A Long Wave Cycletron (1)

We needed a tool for test-fitting economic cycle lengths from the American Revolutionary War period. So, here it is. Not to be confused with the Cyclotron in physics.

What? You don’t wake up with software/cycle questions in your head on Saturday morning?  What are you, normal or something?

Before we speak with Abby Normal, a few headlines and the ChartPack will line up how things are. Here on what’s looking suspiciously like a mash-up of WW1, the Crash of ’29, with a side order of WW3.

Which threatens to go even more off the rails over the coming three weeks.

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George Ure
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31 thoughts on “A Long Wave Cycletron (1)”

  1. Well done George. While I am certainly NOT an excel Guru, I use a similar spreadsheet to forecast livestock production, expenses and input needs. Using simple month/year in the date column has worked well but I have tried many times to drill down to more precise month/day/year only to screw up my weak attempts at programming. The closest I ever got was to use Julian dates. I’ll give your spreadsheet a shot, bet it works.
    Stay safe. 73

  2. August 13th 1971 With inflation on the rise and a gold run looming, President Richard Nixon enacted a plan that ended dollar convertibility to gold and implemented wage and price controls, which soon brought an end to the Bretton Woods System.
    – I have tried several times using short, medium and long wave cycles and not once did I ever get the end of the gold standard as a ‘point’ within those cycles. So, I assume that the end of the Bretton Woods System / Agreement and the end of the U.S. currency backed by gold was NOT a major economic turning point – though many financial historians believe it was., though there was no real financial disaster from the uncoupling of gold and the dollar. [ at least on the surface.] Yet many times I have seen August 1971 used as a major turning point in America and even as the start of our decline.

    • 1971 was coupled with the terrible soul destroying ongoing Vietnam War, that caused a spiritual decline. As intended.

  3. hey man, this hunter bs is tired. setup, Pops darkness too much even for that worm infested rotten ass apple to deal wit.

    – the laptop was left behind in repair shop On Purpose. No cider, just sliding off the stage into some chum bucket somewheres..See Sponge Bob -https://youtu.be/N6Mweh_r2w4?si=mZgBhfD5aNB70SjU

    Mother RUSsia be bringing Light to dark World..? U wanna Ride or U gonna hide ?

    Natasha – , we must be shining ones, as the “kagans” hate hatehate Us so very much.

    polucil popkorn?

  4. If you really zoom out for the maximum big picture, the Fermi Paradox comes into view. We’ve been listening now for decades and no signals have been detected. For years I’ve thought about how this might apply to life on Earth and now it’s coming into focus. We don’t even need a nuclear war. Just keep up the bioweapon research and eventually we’ll get something to take us all out. The massive pollution of our environment could eventually do it. If the plankton dies, we’re done. Transhumanism, AI, climate engineering, there are plenty of possibilities. We have to stop wrecking the planet immediately!

    • There’s an obvious solution to Fermi’s Paradox – they’ve been here all along.
      The long-held official refusal – recently reversed, but in a suspicious way – to even consider the possibility of an ET cohort transferred nicely to a general population that slavishly “believes” the so-called science. Look how easy it was and still is to snow the public around the Covid misadventure. But it’s not necessarily either/or. At the rate things are going, we could easily push ourselves off the game board by our own hand. Proving nothing about the extraterrestrial question.
      “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio…”

  5. Latest figures from Maui:
    2200 structures burned
    Damage estimates $5.52 Billion
    80 dead… SO FAR. Mostly found outdoors. Structural exams for bodies continue, so toll will go higher still.
    5,500 in need of homes/shelter right now.
    And the conspiracy theories rage even hotter than the fire.

    • You get to a point (old newsman speakin here) where unless someone has time-stamped photo evidence of an actual DEW it goes in the same pile with 9/11. What conspiracy nuts do in lieu of a really hobby to keep the brain going.
      No device, no insiders confessing? Maybe happened, maybe didn’t and no one’s going to level with We the Peeps so not playing into the time sink.

      War? THAT’s way more real as are the homeless shelters out there.

      • I would guess that you gentlemen are aware of Dr Judy Wood
        and her lecture on the collapse

        I have use a cutting a LOT in my line of work and never saw iron turn to ‘dust’ when torched and have waded through more fly ash and bottom ash than most here on this forum, big coal burners make lots of fly ash twin 650 MW twin units.
        cutting torch used on iron is more like bottom ash, the 911 was more like fly ash.
        we do not know what the military industrial Corporation has, for energy weapons. I heard they even have wingless flying TR3Bs. I did not say US Military, I said corporation, but maybe the Military has them also. Those that know, are sworn to keep secret.
        some one here mentioned a coal burner in western KS the other day, I toured a plant in Garden City, to see their drag chain, under the boiler, for bottom ash removal, also Tulsa and Amarillo on the same fact finding trip.
        been an interesting life getting to be around the machines that make our country go. From the top of 550 ft smoke stack over looking the so. platte valley to standing on the bridge crane over an open reactor, during a refuel outage. Seeing big steam turbines/generators taken apart and reassembled.
        Even gave tours for a while at my plant, one tourer was from the unicamel that I showed around, she went on to become our US senator, Deb Fisher.
        the unicamel of Nebr created public power for all of Nebr. She was touring to see/learn how we use our water resources. that tour was just her and her aides

        • the deep state used how many shooters to kill JFK,,, 3? or more
          that is their method, have back ups, ready to use.
          How many methods did they use on 9/11 ? ,,, the bdg 7 collapse showed us the traditional bdg demolition,,, pull it,,, after the the 2 main towers were gone, it was precharged with explosives, so I would guess the towers were also but they used a couple of other methods in there arsenal to practice/play with
          little nukes, energy beams, we don’t know, but the evidence points towards it

          yes yes, most think I should toss my aluminum hat, but I am thinking about those old broken microwave door screens for a new hat,, :-)

        • Ok, George, very revealing that you think 911 is a Con-spiracy waste of time.

          Many hundreds of excellent postings, on your site, and many others, along with highly esteemed researchers, scientists, military, aviation, engineers, building experts, demolition specialists, and others, including the families of the ones sacrificed that day, beg to differ.

          See, if people can understand what they see, filtered through corrupted media, and our compromised, sold, out and purchased elected leaders screwing with the globalists (literally), then they can see, understand, and comprehend that vaccines do cause autism and other disorders, and covid 19 vaccinations do kill, and make people sick, and lowers immunity, and there really is government paid for biowarfare (gain of function) targeting DNA along racial lines, as well as many other suspect ongoing criminal activities and lies, then an educated electorate is possible and critical thinking muscles can be activated for survival.

          just like UrbanSurvival.

        • You weren’t reading closely enough. I didn’t say it was a conspiracy theory.

          I said the evidence is not conclusive. Could go either way.

          Despite all the talk on the web, the DEW theory is not proven. At the same time, WTC-7 is much closer to conclusively provably an inside job with the building prewired. “Pull it.”

          Is there “high fuckery” about? Absolutely. But we don’t need hypothesized new technology – like DEW – unlikely to be fielded in very visible NYC when old-fashioned false flag operations with highly skilled teams is a more plausible answer.

      • My experience in downtown NYC the night of 9/11/01 was enlightening. Everything ran like a well oiled machine – something that could never have been organized that quickly without pre-planning and prior work. The towers were obviously demolished progressively from the top down to simulate “pancaking”. The actual means are unknown(to me). Building 7 was a traditional controlled demolition and was announced on BBC many munites prior to the occurrance. The entire scene was obviously not the result of two errant airplanes. In a similar vein, I have no idea what started the Maui fires, yet I can hold several ideas concurrently. No need to resolve this ambiguity prematurely – a solution may or may not present itself as most likely. All we do know is that yet another disaster(of major statistical significance) has befallen our nation. One credible thought is that we’re under attack by an enemy who chooses to remain anonymous and unseen. Acting to secure ourselves is reasonable and prudent. If the national government won’t do it, we’d best be getting on with securing ourselves – to the extent possible. Anything less is rather stupid. Unfortunately, I know a bunch of lovable, yet rather stupid people. Let’s not join them.

    • Hank, you see what’s happening. Is there anywhere we mainland types could send donations that will be effective?

      I only mention mainaland because we shouldn’t clog plane space with unnecessary stuff.

  6. “You don’t wake up with software/cycle questions in your head on Saturday morning? What are you, normal or something? ”

    I see it coming now: “Spreadsheet Saturday”

    Thank God I’m normal. The rest of the world is messed up, though.

    • Naw – I’m taking the rest of my life off…
      Did get the gear lined up and ready for the first deck of the Ultimate Ham Station
      3 QRP rigs
      xUSDR CW 2-watt
      uBitx 6.0 10-20 watts
      Drake 2B/2Bq with Halli HT-40 and HA5 VFO *(debating which keyer at the moment – my Hallic T.O. will be on the Hallicrafters deck (deck 3)
      Hot as hell here, Hank.

      • Not as hot as it was in Lahaina! Sat. nite death toll stands at 89 (and rising) making this the deadliest US wildfire in a century. :-(

        • Hank, when I first heard of the fire and saw the early photos, the first thing which popped into me head was “The Great Chicago Fire…”

          I believe when all is said and done, that rhyme is what we will be seeing. I’m sorry…

        • I’m curious about common construction materials there on Maui. Surely they’ve modernized to less flammable materials unlike Tokyo before the fire bombings. Does the tropical plant growth receive proper trimming and abatement today or could it have contributed to all of this?

  7. George, I meant to tell you yesterday. Try to find something like this:


    for E to use as a topical healer.

    This compound is absolutely amazing! I put it on a not-yet-scabbed laceration [which was] about 4″ long. Four days later the scab fell off and you couldn’t find where the wound had been…

    However, Amazon is out and I have a sinking feeling Eartho has discontinued it. When I want more, I’ll go back to reading labels, but I now know what to look for…

    BTW, it seems to be available on Indiamart…

  8. War planes are looping again today. Today they are flying in the other direction, counterclockwise to me and in pairs.

    Near as I can tell the planes are leaving Selfridge and looping around Port Huron, Ann Arbor, Monroe and over Lake St. Clair back to Selfridge. About a 90 mile diameter circle.

    I tried to get a pic but the planes show as dots. I need a Sammy 23 w/100X zoom.

    G mentions End Times – any ‘false peace’ will probably be NATO stopping the war because they get mostly killed in Round 1. Perhaps supernaturally?

    Here’s the thing about percepting the ‘thief in the night’. Putin ‘stole’ Kraft’s Superbowl ring so some say Putin is the biblical “thief”.

    That Time Vladimir Putin Stole Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring | TBT | The Ring is the Thing


  9. Recall the ‘five stages of grief’…. I mentioned an auntie celebrates the birth of a niece/nephew while the niece/nephew will mourn the death of auntie.

    “U.S. allied with France during the Revolution”

    France was their for America’s birth. Will we grieve the loss of France?

    Nice spreadsheet.

    You didn’t mention the flare-up War of 1812.

  10. It’s official: Articles of impeachment have been introduced against President Joe Biden following the investigation into his complicit involvement in his son Hunter’s illegal overseas business deals.

    Biden is facing four articles alleging high crimes and misdemeanors,

    Between 2009 and 2017, then-Vice President Biden received “payments and business opportunities from foreign and domestic business partners” through business relationships with his son, Hunter, and his brother, James.

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky, says bank receipts show the family received over $20 million.

    Biden is also accused of obstructing justice by interfering with the IRS investigation into his family and his son Hunter’s refusal to pay taxes for.

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