Trade, Turkey, and Dollaroo’s

This should be a reasonably straightforward column to cobble up because there are only three topics that matter.  At least, for the moment. The rest of WW3 will be unwinding on us shortly.

Trade: Corona Bust?

Last week’s news that one of the major ocean shipping outfits was laying off 10 percent of its workforce seemed paradoxical on the surface.  But when inspected closely, it’s probably a “wave harmonic” on the coming commercial real estate collapse that (while real, shhh!) isn’t quite here yet, is still coming.

Rube Goldberg Economics (the cartoonish insane machines notion) helps a good deal. See the Smithsonian article The Story Behind Rube Goldberg’s Complicated Contraptions for more background.  I’ll lay out the build pieces for today’s kit:

  • We begin with Bioweapon #1 going off.  Covid.  Don’t know for sure who did it (NGOs, uber-richchilds, or gubbermints, but does it matter?).
  • The government coup’ed against the people.  Told them rights were gone, under-disclosed on the medical risks and all that.  Supported by co-conspirators in CorpMedia who had to toe-the-line on censorship or lose special section 230 tax treatment and all that goes with that.
  • People stopped going to the office.  Instead they would work from home.
  • A HUGE change in life dynamics takes place.  People at home order all kinds of tech gear, faster internet, office chairs, not to mention masks, fewer babysitting hours, less food away from home..criminee sakes, a ton of Life changed.
  • Financial Dynamics reflected the change.  Huge office complexes became ghost towns.  And the nature of Big City Urban Cores rotted almost overnight.  In fact, this morning see San Francisco worker posts terrifying walk past drug-addled homeless people passed out on the sidewalk in the city’s Tenderloin district.
  • The sidebar to this story is that Housing affordability drops to the lowest level since 1984 – MarketWatch.  But this is totally understandable. Because you’re not just buying a home anymoreYou are buying your own office, for crying out loud.
  • At some point, with the decline of paranoia about “getting the ‘Rona, the pendulum would swing back toward the middle.
  • But three things are still moving forward with dreadful certainty, but an incalculable timeframe.  These are:
    • New and Improved variants to “modulate economic and social response” ought to be along.  Oh lookie! New Covid Pirola strain warning as mysterious JN.1 variant ‘takes off’ in Europe. And we still don’t throttle international jet infections by grounding intercontinental flights.  You can’t go to the office maybe, but you can still get a passport and go…wherever.  Dandy.  Peachy. (Have a mask.)
    • Second thing is that even though “glacial speed” seems a fair descriptor, see the headlines like Commercial Real Estate Turnover: Why Pros Leave — and What Comes Next – Commercial Observer.  The write-downs and confessions mostly haven’t been booked yet, but that will come and those Benjamins I’m down (failure get dump the rally when short soon enough) will come back.  Just a matter of time.  It you keep working hard, and live long enough, you will be rich.  Of course, it’s not our fault you’re lazy and may not have the gene pool to live to 140….
    • Last, but not least, is that having tasted power, it’s only a matter of time until Bioweapon 2 – the epicanthal outright – comes along.  Which side will do it hardly matters.

To this delightful crock, we’re now tossing in a handful of feel-good numbers in the form of International Trade data just out.  As always, however, we are appalled that the “spread and widget” data is not included.  The (shallow) numbers look like this (but you can see the roll off after Covid):

“The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis announced today that the goods and services deficit was $61.5 billion in September, up $2.9 billion from $58.7 billion in August, revised.

September exports were $261.1 billion, $5.7 billion more than August exports. September imports were $322.7 billion, $8.6 billion more than August imports”

But the spread – where we could see shifts in office equipment, even chairs and desks, and home routers, and such – isn’t called out.  Nor do we get actual containerful’s. Sure, we can get some of that by looking at the month SoCal Ports data (fresh nummies from the are 10 days ahead) but it’s hard.  How do you compare containers of old technologies (say old big boxy televisions) with the barely-therely thin-frame marvies?

Like the residents of the Primate House (Woodland Park Zoo, socialist Seattle) we put on the happy face and stare at the Goldberg pieces and wonder what’s wrong with God that he lets us acquire a Goldberg-like table full of assorted junk and then expects us to “Assemble Heaven on Earth” from it?  Maybe that’s how Dude works. Dunno.

Consigliere figures bioweapon 2 will cull 80-percent more.  If we get that far.

Turkey Leftovers

I’m thinkin’ they’re sinkin’ Blinken.  Door in the face to Joe on the Israel jaunt.  And now, Erdogan in Turkey is on a domestic road show and can’t be bothered with Team Buy’ed ’em’s emmisary.  “Wait here and talk to this guy” is what it sounds like: U.S.-Turkish relations at rock bottom: Fidan and R.T. Erdogan threw three “doors” to A. Blinken – Incirlik base under siege (vid).

Door in the face, or not, Huge US strike force in the Red Sea: 154 Tomahawk missiles carried by USS Florida alone – Blinken warns Iran and Hezbollah.

For us, the Future Hinges on Turkey. And we ain’t talking Butterball here.  For now, NATO will keep sending arms to Turkey (because last week Nato ends deadlock over Turkey).

And Turkey had to go along with the charade in advance by greenlighting the Swedes getting into NATO which was the “strongarm” on NATO to twist them into expanding NATO membership.

Now, however, there’s Israel embarking on explosive urban redevelopment of Palestine, using arguably questionable means.  Like Israel to deploy ferocious attack dogs to maul Hamas tunnel terrorists as training vid shows hound on rampage.

But in Washington, it’s even worse.  As the Senate passes a resolution to allow a US first strike on Iran? And at houseplant central Biden Confronts the Limits of U.S. Leverage in Two Conflicts – DNyuz.  Is one of those limits a term limit?  Ask me after/if 2024 elections…

We’ve also had our first American death on home soil from this neocon orchestrated shit-show: Westlake Village, California: Officials investigating death of Paul Kessler after injury during pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian demonstrations.


“Brothers and sisters put’cher hands on your monitors.”  Are people really sure Biden’s leading opponent would be an improvement? ‘I’m not a windmill person’: Trump takes the witness stand and doesn’t break character. Or is he? Judge Engoron Scolds Trump, Threatens to Throw Him Off Stand (

My consigliere and I have some “block time with a bottle of single malt planned for Thanksgiving this year. One topic is “How can someone get so much policy right. Yet, have driven (presumably)  honest contractors into bankruptcy as a developer?”  Aren’t there any good guys (or gals) left?

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds says Trump can’t win in 2024 as she endorses Ron DeSantis.  Thing is, can DeSantis, either?

We will go over the latest “Broken democrazy voting results” on Peoplenomics tomorrow. Voting today on issues that, near as I can remember, have been on the ballot in some form for over half a century and we’re still a divided country on.  Like Abortion rights at center of Tuesday’s Ohio, Virginia elections. How many times do the People have to vote to be heard, anyway?

Through the Wringer

Here’s another one where Constitutional rights have fogged up: Supreme Court hears major test of 2nd Amendment gun rights.  Can government claim a right to take your guns, if for example, you’re violent and maybe nuts?  Not simple questions.

Blockchain hype of the day: Cardano and Polkadot Announce Groundbreaking Partnership. We, too, have a scheme to make up secret numbers – clear them quickly – and become whales. Economic reality? Barrier to Entry and convertibility seem completely missing in blockhead think.

Investing is Dead, II

We recently may have pissed off a few people (oh, well…) by explaining that what used to be rational investing (based on earnings, new products, growth, and other antiquated concepts) had changed “investing into Gambling.”

Well, sure enough, here comes Buffett colleague Charlie Munger: Investing is ‘like a poker game’.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  All comes down to “knowing when to fold ’em” – meaning a Kenny Rogers’ song might be more useful than a $100,000 education in business.

Common sense, I guess, is getting up there.

Oh, it does look like the manic run to the upside may be about to soften and roll down.

Not investment advice, but the dollar was climbing and gold was down as we clicked into this.

Around the Ranch: Prepping Over Time

Long ramble on the Peoplenomics site tomorrow on how the right prepping plan (for you and your kin) changes as your age begins to creep up there.  (3,600 words in draft).

Been eyeing actual retirement from the public side of writing again.  I’d like to get to where a good Peoplenomics report a week would be enough work.  Keep thinking about this “75th birthday retirement from web” idea a lot, lately.  I’ll keep you posted.

Love the people, the Comments, and the exchange of ideas on this site.  Tough one to sort through.  Writing isn’t really that hard, but I’d like to limit my computer time.  Less day trading is another option.  We shall see.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. George, when I figured that I had a decision on ‘time’ to make I gave up on trading for other pursuits that I enjoyed. Do I regret it? Nope, but I do consider it now and again.
    Go with your heart and enjoy what pleases you the most. This leave you with more time for enjoying life, which to me, means an Improvement In Quality of Life.
    Cheers and enjoy the Single Malt

  2. A good Peoplenomics report a week with “specials” as events demand seems the way to go to this subscriber.

      • As I set aside fear of accusations of “stroking
        The Boss” for Fun & Favor, let me just say
        Urban/People is the Very First Thing I
        tune to each mornig with my covfefe. I
        find more useful, practical Truth here, both
        from The Boss, and from youse guyz, than
        ANYwhere else in my daily trek

        If’n you DON’T subscribe, then you should
        to support this Work. (undeline “should”)

        • For my part, I prefer fewer, “denser,”
          columns. You don’ gotta squeeze one
          out DAILY if it’s a slow day. Do a
          minimal intro, and let The Guyz carry
          the interest load for that day. It’s a
          good, smart, oddball bunch assembled
          here each day.

          “Insight” is what we all seek.
          Dare I say, “We” ARE a community.

          These do seem to be portentious times…

        • I have to concur with WORR! Do what pleases you and enjoy your “retirement”, such as it is. There’s great value in the columns and also great value in the comments. Staying happy doing these things results in much greater value than doing them under duress or sense of obligation.

          Since this community has grown beyond some critical mass, the comments section has become valuable in and of itself. The daily columns provide continuity and something to comment on, though they need not be lengthy unless you feel some special need. We all benefit from this. The early am deadline is optional too.

          I really appreciate the value in the PN columns, though I sometimes get too busy to read them in real time. If anyone is on the fence regarding the value returned for the $40 per year, stop doubting and just try it. I’ve subscribed from way before the Peoplenomics name , and I never regretted it.

        • Yo Jorge, If you want to “sit back and relax and get back on the human track”(props to Leon Russell). Go for it, but this forum, if suspended, will leave a huge gap in the sane version of this bat shit crazy world. Between you and Mr. Half Past Human the truth is readily apparent. Shorten the columns, take the cream off the top, and enjoy the good life. Living the dream baby, living the dream….

  3. Shit, who you kidding G-Pops ?, done deal – gonna miss the dailies , but not being compensated for Ure time and efforts..

    Sometimes G – You just have STOP what you are doing, and say FUCK IT! and quietly walk away, preserving any existing “bridges” as you leave that scene for good.

    All the Deceit – All the Time – it gets tiring..

    And no – We/They are not going crazy – We are under attack as Human Beings living in USA…constant surveillance, because We are someones property – They own Us and want keep track of Their RESOURCES/Inventory.

    So Cheers for the New/5th dimension – promises to be a very heavy ahriman-ic delight .
    I will be the guy surfing the lite waves as they come a pouring in.
    – massive nrg “kahuna” today – storm surfing can be currents, chaotic wave sets, high winds and funky breaks – rock and roll jesus time..speaking of whom – check this tightness and finger action -

  4. An older man started a prepping group in my area when I lived in Pennsylvania. He said he carried a foldable bike in his trunk in case of an EMP far from home. As he aged he replaced the bike with a wheelchair. It’s hard to push yourself long distances in a wheelchair. As a retired Special Education teacher I can say with experience that it is hard to push anyone long distances in a wheelchair, even on level ground. Gravel and grass are almost impossible.

    • It’s certainly possible to design a rough terrain wheelchair, and a powered one at that. It may be more of a challege with narrow doors and safety considerations, but as a means to get out of Dodge, why not. For those who can handle it, I favor the idea of a street legal (quiet) dirt bike with optional trailer. The military had a cool diesel powered one. Perhaps Ray knows where to find one surplus. They’re not available commercially as far as I know.

      • They show up every once in a while. The last one I saw was a couple years ago at the Seymour, Indiana PD. I don’t recall if it was a patrol unit or a confiscation. IIRC the bike went (un)comfortably into 5-figures.

        I’m gonna say if’fn someone wants one, they need to watch straight military surplus or GSA auctions because it’s such a cool oddity (and that bitty diesel engine is over eight grand on the open market – if it’s in good shape) that GenPop will pay stupid money for them…

  5. George. I paid a heck of a lot more that 40 bucks for weekly reports I trusted before I dumped them years ago. Yours would still be a bargain once a week and your senior readers would certainly understand you wanting to cut back and spend some more quality time with the lady of the house and a bottle of single malt.

    Above all, to thine own self be true.

  6. George: while quoting Charlie (a 99 YO truth speaker) here’s another good piece from just a couple days down our wake:

    Legendary investor Charlie Munger blasted gamblers, touted Heinz and Hermès, and revealed Warren Buffett’s views in a rare interview this week. Here are his 22 best quotes

    personal fav:
    “You only have to get rich once. You don’t have to climb this mountain four times, you just have to do it once.”

    Write when you get 99,

  7. George.

    Short positions are secure. (Qualitatively 3m minus10 year long term US sovereign notes and quantitatively below)

    The Macroeconomic asset-debt system’s self assembly timing is currently within the x/2x-2.5x : 13 March 2023 :: 52/ 104-130 day window of 104-130 day Subfractal 2 nonlinearity. The bounce on 27 Oct was the start of the final 16 day subfractal (3) of a (26 Sept 7/17/16 day or) 27 September 7/16/currently 8 of 16 day decay fractal ending Thursday 16 November. Tomorrow should be a selling day followed by a lower high on day 10 of the 16 day subfractal for a 27 October fractal decay series of 3/7/8 day, 16 day decay fractal series. (see last graph 5 November

    The greatest decay capitulation potential is for Bitcoin in USD which is self-ordered into a 8 November 2022 9/24/22 blow-off of 23 week decay fractal series. The final 23 weeks is composed of a 5/10/9 0f 10 week fractal series.

  8. The German dogs are a nice touch. A sudden windfall for breeders who have dogs ready for training.

    How effective is a charging dog against an armed people?

    Israel will never face war crimes so should systematically drop a few pellets into the tunnel entrance then seal off with plate steel. Stamp an ‘open date’ on the plate and move on to the next entrance. We could all get our beaks wet in that stock ticker.

    • tick tick tick

      Reason they call USA-israhell THE GREAT SATAN ..

      From same guy We tracked thru peterboro airport carrying nuclear pits (reworked) from old “davycrocket” nuke munitions down in Texas. Same state grand jury impaneled that put the “lockdown” on surviving member of Able Danger Team. Same team that held a meeting in Pentagon on 9/11 – room that was directly hit by israhellie sub launched missile. Same team, same room that AirFARCE general mysteriously missed/called away from….

      Please – Tell the BCN again why Ure country LOVES U soo MUCH – I just dont understand..the Reciprocity at all.

      • “Heaven and hell are within us, and all the gods are within us. This is the great realization of the Upanishads of India in the ninth Century B.C. All the gods, all the heavens, all the world, are within us. They are magnified dreams, and dreams are manifestations in image form of the energies of the body in conflict with each other.”

        The United States is the country of many Gods and Devils. because of the right to Freedom of Religion.

        most eastern countries are Muslim only. Israel is Jewish Religion. Italy Catholism.

        but in the United States, We have All the Gods, All the Devils and All The Heavens and All the Hells within us.

        so to say The United States is the Great Satan? is a statement of falacy.

  9. I hate to admit it but as I watch the clock hands jump again and again while spending as much time on your website as I do – and the nagging thought of “All right, knot head, just how many days DO you have left to get things done??” keeps running around my head I can fully understand the thought of cutting back on your side of the screen, George. I do come here as it is an excellent news aggregator of events that I’d not, otherwise, run into in a timely manner and it’s SOOO much better than just about any other news site out there with this eclectic band of misfits and their views that inhabit your space. I just worry that I won’t have another way to vent as I do here. Most people on this side of the screen have to be brought up to speed in order to understand what I get so worked up about and that kills the thrill most of the time! It’s a wonderful addiction and there’s no more bunch of old timers to join sitting around the town square whittling and taking a nip (or a puff) now and then. Small town America has been overrun by real estate people and their victims who are total strangers to each other.

    • just a quote

      Andy Griffith Show
      Sep 15, 2015

      : (Barney answering the jail phone after promising Andy that his realty job wouldn’t infringe on his duties): “Fife Realty”!”

      enjoy a little of old Mayberry

      why does ol’ ‘Andy’ always get the cutiest chick in town?
      size 11

      • I was thinking of another Andy, and the question stands! Perhaps it’s just about having a direct line to The Dude.

        • size 11 double number
          double Andys,, one wears a size 11

          An dy
          An ge l
          I don’t know, I AM just winging it
          my question is, why does he make sense to me? How many of us here make a connection to his musings

          Does Andy have to tell the girls?
          “My eyes are up here”
          big feet, big meat,,, so they say

  10. Guns – the Ethan Crumbley case is the one to watch.

    Cliff notes – a minor kid has mental/emotional problems, parents give the kid a gun & kid goes out and shoots people.

    The parents, “James and Jennifer, who are charged with involuntary manslaughter…. are accused of contributing to the tragedy by making a gun accessible to their son at home and ignoring his mental health needs.”

    At some point firearm owners are going to have to carry liability insurance. When this happens firearm ownership will become too expensive. Later toss on fines and jail for having uninsured firearms. It’s over.

  11. Hi, George,

    Over several decades now, you have shared your life stories that contain good advice, pearls of wisdom, and plain common sense. You have even told on yourself when you have made bad choices as a learning tool for the future. You have led an amazing life, George, and I have hung onto each word that described your family history in those very interesting stories.

    If you need to write only one column a week, I will certainly understand. I cannot thank you enough for all the writings you have shared, as well as making connections with your readers, those high quality people who also have had fascinating life experiences.

    • Truth is, Nancy, sometimes I think I write to avoid doing some of the real work around here – makes too simple an excuse to myself. Like I wrote this morning, it’s all part of a self-management issue that I figure if I don’t figure it out by 75, there’s no use working any more on those problems…

      • Some of us readers come here for the same reason! Regardless, it’s better to share quality wisdom than become slave to the propaganda that dominates the net.

  12. Interesting and a coincidence ?
    Sometime in mid to late December I decided that I will stop day trading. I still have long expiration options on the table., and may continue with that aspect – as completely leaving the big casino will be a rather odd change..,[ addiction?] but I am mainly done with the “dailies”. Too much time involved.
    I will miss the daily report from U., and the comments / interactions, but totally understandable. How about a Monday and Thursday report., with a “special” when warranted.
    Where does that leave “Urban”?
    – Had a long conversation, over coffee at our local coffee shop, with “Lady Fingers” [ our dealer for the “Third Thursday” poker game.] She has been asked to deal at a big Thanksgiving game coming up in Austin., and though she doesn’t like to travel anymore, she decided that she will go. A couple of people she would like to see again.
    – It seems that a couple of people at my first invitation-only poker game were keeping track of my play. Since “Lady Fingers” vouched for me and fronted the buy-in, a couple have called her regarding me. She lied to them, and told ’em that she doesn’t know much about my past., but reaffirmed her support and trust – especially after this last game.
    – The good player that I bluffed and ended the game with has been talking to a few others and would recommend me at any table., and is hoping to get another game with me – seeking recovery from his embarrassment. – Grunge Boy has been basically black listed. Doubt he will grace any table from here on. Carl has announced that he is retiring – just doesn’t have the drive anymore. He has a “nice nest egg” saved up and small cottage like house on the Carolina coast somewhere., and as he put it.., “just cruise on out.”
    – Don’t know if I will ever play another “invite” game. It was a good experience, but I didn’t really prove a whole lot to myself – as the level of play was rather weak. It only became interesting in the last couple of hours when just the two of us where going head-to-head. That was great. He was good. But ‘Doc Holiday’ took all of his lunch money – and he still doesn’t like that very much. [ I even fooled the dealer..,]
    – “New Blood” [me] always attracts the vultures [ them ]., so – we’ll see.
    “Stay Frosty !”

    • I seem to remember that in the movie, The Cincinnati Kid, starring Steve McQueen, the dealer for the card games was named Lady Fingers, played by Joan Blondell.

      • Just remembered that I posted that same reference a couple of months back, you must have missed it.., but our modern day “Lady Fingers” is much different then Joan. She is close six feet tall, heavy-set red head, with a raspy-voice, loves sipping her gin, tells hellish jokes about gamblers and has no trouble at all of grabbing you by the hair and dragging you out into the alley, kicking and screaming, if you transgress at the table.

  13. I have said before you give away a LOT on this site for the measly $40 smackers. And like William, yours is the first and sometimes only site I’ll visit daily. That all being said it is understood when you say your considering cutting back and I certainly understand where your coming from. Diana and I have poured everything into the ranch and we can’t think of anything else we would rather do although now El Rancho de Chaos operations are no longer near past levels. To thine own self be true, your heart will tell you what to do. Whatever you decide works for me.
    Stay safe. 73

  14. At 79+ I recognize that my useful hours are limited. I’m not as efficient, doc visits, other interruptions, and extended naps, have all forced choices on where I spend my time. I will miss your more frequent posts, and the wealth of comments, but anything you choose to share will be greatly apricated.

  15. fyi: in the last week, i have heard people talking about the 1929 stock market collapse in world around me.

    7 times

    it is not normal thing to hear while standing at a gas station pump, the young hippy couple next to me getting gas start talking the 1929 stockmarket crash.

    then a few days later, im at the grocery store and the lady at the counter is talking about it with the bagger. oh in 1929, people lost everything. millions of dollars, their homes and they had soup kitchens back then. and big dust storms.

    i just listend and thought, uhmmm that is not a regular topic in the world arround me.

    couple days later. i see 2 guys down at the lake talking about it.

    then i get a phone call from an old freind and he starts talking about it. says, did you know when the stock market collapsed in 1929 people jumped out of buildings to theit death. in one day they lost their entire fortunes.

    i pause and say yes i am aware of that. why did ya bring that up. he said oh the fellas at work were talking about it. so i looked it up. ive heard about the great depression but i didnt know about the 1929 stock market collapse. pretty interesting stuff. i said yeah i know a guy who has been warning about it for 12 years that its going to happen again.

    he said they way things are. probably pretty soon.

    i heard it a few other times recently in the world around me..

    and its not a topic that i hear.

    noticable uptick. very noticable.

    just fyi

  16. George, one final thought on you cutting back your “production writing”. Why not have days reserved for family members or others who want to share their wisdom? Optional, of course. Elaine has a lifetime of wisdom and her own unique perspective. G2 has less time, but a different generational perspective. Your other kids and perhaps personal friends may wish to contribute. It’s your site, so take and leave as you wish.

    Whatever you do, enjoy life as best you can! It’s been a great ride.

  17. see i watch what guys like Warren Buffet do, not what they say. and he has been quietly selling for the last few years. did you know his holdings are sitting on over 160 Billion in cash. Berkshire hathaway has more cash now, than Apple.

    Warren says all is well. the economy is recovering. then why is his holdings sitting all that cash.

    wonder if he thinks, the stock market is going to collapse, then take all that cash and swoop in and buy up all those companies when they are pennies in the dollar?

    but as i was advised yesterday. life is good. be happy.

    so that is what im going to do for a while.

  18. G. U.
    As someone who is 6 years older than you, stay busy! That’s the key that I learned from my mother’s father who made it to 99.5.

  19. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you yesterday on the phone! I find it so interesting that you and most of the Guyz and Girs here have learned similar lessons from different pathways and are willing to trust and share.
    Having recently retired myself from working CFO for seven companies, I can tell you that rewards for backing off are great.
    My suggestion would be if you throw daily thoughts on your site here so people can still connect as the time draws near.
    Thank you for your brilliance !

    Just a note- my son is also a long time firefighter here in Olympia.

  20. Yes, covid is still out there. My summer trip to the midwest was revealing. I ‘prepped’ with a dose of Ivermectin before leaving, and again before returning on the plane. I was the only one I saw on the plane wearing a mask. People were tired of them. The TSA lines at the major airline hub to return were horrendous. A two hour wait in zig-zag lines packing thousands of people in the ‘great hall’ of the airport. Again, no masks were seen. I didn’t get sick for the one week trip of intense exposure. But every single one of my local friends who traveled to the mainland, or their spouse, brought back covid to the island. The herd is stupid. I told my siblings at the reunion this is the last time we will get together, as I am not coming back for funerals.

    I first became financially and economically ‘aware’ during the 1987 crash when the sales persons at the TV station where I worked were stirred into an absolute panic. That was when I began saving and ‘investing’ and looking into long wave economics. I don’t recall the date that I first discovered Urban Survival, but it was way, way back. I found a practical person of like mind in George Ure, and have enjoyed coffee and breakfast reading his ‘brain dumps’ every morning since them. It will be a hard habit to do without, but I understand. I know the stress of being ‘in the market’ and watching daily. I used to trade commodities. I don’t miss getting up at 4am to watch the market and suffer the stress. I’m hoping you will hang on until we finally see the ‘big one’ crash before cutting back your writing. Perfect excuse to finally say ‘I told you so’ and cut back the commentary to once a week. I do hope you will keep up the weekly shop talk Sundays, though. I expect we all will need ever more survival skills and ideas going forward.

  21. George have been following you for about 10 yrs or so and dont think retirement is what you are looking for. Consider carefully my friend. I am 88 today and still blowing and going.

  22. FOMO: broker jargon for “fear of missing out”. I read Urban and Peoplenomics assiduously, including the bulk of the comments, because of FOMO. But sometimes I kick myself for spending too much time on the site. If you write less, and focus on the potentially actionable rather than the philosophical or merely interesting, I will be pleased and you will have more time for “around the ranch projects.” But, please keep “Shoptalk Sunday” — not usually actionable for me but always worth the time. Most useful are “threat board” items that are not seen in MSM but filtered by George for not being too “off the wall.”

  23. Hey George, I thought you and Elaine were 20 years younger in looks and brains than the rest of us..haha. You started out with no advertising and now it’s all over your site, surely you get revenue from that. Anyway, I was a PN subscriber until the Trump years when things became so uncivil I couldn’t handle associating with people anymore anywhere. I am amazed at your productivity. As someone forced to retire early (fortunately from a job that had become extremely unpleasant), my recommendation is you continue your daily writing. A lot of folks appreciate your insights, it’s good to know that and have a purpose, and something to do that you enjoy, plus I think it will keep you and Elaine looking 20 years younger than your age. And, if you don’t have any daily insights a simple sentence to your followers would be understood. You already have a purpose in life, continue to pursue it or you will probably begin to age much faster, and don’t forget the ad revenue haha.

  24. Rolling Stones …. even with one recent death, the boys keep going on and on and on … have they slowed? sure … do they look rough? oh yeah …… but they keep going on

  25. Digital comms provide a place to gather and socialize reminiscent of the old country store, but without being coughed on, and the refreshments are cheaper.
    I’m looking forward to Ure PN article tommorrow.

  26. George, i can finally feel that new website welling up within me. im sure you can see it too.

    that is how i know, it is almost time to create something new.

    i took two days off. for rest. and to create a personal displacement in rythem. pattern displacement so ti speak.

    change things 7p. that always gives way to new direction of movement.

    i can sure feel the force of it welling up within me.

    as wrote that. the sun broke through the clowds and it stopped snowing.


  27. George,
    I have been a reader for more than 10 years now. As others have said your column has been an important part of my morning routine. As a member of your cohort I understand your desire for a change and I wish you the very best. One last comment. From today’s comments I am not sure folks understand the time and editorial skill that goes into moderating the comments. You have done a masterful job keeping us on track and away from flame wars. Kudos!
    Your wit and wisdom will be missed.

  28. Well, you retired awhile ago and went to 3 days a week. That didn’t last very long. You said the news was too interesting or something like that. You will do what you need to do and we will keep checking your site for whatever bits you are willing to share. We all love you.

  29. George,
    I found you Urban site sometime in 2000 or 2001. Usually first site I read every morning. Always read Peoplenomics and the $40 per year is an incredible bargain. Love your perspective and have learned a lot throughout the years and considered topics I never would have thought of on my own. I understand the thoughts of cutting back in the writing as I’m not the same individual I was before Covid paid me a long long visit in 2021. Almost back to normal, but not yet, however never missed a day of either of your writings. If you do pare it down, please leave the comment section open as I have learned much from the comments and researched topics on my own based on the thoughts contained in the comments. I understand the desire for additional time and definitely respect your decision wishing you the best and will be happy with your decision.

  30. “I’m thinkin’ they’re sinkin’ Blinken.”

    Clue #1:

    Every single spot in the Biden Administration was filled by people who “hit check marks.” None of them are particularly qualified to do their assigned task. Many are not qualified to perform ANY task in a Presidential Administration. They are as inept as their boss, and the International community has figured this out. The only thing a Cabinet member or ranking Democrat who’s in either the House or Senate is going to get from ANY foreign government or representative, is “played.”

  31. “Now, however, there’s Israel embarking on explosive urban redevelopment of Palestine, using arguably questionable means. Like Israel to deploy ferocious attack dogs to maul Hamas tunnel terrorists as training vid shows hound on rampage.”

    Yeah. What the IDF needs to do is blow every tunnel and level every square centimeter of Gaza, and to hell with the Palestinians and Hamas’ hostages. The “Palestinians” are in Gaza because no Arab or Islamic nation or territory will take them — not even those with whom they’re theologically-aligned.

    However, Israel is the most-maligned nation of Earth (witness the fact that Hamas garotted Jewish babies’ heads off, baked babies alive, beheaded a few Jews, and raped everything Jewish with a split-tail, between the ages of 3 and 103 — AND LIVE-STREAMED IT AS THEY WERE DOING IT.) Yet somehow, Israel and the Israeli people are the “bad guys” in the media and on college campuses.

    Because of this, they take extraordinary steps to not turn innocents into casualties. While I fail to see how the “attack dogs” will be able to differentiate between Hamas soldiers and innocents, I accept the fact that at least the IDF is trying. What we all seem to ignore is Israel is literally in a fight for its existence. Suppose it were us? If you were given the choice of “fight, or you and your children die,” what would you do? Answer carefully — We will soon face exactly this scenario.

  32. ““Brothers and sisters put’cher hands on your monitors.” Are people really sure Biden’s leading opponent would be an improvement?”

    Folks who are not absolutely certain of this were asleep between early 2017 and late 2019, or they ate the entire bottle of blue pills and are accordingly, incredibly dishonest with themselves (or they’re closet neocons…)

    I still haven’t forgotten the 281,000 people Mr. Biden left behind in Afghanistan, nor the $82bln worth of materiel, including our military rosters and codes for everything from communications to drone control, when he made the worst withdrawal in the history of Mankind.

  33. “My consigliere and I have some “block time with a bottle of single malt planned for Thanksgiving this year. One topic is “How can someone get so much policy right. Yet, have driven (presumably) honest contractors into bankruptcy as a developer?” Aren’t there any good guys (or gals) left?”

    Define “good guy.” Trump played by the rules. People who don’t like this should blame the rules, and endeavor to change them, not blame the people who played by them.

    Trump had 300 FBI agents up his ass, every minute of every day from 2015 to 2020. If he had committed ANY crime, he would have been in the Dock in 2016, and would never have become President. There is not a single charge against him which has even the slightest modicum of merit. So, people are looking for an alternative, because they like commies and neocons more than they like the guy who’s being unjustly persecuted.

  34. “Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds says Trump can’t win in 2024 as she endorses Ron DeSantis. Thing is, can DeSantis, either?”

    Well, DeSantis is 38 points down to Trump, in FLORIDA. He’s down over 50 points in most other States, so I’m sure he’ll be the savior of the Republican Party.

  35. “Supreme Court hears major test of 2nd Amendment gun rights. Can government claim a right to take your guns, if for example, you’re violent and maybe nuts? Not simple questions.”

    Simple answer: No.

    The government has no license to abridge anyone’s Right to any weapon whatsoever. The government assumed this license during the reign of the gangsters — I contend illegally.

    Complex answer: Yes.

    A hundred years ago, a nutjob or someone with a violent temperament who abused a gun was simply shot or hanged.

    If the Government has taken upon itself to abridge our Second Amendment Right (which it has), by doing so it has defacto assumed the responsibility of protecting the masses against a renegade person or rogue group of persons. To this point, the “government” has not done a very good job. As long as the latest “nutjob shooting” is just a headline on the evening news, we, as individuals, don’t pay much attention to it. When one of us is involved, then it hits home — HARD, and people begin to see how impotent the local policing authority is…

  36. WRT your posting: Do whatever you need to do. We will understand.

    I question your ability to walk away from your daily posting, because your writing is both your personal therapy, and an extension of your internal thought processes (you toss stuff out, we opine upon it and toss it back to you). What I would suggest, if you wish to try, is to continue to post daily, but limit your posts to topics and headlines with no commentary or fill (say, 200 words or less, total). This will give us some daily subjects to play off of, to enable your comments section to remain relevant, and to continue to supply you with thought process extensions.

  37. You know I walked in to get my coffee this morning. turned to get the fancy creamer out and all the magnets on the fridge fell off except the letters S, E, E, Y, and A.

    and a Palm Tree magnet.

    without me ever touching the fridge.


    somethings don’t need any explanations.

    on the top of the Mountain to drive Giant Tonkas. you george. Tonka in Indian means Bull. ta Tonka. Ta’ Tonka!

    to all the Other Giant Bulls out there.

    que: ~ Bulls on Parade ~

    Rage Against the Machine.

  38. Slowing down will be difficult for George to do. Perhaps tapering off would be good? Over a period of a month or two: 6xweek; 5xweek; 4xweek; 3xweek; 2xweek, then 1xweek.

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