Coping: With a New Form of Art (Part 2)

We began our discussion of this new form of Art in Friday’s column where we offered the radical idea that consciousness may not be “nailed down” to a single point inside your head, but may instead be able to “move around” a good bit.

The problem, as explained using the analogy of broadband over power line technology, is that consciousness studies will not make much progress until they expand their thinking to allow for more than just electro-chemical reactions to move on the nervous system.

While this is everyday stuff to RF engineers, power line engineers don’t see it.  That’s because RF engineers use tools like spectrum analyzers while power engineers can use simplistic instruments to authoratively proclaim “That’s all there is!”  Lacking consciousness meters, we are presently unable to document this reality stacking  on the nervous system, but give it time…

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As I said Friday, my definition of Art was to “nonverbally move information around.” Let’s pick up with what (*my wife) Elaine uses to define Art.

It transports me…”

About the best definition I’ve seen because it captures the idea that human consciousness moves around.

And with that, I’m proud to offer the new idea:

“Other Side Art.” (OSA)

Since my dreams are usually Imax-like, my study of how to draw is based on a feeling of need to bring some of the amazing scenes from “dream space”  which we call The Realms, back over to here-and-now reality.

One of my dreams from last week, for example, was about Elaine and I going “touristing” in The Realms.

Arriving in a large city, we decided to walk around as bit.  When we completed shopping in one large shopping area, which looked similar to the shopping area in the center courtyard of a large cruise ship, it was time to move on to the next area.

To do this, we walked down a flight of stairs – very similar to a subway entrance.  At the bottom of the stairs, people were lined up and getting into large wooden boats that were going by three-abreast.

The platform would somehow move, to match the boat’s speed.  You’d take two or three steps down, and then be “in the boat.”  After a few minutes of riding under streets with auto and vehicle traffic above, you’d step off to the side of the boat, go up a flight of stairs and be at street level.

Problem (in this dream) was that that “the boats” had let us off on the wrong side of the street.  And crossing would be difficult because traffic was mostly stopped.  Kind of like Midtown New York on a bad traffic day.

Not a problem for us, though.  Since what we call gravity is different in The Realms, we simply jumped – flat-footing it until standing on the rear doors of a red 1960’s looking Ford convertible that had its top down.

One more jump and we were across.  Time to wake up.

That’s when it hit me:  And what got this new kind of Art going in my head.  I’m sending a copy of this up to Chris McCleary at the National Dream Center.

The reason for doing so?

I think it COULD be important to begin collecting not only the words from dreams (*the Realms) but also the imagery from those “other worlds.”

I still have an utterly awe-inspiring image that shows a cruise ship, sailing down a canal along a series of low-lying islands that look very much like the Florida keys.

Some of the keys are connected and about every third island has a “tourist shop” where people go into these two-story high shops and look at curios.

They get back on the cruise ship, confined to a canal, not unlike the Intercoastal Waterway along the A-1-A highway north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida up to West Palm, if you know the area.  Unlike the A-1-A the land is lower – dune-like to the east.  The ocean is huge, but shallow, hence the canal and the islands look more like dredge tailings, than anything else.

Words?  They don’t really do either of these scene justice.  How to capture some of it and bring it into this, the nominal world?

Elaine’s “Art transports me” has been an incredibly useful concept.

Does “Art” allow consciousness to “stack out” of normal here-and-newness?

If so, is Art a direct portal to The Realms?

Honestly, I don’t know.  But, as mentioned Friday, my urge to learn how to at least sketch a bit and learn more basic drawing, seems urgent.

One of the books I’m writing (Retooling Reality) gets into this concept more deeply.  We can see there are at least three classes of Realms from which Art appears.  Or, in Elaine’s concept, “where we can be transported.”

One is nominal reality.  The stuff we wake up to when we get out of bed.

Second is the stuff of active imagination and daydreams in the waking state.

Third is this new class of Art.  This is less “art” in the classical sense, that people who are active dreams who are trying to sketch (or paint) useful cartographic and scientific aspects of The Realms where consciousness goes when we sleep.

Tearing me up at a down-in-the-gut level is an emerging need to draw some of the “other world scenes” on  the waking side of dreams.

We’ve talked about the idea that Life is little more than a big “escape room” adventure.  But, for the most part, we are locked in a repeating nightmare of less than perfect harmony and self-realization because we are not sharing our very best at a deep, spiritual level.

Could a new kind of art – collected and drawn or painted by thousands of other-worlders/dream explorers – help us in that regard?

One of the concepts in Retooling Reality is that consciousness doesn’t need space or time travel.

All it really needs is a host.

Over millennia, consciousness works in a downward fashion to evolve whatever the host is.  On our world, primates.

But from there?

We are now – through work in A.I. and plans to capture the essence of people’s conscious thinking as machine code – working at getting people’s minds captured.

Can we do it?  Color me skeptical, but if you follow the idea of “floating consciousness” rolling around the Universe, evolving things as it goes, slowly evolving each planet dominance species, then MAYBE A.I, is just how “consciousness seeds” sprout.

At a spiritual/soul level, is A.I. like a dandelion that’s getting ready for seed?

The New Art then would have a very useful function.  It would allow later human minds caught on this Earth to collect, compare, and travel to the Next Worlds deliberately.

Art – like sketches from a dream world set of explorers who like Lewis and Clark go off drawing maps and bringing back “pictures” – could be how we self-sort for departure when we’ve burned through all the resources on this planet.

These are difficult concepts, but scientifically speaking, not entirely far-fetched.  Make a hell of a movie too:  About a dedicated group of people who use optimized health and nutrition in order to achieve “clear dream states” to, in effect, map our next destinations.

Whew!  Didn’t know if I’d be able to articulate the concept well, or not.  But, since you are already dreaming most nights, why aren’t there any more organized efforts than The National Dream Center to study these worlds of mind in more organized ways?

There’s much to be done, but this is the most important part of being a human.  These are the “who am I?” and the “What’s our purpose in all this…what’s the end game?”

The Institute of Noetic Science resource page here is a dandy start on these questions.

But consciousness is highly dispersed.  so, every time you sleep, try to “take a picture” with your mind’s eye and bring it back to this side.

The new Art seems to be the mapping of where the nonlocal “We” go when not tied-down to the bag of skin and bones.

Write when you get rich,

33 thoughts on “Coping: With a New Form of Art (Part 2)”

  1. George

    “why aren’t there any more organized efforts than The National Dream Center to study these worlds of mind in more organized ways?”

    I would not be surprised if The Powers That Be are working to stop that effort at every level. That would include the psychic and magical levels.

    Why do you think they put Fluoride in the water?

    • There are.
      Just to many to mention. There are many books as well.
      If you go back to biblical Times there were interpreters.

  2. Allow me to suggest some materials for getting sketches down quickly and efficiently.

    Always use quality paper, even with beginning level pencil sketches — it makes a difference. Good paper is expensive. Strathmore makes hundreds of types – a good solid brand and easy to find.

    Once you want to start adding color to the sketch, upgrade your paper to a thick Bristol paper or Bristol board. It will take erasures, and water based media, and working over an area multiple times, without tearing up.

    If you like the control of markers, get plate finish Bristol and work with pencil, India ink, and markers.

    If you want some areas ‘loose and atmospheric’, use kid finish Bristol. Use colored pencils for detail, and watercolor for large color areas. You might try the new watercolor brushes that have their own water container in the handle.

    Amazon has a number of art books covering the techniques I just mentioned. Buy a few. See how people start an illustration and think through the steps. Especially with paper you need to know how to save your ‘white spaces’ in certain areas for later.

    The things I have mentioned here have probably fallen by the wayside in favor of Photoshop in recent years, but I think you might want to use these illustrators tools from the recent past because the use of actual tools may be more conducive to involvement of imagination and intuition than working on a computer screen.

    • P.S. — Using the techniques of commercial artists (mentioned above) will be the fastest way for you to get your images out of your mind and into the physical world. Even these are not fast compared to writing. I’m sure you can ‘paint a word picture’ far faster than you will ever be able to render a convincing color image of what you have seen.

      It takes a different mindset for drawing than for writing. In fact it is better to quiet the mindtalk and be in a state closer to meditation for drawing/painting to go well.

      I think you will benefit from this endeavor in ways you don’t expect. My major concern is that you will give up too soon because you are frustrated with the time it takes to draw/paint. Prepare for that new use of large blocks of time. Think of it as learning a new language, a new way of communicating, and be patient.

    • NameofTheGame

      Thank you for the valuable information and advice. I can feel..through your words.. you have considerable artistic experience and most probably, you have produced some wonderfully fullfilling and astectically pleasing works of art.

      I do love to dabble in water colors, but have no sense of composition or mechanics. All my finished projects turn out to resemble an even more “unstable” Van Gogh, with none of the genius or artistic projection.

      I also love photography and am able, with the use of “photoshop”,from time to time.. produce acceptable(2 me),depictions of that, in which I feel a form of solice.

      Unfortunately, I have the feeling similar to that of using “plagiarism”..yes I plead guilty–when I use that incredible tool.

      Many years ago(16 2b exact), I intergrated my Minolta 35mm camera;some”now forgotten” desktop computer and software program; and my HP 36″ wide printer/plotter to produce a voracious output of varying sized art pieces. Well, I referred to them as art, but if you were to ask the wife..”Where do you want to hang that one up?” “WE don’t have anymore room on ANY walls,and NO,You can’t put that one up in our bathroom!”, she might dare to be a little more critcal.

      I did enjoy the creative part of those times, but once again, I felt unfullfilled and hypocritical in producing something other than the true art born from that of human appendages!

      • Hi Al,

        I read through your message several times in an attempt to figure out what kind of response would be of most benefit to you.

        You say you have “no sense of composition or mechanics”. Those are the dull and boring bones beneath a work of visual art that can be learned. This is where you apply the left side of the brain to learn these things. Just study books on these topics and emulate the author’s examples.

        The rules of composition, or the mechanics of applying watercolor are the dull stuff you have to practice to get to the good stuff of letting creativity flow. It is the same kind of preparatory work that anyone must engage in to go from amateur to mastery in just about anything.

        Here is an idea that could help – in addition to book study.

        Pick some items you own and enjoy and set them up as a still life. Garden tools, shop tools, old watches and baseball cards……. stuff that will hold your attention for awhile.

        As you study some books on composition keep rearranging the items, adding and subtracting, and changing the lighting. Can you tell a story with the items?

        Keep sketching and painting these still lifes. Let them ‘talk’ to you. Allow yourself to develop a deep interest in the items themselves. Don’t bolt for the door and give it up when you feel there is a communication between yourself and the items. What is happening is that you are breaking through the superficial level you have been working at to get to the creative depths within. Yes it can be scary and weird. It is kind of like what shamans experience.

        You will not feel “unfulfilled and hypocritical” when you break through to this level of connection to your creations.

  3. Back in the 90’s, I studied the metaphysical/Ancient Wisdom works of esoteric teacher Torkom Sayaradarian. He said that great works of art have high vibrations that are palpable.

    The city where I live has a world famous fine art museum. The original part of the museum was the mansion of an oil baron. Some of the rooms in that section have Middle Ages and Renaissance paintings. I enjoy just sitting in those rooms and absorbing the vibes along with the general beauty of the place. For me, it is like going to church.

    • For a great read on the Realms, as you call it, I recommend Sayaradarian’s book, “Other Worlds”. I believe you would thoroughly enjoy it.

  4. Juergen Ziewe who has several books on traveling The Realms is an accomplished English commercial artist who has done a lot of work as you suggest.

  5. Ure lesson today, pierced very easily through my “swiftly decomposing” bag of physicalness.

    As I fight to stave off, as long as possible..this curse of my Mother’s genealogy– I find my dreams increasing in both their frequency and their incomprehensible relation to my perception of reality.

    I have tried drawing, painting, and sculpting, but the results have been so amateurish (3 year old-ish)..I have received little, if any insight or pleasure from them.

    I have long awaited that “spark of creativity” to descend from the ether into that spot of, whatever bother, I have been randomly assigned.

    Unfortunately, time is running out for this assignee, but as I read Ure lessons of insight, I remain thankful to Ure dedication in providing them.

    Perhaps, if I continue the search from hither and yonder.. I may indeed find “I Am” that of “which I search”?

    • Try basket making. After finishing a kit or two you should be able to create your own masterpiece by using different colors or sizes of reed. I have taught basket making for 30 years. People either can or can’t. You will know if this is for you after the first kit.

    • Al – Try visiting Thrift Stores, buying items & selling them on ebay. It keeps me productive, gets me out of the house, & you meet interesting people (sometimes offbeat ones), & make money (which always makes me happy). All you need is a camera, internet, & a tank of gas.

  6. Maybe artists are in the place of higher consciousness when they are creating therefore transporting us to that place of higher mind in the presence of their work. As an artist myself I can visualize what I would like to create into reality,but often times what I see is not what appears. Manifesting into this reality takes some practice and consciousness into higher states of mind is one of those practices. Connecting higher mind to higher heart is the key.

    • Here’s a perfect example of that..
      The difference between home made and store bought or artisan made. I knew a man that made all his furniture with a metal lathe. His cuts were within a thousandth on an inch.. Absolutely beautiful.. Now stuff I make is totally functional but you can tell its home made.but then I know I’m no singer my dancing basically is doing the white man overbite or the grandkids call it the grandpa dance.. We all have talents and each in his or her own way is a tenuous for whatever talent they have.

  7. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Your introduction of new realms of art this past Friday coincided with the passing of retired C2C broadcaster Mr. Bell.

  8. While reading your prose I’m listening to frequencies via ‘youtube.’ Can anyone report positive feedback? Thank you!

  9. George,

    …we are locked in a repeating nightmare of less than perfect harmony and self-realization because we are not sharing our very best at a deep, spiritual level.

    During my NDE, I was amazed at the artwork in the Golden Tunnel. Cities of gold, statues of gold, museums of gold. Every effort we make in our physical life contributes to that artwork.

    When I left the hospital and was out in public for the first time, I was saddened and depressed when I realized that we are not sharing our very best at the spiritual level.

    You make some truly outstanding observations and comments. Bravo!!!

    I think I need to start following your nutritional regimen.

  10. I have no “mind’s eye”. Sadly, I can conceive of many things and manipulate concepts well, but there’s no visual attribute. That said, I can and do play music in my head accurately and repeatedly at will. Turning it off is more difficult. I find that art is mostly boring and meaningless, and I find museums to be stifling and pointless. On the other hand, I can look at a bridge, structure or vehicle and mentally derive the why for rivets in various places, and the purpose of extra structural members. This comes naturally.

    I don’t recall dreams, with rare exceptions, even when dosing with nutrients. I don’t recall a dream from this year or last. George has an extraordinary portal to the realms. I’ve seen such in extreme altered states, such as after driving for days and nights on end.

    It’s great that George, et al, can derive meaning from art. For those of us who don’t, is there any hope or purpose in trying? Art seems to be valued as a social good. My lack of art appreciation is certainly an impediment to human interaction.

  11. “going “touristing” in The Realms.”

    I have a Silly question George.

    After your visits to the Realms. Are there periods in Real life where you walk in and know everything about the place? Or turn a corner and instantly know what’s going to happen?
    That happens to me all the time.
    I have in the past walked in places and instantly recall being there. To the point where i can tell you what’s in the drawers closets and what room is which.
    Or turn a corner and know what’s about to happen.
    Having had this happen sometimes scares me.

  12. I downloaded the sample of Dean Radin’s new book Real Magic, etc & although it was very interesting, it takes me to a world I would rather avoid. Although in one part he says it is like Christian Prayer to influence outcomes, but instead of Prayer, Magic uses spells. I feel magic is influenced by demons, & that is like looking for trouble. Trouble finds me easily enough & I don’t want to make it easier. I will wait for George’s new book “Retooling Reality”.

    • OK, but at a fundamental scientific level, remember that “spells” and “prayers” are very similar.
      There is a everywhere, all the time Stuff (God) and it reacts to being addressed.
      One way is through meditation.
      Another is through prayer.
      Yet another is spells – which is what Churches “cast” in their rituals. The warnings about intent, permission and all else is clear in Radin’s book.
      But without reading the whole chapter (4, was it?) you miss the way that “spells” are “made”.

      You can write and affirmation, turn the words into a sigil, and that, in turn works on the world – just as prayer.
      In Retooling Reality (the title has morphed to “Psychocartography: Adventuring the Realms” is a little less frightening than the whole “magic” thing. It’s essentially a “Do It Yourself” book on mind expansion and becoming One with One

  13. “The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense, whereas reality never makes sense” – Aldous Huxley.

    What is this magic art you speak of? Are the colors coming through with clarity? Does the frequency line up with a crisp connection? Don’t touch that dial….more after this.

    I don’t know why the indie film maker of “OXV – The Manual” changed the title to “Frequencies” which could possibly create crossed wires with the earlier Hollywood movie named “Frequency” and cause interference.

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