Tuesday’s Pending: Housing, Dirty Bomb, Fed Ahead

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“Nukes Ahoy!”

We continue in awe of the parochial, corporate-controlled, lamestream media in the over-run remnants of America.  While normalcy bias was running full blast – aiding and abetting the stock run-up Monday on hope & hype – the realities are far more serious.

For example, we are seeing reports that hint in the direction of DEFCON 2, at least in Europe.  Which sounds alarmist, no doubt, since DEFCON 2 is “nuclear war imminent” alert status.

Yet, as we make the source rounds today, it’s hard to escape the thought that such worries may be justified.  Especially when headlines like ‘Nuclear warheads’ spotted being transported along UK motorways – Wales Online jump out of scans.

Armchair Warfare

Old-school reporters (50+ years before the keyboard) develop a sense of critical situations by essentially looking at “everyone’s story” about what’s going on, then looking at the lead-in events to present reports and project forward based on predictable events.  Weigh it all out, as best you can.

Here’s how we lay it out:

With both Russia and the Ukraine/West conducting simultaneous war games in the region – which wildly amplifies the potential for mis-reads, mistakes, and over-reactions – we think that while sure, the Fed is meaningful, there’s still the “Must Be Present to Win” requirement to be considered.

Among the conspiracy-minded, a nuke in Ukraine might be seized upon in America as an “election modifying event” by the “war party” (democrats).  Which is outlandish until the sitting president starts to space mid-interview and the neocons turned neolibs are ratcheting up their already shrill tirade.

Until, that is, you flip over to FiveThirtyEight and read how not only as the republican’s gaining the House but The Polls Are Getting Better For Republicans overall.  Yes, seems war-starting, hyperinflation, open borders, and defunding the cops is not what middle of America voters want.

Even a few in Australia are seeing it as the story bubbles up from down under: Left leaning Democrats urge Biden to rethink Ukraine strategy (brisbanetimes.com.au).  Will he nap through such urgings? Uh huh.

Almost reasonably, the Russian propaganda machine explains what the neocon-turned neolib machine has been up since kicking off this war almost 10-months ago:  NR: the US plan to break up Russia did not work, Ukraine “crumbled” instead.

Students of neocons turned neolibs will recall how Afghanistan and much of the Middle East worked out – other brilliant neocon plays.  Aided by the embedded liberal shock troops in the State Department who run wars for economic advantage and to keep Ukraine in the tainted transactions game going for the rich.

And those “porn rings” of course. Assuming you haven’t gone ostrich on us by ignoring starting points like Human trafficking in Ukraine – Wikipedia.

Laughably since we have said since Day One of this:  Biden’s posse is more interested in Ukraine Borders than our own at home.

Question remains “How stupid are American voters?”  Answer in 2 weeks.

Looking Ahead

While we hit the Maalox and continue to worry about what comes next on the escalation path, we’re concerned about the weather, as much as anything.

Kherson is in southern Ukraine.  See update daily Interactive Map: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine (arcgis.com).

The problem – if the Russians pull back from Kherson, is the long-range weather forecasts.  Russia would seem unlikely to want radiation blown onto its territory held.  Ditto Ukraine, so the highest risk would be from a North/Northwest to North/Northeast wind that would blow some of the rads out to sea.

Through Friday, Kherson, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine 10-Day Weather Forecast shows northwest winds.  And even more favorable north winds most of next week.

On the other hand, if a dirty bomb is in the Ukraine playbook, a Kherson drop and westerly winds blowing rads onto Russian territory lines up for this Saturday.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but when working on nuclear targeting strategy, there’s the initial impact of course.  But the fallout downwind is also a huge PR angle to be worked.

Russia is not likely to blow up anything that would drop on itself, neither is Ukraine, but we have to make allowances on both sides for “fog of war” – which means just plain crazy.

Pandemic or Perversion?

Keep an eye on how the ultra-liberal insurgency in America will spin collapsing school test scores.  Instead of blaming falling scores on sexual orientation marketing in classrooms, selling of divisive gender and racial curricula, we are likely to see “Let’s blame the Pandemic!”  As in US student test results show toll of pandemic lockdowns on learning.

Our suspicion is there’s a little more too it – permissive and inept parenting comes into it, too, along with more immersive socialist media.

Come to your own conclusions.

Never Stop Selling Dept: 

Today’s Climate Pick: Climate Change Is Apparently Doing Something Weird to Satellites (futurism.com) Duck and cover coming?

Run out and put all your money in a scheme that competes with Government currency pick:  Bitcoin Price Just Saw Technical Correction And Fresh Increase Seems Likely (newsbtc.com)

“Sanctions will work” (for some):  U.S. nitrogen exports jump as Europe scrambles for fertilizer | Reuters

Reparations is the Next Monetization.  How should reparations work? LA commission wants to hear from you – Daily News.  While in North Carolina Reparations commission wants a budget.

“Gender affirming” is the liberal term for taxpayer-funded sexual mutilation of children, if you’ve been stupefied by all this woke bullshit: Biden slams GOP-led efforts to block ‘gender-affirming healthcare’ for transgender youth.  You go, Brandon…please.

Everyone Wants to be “Boss.” Twitter Employees Push Back on Elon Musk’s Layoff Plans.  Where we see people with only a paycheck telling the guy with the checkbook how to run his game.  Rich, huh?

Social shock: WhatsApp Down in Widespread Outage – CNET Which we’ve all seen coming since my 2012 book Broken Web – the coming collapse of the internet. World is in a footrace now, whether the woke, the state actors, the political parties, or the money seekers will collapse it.  Fun to watch.  Like falling a tree – just developing some momentum now.  Much slower than my original outlooks.

OK, a couple of beef and bean burritos and a half glass of milk and I’ll be back to update the housing figures.

Remember: Fed rate hike is one week from tomorrow.

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65 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Pending: Housing, Dirty Bomb, Fed Ahead”

  1. “but we have to make allowances on both sides for “fog of war” – which means just plain crazy.”

    What terrifies me.. Is what members of a group I was in opinion of people was… The vast majority are nothing but drooling idiots… And I fear our drillers in power are not only stopping idioTs but are F#$$ing insane….
    The scary part is the silence of their competition political side.. Not one word..but we sure hear a lot of negative about trump..its still nonstop..
    G … Its The Silence of The Lambs.. Being lead to slaughter

  2. Mr G,

    Yo believo -the game is much futher along than one can imagine..remember “watch the water” ?

    Watch the water – for specially requisitioned massive car ferries – it aint gonna be czars loaded on those ferries sailing cross the straits.

    Curious logistical planning US forces Poland/Romania – wit 101st. airborne (numerologic tell for massive battle on the “spiritual” level..massive) They aint got any heavy armor..”bullet catching – cannon fodder” seems to be the order of the day.

    Lettuce not forget ChiComs & Ruskies are “tied at the hip”. Hearing more stories regards tons of people&equipment pouring West. Full ukey takeover possible at this point in the game.

    The attached link below is too an unknown, till now, short film by david lynch..outta France. Pay attention to the “colors” of the characters..? Ever wonder what Bob Monroe’s “loosh” is, how it works, who consumes the stuff ? cartoon short film.. ask Ureselve – Am I Woman or Man enough to “see” ?
    https://substack.com/redirect/e5299863-6cd6-48ff-af32-fe51b2f8d111?r=1kk4yd – adventures of Boris Bunny..enjoy campers….”artist representation”, the hour is getting late, buckleup bunkies.

    Got phyz Silver ? Got junk?

  3. George,
    Re: Reparations is the Next Monetization. I can see a whole new industry springing up here as well as another wedge in the racial divide. I am sure one race will be found to be “under represented” and this will require amelioration (might be another industry here). I can see a whole new legal speciality; a new cause for lobbyists; more genetic testing labs; and greater demand for genealogical specialists. I can also see a whole new bureaucracy (some one has to manage and distribute all that money). Finally how to books and other media as well as instructors and workshops. Might provide some opportunities for spectator sports.

      • George, equality in pro sports or college sports for that matter will never happen. Yes, I agree equality means equal, but when it comes to sports, people will want an exemption.

  4. Our municipal elections were yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day and the polls were staffed with dozens of workers. My wife and I went early to avoid the rush but there was none. Turnout was 25%, lowest in history.

    As I now wait for the 75% of voters to complain about how badly our city is run, I think about my American friends and the mid-term elections in 2 weeks. For Goodness sake folks, get the hell moving and vote out these disastrous ***holes who are destroying your country. The time for complaining is over.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall in the Democrat war room right now. Still waiting for the false flag. What will it be?

    • You know @Bic…. I’m rereading your book and it hit me…how much we have in common… Different paths along the road but the same thought. What can a person do to make a change even if its a small change..
      My failures are the ones that I miss where I could have made a difference..

      • Thanks for reading the book LOOB. It’s certainly not a classic and was written at a very low point in my life. It was however, a great tonic for me to write.

        I had a large community of close friends for many years and all but 2 have died over the past 3 years. I need to feel part of a community and George has provided that to me here in this forum. I have learned something from everyone who posts, even Len when I can figure out what the hell he is saying.

        Life is an adventure LOOB. I sense that you have made it more of an adventure than most. Giving without expecting anything in return is a character trait I wish more people had. The only things you can take with you when you leave this life are the things you gave away.

      • Qigong Theory in a nutshell regards society..

        The practitioner is in constant state of self improvement..virtuous acts & thinking, “practice”, in living everyday life – “lifts them up”
        and in turn “lifts up” their Family members (nrg network effect)

        – who in turn “energetically” are “lifting up” their community/neighborhood..so forth and so on.. You get the feeling of that nrg when you “feel” the appreciation (good thoughts) aid recipients have for You..feels good and warm, no?

        I celebrate my failures – learning opportunities to be better, improve. imho as long I keep moving – Death will never catch or find my ass..ever hahahaah still breathing suckas..

      • I had someone make the comment last week.. You sure are prepared..
        I must of had an odd look.. I said a person doesn’t prep for the big shtf scenario for himself you prep for the what if I survive.. I am at the age where I won’t be Building another house.. I bought 2 CEB block presses.. One to go to a mission to build a clinic school and church.. Homes etc.. The other one for me the instructions for use in the chamber.. I did want to build a shed and storm shelter.. But not just for that.. But for those that follow.. I don’t hide my preps..those that know family friends neighbors will have a spot on the floor to camp out..food and tools to rebuild.. If I’m still here I an teach them what little bit I know.. To assist the future.. I’m part of the past..

      • I often wonder where my path would have led me if I hadnt of had those down periods of my life.. at my lowest was my richest.. my faith in our heavenly father and the ability to see others.. working washing dishes at a restaurant.. I would see waitresses break down in tears because they couldn’t bring home milk for their children or diapers.. I have never missed anything and still have way more than I need .. everyone that knows that I have food stock or have basic preps.. also know they are invited.. if I am still alive after the shebang happens.. they will have a place to throw an air mattress or get a meal ..
        I have seen enough hardships in peoples lives that I know what I have gone through is nothing in comparison to some of them.. what is funny is those at the lowest don’t realize they are at the lowest.. those that are severly abused rarely complain about the abuse.. they assume it is just how it is suppose to be.. or they are not worthy of anything better.. the ones that hurt my heart the most.. are those that needed me and I failed to see it.. one was a young girl of six.. she would come spend the weekend with one of the kids.. and then clutch at me to stay.. only to discover that her father and uncles where double team raping her.. ( see why I hate the pedo kid..they don’t realize what they do to the child or they just don’t care)
        a couple of other young girls friends of my grandkids.. only to discover that their parents were drug addicts.. and would sell their daughters.. and then lock them out of the house.. they didn’t have water or sewer for a year.. they would use bags and then stick them in the corner of the room.. the kids tried to cook a cat.. If I had only known.. the ones I lost..the signs were all there.. I just didn’t see them.. then they were gone.. moved out in the middle of the night..
        what surprises me is it is really common.. and everywhere.. medical dental.. food clothing..
        then there are the ones that I know of.. but am not able to help to the extent that they need.. rarely do they speak up..
        Most are ostracized by society.. they don’t fit in either spot.. which is why I seek those that fall between the cracks.. help where I can..

      • “Thanks for reading the book LOOB”

        this is my second reading of your book… I loved it so much the first time That I keep it by my chair.. all the time.. I just didn’t know that my friend on this site was also an author I admired….

    • BIC, my honest fellow Urbansurvival friend.

      Don’t you know the local elections do not matter.

      In our city, a nice conservative woman, Doctor at that, and Mathematician, ran for city council, and she lost. She tried her hardest to get the election results, she found a system dead set against a citizen getting a hold of the election tally’s (too complicated to explain succinctly).

      Absolutely, she was not allowed to win. Yes, you read that right, at the local city council elections SHE won, but TPTB made sure the results showed SHE lost.

      I can believe the apathetic turnout; I do believe the 2020 stolen election has negative consequences. They (the Democrat party and the Media) played their hand too OBVIOUSLY; and even the dumb and ignorant saw it because many of them were paid to participate in it, and they talked plus they were stupid enough to be on video. AND MILLIONS stayed up election night and saw the switching of the votes, with their own eyes.

      Just as an aside: Not looking for this story, but at a local gun store, 100 miles from our town, just passing through and visiting with the locals, the vote switching happened to this man at his precinct in a small county. His whole Republican ticket was switched to 100 percent Democrat ticket, he only caught it as he turned his ballot over and saw that it was the exact opposite of what and who he had voted for. He said if he had just inserted his card in the machine, he would not have noticed it.

      We all, if we paid attention, heard these stories after the election, but he was the first person who I met that it had happened to.

      The fraud is legion; and no, it is not both sides…it is majority ONE sided.

      WHY VOTE?

      It is not like you are going to get what your city, state, sales and property taxes paid for?

      • And THAT is precisely why I have not voted in decades. It just doesn’t count… literally. And yes, I live in a Demo ‘machine’ state and I won’t give them another vote to ‘switch’.

  5. My experience leads me to believe that IF nukes are ever eventually used in Ukraine, they will likely be small yield tactical types (1-50 KT), most likely earth penetrating weapons (EPWs). EPWs, aka ‘bunker busters,’ which reduces but does not eliminate fallout. See:


    . . . and . . .


    Most air dropped (i.e. ‘gravity’) EPWs (ideally from a fairly high altitude) only burrow 5 meters or so into the ground, increasing shock into the rock strata over a wider area than a traditional surface burst nukes but also still throwing a sizable amount of debris into the atmosphere. While the atmospheric fallout ‘plume’ from an EPW is generally smaller than that of a ground burst, depending upon wind speed at the surface of detonation, ground water will still likely be profoundly contaminated by the resulting radioactivity. EPWs delivered via cruise missiles can penetrate considerably deeper, in the neighborhood of 15 meters, depending upon the composition of the ground substrate. And logic dictates that more target area destruction requires a larger yield, which generates even more atmospheric radioactivity. Larger nuclear yields (100KT to 1MT) approach the boundary for weapons considered ‘strategic,’ which could lead to all kinds of hell breaking loose once unleashed.

      • Andrew, I used to sit nuke alert on top of 20 crowd pleasers loaded on our B-52, and the alert facility sat a hundred yards or so from 5 nuke alert B-52s, each loaded with the same number. Thats 100 nukes, Andrew. And you know what? I slept damn good, knowing that those nukes played their twisted, Dr. Strangelove deterrent role, keeping the Soviets from getting any crazy ideas during the Cold War. U.S. nukes are point safe, tested beyond Ure imagination, and require multiple secure procedures to arm and release. So send me some nukes, brother. In the hands of peace keepers, there is nothing to fear.

    • Ukraine at this point should NOT have real nukes … unless the Brits or the Americans gave them to them … but they DO have LOTS of nuclear material from which they can make a dirty bombs. (every semi industrialized country does because of radioactive medical stuff, drilling sensing and logging devices, etc. etc.)

      Any REAL nuke is probably going to be Russian (or a Brit or US gift to Ukraine). Any dirty bomb nuke at this point in time is probably going to be Ukrainian.

      The fact that the Russian have gone to the UN with their concern indicates to me that they have ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE that the Ukrainians were at least in the planning stages of doing a dirty nuke against their own people, like the Russians claim.

      Remember back early in the war when the Train Station was hit by a missile kiling a bunch of Ukrainians?

      The Ukrainians, US, Britain, and Nato BLAMED Russia. Within a day the information started to come out that the type of missile used sheds parts of itself when it takes it’s final dive towards it’s target … and that parts trail extending back a mile or so indicated it was fired from WAY WEST of the train station that was hit … ie: deep deep deep within Ukraine, NOT from the East where the Russian forces were.

      The Ukrainians are HUGE liars wrt this war and there are now several instances like that one where all the evidence indicates that THEY KILLED their own people (false flag events) in order to try to get support from others for their war with Russia. (and the US KNEW for sure where that missile came from since they were flying air reconnaissance 24/7 near western Ukraine – SO WE OPENLY LIED about its origin in order to also assist the Ukrainians with their false flag event)

      The point of Ukraine using a dirty bomb against itself would be to FINALLY get the US and Nato directly involved in its War of Ethnic Hate against Russia … ie: spark off a direct US-Nato/Russia full scale war (as we would affectionately call it, WW-3), that is how much HATE they harbor.

      The US Neocons/Neoliberals along with the New York based US (Zionist-influenced) mass media seem DETERMINED to spark that War into a reality … WHY?? I have no idea, but they seem to have been doing everything possible to get it going (along with the Brits and Boris Johnson).

      The Neocon/Neolib/NY media HATE against Russia and the Russian people appears to be on the same intensity scale as the Ukrainians.

      They seem DETERMINED to get the US involved in this War … sparking off WW-3 (note Pelosi statement today that the Russians hitting civilian power plants IS A WAR CRIME … but she didn’t have any problems with the US doing that when the US invaded Iraq in 2003, or Afghanistan in 2002, or fought Iraq in 1991. She didn’t think it was a War Crime back then when it was the US doing it. The US “Rules Based Order” which we keep lecturing everyone about is why it wasn’t a War Crime back then but IS a War Crime NOW).

      • Just like here.. I’m sure they like us have people in positions to glean information..
        One year we got a beautiful photo of dc and area.. We wanted to frame it and hang it on the wall.. ( in a restricted area) no.. But if you can get one somewhere else you can hang one up.. So a letter was sent to the Russian Embassy… A couple weeks later we received a thirty by forty print..better than the one we had…with everything labeled.. Stuff no one knew existed.. We got to mount it and frame it..hang it on the wall..
        So my guess is if they brought this information to the public the thought is they know who and who is sanctioning the bomb…

        “They seem DETERMINED to get the US involved in this War … sparking off WW-3 (note Pelosi statement today that the Russians hitting civilian power plants IS A WAR CRIME … but she didn’t have any problems with the US doing that when the US invaded Iraq in 2003, or Afghanistan in 2002, or fought Iraq in 1991. She didn’t think it was a War Crime back then when it was the US doing it.”

        THEY… You are referring to Joe (his handler) and the democratic party.. Putin begged everybody to back our missiles back and insure them Ukraine would never become A member of NATO.. We sent more.. Then sending billions of dollars of arms, missiles etc.
        We are neck deep in this mess by our own actions..

      • Sorry that I dont remember exact details.

        There was another situation that did it for me.

        Media showed a Ukrainian city where the Russians supposedly went batshit crazy on this town. Video showed bodies strewn about in the streets , smoldering remains etc etc.

        Trouble is , yes the Russians were there. Yes they had left. But the very next day video was filmed in that city and showed no destruction , no bodies.

        Russia did go to the UN on this situation.

        There is absolutely nothing to be trusted from most all “news” ( errr , propaganda ) sources.

      • Stephen 2 – if you trust what Putin and Russia are saying, you are in the extreme minority not only in the U.S., but in Europe and the UK. Not that I’m a big fan of Slo Joe and his Joint Chiefs, but given Putin is putting verified and vilified butchers in charge of the war in Ukraine, history will not prove kind to him – unless, of course, he writes it.

      • “Media showed a Ukrainian city where the Russians supposedly went batshit crazy on this town. Video showed bodies strewn about in the streets , smoldering remains etc etc.”

        Unfortunately I have seen the same thing with towns and villages that we went batshit crazy in.. war is hell good people die and are maimed homes destroyed its a horror that should be avoided at all costs…. especially a war that shouldn’t have ever happened.. then consider how many wars you see where there were lines of people leaving peacefully.. to avoid the death and destruction..

      • Yes, the agenda is to bring America and the rest of NATO into a war against Russia.

        They need another 911.

        They need ALL of America to feel the BURN of Patriotism firing up in in their hearts, like clockwork, rising like a crescendo with a mind of its own without your mind, of course.

        They are counting on all of you getting fired up and wanting the USA (along with their trusted allies) to take revenge and come out on top.

        They want your daughters/sons/granddaughters/grandsons, husbands/wives.

        That’s what they want. I am counting on everyone who comes here to tone it down with 100 of your closest (so they can spread your knowledge and warning to as many as they know), so this time, maybe this time, we will not fall for the False Flag Event(s), just like the LIE of 911 (and many others throughout the last 200 years) and we can protect each other from the WARMONGERS, the PROFITEERS, and the people that want you to sacrifice yourselves as you kill each other off.

      • @Warhammer

        “Stephen 2 – if you trust what Putin and Russia are saying, you are in the extreme minority”

        I trust what no-one is saying — especially in time of War between nations, when any available “information” is almost certainly somebody’s propaganda.

        With that said, I absolutely trust my ability to ferret out information which can be logically-interpolated into a reasonably-accurate representation of the truth, when there’s no international war ongoing.

        While I agree with you regarding Mr. Putin, I would also mention that he was the second combatant leader to employ butchers in this war…

    • What bombs/munitions have depleted uranium in them?

      Are we or have we sold them and are they being used over there?

      Blowing In The Wind

    • “Rods from God” ?

      Or are we not ready to go there ? ( are they even still up there ? )

      A “telephone pole” doing mach 15 has quite the kinetic kick in the rear. Clean. Deep penetration. No fallout. Said to have similar destruction like a small nuke.


      • See HARP – currently..really think they are beaming and heating Saturn ??? See also massive eathquake – Japan – that rocked TEPCO nuke plant..Silent , clean, devastating weapons..

        See also Russian satellite killa..tracking US mil. latest in orbit..
        See also Chynknees new satellite towing satellites capability..

        The real question (s) are what is this pending War covering up/hiding???
        Excess deaths from vaxx, lockdowns, and governmental policies regards a simple corona virus.
        Now every vaxx recipient has compromised immune systems, and will continue to suffer viral infection after infection after infection from common virus’s, no telling what a real nasty virus will do these recently vaxxed/comprimised immune systems.

        *worker shortages..where did everybody go?

        I think they might all be DEAD.

    • No thanks. I’ll stick with the slice of pecan pie in front of me right now. I can feel Winter coming on.

  6. I have a contrarian view-point most of the time., so, when every single talking-head., economics professor., banking CEO and financial media guru starts expounding that a “really bad” recession is inevitable..,
    Is it ?

    • Probably. Nobody wants to be the guy/gal whose name shows up in all the history books as the cause of a recession. I believe they are doing “preemptive damage control” because they see it coming…

    • I believe the term “Grand Illusion” has been mentioned many times around here. – we get caught up in the now, and kinda forget that it was BS months/years ago. BS begets more BS. – That it’s all BS that’s brought us to how things are today. The Recession/Depression is, because (someone) wants it to be.

      That’s how I see it.

  7. Covid … a good article over at Zero Hedge today that a new mathmatical model indicates that the odds AGAINST the original Covid strain being natural are astronomical.

    “Less Than 1 In 100 Million Chance That COVID-19 Has Natural Origin: New Study”

    In another article reprinted on Zero Hedge David Stockman, the budget chief under Pres. Reagan, describes the HUGE over reaction to Covid that devastated the economy by laying out the REAL death statistics for Covid as well as the lockdown’s devestating economic impact.

    Those statistics show that for anyone under 50 with no major co-morbidities (including being grossly overweight) it was a just a bad flu situation, and that the at risk population was actually very confined, to the group of those over 60, and even for those it was a very low risk event if they were in decent health to begin with. (my comment … here in my rathjer large state in the first 6 months 80% of the deaths were Nursing Home deaths!! a very small group of people. Among the general population if one had no serious co-morbidities the death rate was about where it is in a very bad flu season)

    IMO obviously Covid was used as an EXCUSE by those desiring total government of the masses (ala China style controls) to bring about something as close to that as they could get away with here in the US (worse in Canada, Australia, New Zealand) via their SCARE tactics and shutting down area after area of the US economy (ie: the closet socialists DREAM: … Total government control of EVERYONE … ALL THE TIME … WITH EVERYTHING THEY DO … or ARE ALLOWED TO DO)

    “Stockman: The Macroeconomic Consequences Of Lockdowns & The Aftermath”

    BOTH articles are worth a read … and will possibly give you a different perspective on the entire Covid lockdown fiasco

    (full disclosure – “I” did get vaccinated since “I” am in the high risk group due to age compounded by weight. However “I” researched the vaccines early on and elected to go with Novavax since “I” did not trust the mRNA vaccines, and based upon the reactions various friends have had to the mRNA vaccines believe I made the right choice by going with Novavax versus any of the mRNA vaccines – NO heart issues showing up with the Novavax vaccine unlike with the mRNAs fwiw)

    • Wise choice S2, Ure a wise man.

      Personally, I went with the Shingrix Vax, same company- same bark of of same tree, as I turned 60 this year.

      During the 2003 SARs scare, I was spending a lot time in and around hundreds of Chinese peeps – in close proximity to. Obviously to anyone not familiar with mainlanders – their social habits are little coarse by western standards. Anyway with all the coughing, wheezing, sneezing, fartin&burpin going on – I demanded the single shot Pneumonia vax (PPSV23) from my primary care pill pusher. Unbelievably my insurance co(aetna) did reimburse for that vax, and Shingrex was covered as well cause I qualify as old man now.

    • One of many reasons we chose the take Ivermectin was, early on, a nursing home accidently found that Iver worked for everyone except a woman who had already stopped eating/drinking before the flu even hit. I figured if it kept people from getting the illness and reduced the duration and symptoms by around half for the ones who already had it before they figured out why the entire 4th floor didn’t get it, then it was worth using something that had been used safely for several decades over something brand new in technology that has never been successful in 40 years of trying. Lots of after the fact studies and info here showing the efficacy of iver: https://covid.us.org/ivermectin/
      And, if one is in a pinch, hydroxychloroquine can be made at home with grapefruit and lemon or you can ask Ohio marxist republican Mike DeWine for some. He hoarded a few hundred thousand doses and then had his self-appointed Ohio Board of Pharmacy folks ban it. Who knows where all of those pills are now. This from someone who used it while in Haiti with the Clintons (where his off shore “charity” is based) and it doesn’t require a prescription there.
      ChlorineDioxide also works. It had been outlawed in Chile, but things got so bad there the politicians got caught using it and were kind of forced to save face and make it legal. Turned that country around very quickly.
      All of the above are cheaper than cheap and well known and well proven for the vid. (Iver is not to be used by kids, just the like the vax is not to be used.) (ChlorineDioxide is NOT bleach, it’s the furthest thing from bleach. It’s used to sanitize surgery units at your hospital, to clean the city water and hikers/backpackers/survivalists use it to clean their water. The gas side of CD was used to clean the fed buildings where the ricin scares were several years ago. heck, even high end car dealers spend $25 per car to use it to remove smells from used cars. You just have to get past the fake bigpharma “it’s bleach” lies and ignore the “we set up a non-profit church so we could help people use it” parts of CD. Here’s the huge 340 page pdf with how to make it and treat with it. file:///C:/Users/me/Downloads/MMS%20Health%20Recovery%20Guide%20Book%20-%20PDF%20Room.pdf
      OR do a search for mms_health_recovery_guidebook pfd free and click on the freepdfroom.com link.

      We used this to treat my wife’s snake bite thinking it was a spider bite. Poisons attach to the stuff and it’s urinated out of the body.

      Also, may want to stock some DMSO…do an internet search for an old 60 minutes show about DMSO. They flat out state that bigpharma doesn’t want the info out on this. Good stuff.

      • Search Indian websites for “covid kit.” The Indian government had their pharmcos make billions of ’em. Masks, sanitizer, Ivermectin & Vitamin D and a couple other things I can’t remember. Available for purchase in lots of, from 1-100,000 for ~$3 per kit.

  8. BTC, like Etherium/ERC-20, Gold, Silver [“ancient relics” aka in Cramers Words, BEFORE Block Chain technology]. Give that some contrarian thought. They are the bankers coins. The only thing in my mind is when does the 1 million BTC genesis block get unlocked solving the national debt question? Clue: I think its more than just BTC that will be playing a role in rhyming with 2008 and the Prudential LLC entity [bag holder] at BIS.


    Not financial advice. do your own homework and come up with your own conclusions. To me its just lunch money, and better odds than the lottery.

    Lets See Gensler [thats the SEC chair] teaches Blockchain courses at MIT. Check…. Satoshis “White Paper” is released on GitHub [MIT].


    When iTunes Pandora et. al. came along. The CD and Vinyl industry the Bricks and Mortar distribution channels and all that attended it went from mainstream scale devolving into a cottage/boutique industry.

    The current Financial system is undergoing a similar transition. You’re not invited to participate in the spoils of an asset repricing reset.


    [unless] Got Blockchain?


    Margin calls on the shorts should be coming in 3.2.1…

      • With fractional reserve banking and $1,000,000.00 per BTC that may well cover part of the equation. The situation has gone so log normal that BTC will not be the only thing used IMHO. Time will tell.

  9. Mr Ure, Great update as always. On the subject of:


    On the above, and in droughts when the air is unseasonably drier and in this case..colder.

    Could the empirical evidence pertaining to root cause for both lie here? Looks more like ash and smoke to me, but hey, anything in the headlines to get the article past the PC agenda screeners…..


  10. I think the Dow and everything reversed 3 Tuesdays ago (when I emailed the reversal chart confirmation to Ure) after the street realized the .75% increases were over. This doesn’t mean the increases are over, but the .75%’ers are. I’m expecting .5% now for a while and then .25%. No emergency increases will be needed since they crushed things so hard on the front end with the .75%’ers.
    The fed took things to the edge of collapse in the pound and yen and credit suisse bank and a few other banks we don’t know about and walked it back.
    The fed will over do the increases so I don’t see them stopping until the available jobs have fallen from 10 or 11 million down to 2 to 3 million and new housing starts are off by 20-30%, rent prices start falling, and buying existing homes falls 20-30%, and home prices come off in every region by 20-30%. Right now prices are down a little, but typically prices are off 10-15% in the Fall/winter months so we’re seeing normal seasonal pricing right now, but on the edge of moving below normal seasonal.
    Anyway, all this bad stuff will either happen instantly (nuke) or over be dragged out over a long drawn out period (typical transfer of wealth).
    Remember, they have to suck all the retail traders and retirement accounts into the market before the big$ can drop what they bought at low prices onto the backs of those who always buy high and sell low.
    Had a nice 198 pip profit today on GBP/USD off of the 4hr, 1hr, 15min and 5min demand boxes in the same price area. Chart on the way to Ure.

    • When a market goes up and prices stay in the top 20% of the move into the close, it typically suggests another move up the next day.

      Today the markets stayed in the upper 20% of the day’s move.

  11. If the fed does do a 3/4% increase, it will crash the markets due to the wailing and gnashing of teeth heard on wall street because they’re not expecting 3/4% anymore. The data is on a downward trend and just doesn’t support it so the fed has proof they started what they wanted to start…a slowing economy.
    The question now is…how many lawsuits will there be for votes getting flipped so the soros backed last place candidates win and the America loving candidates lose?

  12. George, I read through this and believe it is typical of the ‘green people’ and their agenda of ‘climate change’- the sky is falling, run and shout and scream.
    What an utter crock of crap!

    The idiot that allegedly wrote the article states:
    “Changes we saw between the climate in the upper atmosphere over the last 50 years,” Cnossen’s statement continued, “and our predictions for the next 50 are a result of carbon dioxide emissions.”
    (idiot couldn’t predict a sunrise)
    “Cnossen’s research confirms the belief that, despite their reputation for warming the Earth’s surface, greenhouse gases actually have the opposite impact on the atmosphere.”
    ( idiot wants to counter the, “heat expands, cold shrinks” part of science. “All those CO2 particles “sucking up the heat” and SHRINKING the planet’s atmosphere.”
    Rave on idiot.

    Idiot’s claptrap continues:
    “As those CO2 particles suck up the limited available heat up there, the atmosphere shrinks and cools, in an effect that ultimately makes for a smoother, longer orbit for satellites, plus the junk caused by old, defunct spacecrafts.”
    Idiot wants orbits longer and smoother? According to Google, there are 8,000 man-made objects in orbit of earth now. 13,000 if counting all the parts, pieces and junk that has continued to float along with them.
    In spite of the idiocy on display, even Google once again disputes the stupidity with it’s own estimate of CO2 currently in the atmosphere at .04% and even with the generous estimate of other genuine scientists at 2.0%, Chicken Little still reverts to these made up stories of “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”
    Give it a rest-please. Too much bullshit will cause the garden to wither.

  13. Folks,

    Checked out the transcript from yesterday’s pep rally at the Washington DNC office by Mr. Biden. Try and make the word “consequential” trendy, okay? The President shared his story of an aggregate 70+ hours of meeting time with Mr. Xi in the last dozen years, and the latter had asked for America to be explained to him by Mr. Biden who said it was about “possibilities”. Take that to the bank. Oops, almost forgot – Mr. Biden reiterated again that his administration has created 10 million jobs.

    Across the pond at Buckingham Palace, King Charles III received new PM Sunak in the 1844 Room so named following the famous visit by Tsar Nicholas I. Indian sweet treats were served for the Hindu Diwali festivities which apparently reflects the triumph of good over evil. Images of the meeting have fallen to page 6 of BBC coverage supplanted by a “Stop Oil” protest at Madame Tussaud’s Gallery which delivered a pie to the wax visage of the Monarch. Police attended.

    God save the King.

    • Friends,

      Britain stands on the cusp of Greatness again. It has only begin to sink in that PM Sunak’s personal wealth is twice that of the King, and not including his multi-billionairess spousal wealth. Prior to jetting off to his $7 million Santa Monica penthouse (1 of 12 homes, guess #10 Downing makes 13?) with wife and kids last Easter, the then Finance Minister had masterminded the covid business recovery campaign “Eat Out to Help Out”.

      Perhaps the King has mentioned that the Prince of Montecito will be only a short drive down the 101 affectionately known as The Royal Road when next the PM should be visiting Cali for a surf & turf special.

  14. “Pandemic or Perversion?”

    Thank you.

    I agree 100% and I’ve been waiting for someone, anywhere, to suggest that child sexual objectification and gratification, and institutionalized “any color but White” overt racism might play into our kids’ “from mediocre to failing” grades and aptitudes over the last couple of years. WRT stuff like this, I get tired of being the only “one with eyes…”

    BTW, one of me daughters is pulling her kids out of school at or before semester’s end and going the homeschool route. I haven’t talked to her in-depth since she made the call, so I don’t have particulars yet, but I’m guessing either race or sex is involved.

  15. “Biden slams GOP-led efforts to block ‘gender-affirming healthcare’ for transgender youth.”

    I’m gonna keep reminding folks that for the past 7000 years, homosexuality has been a static 6% of the human population. Transgenderism is a subset of this number and has been a static 8% of the total of homosexuals, or 1/2 of one percent of the total population. This indicates that the total number of transgendered people in the United States is somewhere around 1.6 million.

    So, in order not to totally repeat myself, this time I’ll ask two rhetorical questions:

    1) Why are the Leftist neocommunists pushing so hard for this social aberration to be accepted, even to the point of relegating “transgenderism” to the list of “protected status” political sub-ideologies?

    2) Why are both educators and medical professionals pushing children as young as FOUR to undergo dangerous and unapproved hormone therapy, and sex-change surgeries which will forever remove them from the gene pool, and striving to remove the childrens’ parents from the “decision loop?”

  16. “Everyone Wants to be “Boss.” Twitter Employees Push Back on Elon Musk’s Layoff Plans. Where we see people with only a paycheck telling the guy with the checkbook how to run his game. Rich, huh?”

    Somebody should explain to them the difference between “boss” and “employee.”

    I was mildly-sympathetic with the twats until they released that open letter. With the first:

    “We demand”

    these spoiled, entitled, underachievers completely lost my support. The New Sheriff is allegedly taking over on Friday.

    He is not obligated to retain ANYONE.
    He is not obligated to maintain ANYONE’S salary or benefits.
    He is not even obligated to give severance to the employees he cans.

    Musk already has a staff of several thousand of the top [real] geeks on the planet, on “retainer,” at Tesla and SpaceX whom he can “borrow” at will, when necessary.

    There is absolutely no one (or everyone) at Twitter that Musk can’t replace without even blinking.

    What are they going to do when their “demands” are not met? Quit?

    “We demand” my ass…

    • I think that the Twitter employees do understand the difference between labor and ownership. I would expect Twitter to become ground zero for labor organizers.

      • They can try…

        There’s an awful lot of potential 6-figure geeks, flipping burgers these days. I’m pretty sure that with the same type of 6-week program Apple and Microsoft use to “teach and acclimate” novice techs to their way of doing the things they do, Musk could create an army of permanent scabs within two months. He’d have to have his people comb Twitter’s servers for backdoors, but I would do that in any case, and I assume Elon is more-savvy than I, ‘cuz he’s the one with the 12-figure bank account.

  17. 17 Out-Of-Place Artifacts That Suggest High-Tech Civilizations Existed Thousands (Or Millions) Of Years Ago

    “Oopart”—or “out-of-place artifact”—is the term given to numerous prehistoric objects found in various places across the world today that show a level of technological sophistication incongruous with our present paradigm.

    We will look at a variety of ooparts here, ranging from millions to hundreds of years old in purported age, but all supposedly demonstrating advancement well beyond their time.


  18. As the astute author Hunter S. Thompson noted, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” Weird is indisputably the condition in Great Britain, where Liz Truss, an arguably empty and talentless prime minister, is out—and was, it seemed for a moment, very nearly replaced by her vacuous predecessor, Boris Johnson.

    Weirdness, however, is not foreign to American politics. An indicator of just how weird Washington is becoming is the apparent interest in General (ret.) David Petraeus’s recent suggestion that Washington and its allies may want to intervene in the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev.


  19. One of the most powerful Republicans supports expanding funding for FBI J6 witch hunt

    Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) is a top appropriator and is likely going to be the Rules Committee chairman of the next Congress. He is also a man who believes we are not spending enough money on Fourth Reich agenda items, including the persecution of Trump supporters on January 6 – and beyond.


    Karl Rove’s Establishment Super PAC Backing Josh Shapiro Over Doug Mastriano, Because of Course It Is

    Are you tired of the Republican establishment yet? If not, you just might be after reading this story.

    American Crossroads, a Republican Super PAC started by Karl Rove, a relic of the George W. Bush administration, has begun running ads designed to prop up Josh Shapiro, a Democratic candidate running for governor in Pennsylvania.


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