Will O Axe the FBI Boss? All Eyes on Comey Now

imageImmediately after the Paris attacks, we raised a very pertinent question on the www.peoplenomics.com side of the house:  Could terrorism become a business model?  Are there unseen manipulators who are making a killing in all senses of the word?

I spent a good part of Wednesday afternoon and evening tied to a San Bernardino County sheriff’s scanner listening to the drama play out.

But already, we were keenly aware that this latest Islamic Outrage was sadly fitting a number of predictive markers.

To begin with, there is our “murder cycle” work that suggests mass killing sprees often happen in the 139-146 days period after a previous mass killing.

As soon as initial reports can in, I hopped on the computer and calculated that 145-days earlier would have been around the 10th of  July.

According to the website www.shootingtracker.com, there were 19 murders in the US in this timeframe – the largest of which was the Chattanooga, TN shooting spree alleged to have been committed by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez .  This one resulted in 5 killed (including 4 U.S. Marines) and wounded 3 back on July 15th.

Moreover, this report from Business Insider noted that:

“According to Reuters and SITE, Abdulazeez blogged on Monday that “life is short and bitter” and Muslims should not miss an opportunity to “submit to Allah,” according to an organization that tracks extremist groups.”

In our work, we should expect another shooting outrage in the vicinity of April 16, 2016.

Returning to the immediate events, you’ll recall that I discussed with you last week how it was my opinion that as the number of undetected jihadists jumped over legal immigration requests by the Obama administration’s f/u’ed immigration schemes increased, as soon as America awareness on point began to increase, the shootings and attacks in the Homeland would increase because the invaders would have “nothing to lose.”

I hate being right about bad stuff for our beloved country.

Indeed, as predicted, in the aftermath this morning, we note that the Community Organizer in Chief is once again using this tragedy of San Bernardino as an excuse to attack legal gun ownership.  Yet the weapons used were long guns and we note that Obama has never been able to utter the worlds “militant Muslim jihadists.”  It’s a talk-around point and highly suspect.

If the Obama anti-gun people were more honest, they would note that strict gun control in France didn’t stop the mass killings there a few weeks back.  According to Wikipedia, France is tough on guns:

The total number of firearms owned by an individual is also subject to limits (not possible to have more than 12 authorizations/permits on B1, B2 and B4 type firearms).[98] As of September, 2013, France has a capacity limit of 20 rounds for handguns;[99] one needs a permit for category one[clarification needed] semi-automatics that have a capacity greater than 3 rounds. Fully automatic firearms are illegal for civilian ownership.

As I have told you repeatedly:  Gun control does not impact militant jihadists, drug cartels, or the evil criminal elements of this world.  They simply don’t care about “laws” of infidels, Nortes, or fools.  (If you think otherwise, put a checkmark next to the “fools” category for yourself.

But to the main points:

This morning, the futures are bouncing back (up 44 when I checked).  But is it possible that within the jihadist community there are day traders?  We wonder because if you KNEW in advance of an event such as yesterdays, would it have been possible to buy put options on the weekly S&P series, buy them the day before and then off;load them after a bump in price by late afternoon when the S&P was down 23 points and 1.1%?

It’s the same question we raised around the Paris shootings.; in that one, however, there were more bodies and an even larger market move in reaction.

At some point, those with foreknowledge of events could do very well trading – and making money for their antihuman and criminal enterprise.  Cowering under the cover of being a “religion” the extremists  – in our outlook – will now promote more attacks in the West.

It will serve to further restrict gun rights while at the same time getting the civilian population used to the idea of “no more freedoms.”  We note that Belgium essentially lost ALL civil rights in the witch-hunt following Paris.

The next major move we can begin thinking about is whether James B. Comey will remain for long as head of the F.B.I.

You see, Comey is a very good man, solid American, and he’s a potential obstacle to the “agenda” of the invasion supporting super-left that will ramp up the gun-grab rhetoric this week in the wake of San Bernardino.

Three Strikes on Comey

Comey is in a very difficult spot – and with the events in San Bernardino, we see him as an increasing irritant to the invasion-supporting/human-dumping promoters in the White House.

Ball 1:

For one, Comey (as a chief law enforcement officer) correctly states the feelings of the rank and file in law enforcement.  He is aware of what’s called “the Ferguson Effect…”

Hundreds of police officers and chiefs” have told Comey that the prospect of getting caught on camera and turned into a viral YouTube video have made them less willing to do their jobs, he said.

Strike 1:

Comey has run  a very even-handed investigation of the email-abuses of Hillary Clinton in her tenure as the Syria and Ukraine war-starting SecState.  As a Washington Post blog called it:

“Let’s not forget FBI Director James Comey, whose agency continues to explore her use of a private server (on which nearly 1,000 e-mails with classified information have been found).”

Strike 2:

The F.B.I. boss has also been refreshingly candid about the lack of resource and activity to track freshly arriving (and possibly radicalized) immigrants.  NewBostonPost wrote last month of a fresh GAO report that says basically “it’s true…”

In October, FBI Director James Comey cited troubling gaps that also plague the refugee screening process. The GAO report cited two cases in which investigators from the FBI and local law enforcement said hundreds of individuals were granted asylum after working with lawyers who had been charged with immigration fraud schemes that included preparing phony claims of persecution. One, called “Operation Fiction Writer” in 2014, “resulted in charges against 30 defendants, including 8 attorneys, for their alleged participation in immigration fraud schemes in New York City,” the report said. “

Which brings us to the difficult position the F.B.I. boss is in today:

  • If he doesn’t roll over and lose the damning Clinton email probe he stands to be fired.
  • If he doesn’t stop talking about the “Ferguson effect” he stands to be fired.
  • If he doesn’t support the Obama-backed invasion of jihadists, he might be fired…

And since noon Wednesday?

  • If he doesn’t support the Obamanistas gun grab, he stands to be fired.  That’d be strike 3 as we read it.

We unequivocally support the F.B.I. Director.  He’s on the front lines of a very ugly battle to take our country away from us and substitute something else.  He deserves massive public support, respect and we’d counsel him not to answer calls from the White House, nor talk about gun control.  No point stepping on the tail of the Serpent until necessary.

Set a one month timer.

Job Cuts Look Good

They have dropped to the lowest level in 14-years according to a report out this morning:

CHICAGO, December 3, 2015 – After a four-month stretch that saw more than a quarter of a million job cuts announced by U.S.-based firms, planned layoffs in November fell to the lowest level in more than a year, according to the report released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

The nation’s employers announced workforce reductions totaling 30,953 in November, 39 percent fewer than the 50,504 planned job cuts in October. Last month’s layoff total was 14 percent lower than November 2014, when 35,940 job cuts were reported.

November represents the smallest job-cut month since 30,477 planned cuts were announced in September 2014. The 14-month low comes on the heels of a four-month period during which 256,263 job cuts were recorded.

As we’ve said:  When the Fed is printing up almost 6% more money than is economically justified (to keep the market bubble growing and promote the illusion of good times) it’s little wonder that job creation is going great.

Several big outfits have signed on to our “bad ending” scenario, however.  “CITI: There’s a 65% probability the US goes into recession next year

Still, the magic of the printing press is hard to deny.  As Fortune noted in a report out Wednesday This Country Is Going on 25 Years Without a Recession.

Pass the ink, would yah?  And the crack pipe, too.  How would you call the Housing collapse in 2009?

Kerry the War-Seller

We can defeat ISIS within ‘months’ of a Syrian transition…”

Quick…hall pass to the drug testing lab!  What part of we “Have no business listening to round x of the neocon regime change bullshit” is his man not hearing?

Russia is NOT going to abandon Assad so can we just admit our other regime changes didn’t work out either and get honest with ourselves?

Otherwise, Ure’s truly will ask you to attend the next SuperPowers Anonymous meeting.

Step one is stop picking wars to prop up the defense industry…

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  1. Let’s suppose a Jihad connection with Onono. A back channel would be very easy to access to activate a sleeper cell for tactical political maneuvering. Also, any assorted gnashing of teeth from assorted Moslems can also be chalked up to a Jihad mentality. Kickem when their up, kickem when their down.

  2. “The next major move we can begin thinking about is whether James B. Comey will remain for long as head of the F.B.I.”
    Why do these type of officials always wait to get axed? Doesn’t he have enough evidence to reverse the situation? Could this have happened to EGH?
    Us citizens can do nothing, because we aren’t there where it counts! He potentially could.

  3. Ler’s assume a Jihad involvement at the highest level. It would be easy to activate sleeper cells ad hoc to play off of for political tactics, i.e. Make a farce out of any infidel tactics toward security, or push general civilian disarming. At the same time, the so called “majority peaceful Moslem” wailing and gnashing of teeth can Jihad from the cognitive dissonance front. After all the modus operandi (re: infidels) is kickem when they’re up and kickem when they’re down.

  4. Hi George, the article from Fortune about “25 years without a recession” was referring to Australia – and might actually be true. I really don’t know that much about what’s happening down under.

    Maybe it’s just time for more coffee.

  5. It’s time for Arpaio to strike by revealing all his information concerning the Jakarta Jihadist at 1600.The last time that I looked,we still had a 25th Amendment.

  6. Last night I had to re-watch a movie I saw 40 years ago after reading the headlines about Obamanista’s global garp and the plethora of insanity unloading everywhere- to make sense of it all. Seems this is not ‘new’ and was foretold back when.

    ‘NETWORK’ cir 1976 Paddy Chayevsky film that sums it all up; “follow the money”. Much of it rings a bell
    and is as applicable to today; perhaps more so now than 40 years ago, especially at the end and in light of the solutions we see in MSM garp, false flags or not.

    Couldn’t embed the film into this comment yet at min 97:32.Peter Finch’s Howard Beale says it all to millions
    in his network audience. Chayevsky had either clairvoyant peek at the future or was just plain ahead of his time.

    At min 86 Ned Beatty’s character plays the ‘admitted’ cabal evil CEO giving the truth of Corporate Cosmology
    to Finch (the contrast- “I’ve seen the face of God”).

    Finch caves at Beatty’s command to sell corporate global domination to all on the air.

    So, at min 97:35 he declares
    “Democracy is a sick and dying giant..what is finished in this great country is what was dedicated to the freedom
    and flourishing of every individual in it…The individual is finished, the single solitary human being is finished.
    Its a nation of some 200 hundred odd million of transistorized, deodorized, white teethed, steel belted bodies totally unnecessary as human beings..and as replaceable as_________ ” (you can fill in the rest-use your imagination)
    And that is the bottom line.

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