Higher 19 Deaths, Crooked Markets & Signal Sorting

There seems to be something almost magical about 7.42 percent.  Because here we are, rallying in the face of calamity.  Although our first-leg down from the all-time highs was much larger than ’29, so too our bounce seems somehow  drawn towards that 7.42% rally of the first leg down in 1929.

You’ll remember what happened next:  The Crash of ’29.

Our whole freakin’ economic future is up for grabs right now.  While we got some nice downside action early Monday, the “Hopium” was lit  and passed around early.  In advance of tomorrow’s coming Revelations about jobs.  This particular Revelations version has three chapters:  Chapter 1 is the Gospel According to ADP.  Following that is the Angel of Cuts by Challenger.  Chapter 3 (which we expect to be fictionalized) will be The Gospel According to Bureaucrats.  If the unemployment rate comes in less than 15%, Ure figures it will all be lies to “Save Normalcy!”

Beef’s in short supply, and did you see in England how “Hot-desking banned, separate with screens, canteens closed and over-70s and the obese working from home under leaked plans to reopen offices that could remain in place for a YEAR?” Yet, in this Disney-fied world of G-20 free money for globalist Fat Cats, the UK FTSE was up more than 1.7% this morning.  They miss the memo about how a mutant strain of the shit will will be even more transmissable?

Yet, the outcome in Markets is anything but clear.

To see why, you need a short trainer on Elliott Wave theory.  R.N. Elliott invented it before you were born.  Unless you were born prior to October of 1940 because that was when his work “The Basis of the Wave Principle” was first published.

A couple of core concepts for you:

  • Markets generally move in 3 or 5 wave steps at a time.
  • Waves may be impulsive *(in the direction of a larger trend when considering smaller waves) or corrective (against the larger trend).
  • Wave 3 is normally larger than wave 1.  And may not be the smallest wave.
  • Wave 5 is normally larger than wave 1.
  • With smaller waves (subsets of a larger count) if corrective wave 2 is “complex” (*ugly up and down) then wave 4 will usually be “simple” and graceful – usually faster, too.

There is a lot more that I’ve picked up from reading lots of books on but also from my friend Robin Landry who was one of the key players in figuring out the algo’s behind what would become e-Signal.  There is so much depth to Elliott, that while it’s a good trading tool on its own – with always something new to discover – it becomes on of the most powerful tools in the investor’s toolkit.

There are lots of other approaches – technical analysis, regression channels, On-Balance Volume, fast and slow stochastics, Relative Strength Indicators (RSI) and the MACD – moving average convergence/diverge – that make knowledge of the stock market almost a kind of “alchemy.”

Having said all this, however, even with as much knowledge as we can muster around here, there are still moments when “The Future is Up for Grabs.”  This week is, in my view, one of those times.  In the very short-term it may not “feel” different, but there are monster forces in play.

The problem comes down to the main problem with the “pure Elliott approach.”  There is always an alternate count.  Here’s how our daily Aggregate Index chart looks as of the early futures this morning.  I want to show it to you so you can see the deep conundrum we’re in.

Let me walk you through this using my “color code” approach to avoid confusion.

Start with the yellow box near the middle.  In Elliott terms, this would be wave 1 down.  IF the move down is markets generally is to continue, then the ensuing move down from the top of the present Wave II would have to be larger than the thin yellow box (and the blue arrow at the bottom of it) indicating the minimum downside required for Wave III down.

Easy-peasy?  Well, yes…and NO.

Let’s look at the structure of Wave II – which we are either IN or it’s OVER.

The case for it being complete is shown by the a-b-c labels.   As long as the Aggregate (or you could use the S&P 500, if you don’t use our Aggregate approach), this count (it’s over, essentially) remains a valid possibility UNLESS we go higher than the top of the “c” of Wave II.  If THAT happens, then we are in a five wave move.

And this brings us to the Green and Red boxes.

The first move up of the II (labeled “a”) is simply copied and pasted and placed at the bottom of the “b” down and it then meets the test of “c”  (or 3) is larger than “a” (or 1).

Because under Elliott the minimum upside for a fifth wave is at least equal to Wave 1’s, we can copy Wave 1 (green) and line up the base of that with the bottom of what could turn into a Wave 4 – if the market is really going higher.

That’s Another Fork in the Future

I refer to today’s market conditions as “crooked” with good reason:  The U.S. Government – by (I hold illegally) delegating the power to create money to the Fed – then letting the Fed play the markets – has killed honest markets.

Imagine yourself walking into a casino with “perfect odds.”  You get on a hellatious roll at the craps table and you keep letting your bets ride.  Soon, you’re in a position to “break the bank” and “win the house.”  That’s the nature of luck and runs of luck.

But suppose down, just as you’re about to “win big” the House goes out and gets a loan for $300-gazillion dollars at zero percent interest.

You know what happens next:  As some point every winning streak ends.  So on the next roll (“Big Shooter coming out…”) you lose, House wins all its money and yours.  You go home to sell the home you backed your bets with and the Casino pays back the loan (the Fed) and everyone but you makes out like bandits.

That’s what’s going on in the markets right now.  There’s no  honest price discovery because the government is feeding what is essentially unlimited cash into the few, chosen, obedient suck-ups who then “coordinate” a bit…and yeah, it’s a crooked casino, as we see it.  Worst of all, as a  pseudo-government entity, they are freed of the worries of collusion, price fixing, and all the rest.

“We have a charter from Congress and we’re working to preserve pension funds and America’s savings…”  Jesus, I can hear it now.  Wrap crooked up with a flag and serve for dinner.

Yet, it’s here where the small-time (yet still honest) investor reaches for the barf bag.

“OMFG George, didn’t anyone notice that three major bankruptcy filings landed Monday?  J. Crewe, Hertz car rentals, and Gold’s Gym all filed BK’s due to The Virus???”

Um…well, there is that of course.  But, what part of CROOKED CASINO wasn’t clear?

I suppose the report out today that the death toll may top 134,000 by August – and for some that’s a long time coming…(Hey!  Great song, cue CSNY while I toke-up, wouldja?) is just ever-so distant…

Cereally?  Two economic papers worth reading:  The NY Fed trying (Staff Report #921) to explain how Spanish Flu had a wide swath of financial influence lasting more than a decade.  See Kristian Bickle’s staff paper “Pandemics Change Cities: Municipal Spending and Voter Extremism  in Germany, 1918-1933”  here.  Care to calculate the diffusion factor for massive disease outbreaks?  Since the paper argues 15-years of impacts, that would put us into 2036 before…  (WW III comes first, so maybe won’t be worth forecasting that far ahead.)

The other economic paper worth reading will be “Hyperinflation as Synthetic Growth.”  This one will be on Peoplenomics Saturday morning, but I have no idea on the conclusions because I’m still writing it.  Stand by.  Fed’s doing its part on the hyper-inflation, though.   (Tomorrow, Peoplenomics will talk about how to wean off the “information and IP addictions” that keep people from a) retiring and b) living (more) happily ever-after.  More a “rubber meets the road” discussion.)

Breaking:  International Trade #’s

Trade Wreck:  Think this will inject any reality into stock prices?  I’m not holding my breath:

Exports, Imports, and Balance:  March exports were $187.7 billion, $20.0 billion less than February exports. March imports were $232.2 billion, $15.4 billion less than February imports. The March increase in the goods and services deficit reflected an increase in the goods deficit of $4.6 billion to $65.6 billion and a decrease in the services surplus of $0.1 billion to $21.2 billion.

Year-to-date, the goods and services deficit decreased $28.1 billion, or 17.8 percent, from the same period in 2019. Exports decreased $21.7 billion or 3.5 percent. Imports decreased $49.7 billion or 6.4 percent.

Gosh, this has sure been fun, huh?  Dow futures are up more than 300 points now.  Print some money for the little people why they’re at it, pleeze?

Write when you get rich,


59 thoughts on “Higher 19 Deaths, Crooked Markets & Signal Sorting”

    • You seriously believe anything that Yahoo News releases?

      “Here’s your sign” friend….

      • All news is suspect……. :)

        No sign needed, but thanks for the thought…… Ha ha ha

      • Oilman – your comment doesn’t make sense. Would you discount Yahoo if it reported that the score of some NBA game was 110-112? The story refers to a study done at Los Alamos. There is a link to the research paper. Is it your opinion that the study didn’t actually take place, isn’t legitimate or is BS because Yahoo is reporting on it?

        Ignoring reality because you don’t like the source ain’t a good survival strategy. It’s being an ostrich.

    • BE AFRAID! VERY AFRAID! Old Corona Virus news isn’t scaring the masses. The sheep want to leave their homes and visit the sunny beaches. Of all things, can’t be having that! Let’s tell them there is a more deadly version coming of the virus.

      Plus, let’s scare them with killer hornets. That should scare all the snowflakes in the world to obey. “Karen just refilled her U-haul with toilet paper (she read about murder hornets on CNN).” LOL

      Oregon Governor Kate Brown (sister of CA Gov. Moonbeam Jerry Brown) has the whole state on lock down. Even counties that have no infections. 109 people have died in a state of 4.2 million. No one under the age of 40 (lock down the schools). 49 of the 109 were over 80 and probable in care homes. I figure if a person is parked in a care home they are already about to knock on the pearly gates.

      • RJ… when you get to be old enough to be labeled old as dirt.. tbere are stories tha can truly terrify a man…

        Here is but one such story…

        “On hearing that her elderly grandfather had died, Jenny went straight to visit her grandmother. When she asked how her grandpa had died, her grandma explained, not holding back anything of course, “He had a heart attack during sex, Sunday morning!” Horrified, Jenny suggested that screwing at the age of 94 was surely asking for trouble! “Oh no,” her grandma replied. “We had sex every Sunday morning in time with the church bells!” “In with the dings, out with the dongs!” She paused to wipe away a tear, “If it wasn’t for that damn Ice Cream Van, he’d still be alive!”

    • Rev.1 and Rev 2 are old news, and the panic is sputtering as people figure out how to protect themselves. Willing victims are now in short supply. So when is a Rev. 3 going to show up? New releases seem to occur six to eight weeks before holiday travel events.Where will the bio-fireworks light off next?

  1. “OMFG George, didn’t anyone notice that three major bankruptcy filings landed Monday? J. Crewe, Hertz car rentals, and Gold’s Gym all filed BK’s due to The Virus???”

    Um…well, there is that of course. But, what part of CROOKED CASINO wasn’t clear?”

    Not to mention the cost of fighting the disease in the hospitals.. as the avalanche slides.. has anyone considered the medical costs.. around here you can’t get into a clinic without insurance or a wad of cash.. your sent to the ER… with as many out of work.. just how many of those were able to maintain their inflated insurance costs.. and those that did.. and needed medical assistance.. because of those without insurance.. those costs are spread out among those with the premiums… and the doctors that pay rent for their clinic spaces to the medical industry.. I went to buy a couple of cpap masks yesterday.. I get them from china.. the units are made there and shipped here.. you know what.. you can’t even buy a hose from them now.. not to mention the machines masks filters etc.. all of that is off line.. so did they quit selling that stuff to the usa..
    our income dropped thirty three percent today… I am struggling because this time around I do have to make some serious big cuts..all due to the loss of velocity of cash.. their drying up the table as they push the noodle..

  2. Yeah yeah like old Yankees catcher used to say – “when you come to a fork in the future – take it” -Yogi B.

    The old saying Ure might want to consider..”When you give a sculptor a Wheel, Their gonna want a Skutt”.

    Question then becomes – Can U “redneck” a Kiln in the Texas outback?

    Japanese style/raku works only so much, gonna need long duration, steady high heat. Would be very interested in how you “slice-up” this project.Bet U didnt forsee waking up to ANOTHER Project this AM. U R Welcome hardeeharhar

    How about those PM Miners and Streamers ?

    Terribly temped to arb the Gold/Silver Ratio with a Sell GLD/ Buy SLV ratio Spread…selling 1000 GLD/ buying 11,500 SLV – fun paper trade – coot can not bring himself to Sell gold – so will just have to track it “on paper’.

    In the meantime will be buybuybuying P.M.’s and Streamers 4 Fun & Profit.
    – Treasury has to SELL HOW MANY TRILLIONS in US Treasury Bonds this Qtr?

    – Got Gold & Silver?

  3. George
    Data Point
    My Uncle (Former Judge, big time tort bar lawyer; How big? Has Never advertised on TV. You want to win you find him.) has a friend in hospital business, and about a half dozen small regional hospitals in the north AL area. Uncle was told by the Hospital owner that over the last 2 months has been losing money at the rate of $33Million/month, due to empty beds required to be kept empty for CV-19.

    If a small 6 hospital company is losing over $5 million per month per hospital, what are the major chains and clinics losing? If they are state run such as University teaching hospitals, what are They losing?

    • @ Big Al –

      If hospitals and clinics cannot make ends meet with the current crazy high prices they charge us, then let ’em die. Docs are gonna doctor and nurses are gonna nurse – it just may be that they feel some of the financial pain the rest of us are feeling. How many articles have printed that health care professions are “recession proof”? I reckon that theory is gonna get a workout! Hospital corps cannot terminate docs and nurses overmuch – they will have nothing to offer their clients if they do so.

      Vets and dentists have been pretty fattened up – I look for them to be open to “under the counter” assistance as things tighten. Most people here are smart enough to know that vet meds are made on the same production lines as human meds – just labeled differently…

      • To “You’ll get the bill”

        My daughters’ premiums have risen between 20% and 60% per year for the past 10 years, and she’s both healthy, and in the healthiest actuarial demographic.

        A visit to my doctor’s office was $17 in 1995, $99 in 2001, and is now over $200. A hospital bed was ~$100 30 years ago. The one I spent 4 days in a few months ago was $17000 per night. When I see hikes like that, and see hospitals in my area cutting services, installing heliports (to outsource level 1 trauma and critical-care patients), and building new 2 billion dollar wings, I move my thought into the “skeptical camp” rather quickly.

        Chloroquinolone is $4-5 for Covid-19 treatment, Remdesivir is over $4400.

        Quick, look surprised…

      • “it just may be that they feel some of the financial pain the rest of us are feeling. ”

        O2… I think they do already.. sure they make good money..
        Thinking about this.. the skyrocketing medical and insurance rates brought in an administration that got a medical plan that guarantees you the ability to get Insurance but doesn’t freeze costs. Before the covid19 one in three had insurance and those expenses were being passed on to those with and everyone else.
        After covid19 and the loss if millions and millions of jobs and insurance policies.. the expenses of the covid19 will have to be passed on.
        Take our situation.. we pay iut better than fifty percent of our gross income on a health policy for one person. That doesn’t pay out a dime before 7500 is cashed out. You aren’t allowed a personal physician and after the 7500 they pay 60/40 for the maximum of 25000…
        Since as you age premiums increase to entice you you to drop the plans.. I have totally expected the.premiums to double this next fall..three years till Medicare for her..

        Now covid19.. rates and insurance rates are going to escalate. Dramatically..
        Here again those in charge will be faced with choices.. large and in charge..freeze it all… give out a few crumbs or ignore that this will happen and let the market adjust accordingly.
        My wife’s employer takes in millions.. but without even looking at the books I know for a fact he’s juggling like hell..
        I’m sure he doesnt realize that it doesnt add up to..
        One more federal stipulation that isnt an absolute essential could sink him.
        Most medical facilities juggle work load.. your always short shift and long hours.. I wish I had an extra dime for every patient over normal I have worked..late night gets it the worst.. patients cat nap all day and up all night to the one shift where it’s not uncommon to have several times the work load..
        The money isnt as lucrative for those either..

      • “My daughters’ premiums have risen between 20% and 60% per year for the past 10 years:”

        Boy do I know that RAY…before Obama she couldn’t get insurance..I was denied coverage because I weighed 200 and at my h er ight my optimal weight was calculated at 164.
        Insurance is basically gambling..and the house wins. The issue.. is how high is blue sky.. theres no limits since deregulation so they are allowed to charge what they wish.. since the pharmaceutical industry got passed legislation we cannot negotiate drug prices from other countries. Even though they aren’t made here either.
        So will the administration put regulated limits on the industry will we be tossed crumbs towards our expenses or let it go freehand take it or leave it
        Let the pressure mount till theres a new administration that the public will demand action..
        I think it’s all part of the plan..
        Get everyone dependent on federal programs.

  4. A few thoughts…

    When you are in a deflationary collapse you can print money till the cows come home and it will not lead to a hyperinflationary collapse of the currency. If that were the case the Yen would be one quadrillion/ 1 against the dollar since 1989 which it isn’t. There is too much asset and demand destruction which completely overwhelms the amount of monetary creation. I have been listening for decades to the dollar collapse shills but the dollar is not collapsing and demand for dollars is actually increasing globally.

    Also, you never have hyperinflation in the reserve currency. The inflation is exported to the peripheral currencies. For example it was Germany that hyperinflated and not Britain which had the reserve currency at the time which was the Pound.

    We will most likely see inflation in food prices but not from a currency perspective. It is evident that there is massive demand destruction taking place which is already leading to bankruptcy among producers as they plow under crops and livestock which will lead to increasing prices when demand eventually begins to pick up again. So we should expect to pay quite a bit more for food over the next 4-5 years. Same thing took place in the 30’s when people like Livermore made and lost fortunes speculating in the commodity markets.

    • Great points, As all of the money printing is being used to settle losing bets on COMEX and CME with paper, and resulting in the desired effect of price suppression of the underlying products and price discovery. More and more of America’s Economy is being imploded by these distortions which make the business models unprofitable as an ongoing operation.

      So much for free markets.

    • Well maybe not for the farmer is paid for the milk that’s being dumped, and as the potato farmer told me the other day all produce farmers are paid for their crops even if they rot in the ground.Without a doubt people will become self sufficient to the point that they can,perhaps you will see community gardens come back again,perhaps you’ll see the big corporate farms go in under and break up once again into smaller family farms.!!!

  5. *cuffs a sheep to the chair. *shines spot light.

    Pulls off good.

    Baa baa baaa says the sheep.

    Listen Mr Sheep, In God we trust, everyone else is suspect. Especially the one between the ears. I know ya got more lables on ya than a 10 mile parade of nascar’s with the King Richard Petty leading and old iron head rubbing his bumper on the last lap. It only takes on tiny little rub and “the big one” carnage unfolds.

    To put it another way,

    Ya see, we are 7 Polanskis on the fire line, lightning just struck the ground behind us. Our Spotter Goerge says that ridge just became a chimney. Fire burns up hill faster. I know ya cant see it but that doesnt make it not so. There is a fire underground and it’s about to pop up 15-20 feet away from the strike of the ground. Think of lightning strike as Covid 19. We are in the middle of the fridge. That is how lighting works. It light the fire on the roots and you dont see it until its too late.

    Similar to Faith like potatoes.

    We been in hyperinflation since about 2009. Denial doesnt make it not so. The fed money pumping is burning the roots of the market.

    *slaps sheep accross the face.

    Wake up! There is a reason the Farmer’s boots are bigger around the top. So ya cant get away when he screwing ya.

    Them Ancients and all the prophets that have EVER existed here in Narnia, said one thing a thousand differnt ways. every single one of them said,

    “The last mile to heaven is the most treacherous and hardest. ”

    Listen to Mr Ure and all these good older people. They are all really good eggs. What you read and hear, may save your life and those around you. Because them roots???? Them roots, been burning for 14 minutes and 59 seconds.

    2008/09 was dress rehearsal.

    I’m gone fishin. They can tell ya more than I can. I left my 2 cents on the counter.

    *slams truck door, turns key. Simple man comes on the radio. Drives off.

  6. @ Crash Bandi…

    Redneck a kiln? You mean you really don’t know the answer to that?

    It takes bricks and clay and some sand – not exactly high tech. The temp can be cranked up with a small fan or a bellows. Was that a rhetorical question?


    • Nah nah Bretheren – serious as a heart attack.

      Nice to have – some tech… cool spots in kiln/oven wreak havoc your pieces being fired if they are put in “bad” spots (high/low/front/back).

      No fun when Ure significant other has spent untold hours pounding, pinching, squeezing,shaping, molding, spraying with water bottle to put away moist, more molding pinching, shaping, bisque fire, glazing.

      – Only to have it Blow the Hell Up – which U dont know till you open the lid to Ure kiln.

      Need even/steady heat – can do a small Forge like that with refractory bricks&cement – but I think Ure gonna need more “finesse” with heat controls.

      Curious/Interested in how U cats would tackle this versus Craigs List Used or just biting bullet and buying new ($2200.00 w/touchscreen)and help support US econ

      • I bought a nearly-new stainless, electric kiln from a school last year, for $100. Back B.C., they showed up within a couple hundred miles of me, about once a month, and generally sold for less than $200. The salvage biz has pretty much gone away with the advent of lockdowns and masks…

        If I were building one, I think I’d build a turntable for it out of a pizza stone (might have to source ceramic or borosilicate, or tungsten-alloy balls) and just baffle whatever I was using as a blower.

  7. Don’t forget operator bias.
    Prechter’s Cheer
    It’s an A
    It’s a B
    It’s an A, B, C,
    It’ll all go to hell
    In a 1, 2, 3
    It’s a one
    It’s a two
    It’s a one, two, three
    It’ll all go to hell
    In an A, B, C

    True e wave analysts will now argue endlessly over weather (it’s) and (it’ll) is one syllable or 2. If it only ends one way you get filed under “bear opinion.”

    • The orichalucum ingots found off the coast as our world economy is about to become toast.

      Orichalucum is the metal of Atlantis. Its resurrection to the surface in the Human collective  perspective is just another mile marker /indicator of how close.

      we are to the end of Atlantis again my friend. A chalice of Champaign or burnt bread fresh out of the oven?

      Where our previous great society has become myth and legend. Our once Vast knowledge mostly lost and hidden.   Our then great  knowldege and economy robust and lush. Couldnt save our cities bigger than New York from becoming nothing but dust.

      We destroyed ourselves back then.  Hopefully we all learned our lesson from the days of Atlantis. Lest we do it again.

      Its wasnt our leaders who did it to us  We all just got fat, lazy on lust. As it was written then and  is again .  When the world shoots in one voice peace???? It’s too late! Terror shall begin!!!!

      Walmart gets rich while the church’s are closed. As hearts and minds again suppose. Been there, done that many times we have. Will we ever learn?? A penny saved is a penny earned. For a rainy day approaches to seperate the wheat from chaff.  My God help us all as gobble down our dose! Free meds for insanity stuck in our throat.

      Time is cyclical and Pi. Will we choose love or die in eye for eye.  That’s not for me to decide. It’s your world not mine says the lie from the all seeing eye. The true Paul Revere rides at tide.

      I’m gone fishin, said the Sign. When the Creater returns from His trip, he will snap their stuff necks like twigs and caress their back with whips.  We have to make a differnt Choice. If we dont????? Well, we deserve the hell we ceated sleeping on our watch.  For whome the bell tolls????

      rings and approach.

      It’s up to the 3 little birds to sing us a new song. I hear it in the distance. Very faint but strong. May God who is one, have mercy on our souls.

      We must Tune ourselves with a fine gage. Wake up sleeper, look around you my friend, as the Reaper draws the wage of this age.

    • AIDKI,

      Elliot wave theory, wave 2 is typically 50%, 61.8%, 76.4%, or 85.4% of wave 1 but a “throw-over” cannot be factored out.

      You might as well guess, like me. I went long oil after a 70% drop. Went out for a pack of smokes, oil dropped 30% more. How could I lose? Double down. The next day oil is going haywire. Go out for a glass of bourbon. Come back, oil is negative $13.00. Everyone but me got out of the oil ETF. I was left holding the supertanker. Luckily the boat wouldn’t fit up the Mississippi River so they couldn’t deliver it to me. I just don’t answer the door anymore.

  8. world population 7.65B – virus deaths 251,580
    US population 330mm – virus deaths 69,980
    you do the math – what its really about social credit scores, travel certificates, mass surveillance. Put on your Covid19 arm band…….

    • Reading this Taiwanese CDC report speaks to the invisible spread of the virus.


      Separately they also had a press release about Patient #39, a Taiwanese American who was the not-index patient on the March Egyptian Nile river cruise cluster, but related to the Brazil, Italy, and Nigeria strain of the virus.

      Interestingly the entire population of Egypt was apparently genome-tested during the successful drive to eradicate hepatitis-c ftom the country. You’d think some similar model would work for ccovid-19?

      • I can’t see that happening easily in the USofA! Yes, perhaps a large majority of sheeple, but certainly not all. I’d probably become a bit more difficult to find – perhaps a lot more.

        Has anyone noticed that the census has been a lot more low-key this year than 2010? It’s almost like it doesn’t matter anymore.

  9. George

    I have written in a past comment that the Federal Government has a desire to switch the money system from cash / digital to All Digital ala a Bitcoin type of system. No more cash only electronic money.

    That desire may have taken a turn towards reality.

    “Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer Resigns to Oversee US National Banking System ”

    “Coinbase’s chief legal officer Brian Brooks will resign from the firm to join a major banking regulator, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. ”


    The Brooks dude is a big friend of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. (That was mentioned on Ground Zero last night.)

    To me it looks like ground work is being done to make the Digital Dollar a reality.

    This might avoid another Great Depression and more importantly allow total control of the peasants (us)!

    How do they get around the constitutional requirement to only coin gold and silver as money?

    How do they get around the many state and local laws that require that cash be accepted as payment along with credit cards? (This might be a moot point.)

    The world needs a Jubilee not a Digital Dollar!

    • @Rocket Mike

      and when we lose our cash and the politicians make us use digital of THEIR choosing….my short list of pols…will be endeared with my ‘medium of exchange…lEAD….for this is the end as we once knew it.

  10. George, regarding the dream you mentioned the other day about a west coast earthquake, here is an excerpt from a recent post by G.A. Stewart at The Age of Desolation site.

    “Coinciding with this discovery that I made almost two-decades ago are two important Quatrains regarding a May 10th earthquake, whose location I have determined might be Los Angeles. There is also the possibility that the trembling earth that Nostradamus mentions is a metaphor for war. This could be a possibility if the United States goes to war with China.”


  11. Here is another interesting tidbit…. LOL LOL….
    the Corona virus was discovered in Dec 2019.. and the president signed the cares act.. in March of 2020…. H.R.748
    Public Law No: 116-136 (03/27/2020)
    Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or the CARES Act

    When was it written…….and introduced to congress….

    Sponsor: Rep. Courtney, Joe [D-CT-2] (Introduced 01/24/2019)
    Committees: House – Ways and Means


  12. Now now George you know that you can’t print money for the little folk, for you have stated over and over that state socialism is fine, (it must be for you haven’t condemned it,money for the corporate,money for the companies,money for the bankers,anything to keep the scam going) but for the little folk its bad bad bad for that’s socialism, which is the same as communism and every other ism including capitalism,which has led us to this point where we are at, as capitalism is a self feeding force that must always seek out profits and when they dis-appear so does the economy.!!!

    • I define the three economic systems thusly:
      capitalism is when the .gov gives you a benefit
      socialism is when .gov gives a friend, neighbor or associate a benefit
      communism is when .gov gives a stranger the benefit

      • Oh my friend please tell me when my benefits are coming,happy days are here again are my wages going up are they going to cut my taxes, are they going to cure the health problems of gouging the public for the pill pushers,are they going to stop the endless bailing out of the business banking sector the MIC, so my great grandchildren won’t start out owing the government million/billions of dollar before they ever enter the work force.If you have a date I sure would appreciate it if you would pass it on.!!!!!!

      • Oh friend there is one small thing I would like ask which I forgot in all these benefits, if its not much would you please ask them to return my pension that they stole,I mean after working 30+ years for them and only receiving $84.64 cents instead of the $300 a month I would have received would sure come in mighty handy in these troubled times.Now if G.M Ford G.E and I.B.M needs it worse than I do I’ll try to understand and I do thank you.!!!!

      • Oganic Gardener, I liked what you wrote so succinctly.

        Well, in the last 100 years this is how I define it:

        Capitalism is when the .gov works with the bankers & corrupt elites to sell out the country, start the Federal Reserve, income tax, and property tax, and start illegal wars with our money, give it away to other nations, and strip us of our funds to make our country better, while shipping out our factories, allowing our infrastructure to decay, our education to be compromised, taken our media and consolidated it with propaganda and constant lies and targeted racial hate pitting us against each other AND KEEPING RACISM ALIVE AND WELL in the Greatest Republic on the face of the earth, along with the UN and gives the refugees and illegals benefits on the backs of the boomers, while telling the boomers they are lazy, fat, and inefficient as the globalists destroy the Constitution;

        Socialism is when .gov gives millions of illegals and refugees more benefits than the citizens and just replaces the population of the USA under the noses of the citizens while calling the majority white race RACISTS so that they are unable to stop the combined Demoncrat/Republican effort to destabilize the country and hand it over to the globalists;

        Communism is when .gov puts into action open borders, massive immigration destabilization and moving of peoples across the planet mostly into Caucasian countries to wipe them out, all supervised by their globalist leaders who always seem to run on one platform and once elected, dance all over the country they run into the ground, constantly fund the technocrats with their illegal under the table non-federal reserve funny money (and try to show that all other people’s aren’t smart cause the same culprits always run these companies) which has now resulted into their FOREplay C-19 to further reduce the small businesses, oust more homeowners, destroy more education, health, welfare, travel, independence, further indebting the nation and its citizens, while behind the scenes they are working on stripping the nation of their guns, their wealth, their ASSets, and their freedoms.

        They haven’t stirred up enough hate yet, but you know where Communism leads? WARS, MURDERS, FAMINE, STRIPPING OF ALL ASSETS, removing GUNS, False Flags, BANKERS WARS AND FURTHER POPULATION REDUCTION; ALWAYS THE SAME, POPULATION REDUCTION! WW1, WW2, massive population reduction of the Caucasian race. Hundreds of millions. They haven’t killed off enough of you yet! Are you hated because of your color? Are you hated because of your IQ? Are you hated because you used to be majority Christian with morals and values? Are you hated because you used to be FAMILY First? Have you ever wondered WHY you are hated so much? “No Country for White People!”

        So watch out, watch your children, watch your grandchildren; watch for the next push for WAR!

      • 30% unnecessary, ineffective, overpriced, wasteful services:

        We spend the most (as a percentage of GDP) on healthcare than any other country!

        U.S allows drugmakers to set their own prices, no other country does that! (Capitalism is when you make prescription drugs ‘investor sensitive’)

  13. Way to go George….Truer words couldn’t have been written:

    “The U.S. Government – by (I hold illegally) delegating the power to create money to the Fed – then letting the Fed play the markets – has killed honest markets.”

    What they are doing is illegal, but they have been illegally playing the markets for a long time. I have been writing on here, and telling anyone that will listen that the game is now totally rigged, and they are not even trying to hide it anymore. The Wall Street mob-Goldman Sachs et al-said the economy is going to decline by 34% next quarter. And what do we have today—Everyone loves that news so much that the Dow is now up 380+ points today only 9% off of the lows. The market must also be celebrating the fact that every restaurant in America and all of Las Vegas is opening with only half of their capacity (cash flow). And airlines will only fly with 1/2 of their capacity. Woooo hooo let me in the market. BS. That my friends is a rigged game!!!

    A computer click, digital money, sends Billions to Foreign Banks and Domestic Airlines. UAL got $9 Billion today. Check the SWAP market and you will see foreign countries that are benefiting. And the Fed didn’t turn one printing press on. What does that tell you? Labor and brains no longer create real wealth. It is a bunch of goons creating digital air money helping their 1% buddies benefit while some of the people get PP(P) and others get a measly $1200.

    What are the clowns running the money supply going to do if we have a New Madrid quake from Chicago to New Orleans, or San Andres Quake taking down the West Coast, or a Cascadia subduction quake in the NW, and resulting tsunamis? Are they going to magically create another $9 Trillion bailout? They are out of options other than creating more air money that will destroy the country or their lousy fiat money system…They have created $9 Trillion to treat a virus that has been killing people with other problems (i.e. comorbidity) for centuries, but now the CDC has told the medical provision to classify a lot of deaths as Covid. They are classifying other causes of death as Coronavirus (read the ICD10 manual), and money has not stopped it yet, nor cloth bandanas that Costco now requires to be blessed enough to enter their under supplied stores. But wasn’t it really just an excuse to put the big bucks into the hands of a few? The mayor of broke crime-infested Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel said when he was Obama’s Chief of Staff…”never let a crisis go to waste”.

    As Wyatt Earp said, “tell em I am coming, and hell is coming with me.” Hell is coming as a result of this $9 Trillion bailout going to every type of entity except the individual people (crumbs) and the majority of people in the country are too economically dumb to realize how they have been bamboozled by the powers that be and what is going to happen in the future when both inflation (food etc) and deflation (houses/cars etc) hit simultaneously. The Billionaires see it coming: Warren Buffet bailed on the airlines, Elon Musk is selling all his possessions, other Billionaires on TV are all cash or short the market, but we have a Fed and Treasury manipulating the markets again to keep them pumped up and sucking in the people with a bad case of Fear Of Missing Out on the next BULL(s…). FOMO. Beware: GARF-Greed Always Replaces Fear and eventually when the house of cards fall FARG-Fear Always Replaces Greed…unfortunately too late for many.

    • Lois, Thank you for referring us to the Plandemic 28 minute clip. I have believed from Day 1 that this was a fraud. Too many facts not meeting the narrative. The film verified: $13,000 paid to the hospital if diagnosed as Coronavirus, $39,000 if the patient is put on a Ventilator. COPD, Pneumonia, Staph and Strep now classified as Coronavirus per the ICD10 diagnosis manual.

      An intelligent person would ask……why is it that Fauci and Birx and Pence are on a stage in the White House Press Room and they are standing 1 foot apart without masks? And just last week Pence was walking around in a hospital without a mask?

      • “why is it that Fauci and Birx and Pence are on a stage in the White House Press Room and they are standing 1 foot apart without masks”

        ‘Cuz they’re tested daily, and no one gets on that stage without having their temperature monitored…

      • Amazon is dropping many thousands apiece for thermal imaging (thermographic) cams which can be “tuned” to a temperature, then will flag anyone whose temp is outside the set-boundaries. ‘Can’t remember where Amazon got their thermographic cams; the gummint gets theirs principally from Flir and they cost about as much each as a nicely-equipped WRX.

        Since it IS the government, I’d guess wherever da Prez or VP either is, or is going to be, gets blanketed with thermographic cams to ensure nobody gets in unless they’re 98.6…

    • Lois,

      My Internet connection was so slow (or Vimeo’s feed, you never know) I couldn’t see much past the first few minutes but what would make the scene complete would be to have “Cancer Man” standing in the background. Do you remember him from X-Files?

      • Bill, Freemake will download it from Vimeo and assemble it as a 298MB file in your download folder, where you can watch with impunity (and without judders or audio dropouts.) Recommended, because unless you can figure out when the kiddie-gamerz go to bed, unless you’re sitting on an OC-12 you’re going to have viewing issues…

    Total cases: 625 (4 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 74*
    Honolulu County: 404*
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 116†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 73‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 551
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 5, 2020

    Four new cases in Honolulu. Governor considering very limited reopening of some low-contact businesses.

  15. now that’s what I call an informative , real , as it is item .. brother George needs a newspaper .. the “real deal ” by George .. my take .. the odds of risk reward are too big .. bet on short and don’t play gold as much .. patience is the free tool we all don’t use enough .. as George says , when you have lost enough you finally learn .. and patience is rule 1

  16. Dear Mr. Ure,

    I really have to stop watching the news without sound. Yet again today your Mr. Trump’s updated suntan was portrayed from the press feed in a ghastly manner of orange skin tone with a black goggles about the eyes outline. Without me adjusting my set, there was a cutaway to the most recent one on one interview from one of the US networks and Mr. Trump’s complexion was broadcast reflecting a normal appearance. Since the productions were created only hours apart so far as I’m aware, there must have been technical problems in distribution. As an aside to be honest, the poor lighting, sound, framing, and abject quality of many pro journalists’ homecasting reports is increasingly cause for immediate channel change. High schoolers could put out better quality. Anyhow some of the journos toiling from the basement rec room will hopefully emerge to gather some facts by the time the summer solstice rolls around.

    So the phase 1 of economy re-opening began here yesterday. I did not partake out of an abundance of caution. According to media canvassing one of the anchor malls: 30 of 200 stores opened and foot traffic was 1500 persons compared to a normal 25000 to 35000. But as was mentioned elsewhere by he andhe in rhyme and reason, Walmart has never closed. Maybe the churches should start selling groceries too, you know, spiritual food.

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