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  1. re: temporary technical difficulties
    feat: cue the entertainment


    Perhaps like me, you may have been admiring yesterday the luscious greenery abounding in the back garden of #10 as Mr. Biden and Mr. Sunak met while the UK’s “Garden of England” suffers from water shortage. One imagines the two leaders had no end of things to talk about. An eagle-lensed photographer even captured a visitor cue card image.


  2. Ure a bad influence. Prime Day, indeed! Tool slut! You made me buy a plasma cutter yesterday just because it was $50 off for Prime Day.

    • Lol lol lol lol…I am with olfart lol lol its all your fault lol lol lol
      yes G.. when the boss starts in on me for getting the Candy panning machine.. I am going to tell her… its G’s fault he pointed out it was prime days lol lol lol lol

      • I love peanut flips.. but don’t hardly ever make them..
        mostly because after you make the puffed corn.. to coat them is a pain in the but and you cannot do it very easy.. the panner will make the whole job so much easier..
        now extruding corn meal is easy what they don’t show you is just like popping rice.. you have to put a little water in the cornmeal to not make it cacking.. but slightly moist..when it is forced through the extruder it cooks then when it hits the air it puffs up instantly..
        it is the same with corn.. soak the corn.. but when you put it in the corn cannon.. and heat it up.. you can put a half cup of sugar in it to so when it pops it instantly coats it.. like kettle corn.. and you end up with sugar pops..
        Crack.. corn puffs
        1 C butter (2 Sticks)
        2 C brown sugar
        1/2 C Corn Syrup
        1 TSP Baking Soda
        1 Tsp Vanilla
        see you can do crack to LOL LOL LOL
        you can do it yes you can.. LOL LOL that is how churro’s and cheerios etc is all made but with oat flour.. then toasted to give it crunch.. how I got interested in it.. is one it is a staple.. and two curiosity.. we all seen the puffed wheat commercial.. so was it shot from a cannon.. only to discover yes it was shot from a canon.. errr pressure cooker.. the big thing is who was the first one.. did someone do like a friend of mine did.. and opened the pressure cooker before the pressure was gone LOL..he had soup all over the kitchen….


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