Two News Classes of Software

Some fallout this morning:  You can’t sit around researching all manner of creation and not come up with some interesting new ideas, now and then.  So this morning, we table two new classes of software to mull over.
After headlines (about the president being out to launch, so to speak), a view of what follows. 

From there?  On to our charts that are often instructive on where the world goes next.

Pour a fresh cup and we’re into it..

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41 thoughts on “Two News Classes of Software”

  1. If this Syrian attack does not cause a massive stock market correction down to 20,000 or less in the DOW, then I doubt anything is gonna effect the markets in a strong negative fashion anytime soon. Furthermore, these attacks look to be very well coordinated to ensure a low level of casualties and it wouldn’t surprise me if both Syria and Russia were informed hours before the attacks to get out of harms way , which basically means these weren’t real attacks meant to take the lives of humans, but mostly theatre , and testing military might in the area. Many people are claiming this is a precursor to WW3….I seriously doubt it and I am starting to seriously doubt we will see a major market correction, before the next bull run takes over , leading the DOW to near 30,000.

    In order to have resolution of conflicts, you must first have conflicts , which leads to the resolutions…which leads to happy society , more faith in stocks, markets. North Korea, Syria , China trade war , Iran ,etc….could all be pre-arranged conflicts, that are also pre-arranged to be solved, thereby giving the impression that we once again avoided the end of the world, WW3 , the rapture etc….Everyone loves a happy ending { especially stock markets} , even if those happy endings are all theatre and pre-scripted WWF styled theatrics.


    • And if your scenario plays out, and it very well could, it will show just how detached reality has become from the fiction we’re fed daily. What further amazes me is the lack of introspection and expressed disgust at the propaganda we’re fed daily. Talk about the zombie effect. Its as though the bulk of the population is on valium, everything is well, insert happy face here.

      • Robert, this new era is one of narcissistic selfie generation . Kids having kids and then the grand parents get stuck raising the grandkids instead of the parents. Technology has become the root of deceit. TPTB can turn lies into truths, truths into lies, villians into heroes and heroes into villians . We are told this is the INFORMATION AGE….once again it is the exact opposite…this is the DIS-INFORMATION AGE. THE PRINTED WORD CANNOT BE TRUSTED, THE VIDEO CANNOT BE TRUSTED, THE VIDEO CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Everything we read, hear and see that is distributed by TPTB, is most likely deceptions, distractions or lies. There are more ways to lie, then to tell the truth….and this is just another weapon in the arsenal of TPTB.

        Peons in society, never had a chance. We are earths lab rats.

      • Anon:

        “Kids having kids” has been the norm throughout history. Even as recently as 150 years ago, a boy or girl marrying at 14 and 12 (respectively), and dying in their 40s, was typical.

        That 14yo boy knew pretty much how to do everything necessary to raise a family and support a household, and was willing and able to accept all of the responsibilities and consequences of being an adult.

        With the reduction of “jobs that can kill you,” the widespread use of soap, and the advent of aspirin and antibiotics, infant mortality and birth-complication death rates plunged and life expectancy nearly doubled. We don’t need to breed at 14 any more, to ensure grandma can teach the new mother how to be a mother, before she passes.

        Because kids no longer need to be “grown-up” when they’re young teens, our society has stressed the idea that they no longer need to grow up — and they don’t. I know both males and females who’re in their 40s and 50s, whom I would not consider to be “grown-ups.”

        In 1918, grandma “raised” her daughter — that is, she taught her daughter how to care for and raise a baby. In today’s world, grandma raises the grandkid, because “mom” (using the term loosely) is doing what modern society dictates she do, which is to be a narcissistic brat, accept neither responsibility, blame, nor consequences for her actions, and, in general, “be a kid” forever.

        Understand, I’m not down on girls, I’m down on “Boomers.” As lacking in maturity and responsibility as the vast majority of female “X’ers,” “Millenials,” and “Y’ers” are, they are still more mature than their male contemporaries. However, it is because WE, who were born between 1940 and 1970, did not do our jobs, that 50 years of kids born to Western “civilization” are FUBAR’d.

        I really hope the Millenial-Y’er social revolution, which is occurring now but is (for the most part) running under the radar of the MSM, pulls society’s chestnuts out of the fire, because if they don’t save us from ourselves and our social stupidity, we’re done…

    • There were definitely back channels from the US military to the Syrians/Russians telling them that the cruise missile attack would be very limited and not hit any Syrian/Iranian/Russian Installations, especially Russian. The attack was pure show and folly. Only idiots would think this was a real attack meant to kill Syrian or Russian combatants. Welcome to the US political theater ladies and gentlemen where we use real ordnance to create our desired theater effects.

      • Plus they got to use up that ordinance somehow, someway… so the MIC can place new orders to replace the used up bombs. What a racket, create real war scenes just so they can use up old bombs and order new ones. Disgusting. And then we bring in people as refugees into our country, whose countries we are bombing and wonder why they hate us…

  2. The best source of military/security capabilities for all countries is Jane’s. Go to their web site for unbiased info. My interpretation says the West would be foolish to first strike Russia as it would have minimal damage whereas we would be an ash pile.

  3. What a crock of crap. If the military knew where these supposed facilities were that made these chemical weapons, why did they wait until they were “supposedly” used to bomb them? Its not like all of Syria isn’t a war zone. This event is total propaganda and Trump supported it lock stock and barrel. So much for draining the swamp.

    Multiple well known names from Tucker Carlson to Ron Paul, have challenged this narrative about Assad gassing his own people, but not Trump, he fell in line with his newly formed war cabinet.

    What amazes me is to see the leftist fall in line with the war party, the democrats. Its amazing the power of the MSM to propagandize us but Obama did sign that legislation that allows we citizens to be. What’s happening to our country?

    • Why on earth would Assad deliberately gas his own people just after Trump said he wanted to pull American troops out of Syria? Why would Assad do something so that the American military would respond and stay the course? None of this makes sense, but the left has become so enraged and against Russia they will agree with anything they’re told, as long as its against Trump.

      The left is now the war party and they don’t even know it. All they do is see it being against Trump and that’s all that matters. I hope Trump brings the draft back so these leftist, from 18 year olds to parents with draft age children, can show us how supportive they really are of unending wars, if they have their own feet in the actual battlefields.

      • The Left has always been the “war Party.” Leftist Administrations initiate wars, Rightist Administrations fight when war is thrust upon them.

        They have also always been better talkers than the Right, and are expert at projection — essentially convincing we voting peons that the Right does, or will do, the things the Left actually does. Do a quick historical overview and you’ll see what I mean.

        You can also formulate this into a corollary to help determine whether a Republican or a Democrat is “conservative” or “liberal” (see John McCain and Lindsey Graham…)

        BTW Our sandbox play in Syria isn’t a war.

        You don’t really think all those Libs who send their kids to Sidwell Friends are going to let them be drafted, do you…?

      • the left has always been the war party. police the world, because we know whats right, or at least we will make it look that way to please the international bankers who control us.

        someone has something on trump now and he appears to be falling in line.

  4. Saddest news of the day: R.I.P. Art Bell!

    Cause of death unknown, as of yet. Autopsy to be scheduled.

    I have great respect for the man. He lived my dream, not so much in his career, but in aspects of his personal life. He died at age 72, cause for alarm in those of us running out of 60’s. Past time to get life organized and ready to pass our stuff to the youngers.

    After doing that, it’s also past time to do things that are most personally satisfying.

    • Art’s life was like his open calls on his show. Whatever came up, came up & was discussed on air. He attacked everything with enthusiasm since he and the show were one. Remember the time he super glued his lips on air, or his NDE (No Deck Experience) when he was having a deck built, and while on air, he walked out onto the deck, which wasn’t there since It was being built, & he fell & knocked himself out, & all there was on the show was dead air time until he regained consiousness.

      He will be missed. I still listen to past shows on internet radio.

      • I don`t believe Mel’s hole was a real story. I think Mel made it up, but he was very believable & entertaining. I am not sure Art was totally convinced either. Also, I think Mel found a second bottomless pit hole. What are the chances of that?

    • Art had emphysema. I sincerely hope that is what killed him. Folks been shootin’ up his ranch for the past 5-6 months…

      • It’s sad. Emphysema is not an easy way to go, though perhaps it’s easier if you’re sleeping. I’m really sad about the loss to everyone, but I must say that Art appeared to be living his dream, with some bugs in it for sure. I just hope that Airyn and family are safe, and that the idiot shooters go away. He probably has enough money to hire security for the place, though I don’t know if the family will stay there without him.

    • Hey Mike, I was a big Art Bell fan too. Didn’t buy into a lot of the woo woo as George calls it but man was he a great interviewer. He could captivate an audience. A true radio pioneer. So sad to see him go.

      (76 years old and doing the things that are most personally satisfying).

      • I’m glad for you Bob. I do hope that I get to your age and maybe beyond, and am able to do what’s satisfying for me. That’s always been the challenge. I’m agnostic regarding Woo-Woo – I just accept it as data points. George does seem to have a connection with the realms in a rare way though. That’s worth exploring.

  5. I am still a left shoulder believer. With all the negative news…trade wars, FB, FBI break in’s of attorneys offices, Comey book, Stormy, etc., the market holds up. So I don’t think the Syria bombing will have a major effect on the markets. Saying this, I probably will be wrong.

    Did George Soros just start a bitcoin fund?

  6. IMHO- Here is the most likely scenario with Syria. You wont hear this from Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Limbaugh, Maddow , Alex Jones or the others on your corrupt media outlets.

    Did Assad use chemical weapons on his people ?
    Probably not

    Where chemical weapons used at all in Syria this time around ?
    Possibly , but even if they weren’t, the most important thing was creating the illusion they were used.

    WHY ?

    Because I believe we were given info that Assad was rebuilding his chemical stockpiles { that info may have come from Israeli agencies} and America needed to create a excuse to target and destroy those chemical facilities BEFORE those facilities were able to create enough stockpiles to become a significant threat to Israel or other nations.

    These strikes, were strategically done, to ensure low/no casualties . The whole idea here is simple. Keep these middle eastern nations smothered to the point that they cannot become to dangerous to Israel or other nations. In order to do this, America must act offensively and create false narratives that allow us to pre-emptively attack and destroy potentially dangerous targets in these nations.

    Yes, it is all based on alot of lies, but it allows these offensive pre-emptive strikes to continue onwards, thereby keeping these other nations in check, and less of a threat. The only other alternative is to allow these nations to continue to build up their militaries and chemical/biological weapons, to the point that they become 1000x more dangerous , not only to Israel, but to Americas hegemony .


    • Interesting ending perspective and the possible motives noted above your ending thoughts have a high probability of truth behind them.

      Whats your educational and or career background if I may ask? Your perspectives seem think tankish…thats a compliment…

      • Ty Robert…I wish I could say im highly educated with years of college behind me, but im not. Im just a middle aged man that has talked to and listened to alot of different views from people over the years, in regards to politics, religions, life, etc.

        I am confident that TPTB know that their knowledge and our lack of knowledge, is their greatest weapon and TPTB are not about to let the masses in society catch up on the
        ” knowledge edge”. TPTB know that the best weapon against all of us, is to keep us stupid but satisfied enough so we stay in our stupor. Us peons in society are usually focused on 2 things, to procreate and accumulate and this of course takes up most of our precious time on earth so we are unable to unravel the lies and mysteries presented to us on a grand scale from TPTB.

        My main dilemma comes from me questioning if its better to be told endless lies, if those lies from TPTB , result in a better life for me and mine and my nations , or if lies are NEVER acceptable , even if those lies . Is being told the 100% truth, all the time, acceptable and expected, even if those truths result in more deaths or a lower standard of living ? Ignorance can be bliss ?

        If the lies regarding IRAQ and WMDS, resulted in 4 million people being killed, BUT those lies actually proved to result in millions less people being killed if Iraq were left unchecked, are the lies acceptable ?

    • Your telling a lie there yourself, fella. Syria wasn’t building up or creating chemical weapons. You should get out more you aren’t reading the readily available “truth” on the Syria situation. This is all created to destroy Syria, period. General Wesley Clark told everyone over 15 years ago. The US, and undercover, Israel supported (and others) the proxy war in Syria. It wasn’t successful, they’ve just taken it to the next level.


        END QUOTE :

        Unless each of us is directly involved in a scenario, its IMPOSSIBLE for each of us to verify what we read , see on tv, or are told by other parties, is 100% truth. Yes, we all like to lie to ourselves and think we may have the proper narratives on world events and the end goals of everything TPTB engage in, but in the end, we are all just GUESSING and forming opinions based on each of our own bias, agendas, religious / political affiliations and limited interactions with world events .

        Heres 1 thing I am confident of. Any of us that puts our complete faith in ANY venue that is controlled or used by TPTB, is probably a bad mistake. Trust nothing or no one but your own personal experiences/instincts. Im confident the Syrian story is full of lies, just like 9-11, kennedy assassination, and countless other events thru history in which the information we were given, are deceptions /lies/diversions.

    • From the perspective of a former Marine Corps Officer. First, Assad would not develop chemical or biologic weapons because they are generally effective against anything but spot targets or very small areas. They lack persistence, and most importantly, are generally as dangerous to the user as the target. Chemicals or biologics do discriminate between friend and foe. Tactical Nuclear weapons are useful as are high precision conventional weapons. High precision conventional weapons are generally available today, especially from US sources. You are not dealing with just a US lie here, but a false flag like 9/11 to justify more invasions in the middle east targeting: Syria (first), then Iran, and finally Russia. That’s the batting order. And, those countries have every right to defend themselves, AND, your own government sold Sadaam Hussein his chemical weapons to use on Iran in the war that started in 1980. The US ain’t the good guys!

      • Stephen…I understand that the U.S. aint the good guys. However, the U.S. is the leading superpower , with its interests in remaining so and making sure no other nation or currency can threaten the greenbacks supremacy. Now, lets ask another hard question. If it were RUSSIA or CHINA or any other nation, that were in the same shoes as the U.S., do you not think they would also engage in actions to remain as the worlds superpower and keep their supremacy/ world domination ?

        Anyone that believes that being a passive nation will result in world domination , is living a lie. The human race has the inherent flaw of wanting to dominate/ control other humans. The best defense, is a good offense, MIGHT = RIGHT. These are the basics of any nation that wishes to become and remain the worlds superpower and having control over currency, world events, social controls, technology, functioning economies, etc.

        War/conflicts are profitable and unfortunately, they a necessary part of not only the human race, but nation building and protecting a nations best interests.

        I dislike MANY things Israel is involved in, but recognize they are just another piece of the puzzle, in the world stage of lies, agendas, tactical surveillance, proxy wars and strategies, etc.

        As long as billions of humans inhabit earth, and nations have militaries, we will never see a worldwide situation where humans and nations can coexist peacefully, and fairly share earths resources so everyone has the same benefits.

      • Its all part of the Project for the New American Century. They needed a reason to begin the war to remake the middle east into a capitalist Utopia and modernize Islam at the point of a gun and dropped bombs, then voila, 911. Just sayin… and Trump is falling into place, just like his predecessor.

    • I would say: “Yes,” as long as the lies or misinformation actually do so, and TPTB don’t begin to use their communications monopoly to make their nests more cush, at OUR expense.

      How much do YOU trust the PTB…?

    • Didn’t Bush II use the same chemical weapons scam to invade Iraq.

      A question: After Iraq was invaded & no chemical weapons were found, why was Saddam hanged. Shouldn’t he have been given back his country since there was no crime committed or chemical weapons violatins. The US should have packed upped, said OOPS, & left. Instead, ISIS took over who are worse than Saddam.

  7. On another note, I firmly believe that the most devastating weapons that will be used in the future are ” genetic” based weapons. I am confident These DNA -ANCESTRY-GENTIC testing corporations which 10s of millions of dummies in society, give their blood and money to , are using the DNA of different ethnic groups to create biological agents that can be dispersed to only kill a certain genetic race of people if and when TPTB decide to do it.

    Imagine the POWER and STEALTH of having a biological agent that TPTB can unknowingly spread in the air/ water and that agent will only kill people who are French, or german, or irish, etc.

    The weapons of the future { which are being perfected now} will be these biological weapons that can individually target a certain ethnic/genetic group based upon their DNA and the other big weapon of the future is weather control via HARP- CHEMTRAILS.

    People are more concerned about nuclear WW3….and not really giving credence to the weapondry I mentioned here. Nuclear weapons are sloppy and they are to destructive on infrastructure along with the radiation risks to other areas that were not meant to be impacted. Nukes are 20th century weapondry.

    Imagine the unearthly power of TPTB being able to disperse a biological agent over a area that has 10s of millions of people living there, but that biological agent will only kill, sicken a specific selected group who have certain DNA traits only seen in gentiles or semites.

    Humans truly are a dumb species. We pay money to these DNA companies that use our own money and blood , to learn how to destroy us . we spend our money to pay for monthly TV services and MEDIA, which tell us endless lies , we spend our money on foods that are designed to make us obese, addicted and unhealthy , we murder 100s of millions of people throughout history, based upon religious agendas , etc.

    We are truly the best lab rats on earth, that TPTB could ask for.

    • They already have the DNA viruses and bugs. It is a done deal. They are already dispersing these killers.

    • The problem with letting a deadly virus loose is like letting a bull out of a chute at a rodeo. You have a good idea what the bull will do..can kind if control it yet in reality you don’t have control of it. Control is the illusion.
      In reality the only thing that TPTB would have to do is take away the paths for treatments and healthcare.
      Even this has a double edge to it. Which people.
      Right now our country is pushing health aid to other countries yet keep that assistance away from our citizens.

  8. George, we have about 10 trading days left for this month. Do you think we will see the big correction before May or will we even see a big correction this year ? If this Syria thing doesn’t cause at least a 10% fall in the DOW for this month, im thinking the big correction isn’t coming as I hoped for , before the possible bull run of late spring, summer. In fact, im starting to think we may be more likely to see DOW 30,000 before we see DOW 20,000. I aint like it 1 bit either . My sideline money was desperately waiting for the big correction, that seems as though it will not come, no matter what bad news hits the airwaves.

    • Anon – Andy is looking for DOW 32,000, and I am at DOW 30,000 using the Left Side Chart. I was looking for a summer correction starting in late May. Hard to tell with this crazy market. That is why I just stay long.

      • ECS- yeah…it seems as though nothing will make this market have a healthy 10-30% correction in the near term. If we could just get 1-2 weeks of selloff, down to around the DOW 20,000 levels, Id love to jump back in the market before summer arrives. Feds raising rates, Syrian attacks , Russian verbal conflicts, north korea sabre rattling, Chinese trade wars…NOTHING seems capable of correcting this market.

    • But who’s buying the market up? I thought the new Fed guy isnt pro QE? Is it the off shore money coming back into the market as Celente says? How’d the stock buybacks work out for GE?

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