Markets Pause for Quake, FBI Scandal, BTC Collapse

First major story this morning, although not directly financial, involves the big 7.9 earthquake that happened overnight up in the Gulf of Alaska and which has spawned a Pacific Basin tsunami alert after a 32-foot wave was detected. So is it a big deal?

Clearly, the answer is no – and it should stay that way unless a wave shows up unexpectedly somewhere like Hawaii or Australia and causes problems.  But, for now, looks like an event without the capital E.  Except to remind us that we are back in “earthquake season” as the placid past few years of solar-driven warming is now into cooling and we will be expecting more EQ activity until we’re on the far side of the solar progression cycle.  Call it 3-7 years from now because we’re not to solar minimum, yet.

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Here’s an interesting Quake-related question:  Could this mean a whole continent-sized magma movement is underway around the North Pacific?  That is, is the quake related to the distant Volcano blowing off in Japan?

Meanwhile, I’ve been on a 50-year slow burn over the stupid US Atomics Tests at Amchitka Island.  Seems to me (meaning without data backup) that the whole north Pacific has been less stable ever since…  But hey, maybe the land bridge is coming back and we just haven’t gotten the memo yet.  Being a nutter in the woods I might not be on the distro list…

Bitcoin’s Miseries

Last week I put out several charts both “in the clear ” here on the free side and more on the side. about how Bitcoin was likely in a downward trading trend channel.

As is our practice, we have called it “dead-to-nuts” right.  We are in the trend channel down as evidenced this morning with Bitcoins trading in the $10,300 range.

I don’t think I need to toot our horn too loudly here, except to say that we’ve called this one pretty much spot-on since the channels became clear.  This is the same approach (trend channels and Elliott – coupled with our own Aggregated Markets theory – that has kept readers long the market since November of 2016 while so many other market letters have gotten it wrong.

Not our problem.

To point, though:  There are two ways you can play the technical analysis game.  One is by intensive mathematical operations.  Take Gerald Appel’s MACD [moving average convergence/divergence], for example, described here.  Damn-fine useful indicator.  BUT, traders think largely in non-mathematical, experiential terms.  The most recent feeling outweighs older feelings.  And this is what seems to give rise to Elliott waves.  But, even these can be misleading unless they are used in expert fashion by people like my friend Robin Landry.

Channels, you have to understand, help to clarify where you are in an Elliott count and it’s why our short to intermediate-term outlook for Bitcoin is a grind down to much lower levels from here.  In other words, while they can rally to the top of the trend channel, this is a wave 3 down.  Under Elliott rules, the third wave must be larger than the first wave.  So when the first wave down was from 19,500 down to the 13,500 area, we can expect the decline from the top of the wave 2 bounce (around 17,000) to be (on average) 1.5 times the decline of wave 1.

This seems to portend a drop of Bitcoins to 11,000 in wave 3 down – and we’re in that area already.  EXCEPT some of the data is crooked in the sense that it is filtered by coinsters to take out the flash/momentary excursions.  We had that conversation a week, or so back, if you’ll remember:  What is an allowable momentary data spike’s size before it matters???

Going through my cat-eared books on technical analysis, that’s not in the book, but several people have captured screen-shots of the wave 1 down breaking through under 10,000.  This means that even if this decline turns out to be a three wave corrective monster and Bitcoin goes up from here, we might STILL see spike lows in the $3,000 range before this is all over.

From there, if there’s a fifth wave – which would be the likely outcome if regulator pressure continues to build – as it is now doing – then we will ultimately see Bitcoins down in the 383 to 850 range before the next big wave up starts.

But THEN comes the questions whether it will be the same Bitcoin or whether that will be when a heads-up government steps in and effectively BUYS ALL BITCOINS and turns it into a nation-backed currency.

Sure, the coiners hype that Venezuela (or whoever) is doing that, but no, it would need to be (in marketing terms) a Name Brand player.  Australia-New Zealand and larger (not to mention more solvent) to pull it off.  Japan comes to mind because they have so much skin-in-the-game already.  Bitcoins, for Japan, would make an excellent two-tier currency; one Central Bank backed (or nominally so) while the other would be a populist currency perhaps tied to fungibles like a market basket of commodities.

How does a “measure of wheat, a measure of oil” sound?  Toss in an RFID chip and there’s you’re whole work out for the Mark of the Beast….and that becomes a global….but enough.  We can see there is still time to make money and continue trying to live the good life in the bad world…  Where were we?   Oh yeah…,

FBI Election Fraud

When I laid it out earlier, a goodly number of people though “Ure’s gone up around the bend, now…”  But, here we are and the dirty details are continuing to point exactly where we suggested.  (Don’t you hate it when we’re right so often?)

In this morning’s Dirty Tricks report:

We’re reading over here like persons at the highest levels of the FBI formed something of a “Secret Society” to illegally oppose and undermine the election of president Trump immediately after the election.

Come close enough for home use to the definition of Treason, doesn’t it?  Here we go…

“…the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

Yes sir, when you have people within the Justice Department and FBI plotting to overthrow president Trump’s election, that sure reads to us like treason.

Of course, since so many texts/emails have now be “disappeared” to keep the American public from losing faith in “law enforcement”  it is no surprise that this is both bigger than Watergate and there will likely be second special prosecutor appoints – this one to investigate the Mueller anti-Trump fishing expedition – which we’ve call it from the start.

Ultimately, the attempted coup leaders will be found, we expect, within the Clinton, Obama, Lynch conspiracy that also stole a fair election chance from Bernie Sanders.  

Sanders, we figure, is still being kept in check from speaking, by the  charges pending against his wife.  Charges modulated by the same FBI  that apparently conspired at the highest levels against Trump.

Don’t you love it when most of the country STILL doesn’t believe the Clinton-Obama-Lynch Coup Theory?  (COLCT)?  Why. it’s like waking up on a stranger planet….every morning!

I should note for the record that we still hold law enforcement – including the FBI – in great respect and most are sincerely protecting and defending (the Constitution).  But it must be a bitch to work when there’s a clown posse at the top.  Can’t tell you how many law enforcement agencies I’ve heard this from over the years.

Schumer Shutdown

Trump won.  Won’t read that from the NE agitprop outlets, though.  Hand wringing continues.

The GOP strategy of “telling it like it is” – namely that the democrats were putting the interests of illegal aliens ahead of the interests of America, worked.

Deep States lost their “free vacation” this year.  Oh my…

Trump Moves on to Trade

The US is imposing some tariffs on overseas goods.

India’s pissed: “India’s Modi defends free trade as the US raises tariffs.”

Toughski you-know-whatski…  Every other country in the world uses backdoor policies to price US goods out of their markets.

Jeez…how many call centers and support departments do we want to bring home?  I can’t count the ways, lol…

BTW, India is still playing the “climate card” yet they are among the last to have to comply.  Paris was a joke.  Everyone complies at once, or Trump’s right it’s a crappy deal.  Gosh, Obama et al had the fix in deep on climate…’mazing!

I don’t disagree entirely on climate.  Where I part ways with the climate simps (as in simpletons) is that we ALL (whole world) play at the same time, or screw ’em.  Fair’s fair…unless you’re the US, then punish US, right?  Wrong…

Back in the Money Pits

Markets to open flat.

Bitcoin could bounce along the $10,000 psychological line for a day to weeks – we’re still in a down trend.

And tomorrow, Peoplenomics is a “close hold” so only subscribers will get the two key insights there tomorrow.

Back with more free-thinking Thursday here, so ya’ll come on back, yah hear?  I’m gonna go look and see how Ellie Mae is going on breakfast…

55 thoughts on “Markets Pause for Quake, FBI Scandal, BTC Collapse”

  1. East markets straight up nuts on drugs. The verse : When they say peace peace then comes destruction. The boat be going that way. Debt don’t matter my head hurts

      • They can run, but they can’t hide. “Earthquakes in diverse places, et al….” A pastor of mine preached a sermon one time about drugs being one of the signs of the end times and proved it to me by showing me a word in an end times prophecy that, in Strong’s Concordance translated from the original language to “Pharmacia”. At least that’s how I remember it. Note: this was in the late 60’s. I’ll try to find it again.

  2. Just did a quick check of news websites to see what they were saying about FBI Trump Treason or the now infamous ‘deleted texts’
    – Google News: if one just goes to Google News without entering anything in the search field, nothing related appears in their ‘default’ news page. However, if one ‘googles’ FBI secret society or FBI deleted texts, a number of article links appear
    – NBC News: nada, but they do have a piece on “the new witches of Salem: feminist, empowered and anti-Trump
    – CNN: zip
    – CBS News: zilch
    – ABC News: zero, but you will find an article on how “a majority distrust Trump with nuclear authority”

    By not covering these stories front and center – IN BIG HEADLINES, the progressive MSM gives the appearance that they are entirely complicit with the secret society members of the FBI in their subversive, potentially treasonous assault on the constitutionally valid election of Donald Trump. History may ultimately judge the ‘1st Amendment’ protected MSM accordingly, but responsibility and accountability are needed in the here and now. Trust in the media has been broken.

  3. George, I am confused on one thing.

    You have talked before about job losses to robotics and yet I see figures that unemployment is at multiyear lows. This seems to include employment in low skill or unskilled sectors. Jobs are coming from somewhere or are the figures being fudged.

    I know that Trump is taking aim at reducing government jobs so it doesn’t seem to be coming from there.

    Did the robots go on strike and I missed the story?

    • No – story is still growing. But right now we are in technology overlap
      End of the computer network build out but lots of bpr erp going on and at the same time lots of r&d going into the robots…so for now it’s the peak before the fall.
      See the piece on Drudge this am – search Self driving car to eliminate 33% of all auto related jobs

  4. Between Ure “horn toot’n and “nuts confined to death and well..what ever else they might be afflicted with”, have you ever NOT called a Spot-On Righteously Uretopian assessment of everything that means anything?

    Given your somewhat anti climate change leanings, I am curious as to your assessment of the following excerpt regarding China.. “China’s proactive response to climate change has included:five of the world’s six top solar-module manufacturers, five of its largest wind turbine manufacturers, and six of the ten major car manufacturers committed to electrification are all Chinese-owned.

    Meanwhile, China is dominant in the lithium sector – think batteries, electric vehicles and so on – and a global leader in smart grid investment and other renewable energy technologies.

    This is only a start. There are modest projections that just 20% of the country’s primary energy consumption will come from non-carbon sources by 2030. Nonetheless, China’s sheer size means Beijing’s aggressive pursuit of emergent and expanding renewables markets should not be ignored. After all, dominating such markets has strong material benefits, while pioneering a green revolution provides intangible benefits in terms of image and prestige.

    So what are these benefits? First, concerns over environmental degradation are very real in China, owing to issues such as air, food and water pollution, and should be acknowledged. Beijing doesn’t want food and water scarcity or smoggy skies either, whether for altruistic environmental reasons or concerns over its popular legitimacy.

    But it is worth also considering the geopolitical implications of climate change leadership. Take the US for example, historically the largest carbon emitter. The country had previously been active in climate policy, but the current Trump administration is forthright in its denial of climate change, having withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. It has also hired climate deniers to head its environmental agencies and other offices of power.”

    Now put this aside for a second, but wouldn’t it seem logical for a country the size of China with its’ thousands of years of existence, just maybe be on the right track?

  5. You know George its rather strange that we cry about free trade when we are the ones who set it up and pushed it to benefit U.S. corporations,but now that we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place we cry that well free trade is not so free after all.
    I see the pentagon is switching their views on terrorism, now its all about competition and of course the American way of life (which it was always about)so terrorism is out the door as we increase our military spending to fight this new evil which is the same old evil,domination of the world and its resources…

  6. George,

    A lot of this anti-Trump nonsense initially didn’t make much sense. At least in the amount of energy, money and political capital still being put into it. However, NOW the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place.

    Here’s my personal conspiracy theory on this whole thing and you can take it or leave it: A whole bunch of people did a whole lot of illegal things by playing ball with the Dems to rig the election. There’s no doubt now that the Dem primary was rigged against Bernie and it seems that the ‘fix’ was already in on Hillary being ‘exonerated’ for all the email business. All the dirty players ‘knew’ they didn’t have anything to worry about because they ‘knew’ Hillary would win. Hell, they would all be well rewarded. Except she didn’t win. When this happened all those dirty players now realized that they are potentially screwed. I mean like federal prison screwed. So, what do you do? Flee the country and save your ass? Maybe. Or do you do what they’ve done…commit even MORE crimes by trying to throw out every crazy theory under the sun to stir up your brainless minions and anything else you can think of to derail the lawfully elected president….which is basically an attempted coup. NOW, they’re potentially in a hole that’s twice as deep as it was to start with. That hole also has a name…Treason!

    Honestly, I think it would do this country, and the world, a huge favor by showing that we are still a nation of laws by making an example out of the main players and by cleaning house in the ALL of the national agencies.

    Just my 10 cents. Have a better one.


  7. RE: Bitcoin Over time I have watched the manipulated price of silver go to extreme just before the monthly futures contract expiration. This is normally lower but based on the COT (commitment of traders report)which ever direction will allow the big boys to shake a few more shekels out of the pockets of the speculators. I am watching for the same type of volatility and blip down for Bitcoin (/XBT) futures contract toward the end of this week (Jan 26, is expiry as I remember). May be an indicator of just how manipulated the BTC coin is/will be.

  8. I tried to meditate like Andy to see if I could have any visions of future events, preferably concerning the financial markets. I got nothing. Maybe if I use my blue & Red Crown Light Projects lights it will open up the universe to me, or maybe I should just eat a slice of NY Cheesecake topped with cherries & forget about it.

    • blue on the right, deep red in the middle, green on the left.
      NOT high power…modest power levels 3X 15 min per day. I get a huge bump in personal energy about day four or five… Helps to have a short haircut (in the temples area specifically) for better subcutaneous absorption.

      • It helps to let your hair grow down to the ground hair is an antenna receptor as fly back in Vietnam the only people that were able to perceive what was happening with the Indians with long hair and they and they believed that so remember that long hair short hair

      • More research needs to be done on the antenna eye of the human species but yeah when you cut something off that’s part of your growing parameter it seems to be like yeah you reduce the amount of your antenna

      • My hair right now is very long I don’t know very well that one inch 2 in is 3 in 4 inches 5 inches is 6 in well well I don’t know it must be seven or eight or inches long and I like the feeling I’ve never had this feeling and I never had this long hair before but it does feel good and I could agree with the Indians that you have perception and I know every year that I have cut my hair off down to Bare this feels good I’m not going to lie to you it really feels good to have long hair now what’s next

      • All things are trade offs. Light crown energy is BLOCKED BY THICK HAIR on the temples.
        Want energy or vision? Pick one… I need the energy, lol.

    • Hahahha. I have short hair and white hair by my temples.

      My landlord out of the f*cking blue asked me to day if I i would take $10,000 Cash plus my HUGE deposit back if she could break the lease to sell the house. OUT STANDING!

      King of pentacles coming through!

      I can help with meditation. But I’m busy grabbing gears.



      • Earthquake Soel South Korea.. 8.5. Not sure when. Just popped into my brain as I was reading the comments.

      • Ohhh yes, I prayed daily for over 25 years for the “eyes to see and ears. A willing heart and a mind to comprehend. ” every morning for over 25 years. So I’m sure that helps.

    • I’ve been reading about psilocybin experiences from users of edible, vision inducing mushrooms.

      Some forum members in those circles say they’ve seen future events. Others claim localized OBEs. Another common topic in that crowd is interaction with gray aliens. To them these are profound life changing events.

      Old fashioned shamans (Native Americans?) would use natural substances for so-called vision quests. Others claim to have interacted with spirit guides, elves, deceased family members who they never really knew on a personal level.

      Maybe there’s something to it…. maybe the substance changes a frequency within their brains ever so slightly and other worlds become visible.

      • I don’t do drugs. Have in the past. But it’s been over a 15 years since I even smoked Mary Jane. I have a commercial driver’s license plus I wouldn’t do them even if I didn’t.

        Not sure about that EQ. Just thought It was weird. Saw the AK quake and the school shooting just didn’t say anything. I dont say everything i see.

        I have in my 20’s taken a few “trips but never left the farm”. Saw all kinds of crazy stuff.

        Afa meditation goes it takes practice. The art of listening. I’m a Christian. Ya see, God is always talking. We just never listen. God used every medium available to talk to us. Most of us, including myself at times, are too busy telling God how things are and not listening tho God tell us how things are. Anyway, I don’t ask about certain subjects when I listen. I lay with my head facing north. My bed is facing north. So I’m aligned with the magnetic poles. I fold my hands on my heart and just say a few words. I’m listening, what do you want me to know. Sometimes i dorect the converstion like with opera or one of Georges charts will pop into my brain and I look to see the invisible line of where it’s headed. It’s somewhere between being asleep and being awake that I get the stuff that comes to me. When I don’t get anything at least I’m showing God I’m listening. Willing to listen. Sometimes I get stuff driving down the road later surfing the day or when I’m doing simple stuff like washing dishes or folding landry. And sometimes when im writing it just comes out through me

        *** remember I have had 10 NDE’s. I have flat lined 10 times. That is a lot. So im kinda weird. Every NDE, I have had out of body experience’s.

        Told ya about the dollar caving a while back. Dropping like a rock. Look to see interest rates rise very soon.

        I need to get busy. Been working 12-14 hours a day all week plus a 3 hour commute. Not much free time. ALL PW. Goos money. :)

        Have a great day!

  9. Hey Mr. Ure, could i write an emergency article for Urban Survival tomorrow? I want to write an article on the possible ban on bump stocks and possibly how that con affect you. I know when it would be published in the morning, it would leave less than 48 hours left to leave a message to the BATFE but i feel it is important to write this. Could i submit an article to you via email tonight for that? It will probably be late late in the overnight but i want to at least try and get more comments headed to the BATFE on this issue. Thanks!

    • Offer respectfully declined.
      While it is a matter of over reach for states, it is not critical at all to those of use who own reasonably commonplace weapons and know how to use there.
      Fact: You don’t need a bump stock – as is shown in this video:
      A video following is a very good demonstration:
      But while we hold that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means what it says in the Constitution, there are presently laws on the books preventing me from refining weapons grade plutonium.
      The balance is out there somewhere, but we will stick with making (and keepinig) money and carry our thumbs and brains with us, not a bump stock.

  10. I still haven’t heard any explanation why if the FBI was pro liberal democrat (as if) that comey would say hillary was under investigation days before the election while at the same time sitting on the fact that trump was under investigation until after the votes were cast.

    That multiple foreign countries alerted the US to team trump’s troublesome actions tells me that there is some meat to this burger. Trump was a dirty developer and there is no reason to think he wouldn’t also be a dirty politician. On the debate stage he admitting to bribing pols.

    • America has never had a shortage of crooks our scoundrels and they are all seemingly drawn to high offices.

      • Before you folks get too excited about the non-justice of the USA department of justice, keep in mind that there was a terrorist attack where Americans were machine gunned and the FBI REFUSES to INVESTIGATE IT. it has now been proven that the alleged body of the lone gunman was not the body of the man blamed for the attack.

        The prosecution of these new discoveries will take so long that it will exceed the attention span of the American public. It took more years (8) to investigate Dennnis Hastert than the length of his prison term. The perps of the latest discoveries will be partying with hookers and children and riding in limos long after you have been distracted by other things.

      • While I will admit that the Las Vegas murders are not being investigated/solved properly – what is this about the ‘perp’? Wrong man, wrong body??

        Off the deep end, eh?

  11. As George gets more popular with this website hits will have to change it you know we had one suggestion there it was like hey put an arrow or triangle there where you can hit it and it goes down to the bottom of the website or I don’t think anybody’s done this but I would categorize it in like 1 2 3 4 5 have not seen that yet on the internet where you can punch in half time you go halfway or quarter time or 3/4 time so there’s some stuff out there that needs to be evaluated and recognized and used for our future knowledge

  12. You George sir need the energy because you want to live long me I’m the opposite I need the vision because I have to propel this fish to all those that are living on this planet you sir are still in the mode that you have to make the most out of what you can get without redistributing what you get and in lightning those who doesn’t get what you get that’s the provoking part of the instrument that you’re using

  13. You George sir need the energy because you want to live long me I’m the opposite I need the vision because I have to propel this fish to all those that are . Did I already do this okay bye living on this planet you sir are still in the mode that you have to make the most out of what you can get without redistributing what you get and in lightning those who doesn’t get what you get that’s the provoking part of the instrument that you’re using did I already do this okay bye those solar panels are being made everywhere in the US China Russia every little other country a hundred sixty other countries they’re being made in because they see that’s part of the future but now let’s get ready for the next future which is in electronics wires and placements of the Telsa technology
    Well be converted into energy

  14. Have you or readers searched Kane gamble?Talk about David and Goliath and all done to expose evil america (just the washington bit)killing innocents around the world . Someone give this youngster a medal.

  15. Heard of Kane gamble anyone?see how a young kid put your security agencies panties in a bunch and exposed them.He is on trial in UK now but someone give him a medal.

  16. George

    “were all with you sir, but consider this! We have a ship and can go where we will.” Star Trek The wrath of Khan.

    But consider this, we have Bitcoin and we can improve it and take it where we will!

    The human race needs a Super Bitcoin to free it from the grasps of government greed. It needs an electronic currency so perfected in it’s security and privacy that no government IRS anywhere can touch it. What we have is only the start. Let loose the hounds of technical genius and cry Freedom!!!

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