Vacuum Tubes to Ecosystems

In one of our “let the mind wander” deep-thinking pieces, we today look at the history of radio technology as an analog to development of modern digital platforms.

Somehow, from there, we end up considering computational ecosystems and which companies need to buy what in order to “own more future.”

After headlines and charts, we step back in time and into the future…

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5 thoughts on “Vacuum Tubes to Ecosystems”

  1. where is my vise grips when I need them…
    god I still don’t know if today is real or not.. need to make sure I am awake..
    a while back I had made plans to have my kids and grandkids use dirt to make my storm shelter.. not a big thing brought it up to some acquaintances that I was going to try and use the same mix I had seen in a book at the library of congress almost fifty years ago in how the pyramids were constructed..
    that was that..
    now I find out yesterday that an excavator was used to dig a huge pit where I could get the materials I need to do this.. on top of that I get the aggregate that I am looking for.. the only stipulation..
    that I let engineering students looking for extra credit work on it from several colleges around the us.. ok.. that was pumped up enough..
    I will make a few blocks myself to make sure I have the mix in my head when everything begins.. now today..
    I get the mail.. here is four books arrive that have been written by the scientists investigating this all signed by them.. I have already read the books but still a pumped up day especially after the stressful last few weeks of budget cuts LOL… now to have it be dry enough to start working..

      • Were you planning on putting a kind of ‘stucco’ as a finish coat on the exposed surfaces (I suppose interior)? Maybe seat wood shelves etc. in the walls?

      • I had thought of just making a clay plaster.. instead I am planning on coating the inside and the outside with pickup truck bed liner.. the same with the top..inside and out.. these coatings are built to handle the rough abuse that a truck gets daily. my thought is it will encase the building making it strong enough to take a two by four being thrown at it at a hundred miles an hour without breaking or a two ton blast. I am not sure but that is my thought. It was a hard decision for me to make since I want to keep costs down to almost nothing.. if I was to do it exactly the way the ancients did it.. I would cut corner stones for the base then build on that.. The other thought I had was the view of it.. a granite building has a more aesthetic look than a black or white building. and I love the look of granite. I had planned on having them make either a bench or a planter for the outside. and make paving tile our of granite in the shape of puzzle pieces.. what I will probably do is have them stamp it then oil it like they did a couple thousand years ago..
        then on the outside I will either reside it with conventional siding or do a granite clay stucco. over the top of this is planned a roof that will match the roof of the house and also give a porch look to it.. kind of like this with the exception that I will have the roof come out from the entrance further so I can put a grill and smoker there..

        I really kick my butt.. I built our home almost what twenty five years ago while working three jobs.. the contractor I had gotten to do the foundation work took the deposit and ran with it.If I had been smart I would have had the money put in an account that once I sign off on it it would be his but I didn’t. I took him to court won but he figured out a way to not pay it back.. oops.. I am a bottom feeder and a figure that high is hard to make up.. so I did get a ten thousand dollar hammer out of it since he left his behind.. I should have built it then.. I couldn’t go down since there is bed rock under and ended up having to shave corners. the good thing is I over strengthened it in other ways. on top of the roof I plan on having the sole seed solar panel I have and an extra battery bank that I have and don’t know what to do with and use it for emergency power inside.. the door.. that is a good one.. since a bomb resistant door is quite expensive. I have the raw materials for free but the door the coating and the roof I have to pay for.. the coating will be around four hundred.. the roof seven at the high end.. if I use stucco that will be free.. Now if I use C reative R eadily A vailable P arts from here around the house and build the door.. then I can probably get by with the cost being a door Armour kit and filling the door with concrete ..this should stop a flying two by four in the event of a horrendous tornado.. the weakest point then of the door is the latch itself.. which I plan on putting on the inside a double drop latch. all in all for the twenty four foot by twelve foot building I should be able to keep the cost down to ten dollars a square foot..
        My biggest question is.. in the ancient texts it talks about children working.. so in my mind what I see is an eight sided pyramid with a center slope in the center of each wall to guide water away.. corner stones that were quarried and moved then the rest fake stones. made in place. I don’t have the kilns and ovens of ancient Egypt or Nebuchadnezzar’s time so my materials will have to be gotten machine extracted.. the limestone like a stalactite and stalagmite formed by hand.. I do have an idea for a double compound form and will have one made so that I can see if a child can form a block that can withstand at least six thousand pounds of pressure.. concrete today usually sits between a thousand and five thousand..
        I have wanted to build a home like this for years so this is a dream come true.
        I will use the ancient formula of 3 – 10 % lime natron etc.. but I don’t have a kiln so I will use portland cement.. forty percent clay and fifty percent granite dust or sand.. granite packs solid by itself ( if you have a pot hole that is the ticket) combined with binders should give an extremely hard surface.
        what can I ask the labor is free the materials for the most part is free.. and I will have a shelter that I can count on in the event of a tornado. Inside i will make a bunk bed and chair system.. a murphy bunk bed.. so that it can be folded up and not used.. a cabinet for emergency rations at least three days worth.
        It is nice to. the last time a bunch of college kids came it was to put solar panels up.. ( they did it different than I wanted but then it was free labor ) Maybe I will toss in some other small project that I think they might be interested in just because..
        good lord knows I have enought C reative R eadily A vailable P arts around.. and a million projects in the to do someday file..

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