surely you jest — and don’t call me “Shirley!”

      If Bribem is going to do this, I hope he rocks everyone with over a hundred mil in total worth, for 70%. It would do my heart good to see Streisand back out on the concert circuit, ’cause she lost her Malibu palace to the tax man. At least Billy Joel and Willie Nelson had their shit stolen honestly…

  6. Warhammer,
    You are spot on, to an extent…Dystopia, however is in the screwed up minds of those on the fringes of both the left and the right. The far right live in an angry dystopian world of rural, hard scrabble, blue and bloodied collared towns and the far left live in a fog of cannabis induced dreams of Dystopia via bringing down the system for whatever stupid reason unknown to more reasonable minds. It’s us in the middle that keep America together. We are the stronghold of a dynamic America that focuses on creating health, wealth and unlimited prosperity. The fringes don’t have that type of middle of the road mindset, and in my opinion are the most anti-American scum that need to be scrubbed clean from their diseased minds. Blame the media for causing this division. Hail to those who ignore the media noise and move forward and drive towards success.

  7. I’m serious, and my names not Shirley.

    Just think about how much Monay I will be making on my taxes going forward…
    Buy a crypto/stock in consolidation phase – take writeoff/$$ – while writing/selling call options/futures on the underlying stock/crypto.

    Coot collects dividends and “fuel”/theta, collects $$ on write off of UnRealized capital gain/LOSS, plus I collect Premiums on sold options/futures. Its a 3 way!

    Refunds on Unrealized Losses – can not wait – show me the Gold, Janet.
    Now dont forget; guns dont kill people, alec balwin does.

    • I don’t think anyone in DC is talking about credits for unrealized losses! All I hear is noise about unrealized gains.

      • There won’t be. A managed hyperinflation is every Leftist’s monetary wet dream. The government makes out like bandits, while the people are driven into abject poverty and government dependence. The ruling coalition that’s pulling Biden’s strings believe THEY are smart enough to manage hyperinflation, and if for some reason they can’t, it’s no big deal because we’d devolve into a Marxist dictatorship, with them STILL in charge…

  8. Tom Bodett ‘we will keep a light on’
    ultra-violet light trial saves covid patients, 4 out of 5 rated 9/10 on the WHO scale (10=dead) the 5th one died from ‘intracranial hemorrhagic complications due to anti-coulagulant’ aka blood thinner


    one more for Ure light therapy. I remember President Trump saying something about this ultra violet thing, way back when covid was creating fear from most everyone.

    Oh Well back to Fauxi torturing puppies and aids orphans, and the sheeple love their lying Fauci, get the vax they say
    Covid is the weapon to get SHEEPLE to voluntarily to accept security/safety from a 99.95% survival rate virus with an UNPROVEN injection of UNKNOWN shit directly into their brain dead corpus, aka zombies. You got to be brain dead to believe that evil father mucker.
    All of Fauci’s crimes have not been exposed yet,,, timing, it is coming

    ANYONE WHO AGREES WITH VACCINE MANDATES IS A BRAIN DEAD COMMIE, or a member of the 13 families that claim ownership of the Earth and it’s human herd. We force cattle to get vaccines, we do not ask, we just pen em up and run them through a squeeze chute to hold them while we do what we want,, T-Bones anyone, want a side of taters and gravy
    El Rancho Earth
    about those chem-trails now, spraying the herd,, Bueller Bueller Bueller,, anybody?

    if any of you all like the vax, that is fine with me, go get them, all of them,
    but the moment you try to force me or shame me or deny me all the same access to employment or food and shelter or travel, I recognize you as an enemy, of FREEDOM an enemy of The Declaration of Independence

    We should do to the Vax mandaters the same as they want to do to us freedom lovers, send them to camp.

    • I’m quite sure the injections have been proven reliable and effective for their intended purpose. Unfortunately, they’ve never announced that intended purpose, though I’d guess it may well be somewhat delayed sterilization or at least diminished fertility. Of course, increasing biologic fragility across the board would play well into the hands of those who are responsible for paying out our Social Security and other later life benefits. As far as covid is concerned, I’ve never worried about it since I caught and recovered from it. It was no worse than a bad flu, though a bit different.

      Here’s an interesting read from the NIH showing the essential worthlessness of the “vaccines” as vaccines:


  9. “As seen in stories like Indiana Ave. paving project to cover Black Lives Matter mural.”

    Ah, yes… Indiana Avenue in Indianapolis — 50 years ago one of the most dangerous places on the planet and far worse than ELA, Detroit, Balmer, South Chicago (Bridgeport, NSE Cleveland, N Memphis, etc.) at the time. Indianapolis has cleaned the area up several times since the 1980s, but when I have to go to Indy, I still avoid it.

  10. “So along comes Fashion Designers Strive to Upgrade Gender-Neutral Clothing – WSJ. Wait! Wasn’t all this in like, oh, the first Star Trek episode aired Sept. 8, 1966.”

    Star Trek doesn’t count, since virtually every regular on the show was in Starfleet’s military hierarchy, somewhere.

    Real gender-neutral displays would be, like, THX-1138*, where everyone wears exactly the same garb, is shaved bald, and jobs/duties are assigned randomly to the proles with no regard for gender-limitations…

    *Famous for being George Lucas’ first film. Not famous (to our cost) for its message…

  11. “When we step back, climate pap appears geared towards people who can’t research”

    That’s one of the things which irritates me the most about the whole GCC religion:

    People CAN research. They choose instead to have the religion pushed into their heads because they’re lazy, ignorant followers and wish to remain so.

  12. In regards to your link about the paintover of BLM in Indianapolis, this means little to the majority of Hoosiers. There are really only two areas painted blue in Indiana: Indy and Gary. Both are condensed, dirty, and have a high crime and poverty issue(Evansville is heading that way). The rest of us would seriously like to divorce the state from them, but instead we tolerate, which is a damn sight better than can be said for how they treat their own in those places.

  13. Touché!

    Exclusive: Billionaires back new media firm to combat disinformation

    A new public benefit corporation backed by billionaires Reid Hoffman, George Soros, and others is launching Tuesday to fund new media companies and efforts that tackle disinformation.

    Why it matters: Good Information Inc. aims to fund and scale businesses that cut through echo chambers with fact-based information. As part of its mission, it plans to invest in local news companies.


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