Trump’s Teapot Dome, Important Woo-Woo Note

Before the “short run through the snews” a word, or two, about history.  There are places where it  rhymes.  And, if you hear the [historical]  sound of music right, it can keep you from making stupid investment decisions.  Which is why understanding any period in its historical context is so important for living a ‘good life in bad times.’

Yet, every Age is different.  Phase relationships change, just as they do in music.  Overtones, as well.

An example of an overtone change?  Well, when the Great Depression struck, a lot of farmers lost their land because their mortgages were called.  Are there programs today that could prevent such a thing should we wake up next year and find ourselves in a crushing Second Depression?  Sure.

No doubt, at the first sign of deep, structural, trouble, some agency or the congressoids would pipe-up with a plan to put interest payments for all on hold.  And that would be pandered as “solved.”

But it  wouldn’t be.  For the simple reason that the  overtones have changed in this cycle.  The overtone to look at today is how property taxes will – in a Second Depression – force millions of people out of their homes.  And this is where the overtone becomes harder, stronger, with more harmonics of the square waves to resolve.

We can’t just have the FedGov tell 50 StateGovs “You have to forgive property taxes!”  Won’t work.  Instead, counties and states will have to stick to their fiscal guns (impounding property and selling at tax auctions) because if they don’t, State and County (along with city) workers on those nice government retirement systems will be crushed, too.  And that’s how the nature of a Depressions works.

Depression of the 1840’s was due to wagon-based expansion West between technological innovations.  The “long depression” of the 1873 period to almost the turn of the century was because the expansion of rails was complete.  The periodicity of depressions would come around when (lifted by WW-I and the fledgling auto and aircraft inventions) the Big Rush ended.

As I explained on the Peoplenomics side of the house recently, successive innovations are great because they provide for the illusion of an expansion while the successive technology is being birthed.  Autonomous cars are in their infancy.  So, for now, it seems that robotics and autonomous cars will be great.

Thing is, when the roll-outs come, then the aircraft industry will enter its decline and that’s when Depressions happen:  When new, dominant, technologies arrive and displacement sets in.

There is then the matter of phasing.

Let’s go into the little recording studio here at Uretopia Ranch and lay down a few notes using GPO-5 (Garritan Personal Orchestra 5) on two tracks.  then we copy and paste those two tracks to another two-tracks  (It’s OK, we can easily mix 128 tracks in MAGIX Samplitude Pro X3 Suite (we’re on X2).

Played together, this four-track marvel reveals no discernable difference.  But, when we off-set one set of tracks from the other, we here a phase shift.  Some sounds are additive while others are subtractive.  And in recording studio parlance this is a phase-overlay .  By those who didn’t have the software VST’s back in the day.  Just a couple of old Ampex 351’s to diddle with.

The most famous example of effective use of phase-overlay in pop music production in the late 1960’s (when I was doing mornings as a DJ on KGHO in Aberdeen/Hoquiam, WA) was the song Itchycoo Park by Small Faces.  *(It’s OK to crank it up.) The “phase overlay” is the part which sounds alternately hollow and like a jet is flying over adjusting hollowness.  Try to remember this; it will be on the test later.

Now, if you were also a broadcast & recording engineer, inventor, with a side of economist, amateur historian, and management geek who day trades too much, what would pop into your head is…

So Trump is to Now like Teapot Dome was to president Harding before Hoover?”

Bada-bing, Bunkie!

“Before the Watergate scandal, Teapot Dome was regarded as the “greatest and most sensational scandal in the history of American politics”. It damaged the reputation of the Harding administration, which was already severely diminished by its controversial handling of the Great Railroad Strike of 1922 and Harding’s veto of the Bonus Bill in 1922. Congress subsequently passed legislation, enduring to this day, giving subpoena power to House and Senate for review of tax records of any US citizen without regard to elected or appointed position, nor subject to White House interference.”

Fast-forward to now and behold Trump’s latest Tempest in a (Democrat) Teapot:

“Trump ordered aid frozen; more Democrats want impeachment”

Of course, we have been (rather rationally asking) “Who leaked all this and why aren’t they in jail yet, after all it’s a horrific security leak and my old “news nose that knows news” is telling me this is likely yet-another play called in from the sidelines by the still-free silent coup perps.

As the president tweeted:

“@FoxNews bombshell information reports that the so-called Whistleblower did not have firsthand knowledge of that phone conversation with Ukraine’s President.” Wow! @HARRISFAULKNER It is all a Democrat/Adam Schiff Scam! Doing this for 3 years now, and found NOTHING!”

We are not alone: “Trump questions patriotism of whistleblower central to Ukraine firestorm”  is typical of the Trump-hating media sliders.  Because what you’ll read is a pivot attempt to make the story about  partiotism when in fact it’s about criminal conduct – revealing US intelligence without authorization.  See how this works, yet?

What Trump ought to do next?  Call William Barr and ask him WTF and where’s the investigation (grand jury) and indictment of the leak, leakers, and roll a high profile swamp creature perp walk that Rudy Giuliani would no doubt manage since that’s his invention.

What’s being missed is how closely this mirrors the Teapot Dome scandal and how it’s just a “fraction of a history cycle off” the original soundtrack, laid down in the 1920s  Ever read Chris Carolan’s cycles work?  Check 

The Turning Point Ahead?

OK, sure, maybe we did another half-hour “lunch money” quick hort-side trade Monday.  But we didn’t stay short long because remember the 82-trading day mirror of 1929 is day after tomorrow – depending how far apart the “tracks” are and who knows?

Which is why – with the market up almost 100 in the pre-opening futures – we won’t be surprised to see a move to the very tippy-top of the ascending triangle formation in the daily charts.  Which, if you were interested in, you’d be a  Peoplenomics subscriber.

The DDP  (Daily Data Point)

That’s the Case-Shiller S&P housing data which we will post about 8:15 AM Central when it comes out.  Come back then, or if you’re reading this after-the-fact set your alarm, next time, right?

Mostly Useless BS

Like you’d be surprised if you learned that some Western intel outfit was trying to “wag the dog?” Syrian Terrorist Drones Were Built With ‘Outside Help,’ Russia Says.  We sure as hell wouldn’t be surprsied.  But, then again, Russia would be tossed off “To Tell the Truth” in a NY-second…

Setback for the Con Artists in Brussels (yeah, that’s the EU if you’re stupid):  “Europe’s Top Court Limits ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Privacy Rule.”  Remnember, these are the scammers who want to tax world-wide revenue of non-EU domiciled global search people.  They are prolly too stupe to realize it, but this this kind of “We Own the Web Chattel (phone-face apes) is what will eventually lead to regional, not a global Internet. They’re driving toward break-up. Pricks.

Oh, speaking of PAP (pricks across pond): Top U.K. court rules PM’s Brexit move unlawful.  Remember, owning courts is not just a US sport.  The PowersThatBe either own, or lease, or rent most of ’em.  Political contributions are the “lease and rent payments.”  It’s just no one has time to audit elected officials to see who got how much money and then how they subsequently voted, regulated, paid-back or otherwise influenced in return.  Like who has time, huh?

Meantime, Trade talk lifts shares, pound whipsawed by Brexit drama.  Blah, blah, blah…

Need more “Oh, Dah?” New U.N. climate change report expected to be grim.  NSS.  Pay people to write doom porn and guess what they’ll write?  You gotta be freakin kidding me.  All of which we will talk more about tomorrow on  Peoplenomics where the next chapter in my new book “The 100-Year Toaster” will reveal the one thing overlooked in  Report from Iron Mountain.  But again, if you gave a crap, right?

(Did I take an extra surly pill today?)

And in the only real story that matters,Trump offers to mediate Kashmir dispute between Pakistan, India”  Which you will find on the more honest of the NY papers like the Post.  The “running on reputation” paper in Gotham is running a laughably “pot calling the kettle” under the headline “The America That Isn’t Polarized .”  Yeah, sure, you betcha.  Wanna tell us how that works?

An Important Woo-Woo Note

Credit to reader  William at the Radio Ranch for a comment which reminded me of something I keep forgetting to mention.  Don’t even know if I put it in my book Psychocartograph, either… but here goes.

Most people have “vivid dreams” at some point in their life.  Or, they have a dream which is precognitive in some way.

Thing is that most people don’t remember when the HD dream was so they can’t try to duplicate the “enhanced dreaming” conditions that led to wild-ass, crazy, insanely entertaining, informative, and educational and sometimes life-altering dream.

Try changing the orientation of your bed.  You are likely to change your dreams.

From long experience (which comes with being over 70, right?) I can tell you that my “hot window” for precognitive and “most useful/educational” dreams comes a few weeks  after the equinox.

Let’s think this through:  You know salmon, and other anadromous species, and probably birds, too,  navigate by a kind of magnetic tracking system built into their heads.  Thing that goes away when you sleep?  No sir, still there.

While we don’t know if people with iron deficiencies are less  directionally stable (though if I’d spent this lifetime as a doctor it would be an incredibly cool experiment and meta data study), what we know experientially is our own “optimized mental states and dream” orientation.

Why “rotary beds” are not more popular is totally beyond me.  Elaine and I may have to look into getting one.

This morning’s crackpot theory (Oops!  Maybe that’s why I didn’t put it in the book!) is that each and every one of us has an optimized  directional orientation during sleep that may be experienced year- round.

BUT, you need to keep track for a whole year to understand what your personal magnetic orientation is.

Since yesterday was the beginning of fall, we know that the Sun is right over the equator.  270-degrees at sunset.  Miss you Machu Picchu.

If you had wild dreams last night, you would simply turn that rotating bed you just ran out and bought, to “track the sun” while you sleep as the seasons progress.

Since I know that in the spring, my optimum angle is about 320-degrees (northwest) in the spring, my likely track right now would be southwest of my “spring heading” of 320.  Seeing how this works?

I just stumbled onto this accidentally, and your results will vary, but once you understand how this stuff works, you might find a “best bed orientation” for different times of the year to enhance sleep.

Since the tropics (Cancer and Capricorn) are 23.5 degrees, it means the annual “swing” of sleep headings will be 47 degrees.  Since that’s awfully close to 45-degrees, this sort of infers that the best “orientations” for enhanced sleep are +/- about 2-1/2 degrees, or so.

It will take some additional experimental observations, but as a starting point, I know that spring, sun at 270 degrees, the most vivid dream window is at 320-degrees.  That’s about a 50-degree (and bet me it’s not really 46.5 degrees) offset.

So when the sun  moves down to -23.5 degrees in the winter, the experiment is to determine if my “best/insightful” dreams come with a body orientation at (320-23.5) 296.5 degrees for best winter dreaming, OR whether it works the other way which would be (320+23.5) 343.5 degrees.  Less two weeks of precession but let’s not get too detailed.  Big picture here.

Of course, there is a tremendouse business opportunity buried in here, too.  Because when we sleep at night, our head positions change (a fair bit, maybe 20-degrees depending on pillow changes, neck angles and such) the will (in a few years, depending on my research) a whole new class of bed which will use video capture to analyse the sleeper’s head-orientation and then adjust the bed orientation so that the sidereal relations are maintained.

Oh…one more wild card in my design work:  Which side of the bed your partner is on.  It seems to make a difference, too… Face up, Elaine being on my right seems to accentuate dream quality.  Left?  Not so much.

Last bonus ponder:  Is maintaining your proper alignment in sleep a key to more healthful sleep and a longer life?

So much for the morning woo-woo, huh?

Write when you get rich,

53 thoughts on “Trump’s Teapot Dome, Important Woo-Woo Note”

  1. George,

    Autonomous cars will displace airplanes?!? Just how fast are those suckers gonna go?

    And don’t forget the impact of modern day pharmaceuticals.

    BTW, my best bed orientation is horizontal.


    • Ibid on horz. polarization, lol.

      Well, let’s think this through (as an ex airline vp, I look at things oddly).

      Say Elaine and I want to go to Las Vegas.

      Choice #1: Drive to local airport :45 min.
      Be there an hour before flight for TSA
      Fly to DFW :30
      Wait (legal IATA connection time is about: :45 minute
      Take a 2-hour delay, late place.
      Fly to LV 1:50
      Walk to bag claim :10
      Wait for bags :10
      Get rental car and p.up :15
      Drive to hotel : 15 (more if I get lost)

      Total time: 6:15 to 6:30
      Fuel burn per person (80% PLF, 1,000 gph in 130 px single class

      Choice #2 Autonomous Vehicle from here 20-hours, 30 minutes. ab out 19.3 gallons of fuel per px)
      To person, one way 38.6 gallon


      Montalba, Tx to LV Call it 1,200 miles. At 45 MPG an autonomous vehicle burns less than 27 gallons, so a 31% reduction in fuel burn (with a cleaner fuel, gasoline).

      Elaine and I get a chance to relax (like on a train) and look around. An autony with a fold down seat means sleep enroute and stop for a hamburger, get out sight see, have drinks and Japanese (semi Benihana style) at our fave in Amarillo with who cares how many drinks.

      Seeing how this would make sense now?

      • 45 mpg in an autonomous car? We’re hard pressed to do that with current DIY driving cars! EPA and “rich burn” tech force the burning of more fuel than actually necessary.

        I like the idea of real autonomous cars(pods), but they need to be the size of a van and the primary purpose is to get shuteye while driving. All the other stuff can happen(beds are good for more than sleeping) and you can even watch the scenery if you wish to. The real problem for me is that I really don’t trust the tech. Much of it is “machine learned” and that’s “indeterministic programming”. It’s not bad, just not sufficiently proven. I like the idea of sleeping my way to a destination with my own vehicle and no TSA. No tickets either if they’d be honest about it, and hopefully no roadside heists by those in uniform. I love flying, but only the part between takeoff and landing rolls. With an autonomous pod, you don’t need a rental car or a hotel, just a parking space.

      • Better put in a toilet if you are stopping for drinks on the way; then it’s time to put in a cooler, and before you know it, you got a autonomous RV that in no way or another would you want IT to drive you anywhere at night heading West; too much WILDlife.

      • “45 mpg in an autonomous car? We’re hard pressed to do that with current DIY driving cars! ”


        Mike..we were getting as much as 76 mpg with the 2008 prius ( you had to drive according to the computer) average was 52 mpg.. the daughter is getting 40 something…
        With the 2018 prius prime we are getting way over 200 in the almost two years we have had it we have only put in one tank of gas and that was on purpose. I have a twenty year old car and getting high twenties the best I ever did was 37…
        Now the mileage changes accordingly to who is driving..
        The kids dont get any mileage at all but then they have that silly illusion that if they drive really fast that they are going to get someplace close by faster..
        But the mileage is here.. Texaco had a yearly contest for its employees. In the fifties there was one developed and the car got 500 plus miles a gallon..
        There was a book that Texaco would print up every year.
        The technology is here..the bottom like is the dollar. Just like when we made soaps we would joke about how much we should have in the label for them to use.. lol lol

      • Great article, I see it is a serious research piece. And a great source of other Tesla material. Thanks a lot!

  2. Global warming,,,climate change,,,what ever you believers want to call it. If you believe that us humans are causing this invented crisis, then your goal is to reduce human population causing it, you now have a MORAL directive to be a Leming and help reduce the population by one. Report to the nearest bridge or other high structure and go for it, you will feel better for doing your part.
    ya, I know, I am not politically correct
    taking away our fossil fuels will leave all of us with a GIANT food shortage and mass starvation

    should we not align the bed with the magnetic flux of mother earth? after all it is a electric universe and we are electric beings, nerves are our elec grid

    • No reason to have some street sweeper clean up those messes, simply go to the clinic and get “fixed” so no reproduction is possible. In a generation the population problem will cease and carbon use will decrease. It has been shown time and time again to reduce ones energy footprint, the biggest change one can make is not to breed. Of course such a policy will play havoc with our generational wealth transfer models, where youngsters subsidize oldsters.

    • “If you believe that us humans are causing this invented crisis”

      It’s all a natural cycle…


      7 billion people and their actions will have some effect on how fast the cycle gets into full swing and the duration of the cycle.
      But it’s not the cause of the cycle, the cycle would happen anyway.

      I say use the resources we have build responsibly and for God’s sake dont go out doing stupid stuff like putting fart bags on cows..

  3. I’ll have a differing opinion about sleep orientation. Ever since my kids were born, I’ve a habit of checking on them before I go to bed. When their beds were north-south directional, they’d turn in their beds sideways. Every time. Their beds are east-west and they never sleep the wrong direction in their beds anymore. I can’t say for sure if it’s because of the sun path, or the lunar one. My husband thinks it’s the moon, but regardless, it’s an interesting thing to think that we’re creatures of celestial direction.

    As for dreaming, I’ve always had vivid dreams. Some were fun, others odd and frightening. But I always remembered my dreams. Up until two years ago, and a really bad medical issue I cannot speak of, interrupted my life. After this, my thyroid plummeted, and just like that, the dreams were gone. Been seeing an acupuncturist who recommended some thyroid supplements (all natural stuff by Standard Process) and a little iodine a day, and BANG! I started having dreams again. I’m quite entertained again by my dreams. :) Point is, maybe the endocrine system has ALOT to do with dreams and anything else related to that realm. I also found I’m no longer cold anymore, have a more pleasant mindset, relaxed, and have lost weight. There are other benefits, but those are private. Lol! Perhaps, G, you simply still have an awesome endocrine system?

  4. George – Ure rhyme in time should be fleshing its self out by now..

    ..Thursday it appears the Demoncratic deadline for turning over whistleblower call/transcript/info on Ukraine.

    Thursday is also day Intelligence chief is testifying before one of largest group of corrupted&compromised,shiesty scumbags the world has ever seen. Deplorables’ mind reels at the the thought of calculating how many “holes” it takes to fill the halls of congress.

    Is it news that they will launch Impeachment proceedings Thursday – they really R that frigging STUPID..Trap Set, Bait Taken biggly, Trap Sprung..Lil adam shifty must really be sweating his nights away – wonder how Fienstein & Co be sleeping lately Perhaps they can score some “sleep aides” from Creepy Joe’s son Hunter.

    – was IT ($) worth it? Time will tell..Mmmwaahahaha

  5. “my “hot window” for precognitive and “most useful/educational” dreams comes a few weeks after the equinox.”

    could we be talking about….. Magnetic HARMONICS my favorite belief….LOL…..

    I believe everything is harmonicly driven.. and our ability to see different frequencies..

  6. It is interesting how this seems to be playing out with the attack on the President over the past 4 years. It appears to me that those who have been after him these many months, (we won’t call them names or labels in the spirit of your new rules on comments, which I applaud FYI) they apparently think the USA population is ignorant and we have no reasoning skills. You are dead-on with this “Whistle Blower”. How in the hell can we run a country and allow a ferret/mole who didn’t have first hand knowledge, who wasn’t on the call be allowed to undermine the President when conducting the bbusiness of the country?

    If we do not start perp-walking these traitors and criminals like Comey, Strzok, McCabe and this so called whistle blower, then I am afraid, we as a country will be doomed.

  7. How funny is it (not funny at all) that we can have a 2+ year Russia/Trump investigation that started before he was even president, yet questioning the actions of a past vice-president, who admits what he did on video, is verboten by the corrupt media who prefer to run with “allegations” and no proof of wrong doing by our duly-elected President Trump. I’m so sick of these bastards.

  8. George

    ” Instead, counties and states will have to stick to their fiscal guns”

    Interesting choice of words!

    And where pray tell will all the people go and who will get the property, illegal aliens??

    The people will also stick to their guns and sit tight on their property. The people own the various governments in theory. Any government body stupid enough to try and push people off their property in mass will start a revolt.

    Of course we won’t know how it goes down until it actually happens, but I think in today environment people will not be so willing to bow to politicians and go away.

    I hope it doesn’t come to this end!

    Happy Fall! Let the cool weather begin.

    • Yeah sure.. right after they turn in all their Gold and Bitcoins – for the “good of the People”

      • “right after they turn in all their (blank) and Bitcoins”

        I didn’t realize they gave you anything other than an electric number….

    • There’ll be a lot of property sold “on the courthouse steps” I’d assume. I’ve expressed concern a few times in this forum regarding taxation in a depression where tax valuation based on previous sales and sales of surrounding properties always lags fire sales big time. This, of course, always plays toward the advantage of the taxing entities so the only way to survive is to have enough cash on hand, along with some kind of income stream to pay it with, or whatever the taxing authority is accepting for payment to survive their onslaught of acquisitions. I sincerely doubt they’ll be accepting a sack full of walnuts like Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird” did for his services. Throw in the possibility of domestic negative interest rates and extend that to the idea that physical cash notes could have a depreciation time associated with them (apart from and in addition to inflation) and you have the makings of a real mess where someone’s gonna get hurt.

      For those that “own” property, supposedly, outright the inability to pay ones taxes will become a serious point of contention which is what our situation will be. It’s not quite the same thing as people with both mortgages AND taxes trying to pay where the banks or lending entities retain true ownership of the property. With the danger of those who would like to make some substantive changes in our Constitution becoming a majority in CON-gress the 4th Amendment which is supposed to ensure a citizen’s right to be secure in one’s property and papers would have about as much a chance of survival as the 2nd.

      • The other important concept is what we do: Live FAR BELOW YOUR MEANS.

        Could we be retired in the Valley of the Sun with a nice the by 2 and big inground pool? You bet. Even live nice on the leftovers. But not who we are.

        We see government for what it is (shakedown, anyone?_) and live so we can be “shaken but not stirred…”

      • The Valley of the Sun is absolutely awesome. However it’s never been on my list because the Phoenix Oasis can support ~39k people, and if the pipes ever ran dry (which they would after an EMP) that’d leave nearly 7mln people to die in the desert — not my cup of tea…

      • The time to implement a plan B to provide for cash payment of real estate taxes for an extended period is sooner rather than later. The real questions are: how many years at what rate, and how to safeguard? Living beneath your means helps with the living expenses, but when you are standing at the counter at the tax collector’s office, cash money talks, and lifestyle walks.

      • Ray – The Valley of the Sun extends over half of Texas and the people moving out here sinking their own “soda straws” in the desert floor to fill their coffee cups, tea glasses, sinks, tubs and swimming pools has gone beyond ridiculous around here. We’ve had a lucky run of rain the past few years but when the water’s gone under our feet there’ll be a lot of empty, abandoned and pretty much worthless housing left out here in the sticks when things go bust. You can’t move out to the country and live like you’re in the city forever. I’ve said it before and I’ll always say it – people are like locusts leaving a trail of destruction behind them all the time. Easy money has done this.

      • Sorry, Bill, the “Valley” I was referring to is an unincorporated Phoenix ‘burb, where live about a bazillion retirees. When you lump them in with Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Mesa, and a mess of other cities, which make up Greater Phoenix, then take away the plumbed-in water supply, you end up with West Texas without the aquifer…

      • Ah, Ben over at his site always refers to his New Mexico area with the same name. So you’re on the other side of the mountains. At least you can break out the metal detector and pick up some “free” gold over there. We have to rely on Conquistadors’ and bandits’ buried treasure over here which was probably gone a long time ago.

  9. Q ‘s Plan….IMPEACHMENT by the Dems ( how much bait
    can they swallow)…then..Bam….DECLASS…..BUT….I do not trust A G BARR…..still waiting for yet another IG report to fall……we shall see, said the blind man

    • There are pages and pages(and numerous websites) about sleeping direction according to Feng Shui:


  10. Pension failure already forcing seniors out of their homes, before any property tax hike:

    (PBGC is broke in 2025!)

    Itchykoo Park was actually a financial prediction about the 1968 stock market collapse (“It’s all too beautiful”), the aftermath was that Nixon was impeached (due to being blamed for the stock market collapse)

    p.s. KFOG went off the air. Scoop Niskar (if you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own), and other fond memories of my City by the Bayayyyayy (Journey) radio station,

  11. A while ago someone placed something interesting in front of me.. really odd and crazy.

    Then check out the placement of the pyramids and temples on the earth…

    Add in legends like the Bermuda triangle etc.

    Its fascinating to say the least.. add in the book cataclysms of the earth .. and woo woo events

  12. Afternoon George,

    George, before you invest a year in your research, may I suggest you look around for an experienced dowser. Someone who has good street cred’s and a history of results. Then sit down with them, either at your place or over the phone or Skype and have them dowse out your recommendations. They can narrow the specific angles right to the degree and minutes. Same for the times of year. Just remember to ask them yes and no answers or such questions as is it between 270 degrees and 360/0 degree’s? Or is it between 180 and 270 degrees. And then narrow it down by five degree ranges from there, to is it 260 to 265 degrees…that type of narrowing. You’ll be able to get it spot on. Or better yet, both you and Elaine learn to dowse.

    Good luck!

  13. First of all, as I guessed, no whistleblower — an invention, therefore, no crime, except that committed against the integrity of journalism by the NYT.

    Wanna bet Lizzie Warren’s campaign wasn’t the source?

    Second of all, George, you broke one of your own rules of journalism: What is the worth of an “ANONYMOUS SOURCE?”

    Third, did anyone notice after Mr. Trump announced he’d declassify and release the entire transcript of the phone conversation in question, tomorrow (Wednesday) the Dem shysters and shills lined-up in front of every available microphone to “demand” he release the transcript “by Thursday?” This is so they can rewrite history to our notoriously short-memoried fellow Citizens, and claim he released it AFTER they demanded he release it, for use strictly as a campaign ploy.

    Fourth, under what branch of government is the Department of State? We do not OWE any other nation ANYTHING (except for loan paybacks.) Either the Secretary of the DoS or the President can suspend or end foreign aid to any nation, at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. It is not a crime, and there is no legal recourse or Congressional oversight because it is not in either Judicial’s, or Congress’ wheelhouse, as delineated by Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution.

  14. A rotary bed? Really? Quit lookin’ at Hef’s estate sale, go buy a rack or two of pocket billiard balls and bundle ’em with a couple sheets of 3/4 inch plywood to make a turntable.

    If ya wanna get really kinky, add a clock drive and gear it to make about 5-6 revs/day, stick an overhead degree wheel on the ceiling, and whenever you wake from a lucid dream, note your (and the bed’s) major axis orientation WRT the degree wheel…

  15. George,
    Local magnetic fields do not vary from season to season. Once you get aligned with local magnetic north, it stays pretty much in place. Yes, there is some slight drift in the pole, but that is taking years to decades to impact the local magnetic variation. The Earth’s field dominates the local environment, you do not get seasonal changes in magnetic variation due to the changes in inclination to and from the sun. If your dreams do vary due to seasonal shifts of the sun’s elevation, magnetic fields are not the variable in play.

  16. On dreams:

    I had a lucid dream a few nights ago. My character in this play was an arsonist. I don’t know what his driver was, but [he] was in a high state of anxious panic. Over a period of days or weeks he torched three dwellings, then a barn, then his house, all the while believing himself safe from justice. My character was hiding out in my parents’ house when the cops arrived and took him away.

    Yesterday, the account of the arsonist showed up in the local paper. He was _suspected_ of three dwelling fires in another county, but arrested for the barn and house fires. He had been living in the house, but had apparently been forcibly evicted for nonpayment.

    Reading the account freaked me out.

    I have had lucid, and occasionally precog dreams, off and on since I was a kid, but never one where I was first-person in someone else’s life. AFAIK I am in no way related to this dude, and the incidents occurred when I was two States away. Also, my parents’ house has been a parking lot for 20 years.

    Interestingly, I “saw” the inside of the farmhouse as my character was doing his thing. It was dark but not pitch-black. I could see the piles of boxes and stuff, and knew where to walk, to move between them. I’m curious to know whether the inside was as I dreamt it, but I’m really not sure I want the answer…

    • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to DreamWorkers. Changes something, in you, don’t it?

      All of a sudden, I think it was the Al Stewart song, (I am the eyes of) Nostradamus put it best:

      “Oh, I had a dream
      It seemed I stood alone
      And the veil of all the years
      Goes sinking from my eyes like a stone..”

      It will come when its ready and you for another adventure. Welcome my brother.

      (for the children under 50, try this YT of the song…

    • One more thing, Ray: You might enjoy my novel DreamOver now as this “jumping into another life” is a key part of the book plot.

      And I am serious…this kind of experience will change you – slowly at first, but stand by to rock. It’s a step on the road to a power that’s hard to put into words. Keep us posted.

      • George, the first time I recall, I was in 6th Grade. I dreamt my entire day, and after waking, watched my dream unroll like 15 hours of deja vu. I didn’t find that upsetting, only interesting.

        This was upsetting, and a total freak-out, because I wasn’t “me…”

      • Best way to deal, might I suggest, is to follow what I offer in the Psychocartographjy book: Use such things to “map” those inner worlds. Rumor is, it’s where we go when we die. ,

        Had an experience involving a murder, gangsters…two of ’em actually. Even wrote one (or both up). It is surreal – when you see someone getting killed in a dream, not pleasant at all. But think of ‘all souls’ as being like birds on a phone line. When one is disturbed the rest can take notice. The comfort is that maybe “getting the word out” about the bad people is what it’s all about. Rest easy, my friend, it is NOT about you. Evil is out there and perhaps, as I figure it, the one way to “clean up the inner world” before we go there for real when we pass, is to figure out how to deal with the bad stuff now when we can share strategies and such.
        Much to think about, no doubt about it.

      • Oh, I absolutely would, but I don’t do readers. MMM has been on my purchase list since before you published it, but I need 5 bound copies, not Kindle downloads, and I don’t steal, so I’m not going to download it and reverse or disassemble Amazon’s rich-text protocol to print my own…

        BTW, I recently bought a fresh copy of “Propaganda.” It is purported to be an exact clone of Bernays’ 1928 first printing, done by a “Print On Demand” publisher in India. Cost was ~30% less than the current trade release. Turnaround is 90 days m/l by Abe’s estimate, but I have a (much later and less aesthetically pleasing) trade copy, should I want to look something up in the interim.

        Just sayin’…

        p.s. If you’re interested, I’ll send you a review, critiquing the quality and faithfulness of the reproduction, after it arrives.

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