U.S. Department of Mind Control?

imageWe had this discussion the other day in our Coping section about how much of the news is patently useless.  But there’s also a small chance that there is a method to its madness

We asked, in so many words (about 1,700 of them) whether there was any POINT to most of what passes as news out there?

Today, we might want to be asking is it all so coincidental what’s in the news?

Do you care that Democratic Debate Takeaways: Tensions Rise as the Race Tightens?  Not I said the little red northern European extraction male of a certain age who could lose a few pounds.

Does it matter that  the “‘Hot felon’ released from federal prison, now entertaining job offers?”

Do you really care that Search on for Suspects in Pa. Shooting That Left 5 Dead

Actually, the correct answer on this last story is sort of.  And the reason has to do with your meds because it is all soooo similar to the killing of five people up in Kansas. (Here is where the conspiracy genes kick in…)  Why would we be interested in a shadow murder like today’s?  Simple:  It covers up the memory that the man who was charged with the five murders in Kansas was AND FREAKING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT.

The U.S. Department of Mind Control sure as hell doesn’t want people figuring out that the border being wide open and with the Obamanation putting the brakes on actually having a BORDER leads to horrible social consequences.

No way to prove anything, except to note that while the illegal immigrant killed four, the killing of five by what the Department of Mind Control might script as a gang or drug hit so when people recall Kansas and this latest killing spree, they will fog out on the details and that is the whole point, is it not?  (It would be even more in line with the notion of a Department of Mind Control to make the latest attacks somehow racially connected.  You know, to keep the public stirred up and ready to submit to…oh, don’t get me started…)

Now, of course, we don’t know that there is a Department of Mind Control, but when we watch stories come along like this, we can’t help but wonder sometimes. And if the perps in the kill-five deal in Pennsylvania turn out to be tools to further inflame race relations, while covering up the ILLEGAL ALIEN KILLING THE FOUR IN THE MIDWEST incident, do remember where you heard it first.

In case you didn’t get the memo:  We’re also supposed to forget who was a big Clinton bundler who blew up a major financial outfit…that kind of thing.  If you or I had done that sort of thing, we’d be doing hard time, for sure.

Another Prediction Ready to Arrive

Now, I have to admit this is coming much, much later than I would have expected, but remember where you heard it first?

Back on December 3, 2015,. Ures truly asked “Will O Axe the FBI Boss?  All Eyes on Comey Now.

I was telling you in a column months ago that FBI director James Comey – by all accounts one of the good guys – would be thrown to the wolves because he hasn’t buried the Hillary Clinton national security disaster which could end with her being tosses from the election so she can fight charges which, to my way of thinking, might run to either criminal conspiracy or worse.

Well, here we go:  The Apple iPhone case and the Hillary mess are now headlined as “Comey’s FBI makes waves…”  And the lead line from the article sums it up nicely:

The aggressive posture of the FBI under Director James Comey is becoming a political problem for the White House.

Now, think back on what I told you was in the works if Comey didn’t cover-up she-of-whom-we-can’t-speak-nicely.

That, dear reader, is what any heads up news organization should have been reporting 2-3 months ago.

Now, we will have a new prediction:  When Comey’s firing coming, it will be sugar-coated because this is all a steaming lump of bullshit to cover up for Hillary’s deeds.

Anyone with half a tech brain knows what the normally conservative Fortune magazine is reporting:  Namely that “Snowden: FBI Saying It Can’t Unlock iPhone is ‘Bullsh**’

And in an odd reversal of fates, even Jorge Ramos has asked of the former Sinator and Ex-SecState: “Hillary Clinton is asked if she will drop out if she is indicted over emails.”

How come it takes a dual-citizen *(US/Mexico) to ask a question that the US media hasn’t been able to articulate for the past 9-months of this slop?  Why couldn’t a highly quaffed news bimbo or buffo have asked?  (We may need Mexicans here more than we’d like to admit.)

The most establishment leaning Washington Post turns her answer into a selling point in the same way that software companies turn bugs into features“Hillary Clinton to Jorge Ramos on email: ‘I’m not even answering that question’

So…the lady who “falls down” and “can’t remember” now can’t answer?  And we’re going to HIRE SOMEONE LIKE THAT to be president?

Well, of course not.  We don’t need to.  She will simply buy the office as the GOP is still tripping over their pechewzelwhackers trying to stop Trump.

The Obama White House has to be laughing all the way to the bank.  While people should be outraged about the US Military using drones over American soil, and while the head of the Just Us Department has issued a threat (in so many words) threatening to sue those who question the marginal science of Climate Change, we instead are being served a fine stew of murder, mayhem, in order to cover up the underlying issues of political and moral corruption in this country which leads to the Obama administration and the Paul Ryan wing of what used to be a Republican Party.

But like one of our sage readers noted, if voting really mattered, they wouldn’t let you do it.

Donald Trumps latest in all this?  Donald Trump: ‘I think Islam hates us’.  He may be onto something there…after all it does replace government, at least in the ‘Merican sense.

Blowing UP the Dow – European Central Bank  Decision:

We see that the Dow Futures are up 128 points on the release of some rather minor news this morning.  That would be the release of the ECB plan to a) puff up their QE and also to cut rates further…


Monetary policy decisions

10 March 2016

At today’s meeting the Governing Council of the ECB took the following monetary policy decisions:

(1) The interest rate on the main refinancing operations of the Eurosystem will be decreased by 5 basis points to 0.00%, starting from the operation to be settled on 16 March 2016.

(2) The interest rate on the marginal lending facility will be decreased by 5 basis points to 0.25%, with effect from 16 March 2016.

(3) The interest rate on the deposit facility will be decreased by 10 basis points to -0.40%, with effect from 16 March 2016.

(4) The monthly purchases under the asset purchase programme will be expanded to €80 billion starting in April.

(5) Investment grade euro-denominated bonds issued by non-bank corporations established in the euro area will be included in the list of assets that are eligible for regular purchases.

(6) A new series of four targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTRO II), each with a maturity of four years, will be launched, starting in June 2016. Borrowing conditions in these operations can be as low as the interest rate on the deposit facility.

What is the meaning of this, oh grandly skeptical one? 

Well, prolly setting up the Fed for next week.to do a tiny, itsy bitsy raise.  And I got to tell you, the reason this banks are now looking at insanely low moves (5 BIPS?) is because everyone knows the whole world economic system is so close to collapse that we need to keep adjustments small because the world is on a tightrope right now and no one wants to be the big correction that brings down the whole house o’ cards.

This makes it about a shoo-in that the Dow and NASDAQ will sit for the week’s end right on our long/short Peoplenomics Oscillator, but I’m guessing to the long side, since the talking machine will make it seem like there’s hope so we go up into the weekend.

The talking point to look for would be something like “Since Europe is still lowering, how can the US Fed possibly raise?”  The market will go up, gold should soften, order in the Universe will be maintained as we careen toward the joke of the election and then utter collapse to follow.


My point this morning is simple:  The mainstream media is playing a game on the American public and is complicit in keeping us “stirred up a bit” on the useless news so the big crimes can happen without being called out.

That is the American way, after all.  But then, here lately, so it this…

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  1. #5 is the kicker – next adjustment – they will outright buy stock. Now look at the make up of U S Corporate debt – how much of it is in the Baa/BBB credit range – we run into a severe downturn – you will see the greatest downgrade of Investment Grade Corporate debt to JUNK in history and most institutions as you can guess can not be invested in JUNK (think pension plans, etc etc etc) It’s a beautiful thing to watch in Slo-Mo.

  2. Did you see that Guccifer was extradited to the USA? Praying that there are no “arkancides” upcoming.

  3. George, regarding your point about the mainstream media keeping us “stirred up a bit” on the useless news so the big crimes can happen without being called out, any idea what percentage of the public comprehends this? And in your opinion would the comprehension percentage change by age group? For example, teens, young adults, middle age, older folks….

  4. I noted in this morning’s paper that the Eurozone has decided to close their border to new immigrants.

    Whether or not they actually DO close the border is another matter.

    But it seems they are getting fed up with poor immigrant behavior and the financial stress of supporting them.

    Of course that will never happen here.

  5. Mind Control? really, Really REALLY?
    Its been going on for years thanks to secret programs, and alphabet soup agencies- purportedly; google it then Look surprised.


    It is now ‘allegedly’ programmed into all Smart Meters- hence energy saver appliances, not just television sets and other electronics. Perhaps the Program directors of MSM have their meters amped up so that all talking heads get the ‘trickle down’.
    Welcome to artificial intelligence and the futuristic movie called Life.
    Its why I love camping, fresh air and quiet.

  6. I work in the general area of the Wilkinsburg shooting and I can say without a doubt things have gotten totally out of hand as of late. In the last month an old woman was robbed, tied up to die and two days later a double stack 9 draining shootout occurred in the early afternoon. Not a peep of that on the news. All before the weather gets hot and drives the feral herds into the streets. I expect hysteria to reign and a Thunderdome style carnival atmosphere all summer.

  7. I hate to go to the past to predict the future ,but seed storage and plenty of them. Is just one of the many items that enabled the old timers traveling in the 1800’s to be independent after travelin and settling when the desired land was found during the 2000 + mile trip on the OREGON TRAIL by wagon,NOTE keep plenty of seeds frozen in your freezer and if you have an artificial or conventional way of keeping them fro,en when the unthinkable happens to wake you up cold sober to the fact ,you are prepared !!!

    • The reason this seed saving is so important ,even to one who doesn’t know how to use them ,is ——————–fill in the blank

  8. George, FYI. This chart is an interesting take on the three bubbles (two of which we have experienced in the past and the third we are currently experiencing). Your thoughts? I realize that Gregory could fall into your doom and gloom bin but I would like you to not negate his study based on that alone.



  9. The Pittsburgh shooters, I hear, were aiming at one of the male victims who survived the shooting. Bad neighborhood. Odds are, gang and/or drug-related.

    Sign me, former Pittsburgher with contacts.

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