Trash Pump Tuesday: Fed-in-the-Box, PPI Wreckage

I’ll save the more erudite discourse for Peoplenomics tomorrow.  Because those readers are more likely to find topics like Hysteresis in Financial Decision Making quite interesting.

The general ides, though, is that of lag-times as the Future rolls into view.

We are seeing this play out right now in Ukraine.

  • The Ukrainians do X (cut off Russia-speaking area water, power)
  • The Russians do Y (“This is bullshit, we’re invading…“)
  • NATO does Z  (“The hell, you say!”)

Rinse, repeat, GOSUB, and escalate.

Which now includes additional sub-routines (this is like coding the future, right?) such as:

  • Since NATO did Z, Russia does A (Invasion, actual)
  • Western Allies seeing this do B (“Bad Russia! Sanctions!”)
  • Which drives Russia C (Pick up the phone and call China)

Which is roughly how we get into the headlines of this morning which include…(Think of this as data-logging the sub-routines here…)

Meantime, let’s not lose sight of the fact that War is “finance by other means” to butcher von Clausewitz a bit.

Nationalism is back!  The web is breaking up – Russian web, Chinese web, rest of world wide.  And Russia has now pulled counter-sanctions out of the hat.  Russian Prosecutors Warn Western Companies of Arrests, Asset Seizures – WSJ.  Which might impact those financial imperialists at IBM, Mickey D’s, Proctor and Whozzit, and whoever else has been “rushin” to be Big Globalist Dogs.

The Fed’s Trash Pump Breaks

Maybe you haven’t been around 73-years yet.  Maybe you missed those please the Geez projects like working on septic systems, hydro-jetting water wells, and pumping out flooded basements.  But as they gavel in today – rate hike pronouncement tomorrow – they are facing the financial equivalent of an ugly septic pump problem:

“A trash pump is used to transfer a huge volume of water with soft and hard solids like sewage, sludge, sand, twigs, leaves, and mud.”

In finance, we substitute paper for water and “Pump and Dump” has been the game.  Ever since this piece of shit market began to blow-over when Covid arrived in late 2019 and a scapegoat was seized on by the American Commisariat.

We gonna jump down, turn around, pick a bail of profits,

Gonna jump down, turn around, pick a bail a day… (chorus, repeat)”

[With apologies for expropriating Lead Belly’s classic, but we’re all working for The Man now, so “Git out there and pick them profits!]

Except the Trash Pump is Broke

Well now… None of how this rolls should surprise anyone.  Since in the Mazurok-Ure Correlation work (2001) we forecast a breakdown of fiat (paper) money when it became super-saturated with debt.  Idealized about the 83.5 year mark.  For Kondratieff wave students, 1.5 K-Waves.  Which is maybe 5-Juglar’s each, so perhaps 8 J-waves?

My consigliere – is already worried about how this all falls apart.  “IF Russia and China go with a partially gold and oil-backed currency, why would ANY nation accept American Paper?”

Um…yeah.  That’s a problem.  So we have to raise rates in order to at least pretend that we’re not playing with Monopoly money (but we are).  Biden’s taking knee pads around to keep places like Saudi land from jumping the Dollar shark. One big playah like that and the Buck’s toast.  Weimar, baby, here we come.

Mr. C’s point is simple:  What happens to the U.S. when (*not if, anymore) the “strong dollar” goes through its “emperor has no clothes” moment?  When China says “Been swell, and we’ve been buying your country out from under you, but we’re done now.  We’re moving in…”

Russia is a major food exporter, you see.  A quick look around the web reveals:

“In 2019, the top exporters of Wheat were Russia ($8.14B), United States ($6.94B), Canada ($5.97B), France ($4.54B), and Ukraine ($3.11B). In 2019, the top importers of Wheat were Egypt ($4.67B), Indonesia ($2.31B), Turkey ($2.15B), Italy ($1.69B), and Philippines ($1.63B).”

If you’re not following the Observatory of Economic Complexity, smart-up, buddy!

We can’t afford to lose Indonesia (for tech) and the Philippines (call centers, right?)  but with the Used Ess Federal Debt at $30,171,347,673,677.13 (plus another 25%-35% more because this doesn’t include unbooked interest we’re locked into paying) who’s going to want our “paper?”

You can’t eat paper.  West is due to rally today ahead of the Fed decision tomorrow – which will not make anyone happy.  Hence a run-up today seems likely.  More pump and dump, anyone?

Oh, my consigliere may have missed it, but in addition to (expansionist NATO/EU megalomania) the longstanding detente in Scandahovia may be in trouble as Complex—but Promising—Prospects as Finland and Sweden Mull NATO Membership | RAND.  No big defense contracts in stability, now, are there?

Fragility Haunts

Sure, sure, Anti-Fragile is a nifty concept.  But as I told you shortly after Nassim Taleb’s book Anti-Fragile came out in 2012, it was a classic economics book missing the HUGE and OBVIOUS point.

Which is?

Taleb’s point that many “Things That Gain from Disorder” flies in the face of the Third Law of Thermodynamics.  Which orders that “…the entropy of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero.”  Which – in Ure’s Extensible Thinking modelspace – means the world blows up as we burn-out resources.

Which happens two ways:  We can have a well-managed planet with modest population and live semi-sustainably while we figure out the hard problems of bending space-time manifolds to time travel and space-jump.  OR we can screw ourselves silly *(promoted in at least two global religions as growth models) and burn Earth to a Mars-like cinder in no time.  (Musk going to Mars is the ultimate extension of Reductionism – If he can’t find a food and water resource there, it’s a bad investment, unless you lock into the PGM (perpetual growth model of finance).  Which he’s done extremely well at, I might add.

Musk is a genius engineer.  But like the old programming joke (“To a C programmer, everything looks like a library call’) Musk’s vision collapses when the mushrooms bloom.  Besides, ‘A Growing Number of Billionaires Is a Sign of Failure’ — Global Issues reports.

Moreover, Anti-Fragility misses the Ure Loop.  We go through centuries of anti-fragile developing to get more food to build the ‘burbs, and here comes EMP and we’re right back at the beginning.  See how Anti-fragility is a bounded solution set?

Meaning modern life only works until it’s unplugged.  Then we’re all f**ked and fighting for scraps to live.  Or worse.

Which now circles back to the US Fed which is trying to print through a Depression.

We spent more money than we have (on such genius-level scams as writing ourselves government rebate checks and agreeing that was not a fraud even though it puffed up the bubble even more).  Even now, Pelosi and Schemer along with the other Fools on the Hill are hiding behind Covid, Zelensky, and (in short order) the Land War in Europe featuring the NSNWs which are now making the rounds in the press as I told you about on Christmas day.  Go reread it if you’ve forgotten: UrbanSurvival 2022: War Year?

Sadly, we’re right more often than wrong.

The musical chairs music is sounding like a skipping record (mal-sampling CD if you’re under 40).  The Fed’s trash pump is about to get a Russian clog (famine, starvation, or throw in with them).  

Which leaves me trying to console my consigliere who’s asking “Why can’t the D.C. dumb-shits understand second-level effects?

The answer is because they are the poster children for arrested development, and they can’t think beyond certain body parts.  Which means they all have control files which Catherine Austin Fitts talks about now and then.  So they WILL do what the high bidder on [name an issue] demands.

We now rejoin the train wreck in progress.

Actual Data: PPI Sucks!

Inflation?  In the pipeline?  Uh…

“The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.8 percent in February, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This rise followed advances of 1.2 percent in January and 0.4 percent in December 2021. (See table A.)

On an unadjusted basis, final demand prices moved up 10.0 percent for the 12 months ended in February.

In February, the advance in the index for final demand can be attributed to prices for final demand goods, which rose 2.4 percent. The index for final demand services was unchanged.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 0.2 percent in February following a 0.8-percent increase in January. For the 12 months ended in February, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 6.6 percent.”

Part of the Fed box is if they raise 1/2 a point tomorrow, that insures a recession in Q3. If they don’t, they light the other fuse – the one that sends overseas food importers to bigger suppliers (like Russia) because who wants paper that’s not keeping up?

Actual Data: Empire State Data

Just out from the NY Fed:

“…the March 2022 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index fell fifteen points to -11.8, its lowest level since May 2020. New orders and shipments declined modestly, while unfilled orders increased. Delivery times continued to lengthen substantially, and inventories expanded. Labor market indicators pointed to a modest increase in employment and a slightly longer average workweek.”

Yes, this is labor cost suckage chalked up to the Crack-Up Boom as U.S. Jobless Rate Fell In Most States In January, 10 At Record Low (

Usefully Noticed

While the U.S. Covid cases seem improving, we can’t help but wonder if China isn’t going to use the Covid outbreaks as a way to begin “soft sanctions” on the U.S.?  China Covid spike worsens: Dongguan factory center locks down (  Given this, Singapore is passing on a lockdown for now, and the Island of Idiots (UK) loosens Travel in Europe: UK to scrap all Covid travel rules.  We are governed by fools, tools, and charlatans all around.

Life on the rocks: Cruise ship carrying thousands runs aground. Norwegian Escape.  (I’ll have a Finlandia rocks, in sympathy today since Vikingfjord is hard to find here…)

News keeping you in the dark?  Close The Blinds, Switch Off Lights Before Sleeping. Study Explains Why.  Mean like its night or sumptin?

Not how to solve homelessness:  Homeless Killings: 2 Killed, 3 Wounded in NYC, Washington | Time

Israel-Iran nuke spat simmers: Iran nuclear deal: Revolutionary Guards claim to foil nuclear sabotage plot, talks on hold (

Climate strange: Dust from Sahara gives gritty tinge to Spain’s skies | The Seattle Times.

But wait!  Aren’t we all supposed to be dead by now?  New IPCC report says climate change poses an extreme risk to billions of people.  Ziss like, oh, you know…a rerun?  What about mushroom risk?

Around the Ranch

And inch plus of rain overnight.  No sign of Sahara dust here.

Highlight of the day will be the nitrous as a tooth chip gets fixed.  Sometimes a memorable experience. Chip off the old block comes to roost.

Write when you get some,

52 thoughts on “Trash Pump Tuesday: Fed-in-the-Box, PPI Wreckage”

  1. All china is doing is locking the nation down before they venture into Taiwan- everyone has their panty’s in a wad over the Ukraine and with the US making their typical big guy in the locker room accusations to China I think this weekend would be the perfect time for China to make it’s move – because as we have shown we won’t do squat about it.

    • Timing is NOT right. Only May and October are generally good weather wise for a Cross Straits military affair.

      It may only be 100 miles across the Straits … but it is a STORMY 100 miles that would play havoc with any ships trying to offload any equipment other than in an actual port.

      Patience … Xi WILL invade. It is just a matter of WHEN.

      Xi has said several times that he will NOT leave the Taiwan problem for his successor. Like Putin, when he says something of importance like that you can TAKE IT TO THE BANK. It WILL happen.

  2. “My consigliere – is already worried about how this all falls apart. “IF Russia and China go with a partially gold and oil-backed currency, why would ANY nation accept American Paper?”


  3. 1 Timothy chapter 4, 9-16 springs to the mind this morning. Thr moon was beautiful this mornig. At 3am, casting its light accross the water. My youtube song got stuck on repeat, “that is who you are.” Played over and over for about an hour. On the song Way maker, miracle worker, promis keeper, light in the darkness. By Lee land.

    Hmmmmm. Not sure what yesterday was about. But I’m 100% today. Happy teusday. On to finish my morning ritual.

    Gas prices dipped down a little bit last night. Everything seems new today. All bright and shiny.

    It’s not easy being like how I am at times. Switched to smoking “complete” from smoking crowns.

    Afa the gold backed currency idea of russia and china. Which a while while back i saw the return of that. I think in the zero report. The only thing I can add is

    Even if you combined the Russian and Chinese Navy? It is laughable compared to the US Navy in size and strength.

    So I might remind you of this George, 71% of the earth is covered by water. 96.5% of the entire planets water source is in the ocean. The US Navy employs 333,978 personnel with 101,583 in reserved, it has 290 deployable combat Vessels and more than 2,623 operational aircraft. Including 11 nuclear powered aircraft carriers.

    Russia has one aircraft carrier and China has 4 aircraft carriers.

    As it is now. The United States controls not just the homeland. But also 71% of the planet. And 96.5 % of the earth’s water.

    And according to rumor. We have the most gold by far. Over 7,000 metric tons. Germany and alot of other country’s store their gold over here keeping. Not counting the Vatican or Foundation X.
    Those guys been not paying taxes for over 2000
    Years and ccollecting 10% tithe and 10% offering.
    Not to mention all the gold and treasures they sacked before they changed their name from Facebook to Meta. Uhem. From Rthe TRoman. Empire to the Catholics.

    Same thing. Well sorta. Lol
    So fuck China and fuck Russia. Let them think what they want.

    We must not forget what David Bowie said before he died. Perhaps the Song of the new century. As the lyrics go, ”

    ~ God is an American. ~

    I would imagine that God drives a nice ride and loves a super nice house, with a beautiful girlfriend.
    Wonder how much DOGE ELON God has.?

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you as well.

    Q: ~ I’m afraid of Americans ~

    David Bowie

    • P.s. I been hearing alot lately that God’s name is John. Hmmm. Well im glad it’s not Andy. I thought John was the dude before Christ.

      I got a random text this morning that said, “I’m on the way now. No joke.” Not sure what that means.

      It would be nice to have a couple months free from pissed off employees, that I had to fire for variety pack of regular dumb shit and general stupidity. And call me all kinds of names and threatened to kill me, burn my office to the ground.


      I try to take any of that personally, it just buisness and I’m trying to run a successful business.

      It would be nice if we could all get along and do our jobs professionally. and not be employees getting caught getting blow jobs in the bathroom at the venue to grant drunk women access to back stage. Even if it is their idea. Which happens time to time.

      I been offered all kinds of stuff and I have let anyone go back stage with out the proper credentials. I ddon’t care qwho they are .
      I had a couple sisters tsay to eme. We will do what ever you want if you can get us back sstage. I said you will so aanything.r they said anything! No matter how freaky.
      I said you see that sign over there. Pointing to the will call. They said ya. I f you will do anything I want. I want you to go over there and buy a tickets.
      Then show your ticket at the door and enjoy the show from your every one else.

      One of them looked at me and wow you area strong mman. Nobody has ever turned us down with that kind oof offer.

      I ssaid, good day to you ladies. And walked away.

      Everyone want to be the Boss until you have to do Boss stuff.

      I’m ready to advance to the next llevel.l. guess we will see.

      • Uhem. I have not let anyone back stage for any thing other than proper credentials, and they are on the list as having access. Not a single person. No matter what they offered. And I been offered $3000 cash. Nope your not on the list. Can’t let you back there. Lol.

      • “Everyone want to be the Boss until you have to do Boss stuff.”

        AMEN! I hated being ‘management’. People are tough to handle. I much preferred the technical work. The equipment does not talk back to you.

        Glad you are feeling better. That was quite a lot of solar flux energy dumped on the ionosphere in past several days. The high frequency shortwave bands were going nuts. I burned off a lot of my energy making ham radio contacts around the world.

      • Brings to mind a web yoke circulating of late.

        Shady Lady at car window: “$50 and Ill do anything you want”
        Driver of car reply: “how good are you at siphoning gas”

        Badump-bump (it’s better with the visual but …)

    • R U referring to how much Doge Coin Elon Musk owns or his tweets disrupting the crypto market? Is Cydonia on Mars just shadows?

      • Nope – Triangulate Cydonia – there are two more points of interest that Connect to it—they never show U that scheisse….put its there.

        Which of course is Impossible, then again so is the great pyramid, so go figure..

        damkina details..

    • You forget one very important military construct.

      It isn’t the TOTAL military forces that you have that counts when you go into a battle, it is the TOTAL THAT YOU CAN BRING TO BEAR in that specific battle.

      Naval forces we have in the Atlantic or Med are NOT going to do any good at stopping the Chinese in the South China Sea or wrt Taiwan. Only those in the Pacific, or Indian Ocean if they can get there quickly enough, will count.

      The Chinese Navy is now LARGER than the US Navy, both in number of ships and tonnage, and it is all CONCETRATED in Asia.

      While the US has more aircraft carriers …
      1.) How long will they last in the next BIG war and
      2.) The Chinese will both OUTNUMBER the number of carries we will have in that region and can augment their aircraft carriers in the South China Sea with land based aircraft in any conflict in SE Asia.

      If our carriers try to move in close enough so that it’s planes can strike mainland targets, well the LONGER RANGE land based Chinese aircraft will have the ability to strike our carriers BEFORE our carriers are close enough.

      The advantage the US DOES HAVE is that China imports massive amounts of raw materials by sea (and will continue until their rail connection – Belt and Road initiative – is somewhat completed across central Asia) and via that sea control we can remotely cut off far from China’s shores that sea connection of raw materials that China needs.

      However … if the US/Russia dustup continues to accellerate (we are already effectively in a State of War with Russia – everything except actual bullets flying between us) and become nuclear, well the majority of our fleet COULD BE gone in less than an hour (2/3 to 3/4 of the fleet is in port at any point in time – 1/2 or more in their Home Ports) and the entire dynamic of “Sea Control” changes dramatically. At that point in time the US’s ability to control the sea lanes WORLD WIDE is considerably reduced, maybe eliminated.

      China has a real incentive to keep the Russia /Ukraine conflict not just going, but to ACCELLERATE!! Let Russia “Take One For The Team” in other words, just like the US did wrt Europe in WW1, only showing up for the final conclusion after all other sides had bled themselves dry.

      Not sure why the Neocons have selected THIS HILL (Ukrine) as the one for their “Live or Die” battle, but select it they have and they are also determined to ramp it up further, just like the Chinese would like to see happen.

      We could be, and probably will be, living in an entirely different geo-political world by this time next year.

  4. I think that the Ruble will be pegged to gold, not convertible to gold. Meaning if Russia made the Ruble convertible to gold Russia would face the same redemption issue as Nixon did when he was forced to close the gold window. Nixon’s Closing of the gold window ended the US dollars convertabiliy to gold in 1971.

    In other headline news:

    Tom Brady is back and this time he’s packing heat.

    Or Tom Brady was offered heinous amounts of endorsement lucre to stage a comeback.

    Or News editors are subtly hinting at the end of the Ukraine war by returning to headlines like

    “The Fabulous Frocks of Footballers Wives.”

    If the Ukraine war ends soon what impact would that have on markets? What impact would the end of the Ukraine war have on Footballers wives?

      • Yoda would actually say “No Pegging there is! Convertability or lies there are. One you pick!”


    • Saud chieftans going to accept Yuan – it was nice knowing ya USD..

      ..lets get Phyzikal – cant eat any of it, but will be very valuable on the “otherside” of financial “event horizon”..”new electrics” dont cha know.

      …They are some BIG “holes” – and whoever finishes with most Debt – Wins!

      * BTFD gamerz, some real bargains to be had in the world of sheetcoinz (made up #’s/air)

    • I just searched on “The Fabulous Frocks of Footballers Wives” and no such title existed, not even on Yandex!

      I suppose the war is still on.

      • True. I was paraphrasing several stories.

        Giselle Bundshen continues to work and unrelated but relevant the Daily Mail had an article near the top about Gigi Hadid in a see through top. Other news stories are rising in importance to DM readers.

        Also none of the articles I have read anywhere have said Tom Brady “is bringing the heat”. In fact some have said he’s seven weeks out of training and therefore out of shape. The tone of some the articles is more along the lines of asking questions like can Brady hold a football? Does he know how to play the modern game? Is he only doing this for a payday?

  5. Opening a dam that’s been closed for years ….

    It kinda bothers me that NATO is building up on the other side of the world. Sure would hate to lose so much stuff over there when this side of the planet might need that protection. Not to mention we gave away billions $$$ worth of toys when we ran out of Afghanistan. – I mean, when you’re getting robbed, you don’t just give away your gun. (Make sense?)

    Use to be, the county would prep and prepare all together in times like this but, these days it’s on a individual, personal level.

    Odd, that high ranking officials can go to the lands of our enemies and say, “hi! How ya doin?” When before, we sent envoys of lesser folks who we were somewhat expendable. Hmmm

    Open boarder. Leaders here and north of us acting weird (woke) … while we position our military stuff in the line way over there to potentially get destroyed. Not to mention, getting rid of excellent military personnel who were smart enough not to get vaxxed.

    Forgive me for seeming selfish, but what about us?

    We’re getting a bit depleted around here.

  6. 3-6-9
    3×6=18 , 1+8 =9 ?

    Eighteen the proverbial verse…”Pride goeth before the Fall”

    disgracebook, thickthot, instaglam, Ulube – its all about pride and the EGO in these modern times..
    “ohhhhh no my TP going up in price and I might not have an extra 20 rolls in store” “Oh no, I got a grain of sand in my tighty-whiteys, I cant take it! the discomfort and irritation”

    We sheep have it sooo good, no idea concept of scrimp and save, going without….

    ? hank – how U think Ure boy, cloven hoof claus performing so far.

    Can Anyone Name a current world leader who has NOT attended the WEF management program/training class?

    Presactly ! including Pooteen, can U see thru Illusion now ?

    Yo hank, hows the pet “reptilian” of Ures doing?

    ?What you didnt know claus was one of hanks proteges, parking cars in the harvard yard back in day? the more ya know…

  7. Well folks, the day or should I say the era, has finally arrived. And you may ask, and what era is that? And the answer is the era where America has military peers in Russia and China, hence a true multi-polar world.

    Now for those who want to talk America has this and America has that, well that is irrelevant in an era of very accurate and powerful nukes. That’s why NATO/US has not jumped into Ukraine. The US military probably has the sense (not the polticos) to not start a nuclear war as their spouses and children will be incinerated on US military bases. The Russian SSBN missiles are not aimed at US cities – they are pointed at US military and government infrastructure, and no we don’t have the capability of taking them all down.

    Until recently, the US military enforced the ‘dollar standard’. Now, we have two new sherrifs in town who are saying, ‘not so fast partner’. The end is here for the dollar – I am not saying that no one will use dollars anymore, I am saying you are just going to pay up the wazoo for most things, especially things you need, and many Americans will be introduced to 3rd world living by the end of 2022.

    Oh yes, Biden is talking the talk, but Ukraine and the covid con have exposed America for what it has been for a long time – a fraudster. Love the American people as a whole, but the US government is the world’s largest Mafia.

  8. One of my former employees just asked me if it was the end of the world. So I thought about it. And I told him a true story from 2019. I said ya know man. I was driving my car at 120 mph, in Los Angeles at 3am in the morning. I had been awake for 9 straight days. I just smoked a joint laced with elephant Tranquilizer in it, and accidentally tossed it out the window. I had some kind of lizard running around in the inside of my car and a bunch of crickets bouncing around to feed the lizard. Inside my glove box I had probably $2000 worth of various narcotics, pipes other stuff. Not to mentionall over the floor of my car a bunch of Xanax pills and 8 balls of coke.. Next to me in the cup holder I had a papst blue ribbon can. The California Highway patrol pulled me over and I thought ohhh shit. I just drove all the way to LA to go to San Quinton. This 9 days after I almost married a stripper in a 24 hour Chaple in Kent WA.

    The cop comes up to the car and the pcp starts kicking in and asks. Do you know why I pulled you over? I’m higher than fuck. I’m fucking on a whole nother level of fucked off that most people can’t even imagine. Im definitely up to no good. I Cleared my throat and said no sir.

    He says well i noticed you have out of state plates. I said yes. Sir I’m moved to LA and I figured I’d travel at night. I heard the traffic is bad here. He said welcome to LA. It is bad here during the day. You might not be aware of this but we get bad brush fires here. I noticed you flicked your cigarette but out the window. I said oh yeah sorry about that. He said well that is why I pulled ya over. Alot of our brush fires are started by cigarette buts.

    I’m thinking this is the end of the world. As soon as he asks for my driver’s license and registration or if that lizard someone stole from the pet store comes out from under the seat, or he realizes I have a beer can in the costed next to me I’m fucked. Or if cricket jumps out of the car.

    Cop looks at me and then say. Use that can next to you for your cigarette buts. I said oh good idea. I will use that can. He then taps on the roof of my car and says. Welcome to LA. Have a good night sir. Goes back to his cruiser and drives off.

    Now if he would have asked my registration and insurance. You and I would have never met. I’d be in San Quinton for a long time. We would have met the Eagles and all the other people we met. You would have never worked here. We wouldn’t know about the trees outside my office that are blooming. And I was completely doing life 100% wrong that night. Now I’m atleast trying to do right and good stuff. Be helpful and generous and a good father and friend.

    So when you ask me if it’s the end of the world? I don’t think so. THE same DUDE who saved my ass when it was the end of my world that night. I think HE is still keeping things going. Regardless if everyone is doing shit wrong or not. What is to worry. Alteast now, we are trying to be up to good. And doing good things. I’m sure everything is going to be ok.

    See ya around. I have an empire to run. For now. Who knows what the future will bring. Im grateful to be here. Even I have a super weird day once and a while when the sun sends out a big CME.

    • Great story – I think we all have a ‘how did that happen’ sort of story. I know that I have been in many ‘potential’ close call situations. The difference between life and death is sometimes not even known – that’s the weird thing. We have been in many more dangerous situations than we will ever know.

      Good luck, karma, divine intervention, or just a close encounter – it’s all there if you live long enough.

    • No worries PB, the green geniuses , hello SF, say the Sun will shine and the Wind will blow Alwayz, in sufficient amounts to make up for ALL the carbon based fuels that have been Severely suppressed/repressed.
      Never mind all those power plant around the country that put off doing Any maintenance while waiting for Permits to Expire..whoops!

      Seems ALL their Calculations regards green energy were WRONG by a Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong shot.

      greta is very upset and pissed regards PB pointing out the obvious flaws to green nrg plans here – the same remorseless “shitz” who run/control global deepstate….

  9. Comrades,

    Yesterday there was a short mention in the wider msm of a 1989 Tiananmen Square Chinese dissident meeting a violent end in Queens, NY. “The New York Daily News” offered a bit more detail:

    As it happens, apparently the late lawyer was also counsel for the China Democracy Party. His alleged assailant, a Chinese national holding a US F2 student visa for study in California, had instead gone to New York. Looking at US online consular advices, it seems that the US secretary of state has waived the interview step for non-immigrant visas such as the F2 until the end of 2022.

    Maybe the events are simply a series of unfortunate coincidences.

    • cowinkydink?

      looks like a Spy vs Spy episode from one of the best mags in US publishing history – MAD Magazine .

      the Q -uestion being which one was the Assassin Black or White Spy.

      But first must understand if Chynah or USA is the Black Spy from MAD.

      for now going with Both.

  10. Some days I find it hard to gather my thoughts and express them in a coherent fashion. Today is one of those days. I feel like the expression I once read. “I think I got my shit together and now I can’t pick it up.”

    So I’ll just read the pearls of wisdom from the other posters here today and take a take a day off a world spinning out of control.

    Sorry Andy. Can’t find any blossoms on the tree today.

  11. What are the chances of China backing their yuan and taking it digital? Wouldn’t that be the end of the dollars’ reign as the global fiat currency? We have had a very long run as ‘the’ world currency – longer than most, I believe. On a Wave-Count – Isn’t time for a change-over ?

  12. Rumors and lies dept:

    OK, no longer a rumor (rumour for you Brits). Yesterday someone in the bus. sent image from a Bloomy terminal suggesting we may have something cooking in the background. Sometime late yesterday (I’m EDT and go to rest early) it appeared at the SEC site:

    So, we have someone, or some company, or some country, that’s making bets which have drawn ire of those who “tap on shoulder” telling traders or companies or countries to derisk, square books.

    We have two ETNs (exchange traded notes), OIL and VXX that are experiencing liquidity issues causing halts and discontinued offer. Other than that the nickel market was halted [checking, is still halted] by LME.

    So, someone got caught in a short squeeze for the ages. Yes, the reputed $8B is a lot of dosh. But, but, JPM was going to fix this, yes? Or, no? Splain it to me someone …

    Write when you get nickels,

    ps – wonder if Kyle Bass still has his truck-load of US nickels?

    • Egor,

      Uhoh, someone threw Party surprises into a crowded venue? That’s quite the scrambled stir-fry in the wok. Princelings to the rescue? Sweet deal if the short is allowed to sit above the fray and wait for the price to come to him.

  13. It seems that EverGreen shipping has managed to become EverStuck! Now the (N)EverForward is stuck in Chesapeake Bay, though apparently not obstructing the channel. This is the same company that had the EverGiven clogging up the Suez canal for weeks. I can’t even imagine what this will do to their insurance rates.

    That is of course, if they don’t have something bad in the containers. I sure hope Homeland Security is on top of this one.

  14. True, true, that Russian SSBNs are not aimed at U.S. cities, however, Chinese ICBMs are. They are widely thought to have mostly city-busters in their arsenal, which they consider to be the ultimate deterrent. No need for tit-for-tat escalatory nuke strikes. Just wipe out an entire city. Current estimates vary, but as recently as 5 years ago U.S. STRATCOM officials estimated China had between 50-75 warheads mounted onto ops ready ICBMs, with a few more deployed as sub SLBMs. That’s plenty to cause anyone some serious pain. For what it is worth, China has declared a ‘no first use’ policy, like the U.S. I imagine Putin could provide a suitable ‘false flag’ attack against China, claiming it was from the U.S., but I don’t think Xi is quite that diabolical nor naive. For now, Xi just wants Taiwan back in the mainland’s pocket. Indonesia, the Koreas, West Africa and parts of S. America (and Russia too) will come with patience and time. The country has been around for 2000 years. What’s another 20 or 30?

    US STRATCOM Commander Admiral Richard assured the U.S. Congress (in-part during classified briefings), that despite relying upon a dated arsenal and outdated operational equipment, the U.S. military’s nuke forces were aware of and prepared for any escalatory contingencies. See:

    America’s deadliest deterrent ‘aces in the hole’ are their stealthy 14 Ohio Class Ballistic Missile Subs (SSBNs), aka ‘boomers, each of which carries a START Treaty limited 20 missiles per sub, with each missile packing a classified number of multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles (warheads). A classified number of these subs are on 24/7/365 deployment and spend 2.5 months at sea before returning to dock, most of that time without surfacing. So each SSBN is a surprise sh*t storm just waiting to happen. Missile mission retargeting frequently happens. This is done passively in real time via reception of encrypted SATCOM or ULF comms. The subs seldom if every openly transmit when on patrol during time of heightened tensions.

    Also keep in mind that the UK and France also have strategic nuke capable subs on patrol.

    • If you throw enough nukes around, it does not matter – we have these pesky things called winds and currents. You will not escape the effects, and the post apocalyptic world will be – well, let’s let Nikita say this – ‘the living will envy the dead.’

      Sorry, no NATO option here in Ukraine. I was military long enough to know this. All the US beating its chest getting into a huff.

      • A very good point on the winds and currents. It won’t even require launching of nuke weapons – the Russian forces have already come close to causing the overheating and meltdown of Ukrainian nuclear reactors.

        I don’t know enough about prevailing wind currents to know who would be most affected, but I would think the fallout would be initially directed at areas of the same latitude, including Russia itself – a somewhat Stalinist approach to doing things, but apparently not out of the question.

      • Are not a problem. but the Russian nuclear subs, especially the ones ringing CONUS, are a huge problem if the poo ever hits the bladed blower…

      • c’mon Lennster – you cant be telling the War fighting “geniuses” about double edged swords – they might lose their nerve worrying bout getting cut..

        Fast Attacks – not only crack open Carriers, very adept at Imploding Boomerz. Track em leaving port & arriving in port, “prop logs” – big game of cat and mouse, cept now no longer on game footing…

        ?If a boomer sub suffers a fatal strike from a nuke torpedo, does it make a sound ?

    • “I imagine Putin could provide a suitable ‘false flag’ attack against China, claiming it was from the U.S.”

      Why would putin have to do that… especially when we are taking the first steps to totally make xi mad.
      The story today about nato seeking someone to assassinate putin is just stupid then make the statement of him standing war crimes trial..excuse me the past history that he has to reflect on is hussein and kadafi.. . Corner a bear he’ll fight back and coming right out saying that’s their plans will only upset him that much more and if he has nothing left to look forward to to fix this issue with dignity..phew.. I fear what the outcome will be when he feels there’s no other recourse…
      Then to threaten xi on top of it.. and not be ready to explain bio labs and other activities basically telling him he has to comply or else face serious repercussions… and not be willing to offer any explanations as to why we are not willing to make moves to de-escalate this situation. Like moving our nukes away from their borders and keep our word on a treaty we already agreed to.. none of this makes any sense whatsoever..and scares the he’ll out of everyone..
      Each day it gets amplified worse and looks scarier..

    • Warhammer Speaks of the Great Bear in prophesy. Strap in folks. This is going to be an amazing evolution.

  15. Sprinkled about in the area of El Rancho del Chaos forming a sort of ring around the Kansas City area are old Nike missile sites. All, supposedly, were decommissioned many years ago and sold off, minus any weapons and equipment of course. Whenever I hear talk about “bugging out” I think about how many of those old sites still have their precise coordinates listed in launch databases for mission retargerting thusly making not very many places suitable to bug out to.

    Aint not time to wonder why whoopie we’re all gonna die.

  16. Hi George;
    Russian rubles 120 rubles to one USA dollar.
    Chinese Yuan tried to go international in 2008
    or so.Lasted 6 months,kicked China’s butt,and many wealthy Chinese,gotbillions of Dollars out of their country..China shut it down..
    Russia economy is 1/20 th size of USA,China is 1/half size of USA and falling.Not #2. They have been inflating their currency at 10 times the rate of USA since 2008.. They are not going to become the worlds reserve currency..Currently NO ONE on this planet can do that. We is stuck as #1.. WE EARNED IT. NOW IF THE BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY WOULD STOP TRYING TO DESYROY THE GOOSE LAYING ALL THE GOLDEN EGGs.That would be nice…

  17. LIVE: Russia, Ukraine, and the Great Reset Explained

    The Great Reset (TGR);
    Why Russia, why Ukraine and how is it related to TGR;
    The end of the debt-base fiat currency system
    and other things touched on in today’s comments section.
    The serious discussion starts at about the -40 minute mark.

  18. The question the press should be asking is not “how will the Ru’s win in Ukraine?”, but “how will Ru’s get their people out alive?” The amount of personnel and equipment needed to counter 17,400 infantry-crewed anti-armor weapons and 2000 Stinger missiles which are supposed to already be in-country would leave the Ru’s western frontier defenseless. This is next-level assymetrical warfare.
    If the Ru’s pop off a demonstration nuke, there will be nothing restraining NATO armor battalions from taking the battle to Ru turf. NBC warfare is probably safer on the opponent’s turf.

  19. Great article Today George. I for one like my toast crisp.

    Buh Bye to the Kissenger solution. Wonder if he thought he’d be around to see it? You know… $10.00 a gallon gasoline. How many Sataoshi’s is that? When the SWIFT system is on holiday? Holiday has started in Russia. One by one the contagion will start to spread to each Soveriegn. Gonna be an ugly before it gets better. Wonder if Harry will introduce CBDC next? LOL , One Wonders when looking upon Ukraine if MBS [au deleted] sees how deeply Brandon has his back? That would be a downgrade in security guarantees in exchange for the black gold no? Maybe we aren’t accepting Saudi Sour at WTI to blend with Condensate,, Because? Brandon can tell you what happens when a keystone is removed. Maybe a bit of all of the above.

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