Markets and Grieving

While we await data, some reflection on where the notion of “five steps to a market move” may be rooted.  One of the most interesting notions in a while (lassoed from my office chair) is the one that says just as people handle Death Grieving with five stations, so too a deep psychological drama is at play in markets, perhaps.

I love this kind of open-ended “test fitting” of ideas to see what works, and what doesn’t.  A kind of nuts and bolts of concept extensions.  Greatly occupying for the ADHD in us all.

Of course, there’s also the matter of Consumer Prices tomorrow which we’ll lead with.  I mean, rather predictable, isn’t it?  That’s the “omics” most people are interested in…

Time to read some tea leaves and coffee grounds…

And run some biorhythms, too, because we may each be the tea leaves and coffee grounds.

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43 thoughts on “Markets and Grieving”

  1. couple things…

    i had a pocket biorhythm calculator for maybe 20 yrs, but it was not made to work after 12/31/1999, felt so dated.

    My grandfather was on the last horse-drawn fire engine unit in Chicago! there was a life size picture of him on the wall at the Science Museum for years.

    Got a Eton Elite 750 rx at hamfest Sunday, slightly used, $250. Not bad, good night dial for old eyes. Of course I have 35 other receivers. ..

  2. Cool beans biorhythm charts.

    All three of my bio indicators are plumbing the depths of the chart today..wonderful. All three at same time – but of course the bottom is in here, so like an alcoholic waking up late morning, it only gets better from here – woot woot !
    – coot will take that and run wit It.

    So there I was gazing into future of the market, what a jumbled mess all those timelines..Anyway for the same reason you cant “view” winning lottery numbers, to many possible timelines/flows.
    And zo viewer must discern where the strongest flows are headed – ON Average. Talking about taking averages of the strongest “flows”.
    In the final analysis – On Average You wind up exactly where all the strongest flows are headed towards.

    ..On average coot expects this market to be “moderately” Higher by the end of September – from where it started 1st week of August.
    Main concern at this point in the grand game is when exactly will Nationalization of global natural resources start in earnest, or is Niger that lit fuse?
    If in coot was Mexico – I would have already nationalized every single Copper, Gold, and Silver mine south the border..Ure outta here like Vladimir. But alas I am not yet King of the World.

    R U a dirt poor 3rd world shit hole country with vast natural resources, being exploited by globo homo ? Call Yevgeny and the Musicians @ 1-800- Get- FucT.

    Play on DIS earnings today..rotating Gold into Silver. Also sipping some “champipple” so I can acquire moar phyz.

    * Shout out Loob, not only “keeping it up” but improving the coots popcorn game.. wit homemade moose munch = YUM!
    ** luvel yogurt maker ***** performance ..set it (36hr@100*.) and forget it.
    L Ruteri and L. Gasseri yogurts are delicious – and I swear you can FEEL the positive effects/benefits from consuming these two. Only need one package of culture for each, some Prebiotic to feed active cultures, and a quart of ultra pasturized full fat Half&Half.
    Like any fermentation process – you use leftover (2 tablespoons) from 1st successful batch as starter for subsequent batches. Says hear Best, Fastest way to Improve Gut bio-me, Gut health..Mental health, and wait for it.. information from in-vivo studies – protects from ionizing radiations, prevents Ure body from uptake- absorbing nasty “rads”. PS you bee currently “surfing”on the bleeding edge – it will only get Betta from hear.

  3. falling down??? has the universe has spoken ?
    will the markets follow?

    “the other brother Darrell
    August 5, 2023 at 14:59
    roughing out collapse,,, of the old guard, that is.
    more than just the feral $ is collapsing, it is their whole system falling down like London bridge, which moved to Arizona,, Gary P Nunn, ‘London Homesick Blues’

    end of quote, repeat the line,,, Biden joke as he repeats it

    now , today I read about the Old, really old guard
    Dianne Feinstein,,, falling down

    How is ole Mitch doing? feebly

    I look forward to Trump’s trials, with anticipation of the old guard getting relieved of duty.
    Did Trump really get the gold back from the Vatican?
    Q said we did, we’ll see, the movie is not over, yet

    What will be used to replace the feral Dollar of the bankrupt UNITED STATES CORPORATION, when we go back to These United States of America?

    • Gold/Kusig .

      – Silber will be way too valuable to be used as money.

      Shitcoins (ETH/DOGE/BTCCash/ect.) = Personal Cash Register. Trade In and Out, licking Ure icecream along the way.

      Freewill peeps rejoice and get Ureself some of the crypto pie.

      *Gotta have some “pies” if Ure going 2 throw em @ bankers/arms dealers/politicians faces -

    • Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes: “It took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican bank.”

      who is she? Summarizer
      Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is a UK-born Republican commentator and former vice president of Republicans Overseas.012 She is currently serving on a DOD Taskforce. Dr. Halper-Hayes worked as the CEO of, the Chief Marketing Officer of, and the Senior Vice-President of Brook Green Capital Ltd. for almost five years.0 In an interview with a British morning news show, Dr. Halper-Hayes claimed that Space Force has evidence of the 2020 stolen election. She also said that if Trump presented the “goods” early on, it would lead to a civil war.2

      BCN says get more silver,, OK I just might, add some

      • I’d be layering in extra preps for barter maybe even for silber, when all things that can be used to produce alternating current become made of an even more precious metal than silber or gold, or 1860’s aluminum.

        That metal being described is “unobtainium” its created when SHTF.

    • Don’t forget Q told us the U.S.N.S. Mercy and U.S.N.S. Comfort were docked and waiting for the big arrest of all the bad actors in .gov.

      Remember – Tom Hanks was a prisoner. We knew because of the bar code above the door in the background of a photo.

      • I took a quick search in the Q post and did not find your claims. Was it a Q post or some ANONs making those claims? Please give a link for the USS Mercy and Comfort and the Hanks photo

        I thought the USS ships were to prove the absence of sick covid folks, if they were for corrupt gov arrests, they would parked near DC, not LA and NYC
        here is my Comfort search results in the ‘Q’

  4. “Rhythm of The Mind.” Is there such a thing? Does the mind have a biological Rhythm all it’s own?
    – Got into debate with a while back with a bio-rhythm guru. He did not appreciate my final question: “The Mind, or the Brain? They are two very different ‘things’.” He never answered. Closed the comments for the night and signed out.
    Does the mind have an existential, universal energy, sine wave, measurable, Peaks-&-Valleys cycle ? Some say, yes., but their evidence is very lacking.
    It would be fascinating if it did – and even more fascinating if you could somehow tap into and understand that cycle., thus being able to further and enhance your decision making process., or to call it day and hang out at the koi pond.

    • Re: Wu Wu
      feat: “Buddha Summit”


      I received a telephone call this afternoon via the Shanghai district. It was from Wuhan so straight away I thought ‘this smells fishy’. However the privately held communication and technology engineering company subsidiary to a Chinese government investment company is not located on Fu Zhan (Development [to be made to stand still as a punishment; to shiver]) Blvd like the fish market. While the caller perhaps shares the same postal code, the office appears to be 12 minutes distant by car on Huiji (Collection) Avenue. Maybe they just wanted to sell me a vacuum cleaner. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” – Buddha.

      Interestingly, it seems the Red General made the Huiji Temple his last stop when decamping from Shanghai to Taiwan in 1949 according to the “The Great Cause for Reunification” by Guo Chen published in 2016.

      • My pond is five feet deep – which is rather detrimental to raccoons…, and the way I built it there are only two places where a raccoon can hunt from., in over twenty years I have lost only one koi from predators – and I am not sure it was a raccoon that did it. We have osprey, coyotes, kingfishers, herons., hawks., so the hunters are abundant., but so far so good.

    Lahaina, Maui devastated by wildfires! Hurricane DORA passing to the south has caused a wind gradient through the state. A brushfire upslope on Maui was wind driven down into old Lahaina town, which is mostly old wooden structures in the old whaling port. Thousands of people currently in Red Cross shelters, thousands more homeless. People unable to escape the flames were jumping into the ocean, and Coast Guard is patrolling the shoreline for survivors. News crews are unable to access the area which is still burning from last night. This is a huge disaster in the prime tourist area of Maui. Most of the big hotels are further north along the shore and mostly fireproof and fairly safe from the devastation, but old wooden Lahaina town is burned to the ground!

    • I was in Lahaina in the early 70’s.., can’t imagine it burned and gone. Heard there are several other wild fires on different islands.
      – I have admit, it never occurred to me before., but just how do you get fire resources to the other Islands. Not like here in Washington, where men, planes and apparatus can converge from multiple States to fight a large wild fire. Must be really heart breaking to see and witness.

    • So, sorry to hear and see, Hank.

      They have no communications, maybe your Ham radio experience/ability will be utilized.

      Let us know how you are.

    • This is horrible Hank. Please keep us posted and know we are thinking about you and our friends in Hawaii. We have fought this battle in Canada now for several weeks and lost hundreds of thousands of acres of forests, small towns and many lives. We feel for you.

      In other parts of the world – Russia.

      And in Greece

      This is global now and it certainly feels like it is not all caused by climate change and lightning strikes. Something human initiated is going on and it ain’t good. I smell a political global change emergency coming.

      • Hmm..your not thinking this could possibly be a diversion … kind of similar to civic and BLM and Antifa..

        • A little bit of this…. A dash of that… and a sprinkle of contempt..
          natural changes that could very well have been pushed ahead by human interaction..
          the earth had reached its capacity to provide for the people what five years ago now..mostly the results of stupidity and urban expansion.. ( 55+ prime tilable acres a minute lost to urban expansion)
          A war that is Interrupting what without the numbers I will guess half of the planets grain..
          the bricks dismantling the fiat currencies of the world.. A runaway economy. A for sale pay to play government that is systematically trying to destroy the energy systems of the USA ..
          my grandson all serious last evening asked me.. how will the fly airplanes and boats.. I said.. they will make strap on wings and give the navy oars.. row row..row your boat across the mighty sea.. merrily or you know the tune..
          wild fires taking out the wood supply.. draining the strategic reserves.. dismantling industry and allowing what could be an army sneaking in..
          there was a news story on Texas .. the power grid is being over stressed.. if… that goes down the effects will be felt all across the country..
          fuel has already gone up .50 a gallon this week to look at that as an inverted pyramid.. pretty scary huh..
          Our whole country is not designed around the needs and security of the people and country here..its designed around gaining a number for the pay to play crowd..imagine just how much lumber is going to increase..( oh legalize marijuana and the environmentally refillable crops can be used to take the place..but with the cartels paying our government officials to keep it illegal..well its a pay to play)
          our grid is not designed for national security but for money industry.. everything is being taxed to the limits..
          when Nord Stream mysteriously was destroyed..well it put all the NATO countries in a deep freeze..
          its the noodle.. A cooked noodle can float on a table top if there’s enough water.. dry that water up and the noodle tears apart put to much water and the noodle gets mushy and falls apart.. what we are seeing is our country is tearing and falling apart at the same time..
          our country ran by moronic droolers.. they live in the bubble and have lost touch.. dam I would love to build a solar tower.. I would love to have someone build one the way I see it in my mind..
          v shaped cell arrays with an inverted trapazoid reflector in the center accordion fashion.. three sided east south and west.. catwalk behind each cell array for maintenance.. it would be amazing and produce aN Alexandria lighthouse of energy and at a fraction of the cost of 1 of the big turbans.. three megawatts of power is what 4 mil retail.. if the tower was 10 its 14 mil compared to the 3 billion for the big wind turbine and no rent due every month..
          or give every home and business a 15 kW solar backup system..instead of 3 megawatts for the same cost of one wind turbine its what 3 gigawatts of energy..give price freeze for a ten year period to anyone willing to install..
          if they did something like that..tower at the furthest point from the power plant you would have mini grids to stabilize demand..strengthen the grid..making it almost indestructible.. China gets it.. they are green scaping to..put CO2 filters on every lamp post.. for every 14 trees destroyed you need one for every 2 humans you need one..
          I could go the gumball in the microwave the effects will amplify .. worse winter storms worse summer storms more volcanic activity..
          what was it that plato,Confucius and the dao..almost every philosophies have said..the five virtues ..where we live in a world where virtues and ethically moral standards no longer exist..and for what a dam number for morons of the elite.. I would live to see a world where everyone works together for the benefit of the residents of our planet..

    • That is truly a sad loss. Pray for the people. There for a long weekend in 72 coming home from VN. There was a tiny bar just off the main road, actually more of a path than a road, just big enough for the bar and a few little tables with a big window at the end looking out into the ocean. Kids would come in to sell food and sandwiches. Spent way too long there and drank way too much beer. Went back in 2000 with my wife and found that little bar. It had not seemed to have changed a bit. Really sad to think it’s gone.
      Stay safe Hank.

    • The news just keeps getting worse. Six confirmed dead SO FAR. There will be many more. High winds are hampering rescue and firefighting attempts. And it’s not just Lahaina. Upslope Maui has brush fires raging yet, and some on the North end of the Big Island also. Everyone is freaking out about the ‘smaller’ fires becoming windy infernos that could take out other towns. Hawaiian Airlines is doing it’s best to get people off Maui, and is cancelling incoming flights. This is no time to expect a Maui vacation. Powerlines are down, trees down, cell service intermittent, and much road access is blocked.
      I’m safe where I live. Very wet here and won’t burn. Not very windy at my home, either. But I feel for the poor people on Maui. This is a huge disaster for the State, and it may be months before the full extent is known. Governor Green is traveling, but his first guess is that the damage is easily in the Billion$ of dollars.

  6. The markets seem to be settling the books and getting ready for tomorrows inflation numbers. I expected a mild upward bounce this morning., but it is currently a mild downward slide.
    Philly Fed stated an expected 3.43% inflation – which is higher than the reported expectations of 2.5 to 2.8 %. If it comes in with the analysts projected increase, then the market will rally upwards.

    • Not advice !
      An option spread might work very nicely right here. If the inflation numbers come in as the Philly Fed predicts – 3.4% or better, the market could see a small sell-off. If the numbers are in the analysts range .., 2.5 to 2.8.., you could see a pretty good rally, as we would be very close to the Fed Target of 2.0 to 2.5 % – thus no more rake increases.
      – Just a thought.

    • Expectations for the Core Rate of inflation has changed a lot from two days ago. The majority now believe the annual core rate is expected to be 4.7% versus 4.8% in June, according to the Wall Street Journal poll. And 4.6% for August. So.., we have conflicting guesses – with Philly Fed saying 3.43% vs consensus saying 4.7%.
      – So.., I will take that as – “Everyone is simply guessing.”

      • So..
        if inflation is lets say .04% per month the yearly inflation would be 48% which does add up with what I am seeing on the prices of essential goods and services.. that would add up with the house taxes doubling to this year…A one hundred percent I crease..I pay a month for a 50/120 foot lot what G pays a sure makes the outback look enticing to move to.. but in reality I would rather move up by BIC for the medical..
        here you don’t leave with anything end of life health expenses takes it all.. nursing homes has the highest divorce rate of anywhere.. I can’t even tell you the number of times I have made up a lobby couch or bed in an empty room for the spouse that lost everything because their loved on e was admitted into the nursing g facility and they had to live in their car..
        A friend of mine at the cabinet shop decided to build assisted living centers..wanted me to join them..A quote ..” they are throwing farms at us” they lost it all..why the costs involved..except one.. he took out a 2 billion dollar loan bought facilities all across the country..( he had shitty credit to..poor payback etc. ) then stopped paying wages loan payments equipment and supplies all while pocketing the money being paid by the residents lol) the banks foreclosed on the properties after a little more than a year of non payment.. the staff was buying supplies..yes us to..I would buy depends , gloves laundry detergent and food etc. for the wife to take to work..
        and facilities across the country closed.. then the USA gave this good entrepreneur 30 million covid relief lol lol..phew.. what a mess.. here in the wastelands you won’t get a hundred dollar loan much less a two billion dollar loan if your credit sucks..been there done that..

        • Always insiders.

          Scam artists.

          We see it over and over and over again, NO REPERCUSSIONS, NO PENALTIES, NO JAIL TIME FOR THE BIG CONNECTED ELITE GANGSTERS, globalist and otherwise.

          They get to PASS GO (to Jail), and around the board they go again to steal, cheat, lie, murder, and attach themselves like PREDATORS and SUCKER TICKS to every one else who they perceive as SUCKERSHEEP.


          Like my dearly departed Momma said, the United States of America (and other countries) will lock up a CITIZEN for an unpaid $50.00 hot check that bounced, warrant you, and round you up and arrest you, BUT IF YOU ARE AN INSIDER, GLOBALIST, ELITE BIG CRIMINAL, you CAN STEAL MILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND WALK FREE.

          AND if YOU happen to be a big insider and get arrested, and they can’t perp walk you out of jail with a big shot lawyer (because the little people might finally scream about the injustice), they just DEADEN THEM FOR THE PRESSTITUTES AND GET THEM OUT THAT WAY. (EPSTEIN did not die in Jail, he’s on a beach somewhere cozying up to and raping his latest underage squeeze.)

      • Then again..we,are hearing about millions being paid to a perverse, corrupt and morally deficient family group. not even reporting it as I come..then see the IRS trying to convince the citizens that it was a simple mistake..
        where I knew a guy that miscalculated 400 dollars and they took him to the cleaners.. making him feel like he was a criminal.. from my perspective it doesn’t add up.. but the who am i..

  7. Is there an inverse to the five steps of grieving, a model for birth if you will?

    If you notice there’s a lag. The person who celebrates a birth is later grieved by that person.

    As example, auntie celebrates a newborn niece/nephew, 160 years stroll by, the newborn now grieves for auntie. Two separate experiences.

  8. Historical note on the bio rhythms. Way way way back in the day I had a sweet piece of freeware that would chart and print your bio rhythms. It was from the pc software archive at I would use my Epson 7 pin printer (eeeee eeeee) to generate a multi month print out on continuous feed green bar paper and hang it on my wall.

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