It’s Friday the 13th.  Triskaidekaphobia.  Comey’s off monetizing his Trump book.  Trump is moving on with no interview.  We call it “tit-for-raid.”  China’s got us by the trade balls. And Syria’s going to blow up over pipelines, resources, and regional power.


The problem is none of this is actionable.  And that’s the key thing. You see….

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…in Business School there is an important distinction taught between data – a pile of raw, unprocessed facts.  Contrast this with information – which is data pulled together into something useful, like a context. Information is actionable.

Data that does not become information is useless.  Still, it fills the over-supply of news channels.

Even when the pile of data grows exponentially (as in the Trump-Mueller fiasco, it’s useless information..

That’s because now matter how worked-up you get, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.  I mean, besides keeping-on with the check-writing as a taxpayer.  Ultimately, you’re paying for this whole pathetic, bubbling cauldron of sh*t that passes as “news.”

Don’t believe it.

Let’s Run Some Numbers

Life for most of us run about 30,000 days.  That’d bring you from womb climb-out to age 82.  Odds are fair that you might live a little longer.  The 82-figures-in how  people will die in accidents, wars, and early-ending disease.  30,000 days is a baseline.

By now, let’s say you’re 40.  This means you’re down to 15,330 days, on average.

At 69 – and using a different model because I know my personal risks, I figure about 9,000-days to run.

For ALL of us, “The Mission” is to burn each of those days in the most effective possible way:

  • Get us the best education and memory package that we can leave the silliness of “Escape Room Earth” with.
  • If there’s an Afterlife, you want the best memories and the best possible report card.
  • Keep something approaching optimal health given the hand your parents dealt you. Study what works.
  • Make enough money to have a satisfying, self-actualizing existence.
  • Since getting a post office box that automatically fills up with money is rare, you’ll need to actually do something of value to others and be rewarded with a decent income.
  • To do something people will pay (a lot) for, you may need an education, an apprenticeship, a trade school, a mentor. A hitch in the Navy.
  • And you’ll need a high level of self-motivation and a clear vision of your own ability to get where you’re going.  Helps to have unshakable faith and high personal confidence that you are among the  highest local expressions of the Universe and are therefore unstoppable.  (Zeus the Cat says no, he is…)

Meanwhile, back at the “News…”

These are the metrics we try to hold to around here.

When I run across a story like this one – about how too much sitting may increase the chance of later-year dementia – I make a note to mention it to you and then check my own actionable response.

For example, I have a timer that insists every 50-minutes I get up, walk around for 5-minutes, even a slow jog on the treadmill, to keep the metabolism up.

Vitamins and supplements (such as the daily aspirin) help keep the blood thinned out a bit.  Less chance of a clot, you see?

A second useful news item this morning deals with energy depletion.  Gas prices will be going up this year on the order of 14-percent.

Actionable responses?  All of my children drive sensible (albeit boring) cars.  A Kia, a Versa, a Prius…so the impact of this story on the kids should be low.  Yours?

One of my daughters and I talked about Texas (southern) gas prices versus gas in the go-go city (Seattle).  $2.87 on (great resource!) and here  we’re running $2.17’ish.

Actionable?  If your vehicle is not in the 35-MPG range, you haven’t been paying attention.  Is it time to change?  As Oilman2 counsels:  Depletion never sleeps.

Bitcoin was up to above the $8,000 level when I checked.  I suppose it could break out to the upside here…but do I want to play digital roulette with my hard-earned dough?  Still smacks of the Iraqi dollar Ponzi.

Just because new cryptos have been made-up right and left, that doesn’t mean any of them are worth a damn.

Not that you won’t make money – you could be lucky.  We put it in the same category as “Let’s go to Vegas and bet the payroll.

We can do better at home, day trading.  Gambling at its finest and no hotel bills.

What Else is Newsworthy, Then?

Our news-scanning website is for exactly this purpose.

We observe how in a “Trade war backfire: Steel tariff shrapnel hits U.S. farmers.”

That trade-talk will end up at the supermarket check-out shortly.  Prices doing up is called inflation and that may put something of a floor under hard assets like gold and silver, for example.  Food and Oil, too.  Again: Useful.

The Social Justice crap is hopeless…it’s already driving people out of the workforce. I’ll tell you that story next week.

Turning what had been workable teams into a “hostile workplace” seems to be spreading.  Lame-brained managers of today, steeped in a fog of “‘ism’s,” can’t cope.

We believe everyone’s equal at the starting blocks of life, but those who work harder, run faster, well, they ought to still win.  Both sexes are equal and yada, yada.

Did you see, however:  UBS Reveals Top Reason Married Women Step Aside in Long-Term Financial Decisions: They Believe Their Husbands Know More.

NO!  This is not sexist or privilege…(snowflake brains being smaller).  It’s an expression of how in a working relationship, the healthy thing is for partners to defer to the one with most in-depth knowledge.

Pretend I didn’t say that.  Common Sense is becoming a hate-crime.  SJW has a stockyard smell to it.  Head west of Amarillo on I-40 for a refresher course.  You’ll smell bullshit there, too.

Equality isn’t about equal, anymore.  We’re seeing the monetization of shame.  JFW (*hust freaking wonderful!)

Take this story: ACLU sues on behalf of atheist who opposed ‘In God We Trust’ display,

Did you notice that when a much bigger assault on the Constitution was underway the ACLU was MIA?

I refer to Donald Trump’s attorney’s office being raided.

What happened to the inviolable wall that kept prosecutors out of attorney-client privilege?

I have lost faith in the ACLU as a result.  They aren’t about protecting Constitutional rights, seems to us, so much as they are about protecting anti-Americanism.  The two are different animals.

As reported elsewhere, “Dershowitz: For ACLU, getting Trump trumps civil liberties”  Damn shame, I was a member once.  No more.

I’m sure if Trump were to burn a flag, though, they’d be right there.  Don’t misunderstand.

SJW has missed the boat on racism and it’s now more about monetizing social websites like FB.  Likes and ad money…monetization is what America does.

People aren’t talking about the deep-seated racism that matters, either.  I’ll show you what I mean:  Take this story: Fewer dental cavities found in young people, but minorities still most at risk.

Know why that is?  Poorer parenting.  Worse food choices.  And because Big Food markets the sugary and hollow calories to lower income group, possibly?

I noticed this callous corporate racism in the 1970’s when all my black friends smoked Kool menthols, for example.  Is marketing high fructose corn syrup to minorities any more ethical?  I’m thinking NOT.

You following the drift of this morning’s diatribe?

We have plenty of things to contemplate today, in stories like U.S. trade war fears ripple through China’s ‘workshop of the world’  That’s actionable.

L.A. Breakdown

Are you too young to remembers the Jack Jones song L.A. Breakdown?  (Larry Marks original here.)

California may be split into two states.  That’s actionable, for sure:

Leave both..

Let’s name NewSoCal something creative.  How about Toast?

For Makers?  Fine weekend to hit the free and the materials sections of Craigslist.  See if there’s something we can Fix, Repair, of Make.

Or, we could piss away those last 10,000 days on FB or Twitspew.  Start a Social Justice Farmers page….Naw…

Tomorrow, Peoplenomics  lays out a couple of new classes of software which should be along shortly as the nature of computing changes.  And of course, all the charts.

With the Dow futures up 75, think about who’s running your life.

We mentioned in Digital Fasting the other day, the key is to put as much planning into your inputs as you put into planning, oh, what to wear or eat today.

It’s your call, your outcome.

Moron Monday….so to speak.

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