Lahaina then Kaohsiung – CPI Released

Let’s do the CPI report first – everyone is interested in that:

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) rose 0.2 percent in July on a seasonally adjusted basis, the same increase as in June, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.  Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 3.2 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The index for shelter was by far the largest contributor to the monthly all items increase,  accounting for over 90 percent of the increase, with the index for motor vehicle insurance also contributing. The food index increased 0.2 percent in July after increasing 0.1 percent the previous  month. The index for food at home increased 0.3 percent over the    month while the index for food away from home rose 0.2 percent in July. The energy index rose 0.1 percent in July as the major energy
component indexes were mixed.

Here’s some of the specific drilldown:  Remember as you read this, the All Items less Food and Energy was up 4.8 percent annualized in the June report!

CPI drill down data
Key to notice is that the higher inflation expectation does toss cold water on an immediate recession Now if we just didnt have all these war clouds swirling

Key is the 4.7 percent, so virtually no change after another rate hike.  Market should panic, but after the number was up almost 200 on Hopium.

Recall the 1929-era Fed was caught in a similar “need to raise rates” vise, too.  So, the “fit” will be worth discussing on the Peoplenomics side this weekend.

With inflation reported for the month, we have options expiring a week from tomorrow.  Then, week following, there’s often a pause in the craziness the week after expiration.  Not investment advice; just something there in late summer data over time.

Unemployment Filings

Not much changed, but here’s what last week “felt like” around the Nation:

States with major changes in UI filings for the week.
Unadjusted data The advance number of actual initial claims under state programs unadjusted totaled 225581 in the week ending August 5 an increase of 20032 or 97 percent from the previous week The seasonal factors had expected an increase of 1363 or 07 percent from the previous week There were 196308 initial claims in the comparable week in 2022

We have PPI coming tomorrow and still more hot weather.

Lahaina Disaster

Our hearts and prayers to the good people on Maui who are going through a terrible disaster.  The Lahaina district has burned down.  Even now, upslope winds on Maui are fanning brush fires.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see the death toll top 50 since already At least 36 dead in wildfire in historic Lahaina, Hawaii, officials say – CBS News.  Equally grim Lahaina resident describes Maui wildfire aftermath as apocalyptic (

There’s a sense of horror but nothing to do on surrounding islands.  One source explaining the weather picture from their location on Oahu:

“We get swirls, of course, but the full force of the NE trades (and in this case, the funnelled high pressure to hurricane normalizing winds, which are basically coming from the same direction as the trades usually do) pops up over the top of us. It’s been dry, of course, as it generally is here in the islands late summer, but the windward side gets whatever showers come our way, so soil moisture is a bit higher than the leeward or Kona sides. Lahaina was full Kona side for Maui, so super dry, for example.”

Similarly, ham radio pal on the Big Island was in the clear.

With first responders still whacking hot spots, scattered showers being reported from a weather node 2 Miles NW Waikapu HI.  The Weather Service has extended the red flag warning and heavier rains are likely about Sunday in the long-range view.

Economic Impact

It will be huge.  Maui – long a fall-through-spring getaway for the West Coast – stands to be a tourism disaster for a couple of years.

As Hawaii travel plans: How fires have tourists scrambling | CNN rolled past we were pleased the administration got something right: Biden sends military to help with brutal Hawaii wildfires | Stars and Stripes.

For now. too early for even a guess, so we will pencil $12-$20 billion in as a placeholder.  A lot will depend on long-term dilutive effects on tourism revival after, food and beverage, the boat tours and so on.

This may also result in a general lightening of Insurance portfolios as they will have to sell off assets to fund liabilities.  The role of re-insurance (risk spreading) will work through the system.

Kaohsiung Next Week?

Winds are persnickety in Asia.  When the Kamikaze winds held back the Chinese fleet that attacked Japan in 1274, it was called “Divine.”

Today, fresh from a massive death-dealing typhoon that hit Mainland China 10-days back, China has its eyes fixed on reunification. The fall Party Congress is fast approaching.

Having read a lot of strategy and tactics, my consigliere is worried about a “perfect confluence of events” shaping up for next week, or the one after though less likely.

All of which has been simmering, but we also have to see something of a big squeeze coming in the insurance industry, mentioned a moment ago:  Exclusive: Lloyd’s of London leads insurers tightening Taiwan cover as conflict risks rise | Reuters.

What passes for a president has awakened to notice the horses have left the barn. United States | Joe Biden orders ban on certain US tech investments in China – Telegraph India.  See why we refer to him as Slow?  You have to be a special brand of crooked or stupid not to have read Red Dragon Rising: Communist China’s Military Threat to America.  It has been out since 1999.

The REALITY of Chinese expansionism (as compared to American Corporate) escapes most people.  As one source explained to me:

“China is not a real country – it’s a land mass occupied by a fairly homogeneous ethnic population, under the control of the Communist Party of China. The “government” and the “military” are simply the less armed and more armed wings of the CPC. State Owned Enterprises (and there are still a massive number of them, making up the majority of the economy), are also wings of the CPC. The CPC has about 12.25 million armed disciplined personnel under its control. The rest of the population is unarmed, but for knives and handheld laser “pointers”. (At 2-5 watts, not a toy, but can-do real damage.)”

See why high-powered laser engraver technology is appearing? Dual-use, Luke Skywalker.

Pollyana types who forecast the collapse of China via insurrection fail to grasp the realities on the ground, in-country. Including Polly in the Ovoid.

There’s the conspiratorial question lingering today: What caused the Lahaina fire? Long on speculation, officials are so far unsure.  In our worst of fears, it may have been deliberate.

Reminds me to be carefully circumspect: Moment Utah man Craig Deleeuw Robertson’s home is surrounded by FBI agents who hurled a smoke bomb before shooting him dead after he posted ‘credible’ Joe Biden death threats. FBI kills 75-year old man.

Open Borders Fan?

Thousands of people a day sneaking into these (once upon a time) United States and it was no big deal in the erudite, war party Northeast.  But when those same hapless people come to NYC looking for the American dream?  “Hey buddy, not here” from the libs.

Which gets us to eyeing Lady Gaga’s dad rallies NYC neighbors in fight to ‘manage’ unruly migrants at Stratford Arms Hotel. Wasn’t a problem in Texas but now? In the Northeast?

If you can’t see the double standards of lefties, you need an eye doc sitdown.

War? What is It Good for Dept.

The failure of the Ukraine War is not a popular topic in the American corporate press.  Which has been burying the Hunter corruption details while selling the war.  Got to have something to show for kicking out the previously elected government and shutting down water to Russian speaking lands, right?

Notwithstanding, preps for a missile-laced confrontation between Poland (and NATO) along the Belarus border edges closer as Suwalki Corridor War Zone: Thousands of troops deployed – Russia. simulated ballistic barrage against Poland – Shield in Wagner advance. Not to mention Ukrainians’ Eastern Front collapsed: Kiev evacuates 53 settlements in Kharkiv – Ukrainian General Staff: Russians create a “Shock Fist”.

Even some American media are doing reputable coverage such as Russian Storm-Z Threat Looms Over Recently Liberated Region, Ukraine Admits (

But what really sickens us is the charade of holding “Peace Talks” without both parties.  That’s not “talks” at all.  It’s a propaganda festival.  Russia Angry at Being Left Out of Peace Talks Where Ukraine Gained Allies ( Its intent was never to end conflict.  It was to goad Russia into first use of WMDs.  But we suppose you see that now.

Off Page

Ego melt: Trump Says He Won’t Sign RNC Loyalty Pledge Needed for GOP Primary Debate.

Isn’t anybody what we thought they were? Hiding in plain sight! Gun violence prevention activist accused of orchestrating major guns and drugs ring in New York – just days after praising his own organization for ‘bringing peace to the community’ | Daily Mail Online.

Anti-Corruption isn’t just having a tough go of it in Ukraine.  It’s a worldwide issue: Who is Fernando Villavicencio, the anti-corruption candidate shot dead in Ecuador?

Funny Money isn’t exactly money.  But it’s not exactly a Security, either: SEC seeks to appeal ruling that Ripple XRP isn’t a security | The Financial Express.  This could have lots of tax implications.

Think you’re a Windows jock?  Listen up: New System Components settings page found in recent Windows 11 insider build – MSPoweruser

ATR: Woo-Woo Valley of the Future

Doing a lot of lucid dreaming (and having written a book about it) recent study has been on the “remote viewing angles” of lucid dreams.

Last night, for example, there was a serial adventure dream in a San Francisco-like city.  Seems the homeless there had sorted themselves out into a gang of many.  The sub-unit leaders all met in a second or third floor walk-up bar/clubhouse in a sketchy apartment building.  (Bleed-over from the NYC homeless in hotel meme? Hmm…fair amount of dream layering happens in some Realms of sleep.)

Won’t bore you with the details, except to say it seemed there was a homeless gang’s agreement not to shoot at one-another on “Muscone Street.”  Which in the dream was not far from the sketchy clubhouse and retailers (all doing very poorly) on the ground floor.

Not worth mentioning about how my “electric getaway car” was a massive failure, either.  Or the trench coat detective with white hair who was with a team of undercover LEOs trying to keep the lid on.  Red and white Camaro-looking electric, by the way.

Here’s the learning that came through on return from this dandy 2-days of adventure (experienced here in less than 90-minutes of sleep time):

The Future is a Valley

The bring back from today’s dream adventure was a picture diagram of how Future works.

Imagine, if you will a drop of rain falling somewhere over eastern Washington state.  No matter where it falls, short of evaporating, it will eventually arrive in the Pacific Ocean.

Falling in one area, it will get there by way of the Columbia River. But, in another, it will come downstream via the Snake River.  They join at the dam pool behind McNary dam. “…Burbank, Washington is part of Lake Wallula, the reservoir of McNary Dam.”  From there it’s 325 meandering miles to get west of Astoria, Oregon.

The point of the “bring back” from “over there” (besides the adventure of being almost shot with a “32.5”) is the sure and certain knowledge that no matter where a single event (the raindrop) wants to fall (West of the Continental Divide, north of Oregon) the water eventually gets to a specific Future – the Ocean.

Different drops will hog-out the rivers involved a little differently.  But that events will eventually wear things downhill in a general direction – West.

The Many Worlds Interpretation is very much incomplete, therefore.  Since it’s a human expression of the rain falling at a “different place” and thus, a new parallel world is born.  What’s missed is that the MWI also has a “reconvergence to it” – where the different futures all end up in one of the rivers and long before the dam pool behind McNary, the way forward to the Pacific solidifies.  Which is analogous to the Future.

Which is useful information when sizing up “The News” as an Editor.  You can see the Ocean out West.  You get to tag specific raindrops daily and even report on the big pockets of erosion.

But the gullies of previous events are the rivulets of present which are delaminating into a future that’s not looking too good a year or three out.

If you’re not seeing it yet, perhaps a bit of contemplation may help.

Sorry for the length of today’s report – a lot of pieces are moving into place and that’s when we pay pretty close attention to the changes in the wind.

Write when you get rich,

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59 thoughts on “Lahaina then Kaohsiung – CPI Released”

  1. Well done. Your analogy of the raindrop and the gullies of previous events on its way to the ocean is quite interesting.
    Been to Maui twice. Once in 70 single and your typical american male servicman so most of that trip while still memorable was clouded in an alchohol haze. Second time was in 200 with my wife. We were still on local time and decided to take a morning walk on the beach. We were at they Hyatt so Lahaina was walking distance to the south. We went north towards the whaling villiage where a museum and some hi end shopping, naturally, was. We walked up to a bar of the beach that looked like a scene from a big Hollywood movie out of the 40’s. At 7am it was deserted but a nice guy invited us in to have a seat at the bar for breakfast. Turns out he was the bartender, from St. Louis and he and his wife graduated from KU. He told us about how they had hopscotched across the US working and living in Denver, Phoenix, LA, San Francisco and ending up in Maui. He told us they were thinking they would like to move to Tokyo next. Suddenly food was spread out on the bar and we all sat and ate with him and the rest of the staff as if we were all family. I will never forget that and have often wondered how far around the world him and his wife made it. As far as they wanted I will bet. As we walked back to the hotel I asked my wife if she got his name. No, she said visiting with those people was so much like being at dinner with the family it never occurred to her to ask.
    These fires. What a terrible loss. I can’t help but think about the people there. Maybe if we were not all so interested in blowing each other up it would have been a little bit different.

    Probably not.

    Stay safe. 73

    • How many did Biden send Ukraine and how much to Maui. We will watch from the polling booth for, as Pappy learned me “You can only spend it once.”

  2. To be precise, the FBI threw a noise-flash diversionary device, aka a Flash Bang, not a smoke bomb.

  3. Generally, moist rainforests do not burn. There’s always that very slight chance but, I’m not believing the “naturally occurring phenomenon” theory.

    We know that during dry seasons or drought conditions, forests burn … but there have been unusually strange fires in Australia, The Mediterranean area, the Amazon Rain Forest, Canada and now the State of Hawaii.

    These, are as suspect as the industrial facilities that have burned over the past couple years. I’ve even read of and saw pictures of residential areas devastated by fires where homes and buildings were burnt to the ground, but trees in the area were spared. Very odd. It doesn’t make fucking sense … unless you factor in the agenda we hear about. And maybe somebody in high places is playing with their laser toy.

    So, while all this is going on, folks at the gas station are angry ….

    And ya know, it’s only going to get worse.

    • Not all of Hawaii is ‘moist tropical’. The leeward sides of the mountains are generally dry (and sunny) where the preferred tourist destinations are. Windward sides get the rainfall. I’m on the windward side of the Big Island and my area gets 130 inches of rainfall annually. Lahaina is a known ‘dry district’. The real wild card in this fire was the excessive winds that drove the fire. The winds were caused by the pressure gradient of hurricane DORA that passed safely some 500 miles south. It was a confluence of nature at it’s worst that caused this destruction.

      • My wife and I were last in Maui in 2000, our 15th wedding anniversary. She was going through pictures from back then and showed me the pic of us sitting in front of the huge banyan tree near the harbor. She started sniffling when we talked about that maybe being gone. It’s really sad to lose something like that, no matter what the cause.
        Tried to cheer her up by telling her she looked pretty good in that bikini but she just said “Nice try, aint happening.”
        Stay safe. 73

  4. “The rest of the population is unarmed, but for knives and handheld laser “pointers”. (At 2-5 watts, not a toy, but can-do real damage.)”

    It is amazing how we worry about nuclear attack (and we should) but forget about how small things can do big damage. Here is a 10 minute video on the front battle lines of Ukraine showing a “Russian kamikaze drone team” loading up a small toy sized drone and taking out a large Ukrainian tank. Drones are being used to take out tanks, ships, munition factories and a lot more. WWIII is well under way.

  5. “Funny money” you say – now You funny .

    The judgeywudgey (dc) in Ripple case has to give her permission for an Early appeal of govmints case.

    -JUST SAY NO !

    In other f-ed up developments hear on urbsurv. I had posted info regards tRump signing insurrection act prior to his stage left exit. I was wrong – My bad.

    Bad info/source, since been burned.

    What tRump did do was Declare an Emergency via P.E.A.D.S.

    Froggy Michels knu cockatoo at the zoo deciphered “not seated” in WH/Presidency..which still doesn’t sit quite right in my military mind, something missing..buffering, again.

    Where for art thou, price usd BTC?

    This scheisse be very important 2 BCN currently, as my Solar provider/contractor in Belize/Central america transacts in BTC ! woot woot – some day be like the bandicoot.

    G-Dog treats me/BCN so unkind..boohoo

    Can I get a witness ?
    So you missed Buying the Dip, again – No worries, Buying on Dips is risky business, better, less risky is to BUYBUYBUYBUY on BreakOuts.
    ? But but,but mr durtysoul, how we gonna know when a breakout is occurring? Excellent question mi amigo’s, excellent.
    BCN would describe a B.O. suchly – a Sustained close OVER $34k.
    How long BTC takes to break $30k resistance Line affects $34k breakout Line. Longer means breakout @34k less significant. Need a whole candle close Above 50 DMA firstly..the world of tomorrow, today –

    • No unrest – inner cities, they have been or are now being TRANQED into submission, ultimately death.

      Its chemical warefare by cartel “coyotes” on the Peeps- USA.
      Fentanyl is thing of the past, Xylazine is current fav on the mean streets. Intravenous “Chemies” cause nasty open lesions -the wounds just fester, never healing..just tranqed out..
      of LIFE .

      Shitty piece of evil in WH – is financially INCENTIVIZING moar illegals very day, with Ure tax dollars.

      No worries kiosks and lack of service – newly arrived wetbacks are here to work, at mickyD’s and what not…bwhahahahahahahaah

      More like their here to drug and rape Ure kids, Ure Wife/Husband, and take Ure house and property.

      If you havent realized by now – everything “they”/govmint says is EXACTLY opposite the truth.

      So when they tell you the immigrants are fleeing Crime/Corruption/Gang Warfare – what they are actually saying is these fine folks are bringing that C/C/GW to community near you soonly.

      Cheers !

  6. I’m always amazed at the breadth and depth of information provided each and every day. it’s guaranteed to be worth every penny and more!

  7. RNC pledges? is this a new thing made up by RINO Ronna?
    Would RINO Ronna sign a pledge for TRUMP?
    Gov Kristi is smarter than the other wantabes,,
    “He is by far the top dog in the race, and as long as he remains in the race, there is little to no chance for anyone else.”

    Trump is the Republican party now, he is the only one with the brass balls and power to lead the silent majority (yes, my opinion). It is like George’s rain water going back to sea, a pretty much done deal, in motion. Trump is like gravity, a great force, leading US.
    Every day is great, as the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the demons, is music. They scream about their being exposed, like in Ukraine for G’s example and they focus their hate onto Trump,
    Zippity do dah,, Thank you Donald J Trump +

      • like my grandson said,,, when viewing the lack of Biden memorabilia in DC shops this summer,
        “what does that tell you?”
        so Vivek signed

        he brought me a Trump golf ball in a nice box with a President Seal embrossed on the box. His mother , a Biden voter, asked “who is that for”,,, “Grandpa” he said. The 15 yr old kicks my ass in chess these days, that makes me smile.

        by all means, go ahead and support Vivek, but he won’t be there in the end. He speaks what you want to hear but,,, beware, I read not so good about him.
        I prefer ‘what you have done, over what you say’
        actions speak louder than words
        When the deep state swamp goes after Vivek, full force, then I will pay attention. Till then, it is Trump that is the man they FEAR.

      • So did Trump in 2016 — but he signed it after the process began to sort out the zero-chance candidates.

        Christie has stated he would never support Trump. Has he signed? If so, he is a very loud bald-faced liar. If not, will he be excluded from the first debate?

  8. With all the bad news., all the gnashing teeth.., anger, hate and frustration., with all the sounds of war and seemingly endless promises of war., with the constant threat of recession, economic collapse and possible depression.., don’t lose sight of ‘you’. Don’t forget, in all of this angst and negativity, that you and yours are what matters. Make the day better for yourself and everyone around you. One day at a time, while trying to prepare for what tomorrow will bring. It’s all you’ve got. Make the best of it.

    • The next 10 Fed Bailouts to unions – who had 30, 40 maybe even 50 or 60 years to read their statements – should go to Hawaii.

      Or Hawaii could declare independence and team-up with Asian Aid. America can pull-in Puerto Rico so the Stars and Stripes won’t need to change.

  9. “See why we refer to him as Slow? You have to be a special brand of crooked or stupid not to have read Red Dragon Rising:”

    great book.. I believe slow doesn’t have a clue but seriously he isn’t slow. possibly the residents if Delaware are stupid and slow for voting this creepy family Into a powerful position..
    he claims to be middle class..but historically there are claims that he came from a father that was affluent and worked in a crooked union to do anything to get ahead no matter what .The question is did he pass that onto his kids.

    there are claims that his father was bitter from losing his upper class status.. from the reports and alleged family perversions the thought that..the nut doesn’t fall from the proverbial tree hints of a potentially perverse childhood passing on the morally challenged lifestyle onto his kids. .the daughters diary on daddies bath time pleasures gives some Indictation that that sniffably could be a credible assumption. we will never know though of the patriarch even though the kids perversions are well known but the rest are just alleged ..
    Iiving in the bubble of DC and seeing the past historical allegations the drive to be successful and the desire to do anything to accomplish his goals at any costs or at anyone’s expense..
    in reality he doesn’t have any knowledge of work or a real work history.. since its the number that drives the desires for success.If the allegations are correct of the family being a morally challenged family group. The kid brought out some of his relatives talents in his movie productions and postings to the public.If the family was taught the drive for success that would answer the allegations of having a sociopathic drive to gain power and wealth by pay for play by selling connection and access.
    why would he even care about the rise of the red dragon as lo g as he stays in the social class and retains the power ..the Chinese have been paying the family millions and giving them the things they desire..but for what..the company didn’t sell services or a product.the product is looking more and more of being able to have access to the upper levels of government.. cartels and country tries hire lobbyists to donate billions to the remaining political members for the same thing.. I believe what they gain is access and power..
    as far as Taiwan.. the Chinese doesn’t want to destroy the island just have control..I believe we should watch Kim in NK when he makes the move the rest of it will ignite..
    the fact that armed cartels are walking across the border with weapons bought from the USA and millions of illegal refugees from countries that openly bragged that was exactly how they were going to defeat us.. its the poison pawn trap..
    from my perspective.. we have already lost by the country being sold out from under the peoples feet and the corruption of its leaders buying into the poison pawn trap..
    it all depends on the business model..
    of course what do I know I’m just some old nut job in the Wastelands of the USA.. those that have some real brains that have the real information know way more than me on what’s really going on..

  10. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Democrats and the Biden administration cannot move forward with its student loan debt handout program.

    The judges agreed in a 6-3 decision that the federal law forbids the secretary of education to cancel more than $430 billion in student loan debt.

    In open defiance of the law, the U.S. Department of Education announced it “will begin notifying more than 804,000 borrowers that they have a total of $39 billion in Federal student loans that will be automatically discharged in the coming weeks.”

    So.., we now have a President and Vice President thumbing their noses at the Supreme Court – and going against the law in blatant and open show of distain for the Supreme Court of this country solely and obviously for votes.
    – Question: Is this an impeachable offense? Possibly even a criminal offense?

    • “So.., we now have a President and Vice President thumbing their noses at the Supreme Court ,”

      SO…. what’s different about that in comparison of the IRS , FBI , basi ally told congress to kiss their ass..they don’t have to tell them anything..

  11. Your dream involving an electric car is neither a nightmare or dream…it’s pure fantasy, because the only getaway car that will never fail is an electric. No keys or fobs to bungle…no whiny cranking of an ancient technology ICE engine…You get in, click the steering wheel column into drive and go. 0-60 in 2.4 seconds. Your are out of site and out of danger before a blink of an eye.

    • I understand this is the waking world reality. In the dream adventure, the car hadn’t been charged and was barely able to move on what amounts to fume electons…

    • Sadly, at least two container ships have sunk due to uncontrollable fires in electric cars they were transporting, and a third one was saved after extensive damage. I love the idea of an electric car if it had an infinite range extender, but few do. They’re called hybrids. I also dislike the idea of buying anything new when I already have efficient and paid for solutions in hand.

      Electric motors, controllers and wiring fail, just as ICE engines do – just with different failure modes. One glaring flaw is that there’s no SIMPLE electric car solution on the market. Something maintainable by a shade tree mechanic for cheap. Something that never phones home and rarely protects the driver from himself. An electric car should be near silent, and that would be a major selling point.

      A good mix of available transportation modalities seems to be the best answer for all of us.

    • In movies and television shows from England they always show the get away and chase is done on bicycle..That’s one of the reasons I love British television lol lol lol

    • “0-60 in 2.4 seconds. Your are out of site and out of danger before a blink of an eye.”

      But you’re not out of camera view. The cams run 24/7 and are designed to lock onto faces and license plates. If the locality subscribes to the “killswitch” app, any of the camera-devices can instantly and automagically kill your EV and lock its doors & windows in such a manner that the po-po can come by and arrest you at their leisure.

      I spent the last two days in the backwater country of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The cams are going up even out on the switchback buckboard trails that rural Kentuckians call “roads.” They are not going up everywhere — but they’re going up everywhere that a camera lens can see a driver make a decision — even if it’s a mile away.

      There’s no way they’re not going up everywhere in the southwestern 2/3 of Cali — That’s simply a target environment that’s too rich to overlook.

      The cams are one more reason to invest in an old clunker ICE vehicle. If it’s not old enough to laugh at an EMP, it is new enough for the cams to kill. We’re about to be shackled into slavery by our own technology…

  12. You will own nothing, and be happy. Works for me, and has been for over a decade.
    26 CFR 301.7701.4(b)

    • LOL! It has its benefits, but there can be difficulties with insurance, banks, auction sales, etc., unless you have the time to figure it all out and provide lots of paperwork. If it works for you, Great!

  13. fellow LP gas users, good time to top those tanks off ……. no telling how long these “low” prices will last …. fyi

    • IF you can get them to fill up a partial tank. Ours won’t come out for less than 100 gallons. I normally fill one tank a year, leaving the other full 250 gal. tank in reserve.

  14. Federal gun law used in the indictment for the Hunter Biden case has been voided by an federal appeals court – as unconstitutional and violates the 2nd Amendment.
    – Brilliant move. Never occurred to me that they would simply change the Federal gun law. That possible ten year sentence is now – out the window.

    • I wonder how many “ordinary” folks have spent years in prison for that same “offense.”

      • Okanogan… the same reason why the IRS would do anything to get 400.00 but see taxes on tens of millions as an acceptable innocent mistake..or a member of congress doesn’t have to abide by the trading laws of insider trading and highway signs.
        have confidential and secret documents laying on the floor and table behind his car in the garage with the doors open and known drug addicts full access to them.. the dual standards of the laws..
        one statement that was once made by a member of that social class.. I could shoot 37 people before anyone would inform me to stop..
        we now know that that number is wrong that its over 200 and no-one even questions it and for corrupt illegal servers the investigator s will destroy the evidence.
        the dual standards..and we absolutely deserve everything they do..
        we the people keep voting in the same members to rolls of affluence and power those that couldn’t handle a job washing dishes..with an approval rating as low as the present administration….

    • Seriously…did you expect less…
      it will be reinstated the minute he is cleared of any wrong doing…and he’s laughing as he walks out the many can get away from paying taxes on millions..not many..I would rather pay more in taxes than to make a mistake..
      this whole circus is the dead horse being g dragged around the campaign trail..nothing will come from it..the Dual was obvious when everyone called to give testimony to congress told them to basically kiss their hairy.. they will look into it and get back to them if it looks as if they need to.

  15. Re: Utah
    tr: “ones that are higher up”


    The official WH schedule for today notes that the President has received the Daily Briefing. Delivery was during the early local hour of 0900 at the regal Kimpton Hotel Monaco SLC. The fine accommodation is a subsidiary of IHG Hotels and Resorts. The Group’s origins trace to a 1777 English brewery whose pale ale had become a global #1 seller a century later. Current global headquarters are nestled in a lovely Berkshire town just a few steps distant from His Majesty’s stately abode of Windsor Castle.

  16. SEOUL — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dismissed the military’s top general and called for more preparations for the possibility of war, a boost in weapons production, and expansion of military drills, state media KCNA reported on Thursday. [ A call for war preparations?]

  17. Red Cross is managing some 2,000 shelter folks on Maui. 2,000 more were amassed at the airport, waiting to get out. Honolulu prepared the convention center to receive 4,000 people for shelter, with busses from the airport, as Hawaiian Air did it’s best to evacuate people from Maui to Oahu (Honolulu) No incoming seats to Maui were allowed, which stranded passengers in Honolulu and all the way back to origins in the mainland cities.

    Shelters are only a temporary fix and hopefully visitors can find their way back to homes elsewhere. The real tragedy are the thousands of local residents who have lost their homes and have nowhere else to go. Pleas are going out to Hawaii residents to open their homes and take in local refugees from the fires who have lost their homes.

    This is a huge refugee displacement emergency for the State that will be felt for months, if not years, going forward.

    • Lol lol lol..I made hundreds of sandwiches for People devastated by a string of tornados…
      the red cross gladly distributed the brown bag meals.. only to charge them for them..

  18. Otlicnye novosti tovarisi
    (great news comrades) – KH-50 has received Operational Clearance from MOD..guaranteed to bring the PAIN.

    4 Ure viewing pleasure and education-

    Seeing as how We (MotherRussia) are now leading the way in Crypto’s/Mining – one has to wonder when, not if, You all get on board the crypto gravy train.

    Yeah I know “stockholmed” into tithing Ure life earnings to the the RKM Bankers.. really need to break that spell .
    “Here is some pretty green script for you in exchange for all Ure Gold&Silver” Suckas.

    ….dont forget the meme from Southpark – its a huge tell…”

    “And Its Gone!”

    * Who knew miss piggy was ukrainian Jew ? Knew the grandfather was Russian Jew, put borders and politics change over time, so now grandpa is considered Ukrainian Jew?
    ..See Gonzalo Lira orig website for deep dive into miss piggy’s background…just wondering out loud, when is that evil invested Swine is gonna leap into the Ocean, with the rest of kazarian swine-mobsters?

    “Natasha, we must stop that evil Pig”

  19. Well.., I “guessed” right. The market surged-up this morning – then died., and now going negative – as The Fed says “there is more work to do.”
    Made good lunch money.

  20. G,’Moscune Street’ in your dream most prob referring to Moscone Convention Center (named after Mayor Moscone), South of Market area.

    Diane FineSlime nearly witnessed Mayor Moscone’s murder by conservative Dan White:

    the ‘Twinkie Defense’ or ‘sugar overload’ can get you manslaughter instead of murder (in Dan White’s case)

    Too bad that dietary excuses didn’t work for Trumpling’s Dumplings, his chopped suey only added up to a Dim Sum!!

    Want S’more? Much of Trump’s donor $ (supposed to be for his campaign) went to his legal fees:

  21. I live sorta near Selfridge Air National Guard Base. War planes were doing laps today in the sky. Too much sun to recognize the planes. They weren’t Stealth Fighters/Bombers.

  22. The postulate that actions of a single human or a raindrop could spawn a parallel realm just doesn’t pass the waking hours sniff test. So what is the evidence for other realms? Maybe folk religion and UFO nuts are the source to mine. If it doesn’t seem like local phenomena, maybe it isn’t. Not all unexplained phenomena is a mental health issue; just most of it. I’ve witnessed enough not to automatically dismiss everything that doesn’t fit in with status quo as a delusion. Nonetheless, Occam usually has the prevailing edge in analysis.

  23. “Ego melt: Trump Says He Won’t Sign RNC Loyalty Pledge Needed for GOP Primary Debate.”

    Not ego.

    Chris Christie has stated loudly and publicly that he would never support Donald Trump, should Trump win the nomination. Christie, Hutchinson, and Pence are currently being financed principally by members of the Lincoln Project and by Charlie Koch. There may be one or two other sources — don’t know, don’t care enough to go digging. Such “sources” will become apparent, eventually. I’m working enough that I haven’t the time or desire to excavate horse shit, right now.

    I will note that inside the Trump Organization, Tim Scott and Vivek Ramaswamy are on Trump’s early “short list” for VP, and with neither of whom would I have a problem…

  24. “Think you’re a Windows jock? Listen up: New System Components settings page found in recent Windows 11 insider build”

    Nope. I was a Winblows jock through Win98SE and XPSP2. Once I no longer NEEDED to know what was going on in those millions of lines of generated, convoluted Visual code, I made the conscious decision to neither know, nor care. Aside from “adjusting” a couple of the “Windows 95 Powertoys” (the “Send To” toys) to perform their function under Windows7-64, I have done nothing for 15 years (nor will I…)

    That “components config” page WILL be included in Win11, somewhere. (Once a coder creates a feature, they hate to the point of intolerability, disabling or removing it from their code.) Steve Gibson will probably find it and post a page on its functions, and how to gain or hack access to it, within a few months.

  25. I finally saw video from Lahaina tonight. I choked. I cried. News crew went in the Guard delivering supplies to whomever they find. Many gathered at beach parks with water & showers. Driving thru whole subdivisions of nothing but burned hulks of vehicles, twisted metal fencing, and a few concrete walls. It looked like a nuclear bomb toasted everything. Absolutely shocking.

    Official death toll now is 52. National Guard commander on TV got choked up when he said it could rise over 1,000. They have over 1,000 people officially reported ‘missing’ by friends and relatives. The guard is going thru burned structures and finding bodies. No one is allowed into the area until the job is complete.

    • “I finally saw video from Lahaina tonight. I choked. I cried. News crew went in the Guard delivering supplies to whomever they find. Many gathered at beach parks with water & showers.”

      Saddly….this is just the beginning..

  26. The UAW wants a 40% raise. Why not 50% or 150%? We boycotted and bailed last time. We’ll bail them again in a year or two. Gotta have cars.

    “The 40% pay hike would be a general increase over the life of the next four-year contract. It would be broken up into a 20% increase upon the contract’s ratification, and four additional 5% wage increases given each year, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

    – Aug 4, 2023

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