Two Major Trip Wires

One of them has to do with the timing of the end of the stock market rally, which begins to emerge out of the “fog of futures” when we get out into the Q1 US market reporting period. I’ll explain.

The second is of such a sensitive nature that we have chosen not to identify even the topic on the open-access (free) side of this site because its implications are significant.

No more hype…let’s dig in – after some headlines and charts…

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24 thoughts on “Two Major Trip Wires”

    • If you can’t trust the legal pillars of a society then why would you trust the financial? Time to sell American stock and bonds and buy, who knows? Europe? Canada? Asia?

      • If the US Markets tank, Europe, Asia, Canada, etc will follow. ETF Bear Market Funds would be the best bet. But the trend is up, & as we all know, the trend is your friend until it ends.

      • That was my thought today while feeding cows… is that the more likely disruptor. Could war crimes be brought up via the UN or some international body?

        What happens then to the markets, do they go whacko as the Dollar no longer symbolizes trust.

    • All I can say is that I’ve been a long time reader.
      George hits the bullseye more than he doesn’t.
      My guess is he has that ability to interpret the trends from the deep well of experience, education, and personal insight.
      Just my honest opinion..
      Keep up the good work. Being a peoplenomics subscriber is one of the few luxuries I allow myself. And to top it off George lets me rattle on lol..

  1. Jeesh supra secretive topic? Nice hook. :) I will have to subscribe once I get my pay-check. Until then I will just “remote view” it. *kidding.

    Rich me!

    (New signature)

    • I didn’t say it was, Richard. If you were a subscriber you’d know that…
      That said, I dropped the long side trade today while the Dow was up on the session early…but the long-term model doedsn’t just flip around like that…

    • George’s charts have been right on. Follow the trend. Any personal investment ideas are a sideline & can be used as a learning experience. The PN Charts are the key to successful long term investing.

  2. I have been working on why I can’t have visions like _o_. The best reason I could come up with is that my mind is not a blank slate. I need to empty mind mind and live in the NOW. By staring at thoughts in my mind and not reacting to them with a positive or negative emotion, I am able to relax and clear my mind and enter the NOW – no past, no future, only the NOW. Maybe this is the answer.

    • It takes a fair amount of dreamwork and understanding of that whole area where mind goes when the daily noise settles out. Which is why we I want to spend more time in The Realms, out goes the afternoon martini and here comes the vegetarian diet for a day or two…/

    • I have a relative who lives in the NOW – and does things heedless of the consequences – like understanding the why of certain actions offending (or not) people with historic memories.

      Drives me nuts – as well as other people I’m sure!

  3. The purpose of the information age is to release information not keep it compartmentalize like our military industrial complex is done and that’s who we’re up against that’s who Trump’s up against the bad military against the good military information needs to be released not held we need to have the information to go to the Stars freely not being restricted that’s the whole problem with our society is were restricted so.
    Just like yesterday I watch the video of a Saudi Arabia man chopping his wife’s head off because she allegedly killed their child and they do this openly right in the streets lots of people watching that’s how barbaric these people are and that’s how barbaric the military industrial complex is the bad side of the CIA and the FBI and the NSA and all the other alphabet.
    Right now we’re in a war the government’s in a war with itself,
    Wherever there’s a problem if people put their minds together they can solve the problem but when they keep the problem hidden like the evil problems it’s never solved it just stays in the background and used against people who are innocent.
    Will we have a government left here in a month or so who knows so many members of the government will be taken down will be a shell left with lots of positions to be refilled.
    Now with the money supply not going through the Saudis all system anymore Americas opening up the Alaskan capped off all Wells and they’re going to make some more pipe lines going down until United States lower States that’s why we’re going to be booming and at the same time the money makers are having a fun time infiltrating the kryptos and making beaucoup bucks off of it and as long as Trump is in office our economy will be booming and so will be crypto’s.
    And depending on how many or how far of the corrupt banking systems are removed will determine the future after Trump leaves office.

  4. What they really don’t want you talking about is the ninos bananas that are being delivered from the air all them chemtrails all the Nae nose in your body your animals can you track him in the house they’re everywhere they’ve been filtrated your food and they are trackable there we go again they’re trying to keep everything secret from you wow they destroy you that’s why the truth needs to come out the Technologies need to be released and not hidden for a few to abused the majority so George I disagree with who and what you say

    • I am right there with you on this one.. we have a whole different set of lifestyle standards that aren’t practiced in many countries. I just got into a debate with a friend that is a lesbian that is going to a country to march for women because women are being discriminated against.. excuse me .. read about the country.. why do you think all the terrorist bombers are women or children.. that should give you a hint.. LOL..
      why does anyone wonder why rape and child molestation are increasing in numbers in countries that have and influx of refuge’s they live a different lifestyle they live the religion of the land.
      ask them they will tell you.Do you believe in the quran and all its teachings? then sit down and read it.

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