Jobs, GDP and Corporate Profits

That Exponential Trend we were talking about in the Peoplenomics report Wednesday is coming along:  Sometimes we just get lucky, lol.  Dow futures were down 140 early and the S&P was down 17 and change.

All this as the NY Times biz section reports Signs the Economy Might Be Overheating.  Like the Fed hiding money-printing data from we-the-tax-chattel isn’t convincing, enough? Help me here..

If Samuelson (et al) are right about randomness in markets, any tool to offer “tips to gamblers” gets useful.  Exponential or otherwise.  The longer I “invest” the clearer the “gambling” aspect of markets becomes. With a heavy dose of made-up money (phony fiat inflation) in there, too.

Imagine! A Casino run by a counterfeiting ring, yes sir.

Data Driving:  Jobs Report

Just our from Labor are the week’s first-time unemployment claims.  We will highlight the non-seasonally adjusted (somewhat more honest in our view) numbers here which are better than expected:

Corporate Profits:  Productivity Craters

Also out from Labor – and in answer to the “How rich can the One Percenters get with free money and a large unemployed labor pool to pick and choose from – we have a corporate profits report:

Private nonfarm business sector multifactor productivity decreased 1.7 percent in 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.
This 2020 decrease reflects a 4.2-percent decrease in output and a 2.5-percent decrease in the combined inputs of capital and labor. Capital services grew by 2.4 percent and labor input–which is the combined effect of hours worked and labor composition–decreased by 5.2 percent.

Multifactor productivity (MFP) is calculated by dividing an index of real output by an index of combined units of labor input and capital services. Multifactor productivity annual measures differ from BLS quarterly labor productivity (output per hour worked) measures because the former also includes the influences of capital services and shifts in the composition of workers. Measures for the most recent year of this release are preliminary estimates.”

Private business sector multifactor productivity also decreased 1.7 percent in 2020, as output decreased 4.1 percent and combined inputs decreased 2.4 percent.

Not sick of numbers yet?  Maalox up because there’s also…

GDP (Like fudge?)

One of the standard metrics of economic health is the gross domestic product of the U.S.  The idea being that if GDP is up, we are doing (relatively) better.

Before we lay this on you, though, a heaping tablespoon of Economic Reality.  Real GDP is just another dollarized economic measure with lots of lag-time to hide reality.  It doesn’t reference runaway printing.

What I mean by that it there is only a passing relationship to the quantity of goods made.

Take the last year, for example:  We know there are ~10-million people less working.  We also know M2 is up 26% and M1 has doubled.  (The Fed is hiding the actual because they’re scared shitless people will figure out that with $28 trillion in debt and GDP (on a units basis) likely under $20 trillion, people will figure out OUR MONEY’S ON FIRE.  Which is what paper does, of course.

We might even offer some meds as Powell praises economic recovery and sees Fed pulling back help after ‘substantial’ progress.  Lemme see: output down, GDP sold as UP…uh huh…pass the pipe?

So, understanding that with 26% more money, dollarized GDP has to go up 25% to breakeven is critical. (It’s slightly more complicated, but I’m being kind not mentioning the doubling in M1 which is like a government-sponsored Wesson Oil party…they are afraid to publish current data…)

Bottom line:  The reports this morning are in conflict:  Productivity has cratered along with output, yet, GDP is (allegedly) up (in the same period which is Biblical-level miracle shit) R U seeing how this is a grab your ankles deal?  No?  A bit slow today, are we?

[I keep thinking the makers of Astro-Glide should issue a collectible April Fools edition each year labeled “Government.”  Gover-Glide would work, too…]

Short Takes

A “Borderline President?”   Kamala to the border photo-opping as the Rio Grande Valley is being over run.  We ought to send troops, not the Lady in Waiting.

Speaking of Spewing:  Iceland’s Volcanic Eruption Could Be A Long Hauler.

Home Depot Data Breach:  Cards stolen in Home Depot breach pop up online, reports CBS.  More than 50-million customers involved.

Waiting to Beam Up:  William Shatner reflects on turning 90 and celebrating with ‘Star Trek’ fans.

For Your Action List

Great interview on WOAI (San Antonio) with Joe Pags last night.  He had Dr. Carol Swain of “Be the People News” on.  Give a listen here. Apparently, being Black is no protection from democrat-sponsoring social media censorship which blocked a recent video chat by Dr. Swain on FB (because she calls out dems on being big-time KKK supporters in the past…)

Check your KI (potassium iodide) supplies.  One of our readers reported (see comments) on possible shortages.  We will touch base with Shane at and see what gives.

Help for Cheap Tools:  I am printing off the first proto this morning of a 5/8ths inch rail track for some of our power tools.  Right after this parts box finishes printing. You know, a lot of neat tools are on the used market, but don’t use the older-style (wider) 3/4-inch grooves.  We may print up and sell some of the thinner ones that work with some of the Sears, Ryobi, Tool-Kraft, Harbor Freight and other saws and shapers…

Don’t forget next week is a semi-holiday (Good Friday) for markets. Easter a week from this Sunday which makes Sunday this weekend Palm Sunday…

Top Easter meals?  Food Network has all kinds of cooking ideas.  We’ll probably roll with a honey-ham, spiral cut, and have scalloped potatoes and ham for life thereafter.

Stimulus Scams:  Gotten several emails here asking for all kinds of Confirmation of Banking info related to stimulus checks.  If ANYTHING comes in as an email wanting ANY personal information, be suspect and don’t email, don’t call…

ATR (Around the Ranch)

Best News of All:  Elaine got the green light from her “hip” doctor  to put full weight on her right hip, installed in early February.  She’s on  the heavy PT track now to get ready for the next one early this summer.  Song on point here

Off to the 3D printer projects...scattered T-storms in the South today and keep an ear open and the NOAA monitor on…that time of the year, now.  Tornado weather.

Couldn’t help but notice that the lawn is sprouting (along with things in the greenhouse:  Looks like (why are we not surprised?) April Fools day with be the first drive-through with the mower this year.  Like Pappy used to say to people with putting green lawns:  “You put how much money in fertilizer and weed killer so you can mow more often???”

Write when you get rich,

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    • Yes, good news indeed. That’s some rapid healing, Ms Elaine..keep it up!
      BTW big thanks to whomever it was who mentioned the 4 Olives cure for soreness. My wife is now a big fan after just a week.

  1. Ure gonna need a bigger tub o popcorn.

    Watching the water G , watching the water..

    what happens to natures weather cycles – you abruptly stop spraying “chemies” and atmospheric heating, after years of artificial man-nipu-lation ?

    Can you say “lets play catch up” or “coiled spring tension release”?

    Record amounts water starting to drop/dump all over the globe..

    floods..water,containers, people,animals,reptiles,insects -Yikes
    – might want check Ure bug out boat/lifeboats seaworthiness this weekend, ya never know – who will stop the rain.

    • cock & balls, and butt cheeks -evergreen -gps – ccp sea prior to suez canal entry..ohh my!

      – yes D move blocking the suez anal..

      accidental ?

      popcorn moar now, please.

  2. A thumbs up to Elain! Keep on keepin’ on!

    Another quirk in our monetary reporting system seems to be about to happen. Bill Holter said in his last interview with Greg that they were going to stop reporting M2. Oh happy day! Less info to bother with while we circle the drain. … NOT.

  3. George,

    Not that I am a total convert to the gold/silver market, but something strange is afoot. Normally, when there is a shortfall of supply the price of an item goes up. Right now it is almost impossible to find gold/silver that is available for immediate shipment upon purchase (especially fractional oz. gold). However, the price of gold/silver is stable and often goes down. Me thinks that the “nice government men” are artificially suppressing the price to avoid flight from fiat currency.

    I am not saying that gold/silver is a good hedge against dollar collapse, since the FEDS can pull another FDR at any time and confiscate. Land as an option is OK, but there again it can be backdoor confiscated through property taxes. Ever try paying property taxes ahead for several years? I did and was told flatly no, because the tax rate could change. I said OK, then I will sign an agreement to pay the difference should such an increase occur. Still a big, fat NO. You don’t really own land, you rent it each year from the government; and they want control.

    I guess I will have to become a Mennonite, since they are about as “invisible” to the government as you can be. Varying degrees of that particular group, from fully electronically invested to simple “off grid” existence. Most in my area have either electricity (on the quiet and not grid connected) or run everything on gasoline. The off grid thing keeps them from having inspections for construction and lowers their tax assessment for improvements. This varies by geographical area as related to inspections, but we do not have county wide zoning.

    Bottom line is we the “sheeple” are screwed.

    • Welcome to our little cadre of misfits. Your secret decoder ring, password and handshake will come via private courier soon.

      All hail Grand Poobah George! (3 Amigos salute to follow … oops. There I go giving out secrets again.)

    • Dont be a sheeple –

      Amish and Mennies have smart phones now adayz – after that school house shooting in Lancaster county, Pennsyltucky several years ago. All those innocent little barefoot Amish kids would prolly still be alive if they had a phone at/on the school house/teacher..

    • Allegedly at the Perth Mint – there is no silver for sale and neither allocated and/or allocated accounts that safe keep at the mint and have requested delivery have been denied delivery. Secondly there is a rumor that Perth has transferred silver held at the LBMA to the comex to full fill delivery requests – something doesn’t smell right…

    • “Bottom line is we the “sheeple” are screwed.”

      Almost brought me to tears Lloyd… because I think you are right on the money… Gold and Silver is about as good as rare art.. and if rare art and other collectables are at a quarter the value.. so will gold and silver.. you have to have someone that collects it to sell it… and historically people in a serious situation hold other things at value before a trinket.. aka.. toilet paper.. a six roll pack of angel soft not that long ago selling for almost two hundred dollars on ebay.. twelve squares for two dollars plus shipping and handling..
      there is some serious stuff happening right now starting with the border crisis that everyone knew would happen when JB ran on the I will let everyone in… and of course they are keeping the true crisis hidden from view.. no reporters or camera men allowed and from what I heard on tv bigger cages to hold kids.. I did get a chuckle out of the fact that JB decided to toss Kamala under the bus I bet she is just fuming to.. OK its your problem now.. LOL LOL if it fails it is totally her failure..

  4. Ure, you nailed it!!
    Whenever the FED is mentioned, the statement, “a Casino run by a counterfeiting ring” must always follow.

  5. George,
    “So, understanding that with 26% more money, dollarized GDP has to go up 25% to breakeven is critical. (It’s slightly more complicated, but I’m being kind not mentioning the doubling in M1 which is like a government-sponsored Wesson Oil party…they are afraid to publish current data…)”

    You are so right with this. However, this craziness is possibly being brought about due to ALL governments seem to be using this same, out-of-control and now runaway deficit spending and wild money printing. It appears that they are doing this with NO INTENTION of ever paying anything off. Of course it is never spoken of that the debt load has been building sequentially for the life of the country and the debt burden is always on the backs of the current population numbers as THEIR debt. The dead citizens of the past cannot contribute to paying the debt of today, so the debt can never be paid off.
    As our economy impresses us with its huge numbers it is never openly spoken of by our “leaders” that the value of the money used to pay down that debt has shrunken to near-nothing. So the debt can NEVER be paid off.

    • Not true.

      Since our “government” has now played “hide the sausage” with all pertinent money supply indicators, the (not) Federal (not) Reserve can go “clickety click,” produce $30tln today, and completely zero our debt before the Dow closes today, with none the wiser for months or years.

      Remember “Candidate Trump” and his [made only once] campaign comment that the only two ways to salvage the United States financially WRT our national debt were to either 1) repudiate the debt, or 2) hyperinflate and pay it off using worthless dollars {I add: “Presumably before anyone realizes those dollars are worthless.”}

      WE ASSUME the USD is worth ~3% of its 1912 value, but with the loss of the money supply indices, analysts and the American public have ceased to have any frickin’ idea whatsoever of what its actual representation of worth might be. For all we know, Bitcoin may go this month to $100,000 and next month we’ll have to put the Bitcoin Nazi on suicide watch when he learns that that Bitcoin is actually worth less than the static worth of 1 gram of gold.

      That may be an understatement. Looking at FRED, I notice M1 was $4.125tln on 3/16/2020, $4.897tln on 4/27/2020, AND ONE WEEK LATER, on May 4th, M1 was $15.994tln. What this says to my naive manner of thinking is the FRN went from a “representative value” of ~3.2% (indexed to 1912 dollars) to a “representative value” of less than 1% (indexed to 1912 dollars) in LESS THAN ONE WEEK!

      When the index was discontinued after February 1, 2021, the last index reported (2/01/2021) was $18.136tln. Who knows where M1 may be now? {Answer: NOBODY.} However, the “money” supply is not likely to have diminished…

  6. Sorry in advance for the rant!
    Why is it that we are allowing this administration to be the most untransparent administration in history? Why are we the people, letting them get away with not telling US what is really going on in so many areas? The mentally confused and cognitive challenged President is giving his first press conference today and he had to spend a week to prepare? WTF AYFKM!!! And the people are okay with this? We know the left media is just fine with it because they know who is really in charge and it ain’t Bit-Me Biden. This is literally Obama’s third term.
    Now the same administration allows the Fed to withhold data and numbers to keep us sheeple from realizing that we are all screwed and when the bill comes due or the ChiComs calls their notes that WW3 will begin. With the left in charge, they will most likely just open the front door for them. Since the back door (Southern Border) is already full beyond capacity. But that’s not their fault either. They really do think we are morons!
    Things are brewing under the surface. 80 Million people have more of a clue than the ones who supposedly voted for a mentally confused and cognitive challenged President who spent his campaign in his basement, and who has been hiding since he was elected. Like Obama, they are creating multiple crises and multiple scenarios so that we the people lose track of what is really going. The Dems created the crisis at the border, period and they love it! They are now trying to change the voting laws, which is unconstitutional, they don’t care they never liked our constitution. They are talking about taking our guns, and they will try to repeal the 2nd Amendment. When their efforts are thwarted by the Supremes; that will be their excuse for staking the court. Because everything they are trying to do (destroy our Republic) is too important to allow a few Supreme court judges to stop them; I mean to prevent them from protect this Democracy! Buckle up! things are brewing and its not going to be a nice outcome for any of us.

    • The real truth is that nothing in politics happens by chance. It’s all theater. The Trump administration was a fluke(probably) due to a miscalculation, and the insiders fought it at every turn. Now they are making up for lost time.

      The real question is what to do! Calls and mail to “representatives” do nothing but waste time. “Demonstrations” can and are infiltrated and turned into “insurrections”, but only if they’re for the wrong side. Demonstrating is rather useless for the most part, except to provide filler for news. Unless it’s destructive, nobody cares, and if it is destructive, it’s illegal. The bottom line is that there’ a mob type group in charge and has no real use for individuals, other than to farm them if convenient and eliminate them otherwise. This is the only logical conclusion based on the best observations that I can make.

      There is zero interest in increasing real productivity(government mandates and employment don’t count). There is an absolute war on freedom and joy! The freaks in DC appear to be so concerned about rebellion that they put a wall around themselves and have National Guard troops there as a show of force. Does this remind anyone of the USSR, Mainland China, and North Korea?

      • See software from the Hammer, to name just 1 program used to STEAL elections, all around the World

        – ask a retired SOG fighter about TAD orders to the “christians” to support the election “rigging operations”.
        Programs are known to utilize built-in weaknesses/backdoors in the various voting machines/companies used in the last fake election..Dominion/Smartmatic/Leanardo-Vatican – all this info including the Programs are in the public domain -hearings and what not before con gress. did U run of popcorn ?

    • “Why is it that we are allowing this administration to be the most untransparent administration in history?”

      Because the American People, on the whole, are stupid, lazy, narcissistic, and blissfully ignorant. We don’t seek information, knowledge, or truth, but are content to have “news” spoon-fed to us, as long as our individual “station” or “situation” doesn’t immediately and radically change. Therefore, our “truth” at any given time is whatever the “news media” tells us it is.

      “Why are we the people, letting them get away with not telling US what is really going on in so many areas?”

      Because the same socialist elitists who own D.C. own the media, and refuse to allow “We, the People” to have any voice which contradicts their narrative or ideology. If George were getting a million pageviews a day, do you honestly believe Urban Survival would be allowed to exist in its current form? It would either be disappeared (demonized by the Establishment media into “right-wing nutjob” irrelevance) or bought out and used as a disinfo site.

      • “Because the American People, on the whole, are stupid, lazy, narcissistic, and blissfully ignorant. We don’t seek information, knowledge, or truth,”

        Ray.. I think in reality.. ITS FEAR… they have to keep it moving.. the second there is doubt on anyone’s mind that the dollar is defunct.. then we have Hell.. 39 million dollar loaves of bread and having to take wheel barrows to buy food..
        Ignorance is bliss…
        a few years ago now.. when the dollar was downgraded.. container ships refused to unload until they got paid and not in dollars.. I don’t know how that turned out but shortly after that.. a lot of companies around these parts started to have owners from other parts of the world….

      • Shit i think I get 4 views a day and 2 of them are me. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

        A million views a day??!!! Shit that would probably generate enough clicks to fill the 300 with premium once a month off my Amazon adds.

        George probably gets 100,000 page views a day just from people looking for camping gear not common sense and wisdom.

        That is how I found this site in 2008. Looking for a camp stove. HHahahahhah! Sure as shit!

        I found glp looking up a Bible scripture quote in 2005. And I thought what ugly website. Light blue and hard on the eyes. Super gay looking site. I found the web bots there about the same time I found George site looking for camping gear.

        And look at us now. None the wiser. Hahaha ok ok ok yes George. Maybe a little bit wiser. Definitely older and still crazy.

        And now I have my own shit show on the web. Yes old dude. Yes yes. Progress not perfection.

    • “Why are we the people, letting them get away with not telling US what is really going on in so many areas?”

      I believe it’s for thedamereason why they will never let you know if theres a missile attack coming..
      MASS PANIC.. ignorance is bliss..

  7. George, corporate profits sinking? Looks like it’s time to offload some more of their expenses onto the national debt. Best, Mike.

    • Egypt might be well advised to have mega-scale pit mining equipment available for quick reaction to such events. A large walking dragline or two could probably get the ship floated or trench around it. I saw the picture of a normal sized excavator near the bow, and there’s not much it could do – even if it manages to avoid submersion. It looked like a gnat on your nose. The tugs are pushing and pulling against water, not hard points in the ground. Good, but not good enough.

      Offloading with a normal crane on tracks would probably take a very long time.

      At least the tide is forecast to rise a bit over the next two days.

    • Co – Incident to the action..

      can hardly wait, till the containers start coming off …

      Got popcornz?

    • Three months aren’t up..since they love the three month event cycle I personally wouldn’t fear that anything would happen till the middle of may..

  8. Hi G
    My wife wanted to pass some quick info on to you. Pick up some Vitamin K2 (mk-7)
    This reduces heart attack in men over 50 by 50% plus pulls calcium back into your bones and teeth and away from arteries and the like. Very benificial for Elaine right now. Has longevity potential also.
    Available on iherb for best price.

    Take 1 of these for every 20,000 iu of Vitamin d. Fat soluable, so take with fat food. Kim will send an ebook on it. Most info in chapter 2.

  9. The Hypocrisy of our Government Officials is maddening. Om gonna go have to do another grati6list again. Hahaha.

    When companies like Black Rock have more money and are bigger than the entire GDP of Japan and Germany? We are severely out if balance! How the F! Is a citizen of any country going to have a voice when one single company is of Higher Value than an entire Countries ability to create wealth and prosperity for its citizens??!!

    And now according to our Vice President! Just being a law abiding white man, protected by the Constitution and living within its laws and statutes, you are the enemy of the country. As she said recently stated, “The biggest danger to America right now is an Armed White Man.”

    Not the world pandemic. Not drugs or cartels. But you the Law Abiding, Within your constitutional right to barearmed, white fella. You are now the enemy of the United States!

    The Hypocrisy is maddening!

    It seems they will have their civil war 2.0. As The Silent Majority over 230 million law abiding white Christian’s of this country of 330 million people of the United States of Amercia will soon stand up and say, Enough! Time for a come to Jesus talk out at the Wood Shed.

    When the Giant known as Silent Majority is awaken from its slumber. It will not go well for those who poke it with a stick. You can quote me on that.


    Have a wonderful day. Hit my target last night at midnight exactly. Wonderful!

      • This from Andy:
        “Vice President Kamala Harris’ adult niece Meena made the “disgusting” claim in a now-deleted tweet that “violent [W]hite men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.”

        I heard it was a direct quote from Vice President Harris from a friend in High Places. Twitter deleted it really fast because you know, Twitter works for the DNC. It’s one of their media machines. That is why I’m not on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or any of that..”

      • Nice bait & switch…

        Next time, you might want to read the article to which you link
        polish up on your search skills
        possibly even use a reliable and uncensored search tool.


        Quoting Andy’s post (from yesterday):

        “Most of my friends in the US Army, National Guard, and a Few in the Navy are asking what my friend who is a Gunny Seargent said the other day to me

        wtf is going on right now? Is this even happening? Our Government is acting very much out of line to my understanding of the constitution! He is the one that told me about Madam Vice President saying ‘the greatest danger to America is a White men with gun.’

        He said he heard it on the radio taking lunch to a few of his boys on watch as he rolled up on two white dudes standing there with Guns in the Military and thought is The Vice President calling us White Military Soldiers a danger to our Nation too?”

        You obviously read it. Now you’re asking him for a source for something he heard from a soldier, who allegedly heard it “several days before” on some unnamed radio program…?


        The original statement was made by a DHS bureaucrat last year, and has been (loosely) quoted hundreds of times, by dozens of Democratic politicians and “neocom” pundits since. I shouldn’t be surprised if Kammy said it, nor would it surprise me if she didn’t. The Libs and resegregationists have Goebbeled it into “fact,” so whether the VP uttered it doesn’t matter.

        What matters is how our Armed Forces personnel handle the utter disconnect between what they see or hear, and what they know to be true fact.

        As for your bait & switch:

        The headline

        “Armed Man Arrested Near Vice President Kamala Harris’ Home”

        should read: “Armed Man Arrested Near Naval Observatory”

        and should mention in its first paragraph that the Naval Observatory is the official residence of the Vice President, and that it is currently unoccupied and undergoing extensive renovation.

        The fact it doesn’t so-read means the writer or editor has an agenda, and would rather suborn yellow “journalism” than present unbiased news…

    • Organic Gardner, here is your link,

      Madam Vice Presidents own Niece quoted her in a tweet that got promptly deleted.

      Vice President Kamala Harris’ adult niece Meena made the “disgusting” claim in a now-deleted tweet that “violent [W]hite men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.” She was quoting her Aunt is my understanding.

      At the link,

      You gotta remember. getting links is harder and harder when Twitter and all the media works for the sitting President and Staff.

      You think Twitter is gonna leave a tweet up about Harris long? If it’s bad? They banned trump from tweeting while he was president.

      Plus I have friends in High Places.

      another friend who is a an active duty Gunny Sargent heard it on the radio. He must of been listening to a ” right wing show’. (Best sarcastic tone)

      Much love!

  10. All good here down under . Facist fix done . Good to go USSA tonite . Daily fix completed early

  11. Attention Wilmington Shoppers,

    If anybody finds a 38 out back of the store, please return it to the customer service desk c/o “a hunter”.

    Thank you.

  12. Tickin tickin boyz . Rampin good . Great sheethole of oz holding its place as 51st state USD calmed gold and sheetcoin ready . So let’s git on some fascio power play . Yeeehhhhaaa to the moon

  13. What bullsheet is locked in tonite georgey !!!! Spin spin spin george !!! Take tree bark good for health and money!!!

  14. Wow Dude! You are up early! I’m about to try to sleep. Not doing much of that lately. Hopefully moving to a really good spot on the beach. Find out tomorrow if I can get it and the funds come in.

    If I get that place? I will write my book there. It’s on Alki. Walk across the street and on the beach. I will take another year off of work and just write my book, website and do youtube videos on the beach there. Really nice place dude. Has a good little office, small kitchen and one bedroom. Perfect for me to write my book at.

    Maybe do an adventure novel about dude traveling to other planets and other galaxies. I went back to the Super Infinity 8 gas station again. Got the map of the Universe. But I ain’t telling.

    You will have to buy the book and finish that other book I been writing a while.

    I hope I get it. clean area. Get a mountain bike and write and ponder all day. Met a 29 year old woman from Levenworth tonight. Civil engineer lady. She is very interested in me. Last name is Hans Solos first name. Hope to God she isnt G2’s ex or anything. Levenworth being a small town. And she Said she is originally from Huston. Lol

    Made me kinda nervous.

    Ok off to bed. Get at it old dude. Ttyl

      • Ya I was down there last night. By myself watching the sunset. Beautiful day yesterday.

        I think its still there. When you are back up here. If my books done by then? We can meet there and I will give ya an autographed copy dude.

        Say did you happen to see the name on the side of that big eye sore (ship) stuck in the Suez canal? EVERGREEN! Puts a whole new spin on “remove the plank from your own eye and then come talk to me about my speck” and of course the cue song, Timber.


        Surely just a coincidence.

        Bwhahahhahahahahhah! Pretty funny shit. Love the Evergreen trees! A large part of it being called the Emerald City, up here in rhe land of Ahz!

        Hahahahahahha. Off to $leep. Hope I get atleast 5

      • It’s not my eye sore. Wonder if ua can see it from the top of the Pyramid in Egypt? From the Cap stone. Or All seeing Eye.

        Big old Evergreen eye sore. Hahahhahhah..

        Not that I dont have my own speck.

        I really liked Egypt when I went there. Took liberty Hurghada, Egypt when I was in the Navy. Went to Thebes and Valley of the Kings and Queens. Little poor kids alway trying to get ya to buy statues and post cards and other crap.
        If you are ever in Egypt dude, remember the word “Mignak!” Not sure how ya spell it but that is how ya say it. It means “F off!”

        Very important to know when facing swarms of children like locusts who will pick pocket your wallet while trying the others true to load ya up on cheap souvenirs.

        Speaking of specks. Spectacles, festivals, watch and wallet. I hope I get that beach house today. Atleast get my deposit on it. Best get.

        Much much. Love. No song. I got write my own page and up date my comments.

        I got 5 and half. That was nice.

  15. This is a good video on the state of the Suez canal as of now:

    “The bow is in Asia and the stern is in Africa”, and removing too much weight from either or both could cause catastrophic breaking of the hull due to “sagging stress”!

    It’s an interesting engineering and economic problem.

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