Uranium War Begins, PPI/FD, ER Visit

Having been up all night (the ER visit for Elaine, see ATR) it’s not too difficult to fire brain cells jacked up on tea…

We are sad that our expectation of 50+ dead, laid out in the Thursday column on word of the Hawaii fires was right. Maui wildfires death toll at 55 as warning sirens’ silence questioned.

The Uranium War Begins

This weekend.  Because – as we have warned you all week – there is the matter of Niger (recently coup‘ed) owning 7 percent of the planets uranium reserves.  Your State Department (whose policies have been perverted by neocons for decades) has helped engineer the U.S. losing the global energy race.

As a result of missing the “long game” we are on the back side of Peak Oil now and all the Bungle rats can do is yammer about gas cooking and sell us horribly overpriced EVs which we don’t have the infrastructure to support.  I mean from the copper and lithium on out.

The Coup in Niger is turning into War this weekend because France is virtually inseparable from colonialism and the green-speak disease.  In their world, thousand-year cooling ponds are a better deal than fair trade energy.  (The kind without bloody roots and financial manipulations – and yes, good luck finding it.)

Good coverage continues to flow from the Greek war-watcher’s site here: The die is cast: ECOWAS has ordered a military invasion of Niger – Africa faces the biggest war in its history.

Not familiar with ECOWAS?  Puppet organization for France and the U.S. mostly.  Put a big Wiki on it and you discover:

“As of February 2017, ECOWAS has 15 member states; eight of these are French-speaking, five are English-speaking, and two Portuguese-speaking. All current members joined the community as founding members in May 1975, except Cape Verde which joined in 1977.[7][8]

The only former member of ECOWAS is Arabic-speaking Mauritania, which was also one of the founding members in 1975 and decided to withdraw in December 2000.[7] Mauritania recently signed a new associate-membership agreement in August 2017.”

What do most of the 15-member states have in common?  Critical natural resources, that’s what.  You can look up each nation’s major resources and cross-check ECOWAS members in the CIA Factbook over here, if you think I’m pulling your leg.

Pretty simple why the (rich, resource eating colonial powers) have their dander up about Niger.  The Factbook tells us the place sports

Natural resources

uranium, coal, iron ore, tin, phosphates, gold, molybdenum, gypsum, salt, petroleum

The reason for war (likely this weekend, in our view) is that both Russia and China will buddy-up to the new government of Niger.  And this will likely mean the 10,000-odd ECOWAS “anti-terrorist” operation won’t be enough.  Which is why Wagner Group is a big problem.

Most of the mainstream media coverage is lame.  Most parrot the Foggy Bottom and French labeling from the propaganda department: West African nations prepare to send troops to Niger.  Supposedly to “defend democracy” – a well-worn war whistle.

Niger didn’t ASK for help.  Haven’t attacked anyone, either.  Why a war?  Money and resource, as always.  Niger is going through a change which – again check me – countries do, now and then.

Rather than allow natural, internal processes to resolve (remember, Niger hasn’t attacked anyone…) the West is planning as big an armed invasion as it takes.

Which is likely this weekend (or next) and as soon as THAT begins, we look for China to swoop into Taiwan. It’s just how this kind of thing seems to roll and I’ve been covering news for a little more than 55-years now…  Was it Chicago ’68?  “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

Winds are piping up all over the place.  Don’t know if the right term is “blustery” but this fits the “Next War” drive: US to hold Niger military junta accountable for detained leader’s safety, Blinken says.

Wanna bet if the new Niger gov’t signed a uranium deal with the West, peace would break out?  Ah, but we don’t do peace any better than we do war lately.  Not because of America’s brave in uniform.  Because specifically of our idiots and bureaucrats.

OK, with a side of neocon recycles, then.

Beyond Business Models

To refresh, you are living on planet Earth.  We are eating our way to the edge of the Petri Dish.  Governments have separated from the governed, and the game is the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars which will run out only at such time as there is not enough resource to support populations fighting anywhere but home soil.

This makes war only slightly improved from Marine Major General Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket.”

As such, there’s a good old-fashioned shakedown sub-racket. Backers of Ukraine want Biden to amp up his pitch for the war effort to the American public. See the marionette strings as he goes for more dough from the rubber-stamp kangeroo congress.

While I can’t speak for you, I am not personally any too pleased that OUR income taxes are used for fighting wars all over the world. And in space, with the Moon War out there in the distant future – if the food and energy doesn’t blow out first.  That’s just me.  I’m old and crotchety.

As of this morning, the eastern Ukraine Kharkiv region is falling to Russian forces, who might make it on this thrust likely to the Dnieper River – which was the natural (and linguistic) transition zone, anyway.  Ukraine orders 12,000 to evacuate.

Hmm.  “Losing ground.  Send more money.”

Sorry, we’re on the Do Not Call list. If nations didn’t send money and prop up economies with war materiel, we might not be as prosperous…and God knows, we can’t have that.  ESPECIALLY ahead of 2024 elections, right?


Producer Prices, Final Demand – just out and with a whiff of inflation to come, which adds to the Thursday inflation rattles.

The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.3 percent in July, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices were unchanged in June and declined 0.3 percent in May. On an unadjusted basis, the index for final demand advanced 0.8 percent for the 12 months ended in July.

In July, the increase in final demand prices was led by a 0.5-percent rise in the index for final demand services. Prices for final demand goods edged up 0.1 percent.

The index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.2 percent in July, the largest increase since a 0.3-percent rise in February. For the 12 months ended in July, prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services advanced 2.7 percent.

With the Early futures split, we would not be surprised to see the commercials try to hold things up into the close of today’s stock trading.  With concerns for how the next stage of wardom will evolve, we might consider shorting over the weekend.  We don’t offer investment advice, of course.  But we try not to leave assets around where they can get run over or run off with.

Quips and Slips

No, the UPS Vote on the new contract is not “in the bag” yet.  Can “Vote No” on the UPS Contract Win? What’s Driving the Opposition to the UPS/Teamster’s Deal. Voting continues. Even IF approved, will FedEx roll over?

Here comes a new crypto angle you’ll see hyped a lot: Worldcoin scans eyeballs and offers crypto. What to know about the project from OpenAI’s CEO.  Well, except mining – squandering the world’s energy to make up money – pardon us – just doesn’t make sense.  If you can’t eat it or heat with it…color us disinterested.  Ned Ludd?  Nope – back to the weatherman quote, sorry.

Ever see the movie Never-ending Story Well, here’s your chance again: Trump lawyers to face off with Jack Smith’s prosecutors over discovery rules.

Democrats are finding their ultra-woke, leftie spiel may be driving actual middle-of-the-roaders away:  Joe Manchin continues to flirt with becoming an independent.   (I’m so old I remember when America had a middle and not Hate Camps. No wonder Russia and China are getting in our shit, huh?)

Wrong-Way Biden rides again:  Joe Biden warns China a ‘ticking time bomb’ because of economic woes.  Somehow failing to link-think: investor concerns china tech curbs: US investors flag retaliation risks after Joe Biden’s China tech curbs. Which drove us to put a red flag out about Taiwan just ahead.

See how the world all ties-together if you just slow down and connect the dots and money flows?


On the tube: Movie review: ‘Heart of Stone’ begins promising Gal Gadot franchise. Netflix tonight, maybe?

Amateur astronomer alert: Watch the biggest meteor shower happening now thanks to this beacon.  I’ll miss it.  “Can’t see ’em with Ure head up your butt…” someone emailed.  Tisk, tisk.  Not so fast.  Svbony digital lens, sport.

ShopTalk Sunday column this weekend:  Recycling an old clock radio for parts plus a serious discussion of shop PPE…(Personal Protective Equipment.)

ATR:  All-nighter in the ER

Wife Elaine went to the ER about 1 AM today.  She’d scraped her left hand outside (always hauling water for the cats and the couple of murders of crows that depend on her in hot weather).

The scrape – about five days back – was duly cleaned out with Hibiclens and pasted shut with a Band-Aid and multi-sporin with zinc.

But day before yesterday her fingers got sore.  By last night, we were icing because well up her arm from the cut, she was feeling swelling.

Finally, about midnight, she woke up, took off the elastic wrap on the arm and said it was too painful.  Off to the ER we sped.

An hour – and an x-ray to make sure she hadn’t gotten a hairline break doing anything – we came toddling home with a scrip for a powerful anti-biotic.

She’s resting fine.  I’ll be back shortly with the meds and all’s well that ends well.

Except to make two points.  First, thanks to Christus-Trinity hospital in Tyler.  Since they are our healthcare provider, except for the “day-of” paperwork, no hassles, no cards.  Everything is “in the system.”  Super-fast.

The sharable though?  When you do get injured, or your body goes on the fritz, if the thought of even going to the hospital crosses your mind, it’s time to Act.

We’re at an age (ahem…) where delays can be fatal.  We take no chances.  Enjoy the healthcare system while it lasts. They do a great job.  (Plus, it was nice to have G2 and his g/f trauma nurse on the line, too!)  When it’s time to use your systems, get your money’s worth!

Write when you get rich,


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69 thoughts on “Uranium War Begins, PPI/FD, ER Visit”

  1. Most properly socialized people “don’t want to be a bother” or inconvenience anybody.

    I don’t know many EMTs or responders but the ones I do know all say they’d much rather “do a run” than sit around The Barn reading training materials, or doing routine preventive maintenance. (Important as those things are.)

    So, DON’T HESITATE TO CALL when it’s needed. You’re NOT inconveniencing anyone. It’s WHY they went into that line of work.

    You’re all too smart to be hypochrondriacal pains in the ass or frivolous callers.

    So… ACT!


    • “the ones I do know all say they’d much rather “do a run” than sit around The Barn reading training materials, or doing routine preventive maintenance”

      lol lol exactly that’s how I liked it to.. Time goes by faster..
      the team g manuals etc. are crap..I hated the mandatory meetings.. they all are at 1:30pm. if you get done charting off of night at 8;30 or 9 drive home you don’t just leap into sleep eat supper then up a half hour later to take off for the meeying. for stupid crap. you end up doing a 24 hour shift.. after 30 years of bitching about it they let me attend the physician training seminars.. A lot better training .. except for the exciting lecture on how Zoloft changes the DNA structure of a worm.. lol lol all told in a low monotone .. half of everyone was snoring…
      they have those before morning rounds..well made and informative..

  2. Maui Owie was deliberate.

    -DEWS youse all understand directed energy weapons systems and how the role they play in full spectrum warfare ?
    Moar shaping ops -meant to put Us on edge and keep Us there – till time is right to simply push population over – when and how they see fit.
    News regards aftermath will get progressively worse ..as stories of the hundreds of missing turn into stories of hundreds roasted in Ritual Sacrifice by Fire.

    Must be by Fire – as we dry out all the water from Picean Age – Aquaris dont do Water, He does FIRE, and everyone knows Fire be angry by nature.
    -One never knows what one will find stuck down in the mud and muck, once the water has dried up and gone.

    Feeling parched yet ?
    The “Passings” = Heat – check temps in solar system – compare historical to current – Temps be Rising, have been rising throughout Solar System..big model -many moving parts.

    drip, drip, drip .

      • Everybody has a conspiracy theory. Here’s one: A wind driven firestorm can be VERY selective. Ever seen a tornado destroy one home and leave the one next to it standing??

      • “My instinctive reaction, based on past conflicts on behalf of local farmers against the Honolulu mob and their corrupt patrons in the islands’ Democrat Party, is that Maui’s fairly recent transformation into an exclusive privatized haven for billionaires opened up a luxury real-estate business, with the added value of easy purchase of high-grade marijuana. The casualties, numbering in many dozens with many bodies yet to be retrieved from the ashes, did not include wealthy outsiders since the fire’s fury was concentrated against the poor old-timer residents, many of them descendants of plantation laborers and fishermen, living in shacks and farm hovels. Meanwhile the luxury estates of the rich and famous mainlanders went unharmed. Was this tragedy the result of secret class warfare by wealthy outsider interests against the rural poor? Maui is not the first, nor will it be the last site of brutal displacement of native populations to clear lucrative real estate for wealthy intruders.”


        • Because it had become a tourist trap for the rich & famous, local landscapers began importing non-native vegetation from Asia, Australia, and the Americas — stuff that’d look green & cheery in a less-than tropical setting — about 25-30 years ago. A lot of the foliage one would see in the Lahaina area these days would’ve burned like Canadian fir trees…

      • OR
        those mirrors that the USA is flinging into space to point the sun back to the sun to combat global warming.. ( I know what an idiot thought of that and HOW MUCH DOES THAT MORON MAKE A YEAR… oh my god )…just got misaligned and instead sending it to earth instead.
        I made a laser communication device years ago.. point it at a window and you got what is being said inside.. the vibrations.. the thing with lasers or microwaves.. is the dispersal rate..We are being bombarded by microwaves all the time.. five G .. where space mirrors could be stacked and aimed to get a tighter focal point similar to the Archimedes laser.
        Now there was a law passed that a free electron harvesting unit is not allowed to be sold on the market.. with as much electricity floating through the air you could easily power a home charge a battery.. they just can’t sell you a system to do it.. you could make one.. but who wants to do that..
        the same with the small oil from plastic and spun oil.. you can get one you just can’t buy one from the usa. the only one I know of is at the university in Washington state..

      • the other thing is how do we know if it was space laser or a microwave beam..
        I see the stealth blimps all the time.. I know someone that works on the computer guidance equipment.. those things are amazing.. and they float up at the ninety mile give or take range.. a laser or a microwave beam could be used at that level.. each of those balloons can acquire a photo in what a six square foot range..
        cband television is in the clark belt.. its dispersal range is hundreds of miles in diameter.. a laser from that height would do that very same thing.. a thirty second of an inch out of focus is hundreds of miles from the sattelite.. ( I built a sattelite television receiver years ago before they were available.. I won’t do it again.. lots of work very difficult to focus and calibrate .. ) the mirror.. sure that would work or you could make it work.. but.. it wouldn’t be a stealthy thing.. Like my solar towers rant.. you would see it.. so if there was an energy beam weapon it would have to be from closer to the earth..
        there again..the dispersal rate.. how many people with pacemakers fail in one day in a hundred mile radius.. like an emp.. it would be similar to the phones exploding..
        and not focused in one spot.. that would have to be something mounted in a balloon or plane..
        of course it is all theory.. we use microwaves to cook with.. a whole lot better and easier..

    • I have a serious problem with the concept of DE weapons “from space.”

      Has anybody here ever built a laser? Not a glorified LED, but a panel-eating, wall-busting, must use a ruby rod to lase the generated light and machine the concave surfaces on the mirrored end-caps to 1/8 angstrom “LASER with balls?”

      {Anybody besides me, that is…}

      It takes a lot of energy to make a weaponized laser shoot through a piece of steel that’s a few inches away. For every foot farther away you move the laser, the laser requires a LOT more power.

      Despite the fact the laser is “coherent” light, every time distance from a target is increased, the diameter of the laser beam increases too, with a corresponding loss of target energy, as well.

      I’m not picking on lasers. I’m using a laser as an example because I have firsthand experience, and because a laser beam is coherent (means da photons are all traveling in parallel.) That coherence makes it, by nature, more-focused than DE generated from a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

      ‘Point is, It would take gigawatts, perhaps even terawatts, to power an effective sat-based weapon unless it’s pulsed in very short bursts. That’s a damn’ big battery and a really big solar array. Sat-based weapons are designed as satellite-killers, not city-killers…

      Crenshaw’s Bitchute vid is a fake. I’m sorry, if I’m out driving in the middle of the night and see (and hear) stuff lighting white and blowing up in my periphery, I’m gonna put on my Parnelli Jones hat and not stop pressing the go-pedal through the floor until I’m in the next State. The “hum” introduced to the vid is another dead giveaway. That’s like a rocket in space, wooshing away into the Galaxy to the sound of its thrusters.

      DE weapons don’t generate sound at their business end; they only generate sound at their power source.

      Oh, and if all I’m doing is making a vid of the destruction, I’m definitely going to stand under the awning (and above 60,000 gallons of explosives) of a Shell filling station to record my video… Two vids, superimposed, and the DE component was likely CGI, since I haven’t heard of any urban/semi-urban areas being erased, lately.

      Now we, and a bunch of others, have DE weapons, both optical and magnetic (and likely sonic and focused-atmospheric, at least on the drawing board) but they are attached to buildings, ships, and airplanes, which are all big enough to carry a power-source that’s ballsy enough to power said weapon and give it an effective range of several miles. Several miles — NOT the 100+ miles it’d have to have, to shoot something from Earth orbit.

      Did anyone notice an AC-130 flying over Lahaina…? If there wasn’t one, chances are there also wasn’t a DEW attack…

  3. “sell us horribly overpriced EVs which we don’t have the infrastructure to support. I mean from the copper and lithium on out.”

    WE bought one..its the wife’s car.. ( I don’t even know how to change the radio channel .. that’s how much I drive it)
    When my mother passed on.. we reported her passing to the DAR.. ( the last person in our family group whose lineage goes directly back to the USA before the American Revolution) anyway.. my brother looking at the two boxes of personal belongings made a statement.. he said isn’t it sad that at the end of your life all you have to show for it..is a couple of poses of assorted crap. A few photos and the memory of what you stood for..
    on the way home we were talking..I was using a walker dependant on it..and said honey what would we be remembered for. so we decided why not show the kids that our goal was to accept the future and embrace the past..
    as far as the demands would be big is only an illusion of the present business model..
    with only a fraction of what we pay for huge wind turbines..our power supply would be incredibly more than what the demand would be and be more secure than what it is..today five EMP’s would cause a massive failure and thrust the USA back to the stone age..
    reading the Indian stories shared in the Gita I ask myself were we shoved back before and failed to learn..
    all through historical rise and falls of civilizations.. its the same..the leaders get corrupted the people they lead become dependent on them and they sell out to the business models sell their souls for a number..
    we could easily secure our energy needs but the business model would have to change..Like an alcoholic.. we have to hit bottom before we will even consider changing..

    • I’m sure that the U.S. has enough uranium to supply our needs , except pedo joe and before him obozo locked up millions of acres of land . When the indians , American, find out it’s gonna cut into their money ,they will have their hands out for free money.

        • you mean they aren’t going to make statues of Joe for outside the government buildings.. and no joe biden face on mount rushmore.. dam.. that is sad..

        • Always has been. While I strongly approve of Yellowstone becoming a Federal “hands-off” area, I also recognize that creating a National Park, Forest, or any other kind of “preserve” is a direct violation of Federal Law. (I could be wrong about this, but I don’t recall ever reading or seeing where the pertinent laws have been modified, repealed, or rescinded.)

          FedGov is not allowed to keep any land, except that upon which they build Federal buildings. They are compelled to roll land and resource assets into the private sector with “reasonable haste and diligence.”

          They’re also not allowed to nationalize private (or State) land except in time of War (and after the war, they’re supposed to give it back…)

          Just because FedGov has been doing it for 150 years, doesn’t make it legal.

          “First, you build a Navy…”

    • Russia directly or indirectly (because shipping takes place through them) provides 58% of the world’s mined uranium .

      As I have noted here before the US per the last reports was getting 50% to 55% of it’s reactor fuel (at least processed into “enriched” some fully processed and fabricated into fuel rods) directly from Russia (I assume some of the Russian processed fuel came from uranium mined in Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan).

      Yes Canada and Australia PRODUCE more uranium than Niger but 30% of ALL of Europe’s uranium comes from Niger (there is NO excess amount of uranium from Canada or Australia for Europe to buy). Remember France gets 70% of it’s electricity from nuclear. NO NUCLEAR FUEL = electricity shortfalls for France.

      For France Niger mined uranium is REQUIRED for preventing a shutdown of some of their reactors, unless Russia will sell them the extra that they need. That is why France is so hot and heavy wrt Niger no longer wanted to be exploited by France.

      Here are the numbers

      World Urainium Production for 2021


      Rank/ Country/ ’21 tonnes/ % World Production
      Totals 48,332 100.00%
      1 Kazakhstan 21,819 45.14%
      2 Namibia Namibia 5,753 11.90%
      3 Canada Canada 4,693 9.1%
      4 Australia Australia 4,192 8.67%
      5 Uzbekistan 3,500 7.24%
      6 Russia Russia 2,635 5.45%
      7 Niger Niger 2,248 4.65%
      8 China China 1,885 3.90%
      9 India India 615 1.27%
      10 Ukraine Ukraine 455 0.94%
      11 South Africa 385 0.80%
      12 Iran Iran 71 0.15%
      13 Pakistan Pakistan 45 0.09%
      14 Brazil Brazil 29 0.06%
      15 United States 8 0.02%

  4. “The reason for war (likely this weekend, in our view) is that both Russia and China will buddy-up to the new government of Niger. ”


    hmm.. maybe everyone forgot.. when it was tribe against tribe clubbings etc. who was it that thumbed their nose of the country and who was the one that rushed to them..
    with the destruction of Nord Stream that put NATO countries energy deprived..they have to have Niger for the upcoming winter freezes..
    all the countries that we exploited everyone of them have signed security agreements with China and russia.. would Russia or China see it as an act of war if US troops entered or troops of any NATO country???

    • G.A. STEWART: The war in Ukraine is a proxy war between NATO and Russia, and both sides are honing their tactics for the big event.

      And so, the critics, nay-sayers, and smart asses are on their way to a living hell. One morning that bright flash will wake them up and they will wish that they had moved to BFE East Texas and parked their lazy butts on a 40-acre ranch far away from the mushroom clouds.


      • I’m not sure I’d have survived the heat and humidity of E. Texas in the summer without A/C. Other than that, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, I’m not sure anyone is far enough away from the mushrooms! A lot will depend on which way the wind blows. I’ll stay where I am unless some new factor comes into play. Better the devil you know, etc.

  5. Sorry to hear about Elaine’s medical challenge. Fortunately you had a good experience with the ER. Last year I took my wife to the ER of a major hospital in Chicago. Respiratory infection and blood oxygen 85%. Arrived at 7 PM, was seen by an ER doctor at 7 AM, sharing the waiting room with a bunch of homeless people for 12 hours. Although she was admitted she spent another 10 hours on a gurnee in an ER hallway. A nurse told us that the hospital was so short on staff that they use the ER as an admission holding pen. Glad your experience was better. Please get some sleep!

    • “A nurse told us that the hospital was so short on staff that they use the ER as an admission holding pen. ”

      that is how it is here as well… clinics will not see you if you don’t have insuance or the copayment.. for us it is fifty dollars co pay.. and ten grand deductible.. generic at fifteen dollars and name brand up to two hundred fifty prescription co pay..
      if you are uninsured and cannot pay the price at the clinic.. they send you to the ER that is the uninsured clinic. at a grand a pop plus per visit. they diagnose you but won’t treat you if you do not have the money.. one girl friend of my daughters went in.. no insurance.. her throat all inflamed and swollen.. after they diagnosed it.. they came back and said.. well good news and bad news.. the bad news is you have thyroid cancer the good news is the kind you have is almost a hundred percent treatable.. she said great when do we start.. we start when you drop off fifty grand.. ( her sister got a second mortgage on her home to start the treatments)
      you see that a lot.. when I was uninsured.. my ex wifes galbladder surgery same day surgery.. was ten times what a member of our churches was.. we went through the free clinic.. the surgeons bill was more than what the church members was.. for his whole bill.. I resurfaced his parking lot in hundred degree weather by hand.. yes a job I never will do again..
      the hospital.. I had to beg to get them to let me work it off.. I traded a year of labor in exchange for the bill and at the end of the year.. I still owed twenty six grand at the end of the year which they forgave and I had to claim it as capital gains and pay taxes on it…
      I had one patient i took care of needed to have the doctor called after hours.. he was furious with the nurse.. no other doctor would even look at her.. because of how he charted.. came in screaming at the nurse had her in the med room in tears.. and threw the chart at her.. and I told him.. I told her you needed to be called.. I think you need to chunk that chart at me one time.. that is all I ask.. well he wasn’t as stupid as he looked and left.The patient passed away seems there was a very good reason why he said in the doctors orders to contact if this or that happens.. no one else would look at it.
      I make sure all my doctors know that if they do not want a call at three am.. to chart.. if after house let the on-call treat I will follow up in the am..
      My daughter.. had to have a c section.. the doctor left for vacation her stiches came loose and he intestines were exposed.. in june.. he was gone for a month and no one would touch it.. it took a year to get that wound to close..she had to use bandages that cost two hundred a fifty bucks … a week..
      when I was really sick.. my therapy sessions for water therapy was sixty five thousand dollars my cost.. they could have given us a sheet of paper and a years membership in the same health club that the therapists worked in..
      Nursing homes has the highest divorce rate of all.. people throw their homes farms businesses etc.. at the home for care..
      right now its a quarter million a year per person but prices are going up.. most places now for assisted living is sixty grand plus..that is not counting medications.. one gentleman showed me his cost for thirty nighttime tylenol.. his cost twenty years ago was five hundred a month for one tylenol a day..
      he would buy that.. and we were told to dump it..
      Our medical system is broken.. one gentleman that lived in our spare room.. his wife got cancer.. she was a nurse.. with insurance.. the first thing they do.. is can you take away the insurance.. yup… her end of life costs took his farm his business he belongings and his rental house.. he came to us with the clothes on his back.. one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.. I am glad that your wife was able to be seen..

      • LOOB, one of the many reasons I’m so hostile to the medical system is that it doesn’t have to be the way it is! I’ve decided that to the best of my ability, I’ll refuse all medical “care”, including “emergencies”, and see what happens. I’ll either die or not, but I won’t eviscerate what legacy I might otherwise leave.

        I simply don’t trust the system nor anyone in it. I truly admire your concern for others and hope you get properly rewarded for the sacrifices you’ve made. Still, there’s no excuse for limiting our medical and health options to this degree. What benefit is there for someone who’s put into a nursing home with strangers, other than prolonging the agony and delaying the day of reckoning for a short time? IMHO, it’s best to shun the entire system – come what may.

    • hmm we will never know.. but could it be an act to keep forces divided.. and bring the economy even lower.. think wood.. we consume fifty five acres a minute in urban expansion.. wood.. with the trees gone.. what do you have..
      prices skyrocket.. even higher..
      then it keeps emergency personnel busy..

    • Hmm.that is interesting… kind of reminds me of when I showed the kids how to melt stone using the sun…. what a mistake.. don’t ever do it I thought they were going to burn the house down.. it was better to show them how to freeze water using the suns rays and we built our solar beer chiller.. you had to put ice in it to keep it from freezing the pop and beer..


      Now it isn’t a secret that they have been working on the kalina laser.. which is similar to the Archimedes laser principle ..
      did they mount it on satellites.. and if so they may not even have to do an emp and that video was just a test.. .. to knock out our grid.. we designed out energy systems for the business model not for national security..


      and of course the USA is working on such a weapon to.. seen it on the military channel a few years ago..

  6. While antibiotic cream is the first line of treatment for the first day or two, I switch off to the preferred wound dressing for the longer term:


    For weepy gouges and cuts, the best gauze pads I have used come from CVS:


    You have to get the wound dried out before it will scab properly. I use waterproof band-aids for the shower.

    If you get the scab wet, a dab of generic 10% iodine ointment at bedtime will clean it up.

    I find the Band-Aid Tough Strips are worth the extra cost.

    No doubt the trauma team will disagree with every first aid suggestion I just made.

  7. Cat scratches, well not scratches but skin punctures, as my Manx female has attitude issues. When I am on my hands and knees in the garden, Bobbie cat needs affection, if I don’t pet her enough to her satisfaction, she will slap me hard making a puncture or two. Who knows what germs are in her little claws, so I wash them with soap and water after I force/squeeze some blood out of the wound, then put Silver ointment on a bandage, so far , zero infection and rapid healing.
    Hope Lady E is much better.

  8. My condolences to Elaine.
    From what you have told us, she is healthy – and it seems she is getting more than enough advice and care.
    In a day, or two this should be a ‘nothing’., hopefully.
    – My last injury ? I slowly dribbled roughly two shots of bourbon all over it.., put in three stiches., let it dry out for a few minutes, then slathered that honey-paste on a two by three inch bandage. [ repeated that process once more] than tried to keep it clean and dry. All was well.

  9. Leptospermum Honey – kind of expensive now. Nearly triple in price since I bought my stash a couple of years back. Great for burns, I am pretty sure that Walmart carries it.

  10. Hi, George,

    Hand wounds can be scary. I have found that anti-bacterial soap to be a very worthy purchase. Glad Elaine is on the mend.

    Seems that an over age 70 activity is going to doctor appointments for various issues. We live in the age where many such issues can be successfully addressed. My beloved Grandfather tried to explain growing old to me, but his words, sadly, fell on my deaf 21 year old ears. Now, I do understand. Got to laugh about that.

    I have read several very bad reports on electric vehicles, which include catching fire, having a very limited driving range, heavy batteries with rare earth components, and very pricey charging stations. Much of the electric vehicle sales promote a green energy mentality that seems false to me. Many of the rare earth elements required for batteries are mined in African countries. The US government also subsidizes some of the expenses of owning an electrical vehicle but for how long is unknown. I think that our current power grid cannot handle everyone owning electrical vehicles, and that wind and solar still remain inadequate for exclusive energy, as coal and natural gas are phased out by short-sighted people.

    A lot has been done over the years to clean up coal production and coal powered plants. One may well wonder who or what companies have been benefiting from kick-backs and subsidies from the US government in regard to special interests in the so-called green energy. I recall Solyndra Solar and the high dollar subsidy granted this company by President Obama. Solyndra was only in business a short time before bankruptcy was declared.

    On a more positive note, we in New Mexico have finally been receiving our monsoon rains, but they are not as plentiful as seen in years past. The over 100 degree days are finally over.

    • Nancy, you have succinctly summed up the entire energy situation in this country. There’s no need for another country to risk an EMP attack on us – all they have to do is wait for everyone to plug their electric vehicles in at the same time.

      A new power plant was built in western Kansas in the 1970s. In spite of sitting on top of one of the world’s largest natural gas fields, it was built to burn coal, because the federal government mandated it. We were in the middle of the so-called energy crisis at the time. I remember the magazine ads – “We have more coal than the Arabs have oil – let’s dig it!”.

      When the same company wanted to add more coal-fired plants years later (which would have made Kansas an exporter of electricity), the Democrat governor nixed the proposal, and newspapers to the east ran cartoons of stacks spewing abundant black smoke. I’ve been by that plant many times, and 99% of the time saw no smoke whatsoever. The other times, usually on cold days, there were a few wisps of white. The scrubbers still turn that plant’s emissions into little more than steam – and that was 1970s technology. Emissions are not an issue.

      Ironically, that company (actually its member cooperatives) made money from the crazy energy situation in California by participating in that state’s energy credit program. Either they agreed to keep their old natural gas-fired plants available, or pledged to not bring them out of mothballs, I’m not sure which. An employee tried to explain it to me, but I got lost in the details. The upshot is they got money for not doing anything, it was legal, and power companies all over the country did it.

    • Yes, we remember Clean Coal Barry hussein obummer….lying through his shark white teeth just like Bid&BuyMe Blarney Biden.

  11. George,
    Best wishes to Elaine for a speedy recovery! Right on about the EMTs and the ER staff. I am 75 and have a variety of health issuess so we are almost on a first name basis. Having experienced hospitals in a major Florida urban area, I have seen staff shortages everywhere. The new crop of interns and residents give me pause. In these hospitals I was also disadvantaged because I was old, didn’t speak Spanish and was white.

    The fire in Hawaii was horrific and catastrophic and the victims deserve our prayers. Is the fire apocalyptic? Consider the great fire of 1910 in the interior of the PNW. This fire burned 4,700 square miles. There are tales of people jumping into rivers to save themselves only to die because the fire consumed all the oxygen in the air.

    DEW blamed for the Hawaii fire?
    And those in Malibu, Northern California, Canada. Also blamed for the Tonga volcano eruption? Doom porn is a healthy business.

    • EQ 4.5 in central California yesterday. On the fault…

      First, we’re all going to get emotionally exhausted. Then we are going to get physically exhausted. And then we, the people, are going to get pissed off and start acting like Americans again.

    • Dutchsinse/Youtube – viewed, recorded and posted the evidence of DEW beams in action-NorCal, years ago – still can be viewed from his video library.

      Can not be debunked – Senior military officer acknowledged their existence soon after the NorCal fires during televised interview responding to reporters inquiry about Satellite based energy weapons.
      – dont believe Ure own eyes and ears, but death grip that which must be believed – ie requires enormous amounts of faith????

      Curious indeed.

      • I have watched Dutchsinse for years and have enjoyed his videos. I think his ideas about earthquakes deserve some research. That being said I find his shrill carrying on about being persecuted a bit tiring. I have seen his evidence of events and it is always thin and open to other interpretations. Also he doesn’t seem to understand that correlation is not causality. I still think he is on to something. BTW we have all seen a DEW. it’s called lighting. Think Mcfly think.

    • Amazing how much information can be gleaned from a blurry, distant aerial image , eh? Microwaves! The great unknown boogey-man! George and I have working experience with microwaves, and we know what they CANNOT do… especially at a distance. (Research: Inverse square law, for the conspira-nauts)

      • “(Research: Inverse square law, for the conspira-nauts)”

        Also applies to lasers, electromagnetic pulses, atmospheric concentrators or “particle beams,” and any other device (whether from “science” or from “science fiction”) which projects either a “beam” or a solid object.

        BTW I have a couple hundred square feet of real tin (not aluminum) foil, should anyone’s hat no longer cover.


  12. DOJ , aka biden’s puppets , just appointed Weiss to especial prosecutor in crackhead son’s case. The same person who have him the deal last time to let him walk . If McCarthy and the bois don’t do something quick , they might end up on the wrong side of justice ,as in sitting in a jail cell for giving the dems a hard time.

    • “If McCarthy and the bois don’t do something quick, they might end up on the wrong side of justice”

      The “special prosecutor” thing takes all investigative power out of Congress. Congress is not allowed to investigate an active criminal investigation. By appointing a SP, Garland has reopened the criminal investigation and completely stopped the Congressional inquiry and investigation process.

      The only avenue left for McCarthy is to draft Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden. Even if he’s willing to take that step (and I believe he is), I’d be willing to bet money that neither he, nor the Republicans on-committee, have accrued anywhere near enough evidence to do so. Biden cannot be successfully impeached unless Jordan or Comer can somehow prove “Treason” beyond any doubt whatsoever (which ain’ta gonna happen) because nothing else would force a removal vote in the Senate. Therefore, an impeachment proceeding would have to be a long, drawn-out process, to keep Biden on a witness stand, for months, where he can’t hide his dementia (or the fact he’s a dick) from his low-information supporters, and can’t hide in his basement and let Soros’ surrogates do his campaigning for him.

      It is becoming more and more difficult for me to see my way clear to the grave, before Civil War II fires up and kills us all…

      • Biden is not going to be impeached and Hunter no matter how much corruption he has or how perverse his lifestyle is.. will never be held accountable for any of it.. My opinion.. the dual standards of law with them.. the DOJ and every other agency is running interferance.. told congress that they can just suck walley.. that in itself tells you how far this will go.. it isn’t.. done over with.. its just a campaign pony show.. each one will say they are the magic man or woman that can get the job done but the job will never go further than what it is now.. a news broadcast on ONE media outlet the rest give stories to support the actions they have made..
        C…..explain it to him.. LOL LOL LOL
        the country LOVES THE BIDENS.. and HATES THE TRUMPSTER LOL LOL ( sorry ray that was a poor excuse for comedy LOL_)

        • The informed people of our country despise the Bidens! President Trump kept his promises to the best of his ability and kept us out of war, even if he was a bit bombastic and annoying. The Bidenistas are doing all in their power to provoke a world war, and I don’t believe they kept a decent promise yet. The current media is nothing but the fourth branch of government – not co-equal, but subservient to the oligarchy.

        • I am with you NMMike…

          when the alleged crimes first started to be told I thought no way..
          but then the deeper you dig the uglier it gets.. and when you see everyone telling congress to kiss their ass they don’t have to say anything ..or just openly lying ..manipulation of the laws to avoid the consequences.. really makes you doubt everything..everything we were taught is now good that once was bad right down to teaching children to question their gender..

  13. Sorry to hear about Elaine’s ‘bobo’. (Which is how our old-school GP grinningly refers to such—adult or not.)
    If the antibiotic she is taking is Levaquin, please keep close watch for joint aches. Some folks can’t take this one, or its quinoline cousins. I’m one of them, found out the hard way–it causes ruin to tendons and ligaments, especially in knees and ankles.

    A very painful scratched wrist that became infected with a red streak going up my arm, thought at first to have been a sprain is what prompted my Levaquin dosing. My GP was out of town, a partner wanted to hospitalize me. Couldn’t do that, was sole caretaker of 90+yr old mother, 2 houses, dog—the whole kaboodle. So that’s what she sent me home with, along with the warning to forget all that if the red streak went farther. Came home, marked the end of red streak with a marker, checked every hour through the night. Thankfully, it stopped. Began regular hot Epson salts soaks.
    What finally was drawn out was a 1-1/2” bamboo splinter that had gotten driven in when I planted both fists on the ground to get up out of a mud puddle. That splinter didn’t show on the x-ray. Anyway, all’s well now, except that the deep aches of the knees prompted a question to a pharmacist. I could barely make it through the drugstore to the pharmacy in the back. She told me about this side effect, said don’t take another one and call your doctor. Did that, he was back and changed scrip. Damage already done.

    So, please, George and everyone, do be watchful if you or anyone you know is or will be taking Levaquin or any of the half-dozen quinolines, which includes Cipro.

  14. Nice synopsis.

    “fair trade”

    Isn’t that what we all want? It’s hard to save money and to get savings whacked by Yuge percentages over a few years sucks. They stole our production.

  15. War jets out of Selfridge ANGB are doing laps right now. I can’t see the jets because it’s raining here but they are loud.

  16. Glad Elaine is doing better. The idea of an infection getting that far is a major red flag for any age!

    I know it’s an old cleanser from way back but we keep a gallon jug of Zepherine Chloride in the bathroom and any time we get an injury that is worthy of attention we’ll scrub the wound down with that. My uncle gave us a bottle of concentrated gel that you dissolve in a gallon of water. I think we’re still on the first gallon and we’ve handed out some small bottles of diluted solution to the kids over the years.

    It does, definitely kill staph according to my uncle who had a bad infection with it back in the early 60s. They kept him isolated for a week, maybe two, when he contracted a bad infection after a surgical procedure. They scrubbed him down from head to toe with that each day until his body could manage on its own again. It’s still good stuff. I branded myself pretty good on the water pump’s muffler just before we went on vacation. 2nd degree burns at least. Left the old skin on until it fell off but scrubbed the area down with ZC every day before changing the dressing. Now you can hardly see the burn.

    • Zepherine Chloride is Benzalkonium Chloride. It is in darn near every OTC wound treatment, but in a tiny amount.

      It’s hard to find the concentrate now. It’s available at Indiamart – cost is about $500/BBL for the 80% stuff (normal concentration for usage is around 0.045%) and I figure a quart/liter of the 80% stuff would easily last a lifetime for a family of four.

      I just bought a pint at a geological supply store (US Geo Supply) to check it out, but it’s only 2%.

      It hasn’t been owned by Winthrop in many years. Sanofi now owns the patent and the name.

      • I’m surprised that the patent hasn’t expired! Regardless, I’d have thought it would be more available from various Asian sources.

      • Yes, I figure that little bottle may wind up being an heirloom to one of the kids depending on which ones are the clumsiest. I don’t know what the shelf life is but it has yet to turn into anything nasty which is a big surprise since it’s a wet gel.

  17. “See the marionette strings as he goes for more dough from the rubber-stamp kangeroo congress.”

    Maybe, maybe not. The Freedom Caucus, which has a death grip on McCarthy’s short hairs, has said “no mas” WRT any more funding for Ukraine…

    • hmm like the last time.. he will just find it somewhere else..they pur based compliance and there’s way to many business models at stake here..

  18. “Democrats are finding their ultra-woke, leftie spiel may be driving actual middle-of-the-roaders away: Joe Manchin continues to flirt with becoming an independent.”

    Doesn’t matter. Munch-on is under 40% wit’ da peeps of WVa and he’s very likely going to face an extremely competent and well-liked politician who’s currently polling above 64%.

    The Mountaineers REALLY don’t like the fact that their “Muncher” cast the deciding vote to “eat up” a trillion tax dollars…

  19. My best wishes for Elaine’s full recovery! Infections are no fun – ever, and the right treatment is always a judgement call.

    Perhaps it’s time to run a couple of 1/2″ irrigation lines out to the various watering holes, so the watering can be done without effort.

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