Trade, Personal Income, and a Reader Note

Let’s get the Reader Note out of the way first.

If you l0ok at the menu (top of page) you will see some new little “v’s” which indicate they are now pull-down menus.  I’ve moved a number of things around and added a few things to help “navigating the mind of George” a little more clear.

Like me, the website has a kind of MPD (multiple personality disorder, look it up in the DSM-5).

  • One personality is the gracefully aging cynic.  World’s been going to hell for 72-years, that I know of.  Daily columns.
  • Another is the “investor” though it’s really turned into more “gambling” (but winning rather consistently) since I became (more or less) a bull/bear agnostic.  Reason?  I’ve come up with a way of making money no matter which way the market moves.  Though it’s not a lot (like $106 yesterday, but I only played for 3-hours) I don’t particularly worry about money.  It’s just a tool. (OK, and a game and mostly a con…)
  • Mortal George: Life is really about “What we carry between the ears” at death’s door.  So in addition to relationships (which we touched on Wed. on the Peoplenomics side) much is about adventuring and making.  These are grouped under Ultra-Making which drops down to my 3D printing and CNC’ing site, the Sunday ShopTalk series, the Saturday Gourmet, and the various Ham Radio projects.
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I tried to look at the site this morning and it didn’t seem “logically arranged” sufficiently for most people to follow.  (Complicated people have a tough time looking normal to simple people.  so, just in case…) It’s really a problem of having too many interests in Life.  So now, you can find the “woo-woo” events on their own click, for example.  Or ham radio stuff…

Hope this helps you get around – because Life is full of adventure and surprises for those who go looking for it.  Or, just sit in the woods and wait for it to show up.  Which it does…

Personal Income Collapse (Wallet-Suck)

Such as it is (alleged by wild-eyed statisticians who make way more than us):

Personal income income decreased $1,516.6 billion (7.1 percent) in February according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (tables 3 and 5). Disposable personal income (DPI) decreased $1,532.3 billion (8.0 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) decreased $149.0 billion (1.0 percent).

Real DPI decreased 8.2 percent in February and Real PCE decreased 1.2 percent; goods decreased 3.3 percent and services decreased 0.1 percent (tables 5 and 7). The PCE price index increased 0.2 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.1 percent (table 9).

This should be a “holy shit, Batman!” moment.  Markets got a hell of a “wall o’ worry” to climb.

Still, after the number, Dow Futures were up 134.  Making that +157.  AYFKM?  think free money payments will solve it all?  Har!

International Trade Data

Wonder where that money (you don’t have) is going?  West.  Asia.  (“Go west, young bucks… ”  It’s ok, a treasury joke…) We make up “bucks” China sends us “things.”  Who’s the smarter?  (Who has the liens?)

So goods deficit up 2 1/2 percent, then.

Planning Ahead

As readers know, there is likely to be a “market event” next week which could be playable.  We will speak publicly of it, after it goes by.  Just know it’s likely.

In the meantime, however, do remember next Friday is Good Friday (though I’ve never seen a really bad Friday yet):  We will have maybe 2-days of ShopTalk as a result.  Depends on the Middle East and Slow Joe?

Good Weather Call…

As I mentioned in the Thursday column in:  “Off to the 3D printer projects...scattered T-storms in the South today and keep an ear open and the NOAA monitor on…that time of the year, now.  Tornado weather..”

Well, it doesn’t exactly involve rocketry (or dueling simultaneous equations) to figure when warm air is blowing north through East Texas bringing low 80s for temps here that it’s going to  collide with winter-leftovers somewhere.

Sure enough: At least five dead from tornadoes overnight in Alabama and Georgia.  We will be putting fresh batteries in the NOAA Weather Radio today.

A lot of the risks in life telegraph their arrival in advance.  Do you regularly look at the weather upwind of where you live by a hundred miles, or more?

Not Climate Change

Although we venture into a linguistic swamp full of scientific quicksand and minutia.  You see, Denver this week  is on the verge – 3-inches – from breaking their all-time snowfall season.

But “upwind” of them, California is not only back in drought mode, but people are getting cranky/testy about it already.

To my way of thinking, climate discussions should always be held at the 50-year level.  The reason being the periodicity of the solar cycle (11-years) and the (gee, related, huh?) Pacific high oscillation.  Over five (or more) cycles you can say something.  Shorter term?  Arguing about the weather.  No one wants to talk about heat-islanding much, or the knock-on effects of paving over America.

Yet we were shocked with Axios this week for actually trying to defend insane growth rates.  Doesn’t anyone’s bullshit detector but mine go off when reading that “stalling growth would be bad for the planet”?

As I argue in my book on the Peoplenomics side, (will have to upload it to Amazon one of these days) “The 100-Year Toaster” – we have screwed up in two major ways that will cause a human die-off.

First, our thinking about money is foxtrot-uniformed.  Thanks to which, we place more emphasis on “making money” than “making great, durable, enduring, light on resource products.”

One of the (likely long) discussions when G2 moves down here will be over where the real long term values are:  My money would be on earth-sheltered homes, food production, and water sourcing.  But, nutters in the woods are not paid any mind due to their radically correct views.

Speaking of Which

Did you see the CNN piece “Voting rights debate: At least 45 states have seen bills aimed at voter suppression. Here’s why…“?  Gotta be careful of commies, lefties, and loonies on this one:

Since only American citizens are entitled to vote, I (for one, and I may be the only one) don’t have a problem with providing citizenship information before voting.

Not that with voting machines it matters, but the Left is off running “voter suppression” memes while he truth is closer to Citizen Suppression.

As I have said before, only property owners and workers ought to vote.  Since that’s where the wealth of the Nation comes from.  Everyone else is part of Digital Mob Rule…and mobs act like locusts, consuming every dime in their path.

Too bad we still have a chicken-shit, populist Supreme Court instead of legal scholars who can follow the law as written.

‘fraidy Trumps?

Gee…only three mentions of Trump on the NY Times front page, this morning.  WTF is going on?  TDS fever breaking?

The WaPo mentions how “Oh God I miss him: Biden keeps returning to Trump as a cause of nation’s troubles…

As we have been pointing out (to both reality-based people who read UrbanSurvival)

  1. Everything is a Business Model
  2. Trump drove media revenue (OK, some of the national insanity, too, lol)
  3. And with Trump gone, news revenues are “going Coriolis” as evidenced in “LA Times Reveals ‘Catastrophic’ $50 Million Revenue Loss in 2020 (Exclusive)” at The Wrap.

New Contagion – Pandemic II in Wings?

This is sick…literally:

An Ebola-infected nurse has arrived in Maryland.  In Washington state, 23 people are being monitored for Ebola.

South of there?  Four people are on Ebola watch in Oregon.

Meanwhile as we await the Spring Break uptick from Covid, we eye the pending report from scientists who have been looking into the source of the China virus, with curiosity.  Since the report doesn’t mention bio-weapon, we will continue taking our “healthy skepticism” pills.  Nothing to think here, move along, please.

More in Peoplenomics tomorrow with the charts.  The SatGourmet has a guest chef returning, and ShopTalk Sunday is 3D printing and working layout problems.

Write when you get rich,

56 thoughts on “Trade, Personal Income, and a Reader Note”

    • Q drop 1279 dated 4/26/2018
      “define EVERGREEN
      when do you call a plumber”

  1. My apologies -source/origin of covert19 plandemic virus will NEVER be made public- so you will never see a real Picture of the virus, ever .

    ? Liability – wander bout end game.. someone holds the Patent to this chimera.

    Started at Detrick, falsie offloaded gain of function research to UNC (tax dollars hard at work representing G.U. values and beliefs) – from there to Canadian lab – somewhere in here, 2 agents of the ccp, purloined a bunch of virus samples.

    Gain of function work continued -as planned – in wuhan – till a nighttime “accident” zapped a ventilation system at lab – creating a emergency response situation – during which someone stole the Wrong coronavirus – supposed to get a much more virulent strain..duh -ooohh!
    shoulda been fantasy writer, no ?

    • ECU
      March 26, 2021 at 08:41

      My apologies -source/origin of covert19 pandemic virus will NEVER be made public- so you will never see a real Picture of the virus, ever .

      For my money, ECU’s speculation here is likely spot on. As to finding the exact source, it ranks right up there with the JFK assassination with it’s 5 plausible theories of who-dunnit. Each with enough details to be THE ONLY explanation. Truth be told, anyone wanting to MAKE such a weapon will be crazy enough to try using it sooner or later. Read a little history…

  2. George

    ” Or, just sit in the woods and wait for it to show up. Which it does…”

    I recently watched the entire second season of Expedition Bigfoot. It’s a very well done show based on science not drama. In the final episode a researcher who is an accredited Primatologist recorded on an infrared camera four large two legged creatures traversing a hill side within 100 feet of her location during a night time observation session. The creatures were two legged upright and over 7 feet tall. The location of this event was in Washington state last year.

    While science demands a body of the creature to acclaim that it is real there is just too much evidence to deny that Something is out there. Eyewitness accounts by the thousands, hair sample, recording of howls, video clips and huge foot prints in the middle of nowhere can no longer be ignored. The foot prints in particular are good evidence as many of the casts taken show dermal ridges like finger prints on them. That feature cannot be faked.

    It’s not Doug and Dave out in the middle of nowhere with boards strapped to their feet making prints. The casts of hundreds of these prints have been analyzed and found to show anatomical signatures of a living creature making them. A very large heavy creature with a five foot stride!

    There is a political problem associated with declaring Big Foot real. Will it be necessary to make large area’s of land off limits to development it that happens? Many well connected people would not want this!

    Is Big Foot real is an interesting idea to ponder. I hope so!

    • Big animals make big poop. And big animals leave big bones.
      Why has no one ever found evidence of either one?
      Lord knows there are enough people looking that surely if it existed we would have seen some sort of physical evidence. Something. Anything. Poop. Bones. Hair. DNA is in everything.

      But yet we have zilch.

      • Unusual hair has been found in many locations. DNA has been extracted and it tests human with other components. The creature may comes from the same line of primates that we do. Remember, chimpanzees have about 98% of the DNA that we do. The differences in our and their DNA may not be obvious at this time. They exhibit intelligence in the way they interact with intruders into their domain. Perhaps they are smart enough to bury their dead? The Paterson film has been extensively analyzed by experts in how animals walk and it has been found that the gate is not human. The film also shows that the creature has an injury to the membrane surrounding the right thigh muscle. When it walks a bulge appears and disappears with it’s movement. This is a known injury that also happens to humans. How do you fake that? It’s easy to say “nothing has been found” if you don’t keep up with what is going on in this area. When you separate the wheat from the chaff you find that there is a lot to make you want to know more!

      • 1971,”The dog started barking. I looked out and saw the Bigfoot dash behind the shed. Harold went for the Garand and missed the sighting.”

        50 years later the woods are loaded with millions of 4K trail cams.

        Shared reality.

    • “there is just too much evidence to deny that Something is out there.”

      Not even considering that the reports have been heard of its existence for thousands of years and in so many places..
      You dont hear of anyone being hurt by them..they try to stay away from quit hunting them and leave them alone

    • I can honestly see suppression of this BF existence due to a desire to preserve it in situ partly because it flies in the face of the usual human evolution narrative IMHO causing it to fall into the category of giants’ bones found all over the place and supposedly disposed of by Smithsonian people. Too many apple carts to preserve there. But since our population has blown up there are many more of us trekking through the woods and coming into contact with this other species so sooner or later they’ve got to come forward with an admission that, yes, they’re real. Every time someone brings in hair, scat and other samples it’s always poo-pooed or “disappeared” otherwise these stories would have lost traction years ago. Given their tendency to make US disappear sometimes, often the smallest of us, I can also see reprisals that would be very detrimental to their population to the point of extinction. There’s not a huge number of them.

  3. yes . should have seen it this joke in the suez . wow wow wow .. the old petrodollar link !!!! biden sabre rattling with russia AND china .. wow wow wow wow wow .. yep this is it . full moon et al .. wow sure is a super plan off the planet ramping up . looks like you missed this george .. yep USD yep oil yep sheetcoin yep yellow dog .. been in depression for 5 years and now that is maxing up they have ramped the psyops

  4. i am absolutely blown away by the audacity of what i am seeing now . george i would love your thoughts on it . have not done it for years . it was 12.30 am , i jumped out of bed from sound sleeping to a complete state of awareness . maybe it was that charade of biden press conference or the tanker or both . and my god one of our 4 major banks is teetering on collapse. closing countless branches. all to much to remain asleep. my awareness and training is off the charts . this is history

  5. Ok, G, bought one put on SPY for Mar 31 expiry, priced just under $100.
    Will skip a night out if it doesn’t work.
    If it works I may renew my subscription, LOL!
    Oh, I forgot, everything is closed anyways….

  6. Mr. G – uru,

    Why do we have taxes, when deficits just dont matta ?

    This bleary eyed investor/trader has been worrying mightily about taxes and tax liability as I ponder not filing/signing this Year.

    This is not my country, this is not my goddamed president or vice loser. – who voted for these ass hats?

    Presidential election was stolen from People of these once united States .

    Evil – aint got nothing on the Cannanites In mine lightly roasted, please.

    Deciding to bug out to home in central america, kids are grown and kicking.

    This once great country has become a disgustingly gross mess of lazy, do nuthing, entitled losers.

    “oh well they stole the election, cant be that bad”
    like in 63 – “oh well they killed the President, cant be that bad, can it?”

    Obama admin gamed out nationwide gun confiscation, all federal agents were dead within 3 weeks, in game scenario’s best outcome.

    Personally safer to defend my home & loved ones in C.A. , than here in Pennsyltucky, even with the largest standing “army” in the World, during Deer Season Opening, at my side.

    So here is hoping there more F-ed up shit coming down the road from Premier Smellemgropeemmolestem & she who could not get more than 2 or 3 votes from her own dam foul party.

    I’m bugging out – looking forward to watching the weakest generation in American History – bend over and take some more – with outstreched hands – so U wont miss Ure monthly stimy..

    Tax Chattel is as Tax Chattel Does – blueline to camp Freedom, redline to camp Virtue, greenline to camp Torquemada..

    • Stepping on tail of dragons pissed ’em off. Sign, pay, and don’t waste your life looking over your shoulder.

      This from a Porsche 930 driver who NEVER got a ticket. think about it.

      When in Crook Land, play a game of ure own. But don’t piss off the crooks.

      Just too many of ’em. Go to happy, not conflict!

    • “who voted for these ass hats?”

      Hmm.. the way I read it..EVERYONE some places fifty percent more than what was registered to vote..

      It was all in the bags.. lol
      What did I learn this year..dont waste the gas money or time

    • Crash….Good Post especially Pp #3 and #4. Totally agree with your comments.

  7. “only property owners and workers” should be able to vote.

    What about retired folks living in elderly housing? Kids in college? Disabled vets living at the VA? People renting an apartment who get laid off from work?

    Jeesh. Everyone over 18 entitled to vote should vote. Voting should be easy absent of republicans trying to make it harder for citizens to cast their vote. Voting should be open for an entire week so you can cast it any day.

    • Your country is in trouble when the people who work for a living are out numbered by the people who vote for a living!!!

    • So vote to “take or encumber” the property of “owners” and/or “manage” it and them..hint “steal”

    • In the original form of this attitude property owners were much more invested in the economy and had a greater tendency to be more highly educated than the common man thus having a greater knowledge of how things worked in the World. (Elites? You betcha. But they usually didn’t have an army to hide behind which probably kept them a bit more honest.) I did read, once however, that common people had a strong tendency to make thoughtful arguments and discussions during the Lincoln-Douglas debates even though they may have been all but illiterate which flies in the face of this argument.

      Public education, when it was honestly employed as TRUE education, has changed that, however, often to the dismay of many politicians. This is turning out to be the characteristic of a disappearing generation, though, as all of us here can cite many instances of people born after the Boomer generation having little knowledge of the hard subjects and history of just about everything. I can’t bear to watch the old “Jay Walking” segments Jay Leno used to have on his show. It was too heartbreaking to see.

      All that being said, though, voting is for CITIZENS. Not illegals which is what the current “Pretendency” is trying to legitimize.

      • The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA or the Simpson–Mazzoli Act) was passed by the 99th United States Congress and signed into law by U.S. President Ronald Reagan on November 6, 1986. … The act also legalized most undocumented immigrants who had arrived in the country prior to January 1, 1982.

        The two things that the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act accomplished is that it made it against the law to hire illegal immigrants, and it provided amnesty to current illegal immigrants. Immigration reform may include promoted, expanded, or open immigration, as well as reduced or eliminated immigration.

        Between 1980 and 1990 — a span that included the eight-year Reagan administration— the foreign-born population of the U.S. increased from 14.1 million to 19.8 million. This change included 4 million more Latin American-born residents and 2.4 million more Asian-born residents — and nearly 800,000 fewer European-born residents.

    • Please read the Federalist! Remember universal suffrage brought the French revolution and the death of Socrates.

      • Universal Suffrage and the New Institutional Framework[1] By Jaime Guzmán Errázuriz,

        Universal suffrage has brought down dynasties throughout history.. and it has influenced tyrannical take overs through out history.. “1. It establishes a false equality amongst the citizenry

        It is self-evident that in the undertaking of devising the destinies of the nation, not every citizen is equally qualified. Given that this is a particular task just like any other, there can be no doubt that some will be more able than others to make a political decision or choose who should make them. This ability is derived from the extent of a given person’s intelligence, virtue, learnedness, good judgement, intuition, and/or maturity — to mention but a few of the influencing factors in each person’s decision making.

        The fact that political decisions affect the entire community does not invalidate our past assertion, given that, decisions are not made so as to affect everyone equally. Furthermore, there are many communities — such as the family, the university, and the military — that, given their hierarchical nature, generally do not share authority in their decision making, and no one puts their legitimacy in question because of it.”
        just an excerpt … from what I have read it is a pattern..
        the pattern goes from one of the pyramid where corporate leaders see to the needs of the base of the pyramid, to one of a single block tower.. for the USA it was outsourcing jobs and piling on the wealth in a minor sector of the pyramid.. the more the people struggle to exist at the bottom while watching those at the top lavished in luxury just causes hard feelings.. giving an open opportunity to those that see it as a means to gain control..
        Like Adolph Hitler wrote.. the people in the end just want to survive.. day to day.. get the people dependent on social programs then take them away and give it to those at the top of the income scales.. that way you get the support of the masses of people at the bottom to take from the wealthy.. It isn’t even a secret..
        after the last depression bosses all looked to the wealfare of their employees.. that has been replaced to looking at the wealfare of just a few at the top.. we hear and read of people making a quarter mill a year on food stamps in california living in cardboard boxes and cars.. deficating on the sidewalks and store Isles.. but who has brought up that guy making ten bucks an hour at a fast food restaurant.. or grocery store clerk.. the stores hire them as part time labor no benefits.. or they may work that quarter mill a year job and work part time sacking groceries.. the million dollar homes.. and all the big stuff.. that don’t even know the other side is there.. then let in millions of people for these ten dollar an hour job owners to pay for.. just a little wedge splitting the peanut open..make those in the labor force suffer just a bit more.. all of it gives way to the entry of some other form of govt. by gaining the support of the masses..
        Do I think it can be changed at this point.. NO.. I don’t.. I think we are in so deep right now that it has to follow the patterns that have been set.. it would mean a massive undertaking by all industrial leaders and from the last report I have read it would take five to ten years to retool america and so far.. its still the business model.. of ME in the corporate world.. the workers don’t get bonuses.. they get a wage.. even with the three trillion.. they are now asking for ten trillion.. with billions going to friends with benefits along the way.. can’t stop it they will do what they want at this point.. How it will end is anyones guess from my perspective.. I am afraid because I am at the bottom.. and I know it.. I can only gleam enough information to make do..

  8. COVID 19, the paper trial is there. Robert Redfield (ex CDC), director said as much before being de platformed. If you had simply typed in “Gain of Function” research when this kicked off you would know.
    Funding provided by Dr Fauci via the NIH. To the lab at Wuhan to do the studies. Much will remain unknown but this paper trail is verifiable. The funding proposal and other documents all available. What would Americans think if this was widely disseminated. No doubt he and others would be lynched.

  9. I have to agree with you on the landowner idea for voting. People will say, but what about…The fact is, people who are in a bad position, are almost always there because of bad planning. Lost your job, where is your fallback? Spent it on a new vehicle and too big a mortgage? Those people directing who gets into office should have a track record of financial intelligence. The only other one I would add, would be voting for those who have been in active duty in the armed forces. They have earned the right. Instead we have a wave of idiots who don’t even make their bed in the morning, who think they have the brains to direct society when they can’t fix their own lives.

    • Samaritan Ministries, Medishare, Liberty Health Share. Skip Obamacare insurance scam. Insurance is not health care.

  10. Your only owners voting goes against the majority using debt or other peoples money to grow “their” asset value, and would vote against ownership??? Rights..debtors in control..

    • Example, an owner has a hard time and may cancel insurance while doing fireproofing ect, a debtor can not..

      • Yeah, that’s a problem here on the Volcano. There are defined “Lava Zones” near eruptive areas here, which delineate areas of lava risk. One cannot get fire insurance at all in lava zones 1 & 2. Varying risk downward to zone 8 will determine your (exorbitant) insurance rate. I am in zone 2, and I have no insurance. I bought my home cash. I cannot even get a home equity loan because I cannot get insurance on the collateral of my home. One local business in the village had (non-state approved) fire risk insurance from Lloyds of London. Had a human-caused fire that burned a large commercial place in town. Six years later and lawsuits to settle, they still have not been paid.

  11. Not a popular opinion I am sure, but voting should be tied to taxes paid. For every 10K of net tax paid (after subtracting benefits), you get 1 extra vote. Didn’t file taxes, sorry no voting slips for you and be happy with your one vote. Your super rich and avoid your taxes with smart lawyers, fine, less votes for you. People that are actually paying for the government should have more say in how it works. I think I paid around 50K federal taxes (fed, ssa, medicare). I think I got around 1K back in Corona money. So I net paid 49K, so I would get 5 total votes for Federal roles, (president, senate, congressman). If you don’t help fund this monstrosity, then why should you have the same say as a highly taxed citizen.

    • joe not everyone is driven by money like you are. i work to live, not the other way around. that’s what freedom is. income should have no bearing on voting.

      • Again, you cannot read, or you bait and switch. Note that he wrote “TAXES PAID”… not “income”. There IS a difference!

    • I disagree, because personal income taxes shouldn’t exist.

      The original plan was, I believe, a 2% tax on very-high-income individuals and no one else, and was created by the very-high-income banksters who also ushered in the Federal Reserve. For governments, money is a drug — the ultimate drug, in fact.

      Pierpont Morgan & crew bailed out the U.S. Treasury after the 1905 panic (J.P. Morgan offered to lend the government the money to completely pay off our national debt), built the Panama Canal (on condition the U.S. acquire the isthmus — Don’t get me started here. “Panama” was created when Teddy Roosevelt and John Hay (a Morgan lackey) suborned a civil war in Columbia. The Canal Zone was the reward for our financial and military backing of the Panamanian Province’ successful breakaway.) Part of the ’05 panic was caused by the debt incurred during the Spanish-American War (1898), and another part was a pile-on from the assistance we provided during the Panamanian Revolution (1903.)

      The “Panama Canal Zone” was a United States Territory, like Arizona, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, until Jimmy Carter rescinded our perpetual lease and gave it to Panama (which they subsequently leased to the ChiComs…)

      The “personal income tax” was “temporary,” and limited to the top 1-2% of wealthy elites — until it ceased to be either temporary or applied only to the very wealthy. The U.S. Government NEEDS P.I.T. now, because once politicians receive an infusion of cash, they spend more than the influx, creating an ever-increasing need to acquire (and spend) more money, and find more stuff upon which to spend it — hence, our ever-increasing gravitation toward socialism.

    • We already have that system in place. Wealthy elites control who their gangs put on the ballot, so they got you either way. And no, that is not an leftist assertion; the elites appear to have decided they get more bang for the buck from the lefties, so that is who they are backing.

  12. George,

    OK, now everyone will know that you have at least one “nut job” visiting your website.

    About 5 years ago, in March somewhere around 3:00 PM, I was standing in my dining room looking out across my farm; when I saw the most unusual thing. My house sits on a hill looking out to a branch creek bottom to the front. All of this land is cultivated, except for the usual bushes along the creek. At this time there were no trees, because I had a local logger cut the trees on the ditch bank to keep them from slapping the tractors/etc. when I work the land. Leave the stumps to hold the ditch bank in place.

    The ditch is about 1/4 mile from my house. I see this brown, hairy creature walking along the far side of the ditch. Walking upright and making REALLY good time along the bank. It had been raining so the ditch had about 4 feet of water in it, which was running fairly fast. I could see this thing from just above the waist up above the bushes on the ditch bank. Dummy me, instead of grabbing the camera with a long lens, I jump in my side by side to go have a look. By the time I get there the creature is gone. Look for tracks, but the stalk residue from previous year was so thick that even the side by side made no tracks. Called my wife who was standing in the dining room by this time to ask how much of me she could see above the bushes. Answer was, she could barely see the top of my head. I am 6 feet tall. Whatever I saw had to be well over 7 feet and closer to 8 feet tall by comparison.

    I either saw Shaq in a camo suit or I can cross seeing Bigfoot off my bucket list. Found out later that others in my west Tennessee area have seen the same thing.
    Suffice it to say, I am a believer in Bigfoot.

    Where the bugger went I haven’t a clue, and so far my neighbor (who has more game camera than most stores) has not captured a photo. Whatever this creature is, it has the ability to stay away from humans and cameras for the most part.

  13. George, once again, by trying to blame everything on ‘Trump haters’, you stick your foot in your mouth (newspapers have been losing revenue for quite awhile, not just ‘post-Trump’, but continue with your simplistic explanations to a more complex problem, it highlights your inability to grasp the big picture:
    Newspaper circulation lowest since 1940,
    Ad revenue declined 62% from 2008 to 2018:

    • “Ad revenue declined 62% from 2008 to 2018:”
      Of those years, a president who got a pass on criticism held office.
      In the other, people got sick of these BS day after day.
      Collusion was never proven. But, like Sonny and Cher sang “And the beat goes on….and the beat goes on.”

      • Exactly! For example, in Austin, the newspaper leans so far left, it slaps Houston, if you are facing South. I couldn’t abide paying for a piece of crap to lie to me, obfuscate facts, misdirect me, leave critical details out, and run their agenda full speed ahead. So, I gave it up. Same when I Iived in Dallas, same left slapping my brain feeling, dropped the one, the other went out of business. People, you know, citizens, are making decisions with their pocketbook, but some big corrupt dollars paper over the declining readership and ad dollars. For example, Time. The other one, the fake competition, is already gone. But Time hangs on lying and plying its agenda and trade. Same with TWSJ, WAPO, etc. I am with Judge Silberman, he summed up the corrupt media, and high tech and hollyweird LEFT LEANING BLOCK pretty astutely. They own it all, and it’s a danger to any Democracy not to mention Republic.

  14. As for Bigfoot:

    Why are humans so conceited that they believe a creature whose natural coat is sufficient to make synthetic clothing unnecessary, can not be of equal or superior intelligence?

    WE don’t crap as we move, because our physiology makes “pooing in a pile” more-efficient – as it does for every erect primate. We only learned the advantages of crapping in a crapper, about 6 generations ago. We bury our dead ’cause they stink, and are petri dishes for bugs that will kill us or make us really sick.

    Scientists who don’t discount, out of hand, the possible existence of Bigfoot, take the tack that he is a Cro-mag or Neanderthal artifact, and has an effective IQ of about 30. Suppose he’s an underground dweller or interdimensional traveler, was socially 4000 years ago where we are today, and has an effective IQ of about 330?

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