Trump-Bashing Monday

Here we go again, kiddies:  Order in the Court!

We are expecting the social media revolutionaries (e.g. the Webolutionaries) to do everything they can to stop president Trump’s Supreme Court pick when it’s announced later today.

You see, it looks like there’s NO ONE Trump could name who would keep the radicalized social-media uprising happy.  Let’s think through what the ideal candidate would card:

  • They would be young.  Under 30 plays well with the halfwit revolutionary socialist crowd.
  • They would be non-gender-specific.  Androgynous people with legal experience on the bench and high marks in school seem in rather short-supply…you’ll here that.
  • It would be a racial minority of some kind.  Gotta have that checkmark for marketing.
  • Religious believes other than Christian, too, would be on the lefty’s dream list.
  • And they should be “special” in other ways, as well.  Fill in your favorite infirmity here.
  • They should also be a Hillary supporter.  Because the people dumb enough to vote for her last times may have yet-another chance to prove their political IQ again in 2020.

You see? Trump could nominate Jesus and escape being bashed.  After all, he was a male, didn’t have experience on “the bench” and we don’t know his specific view on Roe V. Wade.

Popcorn always ready, expect predictable shock and protests.  The webolutionaries (and Michael Moore, of course) were already planning protests even before the nomination was made.

The Webolution needs a cause to fill the radical bank accounts and the best fund-raiser the Left has is Trump.  Anything Trump is being monetized.  Is this a great country, or what?

Today’s Kabuki is obviously not about who’s picked…it’s who’s doing the picking. And how the rev’s can monetize it.

The webolutionaries are spinning it into an occasion to bash and raise cash all thanks to Donald Trump.  And when you check out from the rat race long enough to get centered, you come around to seeing that’s the sickness of America in a nutshell.

Valery Gerasimov’s doctrine on New Generation WarfareInformation Warfare (NGW/IW) is being well-served.  But, more on that in Peoplenomics Wednesday as we roll through the battle-space.  Next basher, please?

The Mueller Leaks

We think this one bears watching: Manafort filing unmasks DOJ meeting with AP reporters, questions if ‘grand jury secrecy’ violated.  And who gave the Feds information on the storage unit and access code?  Hmmm….

Isn’t leaking grand jury info, oh, you know, illegal?

Reverse Discrimination Department

Did you happen to catch “Lawsuit accuses Harvard of discriminating against Asian-American applicants in ‘personal ratings’?”

We expect this is a trend as many of the junior Trotsky’s in admissions (around the country) are very likely engaged in discrimination against Asian and White students when the numbers are revealed.  Let’s all correct past wrongs by doing a bunch of new ones, shall we?

Then we’ll put a bunch of lipstick on it and call it “progress.”

Pop Goes the Market

As we noted in the Coping section today, here we had the wailing due to the heat wave last week (and the holiday) and along came a decent rally in the market.

We’re looking for a 100 point pop at the open today ahead of the NBO (national bashing outbreak) that should be in force by Miller time today.

The Fed’s Consumer Debt (much to their Credit, so to speak) will be out this afternoon.  Might want to put some extra padding on your Yoke of Capitalist Oppression this morning….yust yoking, of course.

NFIB Small Business outlook tomorrow, while Wednesday brings producer prices and wholesale inventories.  Might need a double-shot Americano to stay awake through all that.

Thursday, the Consumer Price report is out and it’s a safe bet the prices will be going up.  Latest Fed Money Stocks were showing a tightening, so a moon-shot for markets seems far-fetched, but crazier things have happened in past Bubbles.

Don’t think this is a runup before a fallback?  Consider this: Third of sovereign funds plan to cut equity holdings, cite trade war fear.  Who do you think they’d they sell to?

The Public!  Suckers of last resort.

After Clicks, Bricks?

Second Amazon Go store opening in Seattle.

We’re patiently waiting,, meanwhile,  for the first Bluetooth robbery to take place in evolving NuRetailing space.

And this sucks: Starbucks Will Ditch Plastic Straws by 2020 to Reduce Ocean Waste. The older I get, the more straws make sense…..If I make 100 maybe they will be rebranded “food pipes” and be relegalized if there’s anyone left…

High Distraction Quotients

These stories will keep you nicely unfocused:

Tesla raises car prices in China: Electrek… What?  No Beijing tourism deals like the European makers used to do?  No “take delivery and visit Lop Nur,” like the European “take delivery and drive the Alps?”

Kim Kardashian visits inmates at California women’s prison: report… and do keep an eye on her since she’s moving into political space.   VP Material for Chelsea?  (God, I hope I’m only joking, but there are enough webolutionaries, you never know!)

In America, it’s no longer the quality of your work or your ideas:  It’s about the reach of your platform.   Follow?

Meghan Markle’s half-sister reportedly calls her the ‘Duchess of Nonsense’ while slamming ‘wuss’ Prince Harry like anyone with a brain would care?  Again, she’s a what?  Platform.

I will shut up and speak softly now.  This is America’s Biggest Morning After and we’re off to work again…

Moron the ‘morrow… Enjoy the Monday Bash-du-jours.

20 thoughts on “Trump-Bashing Monday”

  1. Two years to ditch plastic straws? Caffe Nero, one of the UK’s largest coffee chains did that last month.

  2. I wonder George how all these lefties will feel when the day comes that they have that brief but bloody in counter with reality that befalls all men and women?

  3. Simply take a look at the plastic straw and the plastic cup they are inserting it into. Better yet, weigh each and compare. Now, if you are trying to reduce waste and prioritize, which would you eliminate? A few SBUX executives is the correct answer, but I digress.

    By the way, what’s wrong with paper cups and straws? Make em with recycled amazon boxes.

      • Do you know how much DIOXIN is created in the bleaching process making paper?

      • The MSDS for dioxin as I recall is not too high (10 pts/trillion).
        that said, see EPA (1987) here and see page 36 table 6 for levels in things like coffee filters.
        I would drink more tea, but remain skeptical of dioxin levels from bleached kraft paper sources.
        Please note that urine (as in paper-based diapers) leaches out a lot more – and while there have been few reports on the danger of dioxin leached out, it’s one of those “Hmmm./..” items.

        While I would agree that dioxin hangers are not huge, they are still under study.
        You may be interested in a couple of recent papers that drive home this thinking.

        Whole genome sequencing and mutation rate analysis of trios with paternal dioxin exposure.
        Ton ND, Nakagawa H, Ha NH, Duong NT, Nhung VP, Hien LTT, Hue HTT, Hoang NH, Wong JH, Nakano K, Maejima K, Sasaki-Oku A, Tsunoda T, Fujimoto A, Van Hai N.
        Hum Mutat. 2018 Jul 3. doi: 10.1002/humu.23585. [Epub ahead of print]
        PMID: 29969170

        Sex-specific effects of perinatal dioxin exposure on eating behavior in 3-year-old Vietnamese children.
        Nguyen ATN, Nishijo M, Pham TT, Tran NN, Tran AH, Hoang LV, Boda H, Morikawa Y, Nishino Y, Nishijo H.
        BMC Pediatr. 2018 Jul 5;18(1):213. doi: 10.1186/s12887-018-1171-2.
        PMID: 29976197

        While I have high regard for the expertise of chemical engineering,, dioxin (and dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls) are one of those “better living through chemistry” deals which, like DDT is really a kind of ‘gift that keeps on giving” As in

        [Exposure Route of Dioxin-like Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Hair Based on Passive Sampling].
        Yuan HD, Bai Y, Li QX, Wang Y, Jin J.
        Huan Jing Ke Xue. 2017 Jun 8;38(6):2594-2599. doi: 10.13227/j.hjkx.201611077. Chinese.
        PMID: 29965382

        To simplify: I personally limit my tea consumption to one bag per day and don’t wear Pampers, lol…and yeah, the parting compound in plastics is bad too….maybe we should go back to tearing meat off bones with our hands and give up on drinking hot liquids?

  4. I am so glad straws will be ditched. There is a video of a sea turtle that had a straw very deep into its nostril – grown in (?) where it was bleeding and obviously painful to remove. How many k-cups do people need? oh, yea, all the garbage is the baby boomers fault. Yep, I’m an old fart.

    I still remember a Mork & Mindy episode where Mindy explained to Mork about radioactive waste. Mork comments how silly it was to have nuclear energy and no plan for the spent fuel.

    I still remember the first box of plastic kitchen trash bags I bought–thinking how silly it was to buy something just to throw it out.

    I love eating seafood, but there is plastic in everything now – including the seafood.

    • We had a plan for the spent fuel fully ready to go, that would leave it as a solid waste with a low enough radiation signature it could be stored outside in an earth berm and be safe.
      Jimmy Carter Banned it with an executive order.
      We could erase that now……

  5. Talk about “incrementalism” as a way to eventually ban anything you don’t like. Can’t ban guns? Ok. Ban center-fire ammo, or tax the beejezuz out of it.
    Later, you can tax .22 rimfire, and later ban ownership of more than 100 rounds at any one time.
    Don’t need to actually ban guns, if you can kill it with high taxes, or ban the “fuel.”

    Same with plastics. Today, it’s straws. Tomorrow it’s that fast-food white poly foam boxes. After that, ANYthing plastic. Easy.

    Tyranny can come in on little quiet cat feet…

    • I am a Chemist and Licensed Professional Chemical Process Engineer with a machine Shop in my Basement. Injected molded plastic case ammo is the newest thing and the military is looking closely, as the weight is so much lower, so a soldiers load out can be the same weight with more ammo. Much easier to make at home than brass cases.
      So tell me all about what you would ban and how you think you would do it?

  6. I wanted change, voted for Trump, and was called a “Deplorable”. Michael Moore is now promoting violence against the more conservative voters. A big change in a year from being called a name to people threating violence against others with different viewpoints . What forces on the West coast results in adults morphing into far left socialistic Wacky people.

    Socialism is the path to Serfdom. Just look at the former USSR, or Venezuela. Socialism did not work to well for them.
    Margaret Thatcher said it best, “The problem with Socialism is you ultimately run out of other peoples money to give away”.

    Red Dog

    • >> A big change in a year from being called a name to
      >> people threating violence against others with
      >> different viewpoints .

      Is it really that big a change? ISTM to be a simple escalation, of bad words to worse words. Then again, it’s useful, if not indeed necessary, to demonize (and thus depersonalize) “the enemy” prior to taking up arms against them. It helps greatly to overcome normal people’s dis-inclinations to commit repulsive acts against people near them.

      My guess — which I’d prefer to be wrong — is that more people will make more verbal threats over the next year or so, and as people become inured to what now seems offensive and surprising, hotheads (perhaps including people encouraged by agents provocateurs?) will make the jump from threats to crimes.

      Maybe I shouldn’t have written this while Bill Morrissey’s “It’s Dangerous Out There” was on the radio…


  7. George,
    Trump bashing is definitely occurring, but most is completely justified.

    Take North Korea for example. For weeks we heard how the world is now safer, complete de-nuclearization of NK is going to happen, ..blah,blah, blah. But, here is where Trump made a huge diplomatic mistake, and I think Warhammer will agree with me.

    Trump made the decision to compliment Kim Jong Un. He has called him “honorable”, “pretty smart cookie”, “very talented man,” and a “very good negotiator.” Trump saluted his military, embraced and gave the North Korean dictator all the weapons he needed to bolster the perception of his adversary on the world stage. He normalized Kim Jong Un…giving this human rights violator of a country with the GDP of Delaware more than the 15 minutes of fame that the dictator really deserved. Kim and Trump have a lot n common that way. As a result, It seems Trump is initiating a soft power approach to the person he used to call “Little Rocket Man”

    Now lets back track 6- 8 years ago to the incessant attacks from the Right when Obama took his Soft Power Foreign Policy approach to Egypt, Syria, and Iran’s Nuke deal to name a few. Fox News just couldn’t bear it. And guess what…they were partially right. The soft power approach for the most part was ineffective, although we will never know how the Iran nuke deal would have ended up…since Trump backed out.

    What makes Trump think the soft power approach will work now? Why did he change direction from the comments he made earlier in the year about a NK military option and all the bluster about “fire and fury” to the love fest after the historic talks?

    My take is that NK is playing games with Trump. The deal that Kim seeks is much stronger ties with China and it’s billion plus consumer market. Remember how he rushed off to China three times in three months, both before and after the meeting with Trump? He is leveraging China with the US. I think the lesser of the evils for NK is a China partnership….both geographically and economically.

    I have read in many message boards that China wants NK as its back-up manufacturing arm to stay price competitive. China has a growing middle class and the trickle down effect is a more educated working class. That means higher wages…which in turn makes them a less competitive manufacturing resource,. Switching manufacturing over to capable and seemingly educated NK workers makes sense for both China’s President Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un. NK gets steady employment for its workers and China gets to manage and control the building and management of the factories in NK for years to come. Xi Jinping needs Kim Jong Un to look like a hero so that he can continue to use his influence and control to convince his loyal citizenry and future workers to keep wages low.

    In the meantime, the back tracking is already started with NK and the US. They have called our tactics “robber like”..(That’s the more accurate Korean translation..not gangster as reported on the news.) Nevertheless, NK will more than likely spurn Trump as the deal between them and China gets hammered out. The WH is even started to stretch the timeline on the NK de-nuke process further and further out. Why isn’t State media (Fox) reporting this?

    I can break down about a half dozen mistakes just like this that Trump has made. so about the bashing…totally justified just as some of Obama’s bashes about him were totally justified. Goes with the job!

    • Scrolling, scrolling, Scrolling, Raw Hide. Your skewed perspective dog just don’t hunt!

  8. Oh George, it seems to me that you have a skewed view of what ‘lefties’ want in a supreme court justice.

    No one with any sense (whether left or right) wants a judge who is the ultimate ‘decider’ in our country to be under thirty – just isn’t going to happen while life expectancy is roughly age eighty.

    Raging hormones in mature justices would be really awful; Their minds are what we should be concerned with.

    So I guess that the ‘minorities’ currently on the court are bad . . . even the one appointed by a Republican president?

    Religion is a red herring; As long as they have experience in the American judicial system, that is what is important!

    Special? Of course a supreme court justice is special!

    Give the Hillary thing a rest already! To keep pushing it is really lame and people are not going to vote for her as she has too much past ‘crap’.

    Be real George!

  9. George:
    I hope your chart says the same thing Mine does.
    My DOW is nearly back to the 128 DMA and is about 425 pts over the 9 DMA.
    The S&P and NASDAQ are both well over all.
    And my calc of the Brainamp is 201 pts shy of the all time high of 23900 of January.
    I know you won’t say but depending on how the futures look in the morning it is tempting to get lon in the pre open market.

  10. I never liked Starcluck coffee – it’s too bitter, too strong, and too overpriced. I need to dilute it 50/50 with cream and then add sweet-n-low to mask the bitter taste. WTF am I supposed to stir the thing with? Oh, that’s right – just use a disposable plastic spoon.

    I avoid that place where possible, but it’s the only coffee available on campus, and I’m there fairly often.

  11. If you go to Amazon and search “stainless straws” there are more hits back than I cared to peruse.

    It’s simply SS tubing of course, some even come pre-bent with a plastic mouthpiece.

    The prices were quite reasonable.

    Granted, shops wouldn’t just pass them out with a cuppa, not at a cost anyone would want to pay, but for home use it’s worthy of consideration. Rinse and stick in the dishwasher for sterilization..good to go.

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