Econ Data and Treasure-Hunting Woo-Woo

Not much of a day shaping up in markets:  Europe is down, and since ALL markets are linked (and have been for years) we would not be surprised should the US follow-suit later on, but as always that’s neither advice nor prediction.  More, like a head-up while watching sports, being able to ‘know where to look‘ for the next action.

That said, gold was back over $1,5009and silver back into the $18’s while Bitcoins continue to struggle with the $10,000 level.  And were losing when we looked.

First Data: CFNAI

Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator’s just out:

“Led by improvements in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) rose to +0.10 in August from –0.41 in July. All four broad categories of indicators that make up the index increased from July, but three of the four categories made negative contributions to the index in August. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, edged up to –0.06 in August from –0.14 in July.”  Which picturizes as:

Last month it was Index Points to Slower Economic Growth in July… so the recession promoters haven’t hit – yet…

Catch-Up, Anyone?

The National Interest is onto what we’ve been telling you for six-plus months now:  “India vs. Pakistan Could Be a Nuclear War Where Billions Die.”  Yah think? Want to go ahead and hit the 90-day shot clock?

Notable and Nuts

Saber rattling, anyone? Russia’s Tsentr-2019 Military Drills: Vehicle Crashes, Ballistic Missiles and More.

Euro-clowns are so provincial dept. as Reuters rolls an Exclusive: Boeing bid for Embraer unit faces EU antitrust probe – sources.

Taken for a ride: Tens of thousands stranded after tour operator Thomas Cook ceases operations.

Electrifying economics on a roll: China’s Tesla Has Already Lost $5 Billion and Now It’s Fighting for Its Survival.  (Do owners always have to plug Tesla?  Inquiring minds want to know…)

Greasing the sand box: Saudi Arabia to restore full oil output by next week: source.  Iran is releasing a tanker, which begs the question is Trump’s angle working with sanctions and such?  Naw, won’t hear that in crooked media.

NY Times Trump-bash du jour:  (or “How to keep beating a dead horse…While we ask “Why isn’t the leaker in jail?”) As Trump Confirms He Discussed Biden With Ukraine, Pressure to Impeach Builds.  Lemme see:  Three years of nothing-burgers, is it?  Oh, look!  CBS is recycling the same burger, too in President Trump admits he spoke to Ukraine about Biden…  Well, kids, he IS the president and say, who is the source who broke security clearance laws?  Some ex-Obamite?  That’s where out bet is…

Genius to the street:  CNN seems to call-out the climate hoaxers today in Activists vow to shut down traffic today in DC.  So, lemme see how this works:  Blocking traffic lessens air pollution or increases it?  Show of hands?  Any sane people in the room?

Next thing you know, the Left will be doing mass shooting street theater in order to promote gun control, too.  Oh…wait….

The Fall Side of Woo-Woo

I was “off planet” when Fall arrived early this morning.

As anyone, who has read my book  Psychocartography knows, at times I enjoy living two lives.  One in the ‘waking state’ (like everyone else) and the other is experienced while sleeping.  Exploring incredible ‘other realms’ in a series of amazingly vivid/lucid dreams.

As Fall arrived today, Ure was dreaming and off-planet.  His essence was in the port town, shown on the map below.  Earlier, in the dreamstate, I’d been on a large commercial sailing ship of some sort.  There had been a storm which scared a lot of people, though no one was hurt.  I’d look for that on the waking-side later.

This part of the dream-state was more interesting: I was at the southern end of a continent (though remember, directionals in dreams are usually 90-degrees off, one way or the other and they can be mirrors, too).  In a small port town trying to gather some intelligence on a small habitation (sub-tropical) that was called Dwerke which was on the sheltered side of the western-most island in what was the “Whelen Islands.”  A map of the dream location looked like this, with North up:

Thing is, there was something slightly sketchy about Dwerke and the people living there.  And it involved an old motorboat, something along the lines of an Ed Monk, senior trunk-cabin craft of the 1950’s vintage.  Somewhat like the boat in the Wikipedia picture, but the hull and upperworks were black.  The kind of boat that smugglers would use.

In this realm, I spied the black-hulled boat and was debating whether to inquire directly about its owner, which I’d seen in a marina registry of some kind.  Discretion was chosen the better part of valor.  I dummied-up and thought about the voyage ahead.

Our plan (Elaine was with me on this adventure) was to take our boat down to Dwerke, top-off water and supplies and then “head out to ocean” where the plan was to head west and around the equator of this planet in the dream.  Somewhere, a few hundred miles west, we would pass a chimney-like brick lighthouse type structure, erected on a reef out in otherwise deep ocean, and we’d be on our way.  Wasn’t sure to where, but adventuring is like that sometimes.  You shove-off and things will take you where they will.

Rather suddenly came the a pulling back… a blackness clouding-over the dream…the “enough fun in this realm no back to work with you”…:as I whisked through the “switching zone.” This is the ‘borderland between states” where people are drawn through the half-light of consciousness to head this way or that, life, death, waking, dreaming….

And I was back.

4:47 AM.  With Fall coming through at 2:50 AM local time, I found it interesting that I’d been “off-planet” for fall’s arrival.

As I lay there, replaying the dream on the waking side of the memory player, I knew at once what I’d have to do:  Get on the web and see if there was, indeed, a Whelen Island group somewhere.  Where there’d be channels and such.  Where smuggling might happen and sketchy people be found.

As usual, the spelling was wrong:  But there it was, Whalen Island County Park in Tillamook County, Oregon.  Had no idea there was such a place. 

Next task was to look for associations between smugglers and smuggling in the area.  Ah!  As was reported this summer, itt IS prime piece of oceanfront for smuggling things ashore from passing commercial shipping.

Distances in dream and IRL (waking) were curious.  It’s about 19-miles overland from Tillamook, Oregon (which may have been the rhyme on “port” city ocean.  By water it would be closer to 40 miles since you would have to leave Tillamook well to the north, the whole length of Tillamook bay,  before deep ocean west and a  turn south offshore from Barview, Oregon.

As I was looking at the maps, I was reminded of a time when, as a single adventurer in my 20’s, that I’d done some treasure-hunting in this area.  (Another pastime to cover some morning…).  There is, indeed, a purported long-lost Spanish galleon’s worth of treasure buried near Neahkahnie Mountain, but its far south of the waking-state dream fit.  The Neahkahnie treasure is thought to have been buried ashore of Neahkahnie Beach, near Nehalem which is up the coast from Tillamook.

A rhyme off the Whelen Islands in the dream?  Wait!.  Might that treasure  still be somewhere not on the slopes of Neahkahnie Mountain.  Has my brain been “low-level processing” this puzzle in background for almost 50-years?

The Wikipedia story of the treasure is detailed enough…

“A legend, dating back to the mid-1800s and the first Hudson’s Bay Co. employees to arrive in the area, claims the mountain conceals a lost treasure, hidden by Spanish sailors in the late 16th century.[5] There are various versions of the legend, but the most common ones involve a group of sailors carrying a chest up the hillside, then digging a hole and lowering the treasure inside. As the story goes, one of the sailors then plunges his sword into one of the men with them, apparently an African slave, and his body was then thrown in on top of the treasure; the idea being, Native Americans would not disturb a man’s grave, so keeping the treasure under a dead man would prevent the Native Americans—who, in most versions of the story were watching the activity closely from nearby—from digging it up.[6]

The “lost treasure,” subject of the 2006 movie Tillamook Treasure, has been searched for by hundreds of people over the years, some resorting to earth-moving equipment and others digging by hand. During the 1930s, two treasure hunters died when their excavation caved in on them.

Digging for treasure is prohibited on the portions of the mountain that are in the control of the Oregon Parks Service and is also prohibited on the beach, also part of the Oregon State parks. Some artifacts of possibly Spanish origin have been found on the mountain; notably, in the 1870s, a collection of stones with arrows marked on them and one with the letters D E W on it found by treasure hunter Pat Smith.[5] Beeswax has been recovered from the beach along the southwest slopes of the mountain for years; as early as 1814 chunks were dug from the beach sands and taken for trade to a fur trader at Astoria. One slab, described as “closely resembling polished stone”, has a cross with a circle at its center deeply carved on its surface.[7] But no treasure or evidence of treasure is known to have been found.”

I remembered it was hard to get down onto the beach even back then.  My plan was to sit on the beach and try to figure where would pirates head if they were lazy and laden with a heavy load of bootie.  Get into their heads and try that approach…

A lot of old memories stirred up by a dream as the waking pieces fell on the board.  But is it all so far-fetched?  We have computer viruses that can sit idle for years.  Until  zero hour arrives.  Then computing becomes a battleground.

Hmmm…. do humans have “zero hours” in their thinking?

Could the human brain be wired in a half-similar way?  Could the human brain process things “in background” for decades?  Who knows, but it was a savory question.  Much more fun that trying to guess the market open.

There remain many major treasures in America, waiting to be discovered.  Just there for the taking, or a split with land owners.  It’s just a matter of diligence in one’s research and skills on the land and with the electronics.  It was enough to move my “super metal detector project” two notches up the “Bucket List of Things to Do” though.

And if we ever sell the ranch in the outback?  Newhalem, Reedsport, these are gems that big city dwellers have not glommed onto, yet. Perhaps because of tsunami fears.  There’s a major fault offshore.  Still, more than worth the dream and the follow-up.  The energy flow of being reminded made the morning’s coffee even better than usual.

And it helps to fight-off what really kills us all:  aging in our heads.

There’s a treasure nearby to warm-up on.  One supposedly large cache buried a “day’s ride from Limestone County, Texas.”  Which is…uh…. here.

Dow futures down 45 after the morning data… Write when you get rich,

20 thoughts on “Econ Data and Treasure-Hunting Woo-Woo”

  1. Im going to have this running through my head for the rest of the day. 16 men on a dead mans chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

    Arrrgh, 73

  2. How about the movie The Goonies, takes place in Astoria, Oregon, not far from where you mentioned. Movie about a lost treasure.

    • I live near Nehalem, Oregon, have several properties here. Views of Neahkkanie Mountain and Nehalem River/Bay. It’s a beautiful place and I’m out of the tsunami zone. Just a lucky fortune for me.

  3. George,
    -To the many replies to my point regarding the Great Automation Depression hitting full force in 5 more years:
    Yes, technological innovation is historically inevitable, even beneficial — but it’s going to be a very, very rough ensuing 25+ years.
    -When macro-demand and jobs collapse, these folks from the former Middle Class are going to be in severe turmoil, and will join with the Lower Class, which as we know, led to the 1930s ‘populist’ dictatorships, arising on both sides of the political spectrum.
    -Whether it’s a robot tax (Ure), a technology tax funding UBI (Yang), Scandinavian capitalism (Bernie/Warren), or whatever, someone better get rid of these linguistic pigeonholes and start thinking outside the box.
    -Unless of course one doesn’t think democracy is worth protecting.
    Best, Mike.

    • One can argue that the real measures of a Depression are homeless people and bank accounts disappearing, with everything else just academic arguments and window dressing. I think your five year timeframe might be a little on the long side, that is, we are already in the stealth early stages.

    • I really think “democracy” has to go! We need to preserve real freedom and our Republic, if we can keep it.

      Democracy is mob rule, and the mobs are well understood and easily controlled by small groups of determined men. Individual thought, action, self-reliance and expression, with general rules for interacting respectfully and politely can make for a fun, decent and civilized society. The libertarian ideal can be approached, if not approximated if we all simply allow the same level of freedoms to others that we consider that we have a right to ourselves.

      Those who wish to enslave others enslave themselves too.

      • “with general rules for interacting respectfully and politely”

        Good luck with that. I don’t believe I have met a single Xer or Millenial, save my daughter, who even knows who Emily Post was, and even da kid “bends the rules” to suit her company, rather than calling them on their boorish behavior…

    • In my area most cash register jockeys are gone. U-Scans have replaced them.

      I think the next largest cost to grocery stores is replenishing stock to the shelves. Placing product onto a shelf can be automated.

      What I propose is product packaging redesigns so that replenishment stock can be dropped form the store’s ceiling. This machine would be similar to a bowling pin setup machine.

      Instead of the store buying a “box/case” of product, the store would buy a “magazine” of product. The stores automated system would move the magazine into the proper location from above. Once in location the magazine could open, drop the product and return, or the magazine may be a part of the shelf…. some engineering would be needed.

    • @ MIKE

      Democracy is NOT worth protecting..IT IS MOB RULE…Individual Liberty is what one needs to DIE FOR….also good to live for and with…as the Founders wanted for this Republic…they knew ANY Democracy was ..Tyranny…given human beings desire to rule over others and own control most things….SMART men…they were…and their IDEAS still are SOUND today…..except for Hamilton…which the left seems to adore….

      • That’s an interesting perspective as I would have guessed, possibly incorrectly, that democracy is a prerequisite for liberty.

      • Not really – he’s right democracy is mob rule.
        But, a constitution democratic republic is a hybrid and knock on wood, THAT works great. Check warranty and packaging for details. May be subject to a 250-year term.

  4. George;
    The treasure is where you are at and the companion that is present there with you. You have a great place and zeus. You have it ALL.
    A perfect base from which to explore, great realms at all compass points to explore. A warm place well built, well defended to return to. So much to do and see.
    Why can we not use current tech to “see” beneath the soils looking for buried treasure. Ultra sound, ground penetrating radar, current tech mapping from satellites or aircraft as the archologists are using. ?So much out there can be utilized.

  5. Yo ho ho and bottle of 1 Barrel Rum..and a couple of Pirate Hookers from Whore the life for me!

    Belize It – an historic Pirates Paradise – The Dream is real George – R U going give chase?

  6. You’ve said several times that in dreams you’re often off by 90 degrees.

    Here’s a thought:

    We (humans) orient ourselves in our brayne-world with an understanding that north is “up,” and south is somehow “down.” If we were in near-Earth space a couple of thousand miles up, as if looking at a map showing the whole USA, we would tend to orient ourselves with our heads to north, east to the right-hand and west to the left.

    Now, here’s a question:
    Is your bed oriented north-south with the head end to the north?

    Many animals have a magnetic sense — maybe we do, too — just undeveloped.

    • I’ll give you an even more mind-bender to consider and it’s based on the mirror paradox.

      That’s where up and down seem to work in mirrors but right left?

      Back to point – you know the world is really upside down because of how your eye’s optics work, right?

      What if there is some OTHER aspect of mentality that has to be worked “backwards” to see all that is?

      I have written before about this whole thing (stare at ceiling, pretend it is “down”) mental state-change works. And how instead of you walking toward something, you “walk it to you.”

      Well, imagine there is another “way of perceiving and believing” that is cloaked in religiosity but can unlock so much more…

      That’s one of the novels to write on my writing list… I have so many books to write now it’s just silly. Hoping to get “100-Year Toaster” done on the Peoplenomics side in the next month… Books two write after that? Novel 2 in the series (Grav) and the one after that )TED( (short for time-expansion device). The next nonfiction will be “Suitcase between the ears” but that can be distilled into a simple Peoplenomics article. And then I can write “Mental Block” which would be David Shannon novel #4….but that’s the framing you’ve stumbled into with your comment.

      Oh, and to answer your question, my “best bed orientation for precog dreams is 300-degrees” The best sleep is 10-degrees (eat of north) and current (borderline dreams and such) is where our bed is now: 270-degrees.) – will write some of this up as a short blurb this morning as a woo-woo.

  7. Treasure hunting use to make a fun family outing.
    When I was a boy there was a really old hermit. He lived in the state park. All the kids would gather around him to hear the story about the bandits that attacked a govt calvary payrole headed west with twenty thousand dollars of twenty dollar gold pieces.
    They sent for help and fought the bandits. Chasing them from one park to where another is now..
    He was one of the calvary that chased them. Somewhere close by they had hidden the gold booty.. he searched his whole life for it. He said the survivors said it had been buried in a wash.. ( I always suspected the now man made lake that was xs a wash at that time)
    I bought a really good metal detector and searched while the kids played. Obviously I never found it but it did make for fun weekend iutings.
    A cousin to my brother in law did find a rifle and saber at the original battle spot..
    Maybe the bee’s wax was the treasure..
    From what I remember from reading the memoirs of the Astoria expedition it didnt quite go so well as planned…

    • Since a wash is defined as (in the western US) a dry bed of a stream, typically in a ravine, that flows only seasonally. We own a wash! I have the complete scanning of it on my winter (snakes down) work list.

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