Tracking ’29 and Some Personal Woo-Woo

I have made (yet another) pledge to myself to write shorter columns.  “Save the juicy stuff for  Peoplenomics subscribers,” I tell myself.

And yet,  Peoplenomics is only a couple of days per week, so occasionally – like  today – we will offer remarks that are “out in the clear.”  Like my mentioning last week that the possible top of the Wave 2 bounce was in….

Let’s back up to the beginning, and talk about “news” – and what passes for it – these days…

The POINT of News Is?

Most of your friends, if you look closely at them, will reveal themselves to be pretty dumb, living lives of denial, and never really engaging with Life Because that’s hard.  Yet, a life uninspected, and brutally so, is a life not well-lived.  You’ll miss a lot.  Easy lives are boring.

Thing is, this “uninspected Life” phenomena is widespread.  A cultural anthropologist would call it “cultural hypnosis.”  That is, the herd is the herd and when anyone gets out of line, they are marginalized.  Ousted.

Getting out of the herd is one of the smartest things you can do.  Along the way, visiously tearing-into your “news” concepts and consumption, is a useful way to prevent backsliding.  Road less traveled.

The simple facts are these:

  • News only really “matters” when the story affects  you.  Personally.
  • Same with the weather:  It only “matters” when you’re going out in it, OR if its effects will impact your behavior through flood, power failures, and the like.

COVID-19, for example, is real. 

In our view, it’s something that China’s responsible for because it didn’t come from Bakersfield.  Yet, the Chinese-influenced U.S. media continues to position the Trump administration negatively based on misstatements and misdirections from present and past liberal-leaning, globalist-sympathetic embeds in the intelligence community and media.

For example, take the story headlined “Pompeo Ties Coronavirus to China Lab, Despite Spy Agencies’ Uncertainty.”  The story fits our template titled “Pure Pandering.”

Two simple reasons for this:  Fact #1:  The mainstream press is prone to “conveniently forgetting” what Mike Pompeo did before becoming Secretary of State.  You, of course, remember, right? 

“He is a former United States Army officer and was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from January 2017 until April 2018.

Pompeo was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2017, representing Kansas’s 4th congressional district. He was a Kansas representative on the Republican National Committee and member of the Italian American Congressional Delegation. Pompeo is also a member of the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party.”

Which, in Ure’s brutally-honest world  – not some mainstream cub reporterwannabe’s –  means Pompeo is “Ure kinda guy.”  Military officer, Tea Party supporter, and former CIA Chief.

Fact #2:  A lot of the fake news – really the socialist & Chinese juxta positioning of Donald Trump – comes from  former Obama intel people who are getting their asses kicked in the General Michael Flynn case.  If you missed it, head over and read how “Jim Jordan on Michael Flynn investigation: ‘FBI Was Out to Get the President…Including Going After a Three-Star General’.”  Sure, Sara Carter’s site is a partisan, but do you want to argue the New York Times with their hotlines to ex-Obamites isn’t?

Oh, and in that story I referenced – citing “Spy Agencies –  the plural?  Well, there’s only been one reference to the ODNI’s offices – but that’s singular.  The rest has been called “former intelligence officials” and that’s been spoonfed to the lazy press by mainly by ex-Obamanista’s – most of whom would be unemployed were they not so-called “experts” hired by the Mainstream Media.  Which all makes sense to us because?

Everything’s a Business Model

America has overbuilt capacity to distribute information.  Just like overbuilding any OTHER product’s manufacturing capacity, the prices come down.  And in present day media the equivalent is the quality of journalism is coming down.  The old saying “Talk is Cheap” has never been more true.

My point is:  I don’t think the media is TRYING to sell America down the river.  It’s just that it’s the RESULT of being so damnedably tied to excess capacity – which is why we arguably  need a Depression.

Because not only do we have massive malinvestment in finance to the tune of over a quadrillion dollars of derivatives, but we also have “news” networks that have gone “mostly tabloid” in their story section, headlines, shamless self promotion, in order to profitably pander to gullible news consumers.

If you “eat” more than a half hour of news per day – including traffic reports – you’re likely “Another Useful Idiot.”  Realize that once you begin to get “strong opinions” about anything – and I don’t care if it’s Trump, CV-19. the Economy, or the high-level pandering of “gender studies”  (which 99.5% of people ican resolve with a 3-second personal plumbing check) – you’ve got symptoms of stupidty.  The stronger you feel, the dumber you are.

Your treatment should begin with a “news cleanse and fast.”

Oh, and our “example story?”  Well, if you read the whole thing you find at the bottom of the story “The post Pompeo Ties Coronavirus to China Lab, Despite Spy Agencies’ Uncertainty appeared first on New York Times.”  And so, as in the days of Top-40 radio, the hits just keep on coming in the Great National Echo Chamber.

This particular story was news – and barely – for only a few seconds last Friday.  And why it’s linked on Drudge Report this morning?  Well, remember what I said:  Too much capacity, not enough quality, right?

Even Fortune has been pressed into writing “Trump is pushing for a “conclusive” report linking COVID-19 to Wuhan lab.”  Isn’t that his job?  I mean seriously, WTF is everything a bash?  Who are these partisans and dividers…who is pulling their strings?  China?  Soros?  Globalist factions? You tell me…(OK, all the above…)

Amazingly little play being given to US intel thinks China stayed mum on virus early on to grab supplies.

Why had they expected it to be bad?    With 13.78 times more officially reported cases than China, when do the numbers argue bioweapon?

Number matter.  That’s what the China-lovers are trying to dodge because that is an act of war – or ultimate stupidity.

Like we said, this didn’t come from Bakersfield or Birmingham.  If you’re not seeing bioweapon you need to GTFU and get some remedial math and sciences going.

What Matters? The Daily Numbers

In Ure’s world, we already have the week’s trading plan roughed out – though it’s always subject to change.  But it’s numerically-based on numbers.

Dow futures were down 266, the S&P futures were down 24, and the S&P down 74.

But, since our Aggregate approach to markets argues that markets are all still loosely tied with intermarket arbitrage, we have to consider goings-on in Europe, as well:  France and Germany are down 4% and the UK hasn’t come to the party – YET.  Because in Asia, the Hang Seng was down overnight 4.15% and Japan was down 2.84%.

Taken as a whole, that means the US  OUGHT to be down about 3%.  Which means the Dow could fall during the day (or early tomorrow) as much as 700-points from Friday’s close.  Which is when someone who writes too much may exit a short position.

A lot of this is based on my expectation that we will broadly continue to replay the start of the 1929 depression – another event marked by more capacity than demand.  The green circle here tells me what to expect:

When I line up the parallels, it looks to me like we could have a down Monday, something of a “turnaround Tuesday” which from my standpoint looks like a possible re-entry to a short position...

Then we will likely get some of the worst jobs data in history.  The ADP numbers will be out Wednesday, Challenger job cuts Thursday, and the federal confessional Friday.

I think the way the “Big Boys” will play this will be hard down today, then on tomorrow’s Trade data – possible not as bad as feared – we could rally.  This would be the expected “buy the rumor” part.  But then with ADP here comes three days of “sell the news.”

See how simple “the numbers” are?  You can read up on the basics of Elliott wave theory on Wikipedia over here.

Were I to have another round of Life and were in my 30’s, I’d have spent much more time not only studying markets, but also Gann Angles and  regression channels.  But, I don’t, so we’ll just sit here in the woods, debt free, well prepped, and work on the garden and in the shop today.

Unlike city-slickers, out here in red-neck country, it really matters that it will be 87 today but only 78- with scattered storms tomorrow.  Cool May with lots of rain.  Believe me there’s nothing more relaxing than hearing the rain pattering on the green house roof while you’re planning another tray of seedlings….

Useless and Useful Dept.

Useful:  Investing in recovery in hotels and rental cars? US airline stocks tumble after Buffett sells whole stakes is useful to consider.  Pink slips coming for Boeing?

Useless: Michigan governor says “worst racism” fueled protests.

Useful (as it often is): the redeeming Biz section of the NY Times DealBook: Warren Buffett Isn’t Buying Anything.  Well, if he’s not….

Useless: Elizabeth Warren tops Democrats’ wish list for VP. Poke-a-jokah…goes perfect with slow-Joe.

Useful: A meteor shower is lighting up the night sky on Cinco de Mayo.  Flower (full) Moon comes May 7th and so perhaps while Elaine and I are out looking at the moot through E’s telescope, we can catch a few meteors.

Useless: Russia’s Biggest Coronavirus Hotspots.  You weren’t going somewhere, were you?

Woo-Woo:  The Tide Running Out

Had one of those wonderfully vivid dreams I get, every so often, last night.

In the dream I was near a marina, on a channel of water, and suddenly the water all began to run out.  I mean like 20-feet deep water turned into wet sand as the waters rolled out.  And I knew it was an Earthquake.

Location?  Not real clear, kind of “northwesty” but west coast.  Remember jumping into a car and trying to drive up a hill to high ground before the tusnami’s arrival.  Not a planet-killer, or anything like that, but a good-sized tsunami.

The problem I was left pondering for this morning is whether this was an “actual” – because I had mild “earthquake tireds” Sunday which drove a 2-hour nap.  Or, whether it was more metaphorical – as in the economy is running out.

Shouldn’t have long to wait to find out, though.

With Dow futures down 269 at click time, and Europe, except the UK down, we have to wonder how bad it will be for the Bulls as the week wears on…  Down 3% this week is the hot office pool number.

Write when you get rich,

47 thoughts on “Tracking ’29 and Some Personal Woo-Woo”

  1. I am curious what “earthquake tireds” are? (apologies if this has been described previously/elsewhere) … I also, and very unusually, was overcome with sleepiness yesterday and succumbed to a nearly 2 hour doze mid-afternoon. Strange for sure.

    • Earthquake Tireds: The short exposition

      There are people who are extremely sensitive to Earth and things that are about to happen. Many of these people go into a huge sleep mode prior to an Earth change event of significant magnitude.

      I have had these for years and in my collection of experience, it’s likely something that has happened to a particular line of ancestors ahead of Earthquakes in the past. You see, one of the major risks of an earthquake for earliest of humans would be “dying in their caves.” When I get the Earthquake tireds, I immediately have an overwhelming urge to sleep – right then and there. It usually passes in 2-8 hours and afterwards, I’m what can only be described as “back in the zone” of high performance.
      As to the mechanics of how it works, that’s one I don’t know for sure and certain.
      There are numerous other physical warnings of a major quake to come, however.
      There are pre-shocks if you happen to hang around seismology labs.
      There are frequent incidents of Lenticular Clouds.
      Some have reported (and this is a huge time sink for you) Earthquake clouds.
      There are also reported increases in UFO activity, as well.
      Among native people, especially Native Americans, there is some suggestion in my studies that this is when what we might call “dimensional portals” opening – an auspicious time to be on a vision quest over onto the far side.
      And there are other indications as well.
      James Birkland, I think it was, correlated lost pets and animals in advance of EQ’s in SoCal.
      So that there’s something to “earthquake tireds” is not really open to debate, at least among those of us who know the phenomena.
      Hope this helps?

      • Very helpful and much appreciated! That was bang on with what happened yesterday – an immediate feeling of needing to lie down straightaway and rest. Hmmmm ….

      • Yes! It was James Birkland. He predicted the Loma Prieta earthquake that struck on October 17, 1989. He used newspaper accounts of missing pets and how much water load was moving into regions of sea coasts by the moons gravity to make his predictions. He had a fairly good accuracy and predicted other earth movements. Unfortunately he paid a professional price for his research as the academic world of geology that he was associated with turned their back on him. He was a regular on Coast to Coast and an all around good guy! One day his theory will be recognized as fact!

    • Watch your pets, farm animals, and the wildlife (especially birds). They will also let you know when something is amiss. Especially dogs. We humans aren’t anywhere close to appreciating a dog’s sensory abilities.

      From a human physiological perspective, make sure you don’t have diabetes or other blood disorders that might bring on sudden urges to “doze off”.

      • We had an outdoors cat years ago. He came in the basement to eat, then wouldn’t leave. He curled up in the corner. Overnight we got 13 inches of snow, then temps dropped into the teens. Smart cat or what?

      • Zeus the cat is on sabbatical – he’s take off after the young female cat who is eating out of HIS bowl once in a while, now. Still, Zeus comes in the house, regular as a clock, if the weather’s going to turn bad, or cold, and especially if thunder’s with it.
        We could reduce the weather service to a heard of cats…

  2. News fasting is the only way to stay sane. And there is not a whole lot I would waste my time on the tube otherwise.

    Interesting your dream indicates something is coming. I had a similar one last night also. There was some sort of day where everyone was participating in a sort of guard your property while armed event. I saw that most people were so strapped up it was hard for them to walk and was thinking about what to do the rest of the time after this event. I woke up thinking WTF is that about and went back to sleep.

  3. Oh Lordy! Dont look now G – the market has Opened Down! This cant be – Mnuchin needs to Buy MOAR.

    Oh Wait – NY fed says they will start buying ETf’s this week in their Liquidity Support Operations – and they were kind enough to print a list of the ETF’s they are going to start buying;

    1)LQD 2)VCIT and #3) on the list VCSH.

    Investing really cant easier than this can it? just Buy what those geniuses @ nyfed are Buying.

    Since its Monday and we B talking Investing – might be a good time to Step Back and Consider how U would “Invest” Ure Money – Prior To Covert19 – if U had Pre-Knowledge of the Event/Covert Operation.

    Obviously Long Puts and naked Short Stock of Airlines, Cruise Lines, Oil Companies.. long Gold, Long Vaccine Makers/Drug Companies..

    Everything Is A Business Modal = Covert19

    R U making money on this Psychological Warfare Operation/Terrorist Attack ?? Why Not? Scared and Afraid – thats okay – thats how they Expect Sheep to behave… mmmm roasted herbcrusted spring lamb.

    “Holy CRAP – Killa Hornets R here!.. Run, Grab the Children and Hide!”


  4. The bioweapon thing makes no sense to be vs., an expected release of test virus. It was clear this Wuhan lab was working on corona virus, and enhancing to test spread to animals. It seems to me likely one of these escaped into the wild. No sane person would release this in public and hope it had some “good” result. Then China realized their economy was f_cked when and they did not inform everyone about the risk, because by that point, they didn’t want to be the only country screwed. Peak prosperity was talking about the severity of this virus back in late January, clearly highlighting how quickly it spread and how much damage it caused. Our spy agencies were very likely negligent or intentionally ignoring the risk from the data that was already available. So plenty of blame to go all around.

  5. Hey George,

    I believe both Trump and Pompeo are right about a few things. It appears that this virus did originate out of the Wuhan lab. Chris Martenson over at his YouTube channel has been doing a fantastic job of following this event. And, it may appear that specific entities in the fedgov has a connection. Dr. Fauci has some splaynin to do after funding that very lab with millions going back to 2014. Also, it appears hydroxycloriquin may have been the key to this as well, forget the b.s. VA study. Follow the money you say? Check out the research panel pushing Remdesivir and their connections to Gilead. Lots of money to be made on this crisis. Course, it would have been easier to be a member of Congress with all that insider trading, lol…

    Sadly, it appears there was some very reckless actors behind this whole thing. Hopefully, one day it will be revealed. On a side note, both my wife and I were very tired on Sunday as well. Matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I napped that hard on a mid Sunday morning. Interesting nonetheless.

  6. Two things – Mike Pompeo – Head of the CIA – member his speech at Texas A&M his job as head of the CIA – lie, steal and cheat for the benefit of the country (I’d say for the benefit of the 1%) Second – Trump “pushing” for conclusive proof. Pushing for the truth he wants to get re-elected which is prolly a war with China. I quit with the Kool-Aid drinking of the left and right quite a while ago. Al of this is just the prelude to war – sitting Presidents usually get re-elected…… we have a lot of unemployed youth in the country good time to reinstate the draft.

    • ” lie, steal and cheat”

      You DO realize that if you add “blackmail, extort, threaten, and coerce” to that, you’ve listed the qualifications for a successful politician or diplomat, right?

  7. George,
    Of course China covered the Virus up.
    And am quite sure that PPE was about 15th on their list of reasons why.
    Just as Trump also concealed it for 70 days with his SOP propaganda devices — D’s hoax, fake news, etc.
    (After being fully briefed).
    (After gutting HHS, the CDC, the FDA, etc., etc., etc. in favor of political operatives instead of trained people. But, a dog breeder? Really??)
    Until eventually the tsunami of reality overwhelmed both cover-ups.

    And now we all are paying a significantly greater price — 10,000s of more lives, trillions of more dollars and months more in lockdown. Best, Michael.

    • The ice just cracked

      I don’t mind you being a leftist troll, but one more reference – even in passing – to “THE DOG BREEDER” and you’re banned.

      First time, it was left wing brainwash and slur. OK, that’s all over.
      Second time – maybe you can’t realize it was his hobby turned into something more but that doesn’t dismember his other accomplishments.

      To put this is terms you can understand, how would you like it if all references to Clinton were to “president serial f(ck.” You are doubtless a “hands biden” supporter, or a Lady Pay to Play supporter. Around here, we’re not about party – we’re after outcomes here. Truth is nice…

      Now, you’ve been warned enough. Back the hell off or be banned. You comment added nothing but an ill-informed partisan bullshit and a poorly slanted guess than China not reporting was 15th reason.

      Unless you can enumerate the OTHER 14 agenda items of China ahead of PPE’s you’re fullashit and you won’t be missed here. Facts matter.
      No “dog breeder” and no “15th reason”. You want to hang with the grown ups, begin by acting that way. Offer facts.

      I can deal with being insulted by smart people (lots have insulted me!). But from a partisan prick? Nope. I can get insulted by better any day of the week.

      (Clear enough?)_

      • STANDING O! This made my day. Maybe he’ll get it; probably not. My feeling is that he thinks of himself as clever (Ha) and he’s obviously narcissistic. He has met his ultimate end in you, George. He’ll sure miss seeing his posts on you site.

    • What chu talking hombre ?

      -fauxi & birx are “mike” careerists, implants, leftovers..deepstate from your hero..

      – THE TRAITOR of AMERICA – bend ova barry – the muslim brotha from anotha motha.

      – question is is that notha motha in fact YOUR significant otha? Your comments certainly make it seem so.

      Gutting is necessary when Political Cancer has spread DEEP into every “organ” of Government.

      U never make mention of the HUNDREDS of “operatives gutted” from the federal bureau of investigation and just-us dept by Ure Glorious President? Whats a matta – U dont like Splatta?

      No Mention ALL the CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers) who have Resigned/Retired since his Honor Signed Executive Order FORFEITING ALL $$$$$/ASSETS if Found GUILTY of Child Sex/Abuse.

      Those are Several 800 pound Gorillas – and they just kicked it in your Arse.

      Dude – climate change and dog trainer – insulting to the communities collective intellect..I can smell that smell from here thru the screen/monitor….. it stinks.

  8. Coastal shattering earthquake? Why not. I keep seeing people I know posting a 2020 list, month by month, of the disasterous crap cropping up. So far, we’re at “murder hornets,” but by all means, throw in some earthquake action…..

    • Two separate individuals having the same dream — defensive actions taken against an onslaught of some sort. One is a water person, the other is a land person. One understands San Andreas et al, the other understands New Madrid. Another precursor to earthquakes is sudden and dramatic changes in the weather, and May is a dynamite month for this. Time will tell.

    • “murder hornets,”

      Earth may be rocked by a meteor sometime this month.

      • The movies are the message?

        Deep Impact. The president’s having an affair with Ella. Whoops, that’s ELE.

        2012. Let’s bankrupt the world to save a few thousand. That ain’t right? Says who?

      • It’s not woo woo but last week I got to thinking about the movie Melancholia, a film best forgotten unless you’re really into depressing things. Anyway, I turned on my tv the other day and there it was, the movie being promoted for free showing.

        If you’re not familiar with the movie, it’s pretty much four actors preparing for a possible end of world. It’s very dark from the very beginning (but very realistic and there is a nice nude scene near the end). And Melancholia is the name of the rock. I won’t give away how big it is.

        Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

      • “Deep Impact. The president’s having an affair with Ella. Whoops, that’s ELE.”

        Dam good movie suggestion for a day like today Joe.. thanks.. I totally love these movies.. I was thinking about 2012 to…
        I would have gotten a chuckle out of that one if they just would have stuck the comment in on the run to the airport scene… “Wheres the beef” LOL but they didn’t…another great movie to watch to..

    • Meh, the hornets aren’t murderous WRT people, unless PO’d. As flying, stinging bugs go, they’re not very aggressive toward people (although they can sting a human to death, even if (s)he’s not allergic.)

      They are visually terrifying, because they’re about the size of hummingbirds.

      Their read danger is their favored food is the honeybee, and they can kill an entire hive within a few minutes.

      — For more information, see the post I made a couple weeks ago…

  9. Morning G
    Shorter columns from you? LMAO
    For a week maybe.
    Just last night an idea came to me regarding your columns length.
    You need a three tier system for this site.
    1. Your free section each day
    2. Then the second section that you get for twenty bucks a year.
    3. Then the third tier…peoplenomics people which get an all access for $40
    This makes the tier three feel they are getting a big bonus
    tier two allows you to write and get paid for the extra time,
    tier one still draws people, and piques their curiosity of what is behind the curtain.

  10. I’m sorry, but one more earthquake predictor from Japan — oarfish.

    Oarfish are normally very deep water fish. When one is found near the surface or washed up on shore, an earthquake is soon to follow. And because the fish is so spectacular to look at (20 feet of ribbon), finding one almost always makes the news.

  11. I think you have a big blind spot with Mike Pompeo’s right-wing embrace of a philosophy known as integralism and his embrace of a web of extremist conservative Catholic institutions. I am a devout Catholic but come on with this guy

    • Also, he’s a war monger. That should be enough to knock him off the list of admired officials.

  12. Hey y’all check out SuspiciousOberservers with Ben Davidson. Cutting edge science for a change, and you will know why you’re feeling the big shift. Elaine’s interest will be perked and your bug out spot is only” out west young man”. Big Bend is nice this time of year.

  13. I’m of the opinion that both the USA and China are complicit in the release of this virus. IMHO, the blame needs to be shared equally given the facts that we know and the most reasonable inferences from them.

    Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity released this singular video:

    He’s released many videos, but this one has lots of info with references – especially in the second half. The USA, through NSAID(Fauci’s agency) contracted to do gain of function research(illegal in the USA since 2014) and funded it through two contracts totalling 7.4 million. The research involved procuring rare bat coronaviruses and work to increase both their pathogenicity and infectivity – both in vitro and in vivo! What we’re seeing today in the current pandemic is precisely the expected result if there was a release. Occam’s razor would lean toward an accidental release and the relatively low pathogenicity in most cases would argue that this is an incompletely developed bioweapon. Some of the work specifically involved adapting the spike protein for greater ACE-2 affinity!

    Apparent gene insertions for HIV and malaria pathogenicities are unlikely in the extreme for the virus if it was “naturally evolved”. The tools we have today for gene editing and computer modeling of effects were never even imagined decades ago, yet this currently exists and is being taught at the graduate level in many universities today.

    I believe that blaming is pointless at this time. We need to adapt to a different world. War may be likely in the next few years regardless of what we do, so we’d better be prepared for it. I don’t like that idea at all, but denying reality is rarely useful.

    • Agreed, Bio Weapon. Mike with Natural News was all over this months ago. A lab generated Bio Weapon. Let that sink in for a minute. It can be unleashed anywhere at anytime. It is being tweaked as we speak. The elites are already telling us that Wave 2, Wave 3, etc., are coming. You know, my Dear Old Since Left the Earthly Realm, English Granddad, once told me: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I don’t think he could ever have conjured this up. is still out there for those of you that want a Good Scare! I noticed there is a B-2 on the front cover on a rotation picture stream. I still remember a dream from decades ago about the B-2, how it was flying in an airshow and it crashed into the crowd. Seeing that picture on Deagle reminded me of the dream.

    • “I’m of the opinion that both the USA and China are complicit in the release of this virus. IMHO, the blame needs to be shared equally given the facts that we know and the most reasonable inferences from them.”

      NM MIKE…. you might be closer than you think.. it sure makes a person wonder how long they knew in advance when you consider the fact that the CARES act.. was written a year before anyone even considered the virus as a potential threat.It sure does bring up a lot of question’s that we will never know the answers to….
      Since everyone knows our congress doesn’t do a dam thing.. only works twenty eight days a year and they are mostly gone for those as well.. just when was the cares act penned to be passed..
      and since we all already know that our congress has a hard time writing their own name and hasn’t written a bill to be submitted in decades..and they refuse to read the dam things that they do vote on already and won’t hesitate to tell you they won’t.. then WHO wrote the dam thing to begin with.. then found the fool to donate gifts and money to to submit it..

      Makes you wonder.. Was this all planned after all.. Was China involved in its release at all, Who are the responsible ones for its release since we knew a year in advance and had bills sitting on the hill to be voted into law..

  14. Mr. Ure. Thank you again for reminding us to control our inputs. GIGO, right?

    • You IQ becomes to high to measure and you piss off swamp creatures and sheep alike.

      Hold it to 20 minutes and a scan of the ultra right and ultra left

      Leave enough for one traffic report it you’re out of lockdown.

  15. RO NM Mike, excellent point.
    Oh ,and George, I myself, would
    consider the”Valley of the Sun” close to NM Mike as prime hunker down territory. I’ve heard
    rumors Jeff Besos has his “cave complex” and launch pad in this area (BB and SNM Border). Area 51, anyone?

  16. I’ve never noticed the ‘earthquake tireds’ before, but… yesterday I spent the better part of the day napping. Hmmm Time will tell.

  17. hey George that top rail on your 29/present chart is so important .. and the hill gets tougher and higher each day.. nah kaputski .. my cat is 18 I think she is some royalist the way she behaves .. but lately a bit of feral behavior .. this usually portends the arrival of shaking event or mother nature being mother nature .. time will tell as always

  18. I have a different take on your dream related to stock msrket
    A rising tide floats all boats
    When the tide goes out we see who is naked

    Maybe dream has double meaning


    Total cases: 621 (1 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 75
    Honolulu County: 400
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 116†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 9
    Required Hospitalization: 73‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 548
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 4, 2020

    One new case Hawaii (Big Island) County

  20. Sometime within the past several months, someone here made a reference to a Nostradamus prophecy about an LA earthquake on May 10th. I put it on my calendar just to see if it would happen. Perhaps this is the reason all you earthquake sensitives have been sleepy.

  21. Mr. George, I am sure that you have already heard this. however without reading through much of your content. It came to me that your woo woo is Wuhan

  22. Earthquake dream? West coast? Here is an excerpt from a recent update at The Age of Desolation site of G.A. Stewart.

    Coinciding with this discovery that I made almost two-decades ago are two important Quatrains regarding a May 10th earthquake, whose location I have determined might be Los Angeles. There is also the possibility that the trembling earth that Nostradamus mentions is a metaphor for war. This could be a possibility if the United States goes to war with China.”

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