This Week is on Rails

The Weekly Dart Toss begins.

With very little market-shifting news early, we would not be surprised to see the market edge up during the early session today.  But, then a day or two of downside as the markets MIGHT roll with “Sell the Rumor, Buy the News” as this is Jobs Week.

That means we shall have lightweight filler today.  But Troubles perhaps Tuesday.  The JOLTS report (Job Openings, Layoffs, and Terminations, yeah?) will set the tone.  The ADP report lands ahead of Peoplenomics Wednesday, the Challenger Job Cuts Thursday, and the Offishall federal spin Friday.

We are “in the window” when annual highs in the market can be found on an annual basis.  So, a little upward pressure until Labor Day is possible.  But off-page content – wars, politics, and natural disasters – exist to wreck predictability.

As of this morning, the BTC tracking was only fractionally higher – matching a few hours forecasting of market directionals.  But until north of $29,400, we won’t get too inspired by non-market movements.

Why, even gold and the Euro seem strangely stagnant. Dollar a fraction stronger so gold’s a little weaker.  But not earth-shattering results.

Bring along some hits of NoDoz if you look at foreign markets, too: Europe seems to be suffering the same pricing malaise.

Ready for the important stuff?

Not So Mellow Yellow

Yep.  The company shut itself down Sunday as 99-year old trucking company Yellow shuts down, putting 30,000 out of work.  This won’t show up in the statistics for this month in official numbers – too late in the month, we figure.  But it may jack up the Challenger job cuts report.

As an NPR story – The Yellow trucking meltdown, explained, it was just 3-years ago that Yellow took a $700-million Pandemic Loan.  Additional context is found reading Understanding the Yellow Situation: What it Means for the Marketplace and What You Need to Do.

With Yellow gone, there could be some ripple ahead.  The UPS contract with the Teamsters has not been ratified by the drivers’ union.  Voting on that will begin Thursday of this week and runs to the 22nd.

Since we have become used to the Biden administration “stealing defeat from the jaws of victory” we are somewhat pessimistic.  Unless, as we’re braced, there’s a Big Meaningful Distraction played out.

Escalation Week?

How Europe can remain sanguine with World War III simmering should surprise us but doesn’t.  Maniacal monarchies and democratic demagogues are prone to ignoring the boots on the ground reports when it doesn’t support their agenda.  SOF from USA-Britain-Poland prepare large-scale air landing in the Russian rear: Breach of the “Surovikin Line” via Energodar and Vasilievka.

The end of the Black Sea Grain Initiative doesn’t help: The Ukraine war is about to get worse, figures this report.

Meanwhile, another dispatch informs us that Ukraine hits Moscow with drone strikes, Zelensky claims war ‘returning to Russia’ –  In return, Moscow says unequivocally that an attack on Moscow will result in nuclear retaliation.

This aspect of the week may be interesting.

Because the Buyed ’em administration really needs a distraction.  To pivot the public interest away from the presidential progeny’s performance politics. Here Are Five Questions Republicans Could Ask Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Under Oath. Maybe a market-jerking announcement from “Pops”?

Slow Roll

There may be some relief for parents, hints a story in Ad Age today. Back-to-school marketing 2023: everything brands should know.  Expect a lot of deep discounting.  But those things take time and time is money…

Personal Health note to be keeping an eye on: Is this the beginning of the end for Alzheimer’s? Experimental vaccine prevents disease in early study – adding to year of dementia breakthroughs. The interactive map is useful, too.

Another item which caught our attention is Just one drink a day can raise blood pressure, study says.  Another reason to support legalizing marijuana? Hmm…

When You’re Hot

Got to talking about local weather with one of my neighbors over the weekend.  He’d called me to advise on a small brush fire down the street that had resulted in a road closure.

He made an insightful observation:  “Seems like the reason Tyler is cool is the thunderstorms we normally get over the summer have been going around us…”

Sure enough, I went looking at the data again.  One source ( has online data.  And for the month of July (so far) we have only seen one day of 100F or higher this year.

But the neighbor’s notion that the local storm track has changed got me to looking at the WeatherUnderground calendar view.  Seems that in this view we can count 16-days of 100F and higher. But this is still better than the 21-days of 100F plus recorded last July.

Nationally, the deep heat of summer continues, as well.  Out west, Phoenix has suffered 31-days of 110F plus heat, but relief is in sight. Heat’s grip on Southwest loosens.  May even loosen here in a week.  Forecast models are pointing to a tiny chance of storms a week from tomorrow.

Does the heat tell us anything?  Maybe. We’ll be keeping an eye on the NOAA Solar Cycle Progression due later this week or early next.  Because this solar cycle was popping higher than forecast.  Maybe that has something to do with it. Time’ll tell.

ATR: Short-Cycled Dreams

On the subscriber side ( we covered an interesting change in the prevailing woo-woo.

That change continued for me overnight with another series of hour-long dreams, a short wake-between them, and then back to the Land of Nod for another adventure.

The takeaways from three of the dreams may have some predictive meaning, but it’s hard to tell.  They didn’t have the same texturing as prophetic dreams past.  Nevertheless, interesting as hell.

One of the dreams involved a 3-4 story high building where a software company in a “war zone evolving” was playing out.  It was on toward quitting time and an attack on the building was imminent.

In the dream, it was mid-afternoon, roughly, judging by the lighting.  The attack on the building was just a potential but all the executives had left, so that only the thinnest layer of senior managers remained in place for the conflict ahead.

I (the person through whose eyes all this was seen) had left the building with a female companion.  Driving a red sports car, we made our way south in order to be far away should the conflict become violent.

The building itself was a high-tech center of some kind.  But the urgency to leave was all keyed around being at least seven miles from the building.  In the dream, I was asking “Is this a biological event? Nuclear? But 7 miles is too small.  What gives?”

As usual, there wasn’t long to wait for answers.  The story hitting overnight out of San Francisco seems to be hinted:  Musk draws heat from San Francisco over giant X logo. The red sports car (which drove much differently than my old 930 widebody; was it a Tesla?) suddenly made sense when I spotted the headline today.

Whipping open a map? Seven miles?

map of 7 miles
There were three 7 mile destinations north south and east of the Twitter HQ where a person would be out from under City regulators

As you can see, it’s about 7-miles from Twitter HQ to the city limits of Oakland on the east, just about an even 7-miles going north to escape over the Gate, and to the south, 7-miles puts whoever has the problem with the SF building inspectors down to the Brisbane/So. San Francisco area toward Oyster point and SFO.

It was one of those “Well, ain’t that pretty damned interesting!” moments.  This dream “lived” on the “other side of waking” like it was a 3-4 hour adventure.  Which according to “Alexa” it was only an hour, or so of waking clock time. It was 12:30 in the morning.

The second dream was lost to recall because I didn’t make notes on it upon waking.  Yet I remember it as another action-adventure sequence – which dreamed as a half-day in length.  But now, back in Waking World, it was only 1:30 AM. Had something to do with a jagged hole in the sky, however.

The third dream offered two interesting ideas.  One involved a new law, related to gun control, and curiously, a small 2-3 level earthquake.  Even stranger?  It was played out in a San Francisco type of city.

In this dream, Elaine and I were in a huge mixed use commercial and government building. A hospital was attached to it (in a kind of anchor tenant position).  Think big old railroad station with a spanning open center, emergency medicine, retail shops, and government offices.

Back to the track, we began about 3 in the afternoon.  Elaine was reading a book in the car waiting. I was applying for a gun permit.  Concealed carry.  Inside, no one was around.  A very haughty woman was angry with me for applying.  She insisted there was a new required form that must be filled out. “For tax authorities.”

The gist of the form was a screening tool. Apparently aimed at people buying guns to be used at sporting events.  Questions included one asking, “Have you ever won a medal or competition award and then had it revoked?”  There were other odd questions, as well.

Went to the idea that there was a strong link between being “awarded or rewarded” and subsequently losing the honor and then perpetrating an act of mass violence.

Completing the form, I couldn’t get anyone to give me my permit.  By now, it was just dark outside.  As I went to tell Elaine (and make plans to return in the morning), this big building began to shake.  Not a large temblor, but enough you could sure feel it through your feet.  People were moving toward the exits.

Between these dreams, a new path in Afterlife research and adventuring was beginning to open.

A preview?  The Universe is always in balance, whether we understand it, or appreciate it, or not. But with the rise of media, people’s individual lives – which is the whole point of living, right? – are being replaced.  Such that when we die, there are fewer unique and important life experiences and a lot more spam. That’s how Spamming the Afterlife evolved as a column for PN.

As G2 and I were kicking this around when he came home about 5 AM from riding a medic rig for 12-hours, “Dad it’s like more and more people are turning into NPC’s (non-playable characters).”

And by changing the world toward a more groupthink, uniformity, and Woke direction?  We are Spamming the Afterlife.  Which we’ll get into deeper in Wednesday’s Peoplenomics report. There’s a kind of nondenominational currency in the Afterlife, though, which is why PN is more the place for it.

Let’s get past Mundane Monday and Troublesome Tuesday first. If you missed ShopTalk Sunday, part 1 of a simple electronics course is here.

Write when you get rich,

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45 thoughts on “This Week is on Rails”


    that doesn’t sound good…
    naw nuclear war isn’t any thing worse than a sun burn…
    telling that to people that don’t have war torn registration in their time period or had severe destruction.
    the most they have is the death and destruction from terrorist groups such as BLM and Antifa.. those living in the nice neighborhoods can only thing yea that’s profits for me..
    sad thing..can they convince the people of the world to believe in what their saying..
    well I never really thought that there could be any chance to get a group in office and see the deal that’s going on today either..

    • What can we do?

      Ageism is a delicate topic & we’re all headed there, unless we don’t make it!

      Mitch McConnell nabbed 1,233,315 votes last go around. Feinstein gets reelected. Biden is stumbling around.

      Would you let any of them do eye surgery on you or manage your finances?

      Overtime a lot of money has been invested into them. They’ll vote until they drop. They may not know they’re voting.

      • Probably climate change causing a senility problem in our leaders here. Not so much in Japan.

    • Many years ago at church we had a guest speaker who had been confirmed by the government of Japan to have been in the church at Hiroshima. The church is a national monument and international symbol.

      She was a small petite girl and was in the church with other children. She was sent with another girl to get some things from the basement.

      She said she was saved by her culture. In Japan the “older” girl is considered to be the senior person. The older girl was less than a year older. Anyway the things they were to retrieve were under wooden table against a basement wall. She was ordered by her “superior” to get the box.

      She had crawled under the table and was against the basement wall. Many people say the bomb went off over the church. Actually it was just slightly offset.

      She was preparing to lift the box when suddenly there was a bright light and the she could see the bones in her hand like it was an X-ray. There was no sound at first. Then there was a wall of sound and pressure. The table was gone. Whether it was blown away or vaporized she didn’t say. She stood up and her “supervisor” friend was a black shadow imprinted on the floor. The shadow was still visible decades later.

      She climbed out of the basement into hell on earth. Most of the buildings around her were were gone and overhead the mushroom cloud was above her. She wandered for several minutes before she heard the wailing cries of dying men calling for their mother, something she never forgot. She saw people standing with terrible burns. Many were blinded. She had to walk a great distance before she found anyone to help.

      Years later she had suffered thyroid cancer, which was successfully treated. She was an anti nuclear activist. Her talk left a lasting impression on me.

      • in the Blinken of an eye all was gone since our leaders are thinking its nothing more than global warming and a sunburn…then why aren’t they leading the battles they are trying to convince the people to go ragging mad over.. I am sure hunter blinken and the pedo Peter would do fine leading the brave men women and children in the quest to get what they want.

  2. Yellow’s gone for financial / Union reasons … maybe UPS too, down the road. – ya know, they all gotta go before Automated Trucking can be fully implemented. I’m sure they’ll knock them out one at a time … for various reasons, of course.

    • “Yellow has historically proven that it could not manage itself despite billions of dollars in worker concessions and hundreds of millions in bailout funding from the federal government,” Teamsters General President Sean M O’Brien said in a statement.”

      – 1 hour ago

      Those people operating Yellow have college degrees too. BK was the best the educated folk could do.

      • I remember when Detroit MI was the Auto Capital of The World and Detroit was a financially strong and beautiful city, as were the suburbs around the area, like Dearborn and Dearborn Hts. Unions gained too much power and the battle was on with pressure and propaganda against the corporations. – No on won that battle, which is evident today.

        Business went someplace else, automation took over and problems caused, we’re solved.

        The mind game that brings it all down. – No one seems to remember and learn.

        When you see the dreams of the elite … you can guess pretty well about what’s gonna change.

        • yup China, Mexico Argentina and I believe Brazil..
          we gave billions the workers making 20 cents an hour said they would like a dollar an hour and the auto industry told them if your going to hold us up..we will just have it made in china.. all and all it’s the business model..

        • @LOOB

          “yup China, Mexico Argentina and I believe Brazil..”

          Brazil is correct. VW built their first successful, massive turnkey plants in Mexico and Brazil. (They actually built their first turnkey plant here, but it failed…)

        • “we gave billions the workers making 20 cents an hour”

          Not necessarily. One of my brothers who worked for Generous Motors was enlisted to obsolesce his own job, to Mexico. He worked on the design and did construction oversight of the first GM factory in Mexico. He told me that Corporate was thrilled no end, because they had budgeted $1/hr as a prevailing wage for employees at this factory, only to learn, once the factory was built, that

          the wage cap imposed by the provincial government was 65¢ per hour.

          In other words, the Mexican government limited the amount of money that GM could pay its Mexican employees. We are lazy creatures, and until we learn better, assume people everywhere live by the same rules as we.

          In the early 1980s, Corporate America had no idea that socialist nations that’d not been within our direct sphere of influence during and after WW-II, played by a more strict set of Marxist rules than countries like France and the U.K. It was this, as much as NAFTA, GATT (remember GATT?), and replacing Taiwan with the ChiComs at the dinner table, which fomented the exodus of industry from the U.S.

          Once corporate America discovered that other places didn’t have the regulations with which they’d been crippled here, they were gone. It wasn’t just cheap labor — It was the ability to implement that labor in a timely manner. My brother was making $16/hr + about $9/hr in bennies at that time. Cutting labor cost by 97% in a multibillion dollar corporation was an amazing thing. Top that off with the ability to build a 2-million sq. ft. facility without going through 2-10 years of environmental impact studies while profits, and in many cases the need for the facility went out the door, and it’s a wonder we still have cottage industries in the U.S., let alone real manufacturers (I suspect without long-term government contracts, even these manufacturers would be gone.)

          It is about the money, but it’s not JUST about the money. Every time you read or hear about some town shutting down a child’s lemonade stand, understand it is the same law or ordinance which gives the town the authority to do this, which also chased the local millinery, lumber or paper mill, or brewery, out of that town and destroyed its tax base.

      • Maybe the Union could take it over and show the world how to do it ?

        Ha, Ha, Ha…

    • The problem is.. as prices go up…. so must wages..a friend of mine has a friend that was a fellow FedEx driver..his rent went up to two hundred dollars MORE than what he gets..
      needless to say he’s freaking out.. his medical expenses took his 401k and left him penniless..

      • Loob,

        Excerpt from your Sunday comment…

        “…what was shocking was everyone you think will be there for emotional support was just like our engineer.. they treated us like we had the and friends gone..”

        Yes, it is shocking, I’ve had similar experiences. You think, in your mind, that everyone cares, but it’s a fantasy. Nobody cares…

        Everybody is around during good times, but during personal hard times, who is there for you? Never the people you would expect…

        I needed a little help, a small favor, during some hard times, and family and friends were nowhere to be found. Sometimes “help” comes from where you least expect it.

        For me it was my barber, a distant relative, and an ex-boss.

        Go figure…

        • every time that I’ve needed something it’s always come from the most least expected place. nursing homes are filled with people that sit their patiently waiting. that’s why I like to give a hand up to those that need just to hand up not a handout

      • The preacher who lived behind me until a year ago had a “day job” as a tug boat captain working out of San Fran. He drives about a 1980 Blazer. His “shift” was 6-weeks on / 6-weeks off the boat. When he was off, he’d drive that old Chevy home, to the Midwest — Told me he saved thousands every month, by doing so. He retired and no longer lives behind me, because he bought a 140 year old 2-story with attic & basement, in a not too bad (and improving) neighborhood, for $10, and bought the house across the street, also 2-story, more run-down, but with an acre of land, also for $10. He still owns the house behind me — found a couple YUP hippie-kids to rent it to. They’re probably paying under-par rent and still funding ALL his living expenses…

        ‘Point is: If’fn you have too much month at the end of your money — either learn how to budget, or move elsewhere…

        • the wife and I was watching the show and they have multi-million dollar mansions in Detroit that you can pick up for his little as $1,000. but you have to bring them back up to what they were

        • @LOOB

          In a lot of Midwestern towns you can buy mansions for $100 or less. The catch is they have local historical significance, so even if they’re not on the National Register, the owner must restore the house and grounds (not demolish, and not repair or upgrade, except where code demands, like replacing knob & tube with Romex) to their “original glory.” Duplicating period inlays or filigree, and carved escutcheons, can get spendy — don’t even mention ornate wood carvings! If you can even find someone to do them, you’ll pay the price. Got hickory gargoyles? Need a replacement? figure 5-figures.

          The hell of it is, you buy a house for nearly nothing — a “fixer-upper” into which you’d need to pour $30k to make it a nice house, but the local history buffs tell you it must be restored, and reserve the right to tromp through your house at any time, to inspect your work. You then spend $300k-$500k doing a period restoration, get things all pretty, and the property tax suddenly goes from $300/year to $30,000/year. I am only exaggerating slightly. I have seen more than one person simply walk away from a Victorian or Neoclassical mansion and let it go in a tax sale, simply because they got tired of hemorrhaging money and being screwed. I have seen at least 5 houses be resold multiple times in tax sales, because some unsuspecting dolt of a handyman had no idea decades of local politics came with his purchase, and ended up walking away…

          Preacher Man made sure there was no historical significance to the houses or neighborhood from which he bought his $10 houses. He also bought a $40 house in an upscale, 1910-ish historical neighborhood, which he gave to his ex-wife (I’m guessing it was not the most amicable divorce…)

        • Hi, Ray,

          May I ask, which state do you live in, and can you give me a city within 100 miles, please?

          Thank you.

        • @CD

          I move around a lot. Do you ever watch the TV show Antique Archaeology? I’m one of those type of guys, ‘cept I’m a salvage, not collectible picker. I range from the NY/Connecticut State line to the middle of Minnesota, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to roughly, the Tennessee River. I favor small towns, but have no issue with Chicago, Detroit, or Cleveland (or Columbus, Indy, St. Louis, Memphis, Charleston, etc.) I’m also a storm spotter and trained observer, with a piece of paper from a college Meteorology Department and basic & advanced certs from the NOAA, and I “storm chase” in most of the areas I pick.

          When I go into a new area, the first thing I do is buy a newspaper. If I’m not on a tight schedule, I’ll drive ‘most every street of every town I go through. I also remember a lot of stuff…

          As for properties?

          50 years ago, Green Bay, WI, Kalamazoo, MI, Muncie, Indiana, and Akron, OH, were all nearly identical in size, with a population of between 80 and 82 thousand, and a land area of ~35-38 square miles. All four are college towns, roughly an hour’s drive from a major city, and had one major industry, and several hundred smaller ones.

          Fast forward to today: Three of the four sport populations in the 120,000 range and have increased significantly in size & wealth. Muncie’s population is under 60,000 and the last time I looked, had over 8000 properties listed in its tax sale. (I watch tax sales in places like the State of Michigan, which had fewer than 8000 properties listed for the entire State, this year.)

          Guess where I’d look for a $10 house…?

          (Understand, I’m using “$10 house” as a euphemism, not a literal)

          You can play this game nearly anywhere in flyover country. Where Akron is flourishing, Mansfield is dying. Morgantown, movin’ up; Beckley, not so much, and so on. Pull a gazetteer from 1980 and look for any city or town in the coal or “rust belt” whose population is stagnant or decreasing. This will be a place where $10 houses may be found and COL will be significantly less than published prices, elsewhere. Living in these places is “undesirable” because there’s nothing there any more, and they are too far away from thriving cities. Hell, there’s a town in Iowa (can’t remember, but it’d probably come up in a search) where the city was either giving houses away (as homesteads), or selling them for $1, as recently as last fall – the only catches being “one to a customer” and “must live there for two years.”

          I can’t blame industry for leaving the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest (I blame governments for creating an untenable environment), but the fact they did, left a whole lot of really good people with a whole lot of not-so-good options. $10 “fixer-upper” houses are not conducive to flipping, but areas where they exist do make for a place to live with a cheap COL, all things considered…

  3. Breaker breaker,
    breaker 19,
    Jeffe Ham you got Ure ears on , cmon ?

    Boris: Hole lotta squealing going out here bout some traitorous bitch ass dude bout to take seat in Ure WH as the new pedo in chief – Ka MAN ala Hairiass.

    Lettuce leaf the scene of the coming crime , and revu US History and more importantly Ure US Constitution.

    As they say on ze flop…read em weep Peeps, read it and you can start with the weeping and the wailing..

    “No Person except a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN”. rutrow!

    Woe fair America, it seems like Woe..

    “How many rivers do we have to cross, until we can talk to the boss?” – bob marley

    cue da weeping and da wailing

  4. Yes, alcohol certainly raises blood pressure. I have to reduce eye pressure to have a cataract operation, and eye pressure and blood pressure are related.

    So no alcohol. And after a month or so, not much desire for it. Offhand I would say for blood pressure, no alcohol equals the eye pressure effect of $174/5ml eye drops.

    Talking about a drop from 155 to 135, but BP measurements vary so much so can’t say for sure.

  5. When is enough, enough?
    When will people say no to the ever increasing, intrusive government bullshit?

    “Alas, the days of frictionless travel will soon be a memory. Starting at a so-far-unspecified date in early 2024, Americans and residents of 62 other countries that currently enjoy visa-free visitation to the Schengen Area of the E.U. will need to pay a fee and submit an online application (including biometric information, work experience, medical conditions, and initial itinerary), then pass a criminal/security background check, before enjoying that croissant in gay Paree. The grimly named European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is projected to cost 7 euros per application and take up to 14 days to render a decision.”

    • 2024 – No worries there Mate, Hot Zones dotting the landscape will be the norm for europe. The only thing stopping Ure from travel will be the ionizing radiations cooking Ure noodle, as you stroll along river Seine in gayass Paris (Par Isis= City of Isis)


      Besides – whats a few neutrons between friends anyway ?

    • I wonder if the EU is going to ask all of that information from the American soldiers coming over to fight a European war?

    • Give this administration a chance … they want us to go back to an earlier time..
      start the sunburn war and we will be thrust back to a simpler time..

      hey I wonder if a person could make a goat chariot

  6. . “Maniacal monarchies and democratic demagogues are prone to ignoring the boots on the ground reports when it doesn’t support their agenda. SOF from USA-Britain-Poland prepare large-scale air landing in the Russian rear: Breach of the “Surovikin Line” via Energodar and Vasilievka.”

    There is a story today

    then with blinked saying nuclear war is t any worse than a sunburn.. I can only imagine what Russia and China is thinking.
    what is Kim in North Korea doing..he is the one I believe they will let sound the order to attack.. seriously how many times did they try to have him removed even corrupted his brother and be liked him.. he is not a fan of the usa or those pulling the strings.. seriously how many countries are there dancing ready at their borders..then to have Israel give the ok to attack iran..

  7. Re: on the beach


    Day 3 is dreamily unfolding. “The President has no official events scheduled”. Weather forecasts for Rehoboth Beach are calling for partly cloudy skies and temperatures reaching a pleasant 78F.

    Now if you are not yet woke up, fasten seat belts as we get right back to DJ George ready to wax poetic. You know it: Beach Boys –
    “It’s about Time”.

  8. “SOF from USA-Britain-Poland prepare large-scale air landing in the Russian rear: Breach of the “Surovikin Line” via Energodar and Vasilievka.”

    Yeah, I’m having a serious problem with this. Ukrainian mercs from NATO’s SpcOps ranks are going to insert themselves without a supply line, between the Russian expeditionary force and 2-million Russian regulars who haven’t engaged in UKR — and the Belarusian Army and Russia’s own mercs, who have a serious attitude issue right now, and are spoiling for a fight?

    While between the two, Obama and Biden have done a truly impressive job of annihilating our military and removing from its ranks, any command-level officer who understood how to “run a war,” I can not believe any officer at, or above the level of battalion commander, would participate in anything as insane as this, unless its purpose was to use the propaganda value of a massacre to thrust NATO into direct combat with Russian forces.

    For something like this to work, we’d have to stage, probably 400,000 troops and support personnel in Romania, then thrust up the coast and through Moldova to establish a hardened supply line, before dropping any shock troops between the conscripts and the Russian border.

    I suppose we could do a “D-Day” style op and try to establish a supply line during an invasion. Unbeknownst to most, when Ike signed off on the invasion plan, he also wrote his resignation, and an apology letter to the American People, for when it didn’t work. Eisenhower recognized the huge tactical gamble and the amount of luck which would be required for the invasion to successfully establish a foothold in Europe.

    Ike was the second-best tactician to ever graduate from West Point. There’s no one in an American uniform today, who’s even in the same league, let alone the same ballpark…

    • re: “second-best tactician to ever graduate from West Point.”

      Okay, I’ll bite… who was 1st?

      • you know I have a funny story about west point and Annapolis..

        a bunch of new recruits all drinking and the idea came up..they were going to sneak over and take the anchor and replace it with Ronald Mcdonald statue….. it wasn’t long and there was a story that someone took the anchor..and the cadets thought it was the cadets from west point and had planned a retaliation event. lol lol.. our captain wanted a greenhouse a confiscation crew was made up and we were loaded in a navy truck to get the materials from an airforce base that they were building an officers club…as our fearless leader was directing us to load up quickly. the base police force came up and asked the man in command what are you all doing..the lieutenant in charge not missing a beat said oh we had this material and was told to bring it to the airforce base..the base police said well your not dropping navy crap here..load that shizt up and get it off our base lol lol lol
        rembering things like wonder the family business got corrupted so easily..

    • To my thinking.., sending U.S. ground forces into the Ukraine to fight the Russian troops – is an act of war. We would have essentially declared war on Russia.
      Russia would “respond-in-kind” to the U.S. and U.K. declaration.., and would now be ‘targets’ on a map.
      – We would immediately step out of a ‘Proxy War’ and smack into world war.
      – If Biden ordered such a military move – i believe that would be immediate grounds for being removed from office., as no one person can declare war on another country.., what else would you call it – a national security measure? Our security is not in jeopardy. That would be a hard sell.
      – If this happens., with U.S. troops – Biden just screwed the entire world.

      • …But they’d be hired contractors — mercenaries, not soldiers of any particular country — even though our idiots in-charge released the statement yesterday that should the Wagner mercs attack Polish forces, the U.S. would consider that an attack against Poland, by Russia, and respond accordingly.

        The Dems have played the “rules for thee, but not for me” game for so long with the American people, they believe they can impose that lack of honesty or principles on anyone they choose.

        I’d be willing to bet that Putin won’t play their game. I’m half-waiting for him to state: “An attack by mercs from NATO nations will be considered an act of war against Russia by the nations involved,” except I believe Putin has too much class to make a threat on a theoretical action. He won’t threaten; he’ll respond, and then our lives will instantly suck…

        In the event Creepy Joe starts a war, the Democrat partisans would still not allow him to be either impeached or censured. The Democratic Party is more-important to the Democrats than the United States, or its continuation as a viable sociopolitical, economic entity, and the “media” would emphasize that “you don’t change leaders in the middle of a war.”

        …And before any Repugs start getting “chest swells” from that statement: The Republican Party is really close to being in the same place — partly because they let the renegade leftist Democrats we’ve come to call “neocons” come into the Party and call themselves Republicans, and partly because Repugs are not immune to the “power corrupts” notion. Just because they’re corrupt in a different direction, doesn’t mean they’re not corrupt, or that they don’t crave power as much as the Dems…

  9. Why all the pop up ads? First you forced everyone to disable ad-blockers to view your website, now when you click on an article another pop-up appears. Before you say ‘well you don’t have to visit my website’ if everyone did that you would not have a website. I didn’t know you were that hard up for cash. Maybe you could start a patreon page with youtube. Or a gofundme page to beg for money. Do it the old fashion way like everyone else does.

  10. Re: “Chimes at Midnight”, 1966
    feat. Orson Welles


    Astrophysicist and Queen’s guitarist Sir Brian May was knighted earlier this year by the King. Yesterday UK msm reported that Lord Percy, youngest son of the Duke of Northumberland descended by way of King Charles II, appears to have a buyer of his 1800 acre Rothbury Estate that was originally bestowed by William the Conquerer in the 11th century. Sir Brian was pictured flying to the pleasing Northumberland surrounds in his private helicopter. The Crown and Thistle Pub Inn is also included in the asking £35 million price. “The Chronicle” of Newcastle suggests that the lord was exempt from inheritance tax upon receipt of the estate, and will be exempt capital gains tax at its sale. Commoners may find that the Knight Frank realtor brochure of the property now appears to be forbidden.

    Apparently roundabout the last time the property was on the market, the eldest son of the 1st Earl of Northumberland was meeting his destiny 620 years ago at the Battle of Shrewsbury. William Shakespeare offers an account of the goings-on in “Henry IV, Part 1”.

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