Before the “short run through the snews” a word, or two, about history.  There are places where it  rhymes.  And, if you hear the [historical]  sound of music right, it can keep you from making stupid investment decisions.  Which is why understanding any period in its historical context is so important for living a ‘good life in bad times.’

Yet, every Age is different.  Phase relationships change, just as they do in music.  Overtones, as well.

An example of an overtone change?  Well, when the Great Depression struck, a lot of farmers lost their land because their mortgages were called.  Are there programs today that could prevent such a thing should we wake up next year and find ourselves in a crushing Second Depression?  Sure.

No doubt, at the first sign of deep, structural, trouble, some agency or the congressoids would pipe-up with a plan to put interest payments for all on hold.  And that would be pandered as “solved.”

But it  wouldn’t be.  For the simple reason that the  overtones have changed in this cycle.  The overtone to look at today is how property taxes will – in a Second Depression – force millions of people out of their homes.  And this is where the overtone becomes harder, stronger, with more harmonics of the square waves to resolve.

We can’t just have the FedGov tell 50 StateGovs “You have to forgive property taxes!”  Won’t work.  Instead, counties and states will have to stick to their fiscal guns (impounding property and selling at tax auctions) because if they don’t, State and County (along with city) workers on those nice government retirement systems will be crushed, too.  And that’s how the nature of a Depressions works.

Depression of the 1840’s was due to wagon-based expansion West between technological innovations.  The “long depression” of the 1873 period to almost the turn of the century was because the expansion of rails was complete.  The periodicity of depressions would come around when (lifted by WW-I and the fledgling auto and aircraft inventions) the Big Rush ended.

As I explained on the Peoplenomics side of the house recently, successive innovations are great because they provide for the illusion of an expansion while the successive technology is being birthed.  Autonomous cars are in their infancy.  So, for now, it seems that robotics and autonomous cars will be great.

Thing is, when the roll-outs come, then the aircraft industry will enter its decline and that’s when Depressions happen:  When new, dominant, technologies arrive and displacement sets in.

There is then the matter of phasing.

Let’s go into the little recording studio here at Uretopia Ranch and lay down a few notes using GPO-5 (Garritan Personal Orchestra 5) on two tracks.  then we copy and paste those two tracks to another two-tracks  (It’s OK, we can easily mix 128 tracks in MAGIX Samplitude Pro X3 Suite (we’re on X2).

Played together, this four-track marvel reveals no discernable difference.  But, when we off-set one set of tracks from the other, we here a phase shift.  Some sounds are additive while others are subtractive.  And in recording studio parlance this is a phase-overlay .  By those who didn’t have the software VST’s back in the day.  Just a couple of old Ampex 351’s to diddle with.

The most famous example of effective use of phase-overlay in pop music production in the late 1960’s (when I was doing mornings as a DJ on KGHO in Aberdeen/Hoquiam, WA) was the song Itchycoo Park by Small Faces.  *(It’s OK to crank it up.) The “phase overlay” is the part which sounds alternately hollow and like a jet is flying over adjusting hollowness.  Try to remember this; it will be on the test later.

Now, if you were also a broadcast & recording engineer, inventor, with a side of economist, amateur historian, and management geek who day trades too much, what would pop into your head is…

So Trump is to Now like Teapot Dome was to president Harding before Hoover?”

Bada-bing, Bunkie!

“Before the Watergate scandal, Teapot Dome was regarded as the “greatest and most sensational scandal in the history of American politics”. It damaged the reputation of the Harding administration, which was already severely diminished by its controversial handling of the Great Railroad Strike of 1922 and Harding’s veto of the Bonus Bill in 1922. Congress subsequently passed legislation, enduring to this day, giving subpoena power to House and Senate for review of tax records of any US citizen without regard to elected or appointed position, nor subject to White House interference.”

Fast-forward to now and behold Trump’s latest Tempest in a (Democrat) Teapot:

“Trump ordered aid frozen; more Democrats want impeachment”

Of course, we have been (rather rationally asking) “Who leaked all this and why aren’t they in jail yet, after all it’s a horrific security leak and my old “news nose that knows news” is telling me this is likely yet-another play called in from the sidelines by the still-free silent coup perps.

As the president tweeted:

“@FoxNews bombshell information reports that the so-called Whistleblower did not have firsthand knowledge of that phone conversation with Ukraine’s President.” Wow! @HARRISFAULKNER It is all a Democrat/Adam Schiff Scam! Doing this for 3 years now, and found NOTHING!”

We are not alone: “Trump questions patriotism of whistleblower central to Ukraine firestorm”  is typical of the Trump-hating media sliders.  Because what you’ll read is a pivot attempt to make the story about  partiotism when in fact it’s about criminal conduct – revealing US intelligence without authorization.  See how this works, yet?

What Trump ought to do next?  Call William Barr and ask him WTF and where’s the investigation (grand jury) and indictment of the leak, leakers, and roll a high profile swamp creature perp walk that Rudy Giuliani would no doubt manage since that’s his invention.

What’s being missed is how closely this mirrors the Teapot Dome scandal and how it’s just a “fraction of a history cycle off” the original soundtrack, laid down in the 1920s  Ever read Chris Carolan’s cycles work?  Check 

The Turning Point Ahead?

OK, sure, maybe we did another half-hour “lunch money” quick hort-side trade Monday.  But we didn’t stay short long because remember the 82-trading day mirror of 1929 is day after tomorrow – depending how far apart the “tracks” are and who knows?

Which is why – with the market up almost 100 in the pre-opening futures – we won’t be surprised to see a move to the very tippy-top of the ascending triangle formation in the daily charts.  Which, if you were interested in, you’d be a  Peoplenomics subscriber.

The DDP  (Daily Data Point)

That’s the Case-Shiller S&P housing data which we will post about 8:15 AM Central when it comes out.  Come back then, or if you’re reading this after-the-fact set your alarm, next time, right?

Mostly Useless BS

Like you’d be surprised if you learned that some Western intel outfit was trying to “wag the dog?” Syrian Terrorist Drones Were Built With ‘Outside Help,’ Russia Says.  We sure as hell wouldn’t be surprsied.  But, then again, Russia would be tossed off “To Tell the Truth” in a NY-second…

Setback for the Con Artists in Brussels (yeah, that’s the EU if you’re stupid):  “Europe’s Top Court Limits ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Privacy Rule.”  Remnember, these are the scammers who want to tax world-wide revenue of non-EU domiciled global search people.  They are prolly too stupe to realize it, but this this kind of “We Own the Web Chattel (phone-face apes) is what will eventually lead to regional, not a global Internet. They’re driving toward break-up. Pricks.

Oh, speaking of PAP (pricks across pond): Top U.K. court rules PM’s Brexit move unlawful.  Remember, owning courts is not just a US sport.  The PowersThatBe either own, or lease, or rent most of ’em.  Political contributions are the “lease and rent payments.”  It’s just no one has time to audit elected officials to see who got how much money and then how they subsequently voted, regulated, paid-back or otherwise influenced in return.  Like who has time, huh?

Meantime, Trade talk lifts shares, pound whipsawed by Brexit drama.  Blah, blah, blah…

Need more “Oh, Dah?” New U.N. climate change report expected to be grim.  NSS.  Pay people to write doom porn and guess what they’ll write?  You gotta be freakin kidding me.  All of which we will talk more about tomorrow on  Peoplenomics where the next chapter in my new book “The 100-Year Toaster” will reveal the one thing overlooked in  Report from Iron Mountain.  But again, if you gave a crap, right?

(Did I take an extra surly pill today?)

And in the only real story that matters,Trump offers to mediate Kashmir dispute between Pakistan, India”  Which you will find on the more honest of the NY papers like the Post.  The “running on reputation” paper in Gotham is running a laughably “pot calling the kettle” under the headline “The America That Isn’t Polarized .”  Yeah, sure, you betcha.  Wanna tell us how that works?

An Important Woo-Woo Note

Credit to reader  William at the Radio Ranch for a comment which reminded me of something I keep forgetting to mention.  Don’t even know if I put it in my book Psychocartograph, either… but here goes.

Most people have “vivid dreams” at some point in their life.  Or, they have a dream which is precognitive in some way.

Thing is that most people don’t remember when the HD dream was so they can’t try to duplicate the “enhanced dreaming” conditions that led to wild-ass, crazy, insanely entertaining, informative, and educational and sometimes life-altering dream.

Try changing the orientation of your bed.  You are likely to change your dreams.

From long experience (which comes with being over 70, right?) I can tell you that my “hot window” for precognitive and “most useful/educational” dreams comes a few weeks  after the equinox.

Let’s think this through:  You know salmon, and other anadromous species, and probably birds, too,  navigate by a kind of magnetic tracking system built into their heads.  Thing that goes away when you sleep?  No sir, still there.

While we don’t know if people with iron deficiencies are less  directionally stable (though if I’d spent this lifetime as a doctor it would be an incredibly cool experiment and meta data study), what we know experientially is our own “optimized mental states and dream” orientation.

Why “rotary beds” are not more popular is totally beyond me.  Elaine and I may have to look into getting one.

This morning’s crackpot theory (Oops!  Maybe that’s why I didn’t put it in the book!) is that each and every one of us has an optimized  directional orientation during sleep that may be experienced year- round.

BUT, you need to keep track for a whole year to understand what your personal magnetic orientation is.

Since yesterday was the beginning of fall, we know that the Sun is right over the equator.  270-degrees at sunset.  Miss you Machu Picchu.

If you had wild dreams last night, you would simply turn that rotating bed you just ran out and bought, to “track the sun” while you sleep as the seasons progress.

Since I know that in the spring, my optimum angle is about 320-degrees (northwest) in the spring, my likely track right now would be southwest of my “spring heading” of 320.  Seeing how this works?

I just stumbled onto this accidentally, and your results will vary, but once you understand how this stuff works, you might find a “best bed orientation” for different times of the year to enhance sleep.

Since the tropics (Cancer and Capricorn) are 23.5 degrees, it means the annual “swing” of sleep headings will be 47 degrees.  Since that’s awfully close to 45-degrees, this sort of infers that the best “orientations” for enhanced sleep are +/- about 2-1/2 degrees, or so.

It will take some additional experimental observations, but as a starting point, I know that spring, sun at 270 degrees, the most vivid dream window is at 320-degrees.  That’s about a 50-degree (and bet me it’s not really 46.5 degrees) offset.

So when the sun  moves down to -23.5 degrees in the winter, the experiment is to determine if my “best/insightful” dreams come with a body orientation at (320-23.5) 296.5 degrees for best winter dreaming, OR whether it works the other way which would be (320+23.5) 343.5 degrees.  Less two weeks of precession but let’s not get too detailed.  Big picture here.

Of course, there is a tremendouse business opportunity buried in here, too.  Because when we sleep at night, our head positions change (a fair bit, maybe 20-degrees depending on pillow changes, neck angles and such) the will (in a few years, depending on my research) a whole new class of bed which will use video capture to analyse the sleeper’s head-orientation and then adjust the bed orientation so that the sidereal relations are maintained.

Oh…one more wild card in my design work:  Which side of the bed your partner is on.  It seems to make a difference, too… Face up, Elaine being on my right seems to accentuate dream quality.  Left?  Not so much.

Last bonus ponder:  Is maintaining your proper alignment in sleep a key to more healthful sleep and a longer life?

So much for the morning woo-woo, huh?

Write when you get rich,